Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

As the coupling of Virgo and Sagittarius is more an out of the box combination they both experience equal good and bad things in their relationship. The common ground they share is a desire to learn through their relationship. Sagittarius values keen insight of Virgo and Virgo can always have some wonderful conversations with Sagittarius.

A Sagittarius man places high value on trust in all aspects of life. He has a keen ability to sort out his dreams, knowing which ones are reachable and the ones that are delusions and a waste of his time. Sagittarius male needs independence, so the ones in his life need to trust him while allowing him to fly freely. He loves nature and the outdoors. He can be impulsive at times which allows him to jump headfirst into relationships. This often puts him in a bind, when he finds himself committing when he is not ready to do so.

A Virgo woman wants to serve the world and everyone who belongs in it by identifying their faults and bringing a systematic order to the confusion and disarray around them. One would refer to the Virgo woman as an alpha female. She is an emotionally strong person who can handle anything thrown her way. She is determined and once she sets her mind on doing something she completes it with a finesse. In a love relationship, she is adaptive and affectionate enough but she always wants her man to be well structured and planned. When she chooses to love someone she loves him with all of her heart and soul.

The sensibility of the Virgo woman attracts the Sagittarius man. This woman shows him how to approach the world appropriately and also helps him to be a more patient person. He values the keen insights and devotion of his woman. She brings many different aspects to his life and make him more reliable. She teaches him to be more responsible and take life seriously which helps him in both personal and professional life. She is certainly the more practical partner in this pairing. She even complains of his blind faith in the relationship, preferring that he should live in the here and now. She values the efforts put into the relationship, and sees all of the “little things” that make up its whole.

The Sagittarius man and the Virgo woman can have an interesting relationship when he is aware of her zest for perfection and when she does not try to make him feel confined in any area of life with her practical arguments. Stability and certainty is earned by this couple with due course of time as their love deepens and all the superficial aspects are left far behind. She really longs to love her Sagittarius man as fiercely in return of his passionate love as much she receives from him. As their selfless love flourishes, they bask in the sunshine of never ending affection and devotion, which makes them experience the heaven on earth. It is rightly said, being deeply loved by someone gives strength, while loving someone deeply gives courage! And they are brimmed with both once they are deeply in love forever.

The Sagittarius man gets on with sharing of ideas and adventures, charming his Virgo woman with his wonderful conversation. He teaches her to be more open minded and tolerant of people. He helps her to experience something she never experienced before — a free spirit. As the relationship progresses, he decreases the anxiety in the Virgo woman, by helping her to understand that it does not matter what others think about her. It helps her to feel more free about who she is. He also helps her become less of a worry wart.

The flames of passion and desire within the Sagittarius man and the deeper and quieter needs of Virgo earthiness can blend into a contentment and peace between them that forms foundation for more tolerance towards each other. It is in the nature of the Sagittarius man to become the protector of his woman. She takes this up beautifully and feels safe in the arms of her man, forgetting and forgiving all the things that had hurt or annoyed her the past due to his wrong actions. This couple brings forth tolerance, patience and contentment. She must remain present and refrain from becoming detached during lovemaking. If she becomes detached he senses this and feels rejected. He is able to please her sexually with his generosity and tenderness during lovemaking. Once she learns to be herself in the bedroom, she can make the sexual oneness a profound experience with her physical tenderness sprinkled with sensuality for him. He can teach her to be more expressive and she can teach him to unfold each level of intimacy with patience, experiencing the true erotic flavor of love making.

Sagittarius man and Virgo woman hold the same amount of love for one another. The only difference is that he is able to verbally expressive his love for her more openly and more often. They differ greatly when it comes to money. He can feel the frigid response of the Virgo woman when he is irresponsible with his money. He is very generous while she is very stingy with money. If he genuinely comes to her for help with his money issues, she gladly shows him the way. Over time she learns that there is no reason to not trust the Sagittarius man. Both are very levelheaded which helps them work through their differences. These two are able to live together freely and enjoy themselves while having fun. Together, they are able to bury their negative attributes and watch their virtues shine.

  1. Birungi Receptionist January 5th, 2023

    Am a Virgo and he is a Sagittarius but he is always running after women I think he is adventureous

    • Ggirul April 9th, 2023

      Trust the process. I’m sure he’s not chasing women it will be the Virgo in you that feels like he is… Sagittarius men need to feel free they have a flirty fun nature they love to feel like everyone loves them everywhere they go , but they are actually extremely loyal to their woman and …Virgo woman are very picky with standards and judging when it comes to behaviour and morals and we are very reserved and can be quite shy when it comes to flirting so virgo women can take their Sagittarius man the wrong way if they don’t understand his and her own zodiac characteristics… Sagittarius men can’t live without their Virgo partners traits just be sure to let him fly and cheer him on and he will be a slave to your heart .. I am happily married to my Sagittarius hubby for 20 years he keeps me on my toes and vice Versa. We are not perfect by far but we are each others oxygen non of us could live without the other.. Virgo and Sagittarius are very loyal and are a brilliant match if they communicate and understand each other xx

  2. gia April 19th, 2022

    i am a virgo woman, i was very scared because my previous relation was with an aquarius man and he didn’t make me feel secure ever, but i have met a sagittarius man and he has made me very comfortable in only the few weeks we’ve been talking, it’s very different from what i’m used to and i’m trying to adjust my thinking. i don’t want to scare him away because i feel like i’m very bipolar when i’m talking to him and i hope he understands and doesn’t get to wrong signs.

