Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer woman and a Saggitarius man are a confusing combination that can be very stimulating if they accept each other's differences.
  • Cancer woman can provide the stability and emotional support that the Saggitarius man needs, while he can provide her with the adventure and excitement she craves.
  • To attract the Saggitarius man, the Cancer woman should be open and expressive about her feelings, and she should be willing to try new things and go on adventures with him.
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As the Cancer and the Sagittarius start a relationship, they make a very confusing combination, although it has the potential to be very stimulating if they are willing to accept each other for who they are, and learn from one another the different talents they both have.

A Sagittarius man is never alone. He is always surrounded by a crowd around him and that also usually the female crowd. His enthusiasm and curiosity is contagious while his acquitted liveliness is sometimes tough to handle. He is a highly optimistic person who trusts everybody and in the process he gets cheated and hurt sometimes. Being in a relationship with him can bring lots of fun and adventures to the Cancer woman’s life but at the same time she has to adjust with his tactless frankness which can hurt her at times.

A Cancer woman is a true image of a sweetheart for most people. Her caring nature and her tender devotion makes everyone feel loved and needed. While she is very independent and money minded lady but still family and loved ones are the top most priority in her list. She is one lady who can cook delicious food and at the same time manage a high responsibility post in a company at ease. In love with a Sagittarius man, she gives him all the respect and superiority that he deserves but can be too possessive at times which can make him feel uneasy.

A Cancer woman is strangely comforted and flattered by the Sagittarius man she loves and enjoys his roller coaster rides with full enthusiasm. She has a lot of respect for hers and his family and this makes him feel even better because he himself is clueless in this field. She provides him with sound advice and always guides him gently and unobtrusively to reach the top of the heap. Carried away by the enthusiasm of his free thought, he sometimes wanders a bit too far conversationally with the Cancer lady before he says more than intended that this extremely sensitive, imaginative lady could exaggerate or misinterpret, bringing on her suspicion and trembling vulnerability to hurt. She is kind to his truthfulness but cannot stand his undue and frank criticism. At the same time, he needs to consider her possessive nature and makes her feel calm whenever she is insecure.

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A Sagittarius man regards a Cancer woman as a mysterious and magnetic lady with lots to be discovered in her. He gives her a new prospect of life and makes her feel free of all the set rules. The jolly nature of Sagittarius male makes his moony maiden feel spirited around him with the best of her sense of humor. She contains within her many secrets and though he is not possessive, he is assuredly jealous and curious to know all about her. And together with it, she has a magnetism that makes him pour out all his secrets to her which makes her feel secure and comfortable and she enjoys learning things about her man, and usually employs a conscious strategy to learn them well. But Cancer female might get so offended by his carefree attitude and also due to his nature of attending his female admirers.

When the love of fiery Sagittarius man and watery Cancer woman flows through a long run to make it everlasting, there is an innocent purity and smoothness. When the truthfulness and devotion of Sagittarius man and Cancer woman meets unconditionally, their love creates unbelievable oneness. He becomes more stable and reliable and she becomes more open and secure with each passing day. There is a twinkle in every glance they give to each other and jingle in every word they dedicate to each other. The devotion and respect they both share is amazing with all the virtues of love, kindness and happiness that make two people perfect for one another. The rainbows of their love are brighter than the usual ones and the meadows they walk are greener than the ones experienced by others.

As the Water and Fire tries to put in each other deeply, there is unsaid warmth in their love making. Nights can be the best time to let a Cancer woman know that she is special and she is the queen. A physical relationship with her can turn out to be a real ball if he can understand and act according to his lady love’s ever changing moods. Her varied thoughts have the capacity to enhance their love making with tenderness and romance. During the time of sexual intimacy, he should try to talk less and concentrate more on his physical expressions. For a Cancer lady, too much of talking hardly makes any sense as feelings are stronger than words. She withdraws sexually from demanding desire, able to surrender herself completely only when their mutual need is demonstrated tenderly, gently, even poetically, not fiercely. She cannot reciprocate if she was hurt by his remarks. Finesse in love-making is something he has to consciously practice to acquire, especially when he’s in love with a Cancer female.

As the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman makes a very odd pair, there are always twists and turns in their life. She needs to comprehend the fact that he is not good at expressing his feelings rather he talks much more about other things while he needs to know that she is sensitive and gives a privacy to their relationship which is blanketed with caring and sharing things about each other. To her family is the priority and she clings hard upon every relationship but for him it’s just a part of life and cutting a tie or two doesn’t hurts him much. To make their relationship better she needs to be more open and less demanding and he needs to be more reliable and expressive about his feelings.

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Good
Ask Oracle Rating: Needs Work
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Russ May 5th, 2023

    As a Sagittarius man…. Had to get rid of my cancer ex-wife with chemo. Sagittarius men I repeat it’s a trap…., sucks your freedom away… I’m 0 for 2 on cancers

  2. Allyssia September 20th, 2022

    This has happened to me as well. the only difference is, he is always too busy. we barely speak but when we do, its like magic. he loves to stare at me and just admire me with his eyes. he is very affectionate but its just the lack of consistency and communication that bothers me when we are not around each other

    • Jun October 11th, 2022

      Just keep it up, dont take away his business with other people… He will get tired if you guys keep seeing and focus on each other… Let him miss you then he will keep chasing you

      • Bebe July 6th, 2023

        Perfect coment i have seen true
        Thank you for your advise 🙏

  3. Andy July 24th, 2022

    Am a sagittarius man, I can do anything for my Cancer I love her more than anything else in this world I waited for her Six years without any reason of coming back. Very soon I’ll be going to meet her parents and she’ll be my Wife.

    • igor December 4th, 2022

      Hello.Can you share your story? I am in a difficult situation.Around 4 years ago a befriended a cancer.Our friend ship was amazing, but in reality we liked each other very much.Until we decided to make a romantic night (sex was great) – but in a week or so everything went sideways.It was excruciating for me because we could not find common ground, and I realized that I do take care for her much more.In this situation as things were deteriorating I decided not to look for her anymore, I entered in a relationship with someone else and stopped thinking about her.About one year ago we broke out – and the Cancer appeared again in my social life.We are beginning to socialize little by little.And now I am really in love with her – sure she does not know this yet.What’s your advice.Thank you.igor.

  4. Mia July 22nd, 2022

    He is sag and im cancerian we have been crushing on each other for over 10years but he finally got in touch on my birthday this year saying how much he regrets not asking me out before.. so far everything is sweet… lets see how far it goes.

