Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Libra woman and Sagittarius man have a smooth and comfortable relationship with shared interests and understanding.
  • The sexual relationship between Libra woman and Sagittarius man is intense and passionate, but Libra woman's elusiveness can bother Sagittarius man.
  • To attract the Sagittarius man, the Libra woman can showcase her intelligence and ability to converse with him on a philosophical level.
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Libra and Sagittarius share a very smooth and comfortable relationship. They have a lot of fun together, and laughter is truly a gift in their relationship. Good conversations are probable when they are together, and shared interests strengthen the bond between them. Both understand their partner’s needs and desires well.

A Sagittarius man is never alone. He is always surrounded by a crowd around him and that also usually the female crowd. His enthusiasm and curiosity is contagious while his acquitted liveliness is sometimes tough to handle. He needs to be independent and explore his freedom until he feels his hunger is satiated. He is a highly optimistic person who trusts everybody and in the process he gets cheated and hurt sometimes. Being in relationship with a Sagittarius man can bring lots of fun and adventures to his woman’s life but at the same time she has to adjust with his tactless frankness which can hurt her at times.

A Libra woman is intellectual, clever and highly logical, however, quite indecisive. She is a woman who loves her independence, the wonderful forms of art and the beautiful ballads of music. She respects ones honesty and ideas and enjoys a good debate when presented with the opportunity. She is pleasured by the lavish and the comfortable lifestyle and seeks appreciation from others from time to time. She always startles her man with her marvelous magnificence and strong balance. There are a very few women are at par with the level of determination and feminine elegance showcased by the Libra woman.

Sagittarius man and Libra woman make a pairing that is successful, inspiring and motivating. A lot of what he seeks is fulfilled by his Libra woman lover and the sooner she assures him of this the better. She works through any problem and solve it the best she can. Even though she has the mentality of a man and can think and come to conclusions using the male mentality, she is extremely feminine in her appeal to him. If she can successfully keep her Sagittarius man within her reach and she shows him the love and adoration he wants in a woman, the bond becomes harmonious and well balanced between them. This is easily attainable as long as she is not married to her career and gives more attention to him. As she goes off on frivolous matters that don’t make much sense or mean a thing to him, she can quickly lose his interest and perhaps her love.

Sagittarius man gives a new direction to the life of Libra woman in all aspects. This combination is powerful and their connection is perfect but he should never try to persuade her to do anything she does not wants to do. Even if he succeeds in doing so, she gets irritated and miserable. She is satisfied with this unity for a while, but not forever. If he is patient enough with her, she is truly his in no time. She is even able to dominate the relationship if she can match his intelligence and ability to converse with her Sagittarius man on a philosophical level that matches his. Her frustrations are very real, although unknown to most including her, but in the company of someone who she can share her ups and downs with appeases her frustration and definitely Sagittarius male is the right man to pacify her.

Fingers intertwined, hearts beating fast and the strong bond their souls share, make them a wonderful US! As the Libra woman and Sagittarius man stroll along life’s path and share a connection of thoughts that they blissfully enjoy, they receive deep gazes with tender lingering touches that last forever. She fulfills the entire child like needs her Sagittarius man makes and keeps him cozy in the protective blankets of her tender loving care. While he makes her feel a lot loved and care with the devotion he gives to her and brings a lot more enthusiasm and optimism and fills her life with lot more passion. Together they dream of a rainbow and shooting stars to make their romantic ideas come true. They admire still waters and words that no one could say but feel through the loving silence.

The beauty and charisma offered by Libra woman to his Sagittarius man creates an intense passion in him with a mere look or a flash of her smile. She initially sets off a romance in him that burns within him and that burn moves onto an intellectual level as she stimulates his brain. The primal desire between a man and a woman is more often than not subconscious. Even though he feels the need to roam and satiate his hunger for freedom, she tends to somehow soothe this need into a calm that he feels so comfortable in. Libra woman, in turn, arouse her imagination as his physical nature increases her hunger for him. The result is a sexual encounter that is unprecedented. In this sexual relationship, she, at times, seems far away even in her man’s embrace. This bothers Sagittarius man, even though her elusiveness was what lured him to her in the first place. His demands and dominance in his lovemaking sometimes bother his Libra woman as well even though they are the same emotions that made her tremble into submission for him from the beginning.

Even though these two have a wonderful relationship but nothing comes without a price. They need to understand each other and compromise at some levels. She is strong enough to love him, but not strong enough to have his frustrations be taken out on her. And at such instance he can be very rude and blunt at his words hurting the soft emotions of lovely Libra woman. Also female crowd around him makes her feel insecure and she can be furious which troubles him. He is quick on picking up her vibes whether she tries to show them or not and with the intense feelings in sensuality, emotional and mental levels, as well as being highly attractive and perceptive to others, there is jealousy that surfaces in Sagittarius man whether it is expected or not. Moreover he also gets bruised by her masculine attitude which surfaces’ time to time giving him lip lashes.

Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Excellent
Ask Oracle Rating: Satisfactory
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Naygate Coeros February 7th, 2023

    I’m a Libra woman with a Sagittarius man, and we have this undefined chemistry between us. Our relationship moved quickly. It feels like we’ve known each other since the beginning of time. Yes, we argue, but neither of us can stay angry. We both are quick to forgive. Our love-making is incredible-It’s like he’s reading my mind.

  2. hectorpablo.ortiz July 23rd, 2022

    The two worst relationships I’ve been in were with Libra women. They were almost identical in personality. I will never…. EVER date another one lol. I find them very condescending and everything is analyzed by them. Sometimes things are done because they’re just done, but a Libra woman wants a complete research paper as to why you did what you did or said what you said. They’re never wrong in an argument… you have to understand them first before they understand you, and the world revolves around them. Our brutal honesty is a bit rough, but for this relationship, I feel it happens because us Sagittarius men, can literally just go onto another subject while Libra women stay pondering about it. Our freedom isn’t freedom from you… it’s freedom we need in general to just have some down time for ourselves or hang out with other humans as well.

    • CharleeAnn November 20th, 2022

      Dang you sound bitter. When in fact, libras are the best lovers and we love so deep and true that we expect the same in return.

      • Evette February 12th, 2023

        Exactly 💯

      • Kiddo March 3rd, 2023

        Nailed iiiit 👌🏼 they do sound bitter huh 😋

    • Evette February 12th, 2023

      You just did not find the right Libra, we are all different…our sign mixed with upbringing can play a factor in how we act with a partner and I recommend reading the Birthday book because it tells you how an individual born on a specific day is like, and we are all different even if we are the same sign. I’m sorry the Libra’s you dealt with were not to your liking but we are complex and sometimes hard to please for any sign. If you can except us for who we are and they accept you the way you are and you can compromise and communicate, then all will be good.

  3. Angela Rain March 8th, 2022

    I agree with you completely! I am the libra woman with the sag man and he is undeniably my soul mate! Funny thing is we have a relationship like none we have ever had with other people and this is what has kept us longing for one another for over 30 years! Its unexplainable but sag men are the best at so many things I think it surprises him how great of a person he really is! Pray ur lucky Libra woman shares the same sentiments 🙏

  4. Hlo November 28th, 2021

    I’m a Librian woman with a Sagittarius man and everything is crystal clear, very precise on our love compatibility and where we clash as well is true he’s definitely a people’s person and that bothers me but our union is very strong although if there are no compromises there stand to be a chance of heartbreak. Our 💓 hearts are very much glued to each other and having the same interests keep us growing stronger.

