Sagittarius Man Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Bold, liberal, and socially active, the Sagittarius man is a driven pioneer with a creative mind and a childlike curiosity that knows no bounds. This man is a philosopher one minute and a jokester another second since he thrives on spontaneity. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the Sagittarius man has a zest for life, with a hardy tongue that’s honest and incredibly blunt. To give you an in-depth idea of how this zodiac thinks, feels, and acts, here’s all you need to know about the Sagittarius man. 

Personality Traits of the Sagittarius Man

Active & Optimistic

Active and dynamic, the Sagittarius man is both blunt and outspoken. He will showcase a restless and inquisitive nature because his thirst for exploring the unknown is immense. He is enthusiastic about trying out new things, and he’s a people person at heart. Full of positive vibes, he is a cheerful spirit who believes the wheels of fortune will always favor his luck. 

Wicked Sense of Humor

Brimming with natural confidence, the Sagittarius man has a knack for finding humor in any given situation. Since he’s fun and playful, he carries an exciting wave of energy around himself and can make mundane activities interesting. He may joke around, play the fool or crack you up with his wicked sense of humor just to soar up a somber mood around him.  His spontaneous zest for life is contagious and his love for intellectual conversations makes him notoriously flirtatious with the ladies. 

Candid & Blunt

Relentlessly honest and extremely ambitious, the Sagittarius man likes to have a command over every subject matter and comes with a strong set of opinions. He is one of the most direct and straightforward men to come across who doesn’t hold back when it comes to voicing out his thoughts. His candid attitude is a breath of fresh air since he wants nothing but the straight-up truth. 

Dark Sides of the Sagittarius Man 

Mostly preoccupied with his own world, the Sagittarius man lives in confident absolution disarming people around him with his childlike optimism. But he has a quick temper when he’s lied to and comes with a combative personality that needs a creative outlet. He can be frisky, will spend frivolously, and will do things without planning in advance. He talks excessively, often sounding boastful at times, and has a careless streak to his personality that abhors consistency. Don’t expect tact or subtlety with this man because his brutal honesty can be offensive and his indulgent nature causes him to get addicted to several vices, like e.g. gambling. Sagittarius men are unpredictable and flamboyant with a huge sexual appetite often pursuing another woman without hesitation since they’re impatient and impulsive.

What Keeps the Sagittarius Man Interested

Quite the clarity seeker, the Sagittarius man is an enterprising socialist so it’s not a surprise that he hops from one relationship to the other. But this man is immensely active and needs a partner who shares a mutual love for adventure and personal freedom. He appreciates an upfront and optimistic attitude in a woman with an independent streak and a natural knack for holding intellectual conversations. He gets swept off his feet upon meeting a self-assured and bold feminine presence, and if you’re well-read then he’ll certainly be invested. 

Nothing is more unpleasant to a Sagittarius man than boorish conversations and small talk. He wants to delve deep into a subject, perhaps spend hours exchanging world views but he won’t tolerate impudence. On a dinner date, if the communication involves monologues where’s he constantly cut off then the Sagittarius man is bound to either snap or walk away from the table. He gets turned off by a woman who tries to impose her rules and restrict his freedom into a schematic routine. He dislikes visible offense, and won’t be comfortable with a woman living a sedentary lifestyle. 

How to attract the Sagittarius man?

Be unpredictable

If you throw in an element of surprise, the Sagittarius man will be an enthusiastic player eager to join you on an adventurous ride. He dislikes routines and can be quite spontaneous so a flexible mindset will keep the spark in your relationship alive.  

Engage in ideologies

Engage the Sagittarius man into intellectual conversations, and talk about everything – right from philosophical ideologies to world economics to keep your romance flowing. This man practices open communication, and appreciates intelligence in a life partner. 

Be sincere

Avoid pulling the strings in the relationship because the Sagittarius man can easily see through dishonesty. He avoids pretentious women and prefers a candid attitude in a woman so if you want to say something, wear your heart out on a sleeve.

Dress up and experiment

An impeccably groomed woman who isn’t conservative will easily catch a Sagittarius man’s attention especially if you don’t mind some role-playing in the bedroom. Planning exciting excursions for an upbeat lifestyle will certainly ensure he remains invested. 

5 Signs the Sagittarius Man is Interested

  • Despite being fiercely independent, the Sagittarius man will let go of his autonomous lifestyle and instead plan adventurous trips with you, and initiate intimate moments. 
  • The Sagittarius man must have analysed you from top to bottom and knowing you, he’ll be patient with your tantrums.
  • This man will relentlessly find ways to impress you by planning outdoor trips, surprising you with romantic gestures and remain attentive to your needs. 
  • He will be uplifting and casual around you, crack humorous jokes and acknowledge your presence at all times just to build a romantic bond. 
  • The Sagittarius man will pamper you with small gifts, send romantic text messages and will offer his help when you have personal problems. 

Sagittarius Man – Family & Relationships

Because of his cheerful persona and easy-going nature, the Sagittarius man has a large circle of friends. Incredibly loyal, this man will have companions from different parts of the world and prefers an autonomous life. Family isn’t a priority for this footloose man, because he likes to develop his independence from an early age. He is open-minded and non-possessive in a relationship so you’ll have the space and support to preserve your individuality. His moral compass is high once he’s found the ideal life partner and will perceive marriage as a new journey, as long as there’s fun and laughter around. 