  5. Jess January 4th, 2022

    I just started dating a sag man, and he litterly feeds every single love language. Just naturally. Not forced, or being told. It’s really kind of amazing

    • Erica February 10th, 2022

      Yes mine too, everything on point and he didn’t even call of it from me beforehand

  6. myste December 6th, 2021

    Every Baby I have ever had, has been by a Sag… Cancer Cancer Pisces here. Im all water and tend to fall for these men and they fully fall for me. Im currently married to one. We actually can work…

    • Princess February 10th, 2022

      How are sag men with children

      • Senga August 25th, 2022

        Absolutely brilliant!! I have a nearly four year old and he talk about my sag man all the time when he’s not here!!. My sag man has a unique bond with my son,it’s amazing to watch and to hear him talk to my son in a way that just melts my heart. My sag man has a son and daughter who are older and he speaks of them with love and admiration as his children. I see this when he’s with my son. Hope this helps with your question. This is the first man that I have allowed my son to meet and be part of his life and I dont regret it! My sag man talks highly of me to my son when he thinks I’m not listening. It’s lovely and also my son and him are both sag😊

  7. Jaylin August 30th, 2021

    If you are a cancer woman dating a sag man I know the feeling because it’s so many articles that says we should not pursue one another because we are opposites so it’s gets a little disheartening at times. But I recently have been dating a Sagittarius man and if o had a physical list of everything I wanted in a man he’d cross every checkpoint. So patient and very dedicated to making sure I am happy he takes really good mental care of me he says my moods swings are a lot but I am working on toning that down. Since we met we have been inseparable literally!!! So ladies don’t get discouraged we love our sag men I can definitely attest to the fact they love us too.

    • Katherine Barcoe October 17th, 2021

      Me too..I’m cancer female and my Sagittarius lover is just perfect in every way..I thank God every day for him in my life..he’s totally devoted to me now for 18 yrs..

  8. Yvette August 20th, 2021

    I’m 44 cancer woman my husband 28 sag,we are so in love ,its so true an odd pair but we love and understand eachother so much 8 yes together hopefully many more.

  9. Alan June 28th, 2021

    I’m 40 she’s 42 I’m a Sagittarius and she’s a cancer we met couple months ago online and we instantly fell for each other and since we come into each other’s life things been wonderful even have did a trip together did other fun things only downfall of our situations is I’m going thru some big financial problems and she was in a 10 year relationship she got out of 5 months ago and due to those problems with me and her it’s caused her to wanna take a break with us but still be friends still do things we been doing only thing that sucks about it to me I really falling fa her big time and to know at any moment she could date who she wants and so can I makes feel like we never be able to go all the way but at the same time the fact we still do things together still do things if like we was a couple and she does wonderful things give me hope and a sign if I was to get my finances in order and she can heal from her past relationship makes me believe we could have a chance I can’t ever recall feeling this way about someone ever like I do feel about her tho any advice anyone can share I’m all ears

    • Connie July 2nd, 2021

      Take your time, go slower than you’d like, treat her as the special lady you’ve been looking for and follow her lead. When she feels very comfortable with you (which may take some time) she will slowly emerge from that cancer crab shell. And if you’re ready when she does, give you an enjoyable love ride you’ll never forget. Don’t rush her. It will be worth the wait. Good luck

  10. xsweetums5 June 3rd, 2021

    I’m a Cancer Woman, 20-years-old and I’m talking to a Sagittarius Man, 22-years-old. His sister and I have known each other since Kindergarten and that’s how I met him. I’ve had a crush on him since then but as I grew up it was kind of off and on of me having a crush on him because I barely seen him so I barely thought of him (sad truth). So, we’ve pretty much known each other our whole lives but I moved to California at the end of 5th grade and lost contact with them for a long time. Years later, his sister and I stayed in contact from time to time and I finally messaged him to check up on him back in March of 2021. In the beginning we talked about our past and things we’ve been through, one of the mentioning were about our exes. After he had told me that him and his ex broke up in December, I felt bad and wanted to be there because it seemed like he needed a friend. A couple weeks later, he told me he had feelings for me and I respectfully turned him down because I didn’t think he was ready to commit at the time. Weeks later again, he brought it up again and I told him my insecurities which he understood that I wanted to take things slow and do the talking stage then work our way up to something more. Here it is June 2021 and we’re still in the talking stage but we’re growing together and things are looking really good lol. He’s veryyy mature, a gentleman, kind, sweet, protective, he calls me every single day lol (or whenever he’s free from work or on break), everything is all about “us” and “we”, we talk a lot about the future, church (God), ohh he’s a Christian man too so yk wink wonk, and he always includes himself in my life plans LMFAO (laughing my f*cking a** off)! He and I think alike on a lot of the same things like: wanting to make things work, speaking positivity into existence, praying against negative thoughts and words, marriage&kids, etc…

    I will say the only downside to this is- I don’t feel a complete connection to the point I don’t want to talk everyday, I sometimes don’t want to text him but I’m sometimes always thinking about him. Weird… Like I probably have trust issues or something but I don’t believe I do with him- he makes everything about me and earning my trust and omg he’s so patient lol! But like I said, I’m taking things slow with him because he is someone I would really love to be with, I just don’t want to mix the feeling of wanting to be with the man every woman dreams of with not having interest for him and stringing him along… I really like this man and like I said before, just have to pray and speak positivity into existence, only time will tell within these next couple of months! ☺️

    • Gio June 6th, 2021

      This is so beautiful ! Thanks for sharing . It’s happening the same thing with me . However, we are double your ages . I really hope things unfold for good ! I wish you happiness .

  11. Stormy April 19th, 2021

    Try being different ages then, he is 28 and I’m 52, we met on a dating app three years ago and he has changed my whole life, I’m the cancer sign he is a sag, and so typical of one, yes he has female friends and I’m the one who only gets on with men, but o have them as friends is alot harder for me being a older hot lady and men not taking me seriously…only had the one young platonic freind so far when I was single, and is easier for my guy as he is a guy…woman hate me men love me, cant win, have the one good freind in another country who i happened to meet on a online gamer a few years ago, and their is my sister and niece and my girls’ I talk to, only the woman in my family get me simple. He is my best friend and lover in one, and he has come so far in the few years since I’ve known him, do not relate to men my age or older and god knows I’ve tried, ex being older and foreign EVEN WORSE, and they are to sexist and arogant and controlling, and have mistreated me worse than the young men, even knew too when I was way younger, and even got with the much younger brother of a guy I liked to get back at him….is becoming so common now, its just the rest of this stupid world has not accepted it yet…and some of the happiest most loving relationships around today, funny how much people hate you when your happy is really sad, being sad and angry and lonely and abuse enough, who wants to die alone? not me, younger woman today are not like they used to be NORMAL, the woman from my era did not have to parade ourselves on social media to get attention simple, sure we will now but we are older which makes us SMARTER in dealing with men We have the young men track us down as mine did and that is why it works, no normal man young or old likes a woman chasing him simple, but the younger generation have not learned that yet… when I was younger it was safer to go out and meet guys like I did, I would go to clubs by myself and walk home by myslef,and actually met a few nice men that way, men were more normal in those days and no foreign men as their are now…born in 1968 seen it all done it all, thanks god, now i have my reward a loving young man who look’s after me and worships me…waited my whole life.

  12. Darryl C Scott April 15th, 2021

    I’m a Sagittarius man and my girlfriend is a cancer. She makes me so happy. We talk for hours on the phone and she is the Apple to my eye. I feel so blessed to have her.

