Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Both the Sagittarius has similar styles and needs in love. Both of them want to grow in their relationships. Sagittarius always loves to laugh and learn with, and through, their partners. Each of them attracts other through their sense of humor and positive outlook and also appreciates one another’s good humor and faith.

A Sagittarius man is quite the social creature. His optimism and ideas are always soaring high in the sky and his strong urge to know things makes him a keen observer. He usually has a crowd of friends around him and one can seldom find him alone. To get closer to him, one has to move through the crowd to do so. He is brutally honest and humbly loyal to what he feels good. Though relationship always attracts a Sagittarius male but being tied to it is something he finds difficult. He loves to be a cheerful and honest lover but devotion is what he lacks.

A Sagittarius woman always mesmerizes everyone with her charm. Very outspoken and most of the time friendly, she is a creature who is always on her toes. She is generous and kind but she tends to cut down quite frankly causing the person to want to retaliate from her. One has to be very sure before being in a relationship with Sagittarius woman as once someone is in her life, it is nearly impossible for that person to step back again. She loves her independence but never turns away from her duties of a good lover.

A dual Sagittarius relationship is so much fun to share. A Sagittarius woman is exactly the right partner to color the dreams of her Sagittarius man. With the same taste and same sense of adventure, she makes a perfect match for the outgoing soul of the Sagittarius man. They share so many qualities from pure honesty to being open and independent and this keeps them jumping from one escapade to another with much joy in their hearts and a lot more support from their partner, then they could ever expect. They both enjoy each other’s company immensely whether it is just a silly board game or picking up and taking off for a weekend. Their conversations flow like water and they enjoy testing each other to reach more truth and discovering new territories with each other.

Although both, the Sagittarius man and woman are just as blunt and honest as the other, to hear such harsh words coming from each other still hurts and causes arguments between them. All they have to do is practice holding back a bit and this relationship becomes very beautiful and amusing. If they are going to make this work, they need to appease each other during their times of controversy and settle their differences. The only thing that makes the matters worse is if the Sagittarius man tries to do this with more ‘blunt facts’ towards his charming Sagittarius woman. For the most part, they encourage each other, although sometimes they might overdo things, and neglect some of the more practical aspects of your partnership. However, they both know how to really win over each other’s heart again.

As the love and understanding of the Sagittarius man and woman increases, their sense of camaraderie also goes deeper. Both of them keep active together and have some out-of-this-world discussion and some other things too that energizes them both. Because of the similarities in the personalities and love nature of Sagittarius man and woman, the compatibility and fun they have with each other is an enviable quality in any partnership for all other zodiac signs. Their sun shines are brighter, their adventures are more exciting and their love is more passionate. They can make anything possible with trust and honesty in their unison.

Having the same physical needs, the sexual relationship of Sagittarius man and woman can be described as comfortable more than anything else. They know how to touch each other, they know what the other feels and they both sense what their lover wants and needs. They both have burning passions and strong desire to express them physically which is easily visible in their love making. The sexual intimacy of Sagittarius man and woman has an easy flow of romance and passion which makes their love making a very satisfying experience for both of them. No words are necessary until one decides to use the all familiar ‘testing’ antics to reach into the other one in hopes of discovering more new territory. This is all well and good in other aspects of their relationship, but in the bedroom it’s not such a good idea. They are more vulnerable and hence frank and quite blunt question receive an equally frank answer, mixed with a bit of exaggeration and jealousy is formed. But such situations usually don’t occur if they allow their bodies to speak and their eyes to reflect the love they feel for each other making their intimacy stronger.

To make the relationship work, both, the Sagittarius man and woman need to learn to soften their blows toward each other and perhaps even hold back some as well. As far as their financial relationship goes, Sagittarius man is just as frugal with money as Sagittarius woman is. It’s a good thing they are both extreme optimists about their future because they would not think twice about changing careers on a whim or spending a boat load of cash just because what they want to spend it on seems fun. All in all, this relationship has its good days as well as its bad days. If they can learn to soften harsh words and keep to them when they actually want to blurt out something the other one did wrong, they can grow a bond that is exhilarating and adventurous as well as extremely comfortable and fun. Between their laughter and tears, they can find a true lover in each other they can grow old with.

  1. Bradford Backwood January 3rd, 2020

    I’m a sagittarius Male December 1 1975.. I’ve never had any luck till a sagittarius female November 27 1979 shot me with her arrow.. I shot her back! Sagittarius on Sagittarius is the way to go! I can’t even type it out for you.