    • Roy May 17th, 2022

      I’m glad to hear that my ex Virgo woman is dating a Aquarius man Im hoping it doesn’t work out I’m a sagittarius she was in love with me for 8 years

    • Elizaveta Vodolazskaia July 26th, 2022

      I’m an august Virgo and he’s a December sag. I have never had love like I have with him. We have been dating for a year and few months and lived together after one month of dating. He is my home and my breath. He has truly changed me for the better and ironed my wrinkles and opened my mind to soo much. And I have done the same with him although I would not say I am stingy with my money at all because I always spend it on bills or him.

  3. Karina November 20th, 2021

    still strong since 2010 this explanation was down to the T.

  4. Mrs. Smith October 13th, 2021

    This is definitely accurate. I do feel that because we’re mutable we can adapt to each other’s likes such as this, if im always hot And he’s cold natured after being together for a while we can change behaviors. I guess this can happen w any sign but I noticed things like this. I express myself more with words he express himself w actions and over the years, he’s learned to do it more verbally. I love me some him best friend and husband

  5. Anonymous September 17th, 2021

    I’m a Sagittarius Man, I have a crush on a Virgo woman XD. Thanks for letting me know we could be a good couple <3

    • tbc September 17th, 2021

      Still strong ! been together since 2017!

    • Ntwali October 17th, 2021

      Same thing here, man

    • Sums July 8th, 2022

      Hey man, how is it going? Did you tell her that you have a crush on her?

  6. Challanique January August 2nd, 2021

    Hi im a virgo female and my partner a sagittarius male
    Are you guys stalking us, everything you wrote was fckn damn accurate. ❤️💯
    Im convinced this description is about us 🤔

  7. Hailey Robinson August 1st, 2021

    I am white, blue eyes, 122lb, skinny thicc Virgo female… I am with mixed, brown eyes, 150lb, Brazilian beefcake male. We met in middle school and he was so into me, how could he not I am Virgo female skinny thicc. Anyway, I dumped him in 11th grade, so sad 🙁 then we meet up in 2020, both sick, and fall in love 🙂 My Taurus papa and Capi mommy don’t approve. But we find the time…. BUT I have two marriage lines on my hands… what mean???? He die? Ah, well …. maybe another Saggie male in the future……

  8. Jalea Alexander January 31st, 2021

    Wow I can believe these comments. I’m a virgo woman. Of course my male who I’m interested in is a Sagittarius man. We been friends for years. My first cousin who is a Sagittarius male and my Sagittarius male friend is the bestest friends. Well anyway he would tell my cousin to hook him up with me. Of course being a real lady I was loyal to my bf/ father of my kids (Gemini man) 😩. So my Sagittarius male friend leave me well enough alone with my relationship with my no good Gemini. Lets fast ward to 2020. I was so content of being single. One night I was alone watching a movie and suddenly my Sagittarius male friend cross my mind. My intention was to DM him unfortunately I got distracted. It’s was the 4th of July and I was working and I thought we was gonna be hell of busy since it was 4th of July but good thing it was slow and I went home. I got off from work I went got my girls and headed to my auntie house. My first cousin came over we talk to each other for a good 10 minutes then he got up and left. I went too check on my kids. As I walk towards my cousin car….. I couldn’t believe my eyes there he WAS standing there looking at me smiling at me. All I could do is say his name. It’s was crazy how the night before I thought about him then we bumped into each other at my auntie house. We talk all that night. We exchange numbers. As I walked into my apartment he text me to check if we made home safe. He was so happy that him and I were talking. What’s sad is that he told me he wanted me but I never gave him a chance. As time pass we hit a few bumps on the road with his ex. We still holding on to each other.

  9. Vaishali Patel November 16th, 2020

    Hi.. I am Virgo woman…. Separated and having 4 years old son… One of my old neighborhood fellow who is still bachelor Sagittarius…. Always stares me lovingly… And send his friends to follow me some time… But he never come to approach me… He might know my past… But I don’t know his intention.. He is good looking bachelor and I am average looking mother of a son….. Do he loves me or just passing his time or making fun at me….

    • Phoenix December 16th, 2020

      Sagittarius like me love admiring the general beauty in people aswell as love watching the other person actions. They might quite possibly want to know you, you should go the first move and ask them on a date. Dont fear rejection either you might be suprised. I am a sag and this virgo mother of 4 is literally my dream person but I was to scared to really show that I liked her and she ended up asking me out for my birthday and wow! Did we connect. When I look at her, look into her eyes her soul trickles down me soothing every bit of me. When she looks at me I can see she really likes me even tho I have had the weight of feeling like everyone leaves me and people end up not liking me in the long run I can see that she is completely honest with how she feels about me and that is what makes me really want to work on this relationship.

  10. Vaishali Patel November 16th, 2020

    Hi.. I am Virgo woman…. Separated and having 4 years old son… One of my old neighborhood fellow who is still bachelor Sagittarius…. Always stares me lovingly… And send his friends to follow me some time… But he never come to approach me… He might know my past… But I don’t know his intention.. He is good looking bachelor and I am average looking mother of a son….. Do he loves me or just passing his time or making fun at me….