Not the kind to be domesticated into a monotonous routine, the Sagittarius man is a passionate companion in marriage. He will build a comfortable bond with you as a friend first and won’t hesitate to practice a blunt speech around you. If you’re thick-skinned and practical, this man is an ideal match because as a parent, he is a doting father with inspirational dreams. He believes in giving his children plenty of freedom and building plenty of pluck, but if he catches them lying or cheating, he rages on to become a dominant father. 

Sagittarius Man – Money & Career

Known to be a spendthrift, the Sagittarius man is known for making bold and risky decisions when it comes to his financial investments. His impulsive nature calls for extravagant luxuries and acquisitions so he will indulge like a spendthrift. This man is a walking encyclopedia of facts so he will spend lavishly on books. Money is not a primary prerequisite for the Sagittarius man so he might overlook the negative aspects of his financial choices. Long-term investment plans don’t matter and instead, he opts for a spontaneous professional profile that ensures a regular flow of money.

Owing to his creative outlook and artistic inclinations, many Sagittarius men opt for a career in filmmaking, scriptwriting, technology, and architecture. A profession in the entertainment industry will be rewarding since he has an upbeat vibe. Thought-provoking tasks are intriguing for his man who may even study music or a whole new language just for fun’s sake. He is goal-driven only when it’s a vocation that is fulfilling like defense or law. He can be a great philosopher, travel guide, or market researcher because he has entrepreneurial tendencies. 

Sagittarius Man in Bed

The primary instinct of a Sagittarius man is to please his partner, to the fullest, hence communication in bed is necessary for this zodiac. However, a Sagittarius man is not easy to tie down in a relationship. Sexual intimacy is just another experience that needs to be a wondrous affair. A Sagittarius man will finish fast in bed, enjoy grinding his body against yours, and will want to experiment with different styles even if it means taking you hard against the bedpost.

A Sagittarius man in bed is a talented masseur because he loves to touch and feel his partner’s body. He will also enjoy foreplay in bed, so if you’re thinking of wearing high heels, and fishnet stockings, a Sagittarius man will relish the act of undressing you before sex. Right from being handcuffed, to being gagged; sex with this zodiac is intense and adventurous. Sagittarius men in bed are risk-takers, so if you’re banged up against the wall, he won’t hesitate to have sex, even if the neighbors are watching.

Dating a Sagittarius man can be a flight risk since he’s not easy to commit and can be insensitive because they’re brutally honest. They have a wicked sense of humor and adore erotic conversations in bed. He won’t cave in to trifling wants, and will blissfully ignore a partner if his attention is diverted. Sagittarius men will go looking for love elsewhere if they feel their independence is threatened, or feel emotionally repressed.  

A Sagittarius man needs his personal space, and freedom so if a partner is jealous or emotionally taxing, he won’t commit or communicate in bed. To keep a Sagittarius man hooked in bed, a partner must be mature and self-sufficient. If you don’t have insistent demands and prefer living on your own, a Sagittarius man will instantly correspond to your sexual desires with equal passion and zeal.  

How to Resolve Differences with the Sagittarius Man?

Known for his unconventional behavior, the Sagittarius man is quite the ebullient dreamer looking for a dynamic personality. It is important to be thick-skinned around this man because his curt and frank attitude can sometimes be obnoxious. But his raw masculinity and honesty are admirable qualities since he genuinely cares about your personal growth. A little bit of patience and plenty of freedom will ensure the Sagittarius man comes right back to you, once his adventurous feats are conquered. 

Sagittarius Man Compatibility Chart

Sagittarius man with Sagittarius womanAn energetic union that is intellectually competent, socially dynamic, and emotionally stable but financial stress will persist
Sagittarius man with Capricorn womanAn active union where both can motivate each other and share intellectual harmony but a conflict of personal freedom may arise
Sagittarius man with Aquarius womanA high-powered relationship that is long-lasting with a shared love for adventure, philosophy, and candid intellectual interactions
Sagittarius man with Pisces womanA sensitive union that thrives on deep thoughts, philosophical ideals, and romanticism but financial instability will persist
Sagittarius man with Taurus womanAn intellectually sound union that thrives on high morals but monotony and a stringent lifestyle can cause friction between the two
Sagittarius man with Gemini womanA vibrant relationship that is long-lasting with a high degree of intellectual harmony, dynamic activity, and personal independence 
Sagittarius man with Cancer womanA deep and sensual connection that thrives on personal trust, intellectual harmony but emotional discrepancies will persist
Sagittarius man with Leo womanA highly energetic, bold, and adventurous union that strives on socially active lifestyle but a struggle for dominance will persist
Sagittarius man with Virgo womanFriendly union powered by honesty and mutually agreeable morals, but there are emotional ups and downs 
Sagittarius man with Libra womanDynamic union with a soul-to-soul connection that is long-lasting since both share intellectual harmony and a love for adventure
Sagittarius man with Scorpio womanA sexually dynamic bond that is compulsive, indulgent, and creative, but financial instability and emotional insecurities may persist
Sagittarius man with Aries womanA socially active and romantic union that is long-lasting and filled with creative expressions but struggle for dominance may persist


Being a truth seeker, the Sagittarius man reserves a progressive and peculiar mindset and he will be a source of optimism in your relationship during your darkest moments. This man may flaunt and parade around but his heart is generous and always ready to support the underdog. Give him the personal space to explore new ventures, and though he may run off in search of adventure, he will return to a loyal companion who’s adaptable enough to hear his wondrous tales with utmost enthusiasm. 

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