Leo Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Leo man and Virgo woman have different personalities, but they complement each other in a relationship.
  • Leo man's fire brings passion, while Virgo woman's earthiness brings sensuality to their sexual relationship.
  • Virgo woman can attract Leo man by showing him respect, adoration, and by not being overbearing.
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As the different personalities of Leo and Virgo come in close contact with each other, they experience the ways of complementing each other. Leo lives for the moment and enjoys the passion and desires of love while Virgo is more practical and has a slow approach towards relationship.

A Leo man is strikingly admirable personality with a hard head and a soft heart. His loyalty and kindness is fed by the admiration of others. He may be arrogant and tough headed but it is easily forgiving when his affection grows above and beyond such arrogance. He is in love with the idea of being in love. This coupled with his sentimentality makes him an incredible, passionate and sensual lover who is always ready to shower his lady love with affection and care. But his sense of superiority is comes above all and he demands full devotion in return of his love.

A Virgo woman is sensible and her precision, neatness, and striking image she portrays are her highest qualities. She is quick to think on her feet and quite versatile in most instances. Stability and practicality is what Virgo woman needs in all dimensions of life. Although Virgo woman is quite the romantic one, she doesn’t flaunt her feeling. When she finds a desirable man, mutual attraction and passion runs high and the intensity is extreme. Not many women have this ability like she does. But getting the heart of a Virgo woman is not at all an easy target to achieve.

Leo man’s first instinct and desire when realizing his attraction for the striking, yet delicate Virgo woman, is to protect her. Soon after this, he takes in an uneasy feeling that gradually leads to a change in his lifestyle. He may have a fierce rage, but her charm and appeal turns that rage into a gentle admiration that he never ever felt for an another woman. She shows him respect and adoration which strokes her Leo man’s ego causing him to melt where he stands. Although she is highly critical of others, and especially to herself, she tends not to be so much so toward her Leo man. She may hassle him some, but giving all of the qualities she gives in this relationship, he tends to overlook the little negative ones with his heart which is so generous.

The very stable and practical Virgo woman is generally very sweetly turned around to admire the Leo man with all her heart due to his magical ways and superior masculinity which is so irresistible for most women. He shows her devotion and care which so passionate that is beyond her imagination. He makes her more a woman by loving her intensely and pampering her like never before she had experienced. He never procrastinates when she needs his attention and stands by her in all the good and bad times. He always admires the fine mind of Virgo woman and loves the stimulating mental challenges given by her. But pressing the Leo man too much gives a blow to his ego and he draws back sometimes quietly and sometimes so rudely that it becomes a forever lesson for her. However, she is wise and sensible enough to know how far to push and when to stop.

The love of Leo man and Virgo woman when nurtured with care and devotion is no less than a blessing from seven heavens. There is charm and magic in their togetherness that keeps them bonded graciously to each other. She provides practical dreams and cool sweetness together with her tranquil presence and soft smile to her Leo man. Similarly, his confidence and unshakable optimism sprinkled nicely with love, wraps her in a soft blanket of care that makes each day a beautiful one for her in his arms. Whether it is sparkling spring or silvery winters, their togetherness makes them all a miracle of love that creates an eternity of oneness for them. That is happiness which is above all; a happiness that lasts forever, and makes everything perfect for this couple.

The sexual relationship between Leo man and Virgo woman is one of comfort and emotional security. The fire of the Leo man brings passion to their love making while the earthiness of the Virgo woman brings stable sensuality, giving both of them a strong feeling of gratification. She is not all too trusting in the beginning, but he has a sincere and inherent nature about his lovemaking that soothes Virgo woman and develops a trust between them. This, in turn, allows her to relax enough into her Leo man’s arms and bring out her sensual part. Even though Leo man is known for his erotic and highly passionate lovemaking, she has a way of turning it around with her pure and virginal qualities that shine through, pulling the tenderness and protection out of her Leo man. She follows suit giving him the upper hand in their sexual oneness and by showing him an emotional faith and fervor that arouses him and create a sexual experience that is both incredible and extremely bonded between the two.

If there is ever anything that stifles the bond between Leo man and Virgo woman, it is her innate way of opening her mouth and blabbing about something so trivial but making it sound like it is needed to be said, especially during those times when Leo man is feeling romantic and subdued. As long as the Virgo woman concentrates on not being over bearing she can help, with her adoration for him, in creating a higher self confidence in the slight changes that Leo man has put forth in his life for her. His apprehensions falls and his renewed self image strengthen their bond. All in all, the unity created between Leo man and Virgo woman is one of trust, loyalty and comfort. He ends up controlling things but could be persuaded to bend a little from time to time as she drops a hint here and there about what she desires.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Good
Ask Oracle Rating: Needs Work
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Mayra March 10th, 2022

    I have been with my Leo man for 10 years, we took a 2-3year break and reconciled. We never stopped loving each other despite the distance. Now, we have a baby girl that we are so in love with! I can honestly say that it was worth the wait. We have always had a solid bond like no other. We definitely make a great duo because he’s my best friend! We have our hiccups here and there, but communication is key and will find a solution to our problem no matter what. I love my Leo so so much and I hope others make it work just like we did.

  2. Marie Ballantyne January 31st, 2022

    I have been with my Leo man for 10 years and boy has it been a ride!! We are better today then we were in the beginning because of the lessons we have allowed ourselves to learn from the differences in our personalities. He is my King and I am his Queen. It has been the most challenging relationship of my life but with that, the most rewarding, as well. Everything in this article has been factual for us in our love. Together, with our differences… we make a unstoppable duo!!! Couldn’t ask for a better partner to spend the rest of my life with!

  3. Atinuke Abosede January 13th, 2022

    10 years in marriage with a Leo man,am Virgo, I Court him chetting and since then am not comfortable with him because I think am not save either.advice me pls

  4. Bernard October 9th, 2021

    My relafionship with my virgo woman feels as its the relationship i was waiting for all my life – i’m living life as never before and could not be happier

  5. hi June 18th, 2021

    my dad is leo my mom is virgo

  6. Elena June 22nd, 2020

    I swear it sounds like they wrote every word about mine and my Leo man’s whole 11 yr relationship!! We ARE Twin Flames as well!! We’ve always been able to communicate well and our relationship honestly gets better and better the longer we are together!! Anyway, yeah it was completely dead on! Love you Bae! Forever and always, to the moon and beyond;)

  7. Cre April 19th, 2020

    Everything said is so accurate. I currently date a Leo man and have been for a while and seriously cannot tell you how amazing our relationship is. It’s like we’ve known each other forever. You definitely couldn’t go wrong. I promise. It’s like nothing ever before. So magical!

  8. Vicky Mcnally February 6th, 2020

    I am 27 year virgo women , been with leo man for 4 years . Not easy, not easy at all!
    Seems to be arrogant, selfish, non caring

    Good at the start but end up becoming irritable to one another.

    • Jaylon McClellan July 22nd, 2020

      Are you still with your Leo man

    • Queensta December 9th, 2020

      My dear leo men seem to be proud and arrogant. All u need to do is to understand them with Patience, when you’re able too.. trust me!! He can’t let u go

    • Iansharkmeza January 23rd, 2021

      All those qualities sounds like the bottom of the barrel Leo, unfortunately they exist

    • hi June 18th, 2021

      yeah this is started mine too

  9. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Virgo maidens are ruled by mercury…they are perfectionists.
    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for VIRGO: https://youtu.be/y6YrwFPPrpM

  10. Eva December 6th, 2019

    I am a Virgo currently dating a Leo man & also my teenage ex boyfriend, although our teenage encountera were so far from being sweet and romantic. Well, we reconnected after so many years and the first night the magnetic connection and energy was out of this world intense, despite our awkward teenage courtship! I need not say more… this article basically says it all between us 100% accurate! It’s only been a couple of weeks & I already feel this is gonna last for the rest of our happy days!

  11. Stony November 11th, 2019

    In a relationship with a Leo man and have been for 17yrs. It is NOT easy! It takes a lot of work and I ask myself everyday if its worth it. Congrats to everyone who has found the right Leo for them. I’am a virgo women and found that the best relationship comes from being with a Cancer man!!!

