Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman have different love natures and needs, making their compatibility challenging but also an opportunity for growth.
  • Capricorn woman's stability and self-belief attract the Sagittarius man, while he brings excitement and adventure into her life.
  • The Sagittarius man's innate honesty and truthful manner attract the Capricorn woman, while his truthful daggers can hurt her more than they help.
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The association of the Sagittarius and Capricorn brings both challenges and growth opportunities as they both have quite different love natures and needs. Sagittarius throws them wholeheartedly into the love of the moment, without much interest in long-term relationship planning. Capricorn, on the contrary, is considerably more cautious about starting a relationship, but once he or she makes a commitment, it is a lasting and serious one.

Sagittarius man is very truthful and honest but is also quite the flirt and loves attention. He may be playful, but he doesn’t play games with anyone’s feelings. If he were to ever lie about anything in his lifetime it is only because he believes it to be the truth. He is more of an adventurous individual who loves discovering new things in life. He loves discovering people as well and always finds his way to know their deepest secrets. When seriously in a love relationship, a Sagittarius male loves his woman with complete honesty and loyalty and remains her faithful lover to the end.

A Capricorn woman has quite the hold on reality. She knows what she wants, will know how to attain such goals and the best way to get things done. She is always well grounded and has a level head on her shoulders. Her life is orderly and tidy and her decisions are well thought out and quite concrete. A Capricorn female is not much on the casual and flirty nature that others possess and is very realistic and sensible about her affairs. Once a man has gotten close to her, he can rest be assured that he has a loyal and protective friend for life.

The stability and self belief of Capricorn woman makes her irresistible for a Sagittarius man. He admires her practical and sensible nature as a wonderful quality. The compassion between them grows as they both realize the direct approach in life is the only way it should be. They understand each other all too well and it becomes a boon for each other. He is amazed at his Capricorn female’s dedication in reaching her goals and she feels the same about him, however the way they reach these goals is not so similar. But in the relationship she may make a few mistakes now and then or maybe she isn’t doing or feeling something towards her Sagittarius man in the times he needs her most, but to keep such things to himself is so much better than throwing it all on her.

A Sagittarius man is a very good match for a Capricorn woman as his ideals attract her and make things possible she never thought even in her dreams. Actually the reality is he shows her the hurtful side of things just as easily as he shows her the amazing ecstasy that can be felt. She looks at her Sagittarius man in awe with his innate honesty and truthful manner. She most likely chooses the sure thing over risky adventures. Once she has made up her mind about something there is no altering her decision. Sagittarius man, on the other hand, walks down a path, looking around, stopping on the sides here and there, perhaps wander off that path to test the waters someplace else to be sure that the path he is on is indeed the right path. This makes him an exciting mate for the Capricorn woman. But his truthful daggers only hurt her more than they help her in anyway. It is better for her not to mind his words and deal with them wisely.

Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman experience many miracles in their relationship, once they really decide to be together. He has truly magical ways of lifting the spirits of his Capricorn woman out of her own deep spells to make her a brighter person and she solves all the twinkles and riddles of her Sagittarius man to make him a more satisfied person. With impossible dreams and endless confidence in those dreams, they discover a new world of compassion and oneness. Together they become cheerfully optimistic souls with bright sunbeam in their eyes to share their higher faith in their love and harmony. The ecstasy of their love draws their heart together submitting themselves to each other forever.

Capricorn woman has an earthy sensuality which is very real and refreshing while the Sagittarius man has the fire of passion in his sexuality which gives a blaze to their love making. Their sexual nature is a ground that has to be softly treaded on in some areas. She thinks that lovemaking is something she allows her body to consummate as its need/desire arises. She denies the passion that she could feel and never admits to becoming emotional in such times of intimacy. While he has a strong passion to show his masculinity through the physical love and make his lady feel loved. While enjoying moments of love, he can show his Capricorn woman that trusting in him and letting her emotions go from the bottled up state they are in, isn’t such a bad idea and even makes their connection so much stronger, their bond deeper and their love making an eternal experience.

The relationship of fire and earth is not an easy one usually. She tends to lose herself in him as she learns how to mold herself to his qualities more than her own. But then she feels distressed and may need a road map in getting back to what made her ‘her’. On the other hand, the simple non expressive way of the Capricorn woman may perceived to be a cold attitude by the Sagittarius man and he may try to cut her down quite candidly, and she must realize that he doesn’t do this on purpose. His innate sense of honesty just comes out of him and he doesn’t see the consequences of his harsh words which are never appreciated by her as she does not tolerate the rudeness of anyone and she definitely do not stand by while someone runs down her list of faults. In the long run, both of them have to adapt to some of the ways of the other.

Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Avoid
Ask Oracle Rating: Needs Work
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Kimberly September 25th, 2023

    They are difficult to figure out at first but it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had, im so glad we decided to randomly move in together

    • Sambam February 25th, 2024

      How’s it going ? I’m a Cap woman and dating a sag man. He can be so irritating and we are opposites with alot of stuff .

  2. La'sAllure May 27th, 2022

    I’m newly dating a Sag man. Thus is my first experience with one. He keeps me off balance. Most days I can’t think straight. I’m not in control of myself. And as a Cap woman. That is not good. He is very hot and cold. All in the same breath. It’s confusing. I want him. But I’m too old for this level of stress. I cannot have disarray in my world. Not sure if I’m staying or leaving. I don’t understand him. I don’t know how he really feels. I’m frustrated and confused…. 🥺

    • Stephanie October 18th, 2022

      I’m also a cap women dating a sag man , and I’m 5 years older then him an he can be hot and cold at the same time . They very secretive

    • sharnique middleton July 3rd, 2023

      this is the First comment i read that COMPLETELY explains EVERYTHING I am going through and now feel!!! omg I thought I was crazy!! you saved my sanity just now.. I started to think it was me!

  3. Nakita August 25th, 2021

    I’m a Capricorn woman and I have a Sagittarius man in my life for almost 7 years now, soon to be married. First man in my life and the absolute best that I could ever ask for!

    • marco32110 August 25th, 2021

      Good lucky. 

    • Clarence Edward August 25th, 2021


      • Moon March 15th, 2023

        I’m also a Cap woman and you just perfectly described my situation with my too. It is really frustrating. His hot and cold nature keeps me off-balance and no matter what I do, I find him to be a total enigma. I know he is a good guy and I really like how he sees and view things about life in general…. but I just can’t read him at all which makes me feel unsettled. I don’t know what he is thinking about us, we are exclusively dating but there’s something in him that makes me feel doubtful 🙁

    • carmel magutau November 3rd, 2021

      i am so happy for you, ive just met a sag guy and i am attracted to him in ways he just makes me laugh and just honest,, i don’t know where this is going but i am just happy that there is a connection there . xo

    • Marcell Holiday January 4th, 2022

      I’m a Sagittarius man married to a Capricorn woman and it’s been 10yrs for us. We have been having our downs and it’s been hard to find ourselves but we are finally learning how to communicate with each other

  4. April July 27th, 2021

    The passion is so worth all of it!

  5. DEB June 3rd, 2021

    once a Capricorn woman is done, she is done! You only get one chance, so get it right the first time.

    Capricorn woman

  6. A May 31st, 2021

    I am a Capricorn woman. Want to tell everyone that a Leo Man is DEFINATELY not good for you run!

    • spoiled.girl July 8th, 2021

      I’m a Capricorn women and this is so true. Don’t waste ur time.

    • Capricorn30 November 20th, 2021

      Yup true my child’s Sperm donor is a Leo that is a no run!!

      • marco32110 November 20th, 2021

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      • spoiled.girl November 20th, 2021

        So true Leo man is not for a cap female

  7. Jessica February 24th, 2021

    As a Capricorn woman myself I think time and patience are important. Show her you are faithful and loving. If she truly loves you she will give you a second chance. I’ve been hurt myself by my boyfriend of 8 years and still struggle with fully trusting him but I know in my mind if he hurts me again I will fully walk away without a second thought.