  13. Teresa Lyn March 3rd, 2021

    Sagitarian men have a conscious. Perhaps the fact that hes your ex’s best friend made him feel some kind of way. Are you a cancer female? We usually dont go after friends of an ex unless it’s in retaliation. It’s possible he came to his senses and decided that friendship means more than an affair like the one you two have. If your looking for true love you will find it on your own not thru any other connections trust me. And it will be the best love of your life. So take your time finding love.

  14. Cheetahprint February 12th, 2021

    I’m a Cancer woman who fell madly and deeply in love with a Sagittarius man. I met him a few years ago. He was my ex’s best friend. We secretly had an affair but I don’t regret it. We’re so much alike, that we sometimes cross words. He recently ghosted me and it depresses me. Maybe I said things I shouldn’t have, because I was afraid of love and I pushed him away. Will he come back? I don’t chase but I can’t stop thinking about him and his pizza Lunchables and Dr. Peppers haha. I really did love him from the depths of my soul. I’m drawn to him and I can’t let go…(((heart races)))

    • Lo April 18th, 2021

      Getting with an ex’s best friend was never a good idea – in his head your disloyal of you can be with both him and his friend (yes he’s disloyal too but that will probably go over his head).
      Move on and find a fresh new love without the background drama xxx

    • Maria November 12th, 2021

      Any update?

  15. Rashmi September 15th, 2020

    Hai I read all comment I too a cancer women and I say that cancer womens are very loyal, romantic, love to learn new things, exacitment, family and friends only this is her world and who ever guy strongly accept her with space and love No doubt that she remain loyal to U and she loves to listen all ur talks and last formost marriage is the best for cancer women coz her love is forever and unconditional and treat her like princess she will always look u as her prince dt’s it..

  16. Larry Griffin July 23rd, 2020

    I love what is being said about the relationship between the Male Sagittarius and female Cancers. I am growing to love her even more be still she has not let me in completely yet but it’s getting there slowly. Yes , I do let her I will be truthful to her. She tells me how she appreciate all the I do for her and how much she love me. The sex it’s there yet but will be in time, because I have a problem with staying power, she understands.

  17. anup March 17th, 2020

    As a sag man, we value – Loyalty, caring, truth and of course true love.
    if you have these qualities, sag man will be all yours, and he will never cheat you.

    • Joe Vera June 20th, 2020

      Unfortunately I was married to a Sagittarius man and I’m a cancer woman. We started on a long distance relationship and I was through and through 1000% loyal to him. I was very loving, supportive, caring, attentive, understanding, would help him financially, you name it. And even sponsored him to come and live with me just for him to betrayed me in the end.

    • Misscakesmistakes July 9th, 2020

      This is false. No offense. If what u described is real and what you described is you, then damn you.must be a hell of a man.

    • AbbyCryBaby01 September 26th, 2020

      😂Lies, my best friend is absolutely in love with his gf yet he still cheats on her left, right and centre, he’s a sag btw.

  18. Alley February 17th, 2020

    I’m a Cancer woman and met my new Sag man in college. Before him I dated another Sag (their birthday is the day after the other lol) who was very confusing, manipulative, and he would always talk down about me expressing myself and everyone knows that’s a big no no when it comes to a Cancer. Anyway, that was really toxic because he called all the shots and I was always chasing him and never knew what we were. NOW, my new sag is the complete opposite. I made the first move with him and it’s been about 6 months since our friends with benefits started and it’s been great! I of course want more but since I’ve met him he’s taught me how to be patient and in control of my emotions. We also never argue but just had 2 misunderstandings and with our maturity and respect we quickly solved the issue. He doesn’t want a relationship right now but he assures me that I’m the only person he’s dealing with and he shows it as well. I’m completely fine with it because sag men love a foundation before anything too serious anyway and when we do become official our trust will be there and he’ll have all the freedom he wants. I have to say I think I found my perfect sag man it’s just letting things flow. Cancers and Sagittarius are great together it’s a matter of emotional maturity and understanding!

    • Lydia March 24th, 2021

      It’s been a year now are you still together? Asking outta curiosity because I really doubt a cancer woman could be ok with being friends with benefits for long. And worst of all with a sag man?! Well, I hope you’re good now and have found someone good for you.

  19. Keji January 4th, 2020

    Am a cancer girl and currently really really in love with a sag man ..we re both in the university ..truly a sag guy lacks good communication skills ..and as much as i try to make it better only makes me seem too clingy or stupid at times…i really want him to be future partner(marriage) ..but i find it hard to express my feelings as well….hes really hard working…not too rich…but hes caring ….. university life is still very far from getting married …but i really hope he becomes mine…..can anyone advice how to handle a sag man cause we re still young lol……

    • JoAnn Pohlmann May 13th, 2020

      I was married to a Sag for over 40 yrs. in the beginning he drove me crazy, women always after him, but I found out early in our relationship to not be so clingy and try to be as independent as I could. He fell so in love with me and we stayed together for 40 yrs, unfortunately he suddenly passed away last year and I miss him and all his crazy ways terribly! Now I’m alone and lonely, good luck honey with that Sag, he’ll give you a run for the money!

  20. Emma December 9th, 2019

    Cancer are so emotionally in tune, but they have to realize their shell is their oyster.

    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for CANCER:


  21. caylee July 28th, 2019

    I met my Sag boy through college. I met him through a friend and we instantly clicked! The day we met, he waited for me outside my class so we could go to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Without making it obvious we liked each other.

    He invited me to go drinking at his place. To my surprise, he lived in a mansion by himself! The mansion was his uncle’s who owns multiple properties across the coast. My best friend and cousin tagged along and we had a blast with his friends playing drinking games and bantering about politics and our professors.

    Being drunk grown-up college kids, we played hide and seek at his mansion. I hid outside the courtyard and he went after me. He called for me, grabbed me and took my face to meet his mouth. After the intense make-out session under the moonlight. He looked at me and confessed he wanted me since we first met. We made out like this for 10 minutes or so, losing track of time… Our friends, had to look for us since we were gone too long.

    Later, he invited me to his place again. And this time we hooked up while Adam Sandlers’ happy gilmore playing in his big screen tv. We spent 10 minutes with foreplay and then we did it, he came within 30 SECONDS! 30 SECONDS! I was so disappointed, thank goodness I already orgasmed during the foreplay. He had a good size, being Irish and Italian, but apparently, I was too tight for him to handle. How many times have I heard that before?

    We continued to talk and flirt via text. We would send each other naughty pics and go for lunch between classes. We hooked up again at his place, but he would only last 30 seconds, again. I spent the night at his place until his UNCLE barged into the guest bedroom! That’s how I met his uncle! Thankfully, his uncle was totally chill. He told me and the other girls at the mansion, to stay out of trouble and proceed to drink with us that early morning. Chill guy; doesn’t mind having his nephew watch his property while he occupied his other properties.