  12. Kimmyboo March 27th, 2019

    I am in love with a Leo man, he is the best thing that has happened to me. I highly recommend dating one, just not mine thanks 🙂

  13. Bambi October 11th, 2018

    I am dating a Leo man right now and we have been talking for about 1 month now. We have distant so we talk a lot on the phone and everything I read in this article was 100 true. My first love was a Leo and I died for him and loved him for years.. for years I trow away any man who I dated as soon at the Leo come back in my life but he also destroyed me as a person.. I can’t trust people and always analyze everything because I am afraid of getting hurt again. But this Leo man is everything I ever wanted.. he got pride, respect, passion and he makes me laugh. But every time I think of what we have in a positive way I think again of how this may not worry. First time we meet I was in his city and it was that chemistry we had but what if everything is just in my head? I am traveling to him in about 20 days so I hope I will lose the time with him and forget about everything that I was thinking about

    • Denise October 25th, 2019

      I am currently dating a leo man and I am a virgo woman and I must say it is the best thing ever. The most amazing man.

  14. Nivek September 23rd, 2018

    Not quite made a month yet with my virgo lady. She’s just turned 40 and I’m a 44 Leo. I’m separated from a Sagittarius who dominated the marriage with her strong opinions and stubborness. I’m not perfect either, I know. With my new lady I feel like I have found a soul mate – she is kind hearted, funny and we share great conversation. Honeymoon period perhaps but I truly believe we could have a long future ahead of us. I’m physically attracted to her smile, her skin, her eyes and her general person. She makes me feel comfortable with her kind almost loving approach. Sex is great so far and there’s a real intimacy between us. Wish I’d shopped around a bit all those years ago! Leo man with Virgo woman? Yes, absolutely.

  15. Virgo Woman December 29th, 2017

    I am a Virgo woman and I have a Leo man as a best friend. I am deeply in love with him but he doesn’t see me as I see him. A year ago he gave his ex-wife another chance to see if they could make it work. During this time, I was there for him if he wanted/needed to vent. Furthermore, because I knew that he was trying to make it work, I put my feelings for him on the back burner and just stood by him as a supportive friend. However, my feelings for him only grew. They never remarried but it still didn’t work out between them and they broke it off six months ago. In October (four months later), I told him that I loved him and that I was in love with him. I love his kids (my god-kids) and everything about him. However, he has gotten in contact with an old classmate and the time that he and I use to spend together has been cut by a large margin. Now, he barely answers the phone or returns any calls. He never calls, text, skype or come by. What did I do wrong. I am deeply in love with this man and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to chase him or walk away. How do I get my Leo man?

    • Lola August 21st, 2022

      The only thing you did wrong was play a friend knowing you had other intentions. Never play the friend role because it may never turn into something more. You should have made it clear immediately that you liked him and let him decide if he wants to just be friends or not. If he just wanted to be friends, it was up to you to move forward and only contact him to check in on him and the kids. Never be an option to any man.

  16. Sharon Abraham July 22nd, 2017

    I am virgo woman. I’ve been helping as a friend to a leo man who’s marriage has ended with his wife leaving him for someone else after 25 yrs. He has also found out that wife had several affairs. It’s going through divorce. I went through same thing two years earlier with my husband leaving me! Both of us have been texting each other and him coming to my house to hug and kiss. Sex banter and what he says to me by texting his funny. But he never commits. I have found I feel I am chasing him and I want to go out and be a couple. My kids know of him but he has not told his kids about me. I’m going to ask him if we can act and go out as a couple. Or do you think that he is playing me and does not want a relationship. Really have deep feelings for him..please help?

    • Shane September 22nd, 2017

      You want him, even if you just enjoy his company. You have to let him know. Tell him how you feel, and that you want more. If he just got out of a divorce it could be difficult, but it either works or it doesn’t. Let him know it’s only fair. If you’re ok with what you got with him right now, then so be it, but it doesn’t sound that way. Good luck!

  17. Tina July 4th, 2017

    My leo man is so kind,funny and protective. I’m a virgo and also younger then him. But I believe I’ve found my life partner. It’s like I crave him even when he just left. Our bond is here to stay. And he chased me for about a year. Wish I gave in faster!?

  18. virgogoddess June 4th, 2017

    –this is long, but cute.

    I met my Leo man 3 and some years ago and he instantly made me laugh. I guess you could say he’s tried getting with me since day one, but I was in a long-term relationship at the time. We’d always talk to each other, never saw each other though. We were always best friends– I’m a Virgo, y’all… It’s hard to crack this shell open, but I always comfortably confided in my Leo.
    Once I became single, he was in a long-term relationship. His girlfriend at the time became uneasy at the thought of me and gave the Leo an ultimatum… He chose to drop me.
    We didn’t talk for a year after that and it broke my heart. It wasn’t until I lost him that I realized how close I felt to him. I wasn’t sure he felt the same so I made myself forget about it.

    A year passes and he shows up at my work with a friend and his friend goes, “You’re here! You have no idea how many times this guy has dragged me here to see if he could catch you.”
    Leo nervously goes, “She deleted your number and blocked you on everything. I miss you a lot. Can I get your number again?”

    Since that moment of mutual, nervous laughter, we’ve been talking and it’s like nothing ever changed; the connection is strong as ever. We’ve always communicated our thoughts and feelings so well.
    He left his girlfriend and we’ve been happily together ever since.

    He’s always been so interesting to me, puts me in check when I need it the most, never fails to make me laugh, adores me, spoils me, teaches me, listens to me, understands me, and seems to always know what to say. I love his look on life. I like his values and opinions and I admire the way he serves them in such a rational and respectable fashion.

    So far in my life, I’ve been with 2 Capricorns, 2 Taurus, 1 Gemini, 1 Aquarius, 1 Virgo, and none of them were able to please me physically, spiritually, and intellectually the way my Leo does.

    I understand anything is possible, but no matter what, my Leo will always be my best friend.
    2 years ago, he told me, “You’re either gonna be my wife or my best man.” I told him, “Ditto.”

    • Skye de bleu June 13th, 2017

      aw, i’m a virgo too, actually i felt the same as you, me and my leo guy been together for 2 yrs, he’s a wonderful guy, and like everything you said, he’s un-compareable to others, I wish you happy, and how things going? 🙂

  19. Miguel A. Velez-Rosafo May 3rd, 2017

    Reading these descriptions I couldn’t agree more, met my wife of more than 37?years and from the first date, I was enchanted by her unique ways and beautiful soul.

    We first live together and later on we married but for us we count the days of happiness from the First Day we met. Sure we had some bump along the road but we had never had gone upset to sleep without having resolved the issue, disagreement or misinterpretation. We are inseparable and don’t associate with other coules with toxic or difficult relationships since we consider those bad Varna.

  20. Kelly April 25th, 2017

    I just met a Leo man a couple months ago. And i have to say i am intrigued by him. We have been talking pretty much every day, and he is always asking how my day was. We’ve met up a couple times and their is a sexual attraction like ive never felt before. The times we’ve hung out we talk about everything and anything while going for a drive along the lake. Stopping every so often to stretch our legs and maybe do a little kissing. Now im going to be 54 this year and he is 49. Never thought id fall for a younger man. Lol! Always been with older men. I can truely say virgos and aquarious are not compatible. All the men in my adult life were aquarious’ including my son…lmao! Anyways this leo man is everyrhing described in the above. I hope and pray that we conect in that way and make it magical…..he so far is everyrhing ive been looking for in a life partner. This was enlightening to know that we are very compatible. Thanks.