    • Clarence Edward May 30th, 2021

      How do I get close to her like before

  8. Clarence Edward January 14th, 2021

    Hey hi my Capricorn girl gave up on me… But after talking to her and trying to solve things she said…I need time and space u have hurt me alot…
    How do I make her trust me and give me a second chance..

    • J January 29th, 2021

      What did you do to hurt her?

      • Clarence Edward January 29th, 2021

        I didn’t give her enough time ,i was never their for her when she wanted me. told me not to do things which i did…Took her for granted.

      • Dhruv March 21st, 2021

        Contect me

    • Favour March 5th, 2021

      How did you hurt her though?

    • Miki May 29th, 2021

      She may forgive you but she will never forget. If she gives u another chance she will always have anxiety when your not around about what your doing and if your with someone. She will try her hardest to ignore that and trust you but in the back of her mind she will always think about that. Only speaking from experience

      • Clarence Edward May 31st, 2021

        How can I make her trust me again? Get close to her… Help me out

    • Miki May 29th, 2021

      She may forgive you but she will never forget. If she gives u another chance she will always have anxiety when your not around about what your doing and if your with someone. She will try her hardest to ignore that and trust you but in the back of her mind she will always think about that. Only speaking from experience. You guys need to talk and need to communicate more. A lot more. If your serious you won’t hurt her again then do everything u can to show her you wont

      • Clarence Edward May 30th, 2021

        Yes, I won’t hurt her again…
        We started talking again… But she doesn’t talk more
        How do I close the gap between us and get her back with me?

  9. Jasmine December 27th, 2020

    I’m a woman cap and I met a sag man a couple of years ago. Something about him is so intriguing. I cheated on 2 of my boyfriends with him. He can be so loving and yet so cold at times and not even answer me! Leaving me wanting more. I know we’re a fiery match and I’m waiting for him to express his true feelings. He did do this, but in a very subtle way.

    • TheyMadeMePutinaName December 27th, 2020

      you cheated on two boyfriends with him? Why would he bother expressing feelings towards someone who is just cheating around? You kinda don’t deserve for him to commit to you and if he was sleeping with you while he knew you were in relationships, he’s not trustworthy either. I hope you do end up together, sounds like you deserve each other. I know I am not seeing your whole story here so maybe you have some way of defending this but whatever. Sleep with whoever you want, but don’t get in f*cking relationships, cheat and whine about someone not expressing their feelings towards you. It’s trashy and shows you have no self-awareness.

  10. J. C. December 12th, 2020

    You are absolutely right, sagi men are exactly like this, before lockdown I also met a sagi on matrimonial site, I am capri woman. First he told he loves me, then without any reason ignoring me. His intention was also not good like ur sagi man, but I controlled myself and never met him till date.
    Don’t worry, God will give them lesson.

  11. Kay Jackson December 6th, 2020

    Cutieejnailz i went through the same thing. Im a cap woman and this sag man came into my life and one day with him blew me away. I have never met a man so beautiful and and sweet as him. He speaks so well about the future and having a family. Then one day he ask me whats wrong. Im 4 months prego so im very emotional i told him i was struging financially because of Covid being out of work and i made it clear im not asking him for money it was to early in our friendship for me to even think of that. He told me he got me. I left it at that. A few days later he didnt text as much and he never calls me so texting is my only way of talking to him. He answers slowly and says hes working and im like ok maybe hell call when he gets off. He never does i have to speak first. Im a capricorn so when im with a man im devoted to them right. He just goes ghost on me and and never explains his reasonings. Of course i feel like he had another woman because he ignores me then days later he text he loves me but he still dont call nothing. Im trying to carry a child with a high risk pregnancy he stresses me out ignoring me being quiet and not calling me. I prayed and let it go but God knows i wanted that man i know i could have been his everything and he didnt give me a chance. So i know how you feel. I dont think i can date another Sag.

  12. Kim December 3rd, 2020

    I love my Sag. He’s literally the BEST!! If you’re willing to put in the work these signs can be a wonderful match.

  13. Cutieejnailz November 11th, 2020

    I just recently started dealing with sag man I’m a cap woman.. he definitely has shown me the ease of ecstasy for a moment. as they say and I feel like now he’s getting me through the ease of hurt and disappointment….. he literally just went ghost how is it so easy for them to do this it’s like a flip of a switch I’m so confused

  14. Gary October 20th, 2020

    Just make the first move but do it in your own way. You got nothing to lose.

  15. Maria August 17th, 2020

    I love my sag ❤️

  16. nicole August 15th, 2020

    I am attracted to a sag but i don’t know if he feels the same. He compliments me and use to be really into me but i didn’t feel the same.. now the roles are reversed. he still compliments me sometimes but he never makes the first move. should i move on or still try 🥺

    • Jackendo September 29th, 2020

      If you truly desire to attempt to retrieve this male Sagittarius, be direct and honest with your feelings towards him. If he “was” into you and he’s still around, he continues to be so. He feels something in you that is attracting his moments.

  17. Lydia July 13th, 2020

    Worst relationship ever!

    I broke up my Sag man after one year, cause he was not sure about us and decided to follow other girls. Yes, this was what he exactly said. He was always between friendship/relationship… My friends gave him a nick name as no commitment jerk, cause he was. He made so many insults to me, I followed him both physically and mentally and was his one who closest to him, but he said he is at time time of his life he doesn’t want a commitment. He ranted me granted(he thought) and gave up on me. When I look at my back, I can say thanks to him I learnt so many things. But there is one thing, Cap women are very dedicated lover. I know he will never and ever find a crazy, understanding, loyal and also honest woman, will regret but too late. I am engaged. Cap women, please find Taurus men!!! 🙂 My Taurus man decided to marry with me in 2 months while Sag was sure whether we are couple or not in one year.

    Girls don’t waste your time. We deserve the best…

    • Neila August 3rd, 2020

      That is opposite for me the Taurus was the worst ! And a cheater!while the I am now engaged to the sag the love of my life

      • Never Going Back August 8th, 2020

        Nelia, I’m a Cap also…I definitely agree with you. The Taurus that I dated was a horrible narcissist.

  18. Mercy March 31st, 2020

    I am really tired of marrying sag man
    I am a cap woman but the hell is we have a son or else i would have leftvhim for good

  19. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Capricorn are so down to earth, but can benefit from being more open.
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for CAPRICORN:
    I hope it helps.

  20. Satyawan shinde June 12th, 2019

    I want one relationship but i aany time love

  21. CapGirl October 12th, 2018

    Sag and Cap really do make great friends… And that friendship is the foundation for what can be an amazing, eternal love. But time is of the essence in this union. Almost every Cap/Sag relationship I’ve witnessed, including my own, started off as 2 incredibly “grown” adults with sharp witty minds looking for someone to behave childishly with on their life adventures. They both yearn for the freedom and new experiences that come with leaving the nest, so will appreciate the maturity and independence they recognize in one another. Friendship forms fast and this is where it all kind of comes to a stand still. They are so busy having fun that they may even flirt with other people on their dates together! Neither gets jealous either and it’s all part and parcel of the respectful bond they have.
    I dated 2 Sag men and both seemed to enjoy partying with me moreso than romantic dinner dates. I was in college when I met both so this was fine at the time. Sag1 was a blast but we never made it past dating because by the time he was ready to settle I’d met someone else & committed to them. No hard feelings he moved on to the next and we’d say hi at parties. Lol
    Sag2 and I pal’d around all through college. He’d make romantic gestures here and there… birthdays and holidays. But he loved talking to me and it was like I was his sounding board and advisor. All through the friendship we dated other people. Finally after graduation he asked me on a real date. We dated 3 months before he found out an ex was pregnant. He did the right thing and proposed to her so he could be a father to his child. I was heart broken but not angry at all. Just upset he didn’t pursue me earlier on.
    And that’s us! Will the relationship ever set sail? Will Sag man get his act together before Cap woman is swept away.
    Advice…Cap you have to open up a little and communicate your feelings. But not before you’ve established a solid friendship. Sag men show you they like you by trying to become your friend. If he tries to get sexual quickly… watch out. But if you give him a little confidence push he will cut off all others to commit to you. Sag men in love are loyal, passionate, fun, and truly committed. Cap women will make them feel secure and like they’ve finally accomplished an adult lifestyle. They appreciate all you bring to the table and will cherish you always.