  5. Mir June 23rd, 2021

    Hi. I’m a sagittarius man. I can surely tell you that a Sags men are like as pure as water, they are same from inside as from outside. They easily trust everyone and expect them to be true, they prefer bitter truth than sweet lies. With good understanding and respect to each other a Sag and Libra can go all the way, their match are like matches in paradise.
    My partner is Libra and we are like soulmates. We understand each other so much that we see each others eyes and know everything

  6. Venus April 28th, 2021

    I wish know what is really going on, in Sagittarius man’s mind when they are with libra woman?😎😎are libra woman seems so easy for them😡?and why they always attract to Scorpio woman when it’s obvious they can’t get along after while ?
    Please if any Sagittarius man is reading this answer it.

    • R May 23rd, 2021

      No, they are not.. as long as you being honest with him i am pretty sure they will likely choose you.. from my own experience at least. Hope it helps

    • Uj June 2nd, 2021

      The thing as a sag male is that inorder for a sag to realise the worth of the libra, he needs to be away from her and then he will die to be with a libra. ps This is purely anecdotal evidence.

      • Loo June 8th, 2021

        My Sag Went without me for months & always would contact me telling me how he misses me and loves me and we decided to give it another try and it seems like things are worse 🥴 although we obviously love each other so much

      • Mir June 23rd, 2021

        Hi. I’m a sagittarius man. I can surely tell you that a Sags men are like as pure as water, they are same from inside as from outside. They easily trust everyone and expect them to be true, they prefer bitter truth than sweet lies. With good understanding and respect to each other a Sag and Libra can go all the way, their match are like matches in paradise.
        My partner is Libra and we are like soulmates. We understand each other so much that we see each others eyes and know everything

    • Markland Cooke June 21st, 2021

      I’ve had one lasting relationships and children with both a Libra & a Scorpio woman. The intensity they bring is highly desirable. The sexual energy is nuclear. And I mean that in every sense.

    • Kunal July 18th, 2021

      Sagittarius man’s are very honest and having desired to achieve their dreams. When they found that his partner is like as they wanted to, then they can set a good example of love. But in other scenario, they feel unsatisfied and want to change it. This is the time when they hurt their partner and try to get rid of relation.

  7. LA January 6th, 2021

    This is pretty spot on in regards to my situation w my Sagittarius ❤️ … he can be very insensitive, without realizing it. I know this but it’s still gets to me….and he knows right away when I feel pissed or annoyed, hurt perhaps… and I can tell it bothers him. This was the sort or thing that happened last night, and I read this when I woke up. It somehow calmed me down after reading it. I am also in awe by how on point for me this is! 🥰☺️♎️💞

  8. E August 9th, 2020

    My high school sweetheart was a libra female. Beautiful, patient and way out of my league but she was mine and her eyes followed me EVERYWHERE. Jealous as the day is long and never realizing she always had my heart. When I was around her, I never needed nights out with the guys, poker parties or any of that frat boy stuff. Just her and a road to drive down.

  9. Shay March 5th, 2020

    I was in tears reading this, because this is on point! I’m soooo in love with my Sagittarius man and I’m so humble to him and I know he love me, but he makes me indecisive about us.. In 37 years and one fail marriage I finally fell in love, and it was with my Sagittarius man..We can never stay mad with each other, and once I smile, he’ll smile and always say how much he love my smile and that he can’t stand me.🤣 Our sex life is amazing! We can be around each other everyday and never be bored with each other because I’m a bookworm and a homebody and he like that..

  10. San February 2nd, 2020

    It so truth that my crush Sagittarius always hurt me with words

  11. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra always crave love/peace, they are ruled by Venus.
    If it helps, here is a free 2020 Forecast for LIBRA:

    • Antionette January 23rd, 2020

      Yes we do. I do not like to be in an environment that is toxic, hostile or in any way not peaceful.

  12. arshee September 14th, 2017

    hi i m sagittarius

    • ANTIONETTE January 23rd, 2020

      I’m Libra 🙃

  13. Hansel August 26th, 2017

    I am Sagittarius white male.
    My partner is Libra Latinx female.
    She painted my nails, but now I paint my own.
    She always pays for half of the meal leaving to feel emasculated.
    I keeps my cozy, but I am a sweaty man and sometimes I need distance in order to air out because we live in miami and is very hot and humid.
    Our sex is subconscious burning and we wish to die together in crashing burning cars.

  14. shree August 19th, 2017

    i feel a libra woman should never marry a sagittarius man
    i was married to a sagittarius man
    i always felt insecured
    and i always felt that he was of the flirting type
    not true and loyal
    and i felt he had no sincere love for me
    he always wants to go on gazing and admiring girls
    which i hated and could not accept at all
    i also felt that he had lot of girl friends
    i could not digest it
    so our marriage did not work

    • Pete November 21st, 2017

      I’m a Sag man and I can say it sounds to me like he really wasn’t that into you. We do enjoy the beauty of the opposite sex and need you to understand that but when we are in a loving relationship there is no other sign more loyal. We love very deeply. So your insecurity most likely was a turn off. We want and need a strong women who knows we love them and would never cheat because we don’t when we are in love. (she should know that). We also need a partner that can keep up with us in all areas as well.
      Not all people are right for each other no matter what sign they are that is why I date for longer periods of time rather than jump into a marriage. But let me say I am very willing to be with only one women at a time and love being in a committed relationship. I was married for 15 years and a widower for 11. I have been dating a Libra for 1.5 years and cohabitating for 6 months now. I want to marry her. She is my best friend and I hers. That is the only way I will have it and the only way in my option it should be before marriage. That takes time a lot of time and a lot of love, true love for it to last forever…Best of luck to you!

  15. Walking away. August 4th, 2017

    I’m a libra and my ex was a Sagittarius.
    We were together for a year but it was the toughest year I have ever been through.
    Although, we did help push each other to our goals and we’re there for one another, we also never understood each other. I am a female libra and I felt like more of the man then he. He was very needy, always wanting attention and affection. Which was fine, but as a libra I like my space. During this time he would start liking other girls. And was very harsh towards me. He has said and done very bad things to me that I could never forget even though I tried through our entire relationship. By the end I couldn’t handle the pain anymore that i had to let him go. When I did he betrayed me more then I could imagain and started stalking me and was very possessive. It came to the point where I had to threaten to go to the police because he wouldn’t stop harassing me.

    Although not all libra/Sagittarius relations are like this. I found that I was more needing my space, I was the one that liked to travel and when fighting came about I tried to avoid it at all costs but he would scream and yell . Even though I would just like to talk it out. I had to just walk away until he came back saying sorry.
    I will never go to a Sagittarius again. I know not all are like that. But I do not want to hurt so bad ever again.

  16. ALove July 16th, 2017

    I am a #Librawoman in love with a #SagitariusMan. So much so I’ll be what he needs because he is what I need. #reciprocity.

    Thank you for this article 💕

  17. Irene July 10th, 2017

    i had a crush that i did not know he is saggi. After reading this its sound so perfect what i am looking in a man character. But he first said we can be a friend and i did agree to that. And when we met often he feel convenient though we are from different country. Thanks for the write up which helps me to understand him much better. our friendship is so smooth at the moment. we miss each other at times. i feel this is so perfect as a libran women.

    • LeiLei May 22nd, 2019

      Wow, I’m also a Libra woman and I met a really cool guy who is now a co worker of mine and when I found out he was a Sagittarius I understood why we connected so easily and comfortably with one another. We agreed to be friends as well and we hangout from time to time it’s very convenient and I’m definitely developing a crush on this man I’ve never met a man who could make me laugh and blush so easily. My birthday is October 20th so I’m on a cusp and his birthday is November 25th.