  21. Jacob January 29th, 2017

    I’m a Leo man and I just met a Virgo woman a few weeks ago, and so far she’s been utterly breathtaking and this whole article sounds so much like us… I just hope I can treat her as good as you describe the leo loving the Virgo… keep up the good work / don’t mind these assholes comments

    • Tabo January 29th, 2017

      Im telling u from now as u both are new couple that she may be shy or inexpressive…dont take it as her not interested in you…she may even not made eye contact with you bcz of shyness…and u chase her …be there for her in every rough and difficult situation … And when she finally want to express herself to you .. You will be shocked…i m again saying you that she may be shy and inexpressive

    • SASSI February 15th, 2017

      Hello!! I’m a Virgo woman and this article described me to a tee I have been dating a Leo man for almost 2 years I absolutely adore this guy from the smell of his skin to those big gorgeous eyes. The relationship was absolutely wonderful the first year in half it’s gotten a little rocky due to issues he’s having I don’t know If I should live him or not he constantly reminds me of how much he loves me and show it and such a way he shares his darkest secrets with me he loves to shower me with gifts the only thing Is I’m afraid of love and being hurt not to mentioned a little southern and shy so it’s kind of hard for me to express myself simply because I’m so afraid of getting hurt Part of me wanna go on with my life. I know I need to stop running from LOVE and being so afraid of getting hurt . so what cause me to feel this way he lied .. I know no one is perfect but it’s always best to tell the truth especially to a VIRGO that way we can feel comfortable around u no matter what we don’t judge …So fellas if you are a Leo guy seeking a Virgo woman please be honest VIRGO women love LEO men don’t let them fool u fellas and in return you will be love and treated like a KING for the rest of ur life Now that’s coming from a real VIRGO cHIC!!!!!

      • Trizz March 21st, 2017

        Hey sassi I’m a Leo male20 years old. I dated a Virgo for about 4 years she was my high school sweetheart my first love we had some issues and split up then got back together a year went by and she finally left for good. I guess for the longest we just didn’t see eye to eye but we were a power couple I tried my best to shower her with gifts when I could and surprise her but on the other hand she left me for good or atleast I think so. It’s been almost 4 months and she’s already met somebody and he’s a Capricorn and i know it’s crazy but I’ve looked up their match and they are the perfect power couple match and she’s fell for him she’s probably gone for good but I can do nothin but blame myself bc I was too demanding and controlling and I just had temper issues. She was the love of my life and first love and now she’s moved on for good and my heart is just broken. But honestly as long as she’s happy I’m happy for her. Virgo women are truly a blessing to a Leo man we just have to learn to control ourselves bc that bond right there is bond that anybody would love to have.

  22. Naturalbeauty54 January 11th, 2016

    Well first of all I just want to say that I have a 15yr old daughter and I always tell her to stay focus on her education first and do great! Education comes first the boy’s comes later after education…I say that to say that you’re to young baby right now get your education first… Blessings?

    • Miguel A. Velez-Rosafo May 3rd, 2017

      This is completely out of touch with the subject been discuss here!

  23. Spicechick September 25th, 2015

    So I’m a Virgo woman and my boyfriend is a Leo… We first met on my birthday when him and his friends were hanging out.. At that time one of his best friend was the one that checked me out instead. Some days after that I was trying to get through with his friend on Facebook but I got in contact with him first, we spoke for some months but it was a bit on and off friendship thingy, we saw  each other around and waved nothing much. Months went by all of a sudden we forgot about each other, then one day in August he asked if I had forgotten him but at that time I wasn’t really into him as he seemed to be into me. We spoke continuously from then on then he asked if I had a boyfriend I said no, then he told me he has feelings for me but I had no feelings for him but since he liked me I went on and said I liked him to. We went out on my birthday and we had sex… Leos are freaks that was one of the best sex I had, some days after my birthday we forgot about each other and some months after he messaged me and questioned y we stopped speaking… I just said I was busy with school but the truth was I never really liked him. We stopped talking again and other year in April we spoke again he asked me to come see him but I made up stories cause I really wasn’t into him, but I could’ve seen how much he liked me I just didn’t want to hurt him so I never spoke the truth. We were off again and we started talking back in the ending of July, he asked about my life and if I had a boyfriend I told him I don’t know but I was dating a Gemini but we weren’t on good terms so I told the Leo I was single. I from then on we spoke everyday and we made it official again, tbh I still wasn’t feeling love for him… It was all just lust. We went out again and chill and we made out again and had sex I swear by the way he kissed me said how much he’s really into me but I was blind. We continued seeing each other and talking… But one day I cheated and told him and he for gave me then he started acting strange I knew it was my fault so I really didn’t bother I continuously asked for breaks and cried cause I knew I didn’t love him and everything was pretend but I said nothing.. We broke up the day before my birthday and I cried my eyes out.. I was starting to fall in love with him cause we’ve been through so much and he still stayed strong with me he is so loving even though he knows I’m not honest sometimes but he despite it. I never knew he would talk back to me, but it was my birthday and he told me fuck his pride and what I did and he told me he loves me and he wanted to see me. We kept on again and saw each twice a week due to our distance spending time with him made me see a lot. But one day I heard he was hanging out with a girl so I started moving different cause I got jealous and pretended not to care and he asked me what was wrong I then explained what I heard and he said I did things to and he didn’t do as much as me, I felt hurt and broke up with him and asked him to never message me again. The previous day he never messaged me so I cried and I didn’t neither cause I never wanted to seem weak. The next day he messaged me so I acted tuff and we started to argue..so I blocked and unblock him. He messaged me again and ask if I couldn’t do the same but I told him. I didn’t save his number.. I acted cold hearted that day then he said he wanted to see me but I turned him down and he said he wants to make up with me, I cried then he said he’s been into me for years… Tht really made me think I hurt him and he still loves me, we spoke like normal then we forgot about what happened and fixed our relationship. We still argue and even when I say I love him he doesn’t believe..  but  really love him and I showed him how much I love him and he believes we been through soo much and I fall in love with him over and over he’s the only one see and want, he’s the only one who ever really love me this much and I told him how much I appreciate him… And inever want to loose him 

    • milehigh January 20th, 2017

      Wow I’m a Leo n was interested in this Virgo chic until I read your post. Thank u for the warning! My God u women are sick

      • Lalaland January 24th, 2017

        WTF Dude…Did you not read this smh…
        “The love of Leo man and Virgo woman when nurtured with care and devotion is no less than a blessing from seven heavens. There is charm and magic in their togetherness that keeps them bonded graciously to each other. “

  24. Supermanslady August 21st, 2015

    I am a type A, stubborn, perfectionist, virgo lady. Yes I am a LADY! I pride myself on acting and talking and being a true lady. I insist on being treated like a lady and it takes a strong dominate man to treat me and keep me a lady.
    I married a type A, stubborn, egotistical, Leo “Bad Boy”. He forced me to prove my loyalty to him and our early years were maddening. We have been married 16 years and I love him more everyday.
    I am his lady and have chosen to be his submissive. He is my Dominate, my Sir. I asked Him to lead our family of 7 and to my extreme pleasure he is! I am his lady to do with how he wishes. I am now beta to his Alpha and I love it.
    To Virgo women: it is possible to love a Leo man but you have to let him be a real man, leader. You can be stubborn and put your foot down to everyone else but with him, he must be your #1. If you do, he will cherish & adore you while showering you with love & affection. But if you can’t submit to him then best not try to date a leo. Your heart will be crushed!

    • Virgocantescapeleos January 19th, 2017

      Superman’s lady best post ever!!

    • milehigh January 20th, 2017

      Facts… Virgos flirt a lot too. That’s a deal breaker for me

    • Lauren February 27th, 2017

      What if im a female leo and im dating a virgo male. Im 20 and he is 26.

    • Shankar September 26th, 2018

      Supersmanlady-What do you mean by type A. ?