    • Drea November 23rd, 2019

      Thank you for this genuine advice. I really appreciate this. God bless.

    • TotesUrGoat November 27th, 2019

      Hi, I’m a female Capricorn and just met a male Saggitarius. VERY uncertain about him – he’s already given me some big red flags/dealbreakers 1) he has tried to push for sex immediately 2) birth control is pretty much all my responsibility because he would be ok with having another kid 3) he has not made much, if any effort to get to know me except for sexual things – despite the fact that he says he’s not looking for a hookup.

      Actual Question: You said watch out if he tries to get sexual fast – what does this mean to you? That he will screw and run never to be heard from again?

      • marco32110 November 27th, 2019

        Hi Lisa .Nothing wrong with sex,but you have red flags ?move on and find the right personGood luck

      • CapGirl December 9th, 2019

        If he tries to have sex very early on in the relationship it is because he is not thinking of settling down soon. Most Sag men I know are not judgmental towards women who enjoy sex and would not leave a woman because she had sex too soon. These men tend to be pretty progressive in their views. I say run because it says a lot about where they are mentally and emotionally. Sags are at the end of the zodiac, when signs step into “adulthood”. Scorpio, Sag, Cap, Aqua, and Pisces tend to be very self-aware and mature compared to other signs. When the Sag man in his 20s or early 30s decides he is not ready for monogamy yet, he will allow himself to be promiscuous. When he makes the decision to settle down, he will usually spend at least a month trying to decide if he wants to prolong the relationship past FWB. So pay attention.

  22. CP May 20th, 2018

    I have been in love with a Sag man for 15 years. When I do see him, which is seldom, he’s very flirty, but that’s the extent of it. He never makes a move. Acts like he’s interested, but leaves me hanging. It’s so confusing. He knows I’m interested, but plays like Mr. Coy. It’s really hard knowing we would be really great together, yet he makes no attempt at anything other than a wink here and a hug there. Torture!!

    • marco alvarez March 14th, 2019

      Approach him better way tell Him you feelings,( remember sagi some times are shy even they display like macho men ) ,and if He do not respond,move with you life,maybe He has no interest in you..Im a sagi.and Im Honest I gave guls approach me and honestly I say no interests except friendship ..Of course they understand….Good luck..

  23. DS December 2nd, 2017

    As a Capricorn woman, I have had no bad experiences with Sagittarius people

    My best friend was Sagittarius girl, the woman who raised me/nanny was Sagittarius, my good friend at university was a Sagittarius guy. I love them! They always cheer me up and make me smile. I have a Virgo moon and Sagittarius Venus by the way

  24. queen November 6th, 2017

    I was involve with a sag man for 5 years before he decided to choose me as his girl they are very whorish in a way abut once in love and sure about you they will love you for a lifetime We are not together we separated for a month and he decided to move on , when it didn’t work out with her he then tried to come back to me ,, I love him but he is not the man for me he is to rude for me and I need a more sensitive and loving man my Sag man gives to much tough love and not enough love he seeks more attention than me and can be very inconsiderate and stubborn I am now inlove with a Pisces he is very passionate and loving he gives me all the attention I seek I am very moody at times and he knows when im up or down its a very big difference between a sag and Pisces you will feel the love from a Pisces man and you will then know your worth as a woman …..

  25. zahra July 5th, 2017

    I was in love with a sag man for 4years and to be honest I still like him. but we were never in a relationship and I dont know why he never asked me out. at first we had so much eye contact and he was shy and could not talk to me as well as he did with others and I would think that he was into me too.but after a while he stopped making eye contact and ignored me. now we dont have any eye contact but still we are not that close to talk to eachother. we were close friends in childhood but when we grew up we stopped talking and hanging out. my question is that do u think he ever loved me or still does. pls answer me

    • Neha July 22nd, 2017

      The point is , if he loved you, why is he not being a man enough to take a stand for it??? Just move on.. there is no point of waiting for anyone. love yourself and the other love will find its own way gradually/eventually.


    • raja giri February 24th, 2018

      I’m a Sagittarius man, and I usually get nervous in front of my crush, then I wait for them to make a move. If they make a move and I really like them, I’ll quickly make approach, if not, then you have your answer. I usually make contact with people I like which may appear clingy, but that’s my way of showing love

    • KingSagg May 1st, 2018

      As a Sag male I say eye contact is a bond between souls he was hoping to spark the bond but we never like to make the first move (myself included I just get stuck no matter how much confidence I have) you gotta go tame the wild horse side of him.
      Be yourself don’t try to keep up with him and let him know when to slow down.♐️♐️♐️♐️♐️

  26. Azalea June 2nd, 2017

    The sag I’m with is my soulmate yes he is very blunt but I like the straightforwardness but there are times were he should curb it. The ( love making is out of this world I’m Capricorns with Sag rising and 8 years older than him we have been together two years. It has not been the easiest but 80 percent of our relationship is just amazing we really enjoy one another, we are connected like no other and dating a safe before they are natural flirts.and have women friends so if you are not confidant forget it because the women swoon on them. But the romance, adventure, love.making and the love he shows to me and my children far surpasses any fault. I’m going for the ride of a lifetime I’m ready …..Ride em UM cowgirl!!!!!. Nowhere works for Delta and is looking to be a pilot we are flying around the world love it!

  27. Shae March 29th, 2017

    I spent 5 years in a crazy up and down relationship with a Sag guy. When it was good it was amazing but when it was bad it was beyond stressful and draining. I finally decided I had enough as I had lost friends and family over his times of drunken selfish nastiness and life is too short. The nasty insults and jealous rages were just too much and the loss of good friends and family I had to let him go. It still hurts but we are both much better off.

    • Grace July 18th, 2017

      Shae, hi there. Anyone who drinks or is an addict, I would recommend just moving on. It’s not their sign, it’s the addiction that is terrible.

  28. D.k February 14th, 2017

    I love my big-mouth Sagittarius. He’s like, half poet, half beast. He’ll pack his stuff during an argument, just to watch you put all his clothes back on hangers, after you insult him but beg him to stay. :p In 3 years, we only argued twice. And its always out of love. This man is more than my fiance, more than my best friend, more than a simple word “love” could explain. I don’t just love him, I live for him.

  29. S January 28th, 2017

    I’m a Capricorn, my oh is a sag. We’ve been together 5 years, (although 12 Year’s prior we were child heart sweethearts and each others first and only real loves, we both grew up and time drew us apart). I have a child by my previous relationship and my oh is a fantastic role model and “step dad” we also have a child together. The passion, love and soulmate feelings are and always have been there and wouldn’t want to be any where else. But saying this, he is a real sag where he likes his independence, freedom and swans off whenever there’s something in his path. When we argue, its like fire and he’ll say hurtful things that he doesn’t mean, we both know that.. There’s been times that he’s gone away for a few weeks, but we both know he’ll be back. But as a cap girl, I can’t understand this, this is our home, our family, so why does he want to spread his wings at times?! We both ground each other, best friends, passionate for one another and other times we can’t stand each other! Its an odd feeling but feels most spiritual and deeper feelings… Can’t understand and can’t express the feelings!!