  11. Jessica Ault May 21st, 2020

    I’m a virgo woman, been dating a Sag man and he has shown me something I longed for my whole life the definition of a true man. So I will let him have his way a be by his side and endure to the end. I just hope we can reconcile our relationship after I cheated to make him mad was the worse thing I could ever imagine. And I rejected him for no reason. I was selfish. I just need time to better myself. Cuz I want to come back better and stronger than ever. A real woman not just a girl friend. I want my man back. Like we been together for 10years and I need another 10up out him. I want to satisfy his every need while still not losing myself.

    • Mztea December 6th, 2020

      Awwwwwww man! Why did u cheat?. U do know that was THE worst thing to do to them, being they are NOT the type to get jealous over those type of movements but u could of hurt him a whole different way and still had a chance much later in life that is…Im a virgo and u choose those methods as a get bk?. U must be a Sep virgo!. No harm sis. We just think different the point. Hope he comes bk tho. Don’t smother or sweat or stalk him. That will push him away further. In due time IF he sees value in the come back *will NEVER be the same..just take it for what it is because u did make the bed.. my hunny is a Sag and I have plenty sag friends..male and female!

    • Matt January 7th, 2021

      I’d say you made a mistake you probably won’t recover from’ I am a prominent sagittarius and alpha male trust,honesty and respect are key aspects.. I’m caring, loving , compassionate, honest and loyal but disrespect is untolorated I give 21 years to three scorpios all three which too me for granted and used my trust and kindness to their advantage . I shine light where ever I go and bring warmth to any atmosphere but when I am wronged I am dark and cold as ice and I never look back they become a stranger I’ve never met and yet I don’t burn bridges I don’t need an excuse I don’t plan on ever crossing them again . In stead I leave them intact to leave them hoping for or wondering if I’ll return i don’t live with regret but instead leave them with the opportunity for it.. like i said cold as ice…..

      • Ben April 2nd, 2023

        Super spot on! I am exactly the same. Word for word you nailed it !!

  12. User3223 February 18th, 2020

    I am a Virgo woman with a Sagittarius moon. I’ve dated two Sag guys. My first relationship he still had a lot of learning to do. That came in my advantage because he was always so intrigued and proud of what I knew and how I did certain things. We were very much alike so we bumped heads on expressing how we felt about each other. Neither one of us wanted to feel powerless. His obsessive need for freedom was detrimental for us. He would stay out all the time. We were always the fun couple at events though. His actions were just foul.
    The 2nd Sag that’s my husband 😘🥰😍… enough said!
    My take with Sag men they are: providers, protectors, family men, caring, liars (some), blunt, comforting, fun, exciting!

  13. Virgo Maxie October 14th, 2019

    You don’t know what you have till it’s gone. I’m a Virgo Woman and I Met my Sagittarian Man 7 Months ago. I had actually went to a church conference 6 years ago and he was there but I kinda didn’t notice him at the moment because at the time another guy was trying to get my attention. Well after I guess he started following me on IG. To be honest I did kinda notice him on my timeline and would go check out his page here and there but never mad a move. Well the ending of last year I guess he finally decided to come out and tell me he had a crush on me and how he’s been crushing for years now.

    I didn’t pay much attention to him either, last year when he would slide in my DM. He had asked for my number but when I gave it to him and he txted me, I ignored him. At the time I was going thru a lot and didnt feel like entertaining anyone. In April of this year he had txted me again saying “if I ever needed someone to talk to, I could call him.” Well one of the days I decided to give him a chance and txted him back. We had long conversations and that’s when he told me he’s always liked me. Well long story short we have been talking for the past 6-7 months. He lives in NY and I live in Georgia.( However, I will be moving to NY in January for school.)

    The problem is, for the past 1 week he has been ignoring me because we got into this dumb debate/ argument about something that had nothing to do with our friendship/ relationship and now he’s not talking to me. I don’t know if he’s offended because I said “his first girlfriend got his mind all f’d up about females.” I said this to him because he always thinks so negatively about females and thinks females are the ones who do wrong in relationships like cheating… etc. Which is not always the truth. So that night I was a bit fustrated with him and kinda said that and now he want talk to me.

    I miss him soo much. I have txted him and told him I’m sorry because the next day we’ll two days later I realized I might have offended him. Plus I missed him. I told him I loved him. With the week I’ve even reached out to one of his friends So he can tell him I’m sorry. But he still hasn’t hit me up. I feel hopeless because I can’t even go to his place to look for him because we live in two parts of the United States. I truly miss him dearly and just wish he would talk to me. We are soo different but so alike and I believe he’s my better half. I just hope he doesn’t stay away forever.

    I know this is a long read but I need help please.What should I do? My friends and my brothers are like O well this is his loss. But idk. I feel this is the kind of guy I need in my life.