  2. Alisha December 6th, 2019

    I’ve recently started dating a sag man ab a month now (I’m a sag woman) and the connection is just amazing!! It’s so natural and I don’t know I feel like I just get him, like there’s a mutualness with us both without anything being said. The amount of times I’ve had to hold back from dropping the L bomb because it’s just natural and like it’s been the way it has for years (I don’t say I love you easily at all). We’re so connected and I’ve never met someone so similar

  3. Chloe September 29th, 2019

    I loved reading the article between the 2 same star signs it was lots of fantastic explanation.

  4. Teanna June 30th, 2019

    I’m a sag woman and my love is a sag man! We’ve been together for 8 yrs now, married 3 && expecting our first child! We’re 4 days apart! I have to say that my husband is my bestfriend, my rock, my truth, my partner in crime, my world and the love of my life! I call him my other half, not just because we’re married but because we’re exactly alike yet different! Like a ying yang. Together, we make one hell of a team and we utilize our teamwork to the absolute fullest. It’s like he’s the bow and I’m the arrow. I was never one to date a bunch of men, they tend to annoy me, so to luck up/ be blessed enough to actually be found by a man that is everything I could ever imagine is so awesome sauce! Lol We had to work on some things at first but that’s with every relationship. Nothing worth ending our relationship over. I personally love my sag man and to any sag woman who is in a relationship with a sag man, “Be patient, loving, honest and kind!” At times I find myself struggling with those four things out of frustration but remembering those will get you through, especially when fussing with your mirror self! && when push comes to shove, just be quiet, we move forward and don’t dwell for long, give it time be fore you confront the issue, things will smooth out!

    Love always!

    • Jasmine October 2nd, 2019

      Great advice! Thanks Teanna! I am a sag woman and just started dating a sag man, but the chemistry is SO strong and I really feel like I know him and understand him. I will remember those 4 things ‘Be Patient, loving, honest and kind’ and hopefully we’ll come out strong together in the end like you and your husband 🙂 God Bless!

  5. Sandy April 26th, 2019

    Is it possible to go a relationship with a sagittarius boy and girl where age difference is 17 years

    • Female-Archer August 13th, 2019

      Yes, it surely is. I’m a Sagittarius woman and my lover is Sagittarius too. If you’re looking forward to a relationship with a Sag woman, despite is the age difference, it is absolutely alright. She would be quite alright as long as you’re loyal and honest to her. Loyalty is Everything! Never forget that, and she’d be all yours.

  6. Michelle October 17th, 2018

    I’ve been dating a say man for a month now (I’m Sag as well). This is the first time I’ve dated another Sagittarius and for the record it is the most passionate thing I’ve ever experienced. Only a month in and I’m trying to avoid blurting out that I love him. I’ve never felt this connected to a man before. He’s attentive, affectionate, honest, romantic etc. Literally everything I’ve wanted. We have so many of the same traits. Even like habits, we both talk in our sleep and LOVE peanut butter 😁 I’m loving every minute of this new relationship.

    • Amy October 22nd, 2018

      I completely agree with you Michelle! Not about the sleep and peanut butter but everything else 🙂

  7. Edmund Mutungi July 1st, 2018

    I am A Saggitarius Man and am 24 years of age and fall in love with my Saggitarius Woman and She is 21 years of age and She is my girlfriend we Love ❤ each other and have been in a 2 year relationship and we Love ❤ each other and respect each other and are looking forward to getting Engaged and married and starting a family of our own soon.

  8. The Invisible Banana August 8th, 2017

    I’m a Sagittarian woman and my man is a Saggitarius also, and it’s literally perfect. No other guy I met (that are not sags) never laughed at what I laughed, they seemed like serious sods and some weren’t just in the mood for anything fun. Whereas me and my fellow sag are perfect💝 Good luck if ur a sag crushing on another sag!

  9. gin July 5th, 2017

    My Sagi man and I (sagi women) have been together almost 3 years. We’re older and had so much to work through. I am more positive and optimistic than he is, in fact he can be very harsh with negativeness. It bugs me very much at times but, I let it go. he’s very loving in many, many ways which helps to love him back. We love each others company and have learn to bring the fire down when we disagree. He took great care of me when I had my surgery, that says a lot. We’re very giving and clean. Lots of fire and lots of love. We learn so much from each other and have mutual respect and control now! Sagi women need this, we are strong and fun! It is worth being with this man. Good luck!