    • Mike May 12th, 2017

      He flys away at times in order to protect what you have made together. He knows he can’t live without you. So if it means to spent a little time away versus being cut away for good, he’ll face that time. Thats how it is with my lady. I like to think its protecting our relationship from ourselves. It gives you both time to reflect on self evaluation.

  30. Jessy January 18th, 2017

    I’m with a sag man it’s Been two and a half years and I am happy with him but then half of me is depressed/ lost/ sad…. I love him because he has a hard life and he is just so generous and so loving especially physically lol . But he’s so insecure and hes so demanding at times and he thinks I’m crazy with the way I see things…. But yet I’m still with him and why is that?… Because I love him and he loves his cap woman I guess… But latly it’s not been so good with him… I might do a little prayer before bed for some guidance .. Should we break up before we hurt even more if we break up later on in life or should we stay together and deal with stupid shit and I useless fights??? I’m not sure.

    • Shawna January 27th, 2017

      Girl I so know how you feel. My sag man can drive me to the depths of hell in my self. But I love him for who he is and so that means if I want to be with him I have to be stronger and realize that I am me and the sad and depressed woman isn’t who he fell in love with it was the strong headed no nonsense woman.
      Pick your head up my dear and if you want this relationship to work then give it all you got and then when you feel you can’t give more dig deeper cause there is more. You are a strong beautiful woman and God made us strong for a reason.

  31. Lyssa January 15th, 2017

    I have a coworker and we’ve been seeing each other every weekend now I’m a Capricorn woman and he’s a sag im so in love wit him I swear he’s everything I want and more he gives me everything tells me he’s ready to be in a relationship he wants it to be real that he would give me the world but being the Capricorn I am im scared to get hurt n used n I don’t believe anything he says but I do want to I just love being around him n talking to him he really makes my day that much better I just wish I knew if it’s a for sure thing and I don’t waste my time either way I really do believe I want him in my life for good ?

  32. Shannon January 10th, 2017

    Hardest relationship ever but my sag man I just can’t give up on him

  33. Miss J December 28th, 2016

    Cap women with sag man! It’s frustrating !!
    It’s probably one of the most challenging relationships I’ve ever been in ..
    Being with him , im always wondering what it is that he wants ! We in a “relationship” which is known to be “more than friends less than lovers” ..

    He brings out the best in me, but at times he also brings out the worse .. I love the thrill he gives me when we together, it’s like we can’t get enough of each other
    Then there are days I can’t handle him because of how honest he can be but also how he says things !
    We’ve been in this for almost 2 years, letting go seems to be our main weakness .. it’s hard!

    Making love makes our bond stronger each time, we can’t seem to get enough !

    I do love him , which I never expected 🙂 and he claims to love me to but I feel like it’s never enough

    So I’m hoping for the best but also expect the worse .

    Wish me Luck ❤

  34. Tlnscuba September 29th, 2016

    Cappy female w/ a Sagittarius man very frustrating. ……fell in love with him after 2 months!…. but we are friends only status but sleeping together. I only see him maybe twice a week. We areally in friend status because he wants to keep things exciting. ….I love it but I dont. This has been the most challenging relationship I have been in. I’m very independent and he loves his freedom. I could be with him the rest of my life……love making is amazing and I love the humble and tenderness. I need to be patient but I’m frustrated because I want more but I want him to open up more before I make a commitment. …..even though he is already exclusive to me. I believe he is worth it. Wish I could see what holds the future before I put myself wholeheartedly into this realationship. I’m always guessing where this relationship is going. I love him hoping he loves me. Wish me luck 🙂

    • Mary December 18th, 2016

      Omg.. I swear it is like I just wrote that.

  35. Dreazaire September 19th, 2016

    Hi love…. It’s seem as if you kinda overthinknand over analyze things and that’s fine seeing that I understand because we’re caps lol.. But when involved with or trying to get involved with a sag it’s best to just always go with the flow…. Don’t plan anything… Let him contact you… Let him chase you.   Believe it or not they like the thrill of the chase. They are very abstract persons… They don’t like being put on a certain timot unless they feel it’s important…. Or it’s concerning them.. I know it seems self is but… Yea. So with the next sag you meet of course show interest that you like him… But don’t try to hard or overthink things just go with the flow and nine times out of ten he’ll be on you like white on your rice.. We’re a challenge for them and they like that… 

  36. Dreazaire September 19th, 2016

    This article is so head on it’s crazy lol. I am a cap woman myself. When I say I love my sag I am crazy about him they just seem to light a fire that you didn’t even know you had. I love how much mine adores me he treats me like a queen.he chased me for a good nine months before I actually gave in. They are so honest… Blunt lol. I love because you’ll always know where you stand with them.. It’s no in between. I love how he is adventurous his mind is always open and willing to try new things especially if I want to do it. He is so passionate and very patient with me that’s another reason I fell for him.. I can honestly say he has my heart and that I love him. And I most definitely know with out a doubt that he loves me. I used to bottle up my emotions I don’t anymore lol.. I’m free… That’s what they do.. Make you feel free. And they will never intentionally hurt you .trust me… I attract nothing but sages lol….