    • VirgoDutchez November 12th, 2019

      I’m sorry to hear this. I feel if he is willing to let you go after all this time over a silly statement that you apologized for and not willing to hear you out nor give you a chance to correct yourself, he is not who you should be seeking for the future. Your emotions as a Virgo makes you automatically vulnerable to want to make a change and not consider the bigger picture. I’m sure he’s a great guy but this is unfair to you. My boyfriend is also a sag and offer speaks on his outlook on females, which comes off really negative and judging as well however me being the calm person I am, I speak more so on myself to differ from how he see’s his past. Allowing him to see that I am not those women and I can handle things differently. Everyone is different but may make similar decisions however, that’s no excuse to compare, disrespect or belittle the next person. Know your worth. I understand your friends and family for saying it’s his lost and I understand you being unsure, but stay true to yourself and know what you deserve. He should be willing to talk to you and come to an mutual agreement whether it’s he doesn’t feel y’all are on the same page and should go separate ways or he can simply get a better understanding. He should not have you going out of your way to try to explain yourself and y’all get back on good terms only for this to happen again.

      • Brandy October 8th, 2020


    • Jo July 26th, 2020

      Send him a love letter when you can pour ur heart out and let him know how much you care and love him. Make him feel important. Make him feel ge means the world for you. But do keep loving yourself too. Hope this helps. And will pray that may you get your love back.

    • Mizvirgo August 11th, 2020

      Ugh, I am going through the same thing! Except I got mad at him and figured my Sagittarius guy would call since he messed up. It’s been Almost 5 days and he still hasn’t called . I miss him so much and I want us to make up. I don’t know if I’m being stubborn and should swallow my pride or just leave it alone move on.

    • Brandy M Hughes October 8th, 2020

      That’s just how sag men are. I’ve been with my sag man going on 7 years now. He’s not texting / calling you back because he doesn’t want to say hurtful things to you. He is mad… And when he gets over that ..he will call again. Don’t text him/ call asking if it’s something you did, don’t be whiny or too emotional…that will push him further away… Trust me…I know. Be patient…he will be back…
      As far as them accusing you of cheating ….if you really love him and wanna stay together
      ..get use to it…n let it roll off your shoulder…mine still accuses me ….and we always get over it. Hope this helps…if you need to talk hit me up on Facebook messenger. Brandymichelle( not the pic with me in the black dress the other one) center texas

    • ryan October 14th, 2020

      im a saggitarius man of 39 and after reading your comment yes you have fucked up by cheating. we cant stand that trust me. BUT if there is real ove there then you might , just might have a chance to save it. but if you feel like you talk here then you are going to have to work damn hard to convince him you really love him… ill help if you need it x

  14. Maxine Munoz August 18th, 2019

    I am a Virgo woman and dateing a Sagittarius man .its been good so far .but we are still getting to know each other and i still don’t know if im right for him ,only time will tell but he is sweet and kind but can be a bit selfish at times maybe its me but can’t help to feel like this at times .but Virgos are not prudes we are quite crazy behind closed doors and adventurous .

    • Ujjwal September 27th, 2019

      It’s a relationship,you have to give only your heart,not your brain!💝#ProTip

  15. kassidy28 January 14th, 2019

    @undefined you need to re-evaluate your standards in the relationships. You need to set boundaries and be vocal of your wants and needs. Don’t be afraid to speak to him at the beginning of the relationship and cut your losses if you don’t see changes.

    Please do that going forward, I promise you…you will find the love you desire.

  16. Kassidy January 14th, 2019

    I’m dating a Sagittarius man now and I’m a Virgo woman. I’m in love with my Sagittarius man but he doesn’t know that…maybe he does, but acted like he doesn’t. I act careless in front of him, but I’m a sucker for him. He’s calm and I am tempestuous. I am surprised he can deal with my craziness. He is definitely generous and I am calculating. I always had an issue on how freely he would spend on others, but over time I trust him with his decision…and that’s the first. As a Virgo woman, I am definitely an Alpha female. I am always in control and wants to dominate everything! No one tells me what to do, I have a mind of my own…even my bosses have to listen to me. But my man sure knows how to put me in my place. He’s gentle and quiet yet his charms changed me for the better. Of course I put him in his place too. We definitely balance each other. He’s free spirited and I am more grounded. He likes freedom and I demand attachment. It was a struggle beginning for us. I pushed him away so many times and I walked away so many times. We clashed a lot at the beginning and he withdrew for a whole month without contacting me because I was being extremely stubborn as to my way or get away. I let him be. I didn’t reach out to him neither. I went out on dates with other guys, but no matter how invested and interested those guys were to me…I couldn’t stop thinking and missing my guy. They showered me with gifts, took me to fancy places…but my heart just wasn’t in it and I cut them all off. Some are still trying to reconnect now.

    A month passed, he reached out again asking for us to talk things out. Although I wanted to see him but I had to reprimand him for abandoning me for a month (even if it was partly my fault). I didn’t let him see me for another 2 months! No matter how much he tried to see me sooner, I held my ground. Virgo women sure are a force to be reckon with.

    I demanded to meet in a public place and that he had to court me all over again. The funny thing was I wanted to kiss him but I held it in. He had to beg for a kiss and I finally kissed him on a cheek at the end of the date. He didn’t dare wash his face at all…literally. He would avoid washing that spot. Lol.

    I think Virgo women in general are very picky and demanding, because we are critical creatures and we are perfectionist. We work hard to be the best version of ourselves so we expect the same in our partner. Any sloppy, lazy, unintelligent guy are definitely a turn off for me.

    My Sagittarius man is poised, classy, handsome, tall, educated, calm, generous, charming, intelligent, patient, understanding, confident, respected, successful and many more.
    We both are lucky we met. I think Virgo and Sagittarius are a match made in heaven on earth.