    We eventually stopped talking. I graduated from college and moved to SF. We lost touch, but I will always remember hooking up with a hot dirty blonde italian/irish boy. A boy I only wish I can date. Im the quiet meek shy girl who got the hottie she dreamed of dating. Even though, it was just several hook ups, I don’t regret it and had a lot of fun with him. Sometimes I wondered what he’s been up to since some time has passed. Is he still in Newport, occupying his Uncle’s property?? We lost touch. Fun college memories.

  22. Kate July 7th, 2019

    I am Cancer (female) and my partner is a Sagittarius. We have a business where I make creative decisions, such as new ideas, designs and campaigns. It deals with details such as salary, accounting and bureaucracy. But maybe this is because I am also Water and he is Fire. Who knows..

  23. Colette July 3rd, 2019

    Imagine the challenge for me then I am 51 just turned and he is 27 at the end of this year. He can only just keep up with me. He knew some girls his age on a course he did last year, and too of them would not leave him alone and kept asking him out one in particular asked only him to her birthday, he didn’t go as he didn’t seem interested and I was offended as what girl only askes a guy to a party and not the partner(a bitch). He does have one male friend and knows all the guys at work and has been to work related functions without me and im fine with this. We give each other enough freedom and their is no control. I was in a controlling relationship for many years and it doesn’t work. I am cancer and he is sagittarious and im really moody and senisitve and over react and have anxeity and depresssion so taking it one day at a time. I love him he has changed my whole life and is so patient with me. I have waited for years for a guy like this.

  24. Thomas October 28th, 2018

    This is dope! Thank you for the information!

  25. Jordyn February 4th, 2018

    I’m a Cancer (June 23rd) and my boyfriend is a Sagittarius (November 26th). We have been dating for a little over two years now. He is the quietest, funniest, selfless, kindest, and humblest guy you will ever meet! With me, of course, he shows his softest side. Then there’s his hard working, out going, and reckless side as well. I’ve dated a Scorpio who got super possessive, controlling, and abusive before. After I got out of that mess, I vowed to never let anyone make me feel as degraded as that Scorpio ever did, nor will I make anyone feel that way. That’s why whenever my Sag goes out, I let him, while I stay at home in my shell or go out as well. I honestly believe that we’re a match made in Heaven. He understands everything about me and what I do without me having to say anything. He lets me do whatever I want, respects me, and trusts me. No limitations. Vice versa. I am so in love with my Sag. Get a MATURE Sag, my Cancer ladies. He will always share his food with you and know when it’s time to give you all the love in the world as us Cancer ladies need it. Lol♥️

    • Teresa June 19th, 2018

      That is so me right now wow except my horrible relationship was with an Aquarius i promised the same thing to myself your Sagittarius deiscribed mine one the dote almost to wited

    • Jill October 20th, 2018

      Cancer woman sag man. It always leaves me feeling disheartened when I read general cancer woman-Sagittarius man love horoscopes because it depicts a clingy woman and a free-spirited, can’t be tied down kind of man. Not true. We are completely infatuated with each other and it’s mutual, not a typical cancer (my lilleth is in Scorpio – yikes and his in Pisces which explains a lot) I can’t imagine a connection like this with any other man any other life.

    • Nichole November 28th, 2018

      Omg!!! I’m a cancer born the same day as you!!! Had me a Scorpio man as well. Everything you said about your Scorpio man I actually experienced. I’m so interested in this Sag man. And this Sag is everything you said as well. A little nervous but something tells me that I found my man!

      • Colette November 28th, 2018

        Does not matter about the star signs as long as you get along . I am 50 he Is 25 I am cancer he is Sagittarius and he is just lovely.

    • Trob March 14th, 2019

      How was it in the beginning? Did you experience some confusion and / or mixed signals when you guys started dating? I’m currently talking to this Sagittarius man (3-4 weeks) one minute we’re hot and heavy then he goes dark for a couple of days, then back. He’s always polite, complimentary and considerate but it’s hard trying to figure him out.

      • Jonquil July 2nd, 2019

        Wow, my Sag man does the same. He is hot and cold. Does not like to communicate much over the phone but when we are physically together he becomes my cute cuddly teddy bear. Yes, I do get frustrated at times because of his lack of good communication skills. It is def. hard and exhausting to say the least, to try and figure him out.

      • B smith February 16th, 2020

        Mine would do the same thing ( I’m a Cancer female) until I expressed how I felt about it then he started to became kind of like a little clingy lol just express yourself he will understand and if he doesn’t he is not the right sag for you.

    • Meta Johnson May 27th, 2019

      O wow my bday is 6/23/78 and I’m in a relationship with a sag. I love him want him to marry me , my daughter father is a Scorpio and was everything you said I lot myself dealing with … he made me feel as I wasn’t good enough I tried for 5 yrs and I’m glad that I have no feelings for him.. I hated him but we have a daughter so I try to remain cordial

  26. Larissa December 18th, 2017

    My Sagittarius man loves me being clingy and he’s clingy right back I been with him 7 years we are perfect together so not all they say here is true and I’m a cancer sign I’m water he’s fire my man is truly in love with me as truly as I am in love with him but we can pick up on each other pretty well we both get jealous we both have fun and I think we are pretty darn compatible we are in for adventure rides I help him at times he is a lil confused thinker i get him back on the right track but otherwise he’s funny talkative and always friendly that’s what I love and he’s very helpful I love my fire sign man plus we are married !!:)

  27. Larissa December 18th, 2017

    I love this this is awesome mines was like that at the beginning but I change mines to become. A better man and now we are open we talk things out we deeply in love with each other it took time to get it together but sometimes it’s worth helping someone u love and it’s worth it he is my Sagittarius man I his cancer women wouldn’t replace it for nothing thank you water and fire are compatible OK things can work out fine be happy forever !!! I’m married to my Sagittarius man thank you !!!

  28. Ava December 7th, 2017

    I’ve been seeing my sag for 4 months… I have to read his astrology to keep myself from over thinking but he makes me feel wanted he’s always around me hates that I’m clingy but he let’s me, he knows when I need him and I know when he wants his space I’m falling in love with him but I’m gonna make sure he makes the first move on the “I love you” because im super ready but sag takes time and he’s taught me to be patient. I’m very happy

  29. Angelina Castillo October 21st, 2017

    My sag is so magical and loves me for me….what sucks is that he is straight up reckless and crazy….yet loving and hard working… I’m doomed with a lifetime of his magical love and low bank account

  30. Renee August 1st, 2017

    i’m head over heels over my sag man, I’ve dated 2 Sagittarius men prior and the relationships where amazing, although one was when I was in my early 20’s and he was so jealous he turned violent. This one I have now is forbidden fruit, our age difference is 25 years but he is so mature and grounded that I can’t help but to be intrigued. He caters to me and is there for me when I am sick , in time when I lost my mom and dealing with a break up. He is so manly and discipline, low key, handsome, etc. I’m just saying wow.