  37. caprichrome March 22nd, 2016

    warning: this is a bit long but pretty funny.
    i am a capricorn woman, i dated a sag man3 years ago, for about a month. I was totallysmitten by him. He has a great sense of humor, very intelligent,artistic etc. He even brought me breakfast in bed every morning when i would stay at his apartment. he was consistent, but also was very focused on his music career , and that is when without a warning, he told me he could not give me the relationship i deserved because he had to stay focused. needless to say i was pretty crushed. I did eventually get over it, and less than a year later, he tried to contact me several times, but i had moved on. I am friends with his sister so we stayed connected at times by running into each other at events etc. I ran into him again over a year after everything, at my best friends wedding. He looked at me and was mesmerized. I almost went home with him that night but decided NAHHHHH LOL. Once you lose a capricorn woman, you have a very short time line to win her back. Here is another funny story though, so a couple of months pass by, and he calls me on my birthday, tells me he has a gift for me and to swing by. I did not want to because i was running late for my own birthday, and having car troubles…but he insisted, and he lived right off the exit on the way to my place , so i stopped by, i go upstairs, and we start chatting, i kept it very buddy buddy, because i had no feelings for him anymore…after chatting he said “here is your birthday present”…guess what he hands me ? A COPY OF HIS CD (his own music) UMMMMM….i actually laughed and said “really? this is my present? ” he then said “well yes, its very special to me so i thought you would appreciate it.” i then said , i thought you would have atleast had some roses, or even a bit of weed. (lol) he was a smoker. no biggie.. he was not happy. SO then i asked him if i could buy a dime of weed from him,because i had to get going to my birthday dinner…he didnt want to charge me but i insisted. paid and left. i told my friends about the encounter, and they were in shock that he would have made me stop at his house just for a cd. on MY birthday lol…we had a good laugh.. i saw hima gain at an event last week.. he was very happy to see me with his wide big bright eyes, i said hello, then someone interrupted us and he walked away. no bad blood, just a really funny story of my timeline with the sag man.
    NOW, i met another sag. Maybe this is karma, because the first night we met, we clicked instantly, hes another muscian, he was opening up for a well known act , he hopped off the stage and i instantly gravitated toward him, his vibe, his smile, his over all self instantly attracted me. again, check this out guys, he gives me and my friend a copy of his cd LMAO it was approrpiate though because we were at a show. so we all wandered off to socialize, and the main act was about to go on, so i went to the front of the stage, and there he was…he let me stand infront of him to see better, and we had a BLAST, didnt move until the hour and a half long set was done.he put his hands on my waist at one point (normally i would  get super creeped out if a stranger does this to me) but it felt safe..he was not disrespectful at all…we ended up hanging out at the venue until 5 am. everyone left and we stayed with the friends we both came with and talked, joked, the entire time. TIME FLEW SO FAST. he walked me to my car and said he wanted to see me again, we flirted a bit, and his style of flirting was so attractive to me, it was subtle,sexy,and witty. he asked for my number, and we texted after we both left until 7 am, we both fell asleep (me first ) lol..
    i tried to reach him the next day, to no avail. i noticed he was out at another festival though via instagram, so i didnt think anything of it. i kept it short. He seems like a very popular guy, super social , and not the type to be glued to his cell phone. (from what i have witnessed so far) but at first i thought he was ignoring me. It didnt match up to the way he was in to me when we met…soooo being a capricorn woman, i always want to have my way, and i am persistent i wait two days, and contact him again with a simple “hey cutie how was your week” THEN i got his attention again…we hung out the day after, i met some of his friends, sparks flying everywhere, he looked at me with his big beautiful eyes and i kissed him, but kinda turned my face and smiled because i was embarassed lol…after that..we were full on PDA infront of everyone, to the point where i felt rude because my friends and his friends were sitting there like ummm…i told him we should calm down and save some of the kisses for a more private area. although i mentioned to him i did not care who saw me, but i felt bad for my friend…and he said he didnt care either. (loved that about him, he doesnt give a shit what people think!) this story is so fucking long, im sorry !!! if you’re bored perhaps it will make you laugh. so i will continue, after that event with all  the pda, he wanted to see me the next day. i agreed…but didnt expect it because we stayed out again till 5 am. lol….he called me at 10:30 am to say he had to meet up with his family for brunch but wanted to see me later as promised. i said for sure!. I then confirmed with him via text  around 4 pm, it was a sunday and i work early during the week. i made the mistake of not asking him for a specific time, because knowing a sag, they literally are all over the place and get caught up with being total social butterflies, so i figured since he initiated that he would reach out. finally its 9pm. I was a bit pissed because capricorn woman do not like to WAIT, and we usually need a time and place, we are very structured and punctual. I decided to call him…the phone rang all the way to voice  mail. I then headed to a bar to meet up with friends because i had gotten dressed and made the effort to step out of my routine (lazy sundays). I didnt hear from him at all, not even the next day until i said, fuck this…i wrote him a text, expressing exactly how i felt about him standing me up. i was not rude, crazy, or vulgar. Just very direct. he apologized and said he drank so much with his family and he went to take a nap before our date and just passed may or may not be true…but its too early for me to judge. This sag guy seems like a space cadet, hes hard to catch, but when hes in my hands we are amazing together.. we made CONCRETE plans tonight, because i told him honestly, that i respect his lifestyle but if he cant keep his word then i am completely done . he definitely understood and didnt want me out of the picture. so tonight is the night. I asked him to contact me, because we are going out at 8:30 or 9. I WORK TOMORROW TOO i told him, so again, im straying from my own rules because i actually dig this guy. But his communication over the phone, and his ability to stay on track and keep my interest when he is not around kind of sucks. I am usually pretty busy, and have my group of friends and my family so i dont need constant attention, just some consideration and respect for my time lol.
    i do like him though, i expressed to him that i was not pressuring him into anything serious and just want to enjoy his company . i dont wanna scare him off. I am also pretty intense so i pace myself with this one!.  I’m a very different kind of capricorn woman in many ways i am told. My moon is in Leo and my rising sign is libra. I am pretty bold, and even more flirty and social than other cap woman i know.
    the whole point of my experience is that It seems nothing solid ever materialized with myself and a sag, i do not have any expectations of anything solid from this new sag either. But i am open to some adventure and if its meant to be, it will be.

  38. Girlunkown12 February 14th, 2016

    I forgot to mention that I broke up with the guy I was seeing before he mentioned that we should date and get married. Don’t want you thinking I was talking to him about these things, whilst with someone else.

  39. Girlunkown12 February 14th, 2016

    @emma82uel @daz.chan @orangetea881 @Sagg87m @Bigcat1165
    What it says sounds so true. I appologise in advance that my story is going to be long but I need advice because I am an over analysing Cap. This is a long line of stuff for years that has kind of been going on but until now has never really seemed like actual potential for something.
    I am a Capricorn female (23) who has had a Sagittarius male friend (24) for a long time; over three years now. We first met when I was 19 but at the time he had a girlfriend and at the time I had just got out of a pretty horrid relationship with my first ever bf. I was arranged to meet this Sag’s best friend, as a way to get me out of the depressed rut I was in. This was my first time going for a one night stand. My ex boyfriend was the person I lost my virginity too.
    When I met them I was straight away attracted to the Sag more than his friend, but having my rules about pursuing guys I always say that if the guy has a gf don’t go for it, just put him in the friends category. So that night I slept with his best friend. I only wanted it to be one night and didn’t really want anything more with him. After this me and the Sag just became awesome friends, really close. However, it was always that I was on the prowl or he was slaying girls. I never really thought about him as more than a friend, I was always attracted to him but we were always open about our endevours in the bedroom.
    He would always be curious about my escapades and I kept a lot of it close to my chest. We had almost a relationship like two guys who talk about this stuff. We never hit on each other or at least I didn’t notice. He would talk to me about how his friend described me as a “wild one”, asking me for details in relation to his friend. I kept them close because I knew I was attracted to him.
    It wasn’t until we went to the snow together with a mutual friend that I realised that I genuinely liked him. I always told myself we were friends. I had a friend who said “one of you two will end up liking each other by the end of this trip”, of course I was skeptical. We were such good friends but never really pursued anything. The snow was when we got even closer.
    In the bus he came and sat with me playing cards and he taught me how to shuffle. He would do sweet things like straight out of the bus grab a jacket because I was cold. Or the first night he really wanted me to come and join the party. Then having adventures on other nights playing magic tricks with the kids. Then one night even getting up to no good, both looking at each other with the same evil though to attempt to steal a snow mobile. Instead we stole ice-cream with chocolate sauce and ate the entire tub. We had on one of the last nights he saved a seat for me next to him for a drinking game and I got the kings cup and had to drink it all. He thought I couldn’t but I did. Then he stood there holding my hair whilst I was sick in the sink. Let’s just say rum and I aren’t friends. I had never been boarding and he was there to hold my hands on the first day even though I was too stubborn and wanted to do it myself.
    My feelings grew, he had made a bet on something for $20. Which on the way home changed to taking me out for dinner. Coming back I found out from my friends later that the same statement was put to him, when I was away from the group “one of you two will end up liking each other by the end of this”. According to my friends the Sag turned looking at me “you may be right”. On the drive home we were sitting in the front together taking shifts driving. I was feeding him food whilst he drove. We were talking about something and he responded saying “if at 30 you aren’t married, I will marry you”.
    We got back and we hung out more, I would bake him a cake or bring over left overs. He would msg me, but we wouldn’t talk everyday. We would hang out in a group once a week. I even asked him to do me a favour and help my dad out with electrician stuff. Sag took his one day off to come and help me free of charge. Him and my dad got on so well. He has been to my house so many times now and my parents just steal him away. Guys normally don’t get dad’s approval.
    I went out one night and was not expecting to see him. I was in a mini mouse costume, going to a club to try to seduce this guy I didn’t really like as a way of getting back at all the guys who thought I was all theirs and that I was sitting pining over them. I went through a phase after my first boyfriend as a bit of a destructive mess, I had no self respect. Since I have grown up to be otherwise, no longer do I look for any way that I can get a glimmer of love from some douche. Anyway. So he was there with some girls, I thought alright tease him a bit, see if he follows. At this point I had no clue as to how he felt about me, only hope from what people had said.
    So that night I was just not stuck to him at all, not like the girl who was next to him. I was with him for a little while chatting. Then I went and socialised just had a good time. I went and spoke to people just in his view, I was getting txts from him whilst he was with that other girl. He wasn’t even talking to her, too fascinated with where I was going. I then went back to him and all of a sudden had this girl say to me, “hey I met you last time, we took photos together.” Sag was fascinated couldn’t keep his eyes off me even in a crowd and I knew it. In some ways I wanted to be a bit unattainable to him, not like most girls how flung themselves at him.
    He would kind of jokingly flirt with me, but I would always deflect it like I didn’t like him any more than a friend. He forgot about the bet. I didn’t say anything about the dinner for a while. But dinner changed to him baking me a chocolate tart. This was a year after the bet was made. 
    He had a girl he was interested in, like a gf. He had broken up with the other one a little while after we met and he went playing the field for a while; hence why I stayed away (too much risk). I had a friend mention her in front of me and I would ask about her, further cementing my attempt at covering how I felt.
    He was in a relationship with her and I had relationships going in and out. We were always crossing paths but never at the same time. I knew that with him if I didn’t let him go through his player stage, I would just be a girl he would leave. So I just went on with seeing other people and stayed friends.
    I get a call one night out of the blue, it’s him. He explains he has a surprise for me. I love surprises but they also scare me, due to the unknown. I was at a mutual friends house and he and his gf came over with a chocolate tart he had baked especially for me. 
    We have a habit of not talking for a while, I get so busy that often I don’t speak to people. He usually msgs me first. Recently at the end of last year he msged me out of the blue. We were talking about this girl, he had seen at a club who looked exactly like me. I joked about him taking her home. He told me didn’t take her home because he realised it wasn’t me. He has never been so up front about anything like this with me. He then goes on to make a bet with me about the most likes for a random profile pic, has to pay for dinner. We started talking about him slaying and he told me he hadn’t been with a girl in like 3 months, which is ages for him.
    Other things went on in the conversation and he joked that we should pretend to date. We just sat there joking around and stuff. I thought nothing of it, cause I told him I was seeing someone at the time. A month later, we msg again. We talk about dinner again and once again he is really forward to me. We then talk at another time, he asks me if I am cooking him dinner or taking him out. I told him my family would steal him away from me. He talked about how my family loved him and we should just date and get married. We would have gorgeous babies together. It was very weird. I just took it as a joke, but who jokes about dating more than once.
    He moved to WA, before christmas for a job. Hence why we haven’t been to dinner. He came back for a little bit over christmas but I was too busy. He went back to WA the day before my birthday. He msged me with a happy birthday and said “you just have more time to plan our dinner since I am in WA”, so now idk. We snapchatted the other day but now I am just kind of going on with things to see what happens rather than chasing him too much. I just don’t know if I am right to think he may have feelings or if he just wants in my pants.
    Sorry that was so long…