  25. mads1218 July 25th, 2015

    PEOPLE these things shouldn’t be so complicated. From my experience: To Leo: “You’re the greatest, dear.”To Virgo: “You’re right, dear.” Keep this up and you won’t have problems. :DBut I’d like to talk about my current boyfriend, a huge Leo. We each fell for each other very quickly but took our time in dating (jumped into bed immediately though, hah). Virgo ladies, it’s best to discuss where e y’all stand, because even if you’re just casually dating, he won’t like you drifting. Besides, if you’re interested during dating, let him know, and let him court you!
    My guy is completely attentive, supportive, and very delicately gives me constructive advice. He’s very loving and considerate when I either need attention OR I need space. Fantastic partner! But he is the subdued type, and is neither an extrovert nor an introvert. His parents are Virgo/Capricorn so I think this has influenced him because he is pretty grounded and practical. I’m the dreamy one. Despite that, he and I have a lot of similar opinions on life and love and spirituality, and when we discuss anything intellectual we come to agreement or complementary opinions. We both have a touch of Libra (in our birth charts – it’s useless to go by romantic astrology if you don’t use birth chart info!) so we enjoy balance and beauty! We even have the same taste in wine – fruity white, dry red. 🙂 I love him more than anything. We are best friends and bring out better qualities in each other. Over a year and a half, now long distance, missing each other but happy (and never ever fought! *touch wood*)

  26. AyanoKannagi June 23rd, 2015

    I met a leo man, soon he became my best friend. i like him. But i think i fell for him, i told him that but he is dating an aries. And he doesn’t want to see me again. At some point i think he loved me too. But i took too long to realize that i love him and when i realized he moved on and loves that aries woman now. Idk if this article is true but I think not cuz he adores aries more. in fact it also says aries and leo usually are madly in love.

  27. 5243 May 22nd, 2015

    From my experiences me, being a Leo never worked being with any of 3 Virgo woman. The first woman and I ended up in bed immediately and carried my only child. We were really only together for our child. When she lost my daughter to social services, I had to pick up the pieces. I never thought much about horoscopes but will never again devote/waste my time trying to work things out with a Virgo woman again. There’s no compromising but yelling instead. For me, no thank you.

  28. laylanie_Rodriguez April 14th, 2015

    Im a 18 year old Virgo I’m a female who is confuse by a Leo man we first started as friends  than it when to sex I started attaching to him gain feelings later on he finds out I’m pregnant a coplue times he randomly told me he loves me he always have had a lot of females around he messed around with many at a time he had sex with one infront of me when I use to talk to guys in the phone he knew I had it feelings for in the past he use to make some comments who made it seem he was jealous the way he acted was way different than what he said a month ago or two his brother came out of prison it was the first time me metting him I started spending time with him and got attach to him to the Leo man said he didn’t care and other things he said that I’m a grown woman and can do anything I want his brother ask him if he care if something happen between us he said he didn’t care every time us three where together he use to make ramdom comments that made it seem his jealous but always said he didn’t care I had sex with his brother in front of him later on he said he was mad not because he care but because he wasn’t having sex he said he was done with me he left to upper county he said his staying there for a while but his mom told his brother that he said he couldn’t take everything anymore a week or two before he ask me if I knew his intention withwith his brother I answer I dont know he ask he only want to have sex with you or he wants to hold you down because he can’t he said he can but he shouldn’t your lowkey taken I once ask him what happens if me and your brother have a relationship he said is up to you but I will advice you not to when me and his brother use to be together he use to separate from us but he say he doesn’t care he left upper county with a friend and took one of his other female with him I’m trying to figure out what’s going on he cares or he don’t

  29. barbarak April 13th, 2015

    I met my Leo man when I was 18 yrs old and he was 19.  I dated his twin brother for 8 yrs on and off, but the two of us were always great friends and did alot together.  There were always sparks between us but we never acted on anything.
    Fast forward some 31 yrs later.  Both of us are divorced from others and have spent hours talking on the phone for the last 5 years.  We are both head over heels in love and had a great visit about a month ago.  He lives in another state but our plan is for me to relocate next year to be with him.  He is unlike anyone I’ve ever known.  He is very sweet, kind, thoughtful and treats me like a queen.  I adore him and know we’re meant to be together.  Can’t wait until next year!!  Love my Leo man!

  30. cherbear February 13th, 2015

    i found all this out a couple days after he went back to Italy…i got a message from him through a friend of his…when i found out he went through so much trouble to meet me and i missed it…i was devistated…i felt so small and horrible…especially after he showed me all these gifts that he bought for me and was hoping to give me…but he is a very forgiving guy and said that its all good …and still plans on meeting me…this only made my love for him even stronger now because to me actions speak louder than words…i know he really cares about me…but im not sure if he trust me as much as he did before…neither of us has accually come out and said how we feel…i really want to tell him i love him but ..im not sure if he feels the same way…caring for someone and loving someone are two different feelings..i need to know if he loves me the way i love him…we cant wait to meet and be able to touch and kiss each other…when that moment comes it will be explosive 🙂 i guess im wondering what i should do…my heart tells me he loves me and to see this through ,we will meet someday soon…but my brain is saying ,think logically he is halfway around the world…help plz

  31. cherbear February 13th, 2015

      Where to begin…I am a Virgo woman that was with a Leo man on and off for 20 yrs…85% of the time it was the most amazing relationship…the rest of the time? ..he drank and would get violent…this being the reason I ultimately left him…he really did not take me leaving him to well…I stayed single for 41/2 yrs…when I finally decided to put myself out there again I met a man through a friend online…and guess what…he is another Leo man…lol…we have a huge catch…hour is in Italy and I am in Canada…we connected right away…talking everyday in Skype so we could see each other…after four months of this, I could feel myself falling in love with him..this scared the crap out of me…me thinking..he is in Italy…im never going to meet him…so without warning to him..i just blocked him from every communication we had…BIGGEST mistake of my life…I come to find out that,even though I blocked him from everything…he still had faith in us…he took two months off work and came to Canada to meet me for Christmas holidays…not knowing my address of my phone #..just hoping to find me anyways

  32. faizan0009 October 31st, 2014


  33. gemstone_e August 10th, 2014

    I’m a Virgo woman, and I have been with my boyfriend who is a leo (duh) for 3 years now. Everything I read here was almost completley accurate. Our relationship has had tough times, and by tough.. I mean TOUGH haha. He tends to be extremley rude when we argue and ofcourse that gets me very upset but i’ve learned that he means nothing of what he says when he is angry. One piece of advice that I have for any woman thinking about dating a leo is prepare to always be wrong ! because according to him, he never is. There will be times where he takes responsibilty for his mistake, but that will only be if HE notices what he did wrong. I’m careful when It comes to pointing out a mistake, try to sugar coat it as much as possible x) He really does know how to make me feel safe and loved, I felt at home as soon as he wrapped his arms around me. He makes me feel beautiful and when we go out he assures that the spotlight is on us. I’ll admit that at first that was very uncomfortable for me, but if you learn how to accomadate to his wishes, a leo will easily make you a very happy woman, and by doing so, you will make him a very happy man. Our intimate relationship has never been boring, he was my first and has been my only. Immediatley he made me feel comfortable when the moment came and I became addicted to him right after haha. Although he had experienced it before me, he admitted that it was something special with me, and I believe him (since we’re still together). In the end, yes he is a very hard man to deal with, but it’s worth it. He’s my sun. ☼♡

  34. wkmatsumoto November 11th, 2013

    okay I just want to let all of you virgo ladies know something!
    As a leo man, and i’ve fallen for a virgo that i met while going out one night about half a year ago, we’ve been talking since then and well as they say, us leo’s we fall easily for people veryy fast! I want to make things easier for you girls. When a leo shows signs that they like you, it is most of the time completely true. We don’t express ourselves fully to you girls since we are scared that you don’t feel the same way as we do. Just as all of you girls are mentioning over here! The best thing to do is to talk to him and ask him how he feels, or just let him know a bit of how you feel about him, and he will open up and both of you will just spill it all out and enjoy it veryyyyy much in the end :)!
    Im saying this from experience with my virgo lady! She lives 2 hours away from me so it was hard to see her often. After 2 months of knowing her, we felt as if we have known each other forever, we connected so fast and had feelings for each other. However, i was willing to do anything to see her and to make things work, however she from the start had put down a barrier between us since she didn’t want to get hurt from a long distance relationship. One day we went out and we had a lot of fun that night, kissed all night long and cuddled as a couple in public. The next few days after that she wanted to know what I wanted from her, thats when I told her how i felt… It was probably the best thing I did, i failed at that moment, but as they say, you need to fail to achieve success. She was shocked since she felt the same way, but she forced herself to not be with me.. She said she jst wanted to be friends so I felt extremely sad for a while, but she still wanted to see me, and from that point on i told myself i didn’t want to lose her as a friend so i agreed to be friends, but we both knew we wanted more… She had left for a 3 month trip to europe this summer and just recently came back last week. I honestly had no idea if she liked me or not, she told me during the trip she was thinking about me and stuff, however I thought she was saying that as a friend. When she came back we went out together again, and that day everything just came out, she started talking about how she felt, how she missed talking to me the most while on her trip, how she would always talk to me if something went wrong in her life, how she loved being with me since she could be herself and no matter how bad she looked I still found her to be the most attractive person. Honestly that wait, and being friends for that whole time was so worth it, i never lost feelings for this girl. We still aren’t together but this has just happened 2 days ago. We will see how things go from now on!
    Honestly ladies, the pain I went through when she tried pushing me away, was devestating! It was all worth it in the end just to hear her say those few words, however, I’m writing this because I want you girls to realize that if you feel that way, and all those signs that the leo is giving you, is because both of you feel the same way… Leo’s dont waste our time being romantic with girls if we dont like them! And when a leo likes a girl, he REALLY likes her, keep that in mind, we are amazing lovers and givers. We are stubborn and want to be right, this is completely true, sometimes leo’s do lie just so that we can look better since we are not happy with what we sometimes do. They are white lies, we don’t try to lie to make you ladies mad!
    So please to all of you virgo ladies, go out there and get your guys !! You have 1 life, would you rather not do anything about it and then regret it in the future and ask yourself what if…? what if I did tell him how i felt and he felt the same way?