    • Colette September 11th, 2017

      Renee you are so brave like me. Im just beginning a relationship with a 24 yr old wonderful man I am 49 and 50 next yr. Are you the older one in the relationship or younger im guessing older. It is so scary and exciting at the same time. I met him on a dating app I was on for 9 months it was hell. So much disrescpect from males my age or older, many so confused and bitter. The younger ones I saw were better but not fully committed. I was told by one horrible younger guy that I was dreaming and would not find because im to old and wont have kids. Well against all odds I did well actually he found me. I have so many anxieties but one by one he has eased me out of each attack as it happens and I am improving everyday. I was with a older Aries man for 25 yrs and we were never compatable. Four kids later and im heading for divorce end of this yr and making a new positive start in my life living with my younger too girls and too cats.Everyday gets a bit easier, but still many mountains to climb in getting better. I never thought I could match so well with a younger sagittarius lovely man. I think god and my late father sent him to me to look after me and save me.

  31. Lucky Love May 24th, 2017

    I’m in love with a Sag man we talked for almost 2 years he asked for my number a whole year before but we never hit it off. Then, it seemed like he popped up everywhere lowkey and quiet but I always felt him checking for me. Time passed and we had a few encounters he called me and asked me if i wanted to grab something to eat with him I agreed. On our date he said “Is it too early to say I want you to be my girlfriend?” I laughed but in the back of my mind I knew it was nobody else that gave me the feeling of floating on air nothing but big smiles, jokes and laughs I didn’t want to be without him instantly after our date we chilled had a good time good conversations, I was just a lil shy because, he was kind of touchy feely even though i’m like that I couldn’t really read him. Time would pass and he has snatched my soul the best sexual encounter ever he was so shy and gentle at first I never had anyone look at me or love on me like he did. He always let me know I was beautiful even on my dry days no matter what mood i was in i could count on him to make me feel like the happiest girl in the world would just the sound of his voice. I’m not the typical Cancer lady I have a lot of the Leo tendencies I have older men who don’t know me tell me you such a cancer lion. This makes me loving and caring but at times emotional or sometimes I show no emotions i might be the sweetest uplifting person then turn into a crazy nonchalant person who doesn’t give a flying Fbomb! Sag men are the same nonchalant, VERY sensitive tho when it comes to the women they love and when they love you they become very jealous and sensitive and possessive but as a Cancer women you can be the same so it’s a turn on! I have never met anyone that instantly lights my fire I seen nothing but long term with this man. You need you a sag man they about they business and family men and as a cancer women you are about your family #1 and money #2 this makes Cancer women and Sag men the perfect match. Sag just needs to show they care more or read the signs and vibes off cancer woman and the Cancer women needs to watch her mouth and tone because once you hurt a Sag man in any type of form he might be gone forever!

    • awesome.anika702 July 6th, 2017

      I just met a Sag man over the weekend. He was visiting my city. Made him wait until the night before he was leaving to hang out. We got along GREAT! He was so intrigued by me and wanting to get to know me for me. I don’t come across that a lot now days.
      Hopefully something amazing blossoms. He already wants to fly me to Houston to see him.

  32. […] Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility | … – Love match compatibility between Cancer woman and Sagittarius man. Read about the Cancer female love relationship with Sagittarius male. […]

  33. AtallyFae November 8th, 2015

    I’m a young Cancer ☺️♋️ I admire a Sag♐️ we said we like each other but it feels like im far away from and its so hard cause neither of us never show our feelings in front of eachother  WHAT DO I DO ?

    • shiladitya September 20th, 2019

      then make your first move , don,t wait ,as as sag man myself i say he never turns you down.

  34. […] Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility | Ask … – Love match compatibility between Cancer woman and Sagittarius man. Read about the Cancer female love relationship with Sagittarius male. […]

  35. egh995 August 11th, 2015

    I love my cancerian babe angela♥♥ p.s:ktir aayoushin ento bro

  36. blossomjas June 6th, 2015

    i am a cancer woman and happily married to sagitarrius man, he’s my first bf and 12 years together, he’s very quiet guy, very sweet not only in words he really mean it, very caring and respnsible as a husband and father to our kids, almost our attitude are opposite i think that’s why we are meant to be…im happy and contented with my sagitarrius man 😀

  37. littlemissme January 13th, 2015

    I am a cancer and my boyfriend is a sag. When we first met we became the best of friends and now months later we are now dating. We do great even though for the time being it has to be long distance but we still visit each other. He loves my kids and I have never been with anyone that was able to deal with my up’s and downs as well as he can. He is my rock that’s for sure. I have never been able to trust someone so much or felt a deeper connection with

  38. 456123 August 17th, 2014

    Looking for saggitarious the one soulmate….

  39. 456123 August 17th, 2014

    scopio fuck bed. connection amazing when one. scorpio man cancer woman. pisces scorpio. really carring outgoing and suitable for witch or orackle really hilarious and funy especially born 12 – 14 november. dont know special qualities maybe mariage but striky and forward. Met in woolworths for 3 years then plit becuse of my familky situation no s or mother. sss.  but the relationship is eally good one. sexy. Same thing… however man and pisces where really hilarious and funny.  So met again and deviantart and nightwish works anthing outy but not homeys or homey. Like swimming or rrrrrr bath or drive drive and e really good.  Dream come true in regards to show movies and closenesss like mother sister. Great planner and dealer- towards tability not like a pices cancer so pisces o but cancer _ not good. saggitarious worth it. especially when hot o hot o sexy with al. sa

  40. krystal2406 August 11th, 2014

    I am a Cancer female happily strong with a Sagittarius male. We have been together for almost over a year.. And both of us are so intrigued with one another. We always want to spend time with one another and really enjoy each others company. I’ve never had such a fun spontaneous relationship like this.. Nothing could compare! I personally love his honesty, even if it hurts.. but in the long run it helps me to not take things so serious and take it as they are just trying to give you their honest opinion. also! Everyone should consider looking into their moon signs. my moon sign is a Gemini.. While my boyfriendso moon sign is a Cancer! So, it’s no wonder why we’re compatible. Even if his sun sign is Sag.. His Cancer moon sign really balances everything.. And my Gemini moon sign keeps him interested and not bored. Yes, I’m still emotional.. But as long as your partner is willing to understand you and you’re willing to understand them in return.. It works out (: empathy and communication is almost everything!! 

  41. Lilianne June 4th, 2014


  42. [email protected] June 1st, 2014

    Hey, i m a cancerian,,, my boyfriend is SAGI,,, and i am very confused about him,,sometimes he behaves so weird,,, i m trying to understand,, bt i m unable to undrstand,,, why he is like this,,, i m sure that he loves me alot,,,bt still he says don’t ask me anything,,, i wil do watevr i feel like doing,, i have my own life,,, don’t interfere,, he is very rude at times,,, and i m not that type of girlfriend,,, possessive type,,,i don’t ask much,,, i don’t even interfere,,, i always give him privacy,, even i m also a very private person,,, who enjoys privacy,,, maybe there is some understanding problem,,, god knows,,,and if things will remain like this, then definitely i would not carry on with this relationship,,, and i wil step back for sure,, but i want to give my 100% to this relationship,, if i wil succeed,,, then its fine,, and if incase i failed,,, i wil quit,,,becoz i m very emotional,, and i get hurt very easily,,,and he never undrstands this,,, can anyone help me out with this,,, any advice or suggestion,,, can improve things between both of us….