  18. Misssingleton July 5th, 2017

    i’m 26 this October and my first real love was a Sagittarius and we fell hard for each other lived together for 2 years when we called it quits due to his bad habits when he was younger. He was perfect. I left him for those things but god did i love him he had everything personality wise,affection and smarts not to mention good in the bedroom. Years have gone by, I’ve had 2 kids with someone that didn’t make me feel as close as he did (He was a Cancer) very selfish and self absorbed man. After 8 years in the last year we’ve actually gotten back in-touch and let me tell you he hasn’t changed …except for the fact that he now has a job and lost his habit. We’ve now made a plan to move in together! I haven’t been so excited about something in a long time! I can honestly tell you the fire between us runs deep and as much as he is mysterious he is intriguing !

    • SEAN V JOHNSON March 10th, 2021

      Don’t do it. It might have been ok but there will be a issue with you having kids. Sag men will take the ride for the thrill but after the fun is over reality will set in. This is a old post and maybe it worked out for you. Sag men are like lions they don’t like dealing with other males kids. They like to make there own bloodlines.

    • Huy June 20th, 2022

      Could you tell what happen when you leave your cancer husband and move with that sag man,please?

  19. Dianna June 24th, 2017

    I’m a libra woman and in a relationship with a sag. I can say that we had sparks from the first date and six months later not much has changed. What I’ve had to adopt to is his some time sarcastic and flighty mouth. But on the other hand he has had to adjust to my directness. We balance each other out.
    Until reading this I had no idea he loved his independence and this makes sense, because so do I.
    I’ve never met anyone so interesting and so so sexy too.
    Oh did I mention, I’m 6 years older than him?

  20. Yvette June 13th, 2017

    OK so I’m 49 years of age and I just reconnected with my childhood boyfriend and I was his first and he was mine we haven’t seen each other in year’s, he’s a Sagittarius and I’m a Libra and the one time I wanted to get in touch with him he had a girlfriend that was 2 years ago so I left it alone, so I get a message from him and we end up talking and it was good and it felt good, I’m hoping that we can build a friendship,if nothing else

  21. Long haired General May 15th, 2017

    I’m a libra whose having no luck with many signes, Aquarius huge fail after 13yrs, now exploring the dating scene and Virgo void of emotion, cancer too eager, Taurus don’t ask, and many others leaving me wanting that spark/passion! I’m yet to meet a Sagittarius but reading this gives me hope 🙂 bring it in!;-)

    • John May 18th, 2017

      I am a Sagittarius man… I will tell you Libra girls have the best relationship.

    • Mel June 14th, 2017

      I’m a libra women… And my biggest passion was a Aries man… But that’s where it ends Aries are too self centered if your lucky enough and were there first then your in luck the are deep romantic and willnever forget their first love but if your the next chances are your not the only one on the plate…contrarily to Sagittarius, it’s true that they are much better material as they also enjoy relationship after all they are a fire sign too….So the passion and communication works great…And Air and fire are usualy very compatible… Depending on your ascendent too of course!

    • Nadia December 16th, 2017

      Right Taurus is the worst

  22. Miguel May 3rd, 2017

    Funny how I ended up here but I feel like I could share my experience. I am a Sag male, 40 yrs old. Like all Sags, been into several relationships. We are somehow unstable. It is true that we are complicated, flirty, love our freedom above all, and very stubborn. But though we love flirting, we secretly hope to find true love and to commit. But first we need to know/ trust our partner that´s why it is so tough for us to marry but once we decide that we are with the right woman, then she is the only one, and we treat her with respect and passion. We love women that are women and behave such. From my experience, we feel attracted to Scorpio women, but we are incompatible, Scorpio being too sensitive, mysterious and cold. Cancer could be a good match but again, we live on a different planet. Too possessive. We want a wife, not a mum. Taurus is a no go for us, too down to earth and materialistic. Aquarius ladies are okay, we share a few things but they lack passion. Aries,Leo and Sags women are a good match for they are passionate like us, and sex is hot. Fire combined with fire is good but then we might burn out on the long run. So, deep inside, I have always thought that Libra women are the best match for us. After all, love has to be complementary and I think that Libra women are the ones the most adapted to our nature, and I guess that we offer Libra ladies what they need. We can be careless, blunt but we are also warm, generous, fun loving. So yes, go for it! Don´t forget that planets, the rising sun and life experience will also shape your personality traits and everyone is unique.

  23. Terri March 15th, 2017

    This describes me and my love perfectly. Before me he was completely unfulfilled and had terrible habits to help him fill the holes (porn, hoarding, collecting). From the day we started dating, all of that instantly stopped. I did not even know about it for a long time as he tried to protect me from those things. He is a very different man today. 7 years later, we are married and still madly in love. He is so passionate and had no way to express that with his previous wife. He has a lot of female friends as well. Some I had to run off in the beginning because they did not know their place. The one’s that did got to stay.

    He still allows me to express my independence as he is free to explore his interests. We get each other on a level that makes everyone we know envious. Multiple friends have said that we are their favorite couple. <3

  24. Jamie L March 5th, 2017

    This is amazingly true in my situation. My Sag man adores me and the looks I give him. His heart is on his sleeve and he can be intense a lot of the time. He also truly can pick up on my mood changes (scales out of balance!). I am surprised to read we are an awseome match although in real life weare.

  25. Ann March 3rd, 2017

    This is scary accurate. He is so blunt but I love honesty. Sometimes it takes me some time to take in what he is telling me but in the end I am very grateful he did. I have had intense steamy sex before but something about him is different where there is passion rather than lust. He loves his freedom but can’t stop coming back to me. I hope we make it but that adventurous side in him makes me worry.

  26. Tashi January 6th, 2017

    Sag guys are very blunt in nature and blindly trusts everyone without doing any research on his partner. He gets cheated many times that too by girls. So sag guys should be emotionally strong which we aren’t.

  27. mosmolabs9 October 17th, 2016

    I want to know the way to success. 

  28. LibraCuspWoman February 29th, 2016

    I just met my sag guy and already we have a connection I have never felt before. It’s driving me crazy. We were on the phone not saying one word, yet the emotions that came running through me were so intense I didn’t know what to do with myself. And no its not being horny, because I know what that feels like. This feeling made me sick to my stomach, as if I was coming off of a high. Crazy.

    • Lorie January 17th, 2017

      Say men are cheaters and are insensitive. Remember that down the line when I are broken up. Sorry but it’s the truth.

  29. Maythah December 14th, 2015

    A “typical” Libra woman and a “typical” Sagittarius man can work beautifully together on very deep levels. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically WHEN they are both matured, and ready to fully enjoy their strong connection. Sag men & Libra women have similar needs & a lot of compatability between them. A Sag man will only commit to you when he truly knows himself and when he’s ready to share his love with only you. This happens when a Sag man is really a mature man. An immature Sag man will NOT commit to you. ? He simply will share his love with several other women including you. But when this man is evolved, he will be yours and only yours. He will spoil you, take care of you and he will make sure that you will feel his burning love for you when you’re miles away from him. ? That’s how strong the karmic energy is between my man and I. Soulmates… definitely. More likely my twinflame. ❤

  30. cocoawessst September 19th, 2015

    libra girl (20) been with a sag man (22) for 5 years. we were intensely close within the first few months of meeting then an unexpected sever situation happened that affected the both of our lives and our feelings and relationship with each other but a year & a half later after being on & off strictly sex we became extremely close all over again. together everyday living together joint at the hip. though it wasnt all roses & gold he was definitely disrespectful and flat out mean. the emotional damage was severe on my end but i must accept my wrongdoings as well. through all the bs at 5 years we still come back to each other and forgive, forget and simply enjoy bein together. when together we cant go without feeling each other, I love how affectionate he is. being 2 years younger and an air element I never understood my emotions and feelings up until maybe a year or so ago, so that only helped me understand myself. he always said im not there for him emotionally & i could never understand that because of all the emotional damage he’d put me through. but that was at 18 & 20 now after a few harder bumps in the road we still can come back and love each other for simply who we are. this last time we went without speakin bc of something id done to hurt him and he found out and we didnt speak for 5/6 months. he recently came back and of course at 5 years we comfortable as hell so everything fell right back into place. he met another sag within the year when we were on a break & im havin extreme anxiety & jealousy issues bc my love for him is so deep i cant stand to see someone else love him. i put up with everything stuck by him through EVERYTHING even shed blood behind this man. i simply cannot let him go. i want him to myself without even wanting him in such a serious relationship sense. he said im forever his best friend & i truly believe that. i hope theres someone who can relate and even share some insight on my relationship im still trying so hard to figure out. whether ima let it go or fight for him because being a libra I never do that. i always let shit go like fuck it. yes ive become extremely emotional (not typical for a libra or any air element) but i blame myself for even letting him get so close to this sag girl. he would never let me get serious with someone else like he is & that shit fucks me up. he is my soulmate and though it might not last forever just the 2 of us i know we’ll always be one. 