  10. Ella June 16th, 2017

    Both my partner and I are sagittarius, and he is the best match possible! He’s said the same to me. It’s early days, but it feels like ages! Lol. We seem to understand each other, have the same thoughts on most things, and the affection is fantastic. So, I’m happy to see where this leads! Haha

  11. Shanel June 3rd, 2017

    I’m a Sag woman I dated a Sag man…
    We had So Much Fun until I realized he’s just like me. WHICH WAS A PROBLEM because Sagittarius men & women knows to NEVER settle reminding ourself there’s ALWAYS better, just as our logo describes a person AIMING WITH HIGH AMBITION. Most people don’t understand sagittarius are the most ambitions & adventurous sign ever. WHICH MEANS never settle unless we feel someone is good enough for the moment. We are loyal based off our feelings. We’re such straight forward & direct people if we know a person is not “That One” but seems desent or cool we very well more than like may keep them as a side piece. Tbh – save heartbreak???
    Although we both were doing the same thing so I took a 5 month break because I felt he didn’t know what he wanted for a male sag. We’ve been txtn for 2 days VERY SLOW im scared to even go back to him?? & open up because I FEEL LIKE I’M dating myself which isn’t always good to be 2 people lacking devotion?

  12. Shanel June 3rd, 2017

    I’m a Sag woman I dated a Sag man…
    We had So Much Fun until I realized he’s just like me. WHICH WAS A PROBLEM because Sagittarius men & women knows to NEVER settle reminding ourself there’s ALWAYS better, just as our logo describes a person AIMING WITH HIGH AMBITION. Most people don’t understand sagittarius are the most ambitions & adventurous sign ever. WHICH MEANS never settle unless we feel someone is good enough for the moment. We are loyal based off our feelings. We’re such straight forward & direct people if we know a person is not “That One” but seems desent or cool we very well more than like may keep them as a side piece. Tbh – save heartbreak???

  13. Kiki May 30th, 2017

    I am a female Sagittarius and My bf is a Sagittarius alswell. I always am a Little straight forword. It still suprises him with what I say sometimes.

  14. Patricia Pruett April 24th, 2017

    Oh. how I miss my darling after 62 years together—He truly was my one and only. I am now with a Libra man, good to be with, he 87 and I 83, we are love compatable , I do enjoy being with him and don’t look elsewhere, he is always complimentary.

  15. ub1719 March 4th, 2017

    Im a male sag and had a sag gf but i was too blunt to keep up with our relationship. I just wanted her to understand why I was too blunt with my words, herself but she din’t and left me.

    GOD I miss her 🙁

    • shy March 29th, 2017

      really? Im a sag with a Sag man.. I am very blunt and harsh at the same time. However, I have learned from my previous relationships how to modify my bluntness by sugarcoating the truth somewhat…. My boyfriend loves the fact that we work so well together and he loves telling me evvverrrything. Which I do not mind, because in my last relationships, the guys would talk to me about everything except the problems within our relationship. until it was time to break up with me. By then it was too late to make it work out. With my boyfriend, he comes out very blunt and harsh because he’s used to not being so opened with a female. This is still new to him but he loves it. However, his delivery approach hurts me in the beginning and leaves me hurt for a few days. He starts off so negative and ends it on a positive note, but I’m already hurt to accept the positive part. So we have been talking about this. I told him that I am fine with the truth but he needs to fix his delivery approach and learn not to use such harsh words towards me. he is trying and in the meantime I will grow some thick skin lol 🙂 because I was the one hurting people before.

    • linda September 17th, 2017

      I pray she comes back to you or you find someone even better dear soul brother. XOXO

    • Chloe September 29th, 2019

      Sorry to hear that hop u find another sag but one that will understand u more , their are other sages out their.

  16. shell February 23rd, 2017

    Got with a fellow saggitarius after 30 years and we have always clicked now to explore each other cause we get on so well and always did think this match us good and hopefully the one I waited for

  17. Alarik January 25th, 2017

    My fiancé and i are saggs. This article is exactly on point. Were perfect for each other. I couldn’t be happier. We love each other in very spiritual ways. And the passion we share is galactic. Out of this world. Perfect.

  18. sumon21 July 29th, 2016

    I am a sag male and dated mostly water sign people. I have scorpio moon and as many says for a male water sign represents faminity, from young age I have a tendency to fall in for waters but when I am in the rhythm of my energy they feels like less to me and a burden and I feel free hanging around with a fire mostly with air. I never dated a sag girl before but I felt like they are in the rhythm with me and I can be completly free with them, also in sexual union.. and I’mlooking forword to it 🙂 

  19. YadirySXEWWE December 15th, 2015

    Funny because my fiancé and I were made for eachother. We have so much in common. My birthday is December 11th, 1991 and his is December 10th, 1990. We even have the same blood type! A+! This article couldn’t be more true!Oh similarities are uncanny! Lol

  20. Lahari February 20th, 2011

    Its really true with a sagitaurius man and sagitaurius women.

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