  43. Michellecanc June 14th, 2013

    I’m a cancer female ; boyfriend a Sag. We’re both 17 .. Most people will probably say “you guys are young” but we know what we want , we’re smart and logical. He was just the guy at school. I payed him no mind. But then we started speaking and I can’t help but be in love with him. We’ve been together 3 months but he makes me feel a way I’ve never felt. I read so many sag’s and cancer horoscopes and they sound about right. Our first month I found out he was still with him ex :/ I had him end that but a week ago I find his Facebook & became heartbroken. So I read and read ; ask friends. Ask friends that are sagitarrius and they say the same thing that he does “he’s so used to being hurt and he’s had multiple females so long that it’s all that he’s used to” so I hear it takes time but with a cancer they recognize that they can commit. So they say , a cancer wants commitment in the beginning and it’s hard for sag’s to give it right away. Once again a cancer finds it hard to believe people can’t be loyal and I read sagitarrius have female admirers. I believe he CAN commit but the question is do I stay and work it out and realize its still early or get out of something before I regret it. Having cancer traits. “Mess us over and we never forget it ” our trust issues are low and it’s hard to be secure to such sign like sagitarrius. So what is it that I do ??? Someone help me understand please ..  I don’t want to let it go cause I’ve never felt so strong about something like this. We see eachother always. I’m the only female he’s always around but I need loyalty in front of me , behind my back , social network wise and all. I believe he cares because guys don’t cry over a lady for nothing. He shed his emotions for me to stay. I’m his first love. But it’s so hard to forgive when you never expected it. I want this for the long run , no relationship is perfect but  what’s the real thing needed right now ? 

    • Petar January 16th, 2017

      Sag is a jackass when he is about that age. for example i blew off my gf (who i loved more than any other) just so i could hang out with my friends and get drunk. when i realized what i have done she wouldnt forgive no matter how many times i tried. the difference is i never cheated. you have to find out is he ready for a relationship. a 17 yr old sag is 14! be tactical! if he really commits he won’t cheat but i dont know if he is ready for a commitment…

  44. twerk October 3rd, 2012

    I am a Cancer woman and my boyfriend of 11 months is a Sagittarius man. The moment i met him it was like no other interaction i’ve ever experienced with anyone before. There was just something about him that made me fall in love with him instantly. We started dating for a couple weeks. . hanging out, watching movies, walking around the town.. we were both the most comfortable when we were inside one anothers apartments, just cuddling and talking to one another. Whenever we had conversations, it was so empowering. This man has taught me so much and has opened up my views and ways of thinking in ways i couldn’t even imagine. The instant we had a conversation i thought to myself how inspiring he was and motivated and new exactly what he wanted in life. I new he could teach me so many things.
    Together, we are so in love but it’s an emotional roallercoster.
    As a Cancer female, i’m so carring and loving and when i love, it’s so deep. I’m only good at expressing my feelings through my emotions. When i’m sad or angry, i express it through movements and grunts of that soart. . . classy i know. My man, is so blunt and so expressive of his feelings. Sometimes, he is TOO blunt and it hurts my feelings so much. Then i get angry at him and just stay quiet until he says something to me, and i don’t say anything back THEN HE get’s angry with me. 
    I just can’t give up on our relationship, and neither can he because we both are in it for the long run and everything is hard. Truth it no one is going to be perfect. Not any relationship is full of love 24/7. You’re going to have to fight for what you want and never forget the reason you WANTED THE RELATIONSHIP in the first place. Always try new things, and be careful of eachothers emotions. My Sagitarrius man is the most heartfelt and caring person i have ever met in my life. That’s what also made me fall in love with this man. I will forever love him. I’ve been in love before, but not like this kind of love.
    I finally figured out what love means.

  45. FPC July 8th, 2012

    To the woman with the limited use of english who stated that it was the man’s job to be in control. This shows a poor understanding of any relationship and reveals someone who has been totally indoctrinated into gender stereotypes. Every genuine relationships shares leadership. Show me a woman of any sign who actually wants, in this case demands, that the man be in control is either extremely immature or simply playing the gender game. Strength of character is never a shortcoming nor is the willingness and ability to be ourselves and to express this. The strengths of one only serve the relationship when the goal is to accept and understand each others needs, feelings, etc and to respect who the other actually is.  in their own way. The only one we are really in control of should be ourselves. Each leads “controls”. In a genuine love connection control is a non-issue. With this woman I think she rarely reveals herself which is sad. She simply likely just plays the “woman”. Give me a person any time. In my mind any two signs work when the commitment is to the us and to valuing the other for who they are. We influence each other in this kind of relationship. It is not a matter of who has control.

  46. Supersign July 8th, 2012

    Sag man with Cancer woman: basically us sadges like the hunt , so of course the beginning it will be nice in the beginning. but afterwards that when it changes, why, sadges are very honest, very blunt  and speaks what is on their mind. cancers are very sensitive with the sensitivity level turned up when asked a question or make sure you are prepared for an answer. we can be loyal and but suffocate us too much , we are ready to leave.we try to look for a perfect soulmate , which can be impossible , but one flaw can determine whether or not she can be still interesting.cancers women have that control factor that some sadges do not like. if we can get pass the emotional , sensitivity maybe we can agree to disagree and be happy……

  47. trupti_gupta February 20th, 2012

    i m a cancer women……….in luv with a saggi person…..i earlier didnt notice him…but thn he started givng me so much attention tht i couldnt help but fall for him………n after sumtime he started behavng as if he doesnt care……its soo irritang :/….n it hurts sum time………….v both havnt dated any one since 2 years i dont hav any idea if he s waitng for me (cause i m for no reason waitng for him 😉 ) or s he jus over me…….sum1 pls help….. 

  48. sagi-man November 21st, 2011

    im asagi man and im in love with acancer woman now and i feel very attracted and responsible for her cz she is like babies and cute , we know each others from 1 month and we went out many times but i take my steps slowly cz actually i dnt know if she like me too or no she show nothing but she never show rejection and i really need to know wat she has for me , pls if any cancer woman here reply me and try to make it more clear for me, pls do

  49. 69tillinfinity October 31st, 2011

    @[email protected] wow this sounds exactly like me!!!……. i have been with my sag man for 4 months already and have been talking online for 10 almost 11 months and thats exactly how i feel!…

  50. [email protected] August 14th, 2011

    any body hel by giving suggesstions i have never met sag man before.i am a cancer female and i am engaged with a sagitarious man 4months ago….as far i know him yet he is not time giving…canot understand emotions,not caring,even want to know and ask everything but dont tell everything…so i feel insecure, he not caring,he is jealous typ of person not alow to make male friends and when i ask why he says i dont want any type of difference between us,i love you,you are my every thing this and that,but i cant see any love because he is not caring,not expressing,even not time giving.but as he says he loves me bla bla i cant see any love by expressions and by attitute.and i think he dont respect me when i asked he said i do…he didnt abuse me ever.but still.i canot trust in me….but i want to….how to handle this kind ofman he is too diffcult…?