  17. Bri November 25th, 2018

    I hate that the Virgo woman is always portrayed as a frigid, adventureless prude. The Virgo woman is reserved so that she can observe her surroundings before acting too hastily. She is constantly aware and she has good taste. However, she is a wild woman in the bedroom, with crazy passion. She may not be into fetishes, but that doesn’t mean she won’t rock your world. Also some virgos are quite adventurous and do take risks, though you can bet that they are very calculated risks. Virgos can admittedly be critical in all areas of life, but they are the most critical of themselves and would never ask something of someone that they wouldn’t expect form themselves.

    • Kassidy January 14th, 2019

      I can’t agree with you more! You’re super spot on!

  18. nolan garrison April 10th, 2018

    in a sag man and im breaking up with a virgo, gosh I cant get her out of my head, I made the mistake of giving her more than my heart. damn it hurts. but since venus is between us and she gets vibes from me I think back to her by thinking she is losing a good hearted, faithful man. in time she will get that in her head, and turn around and want me back. we both got along great. she will come to her senses

    • Kath May 24th, 2018

      I know how you feel I’m missing my man so much.any ideas how to win back a beautiful saggitarius man ?

  19. Faith January 11th, 2018

    This was a very inspiring reading. I just met my Sagittarius New Years Eve 2017 and I liked him almost instantly. I look forward to what the future holds.

  20. U January 5th, 2018

    Virgo woman that had the worst relationship ever with a sag man, as i read the previous comments, I wonder what went wrong with us, he is selfish and uncaring, he is indecisive, evil at times, and down right disrespectful on so many levels. But then there are times when he is loving and caring and attentive. I am glad i left him but it took me two years. I loved him deeply and i believed that’s how it started out for us. but something went wrong and I had to step away or constantly get hurt.

  21. Mimi K December 2nd, 2017

    Virgo woman here, married to a Sag man for 4 years. We’ve been together 7 years and have a toddler. Traveled all over the world together. Almost everything written here is basically like reading about our lives and how we interact together. We have problems like every couple but we are devoted to each other. I never doubt his love for me and that’s pretty damn important. We’re both strong personalities and have honest and open conversations.

    • Felicia Berg February 19th, 2018

      Wow im impresse. Im dating a Sagittarius guy and at times I feel as if he doesn’t show me how he cares as much as I do. I love him dearly but it hurts that he goes out on the weekends without me. He says its just him and his guys. Maybe im overreacting. When i get distant he gives me space. Thats the opposite of what i want him to do. I want him to show how much he cares by trying to figure out why im hurt. Instead he doesnt and the distance i gave him has no impact on him because i fold and cant stay away. We have been in a relationship for over a year. What do i do? How can I improve our relationship i want us to last a lifetime.

      • Abuzar June 27th, 2018

        Lady just be loyal with him 😊. Im a sag man…all these things mentioned here just show he really loves u. Just give him respect and ur sincerity thats all. God bless both of u. Dont ever show aloof nature. And one thing about sag…when they lose their temper dnt think they have thrown that love away. It’ll just be a minutes game. Handle them try to calm them at that time dnt be rude due to their anger 😊.

      • tbc November 19th, 2018

        you should tell him what’s wrong…not play games about it. dont have him guess. that’s just childish.

      • Kassidy January 14th, 2019

        Haha you’re not the first. My man is the same way. He’s a Sagittarius and I am a Virgo. He likes freedom and I want attachment. It was impossible to adjust at first. I was used to guys being clingy to me and demanded my attention. With him, I felt that I had to ask for his. I couldn’t do that anymore. I told him we need to see other people.

        My guy had the nerve to tell me that I was moving fast and he likes to take his time. I told him okay then go be with someone who’s willing to go at his turtle/grandpa pace. I will be with someone who will give me what I need. He met me be for a whole month! I was hurting, but I held it in and dated others. He came back wanted to see me….I punished him for another 2 months.

        I wasn’t afraid to express my feelings for him. He was guarded. He told me at the beginning that girls who were vocal and showed too much emotion scared him away and he would run and never come back. Little did he know, I’m the worst of them all! Lol and he ran but ran closer to me! Love works in a mysterious ways.

        Now we have rules and a game plan for our relationship. It’s healthier that way. I learned to give him space and he learned to be more accommodating to my never ending needs.

        It’s anout communication, understanding, trust and respect.
        Talk to your man, express your wants. Be direct and don’t be afraid to walk away if he doesn’t comply. If the love is there…he will change for the better.

    • feefeegottahaveit.dahlia February 19th, 2018

      Wow im impresse. Im dating a Sagittarius guy and at times I feel as if he doesn’t show me how he cares as much as I do. I love him dearly but it hurts that he goes out on the weekends without me. He says its just him and his guys. Maybe im overreacting. When i get distant he gives me space. Thats the opposite of what i want him to do. I want him to show how much he cares by trying to figure out why im hurt. Instead he doesnt and the distance i gave him has no impact on him because i fold and cant stay away. We have been in a relationship for over a year. What do i do? How can I improve our relationship i want us to last a lifetime.

  22. Josh October 8th, 2017

    Sag man here. My virgo girl n I we fresh been talkin like a few weeks. But im so into her. Ima true sag. Real Casanova lol. But my virgo make me want to only b with her. She tell me im perfect i tell her she’s perfect. Its more than her looks. Her mind makes me fall for her. She mind fucks me! That shit different. We really do connect on the intellectual level and that is a brilliant thing. Jay z (sag) and Beyonce (virgo) kan do it. So kan we!