    • Virgolady March 25th, 2018

      Well I’m a Virgo woman and have a crush on a Leo man. So the best thing to do to figure out how he feels for me is to ask him straight forward? Well thank you for sharing the insight about Leo man, it’s very helpful for me.

  35. Virgo81 October 17th, 2013

    I have known my Leo for a year and some months now. From the beginning he has offered his friendship and claimed if things got more serious, then ok. But you can tell he developed string feelings for me in a few months time. And yes when he kissed me for the first time, I felt the passion in it. It was so sensual. But I was holding back still because I didn’t know what I wanted for sure. I didn’t want to start something that would make is end on a bad note. Because he became my friend, and I knew he was a good friend. I didn’t want to lose that because of my recklessness. So I started to talk to someone else, right in front of his face. Knowing how this man felt about me. My thoughts was…we’re just friends. We’ve done no more than kissed. He was pissed! And stopped talking to me for months. It didn’t work out with the other guy. After the months went by, he came to me and expressed how he was sorry and should’ve just been there as my friend. Because that’s what we were. He explained that he had stronger feelings for me, and that was the cause of hia actions. I knew he liked me more than a friend. So I take a little blaim in it. It was wrong of me to do it right in his face. Do unto others as you want do unto you. And I was wrong. Needless to say we still talk to this day. After that break, we got closer. Started being sexual. And he is one of the best I have had. Still we haven’t put a title on our relationship, because of me. I can say he you can tell he cares a lot about me. He’s 35, no kids. Never been married. But you can tell he would make a wonderful father and a faithful husband. As far a lying, I haven’t experienced him lying to me. If he did I didn’t know. What I have discovered is he want to be right all the time. But that’s just him, and I just let him be most of the time. But I’m a strong individual as well, so sometimes it can be frustrating. But overall he is a great person, with beautiful quilities. He just might be my forever! Only time will tell…

  36. HaileytheCat198 June 1st, 2013

    How do I start…well, I am 14 years old and I’m a Virgo girl. I currently like a 15 year old Leo guy. We’ve known each other for a while, and I first met him through one of my friends. He is in Massachusetts, and I am in Indiana. I used to be obssessed with him, but then I quickly lost interest, as I thought that he would reject me if I conveyed my feelings for him. I know that I’m not good enough, and we did not communicate for months, but I never completely stopped caring for him. My feelings for him have suddenly sparked been set ablaze, but I can not find a reason as to why this has happened. We used to roleplay and talk a lot, and he has perfect grammar and exquisite vocabulary. But, back to the present, he doesn’t talk to me very much. I really want to be special to him, and he’s been in my head for weeks. I try making small talk, but to no avail. He simply waves me off with curt replies and minimal communication. I am offended, of course, but that just makes me want to try harder. So much to the point where I disturb him and cause our friendship to crumble. He mentions not having much in common, and when I ask if he would like to roleplay again, he says that he is not that into it anymore. I want him, but I cannot seem to get him, let alone reach him. I need some advice, and in an efficient manner. Please help me, I will appreciate any efforts.

  37. Mel1992 May 16th, 2013

    @ChillVirgo916 i don’t love him, but I do have feelings for him. I want to be with this guy soo bad, but deep inside I know that it will never work. He lies, and has a way of flipping the script on me all the time. I just don’t see myself dealin with this. He says things like he likes me, and he wants to be with me, but has yet to make me his already. We argue about his lies and the status of whatever we’re suppose to be. Im just at the point with him where im like “WTF ARE WE DOIN, WTF DO YOU WANT??” I’ve just come to the conclusion that this guy does want a relationship, he does not know what he wants, and as long as I allow him to toy with, he’ll always be playing with my feelings. VIRGOS NOT HAVIN THAT ✌

  38. ChillVirgo916 May 13th, 2013

    This was the most helpful blog ever! I am a Virgo woman and everything above . I HAVE BEEN THROUGN WITH MY LEO MAN . I love this man to death , I want to love him forever . He treats me so well & deals with my stubborn & critical ways .. But he lies ! & I just can’t trust it . I don’t know . .. and its crazy because even though he lies & I’m not sure of what he wants .. I love him .. @melly1992 you situation sounds just like mine .. Smh I’m just I’m shock ! Lol 

  39. Cyn16 May 12th, 2013

    Okay so I really need help! So there’s this Leo and I’ve known him for quite a while now and when we first met I was right away attracted to him and when we kinda got to know each other I developed some feelings and he knew but he said that he had to take care of work and things so nothing ever happens.  So we completely lost contact for at least  6 months then one day while I was out with my Bestfriend who just so happens to know this Leo for years decides to have the three of us hang out knowing about our past. So the first time we hang out it was cool nothing but laughs and jokes. Then the second time we hangout we had a little get together and drank and had a lot of fun. That whole night we were all having fun me and him had the eye for each other. While we were going to sleep that night because we were all too drunk to drive home me and Leo  were laying next to each other  and he kissed me. That whole night we just kissed and had really deep conversations about our family and past. We ended up comforting each other and it was nice up until he told me that “he doesn’t really do this” [(kiss girls and tell them personal stuff) and I believe him because he’s not the type of guy to go and be a slut and just a bad guy in general. He respects women and he’s really caring and loving.] then he also tells me “I’ve never felt this good” which made me feel really good. The next day he messages me and he start talking and we started talking everyday and everything was nice. Then one day when we went out as a group he offers to take me home so I let him as soon as we got in the car he asked me about my ex asked if we still talk. I told him NO!!!!! [i didn’t ask because I know he still talks to his ex who he was with for 3years] then we kept talking then out of the no where he stopped messaging me. So I was what ever about it then my Bestfriend tells me that he likes me. At this point I was so lost. Then we had another get together at my BestFriends house got drunk again and same thing happen we kissed and talked. Now I’m puzzled. Then we keep having group get togethers with our mutual friends. Then this is what is really confusing me. It was my brothers birthday party and I invited Leo and my Bestfriend I know Leo wouldn’t go if my Bestfriend didn’t go and my Bestfriend didn’t want to go because it was too far so I wasn’t expecting them, then they both show up and my Bestfriend tells me “man I don’t even want to be here but he made me come” so that like really confused me then they left and we had an after party. They were gonna go have their own little thing but Leo kept insisting to come to my house and come drink with me. So they were going to come but the cops had shut it down. And we ended up not hanging out that night. Since then we just all hang out with our mutual friends and have a good time but me and him keep on having the eye out for each other and we still don’t say anything. Now I have these really strong feelings for him but idk what is going I with him. I don’t know if he likes me or not. I want to know so bad but I’m just too scared to ask him how he feels because I’m scared that our friendship is on then line and if I can’t have him as a boyfriend I at least want him at a friend. What should I do I really need help!!!