  31. cocoawessst September 19th, 2015

    libra girl (20) been with a sag man (22) for 5 years. we were intensely close within the first few months of meeting then an unexpected sever situation happened that affected the both of our lives and our feelings and relationship with each other but a year & a half later after being on & off strictly sex we became extremely close all over again. together everyday living together joint at the hip. though it wasnt all roses & gold he was definitely disrespectful and flat out mean. the emotional damage was severe on my end but i must accept my wrongdoings as well. through all the bs at 5 years we still come back to each other and forgive, forget and simply enjoy bein together. when together we cant go without feeling each other, I love how affectionate he is. being 2 years younger and an air element I never understood my emotions and feelings up until maybe a year or so ago, so that only helped me understand myself. he always said im not there for him emotionally & i could never understand that because of all the emotional damage he’d put me through. but that was at 18 & 20 now after a few harder bumps in the road we still can come back and love each other for simply who we are. he met another sag within the year when we were on a break & im havin extreme anxiety & jealousy issues bc my love for him is so deep i cant stand to see someone else love him. i put up with everything stuck by him through EVERYTHING even shed blood behind this man. i simply cannot let him go. i want him to myself without even wanting him in such a serious relationship sense. he said im forever his best friend & i truly believe that. i hope theres someone who can relate and even share some insight on my relationship im still trying so hard to figure out. whether ima let it go or fight for him because being a libra I never do that. i always let shit go like fuck it. yes ive become extremely emotional (not typical for a libra or any air element) but i blame myself for even letting him get so close to this sag girl. he would never let me get serious with someone else like he is & that shit fucks me up. he is my soulmate and though it might not last forever just the 2 of us i know we’ll always be one. 

  32. inlovewithlibra July 21st, 2014

    Hey…  Im a sag m 27 and dating a libra for a year and things were wondering… She is sweet and Lovly….  But recently she kinda changed.. Lost interest and never called or text like she use to be….  By the way we live in different countries…  But I recently visited her and she was ok but still… The connection was not there and I really want her back like she use to be fun and lovable….  I donot want to lose her at any means…. Please help me….  

  33. miss2miss July 3rd, 2014

    I met this sweet, smart and cute as hell Sag man. Everytime I see him my body melt like butter  He is like a magnet to me, even if I see him across the room I am drown to him instantly.The few times we been together, they were not long but like a forever in a day.His lips are like cotton candy annd his touch is like my first time ever touched. I adore him, and I hate that I have to ignore him. Maybe in another like time.( Just had to say he is so FINE!).

  34. sheson18 June 9th, 2014

    i have my libra girlfriend we shared a lot of fun 2gether she is so sweet, this june 18 will be our 8 monthsary, but i have a big problem i was married before i met my libra gf, im so inlove with my gf now, u know its magic it is something u cant explain. i decided 2 left my wife, because i cant give the love she deserve i know im not the 4 her even though we have a baby, she is 2 yrs old now. i was married bcoz she was pregnant that time and her parents want us 2 be married. but i didnt feel the HAPPINESS when we r in the front of the altar. marriage is suppose 2 be ur happiest moment in life rihgt??? i left her alone for 2 yrs we didnt have communication, and i feel so guilty about that, and there r times i want 2 commit suicide. but what should i do??????my love is only 4 our baby, and i really love my girlfriend now, she knows everything about me, she accept me 4 what i am and she loves me.
    I NEED AN ADVISE thank you.

  35. sheson18 June 9th, 2014

    so true! <3

  36. Vevo April 21st, 2014

    As we, sagittarians are cereless, irresponsible,  full of crap, overdoing, ever enthusiastic, intense.. etc, they are the only downsides in him  for her .
    I have noticed that libra ladies are respectful and charming. They are reliable than us. Her appearance and the “the way of connection” can make intense of sexual feelings in sagittarius mind. If the Sag guy has a cancer moon, things go up to the level of perversions which can be very strange for her and get upset. Sagittariand are not able to control their thirst and a go getter …. and a getter constantly.
    I am still thinking whether go to a libra woman or not. Because i want her to be happy and if something bothers her, it upsets me. 
    Please share your opinions and experiences too 🙂

  37. GaPeach March 15th, 2014

    LOL…If Tonya (above) didn’t live OUTSIDE the U.S., I would swear that we were dating the same guy!! My Sagg. uses the same words “Really” and “is that right”, especially when he is being inattentive.
    I have known my “friend” for almost 8 months. When we first met, it was like we were connected instantly.However, because of his distant behavior (i.e. limited – no phone calls, etc.), I have “left” him about 7 times now. Now, whenever I even threaten it, he coaxes me back into his embrace, which I definitely don’t mind. When we are together, it seems that nothing else exists. The conversations that we have include so much depth and thought. It’s foreplay and the sex is like nothing I have ever experienced. It’s is surreal and fantastic at the same time!
    I am a Libra female and I love to hear kind words of appreciation and adoration…there goes my “Venus” showing. However, my Sagg doesn’t play in that ball park of showing his emotions. In fact, today he told me that I needed to withhold some of my emotions and be more “mysterious”. Being the tomboy that I am (having grown up with 3 older brothers…I usually sport jeans or pants, but sport them WELL), I hardly ever wear dresses or the sort. But my man stated that that would be a plus. SO OK…if mysterious and sexier is what he wants…then that is what he will definitely get. Let the Libra/Sagg-fest begin. 🙂
    While I am not sure where our relationship will go, I am sure that we will be friends for a long time. We have both acknowledged our friendship with its physical, spiritual and (hidden) emotional connections…so I guess only time will tell.
    P.S. I plan to take Prabhu’s (@Prabhu)  advice above. It seems right on the money for what my Sagg man wants/needs. In order to keep a Sagg man, you have to give him what he wants sometimes even before he even know that he wants it.
    Good luck to all of the Libra-Saggitarius connections/relationships here 🙂

  38. XLibraXtattoos February 6th, 2014

    I’m a libra woman madly in love with my sag ex boyfriend. We dated for 3 months. We were inseperable. Well my father disapproved of our relationship due to the fact I lost my virginity to him. So that plus having to babysit at home a lot caused issues. He would call my name just to say I love you. He would do things for me even called my name using his last name. We went on dates. He gave me a valentines day and made me a bracelet. But we broke up after 3 months and didn’t have any bad blood between us. He started dating this Virgo woman shortly after whom he cheated on with me 2 months later bc he claimed to had been torn between both of us. They argued anod fought a lot before he cheated but their toxic relationship never changed and just keeps getting worse. They have broken up five times. I want my ex back how can I get him back?