  23. Zanele August 10th, 2017

    I’m a vigro woman and I’m in a relationship with a Sagittarius man.. We both have strong carecters n we aften fight a lot because u love each other so much but in all that we always find a way to make things right in no time we like spending time with each other we could sit the whole day in each others arms that how much we love each other even though we get to jealous about in such a way that we want nothing to come between us I mean no guy friends or girl friend we just get jealous n get the wrong ideas but it all that love and love is our strength… What should we do to stop fighting n get more jealousy with each other??

  24. Ali July 17th, 2017

    I am segitarious and want to marry a virgo girl.
    What should i do?

  25. Virgo May 23rd, 2017

    I’m a Virgo woman married to a Taurus man for 10 yrs. Begining an unexpected affair with a Sagittarius man… We have great converaation and I’ve tried to help him with many issues of life, I think this is how it started., have not had. Sex but the chemistry is there. I see a lot of problems if it goes further. A of emotional pain. I’ve always had best connections and relationship with Taurus men.. Really want to end it with the saggitarian but it’s hard

    • tbc November 19th, 2018

      it’s not hard. you just don’t want to do it. divorce and be single for a bit. you’re being immature by maintaining a husband and lover. give me a break about it being hard! everything is hard when you’re selfish i guess lol

      virgo woman speaking here. be honest with yourself. you’re better than this.

  26. Kuba May 15th, 2017

    What if the Sagittarius man is ready to settle down with Virgo woman?

    • Luci May 30th, 2017

      Go ahead!!! GO FOR IT !!!

  27. kie kie April 18th, 2017

    hi am a virgo woman with this sagit guy. my boyfriend is sure a great guy he makes me feel like am the only girl in the world sometimes i wonder if its too good to be true. overall people are saying that i cant trust any guy an not to put my full love on the line, but with this guy i cant help it, i love he so much. we are in our 4 year going to the 5th year and before we got serious about our relationship he was with someone else and got her pregnant up until this day i kinda feel bad about it cause but glad that i wasn’t the one pregnant in some case but even thought i don’t know why am still so crazy for this guy is like he never seems to do nothing wrong. after all that the trust level as decrease but no matter what i still love my sagi man.

  28. Ilyse April 9th, 2017

    I am a virgo woman and my boyfriend a sagittarius. We have only been dating since late October and with it being only early April, it seems as if relationship is perfect. He is such a sweetheart and tries his best to make sure I’m ok…within the first month we was already talking about marriage, him saying yes but wait and me saying to he’ll with waiting…lets go for it. Of course we have our ups and downs but he is the one who always wants to fix it….he never wants to go to sleep with us mad at each other

  29. Rikipr April 5th, 2017

    Currently dating a virgo girl im a sag male she is perfect and very serious at times each day that passes i feel more connected to her and i think im falling for her i think trust starts with comunication and respect.

  30. Nini April 3rd, 2017

    As a virgo woman, the Sagittarus man I had relationship with was really horrible. He wasn’t romantic at all. He was very aggressive and very selfish. I am an incurable romantic born on the 10th of sept. Actually, I spent on him rather than him on me. he was so jealous of my achievements

  31. Virgohealer March 24th, 2017

    Virgo woman, with my second sag guy. My first ever relationship was with a Sag guy who I guess didn’t appreciate me and do all those typical traits that can makes relationship break came up and it was horrible. He cheated and it broke my trust forever. Suffice to say I was hesitant to date another Sag, this guy kept asking me for 3 years I said no. Finally I agreed. I have not been happier and more secure in any relationship in my life. I notice women all over him but I know he loves me and I trust him and none of that matters. I think the right person really makes all the difference. I also think things like your ascendant and lunar signs play a big part in your compatibility. I’m very happy with my Sag, he’s amazing.

  32. R February 10th, 2017

    6 years with my Sag and all I can say is that I don’t agree with you. My man is the most faithful human being I’ve ever met. He is so kind and smart, and VERY shy – and me, I’m a very outgoing Virgo. We are so different, but still complements each other ❤️

  33. renay February 3rd, 2017

    Being a well confident female Virgo is important when dealing with an out going sag… They have an open personality when we don’t. But being able to make your relationship fun and exciting for both should be a goal to accomplish because it will always take the edge off. Trust and respect plays a big role and does require a lot of practice especially when they love to flirt. Be mindful they will follow you if they can trust you and want let you go if you stand by them no matter what.

  34. Loveth February 2nd, 2017

    Am Loveth, I love my sag man but his not faithful which makes me think if his love is for real, right now am about to quit the relationship cos it’s just too much

  35. Tanya January 13th, 2017

    I differ big time regarding the Virgo woman being stingy with money…money to me as a Virgo means nothing if I can’t see a smile on someone I care for’s face..yes maybe when he spends my money reckless its a different story all together..