  40. Mel1992 April 30th, 2013


  41. kayla21 April 30th, 2013


  42. Mel1992 March 29th, 2013

    Okay so I’m a Virgo woman currently talkin to a Leo man. We’ve known each other for a year now but we are not in a relationship. We started off just having sex, then suddenly I think he began to like me. But see I’m too sure of that. He never came out and actually said that, but he always ask me about other guys that maybe dealing with. I told him I said sex with one other guy and he kinda got upset. I say things like we’re not together so I shouldn’t matter, and he’ll respond saying that he doesn’t want to have sex with me aftsomeone else has. I just recently texted him how I feel, letting him know that I do like him, and that I do care about him. I told him that I adore him, and I want to know him forever. He never responded, but called me the next day. I ask him why didn’t he respond he just said that he feels the same way. But see idk. I have a hard time believing anything this guy is telling me. Idk what it is that he does to me but I like it, I love it. He gives me a feeling I never felt before, and for that I wanna love him forever, but see I’m not too sure what he wants. I just follow his lead. Please help me, what should I do?

  43. Candikiss March 24th, 2013

    Met a leo man a year ago at  work, and he expressed his interest in me and wanting to get to know me better. Because I am a skeptic, I kinda blew him off, but I observed him for a few months. Very masculine…which instantly attracted me! When I felt the time was right, I allowed him into my life. That was just the beginning! He was very attentive to me…showering me with loads of love and affection…and so generous! He loves doing things to please me…gifts when I’m not expecting it, money is no object to this lion. He is very protective of me, and ready for battle if he senses another may attempt to steal me away. The best lover I have ever encountered…romance is always hot and steamy. He has a jealousy streak, that’s for sure, and is capable of letting out an earthquake of a roar when he is angry. He is very prideful…in himself and me. I most definitely feel his when he is with me. This lion has a very sharp tongue which can cut like a knife….but so does this Virgo! He becomes very calm and docile when I express my displeasure in his ways at times. All in all….I am enjoying this union.

  44. crazyluv4mcr February 26th, 2013

    I just have to say I firmly believe these signs are soul mates, My Mom was Virgo and my Dad was Leo. They were both blind and met at a school for the blind. I lost them a long time ago but they were married over 20 years. My mom sometimes got mad, but my dad always acted like he thought it was cute, would even laugh some. She would get madder, but finally would feel so very bad and appologize to him.. it was so funny to see them “fight” cause it wasn’t really a fight!! I always told everyone, and still do that my parents were soul mate.. and this pretty much said they were. I miss them more than I can say, but they have shown me that soul mates exist. I will love them for the love they gave me while I had them, and for the hope they instilled in my heart.

  45. LPN09 February 7th, 2013

    I am a Virgo woman recently dating a leo man for a month and yes we have been arguing and making up. I’m learning to tame my mouth and my stubbornness and allow him to lead, I am also learning how to stroke his ego, he is so demanding and wants to control everything but I have realized it feels good to have him lead, he makes me feel safe. He can be cold at time but always comes back around. Everything you said in this article was on point. Hope this goes somewhere I truly am on cloud nine when I’m with him.

  46. VirgoObsession December 22nd, 2012

    I am a Virgo Woman in a relationship with a Leo man. We been together for about 4 months now. Yesterday he took me out to a movie than out to eat at a restaurant. There he proposed to me ofcoaurse I said yes. So I told my friends and family and ofcourse my DAD. He wasnt to happy though he said that Im settling and Im selling my self short. I have felt like that lately too I love my leo man I really do but Im not in-love with him and not sure if I ever will be.

  47. LEOboy September 29th, 2012

    i’m a Leo boy i love a Virgo girl, who’s my classmate.
    but i havent expressed my feelings to her..
    hope one day i’ll share our happy married life here… O:)

  48. Lightvirgo June 3rd, 2012

    In all honesty, I never used to pay attention to this stuff; I thought it was fun, but now it’s kinda scary to see how accurate it is.
    I’m a virgo and my recently ex boyfriend is a Leo, and the Leo characteristics were straight on. He is proud, but he doesn’t show it. He is insecure, but he hid from everyone by doing stuff like riding a motorcycle and being goofy. He likes attention, because I think he is insecure, and he certainly got attention from me. We dated for about a year and broke up on a our anniversary, because he said that he “fell out of love”, but I heard stories from other people that he broke up with me for other reasons. I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, but my school and his work got between us, and now all of our mutual friends are treating him like the plague, and I my gut’s telling me that someone is trying to tear us apart, and my instinct’s are hardly ever wrong.
    I read somewhere that Leo’s enjoy being showered with affection and gifts, and I know I fell short on the gifts because I couldn’t afford anything, but I made him things, like a necklace and a drawing I made for him, and I gave him back massages, went out with him whenever we had the time (even if it was just running errands together). So, yes, I gave him plenty of love and attention, and I know he loved it, and I know he appreiciated it. He worried that he kept disappointing me and that I didn’t appreiciate him enough, which isn’t true, even though he doesn’t believe me.
    What I’m trying to say is, even though he and I are no longer together, I still feel something for him, and I think he still feels for me even though he doesn’t want to admit it. I know he lied to me recently, but I want to trust him. Even though everyone is saying I shouldn’t get back with him and that I deserve better, maybe I don’t want someone else.

  49. oxygen19 June 1st, 2012

    this gonna be long, i guess….
    it’s just that… this leo guy that i love for 3 years, and still counting, confuses me.
    what’s with the glances/look?
    what is it?
    honestly, i confessed to him a while ago after a month of him breaking up with his first love.
    i know i was too sudden. i was just, couldn’t endure it much longer after waiting for 3 years.
    he is my classmate for 3 years straight now.
    i thought he was gonna study at somewhere else, so my friends encouraged me to confess before he’s gone. i got his reply and said that he wasn’t gonna move and we took same class that makes it even more awkward.
    we don’t really talk often, he’s just awkward around girls. he rarely talks with girls.
    the thing is, i know he is have that feelings toward his ex, somehow, i feel like he wants me to stay liking him. and somehow i feel like he is just using me, you know, so that he gets popular and stuff.
    i don’t really like making the first move… so yeah.
    he also isn’t the type of guy who does the first move either. and he’s so so sooooo awkward and shy. makes him so cute.
    my friends told me that he is waiting for me to do something. hell, i don’t wanna. not after the confession. not after him breaking up with his ex.
    his reply wasn’t that helpful. he didn’t say “i’m sorry…..” and stuff like that. instead, he said “thanks. hope you’ll succeed in your studies and nope, i’m not changing school”.
    i hope for something like “i’m sorry, i’m still inlove with my ex…” like that so that i could easily move on.
    i just can’t move on… it’s hard. even if i did move on, there’d be something that brings me back to love him.
    it’s like, being chained to him. can’t escape, can’t reach either.
    i love him, i really do :'( 
    i just can’t figure what’s on his mind and what he wants.

  50. Love_Goddess May 24th, 2012

    I think its crazy how much this fits me and my boyfriend. We have known each other for almost 6 years now and have always had some type of attraction. We are finally dating and I love him so much. I don’t 100% believe in horoscopes and I sure enough don’t live by them. It does amaze me when I do decide to read them and they are head on like this one. Its what you make them I guess. We have a healthy relationship and there is some arguing but what is a relationship if you don’t have minor disputes.:)

  51. anderson81 April 4th, 2012

    Hi Oracle, i somewhat disagree with your below comment:
    Its not about the lack of trust, its just the Virgo’s nature not to trust anyone except her inside monster feelings. She will pick up even smallest thing, if you buy her any gift, she will question you back which your ex-gf recommended you this? how did you know this brand etc. This is one of the example here, i shown my office desk to my Virgo woman, and she asked me the question, “the coffee mug is that yours on the table?” She started to think that the mug is belongs to some girl and sitting and having fun without her. This kind of trust how can you prove that you are innocent? Its not about showing confidence in a melting ice but its just the Virgo’s nature to distrust.
    Does any Virgo woman’s have any comments on this? I guess no because they will start to trumble to speak out the truth inside.