  40. Kriss4tigers December 27th, 2015

    What did you do

  41. Moondance May 23rd, 2015

    I’m a capricorn woman and I’ve met a mysterious Sag man. He works at the same company I’m doing placement at and the first 2 weeks were wonderful. I found myself feeling really shit after the first couple of days because I didnt feel like I fitted in and no one was really paying attention to me. On my first day I saw him and immediently felt a connection ( this was when I saw him walk in to work ) I tried to keep my attention focused on my work but he was working in the same area as me..I could feel like we both we’re trying to figure out who each other was. I was trying to find ever possible excuse to stand near him to get his attention, after the first couple of days I wasn’t trying as hard cause all previous attempts failed ( we kept missing each other and I couldn’t find the appropriate time ) I think on the 4th day he finally spoke to me, we didn’t say much and to be honest I can’t really remember the conversation, all I remember is feeling fluttery in the stomach. After that day he started working in the same room as me ( we work at a childcare centre ) and I was blown away at how well he worked with kids. We started talking more and even when I started loosing my voice ( I sounded like a 60 year old smoker ) he could tell I was embarassed by it and kept reassuring me that it didn’t sound that bad even though I knew I sounded terrible hahah we begun sitting in the same play area every afternoon and I even hung around till closing time because that’s when he finished ( i was finding every excuse to spend time with him ) i started really enjoying myself and looking forward to our afternoons together. I could tell he was trying to get my attention to by showing off with the kids and jumping the fence to fetch the balls that get accidental thrown over, I couldnt help but smile. On my last day I felt really sick and could hardly talk, it was close to closing time but some kids parents were running late. It was then that he disappeared, I later found him in the staff room and I felt a little bit of tension but I just assumed it was me over thinking things. We ended up walking to the end of the drive together ( which is a fair way ) and just talking so casually it was the nicest moment I’d spent with him yet. later that night when I got home I found that he’d put his number in my bag and at that moment I felt a complete ecstasy. We’ve been chatting over text and he defiantly seems like the description above but I can’t help but feel like I’m the one putting in most of the effort. We were meant to see each other last week and today but he keeps cancelling for certain reasons and I mean they are legit reasons but I’m wondering whether he’s just nervous. Plus he’s terrible at helping me plan a date he keeps saying “I don’t mind whatever you want to do” so it’s making me question why he even gave me his number if he doesn’t even want to plan a date. I’m not a silly capricorn and I haven’t had much experience with men but if I go on a first date I want it to be a team effort on planning because I mean isn’t that how dates work? Any advice/opinions are welcomed 🙂

  42. […] Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman Love … – I am a Capricorn woman in a relationship w/ a Saggittarius man. We are not dating. But we have had a physical relationship for over a year. Reading this compatibility …… […]

  43. pocha01 November 11th, 2014

    I’m a Capricorn female and I’ve been in a 3 1/2 year friendship with a Sagittarius male. And what I have read is very true. I smiled and laughed as I read the entire compatibility chart. It’s amazing how this is so true about me and my friend. He read it also and laughed as well. We both take each day as the first day we met and that keeps our friendship strong. He always say to me that our bond can never be broken. We shall see what the future brings. 

  44. gmugeri June 27th, 2014

    I’m also a cap woman dating a sag man I love him to bits. Because of what I’ve been through in the past I was battling to trust him but now I feel so confident he is soooo loving and caring and supportive I looove him I wish we can go on many more years. 

  45. caplady March 24th, 2014

    I’m a cap woman and have had the biggest crush on a sag man since last summer! I saw him on the train on my way work and he was reading the bible. That was enough to get my attention. I found myself purposely going into work late just to get a glimpse of him on the train, and crushing harder every time. All these months of staring at each other, and neither one of us would say anything. Over the weekend, I realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. How could a man I don’t even know have such an impact in my heart and mind? Today, I finally decided to say something. I wrote him a love note on my iphone and when I got on the train, I handed him my phone so that he could read it. He went ahead and saved my number in his phone and we chatted for the duration of the train ride! Let’s see how things go…. I’ll try to remind myself not get lost in him or let his honesty sting me too deeply. Easier said than done but so up for the challenge!!

  46. Mikayla311 March 19th, 2014

    I met a sag guy on an online meeting site where there is people in the same state as you or at least lives close to you.  And then we started talking for awhile and he doesn’t really say much (he still kinda doesn’t now) there would be days he would and days he wouldn’t. But he immediately rushed me into a relationship even though he still wasn’t fully over his ex which he broke up with me at the end of November for that reason and I was heartbroken it literally felt like the end of the world. But then he would like my Instagram photos late at night at like 1am so it was hard to forget about him. He came back into my life like last month saying he missed me and wanted to get back together with me. And I agree I have no idea why because of the pain and I felt like he used me. So I told him last week I didn’t trust him and he was masking that with being a mean asshole. But I think he was hurt. I don’t really understand his feelings. There is definitely a lack of miscommunication. And I’m afraid to be with him now because I feel like it’s going to happen again like last time. Plus you’re right about the flirt thing and the attention cause there are a lot of girls that are sluts for him -_- he tells me it’s nothing and that he only wants me etc. but I don’t know whether to believe him or not. I’m afraid to be with him yet there would be no one I rather be with. Plus there would be times where he wouldn’t text me and stuff and I take that as a sign of him going to break up with me but I don’t want to text first ( even when he complains that I should text him first) because I don’t want to be appeared as clingy or annoying. Or when I FaceTime him he would sometimes call me boring yet he’s not talking to me too so it’s like how does that make sense. I usually start the conversation. Usually it’s only like once in a blue moon he does that on FaceTime though I like talking to him better in FaceTime then text. We haven’t met yet and I really want to meet cause he only lives 30 minutes away. I’m just scared he’s going to drop me like last time and still have insecurities and trust issues with him. And we argue and have disagreements but I think I’m used to that I have to agree we are both stubborn although I feel like I’m the reasonable one haha. But I’m  really sensitive. And I have no idea wtf he is thinking. Someone help me! Life of a 18 year old stress Capri 🙁 