  51. sweety69 August 2nd, 2011

    Im a cancer female and i just recently started dating a sag. man. From the instant our eyes met Ive felt this pull like gravity towards him, there was just this twinkle in his eye that lured me in. When were together its very passionate and touchy feely… but when were separated, theres hardly any calls or texts. I myself arnt a full blown cancer, i was born july 22, so i have alot of both leo an cancer traits, im not as robust as leo but im not as sensitive and needy as cancer, so the separation and free feeling between us is nice, not too much being expected, its just nice and simple, but i cant ever read him… i cant tell if this is real or not, or if this is just how he is, a ladies man, and that twinkle i saw is just a twinkle permanent set in his eyes its not just for me. if that makes sense. as his sign says hes not too good with showing emotions or talking about them, although hes good and converating about anything else lol, so how can i tell if this is just as real for him or not without scaring him away or making him think ive got alot more emotions in it than i do??

  52. tauruswomanhoroscope. July 16th, 2011

    i think they make a very good couple my gran(cancer) and grandfather(sagitarius) have been married for over 40 years they split up and married other people but got back together less than 2 months into their marriages i think they are a very good couple who balance each other out.

  53. free-spirted-cancer-gal June 6th, 2011

    Wow, thank you for the great advice. It is very helpful. Patience is REALLY not my strong point.. it is so difficult for me.

    Well I did let him know I had a great time too. He is just so quiet and hard to read, it makes me want to scream! But you are correct, I am expecting way too much and I must be patient. Making too big a deal of the situation will only scare him off. I don’t think he has lost respect for me, I have held back from saying much.

    Thank goodness I’m going on vacation for a week and will have lots of time to reflect!

  54. Author
    Ask Oracle June 6th, 2011

    @free-spirted-cancer-gal Love can be so confusing at times, but the challenge is really worth it 🙂

    I would say you are actually trying to control, manipulate, dominate the situation whether you are aware of it or not. By doing this you are simply killing Love and his respect for you.

    Its time you let go of any and all fears, anxiety, emotional swings. Be assured that things will work out in your favor given you are doing right things at a right time.

    You don’t have to really say you like him and love him stuff. Not needed. Until you two are ready to take the relationship to the next level, you can be just friends with him and appreciate him on every level, his ideas, nature, personality, style etc.

    Well, of course now that that has happened, his aloof nature worries me. He told me he had fun and a great night. But what now?? I have to see him all the time. I saw him last night and things were mostly normal but he was a bit stand-offish. Granted he was working so of course he was focused on work and was also around a bunch of his guys.

    This anxiety is based on a false sense of reality. You’re simply expecting too much from him or from a love relationship. All you can do right now is that be aware when such worries come up and know that they are false, not useful and let them go.

    Love will often test us before we can experience it in its greatest form.

  55. free-spirted-cancer-gal June 5th, 2011

    Wow, this was very interesting to read, and very helpful! I am quite an extreme Cancerian gal, to a T.

    I have never been involved with a Sag man romantically. I work with one though, and he has had his eye on me for nearly two years. He’s tried to kiss me a few times and I never gave in because of our work relationship, and also I didn’t really feel for him in the same way. It was also a bit irritating to me because he completely took me by surprise; I had no clue he liked me, and he just tried to make out one night!

    But as time passed.. I started to develop some feelings. I’m also quite attracted to his intellect, ambition, and career success. Still not completely sure what my feelings are, but there’s certainly a bit of a mutual attraction there now, and we have grown to have a very flirtatious nature.

    Finally, this past week.. he kissed me again, and this time around, I decided to go for it. Kissing lead to him coming home with me.. WOW. That was well worth the wait. I’m really glad I made him work for it. As it says above.. the Sag man is quite the attentive lover 😉

    Well, of course now that that has happened, his aloof nature worries me. He told me he had fun and a great night. But what now?? I have to see him all the time. I saw him last night and things were mostly normal but he was a bit stand-offish. Granted he was working so of course he was focused on work and was also around a bunch of his guys.

    This is a very interesting situation because if I’d been crushing on him all along I would be freaking out. But it was he who kept trying. So I feel the ball is in my court and I do like him but I don’t want to freak him out an say too much! I definitely have a lot going on and am traveling a lot this summer. But I would like to hang with him one on one and get to know each other personally a little more.. and maybe it could turn into something. But I don’t want him to feel like he won his “prize” and now the tables have turned. It is quite complicated because we work together but I think it would be great if we dated.

    ADVICE, anyone??

  56. tamz February 12th, 2011

    I have been dating a sag man for 7 months and it has been awesomwe but 4 weeks ago we moved in together and now it feels like he has completely changed. Gone is the romatic, exciting man and in his place is a selfish person who wants his freedom. Not sure what to do about this

  57. joen January 13th, 2011

    find d truth sis.. i mean.. know if he’s really talking about the truth between him and her friend, that they slept together in one bed all night because they were just really good friends(this is possible if they treat each other as bro’n sis but it’s impossible that they dOn’t like each other as romeo n’ Juliet) (continue..) and that he was just shy coz u fOund out.. and d rest.. i dunno.. just seek d truth first big sis.. so that u’ll not get hurt ‘coz d truth will set us freeeeeeeeeee…… yeaahhhhhh…. ehehehhe.. O;33 <3

  58. cuteBabe788 January 12th, 2011

    Also all of his friends who i know well too ( including my cousin ) all told me that they know he really likes me and is interested in me as sagi boy and his friends have spoke about me and he told them. im just totally confused lol

  59. cuteBabe788 January 12th, 2011

    Ok im a cancerian girl of 21 sand i went out on new years eve and offcourse it was soo busy and alot of old faces ( old friends ) i not seen in ages came out. anyway my cousin and all his friends was there. i got talking to one of them who of which i known for years and it was great we had a laugh and i think we both instantly felt an attraction. anyway we exchanged numbers a few days later and text a little. one night we was texting loads ( he was out drinking so alot was getting flirty ) i was at home full of flu and not able to sleep. he texts me on his way home as we live around the corner from each other he stopped at mine on the way and i met him outside for a couple of fags and a chat…we hugged and shared a kiss and said our goodnights and everything was great ( then texts started to not be so often ). i went to my cousins house ( sagi boy i kissed lives there with him ) and had a few beers we all hung out and it was a little awcrawd and i text him later that night once i was home saying hope he didnt mind me being there and that i liked him a little bit 😛 …. a week or so later the same group including me were out again and it was like at first we was both inbarresed and didnt hardly speak..only swapped a few words.anyway i went bk to my cousins house that night with a huge bunch of people and carried on the party…i noticed sagi boy was not around and so checked on him in his room, anyway we talked and kissed a little and basically said we like each other to one another…then he was sick everywhere and so i decided it was a good idea to go home and he was looked after by his female friend for the night ( who shared the same bed?)i felt a little odd about that but hey nothing reallyto o with me…he sends a message 2 days later saying im very sorry sharing the bed with another girl was totally out of order and explained how they are just good friends and they have never been intimate or even kissed before and tha he hopes i dont hate him… i said course not silly hope your ok blah blah…..but ever since his texts have not been as often and come across like he is embarreed or not interested any more? which is strange. ( my cousin his friend says he plays hard to get) is this all this is? or being a cacerian girl am i just thinking way to in to it as we have never been on a date only seen each other out and about and shared th occasional kiss and told each other w like one another… i really like the guy but i dont hink i have been to full on atall, i get thfeeling he does like me to…i just dont know how sagi’s work…?