    @jeniferever (Ever John)
    You lack trust because your notion of Trust is based on false temporary beliefs. For e.g. – Showing confidence in a melting ice that it would always be there is not trust but foolishness. Similarly humans keep changing throughout their lives. We grow, our bodies change with time and finally we die.
    But Trust happens naturally when it seeks shelter in permanence. Truth is permanent. So is Love. So is Happiness. So is Beauty. So is Peace. So is Non-violence.
    If you both can choose to be more truthful, honest, diligent, keep promises and not break them, hard working, smiling and peaceful, more appreciative of each other and happy, be forgiving etc. the trust will build by itself.

  52. anderson81 April 1st, 2012

    I’m just wondering, why all Virgo woman’s wants to sleep in a separate room and leaving husband either on a couch or another room? 
    As a husband and wife, does any Virgo woman sleeps together in one bed with her Leo husband? I don’t understand why have to sleep seperately, is their nature to be like that?
    Please advise, if there’s anyway for Leo to request Virgo woman to be in bed always. I love to hold my Virgo woman all the time even during sleep.
    Would really appeciate your advise.
    Thanks in advance.

  53. [email protected] March 17th, 2012

    why do the leos want the woman to take a step first?

  54. [email protected] March 17th, 2012

    im so in super duper love with a leo man..and sometimes he’s sweet but then he suddenly turns super cold……….its just him..its the leos i guess

  55. chelle09 January 9th, 2012

    I’m a Virgo to the heart,And i recently started to talk to a Leo man.He is Sarcastic,and loves to debate.He has a way of doing this with out causing any harm and have people laughing at whatever he is debating or or being sarcastic about. Its like he has a way of making it alrite.He is charming but vary hard to read. It feels like somthing is always holding him back and you have to move at his pase,But we click its like i get him when no one else does. And threw all of that i see his heart no matter how much he likes to be incharge and try to be boss his heart shines threw. But were not moving forward in a relationship. What he saids and his actions are different. is this normal for a leo? or is it that  they just dont like the feeling of being tide down? he can be confusing.

  56. Sunya December 7th, 2011

    Thanks! I will tell him lol

  57. Author
    Ask Oracle December 6th, 2011

    @Sunya Always feel free to express your feelings to anyone without any fear, demands and expectations.

    And you are right, actions speak louder than words. In fact, expression of Love is actually acknowledgment and acceptance of it. Love just wants to flow.

  58. Sunya December 6th, 2011

    I have met my first Leo man, we like each other alot, I give him lots of attention, hugs and kisses and I know he loves it, the love making is great!! I am the aggressive one in the bedroom, he teases me and says I’m manash, I told him you love it,and he starts smiling, he can be shy too, we never talk about how we feel, action speaks louder than words, I don’t know if I should tell him I love him or not, I think he wants to say it too but we just scared I think, I’f he goes somewhere he makes sure he gets a kiss before he go lol! Should I keep my feelings to myself and just take a day at a time? He never told me how he felt about me, I don’t know what to think or say, we spend so much time together, we both stay across the hall from each other, I be at his place more than he be at mines, that’s because I just move and trying to get things organized, I like his place more than mines anyway lol

  59. Author
    Ask Oracle December 4th, 2011

    @jakeyD Interesting observations, mostly true. 🙂

    I would like to add that trying to change anyone(yourself or the partner) in any relationship is a perfect recipe for disaster. More often it kills the Love and the Affinity.

    Love is something that just “flows” in absence of obstacles like fear, jealousy, pride, demands, dominance etc. And its really possible to experience Love all the time irrespective of the zodiac signs.

    The best way to get started is to experience Love and Life deeply, and learn more about the issues as they come up.

    Take jealousy as an example. She brings up ex-bfs during conversations. Its perfectly normal to feel odd and unwanted emotions during those moments, except that it doesn’t helps anyone. Jealousy can be transmuted into Love which will help everyone. Jealousy is directly rooted within some false beliefs, insecurity and low self respect.

    This way every single moment in Life can be made beautiful — full of Love and Compassion. 😀

    • Honey January 6th, 2017

      I am virgo and my fiance is leo ..we were in a friendship by 6 years i live in another city i never accept him as a lover but he won my heart than i accept him… he treat me like a special person and care me love me alot but now we are engaged he stop talking to me and don’t give me time i miss him every time and do complain some time he give reply always that he has no time so busy in life & work ..now i feel like he pretend me and feel me like that am single and behave like a stranger y am so confioused

  60. jakeyD December 4th, 2011

    Ask I left comments in hope that u would,agree??? I just feel that leos,and virgos could be special if they worked with each other first then began a outter life??? Agree ??? 🙂

  61. jakeyD December 4th, 2011

    And leos will lie. But only cuz they dont wanna hurt the other its normal. If they make up some rediculoua story just go with it. Usually their at friends playing vid games ect. Just virgos rememver pride plz cuz I read these,comments of worry and it will be ok. Just keep ur devotion strong and,walk through it all. Im,a leo and this is spot on! 🙂 I love the passion in mine and as long as u smuther him but also let him have guy time u eill find yourself happy and no longer,single. 🙂 plz rite back anyone I wanna hear ur opionons on my comments? 🙂

  62. jakeyD December 4th, 2011

    O and leos temper is all mental. They will think up things,that,are usually the least abd worst things that can happen. If he gets mad becuase u dnt txt back tell him sorry give him a xall and let him know ur not out foolin around abd that u wrr busy. Keep it strait dont let it tirn mental it could go bad. :/

  63. jakeyD December 4th, 2011

    If anyone is worried about the fighting its simple, the leo thrives on pride (male) & just needs to know hes the best while the virgo is more patient and strait forward. Virgo ladies just show the leo he can trust you. Let him know he is the only man in your life. I bein a leo myself gave never dated a virgo untill a year ago and we have had ups and downs but its been amazing. Leos, support the virgo on her decisions abd remember to thank her and tell her good job. Virgos let the leo know you care all the time and earn their trust. Leos cling to pride abd thrive from it so virgos must let him know hes the best and try arrainging your attitude a little. Kiss him allot!!! Show dominance sexually too leos like it hot! I love my beautiful virgo to death and ive learned its best to just let go. Leos thoughts ruin their pasdion. Sso if they always bring up ex bfs or guyz u talk too its normal. I myself learned to controll my temper and remarks while also keeping the dominance. Try kissing him more and showing him u love him with small gifts. Virgos are usually calm but some like to party. Trycutting backon that untill ur trust flourish. And ur friends will affect ur love too virgo. If they controll u dump um cuz leos will notice and in envy tell u to ditch um. Its up to u but it could also be the xuase of fighting. I think virgos are the most mentally beautiful signs and can help the leo controll their temper with a little love. But dont tie him down with a leash. He will run. But if he does dont worry he will be back. He will appoligize and give u love. If your fighting allot try and calm hom and let him know he is the king and that u can change here and their. Before returning to ur old habits earn the leos trust. Avoid txtin calling or anything with other boys. And keep ur eyes,away cuz leos will catch u if ur checking someone else out. They take pride in making theor lady happy. So if it feels special use my advise,and keep it at 50 50. Meet half way,and it could be perfect. 🙂

  64. Vyxyn September 22nd, 2011

    I am a very sensual Virgo woman, I have always
    able to charm men, I have 3 Leo sons.
    Recently tho I started a relationship with a Leo man.
    OMG!… His passion, his tenderness, I have never had
    a lover so amazing! Yes he’s a true Leo!

  65. OneLovestruckLeo August 20th, 2011

    Im astonished at the accuracy i see, especially wheni read this:
    “Leo man’s first instinct and desire when realizing his attraction for the striking, yet delicate Virgo woman, is to protect her.”
    it was when i learnt a girl who i was chatting to was not happy in her situation, that i realised i cared for her, more than i thought i would -a lot more. everything i read then rang true in what me and this amazing woman have, and she agrees, after i sent her the link and she read it, she said “wow
    if i were to sit and quote the many times this article hit the nail on the head, i would be sitting here, writing more than the original author.

    All i can say is reading this has confirmed how compatible we already knew we are.