  47. CapriKornicus March 16th, 2014

    I am a Capricorn woman, I met a Sag guy on an online dating site. We haven’t met yet, but we’ve messaged a lot (almost all day every day for about 2 weeks) and talked on the phone. I feel such an amazing connection to him like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Like I said, we haven’t even met but it almost feels like we’re already together. I am telling myself to be smart about it and take things slow, because I’ve been hurt a lot, and he even completely agrees with that as well. 2 people thinking logically rather than jumping into anything regardless of our feelings seems to good be true, just like he seems too good to be true. I’ve read the other comments and it’s reassuring to know I’m not alone in this. 

  48. kkiloveu08205 March 3rd, 2014

    I am a Capricorn woman with a Sag man for about a year and a half. Although we met through an online dating site, we felt like we’ve known each other forever. Believe it our not we had our first fight 2 weeks after meeting online about insecurity. I am not going to lie, our fights have increased as time goes by, but the fights makes our love stronger. He brings out both the good and bad in me and yet he continues to love me. Cap and Sag relationships are never going to be easy. Constant arguements and fights because you are both stubborn and may let the anger get the best of you, but I’ve learned as time went by, if you don’t talk about the fights after you have the fight or arguement (about a couple of hours later) you may let the anger get the best of you. It only gets worse. (Don’t EVER go to bed angry, it wont help). Talk about the fight and arguement. Sag’s are hard to get to open, so be patient and don’t assume. Talk to them, give them some time to think, and they’ll get back to you. This relationship will give you Cap’s something to look forth to. Love, trust, loyalty; everything!!

  49. Later87 December 25th, 2013

    I had date with sag man,(that was the first time we met, my family found him on matrimonal website, he messaged like he was very much intrested and drove for 4 hours, picked me up at train station and dropped me back) while on date I thought everything was so good, i thought he WILL say yes, but he rejected me, I cant stop thinking about him. I am cap women. Do u think i should email him or should i ask him why he rejected me?, he told he really dont mind if we wish to be friends, i know he said that just being polite.Help me please
    Any response would be appreciated. Thanks

  50. Lola_NY2VA February 9th, 2013

    I am head over heals for a sagg man too quickly, its been a month only. We started as cuddle friends but quickly became more but he is in love with the mother of his children who is 400+ miles away and from all his time with me they never speak he told me they are not together but he still loves her and foolishly Ive fallen for him … not the typical move for me. he knows my.feelings for him but told me i would come to my sences  🙁 now we are at odds keeping our distance more him then me but tomorrow we are to meet…we r at ends because ive offended him in my fears twice… do i apologize nd let it go or do i try to remind him the part of me he does like….I know he felt something or he wouldnt have given me so much of his time…or does that mean nothing…please advise…fearful cap lola

  51. serena.c November 25th, 2012

    I’m a cap woman that liking a sag man, we know each other for over a year. the funny thing is we just know each others phone #. however, i feel like i should give up on him. he was great and honest ,  yet to silly and wont express his feeling. i feel like he is toying with me, then something i would feel he really care. we work together; it a bit hard to let go, and i am too shy to talk to him face to face.

  52. emma82uel November 19th, 2012

    @Demi26 : Age does not count, Let the love flow.

  53. emma82uel November 19th, 2012

    Am a Sag in love with a Cap, what was described here is 100% true about us. I love her so much that if i don’t see her for one day, I’ll go crazy. We both have been through too many bad times but the Good times kept us on. We have been dating for two years now and i proposed to her yesterday . I cant see myself been able to spend my life with another person than my Cap Lady. To my fellow Sag Men, The Cap is not easy to get, but she worth waiting for. Am keeping mine for the rest of my life.

  54. Demi26 November 19th, 2012

    I’m dating a Sag and it is the most wonderfullest feeling ever. Just thinking about him gives me butterflies in my stomach. When we talk, whether on the phone or in person, he has me giggling like a little schoolgirl. No other guy has ever been able to do that. When I don’t get to talk to him, I miss him. It’s weird. I really want this to work. He’s even started making plans for us to do stuff that my child can be included in. We talk on the phone all night and the conversations never get old. But there is an age difference, but I don’t really care because I’m happy. Should I be worried about the age difference??

  55. ladycapri September 10th, 2012

    Good to read you comments. Found myself with a Sag also since two month ago. Amazing the attraction between us. He’s in a relationship and we started as an affair even if I hate this, was just felt like giving in the temptation will disappear – but it turned out I don’t want to stop it and in the same time I don’t want to continue as I am not for affairs. This is one of the things that I thought I’ll never do. He feels confused about me and his girlfriend and asked me to wait 2 weeks while he’s in holidays with her, saying that its worth waiting. He also mentioned that he doesn’t want to hurt his girlfriend. A Sag is going to make things clear and decide you think? I am not happy with the position at the moment, but something inside me tells me he’s not easy to replace. 

  56. daz.chan August 9th, 2012

    I know that feeling of a connection between Sag Man and Cap Woman.  It really is uncomparable.  And it seems we end up in a lot of Perfect Person but not Perfect Timing situations which is so crap.  So i think you shouldnt give up that hope, never give up that hope if you feel that bond really is second to none, but just keep your life busy in the meantime so that when the chance comes up again that the timing will be right you will be ready.  But i guess i see it as just building up that love inside in the meantime and really testing yourself how far you would wait and go for that feeling.  i’ve waited for quite a long time already, and i made it here and im still ever so in love with this cap woman, i feel like i am at war sometimes, but i know one day, its going to come together and be worth it. So i am not going to give up, doesnt mean i am not going to continue to enjoy my life with other things, but i wont give up on this girl.  Nothing in this world worth having – comes easy.

  57. orangetea881 July 16th, 2012

    please don’t give up, i beleive that she really is worth the wait. I know youve been waiting for that sign and i beleive shes the one for you. Just go for it.
    Im a capricorn woman and a sag man been chasing me for the past 2 years and im sooo atracted to him but his married.  We spoke once and thats all it took. We keep on bumping into each other but no words would come out from us were both shy to admit that were so much compatible in the most elemental way and afraid to accept that were crazy for each other, i know that his wanting to communicate to me but also afraid because his already commited but im so darn hoping that someday there will be a chance for us.   

  58. daz.chan July 10th, 2012

    The above about Sag Man & Capri Woman is totally spot on.  I am a Sag man who has been pursuing a Capri woman for about 18 months now.  It takes so much patience and its so hard for me being a Sag who is use to everything moving fast.  I have had to teach myself to be patient and understand the Capri woman – but even though its so hard and painful sometimes – I do it on the belief that she will be worth the wait.
    After 18 months – the past 6 months she has totally warmed up a lot more, respond to my messages maybe 90% now, whereas before it was maybe 30%.  She initiates contact a lot more – so its been good.
    We have one challenge, she lives a 45 minute boat trip away in another country – and has opposite work hours to me which makes it challenging but im very supportive of her work as i know she is a capri. 
    We only ever meet up maybe 1nce a month (and that one time a month is always a magical experience) although i would love it to be more but i know capri cant be rushed, so i never push.  but for the past 3/4 times, everytime we have a date planned – something will come up (most of the time) not under her control and we have to postpone which really annoys me.  Like work stuff comes up, or something at her house comes up, i guess its not fully her fault, but it just seems like i am forever waiting.  She never cancels the date fully, but it will get pushed a week back or something.
    its been 18 months now, and i really think and do believe she is coming around – sending me pictures of her family, sending me pictures to say goodnight and talking about work and life, but just today – the date we have planned tomorrow, she says its going to be another 2 weeks coz some other important things have come up.  So i am feeling a bit down right now.
    Should i keep waiting or really just move on? It would be so hard to give up on this girl cos she really is a keeper – but it just seems like forever waiting and forever disappointment….It’s been the loneliest 18 months of my life and this is no doubt the hardest thing i have ever had to do.