  36. Claire December 28th, 2016

    I’m 13
    I really love my sag
    but he is not as faithful as I would want him to be
    girls are always all over him and in his face (he is 14)
    (he is really hansome) (I might of spelled hansome wrong)
    he does not cheat
    but girls are always all over him and he does not do anything about it
    sometimes he flirts back
    he keeps giving these whores the satisfaction
    but I don’t want to tell him I’m jealous because I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable with me because I know how sags feel about possessive people
    but he really brings me out of my shell
    he make it ok for me to be my self
    as a Virgo I can be uptight
    but he tells to take the brick out of my a** and loosen up
    I really like him
    (he is my boyfriend now)

    • Jeannette January 15th, 2017

      If you tell him your jealous he runs, if you are jealous and can’t express it, your dishonest. Sag wants honesty, which means they also want to be trusted. So express which girls you like him to flirt back “making her feel better” so he can share his gift. Learn to appreciate other women wanting what you have. Become a strong virgo: an analytical mind that says “if he is given freedom I offer what no woman can, and if he cheats with that freedom, better I find out sooner than later and not waste it on a pretty handsome face”.

      If you say “she is pretty, fun, and smartphone will think highly of your ability to see what he does, but stick to only complementing 8-10. If she is disheveled or plain, then find a complement, and give him one of not being superficial and capable of liking finer things. In a way you show security, confidence, and project that he picked you for the same reasons that he may flirt back with her.

      Ask if he wants to invite her for coffee and get to know her as a friend… maybe even set her up with his best friend.
      I hope you get over your jealousy, it is not a good trait to maintain.

    • Rondi March 10th, 2017

      He’s 14! He’s supposed to be attracted to girls. You have lots of years to experience romance. Take your time, I know it feels like deep love, but take it from me, an older woman with lots of experience: someday years from now you’ll look back and think of him as a sweet memory — if you still remember him at all. ❤️?

  37. thamarai May 23rd, 2016

    Hi all,
    I am a virgo lady and I have fallen in love with a sadge man who is 4 years younger than me. I have always got the feeling that he has a thing for me. I let him know of my feelings and he totally  rejected me. In fact, he was so downright rude and told me off. He is currently in a relationship with someone. I am totally heart broken. I am so helplessly attracted to him and couldnt get rid of the feelings that I have for him. Somewhere in my heart, it says that this man belongs to me but it’s so one sided with him being in a relationship with someone else. As a virgo, I am very picky and it has been ages since I have such intense feelings for any man. Feeling miserable and heartache.

  38. @Thabby October 29th, 2015

    hmmm… The way all of this sounds familiar, currently dating my sadg guy for 2yrs now, we took a break for a month cos I didn’t trust him anymore and now I’ve learnt to just relax with uncertainty. That’s helped a lot cos he’s now more open to me and shows a lot of affection toward me. I allow him his space to be free. Only thing I don’t like is when I’m upset about something, I can be quiet and cold toward him and that pushes him away? and when I am pissed and rant & raid he just goes all quiet, giving me time to think about all I just said ( cause I can be really harsh at times). I always end up feeling bad even though my point was sort of -kinda right.
    He just completes me in a way though, I think of our bond sort of like a yin-yang?

  39. msandyfl June 28th, 2014

    I just started talking to my sagg… been a month…the love connection is so strong..its the trust that messes me up..i was with a wrong…but my sagg tells me not to doubt him…

  40. mbelk February 5th, 2014

    funny how this is my three year relationship with my DJ, he comes and goes as he pleases but thats no reason to not trust him he just likes his space and so do i,  he’s very bad with mula sometimes i tell him I’m broke cause I’m stingy like that but he’s very generous with a short temper after any argument he holds me like a baby and it makes me feel safe, secure, and loved now go DJ cause that’s my DJ. Lol

  41. Little-lisa November 8th, 2013

    I have had a long relationship with a Sag and a very brief one… Both cannot be trusted long or short term…..

  42. Nixe September 3rd, 2013

    I met my sag guy when I was 17. We were crazy about each other. However I made the mistake of thinking I could not trust him. Many girls were after him. I was young and anything nice he said to them confirmed my fear.  He took my standing back and waiting for proof as a sign I did not like him enough. Thsi back and forth went on for several years. When we were in the same room no one else exsisted and when in his arm I always felt safe and cared for. Due to our foolishness we lost each other for 15 years. Recently we found each other again. The attraction, chemistry whatever you want to call it was instantly there. Now we are wading through many difficulties (job, distance, financial) before we can hopefully be together. 
    To all the Sag guys out there, do not let your virgo girl push you away. Tell her directly how you feel about her, it will help. She is just scared to trust your impulsiveness. Remember there are 3 things that make a girl smile. I love you, I miss you, I think your beautiful. If you tell her enough she will learn. 
    To all my virgo sisters out there. If your Sag guy loves you, then you can trust him. Dont forget to tell him how much he means to you often. He really doesnt know.

  43. ya-know-it October 5th, 2012

    I am a virgo and my crush is a sagittarius.
    He is my neighbour.
     I’ve known him for almost all my life.
    I told him I liked him,he likes me too
    We get along very well, we get silly around each other after all we are teenagers.
    We agree on alot of things but we also have alot of difference
    I am second guessing if our relationship will work because of the previous horoscopes I read.