  39. Cm92 February 19th, 2013

    It’s crazy how acurate this is I’m a libra 0ct 2 female 20yrs old nd I’m with a Sagittarius nov 24 male 25 yrs old nd when we first met I was 16 he was 21 it was at a Halloween party nd I noticed wen we danced I felt a connection u felt whole nd I guess he felt the same thing because the next day I get a note from a freind of mine saying I had a secret admirer nd it was him we talked nd went our bu since I had my BFF with me we couldn’t really connect cause she’s a flirt nd so is he so I just ended up pushing myself away bu no matter what something would happen to bring us together eventually we stopped talking I ended up dating someone else who was also a sag nov 23 bu it didn’t work our he was always out doin stuff that was not kool with me nd I left him nd next thing I know the sag I had felt something with came back into my life  nd this time we dd things together without me bringing my freind cause she always ruined it for me she’s a Virgo by the way so that explained the need for being the center if attention lol anyway a week later on July 8 of 2009 we dated nd saw each other every single day obviously he never got bored of me because he proposed to me on our one year anniversary then on our second year we moved in together nd our third anniversary our babygirl was born on July 8,2012 which idk we think its a sign that we were ment for each other we didn’t plan her either all I know is yea he lies alot he dd with his age wen we met lol bu nuthing serious mostly to protect me eventually he tells me, wen we argue he might hurt my feelings bu were never mad at each other for no longer then 5 min because he makes me laugh again nd we just put it in the past nd he’s so romantic I mean we’ve been together 3 years in 1/2 nd feels like just yesterday were more in love with each other then before especially now with our baby, some if u might think we moved to quick bu none of it was planned it just happened goes to show how strong love can be nd how numbers or years don’t really matter we just live life everyday to the fullest nd will be for as long as we can, I love him as much as he loves me nd our baby girl nd more!! (:

  40. [email protected] January 8th, 2013

    for new year**

  41. [email protected] January 8th, 2013

    hi everyone…i love sag guy n im a libra grl….smetimes i feel that the sag guy always lie wiz mi…bkz smetimes he says that he can n have already his everything for mi fr example , his friends, cusins and so on…so i always do believe in his talking….bt for new he told that he wont go to his cousins n wen i logout he went there…im nt jealous or angry wiz him…im hurt bcz he lied to mi… :'(he could have told mi that he wants to there i would never stopped him…but unluckily he lied to mi..its nt the first time he did thiss to mi..its a twice time….im really confused…i’ve frsaken my family fr him…did i did smeting by doing that??
    i need ur help guys…i really love him n he also loves mi..he think the way like i do tinking….his friendly ,kind,romantic to mi… bt smetimes wen he lost his temperred he can do anything that may make him regret in the end….
    will tell mi what should n can i do??i really need some ideas guys… 

  42. […] are the BIG 8 of what men want in a woman that finds a woman that these sort of distance partner are going to pursue it. If you’re the three proven tips to make a moment to get your boyfriend change […]

  43. CHEEZY892 August 29th, 2012

    hey everyone i need some advice ive read the majority of the comments and the everything is true about the sag man and libra woman i feel like i can ask you guys some advice
    im a 19 yr old libra woman and my friend is a 20 yr old sag man. we have been the best of friends for give or take 4 yrs we became friends my junior yr and his senior yr of high school. after hanging out with him and a group of friends a few times i realized how awesome of a person he is i began to develop feelings for him. on his last couple days of hs i told him that i liked him and we didnt really talk about it we just brushed it aside and never really brought it up. i just took that as he doesnt feel the same. fast forward to him out of hs and myself on my last yr of hs we still hung out like usual but the group of friends disapppeared to just the two of us left.
    im also best friends with his younger brother who is the same age as i am. but the difference is i dont have feelings for his brother at all. he’s like my twin bro. so im well acquainted with his family(he doesnt like when his lil bro is there as he takes away all my attention since his lil bro is way more out there) my sag friend is very mysterious and doesnt open up about himself he does open up to me when i ask him or when we are alone together but its rare
    now ive hungout with him plenty of times met the family and everything but as the days go by when we hangout the hangouts seem more like dates instead of casual friends going places. he pays for dinner lets me choose where we would like to go, he gets in a way jealous when guys are around (he doesnt show it but ive known him so long that i can tell when hes not happy about it/situation) and hes been asking me every day (when we are alone) when am i going to get a boyfriend. says the guy who also hasnt had a relationship ever
    im pretty sure hes messed around with girls but as far as gf bf status hes never had one. he’s very flirty with me and ill flirt right back, we are so close that his uncle, grandmother, family etc.. thought we have been dating for at least a year. im so close to him that i went out of state twice to hang out with his entire family. his grandmother still doesnt believe us when we tell her that we’re not dating. his aunt who ive told everything to said to me that we act like a couple just minus the romantic part of the relationship. 
    oh and my sag friends favorite thing to do when we go out together is make people assume we are together or doesnt correct people when they assume we are together. hes even treated me to vip pedicure and manicure randomly and at the nail salon he told the manicurist that i work too much and hes never able to see me or spend time with me and that lady looked at me like im a bad gf for not spending enough time with my bf smh lol he kept going on and on about it. but he’s an awesome guy.
    in my opinion we fit very well together we do have diff religious/political views but weve had many conversations about it and we work it out i seem to be the only person to make him feel better when hes in a bad mood and he is the person to help me beome more outgoing. we balance each other out but idk if we are ment to be together if so who should make the first move? if not how do i move on from him? im in very deep. (PS he is going into the army in 2 months amd since it says that sag men are very independent and wants to be free idk if he will ever make the first move) when he leaves idk if i should wait for him or should i move on even though everything reminds me of our friendship?

  44. TonyaLibra August 7th, 2012

    OMG!!! I’ve been reading all the posts for a couple of hours and am so amazed at the accuracy.. I’m a 32 yr old Libra who is currently dating a 27yr old Sagi.. We’ve only been dating a little over a month and I am totally confused… He is SO unreadable… I have absolutely no idea what he’s feeling..when we’re together, we have the BEST time.. When we’re apart…  I’m wondering if I’m even on his mind.. This is my first Sagi… So I have absolutely no idea of what to expect.. I normaly date Leos(not purposely)..Our Personalities totally click, but I just don’t know how he truly feels about me.. With Leos, I know NEVER assume I’m constantly stating my feelings in hopes that my Sagi will reciprocate.. NOT!!! He is so vague and elusive.. Leavin me totally confused. As a Libra, I love compliments and I love to be told how u feel about me..nope!! I look at the little things.. He never says thank you or even returns a compliment or good gesture.. Just no response.. I really like him and have absolutely no problem expressing my feelings, but always gets some vague response like “really” or ” is that so”…the Libra in me also enjoys being around my Sagi… He says he’s the same way but doesn’t seem to mind not seeing me for a week or so.. This is just so frustrating b/c I’ve never dated someone like this…suggestions?!?

  45. Hello-Yellow-Jello June 20th, 2012

    My name’s Jenna, 15, Libra (Oct. 8th) . I am very fasinated in zodiac signs. I really like this guy in my music class, he’s a sagittarius. He’s really shy, but I feel really comfortable around him. I am not looking to get him in bed, Lol, I’m only 15 but I just don’t know how to be-friend him. I usually make friends pretty easy but it’s hard for me to make friends with guys I like. I usually fall for Gemini’s, but when I fell for the sag, and found out we were pretty compatible I was so happy! I don’t have a problem with talking to him, but I don’t really know how to get him to at least be my friend? What kind of things could I do to get him to like me. This guy is like really into rock n’ roll. He plays electric guitar (Which is probably why I’m so attracted to him because I like bad asses 😉 )  It’s kind of weird I get RELATIONSHIP ADVICE from the zodiacs, but it seriously helps and it’s so accurate! So does anyone have advice for me? I really like this guy. 