  59. Sagg87m April 26th, 2012

    @Eternal5 Tell him how you feel , I assure you he’ll respect you more if you decide to open youself to him and let him know how you feel. I know that because I m a sagg man dating female capricorn for almost a year now. Be honnest and open up to him, I know that you capricorns are hard to open up, and release your emotions. I hope everything turns out good. 🙂 Greetings from Macedonia! 😉

  60. emilyoli2013 April 21st, 2012

    I have been with my sagitarrius man for 3 years now, and love him more everyday. its a challenge at times, but the capricorn and sagitarrius love challenges 😉 and there are way more good times then bad, and thats the way you have to look at it. i could honestly say, that i cannot see myself with anyone else. we know everything about each other 🙂 and all the above described us perfectly 

  61. Hamin Irafat January 10th, 2012

    ‘He feels my unhappiness, and knows I want to leave him but does nothing…”
    From what I feel, the reason he doesnt do anything about it is that he loves you too much and doesnt want to loose you. May be he thinks that one day you might love him with all your heart like he does to you.
    But Dear its not about him, you need to be in a relationship that makes YOU happy, not emotionally drains you. 
    If you decide to give up on him, be aware of what else you will give up on.

  62. Eternal5 January 9th, 2012

    I’m a Capricorn woman and I’ve been dating a Sag man for over 2 years now. His qualities are outstanding, and as cap women I chose him to be my partner for the qualities he possesses. Not only does he have amazing qualities, and security on all levels, he also loves me for all my flaws. The problem is that ‘I’ feel we lack chemistry, and I don’t feel smitten by him… I love him but I’m NOT in love with him. I chose him only because I was using my head, but when I tried to signal my mind to my heart, I failed miserably. The article has a lot of truth to it, especially the part where it mentioned that a Sag man makes a Cap woman lose herself- which is why I sill find it hard to accept that I can’t love him and that I must leave the world he created for me. He shaped a new world for me that I always wanted and built in my head as an ideal world, however because of my very very emotional and romantic self I need to FEEL in LOVE to be happy, even if it means giving up on this world he has to offer me… It is perhaps the  most difficult desecion I will take in my life. I need advice, any would be great.
    Please help… Shall I give up on love for a secure and stable life? Or take the risk and follow my heart even if the chance of finding a man that possess the same qualities never come again?
    I’ve been trying to make a decision for 2 years now, and it is emotionally draining me, I can’t think of anything else, I am about to lose my mind… I don’t want to hurt him either which adds to my resistance when it comes to leaving him. Whenever I chose to leave him for the sake of love, I think what if the only chance of the life I dreamt of goes away with him? And what will happen to his fragile heart if I leave him? I love him (not romantically) enough to genuinly care about his feelings… He feels my unhappiness, and knows I want to leave him but does nothing…
    Please help me take a decision, I need some guidance, before I looose my mind for good!

  63. Bigcat1165 August 11th, 2011

    @Cappy119 I am a 29 year old Sag man. If he is like me he doesn’t say that to all his friends. I say things things kinda quirky to my female friends like, hey buddy, hey lady. I do speak Spanish and Italian so I will use hey guapa, or hola guapa. I am caught up with two females right now. Not dating either of them and not imitate with any of them. One is a capricorn and the other is an aries. I dont know what way to go… If he is like me I would say that he like you like the way you think he does. I wouldn’t say those things to a female friend unless I was interested in her. I wold say go for it!!! My grandmother always said, “It’s better to have loved and lost then to have never have loved at all.” Good luck buddy!

  64. SuzieNicole_J June 7th, 2011

    wow lol I am a capricorn female currently dating a saggittarius male and he does not lie! we have been dating for about 3 months now. we have bumped heads a few times but nothing serious…lol I love him. i truely hope we last

  65. Cappy119 April 14th, 2011

    But i dunno if he is into meor not ,i.e hes so caring and understanding “They understand each other all too well, and just because this connection will be tough on their circle of friends, it does a world of good for each other”, but i dont know if hethinks of me as just a friend or more, he uses terms of enderament like sweetieand dear,but for all i know he might be the same with all his friends..i dunno wat to do without jeopardising our friendship..please help!!

  66. Cappy119 April 14th, 2011

    But i dunno if he is into meornot ,i.e hes so caring and understanding “They understand each other all too well, and just because this connection will be tough on their circle of friends, it does a world of good for each other”, but i dont know if hethinks of me as just a friend or more, he uses terms of enderament like sweetieand dear,but for all i know he might be the same with all his friends..i dunno wat to do without jeopardising our friendship..please help!!

  67. Cappy119 April 14th, 2011

    Hi,if there is a saggi guy here,i need help,i have known a saggi guy for almost 4tears now,though we only met a few times cos we live in different cities,and like a capri it took a long time fall in love

  68. Mandy November 29th, 2010

    I too have fallen in this bitter sweet love of a sag man , its all ssssooooo true. Now if only it could last , everytime we are together its all passion , adventure , wise words etc etc and when he leaves its like the world stops turning so yes I have been lost in his ways , don’t want to return to me really! I’ve never felt so free to be , he refuses to let me dwell on things and be a recluse in my inner most thoughts …… I could go on forever about wanna grow older with him God willing
    Mandy rosebank

  69. Erika November 18th, 2010

    I am a Capricorn woman in a relationship with a saggitarius man. We’ve been together goin on 6 years and everything it describes is sooo true. We been through the bad times as well as the good times, which is the best feeling ever. Word of advice when things are going bad my fellow capricorn woman hang in there and like it says compromise its well worth it! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with him or anybody =).

  70. Katie November 17th, 2010

    Like Brandi I too am a Capricorn Woman falling for a Sagittarius man! It is INSANE. 🙂 But I am really liking it. He and I can just hang out and feel like time flies. Someone complimented us and said how we look like we have been together for a year(we’ve only been dating a month on the 20th) and he agreed..its awesome 🙂

  71. Brandi September 3rd, 2010

    I am a capricorn woman falling in love with a sagittarius man. It has only been a couple of months, but it has been intense. I’ve had bad experience with liars, so it’s good to know that he’ll always be honest, even if it may hurt. But, as always, I remain cautious due to fear of being left alone.

  72. Shantasia July 15th, 2010

    I am a Capricorn woman dating a Saggittarius man. We’ve only been together a month but it feels like we’ve been together for a lot longer already. We’ve fought, we’ve made up. We are very intimate but have not gone all the way as yet and he is very patient about it. Everything I’ve read in the above passage seems to be directed at us. I dont know as yet whether we will last or not but I hope so because I have a very good feeling about this 🙂

  73. Alexis March 11th, 2010

    I am a Capricorn woman in a relationship w/ a Saggittarius man. We are not dating. But we have had a physical relationship for over a year. Reading this compatibility, from the Capricorn womans perspective, it is so true! While I reading this, I couldn’t help but smile, laugh, and re-read some things as to how they were so true. It amazed me. I’m going through an emotional ordeal now with my Saggittarius man, IDK whether to continue or rendevous or let him go… but after this, IDK… if he is like this… I may stick around. After all, it has been over a year.

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