  60. Her November 9th, 2010

    The best relationship of my life yet was with a Sagittarius man. He took the interest and time to really get to know me, perhaps even better than i knew myself at the time. we ended the relationship because i moved out of state; he was the only man (so far) who knew me, really knew me. i think us cancer woman can be very shy when letting others close to us, but he knocked down all the walls guarding my heart and took precious care of it. i think cancer/sagittarius make a great couple! hope this inspires someone! 🙂

  61. Spice October 25th, 2010

    I just broke up with the man of my dreams in late July…Loved him to death..Hes a sagi and Im a cancer…The problem was, we were too possessive of each other and when he’s hurt he’ll do whatever it takes to makesure you feel the same hurt that he felt.In my experience sagi men are great as friends with a cancer girl but not as a lover..Were way too sensitive and the sagi men are way too complex and doesnt know how to express himself…He was way too materialistic and a cancer woman is very turned off by that..Love him but Sagi and Cancer…big no no.

  62. Sam G October 15th, 2010

    My husband is a sag and I am a cancer. We hit off our relationship almost instantly. Three days on the phone, one date, two weeks later we were engaged, two years later we were married. We will be together for 4 years cokme january- and it never gets tiring. He tries my patience and I often say “I want to strangle you!!” And vice versa, but in the end, I couldn’t find someone as crazy and awesome as he is. Its a lot of work on both parts, but a sag and cancer relationship doesn’t have to end. 🙂

  63. Cookiedough October 9th, 2010

    You’re absolutely right CCGirl! Going on two months now and i only hear from him once every two weeks! Doesnt feel like a relationship to me though so i’m taking your advice and playing it really cool. What pisses me off is when he calls he goes on like we spoke yesterday and not two weeks ago. With him gushing he misses me and expecting me to go gushy on him too.
    So i let him know i expect for him to do more by way of communicating more often to which he promised to do but its going to two weeks…again and haven’t heard from him…lol. It helps to know a little about his sunsign though so its not so saddening. **scratching my head in wonder**

  64. confused cancer girl September 8th, 2010

    Cookiedough I don’t want to sound pessimistic but very few do long distance well. I am a cancer female and have been involved with a few Sag males in my life and they are not the best at it. A more romantic sign that will stay committed is better especially if he already told you he isn’t that good with communication just imagine how he is with keeping it in his pants! Keep it light until you both want the same thing in the same city!

  65. Cookiedough August 26th, 2010

    I have been wondering about this…are sags that much free spirited they dont really like to be tied down? I just met this sag guy and like you said it was instant attraction on his part. It took me an extra day to really warm up to him though.
    The kicker is that its a long distance relationship. He travelled 14hrs to meet me but we only had two days in all to get to know each other because he had to get back to work. I feel a little concerned though about the distance. How do saggs handle long distance relationships? He is such a free spirit and said he really sucks with communication.

  66. Sarin August 14th, 2010

    Hmm i agree with Jessika and Karma since i’m a cancerian woman and my current boyfriend is sagi we have this inseparable attraction between us! Since sagis tent to explore and share the world with their wild intentions cancerous girls like my self want to experience life as well (we do have wildness in us as well we are not dumb or dead or boring we like the male to come up with plans to order us around not us) and sagis are the perfect mates to show us what life has to offer lets be truthful us cancerians are outgoing but sometimes too home based believe me say yes once in a while and you’ll never want to depart! (2 years of relationship and still fresh as a tulip) p.s. since they don’t have any romance to offer they love it when their partner shows them what they’ve never tried or heard! remember their up for anything since his your opposite he’ll never tier of you! Aw almost forgot the tiring part that’s because he has nothing more to show you and they hate repeating the same thing they want to experience new things so always have a back up plan! 😉 and this is just a friendly gesture this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date a sagi or you should i’m just sayin learn to adapt no ones perfect including our selves! 🙂 the card’s in your hand learn when to bluff or give it all!

  67. Jessika August 11th, 2010

    ”Woow, I guess so. My brother is a sagitarius and I’m a cancer gal, you know we get along just perfect, cuz he is like my best brother, and I’ve always knowtice that when ever I am attractive 2 a handsome guy, he ends up being Sagitarius. Not all sagitarius are the same. Some are really cold blooded that don’t give a flying fuck who they hurt, and others do care and attend more to other’s feelings.

    Like Cancer girls, there are some bitches that give a sag a reason 2 fuss…but everybody is not the same no matter what compatibilty they are. To me all that matters is what is in your heart. Like sagirtarius, some do improove while other Cancerians inproove. No body is the same. You can date anyone from any compatibility…the only prblem is the test of life…Can you handle it or can you really work it out especially if you’re into that person. The Heart :)”

  68. julz July 22nd, 2010

    Cancer n sagitarius don’t mix well,I’m a sagitarius boy,and I’m always like cancer girls but when we get more involve into relationship,we always end up hurtin each other… This two sign can never be a perfect lover… Its a tragic

  69. mary massey May 5th, 2010

    I am a cancerian and my boyfriend is a sagtrius and till today i loved him alot but when he was in troble and i was the one who stood beside him in his bad days and today he uses bad words for me and my famly he hurts me all the time by using bad languages but i always had patient but i want to know why does not god puish the boy whose gitlfriend him hi so much and he hurts her all the time and abuses her i am very very upset because he hasent been calling me for two days this is call love and he says i love you what can of love is this

  70. Karma December 9th, 2009

    Um to the really fuckin stupid ass above, most women don’t like taking control! If most women like to take control, what the hell would we even need a relationship for?? It’s your job as a man to take the control!!

  71. diangello August 27th, 2009

    im a young sagi man…i feel you when u say we can sometimes get bored or indulgent with our actions towards the opposite sex…true to a point but thats when we imply thats its your turn to take control..our thrill for excitement is powered by ur abiltlity to make things happen,wheather in the bed at dinner or just watching a movie at home…KEEP US intrested becuse we’ll forever be intrested in u its just not our strength to show it an do it every second of the day….

  72. PR July 31st, 2009

    I am a cancerian woman and have recently met a sagi man . I find him very attractive and am drawn to him. he is very romantic and i cant help liking him. But I am afraid he has seen too many women and might get bored o fme in n time. I am looking to get married and this will be my first relationship with a man ever. If he is not serious abt committing and plays games with me I know I cannot handle it. What do you suggest I do?


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