  46. misslibra June 10th, 2012

    some one help me plz. he stil calls me? m nt able 2 move on in lyf.

  47. misslibra June 10th, 2012

    m libra n met my sag man. m 19 nw n he 22. our reltnshp lastd 4 jst 4mnths. he was d best thng i ever had. wenevr v usd 2 meet v wud alys get involvd in lovemaking. it was hard 4 me 2 let him go. i 1st forcd him nt 2 leave me. he usd 2 say GO AWAY. he was blunt n hurtd me a lot. wen it was over i felt relief. he stil kept on callin me aftr breakup. it stil hurtd me coz of his linkups wid gals. aftr 8mnths of our breakup he had new gf. i was nt over him. it hurtd me evn more. i chgd my no.i decided nt 2 b n contact wid him. n m happy dat its ovr. he has lost me nw. he stil tries 2 contact me n cal me. bt i dnt hav dat guts 2 pick up his cal n talk wid him. once it was lyk i cnt liv widout talkin wid him. n nw i dnt hav ny guts m afraid 2 tak wid him. afraid of gettin hurt again. dnt knw y he stil cals me?? whtr it 4 askin 4givenes or sumthg else. dnt knw. can sum1 tel me y cals me?    

  48. crystal_libra April 3rd, 2012

    hey guys..i have big issue here
    i’m a libra and i’ve been dating for 2 years a sag and we are always fighting. i’m always thinking that it’s my fault and that annoyes him a lot! we have a great sexual activity, but we don’t succed making plans toghether ,even though we have lots of common interests. we’re both going to take off 2 years from school and thinking about all kinds of volunteering or jobs. the problem is that he wants to mix the travelling with his future arhitecture research dyploma and me probably taking care of kids or people in need…he told me that he don’t loves me anymore, because we are so different and fighting to much and he don’t belives that we can have a future family. he did this once, last year, when he was studying in another country and we were fighting a lot on internet. but he still lives with me,calls me when i’m not around and sometimes we’re having amazing sex.. but rest of time we spend at home (most of his free time) he’s just working at school projects, playing the violin and remembering me all the time that he don’t loves me and thinking about his future plans..being by his self..
    should i stay by his side,not asking to much or he’s playing with me???

  49. Quinto2009 March 30th, 2012

    Everything comes in 5’s. My Sagittarius hubby &  I (Libra) dated for 5 years before we got married. The age gap between us is 5 years apart with he being older than I. We got married on April 5…which, by the way, will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary in six days. So…what does that tell you?
    It is true that a Libra woman should not mention the C-word to her Sagittarius man. The C-word is like bug repellent…you tell him you want him to commit and he will fly away into another direction. During our 2nd year into the relationship, I brought up the subject of marriage. He said that getting married after dating 2 years sounds too soon. So…I kept my mouth shut for a while until the next year came. I brought it up again in our 3rd year. Same response…too soon to get married. Within the end of the 3rd year, he already told me that he’s found his Miss Right. That Miss Right is, of course, me. He plans to propose marriage to me when at I least expect it. With our 4th year in late 2000, he finally proposed marriage. We got married in April 2001. As of today, we are still happily married. We are truly compatible. He is believes in taking his marriage vows seriously…thanks to his upbringing.

  50. LightGernade February 16th, 2012

    Alright I am a libra myself. We are kind of shy when it comes to guys that we like. I am sure that she loved the poem that you wrote to her, however her friend probably said something stupid that made her “tip the scale”. We are kind of indecisive and we like to think ahead a lot. So, just give her some time and if you willing to keep fighting for her do it!! We love guys that are determined and passionate. To me it seems like she likes you back, because I kind of act like her too. Just don’t give up!
    GOOD LUCK!!! 😀 Kick butt!

  51. wisdom74 December 12th, 2011

    Hi everybody! Sag male here. I just wanted to express my thoughts on the libra woman/sagittarius male combination.

    I’ve always have been fascinated with librans. The description of them is quite accurate with a few outliers as with every sign. A few years, I met an amazing woman. At the time, I was just getting out of a very tumultuous relationship with a Pisces. I befriended my libran lady at work. I didn’t know she was a libra at the time, as I wasn’t into signs. I found out later she was. We had an indescribable chemistry from the beginning. But what amazed me was the mental and spiritual oneness that was apparent. Needless to say, we couldn’t stay away from each other and it was a miracle that we kept our attraction secret from everyone else. Our bond quickly grew overnight but the union never consummated. Why? Because she wanted something that I couldn’t give her…a relationship.

    I was not fully over my ex and I didn’t want to be unfair to her. We still remained good friends but she moved on…and married a Scorpio. We never had sex btw. Over the past 11 years we have stayed in touch. The chemistry between is still undeniable till this day. She always said make her blush and that she “wanted” me. We knew that could not happen because she is married. She described sex between them as amazing and never spoke ill of him…until a few months ago. According to her, his dark side has emerged and he shows all of the bad Scorpio traits. This has been going on for a good while now and shows no signs of improvement. While I’m not naive or dumb, I have no reason to nota trust her because we have always been hoest with each other. We have been communicating a lot more, have been out together as friends, and I have given her advice. I’ve never told her to leave and have stayed objective despite my feelings. Eventually, we could not hold back any longer and we made love. Words cannot convey how it was but to quote her she said it was “unmatched.” She said never has she experienced sucha level of intimacy and passion.

    I feel as though we have fallen in love our we have always been in love and have know physically expressed what was always present between us. I know that it is wrong to sleep with a married person but now I understand why some people do. It was that once in a lifetime chance to have true love and I have no regrets about it. As much as I want to spend the rest of my life with her, my fear is she’s using me to achieve her “balance.” She has written me emails with the language of love that we both understand because we are of the same mind. She called me just to hear my voice because she “couldn’t wait.” We are moved by each others words and what we share most people would kill and die for.

    I don’t know what will happen between us. She may simply be charming me. We’ll see. My sag realism keeps me grounded. She may leave him…she may not. But I will cherish this feeling and keep it with me. For t sag/libra connection is one that love stories are made of.

    P.S. I don’t know hope many of you libra ladies have had sex with botha sag and a scorpio, but I’ve been told by more than a few that sags are by far the best lover. We take things to a spiritual level. That far outweighs intensity, sensuality, or lust.

  52. dragonblade13 November 24th, 2011

    Dude! I’m a guy but still! You know we sagittarians know how to bring On the heat in love! Plus our element is fire do you know all the libran ladies have do it ask and the fire is turned like the wildfires Down here in texas @intenselypassionate

  53. dragonblade13 November 23rd, 2011

    forgot to add (sorry i suck at this…) before she got her friend to say she didnt want to go out with me she was smiling and everything but her friend told her something and it turned into a frown. also a couple weeks back her best friend comes running up to me hides behing me and says you wont hurt your boyfriend! she smiles and avoids trying to look at me but she starts to blush before she disapears around the corner.i heard get after her friend, i turn the corner and they’re gigglin’ they see me and they’re frozen for about 30 seconds and then they run away gigglin’ still and smiling.