    • Rondi March 10th, 2017

      Hi, I feel a strong responsibility to explain after reading so many comments from females who mention, for example, “He’s a Leo and I’m a Taurus so I know that….” or whatever. The day you were born is your SUN sign. The exact time of your birth is your Ascendent or Rising sign. The next important aspect of yourself is the position of the moon at time of your birth. When it comes to love, Venus is very influential, so someone with Venus in Scorpio for example will be different in relationships than someone with Venus in a different sign. All those things and more contribute to a person’s personality, intellect and emotional makeup. To say “He’s a Taurus, so…..” is like saying “He’s from Dallas, so….” Obviously everyone from Dallas isn’t the same and neither are all Scorpios or Geminis or any of the signs the same. If you really want a clear picture of someone you must have a professional, experienced astrologer construct their chart. Otherwise, it’s about as meaningful as a fortune cookie.

  44. Wicam September 7th, 2012

    Hi All,
    I’m a Sagittarius single man and not dating a Virgo women or anyone at moment. As i read here Ithink, i’d rather wait forever than go with wrong person but recently met her and she is so attractive to me. I like everything about her and reading this page that’s her for sure and true it’s me too. Anyway she doesn’t know and maybe never will but just posting here as I wanted to say how nice Virgo women are so be proud of yourself girls you’re fantastic people! By the way, she sits opposite me in the office so too risky to say in case it dorsn’t work out 🙁 but had an interview this week and if it comes off then maybe I open drop a hinta before I leave. Life huh, when you like someone why can’t we just say… Oh yeah they may not feel the same lol  Thanks for reading anyway. It helps me saying it!

  45. hsv8girl August 29th, 2012

    kye was disagreeing with jillian

  46. hsv8girl August 29th, 2012

    i beg to differ the sag male only is commited to 1 and 1 only he cant help that women want him same as virgo women have the same problem with other men. it to them is just being themselves relaxed funloving spirit, not being a flirt. but both together have a very trusting relationship as they both commit there whole heart and soul to each other they dont cheat or flirt they are easy going and others want them but they dont see it or if they do they love to make others jelous of how deep there love is and show it infront of others a sag male once in love is proud and deeply devoted even a sag male thats single would rather wait a life time to find mrs right whom he feels worthy of. to have just the 1 partner in life , he would wait for sex. and perfect timing as he feels hes body isnt just for anyone he selects his partner with great care in every aspect

  47. jas0906 October 31st, 2011

    Hi! I am a Virgo woman born(Rooster) with a saggy guy born(buffalo), were on for 7 years now.I am 4 years older than my guy, and he knows that.We know and love each other deeply,we have this long distance relationship but the more we are far to each other, the passionate we became to each other and just like any other relationships out there, we already have face wars and all,i admit my man flirted with other girls before and as a sweet revenge i would tell him too that i accepted a new saggy guy and he would be jealous. I broke up with the other saggy guy and we my saggy guy for 7 years still keep our relationship. Yes there is an ups and downs of this relationship but I would say that we love each other so much, we know for a fact that we are soulmate and we call each other as soulmates or mom and dad,and no matter what,thru ups and downs my man would always tell me”Mom just promise me you will never give up and never let go, I love you so much!” and I would respond, yes Dad I wont. And i think the good thing that makes us work is because when i am so mad, i am so extreme, my man is just silent and would let me vent out, shouting slapping him and he would say sorry. I am extremely extreme when I am angry but my man is so cool, he will never throw fire, and after that we would be soon okay and back to normal to sweet and so super sweet.I think that is what you call soulmate, a person you met in a soul level, that no matter what, you are still together sweet forever.Now I am secured and trusted that I will have my handsome Saggy Man forever.I love you so much Daddy( Jake Carba).

  48. jillyshe1159 September 8th, 2011

    I am currently dating a sadge. It has it’s ups and downs for sure. He is super affectionate and puts blind trust into our relationship–and it’s very true that when I’m in his arms nothing he has done wrong seems to matter… But he is hard to trust because as every description on a sadge says he enjoys the company of women, and is flirtatious by nature. Will the good balance out the bad? Not sure I will have to see…

  49. shezina June 2nd, 2011

    @tahir : ,if really you like her den y let ego clashes come in ur relation ? ..if seriously you ever liked that girl ,u’ll never let her go

  50. aliyahmarie May 22nd, 2011

    hum just started “dating” or just talking to a sadg and so far from what I see this is right I just feel so safe and comftable in his arms like I just want to melt and freeze time. and it’s funny how just last night we he was telling me how trust is so important to him. I really like him he’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever talked to. after our date he texts me smiley faces and then he tell me everything he liked about em. and he’s also wild like he chased a rabbit last night trying to catch it it was funny but weird.

  51. rihat May 1st, 2011

    I don’t know what to do. 1.5 years with a virgo. I started my first relationship of life with a virgo girl. And I am sad coz currently we are not talking. Ego came in. And affection seems gone.

    An interesting thing is, I never met her in-person. This Sagittarius can’t make it with a Virgo girl. 🙂 I wish her great life. If her silence means she want me no more.

    I am optimist and time will heal every thing.

  52. jimmy April 9th, 2011

    Erin, your wrong, i have and despise lying, and i am a man of my word…i don’t if every saggi is like me, but im totally trustworthy….

  53. toffee February 17th, 2011

    Just rekindling a friendship with a sadge..known him for over ten years.i’ll have to see how it goes.

  54. Erin July 15th, 2010

    Sigh….if only ALL of that were true! ~Virgo woman, in love with a sadge, 2 years….and he only became more and more untrustworthy

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