    Te Amo

  66. adrienne2814 August 19th, 2011

    You are so on point. I am a virgo woman in love with a leo man. We have been together almost 4yrs. The road has been rocky but I have learned to tame my tongue, let him rule and that his roar is bigger than his bite. I just learned he has lied to me about a child he has. Which also answered my questions to his trust issues and not bringing me around his family. The child was born 4 yrs before we got together and I don’t understand why he lied. Of course, when I told him I knew the Leo came out and I didn’t get an answer. I don’t believe he is still involved with the child’s mother and I want to spend the rest of my life with him but unsure now. Is this behavior ususal for Leos?

  67. Author
    Ask Oracle June 13th, 2011

    @coacoaloca (KiKee)
    You can’t and shouldn’t even try to tame his temper.

    You just have to see if he’s a good fit for you. A relationship should pass certain tests so that it can serve any good purpose.

    A person who would really truly love you is likely to forgive you for your mistakes. Just test him on this principle. Try to insult him, call him bad words etc. and see how he reacts.

    If he turns violent/aggressive/pushy — RUN!

  68. CoacoaLoca June 13th, 2011

    I Intensly like a Leo. He is everything you say. This leo has told me he has feelings for me. When he told (texted) me this I didnt reply. Then he called. I do like him. I just dont know how 2 act on it. Like i said i care for him but his temper scares me. A person called him a name, just one name, and he started to hit punch and kick him till he bled. Hes very protective of me too. A boy called me the N word (I’m black yes) and my leo probably could have killed him. 1. What should i do? 2. How do i tame his temper or atleast help him chill out?

  69. Author
    Ask Oracle May 19th, 2011

    @jeniferever (Ever John)

    You lack trust because your notion of Trust is based on false temporary beliefs. For e.g. – Showing confidence in a melting ice that it would always be there is not trust but foolishness. Similarly humans keep changing throughout their lives. We grow, our bodies change with time and finally we die.

    But Trust happens naturally when it seeks shelter in permanence. Truth is permanent. So is Love. So is Happiness. So is Beauty. So is Peace. So is Non-violence.

    If you both can choose to be more truthful, honest, diligent, keep promises and not break them, hard working, smiling and peaceful, more appreciative of each other and happy, be forgiving etc. the trust will build by itself.

    All the best 😀

  70. jeniferever May 18th, 2011

    my gal is a virgo i’m leo bt things go complicated, there’s no trust btw us, why?

  71. tallvirgolady April 10th, 2011

    To Rose-I appreciate your frustration with your Leo man not moving forward. But maybe he’s just taking it slow? Praise him and make him chase you! You’re worth it my Virgo friend. Hang in there! Virgos are awesome!

  72. tallvirgolady April 10th, 2011

    I met the most amazing Leo man about 2 wks ago. I can’t stop thinking about him. He is exactly as described a Leo man would be. He’s much like Sana described also-witty, sweet, and such a gentleman. He’s tall, handsome, kind to all,….I’m so in like with this Lion man! : )

  73. Sana April 8th, 2011

    So damn true 😀 Im a virgoan and in relation wit a leo man! And Im astounded how each and every word explained in compatibility so hell true 😀 wow! That lion is sooo shweet to me now lol lol

  74. Kaylove March 31st, 2011

    And Why is that we want out of relationship with a leo we can’t cause we to attached and love to be around.

  75. Kaylove March 31st, 2011

    I Love my leo Man and as me a virgo girl i get weak when i don’t have him around we been arguing lately and i just don’t know what to do. I want to be with him so bad and get married but he’s making to me wait because of my mistake of not taken him on from the jump i want to be loyal and faithful to him but it’s nerve reckoning to be around him cause how i fell bout him his my life and BF i cherish him and in love wit him.

  76. Sweetest Virgo March 27th, 2011

    I am a Virgo who just met a Leo man one week ago! We are SO IN LOVE!!!!!! He is everything I’ve been looking for and I know I’m the same for him. I’ve had my dealings with Cancerians, Sagittarians & Taurus, but this Leo Man is by far the BEST! I love him so much already and I’m almost certain before the year is over, WE WILL BE MARRIED!!!!! I’ll come back and let you all know when!

    The Sweetest Virgo in Love with the Confident Leo

  77. Virgoan beauty March 17th, 2011

    I am falling for the SEXIEST leo right now… I’ve never been more physically attracted to another person and I think the feeling is mutual….. Even though I am a little “bossy” I have always wanted a man to take the lead and let me play the supporting role. Even though I’m a modern independent woman, I still have that old fashioned instinct that wants a man to dominate me hahaha…..

  78. Virgo Gurl March 16th, 2011

    I’ve been dating a leo man, and he is such a good lover, but at time, he let me pay the expenses.. He has a 3 kids but not married. I’m not sure if he just wants a past time lover, or he just loves me.. I’m confused, I really love him.. I really do..

  79. Virgo lady March 11th, 2011

    Well I been in a relationship with my leo man for 5years….The first 1 or 2year was good, and than after that nothing but arguments about stupid things…We have 2years old daughter now…I love him dearly but I just dont no sometimes…and he is a sweat heart and he takes care of home…i dont know how long this will last….

  80. Rose March 7th, 2011

    right, a leo man did the same thing to me. It is confusing to me. like he does not know how to date or go ahead with things… i think he is not brave at all like other men i dated.. frustrated..

  81. Katty February 17th, 2011

    everything is true here about virgos, and leos too i guess. I’m a virgo woman, chatting with a Leo man for almost 7 month. It seems he is always waiting for me to take a step. I don’t know what to do, he says he is would like to marry me, but then again he doesn’t pay enough attention to me. 🙁

  82. vivian February 7th, 2011

    My bf is a leo who is very sweet n loving at da start of our relationship . But after 2wks ,he suddenly turns cold . . . Saying that he wanna take things easy ! Is all leo like that ??

  83. MyName January 4th, 2011

    I am a leo man. It’s difficult to say for sure if what you’ve described is normal for a leo. I know for sure that leo people are determined and strong-willed, but your man sounds like he’s smooth and relaxed. I don’t think you should worry about it though.

    PS: we almost posted at the same time, but you beat me 🙁

  84. MyName January 4th, 2011

    The western horoscope is half of the story when it comes to compatibility. I’m not sure of the extent to which virgo and leo are compatible, but I’m guessing that you and your boyfriend are[were] incompatible according to the chinese zodiac. The zodiac is the other half.

  85. BRITTANY January 4th, 2011


  86. Ananya December 21st, 2010

    My relationship with my leo boyfriend was heavenly in the beginning.. unbreakable.. then things got nasty! our minds didnt match.. we used to fight everyday! but we didnt wanted to let go of each other.. it ended up on a very bad note! my world turned upside down and i went into depression! its one year of our brk up now and im finally through everything.. i dont think leo and virgo are meant to be!

  87. MIENKIE November 30th, 2010


  88. David November 27th, 2010

    July 25th and I fell in love with a Virgo woman. I married her. It was the happiest years of my life. Now she is in heaven. Many times I have felt her presence. She has my heart forever and ever…

  89. tori November 25th, 2010

    Andrea Lambert you commented on my birthday… yea… and My BFF is a leo..he’s gay so no relationship there i dont think…although the other day i think he tried to make a pass at me lol…I ddnt know what to say or think so I just acted as if he was drunk and told him to stop looking at me the way he was looking at me…lol..

  90. daniel October 16th, 2010

    iam a leo man and iam in love with a virgo woman who works in the library and i like being around her i hope we get something started because we knew each other for over 8 years.

  91. sylla September 22nd, 2010

    je sui tré heureuse d’avoir lu sa je sui avec un homme lion dpui troi moi et on va se marier l’anné prochaine il me ren tré heureuse moi je sui du signe vierge et j’ésper ke sa va mrcher entre nous.

  92. Andrea Lambert August 29th, 2010

    Your perception of the Leo man and the Virgo woman seems to be on point!! My husband and I have been together for ten years and sometimes I look back and wonder how I could survive without having him in my life. He is my everything!! I enjoy your website alot! A friend showed it to me today and I’m very thankful and hope to get more insights from you all there.Thanks!!!

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