  54. dragonblade13 November 23rd, 2011

    Hey guys n’ gals. Libra women (adults recommended) or teens regardless I need you help. I am madly in love with this girl at school and she’s a Libra. She 14 right now and I’m 13 (about to turn 14 in a few weeks) and I’m apparently madly in love with her. in September we both admitted we liked each other more than a friend and people kept saying we should go out. anyways every morning she’d hug me and hug me tighter than any other of her friends. long story short i gave her a compliment one day (called her sexy) nosy bro comes and messes with her phone, mom gets after her then she gets mad at me. few weeks pass we make up slowly, i pass by her locker she gives me a candy thing and hugs me. i make her one and wrote a little note on it saying if i could id ask you out but i cant. i give to her she gets her friend to say she doesnt want to go out (not what i was implying)and she wasnt facing me and I made the mistake of putting my head down (not of disappointment but of tiredness from restless nights of nightmares) she says my name and then for some reason i dont respond. from there things begin to get a lil’ hostile. recently she’s been getting closer to me and talkin’ to me again. i cant tell if she likes me or wants to be friends.

    >.< by the way i wrote a poem part of it says "When she hugged me I felt her small beautiful warm body, the smell of her rich dark brown hair, those brilliant chocolaty eyes with a small twinkle behind those attractive rectangle glasses, and what seem to be a never ending heart warming smile on her perfect face… I…. Now that she's gone… I miss her, my life seems a little less meaningful and a little less happier without her; theres a (emotionally) cold spot on my body where she always use to hug me, my dreams about her are starting to make me want to go after even more, and the thought of leaving her us like 1,000,000 pounds coming down on me. She is the moon, the stars, the sun, and everything else beyond to me."

    (i know how to spell i just sorta have a texan accent and im doing this in secret cause my dad doesnt want me in love. you cant ignore the heart. I'm a Sag. sorry for all the missing info.)

  55. Chanel November 15th, 2011

    Hi,there!I totally agree with every ones comment.I’m 27 yrs old & i’ve has a buch of real relationships;but nothing is like this one sinse i’ve met a Sag man.We’ve know eachother for 13 months,but within those time i’d always sense that the sag men is super-duper complex,sure as hell unattentive.So many occasion he’s just plain dont make time for us.We on& off like a light switch too many time.Other time he hasn’t call or txt me for 4 weeks straight!I knows that we have so many thing in common.I just wish someone could teach me how to handle the “Sag” man.

  56. adornscott July 14th, 2011

    Deborah, HI your story sound like my story. I’m a Libra and he is a Sag… He and I dated 25 years ago, It was my fault… I lived in Georgia for 15 years with my ex-husband. I moved back to my hometown and I ran into my Sag at a party… We began kissing on the spot it was like we never left each other. But we know that we were meant for each other, but he acts as if he’s not interested at times, but he won’t leave me alone and I can’t seem to leave him alone, I’m not sure if I should let him go and he come back when he is ready… but I don’t want to live without him… and he knows that… 🙁 don’t know what to do…Anyone can help

  57. debbiejo1 June 25th, 2011

    I have really enjoyed reading all these post as they are all spot on!! 🙂 My first boyfriend was a saggi and we dated for three years while I was in high school…and I broke off with him for a Capricorn guy who broke my heart… My Saggi said recently that its was a payback heart break for me breaking his heart.:( cut a long story short..after 21 years of seperation my saggi and I got back to together and we got married three months later…it was like we never partered..I was married to a Gemini for 11 years and divorced him for personal reasons then three years after the divorce My saggi came back into my life..its been challenging at the start as we both are stubborn and wont let go off things going our way..eventually we both compromised and working hard on making this relationship a success…We have a lot in common, he likes his independence, i like mine, he likes his freedom sometimes and I do too, he likes to help out the less fortunate and I do more, he is family oriented and I am too..spiritually we connect well and even though we argue alot over silly things we cant stay mad for long at each other. I still have to compromise more though as he is stubborn as hell! just wish he would be more responsible and plan ahead… I LOVE THE CHALLENGE OF OUR RELATIONSHIP AND WISH HE WAS MORE SENSITIVE..HE CAN BE VERY HARSH AND BLUNT WITH HIS WORDS AND IT HURTS ME BAD…BUT I HAVE SEEN A FEW CHANGES LATELY, HOPING IT WILL LAST FOREVER..HE THINKS I WANT TO BE THE MAN TOO MANY TIMES SO I AM LEARNING TO GIVE HIM HIS ROLE AND DONT MESS WITH HIS EGO TOO MUCH…:)

  58. Fallinghard14 June 1st, 2011

    Soo true. I first met my sag boy through Facebook/friends and he started texting me. I could tell he Liked me but I wasnt sure about him yet. I tried to distance myself from him. Then one day a bunch of us were hanging out and he was there. We started talking and I guess I just fell for him pretty easily from there. We spent the next few days talking and texting constantly. All our friends said that we would start going out. Eventually he asked me. (we r in junior high so obviously not at the level of most of you people). Since then we’ve been really close. We are both very social and I’m used to all the girls giving him attention. All the girls like him but he only has had one girlfriend before me… So I know he must like me cause he had lots of choices. Sometimes he is a little distant but I’m used to that. We always are able to laugh together & he’d very positive. I think this might last for awhile.

  59. pineapples June 1st, 2011

    I’m a Libra woman head over heels in love with my Sag man.We have been together for 3yrs and now we are happily married for 6 months this true what you all are saying about the relationship between the two signs. He is the best thing that ever happen to me we both have a lot of things in common. Once the true connection is there we are like Bonnie and Clyde.

  60. kimmy April 26th, 2011

    Typo……expect me not to have. Feelns about it maybe becuz I often play a tough roll….and I’m good a readin ppl so once I start telln hm about his self i know he’s ass fels bad…..we aren’t always peaches and cream but we get along so well,,minus his love for women………I can have any man i want bt I chose him he is god for my mind,body,and spirit,,,I have been thru a lot grown up not havin a father around so I always loved older men,so. Confine in him only he always use trust as a reason we are not to either but only becuz he can’t be trusted ;),lol.he thinks I’m so sincere but yet we are not official..what a weirdo…lol…sag men are very smart but yet so efn stubborn.smh but even thu he wonders off he always cme back becz I know he knows I’m the only lady dat can tolerate him love him how he needs to loved etc….I tke care of home…My sag!!!!!

  61. kimmy April 26th, 2011

    I totally agree with the libra woman having the mantality of a man…..I’m kimmy 20yr old libra I have been involved with a 26yr old sag guy for 3yrs his a family friend so I been knowin him for about 9yrs…..we are always on and off almost as if we own each others mind,,we can’t leave each other alone…he is a typical sag “ladies man” so he gets alot of attention &he will drift of….now I’m pretty so he always come back…its lik he’s. 20 and I’m 26 us libra women mature fast,,,,I’m a very logical and realistic person so I understand the god and the bad about and im very tolerant,but him being typical sag he s very careless and he does stupid shit and expect e not to have elns about it

  62. Kimberly Orlando April 4th, 2011

    My boyfriend is a sag/30 i am a libra 23… we met 4 years ago..broke up for 2. i never forgot him. i found his mothers address called her left her my number..we were back together 3months after..having been back together for 4 months now next month we are planning to be engaged. Never give up what you feel in the pit of your stomach..what you feel you need to have you must chase. At first i was scared i would look weak but knowing that i could never replace the in love feeling he had given me was worth the shot.

  63. Ayo April 3rd, 2011

    Sarah, well said. Just keep the fire burning because he has already found everything he want his idea woman in you.

  64. Sarah March 31st, 2011

    From all sites I read about all these zodiac compatibility, yes, I couldn’t agree more..cos both Librans and Sags are social butterflies…know what guys, I really2 need ur opinion here..

    I’ve been close to this male colleague of mine, he’s one year younger than me, he’s a Sag and I’m a Libra…we got on and clicked really well and everyone around us assume we’re dating cos we are just so compatible in terms of we’re always teasing each other and stuff…


    We never complimented each other’s looks, as in, ‘You’re hot’ or ‘You look nice today’…well, it’s ego, actually…like, me, I do not like to be too easy to a guy who I only knew withing months..besides, I’m not sure whether he really likes me or just assume me as one of his friends..though I do like some of his traits, but I would never ever ever confess my feelings to him ever,while him, I don’t know, he’s very good looking, but he’s been single ever since his ex-gf dumped him in high school. During college, he was single…I was like, OMG!

    But whenever I ask him why is he still single, he told me that he’s not ready to make a commitment I’ve been in a relationship 4 times…2 of them failed…And yet, he’s my shoulder to cry on everytime I’m down…AND, I dunno, he didn’t seem to be jealous or anything..I mean, just by his YM messages, he seemed a bit cool about it..but then, we still shared with each other our life stories and stuff…

    And yep, this Sag guy friend of mine, he’s always happy, he’s the one who always teases me and I’m the mote sensitive one…but usually we ended up okay..

    So right now, we’re ‘just friends’..that’s it…we never complimented each other, but we always cover up by saying casual things, and then, we never declare something like “we’re a couple” or something like

    But we do…still keep in touch…prob is…my feelings towards him is growing stronger than ever…but having my girl ego, of course I would never confess to him…it’s HIS job to make the first move..

    But then, I do sense something weird when I’m with him..Well I must say, from all my male friends, he’s the only guy which I found to click so easily from the first few months of getting to knwo each other. And with him, heck, I’m free to be myself. ^_^

  65. Moses March 30th, 2011

    Laura, this is 29 M, Sag. I would suggest to be in touch with him always. Don’t push him too much for relationship but give him your love and affection, in return he will never leave you.

  66. Laura March 22nd, 2011

    I am a 20 y/o libra female and I am interested in a 29 y/o sag male. I tease and flirt alot with him and that just seems to drive him crazy when Im not easy and just give him what he wants. Like many libras I do have my own goals and career plans but with the age gap he already has a very successful career and if anything ever came of this one of us would have to compromise greatly seeing as I am on the east coast and he is on the west. He has all the qualities I look for in a man and I just want to know what are somethings I can do to keep him interested.

  67. Dusty January 21st, 2011

    Im a 25 year old Sag man. I had a relationship with a Gemini for 7 and a half years…honestly when you heart a Sag’s emotions and have them aimless its you try and sort it out with him. After that i had a scorpio woman…although they fascinate us a load, we just dont have time for each other, because both sighns are to stubborn and dont give in. This is a very hard match and believe it or not…if you do make it, then know that neither one is being true to who they are. Now im giving a Libra a go…doesnt look bad yet, except that they constantly change their emotions, but from what i read so far, this sounds better than Scorpio and is eager to find out whats in store…We Sag men love to understand no matter what…so i want to understand what this could be and how it ticks…wish me luck 😉 Regards to all.

  68. SunnyDawn January 1st, 2011


    Abusive relationships have nothing to do with the zodiac. My mother was extremely compatible, astrologically, with her first husband who was a chronic beater. To this day, over 30 years since their divorce, she still deals with the hurt and bitterness that he caused her. That kind of trauma stays with a soul. She’s a Virgo, he’s a Cancer.

    I’m a Libra who is dating a Sagittarius, and there’s nothing in our relationship that is remotely violent or controlling. However, let me say Libra and Sag have a hard time walking away from each other, which usually means disagreements are easily forgiven. This is common in all relationships with a 3-11 vibration.

    Also, as a Libra, I know that I have a hard time forgetting about previous hurts. There are things that will stick with me for my entire life, even after I’ve forgiven.

    I’m sorry that you were hurt, but please believe in this case, astrology has nothing to do with it. It’s just a matter of getting involved with someone who was not emotionally available to you, or maybe to anyone at all. I hope you find a Taurus or Capricorn lady who makes you very happy. All the best.

  69. KEVIN December 22nd, 2010

    I am a Virgo man. I dated a woman who was physically abused by a Sag man for 12 years and was actually with him for 15 years of those years. SHe told me the things he did to her and it was sick and crazy. I swear to this day, I think she liked it and I believe she never got over loving this guy. By the way she was a Libra 50 years of age and our relationship lasted 5 months. Ain’t nobody that good! 🙁 They both were sick in the head I believe. Tell me what this is all about! SHe broke my heart, and I had to break it off. She doesn’t contact me anymore like Valentina. I LOVED HER, and I guess because I LOVED her I probably was the most abusive man she has ever been with ???? RESPOND SOMEBODY!!

  70. libralady October 26th, 2010

    answer for intenselypassionate: scorpio men, by far!

  71. ladylove September 25th, 2010

    i dated a Sag for 5 years. The physical connection was awesome, the relationship was great but he suddenly decided he wanted to be free. Well, I moved on and have been married for over 16 years. He is STILL chasing me. He told me how he was afraid to go the next level when we were together. I’m never going back. I marred a Taurus and life has been so sweet. I have never been happier.

  72. Beanie September 21st, 2010

    i agree for the most part. i’m a libra woman dating a saggitarius man and i am head over hills in love with him and vice-versa. and as far as commitment goes he is nothing like the average sagg. because he is the one who requested marriage.

  73. Samantha August 22nd, 2010

    Wow, this reading is soooo true, it totally describes my husband and I. Prabhu, thanks for the advice. I don’t really know about the commitment part though, my husband proposed to me within 4 weeks of us meeting, we married a year later and are happy ever since. A word of advice to the ladies, always look beatiful and feminine and always have your nails done, although they full of crap we still gotta love them!

  74. Annalina Spracklyng July 23rd, 2010

    I am with a sagittarian man, at the moment few pointers for girlie’s dating these guys : Act like you couldnt car less sometimes..switch it up. Dont call him as much (will drive him crazy) Don’t ever mention the big C he will run a mile. Always be happy when you are with him or else will go straight back out the door until you are in a happier mood. Life to these guys are always happy happy!!! Be totally independent and have your on life and friends etc oh and one last thing…look feminine and smell gorgeous. Be a mystery. Good luck as you going to need it x

  75. Evee May 3rd, 2010

    Wow this is incredibly true! Also, very well written!

  76. TEF JONES May 2nd, 2010

    I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Prabhu March 17th, 2010

    Hey valentina, read your thoughts. Am a sagittarian male 🙂

    Ok listen – Here are few tips –

    1) Dress up and look good to the best (dont wear revealing clothes ever before sagittarian,but moderate wear will do)

    2) Whenever you both hold a conversation, talk to him as if you’re also ending your relation with him almost (you got ma point, sync with his thoughts). Be careful here, dont say straightly that you will end relation :). But rather, you should talk, as if you’re losing your interest in him too

    3)During intimacy, allow him to touch you feel you, but dont take it to next level, stop him immediately.

    4)Talk to him in the best feminine voice you can.

    5)Remember, Sagittarians are flirts, but he loves only one girl…and that is you.

    Go n get him. Bless you 🙂

  78. Valentina February 26th, 2010

    My ex boyfriend and I had been together for 4months last month in January he had warned me saying i cannot guarantee your happiness because i become unattentive in relationships and lose interest. A few weeks later we broke up he said he felt our relationship had been fading away , he says it happens in every relationship he gets involved in .The same night we broke up i went to his house and have been to his house 5x since the breakup. Hes talking to lots of girls and its bothering me since he claims he cares about me. Maybe our relationship faded because there was too much sex constantly when we were together. I never cheated and stayed faithful even though i accused him of cheating a few times it probably got to him but i love this guy and hes means the world to me and his family and i are great too .Hes a Sagittarius and im a Libra How can i get him back?

  79. Ms.Libra January 4th, 2010

    I completely agree with all of this!! I just wish that there was a site that gave you ideas on how to work through the complicated parts.

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