Aries Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility

As the sensitive fire of an Aries mixes with the strong fire of Leo, they create a charmed blaze of everlasting warmth and passion. Both the people of these signs are strong and love to appreciate and share the spot-light with each other. However, together these two always maintain the vigor and excitement in their relationship.

A Leo man is born with superiority in his blood and always loves to have an upper hand in every field including relationships. He is natural born leader and have a fan following. The Leo is often one of a kind, very honest and loyal man who is very sensible and extremely practical. In love with an Aries maiden, a he is extremely romantic and passionate lover who is very generous and warm towards his lady. He is always brimming with stamina emotional, mentally and physically that brings new found excitement to an Aries female.

An Aries woman is highly self-determining and intelligent lady, full of vivacity and sparkling enthusiasm. She never looses and is sometimes boastful about her achievements. The faith of an Aries woman can move mountains as she has that optimistic energy which can make impossible, possible! She carries the simplicity and air of child like innocence which is very much admired by all men. She in love with a Leo man is generally a bright and brave spirited woman who enormously admires him for his strength and warmth. She makes him feel honored and loved in all the possible ways.

An Aries woman presents a Leo man with a high spirited mate who is ready to accept all the challenges he offers to her. She is always a companion to him who has equal passion and strength in her personality. Due to the dominance of the Leo man, she typically surrenders which she can never do for any other man. The honest admiration of Aries woman enhances the confidence and wisdom of her Leo man. She fulfills all the dreams of him and provides him with a challenge which he enjoys intensely. Though her ruthless comment may sometimes hurt his ego and dampen his spirits and her selfishness can give him shocks at times but his wisdom is enough to bring him back to normal. She in fact has no problem worshiping him as long as he respects and honors her.

A Leo man makes an Aries woman, a real delicate damsel with his most romantic expressions and loving spirits. His dominance brings forth her femininity that she never knew existed until now. There may be instances when the egos of these two clash badly, but that is in order to make up and reassure each other of one another’s love. Making up allows them to keep the magic alive and keep the flame burning. At times she enjoys his constant homily realizing it is well meant and full of affection for her. Basically he is very generous and warm towards him but sometimes he can be too honest, hurting the enthusiastic spirits of Aries lady. But after the novelty wears off, she might challenge him a few times and feel bored at times around him.

Both Aries and Leo have very dynamic personalities to share with each other. They never suffer from boredom when they are together. They always provide one another with constant excitement which each one craves for. The genuine forthrightness of the Aries moves the Leo strangely, stirring harmony in his own idealistic heart and in return he flourishes to help her avoid her selfishness, affectionately, with his lovable and tender ways. As their unison blossoms in the sunshine of love and vigor, he gives up his dominating attitude and embraces his lady love to protect her from all the emotional storms and she gives up her egoism to love and pamper him to make him happiest man on the earth. When madly in love with each other they create a magical fire which burns in their hearth throughout their lives giving both of them, the light of excitement and the warmth of oneness.

The vibrations given off by the Aries woman and Leo man are very powerful. This pair has many moments of sexual intimacy which are marvelous and even mad. Sex between the two is very fulfilling because each of them gives the other what they need and want. There is a strong emotional bond between the two. Her naiveté and air of innocence stirs a deep well of tenderness within the Leo man making him more passionate towards her need to be one with him. He finds the excitement of the Aries woman contagious, stirring his sexual desires and bringing enthusiasm and excitement in their love making. The romance and the warm touch of the Leo man ignite the passion of the Aries woman as she submits herself as a whole to him. The solution for all their relationship problems is that she needs to grow up emotionally and for him to constantly tell her how much he loves her and what she means to him.

The relationship of a Leo man and Aries woman is competitive in nature. The protective charisma and strength of the Leo man is strongly adored by her but she may feel sick of haughtiness and his desire to dominate all the time. On the other hand, the innocence and courage of an Aries woman stimulates the romantic feeling in him but he may feel upset regarding her aggressiveness and impulsive actions. They both have large egos and strong passion to be held on with. Due to their drooping egos, a relation between a Leo and an Aries, though warm and wonderful, can produce frequent emotional storms. But a friendly communication and mutual respect can make them a happier couple.

  1. Tonya January 28th, 2023

    I’m an Aries ♈️ Woman and my guy is a Leo ♌️ we are so into each ther Mentally,Physically and Sexually.It’s like I can’t get enough of him.He spoils Me rotten and compliments Me in all I do.We are both headstrong and passionate about our Goals,Desires and Future.I hope this never ends💜He’s definitely my type..

  2. Michael Marcucci December 23rd, 2022

    I’m a leo man falling hard and fast for a Aries woman….I’m not the dominating type unless I absolutely have to be, I don’t like to be praised and all that, but I love to shower her with love and be romantic as possible, I always think of her before myself and want absolutely nothing in return, except eventually love but that will take time obviously, as for the bedroom….I’m a pleaser and don’t want anything I return… hopefully this will grow to something more in 2023

  3. Ashleigh December 13th, 2022

    I am a Aries woman with a Leo man and he is definitely my match made in heaven. We compliment eachother as a couple in every aspect, so much love, laughter and respect for one another, we have such a great bond, never a dull moment. intense sexual attraction and all round happiness. Leo man is the man for me

  4. Aami October 31st, 2022

    I am Aries woman, relationship with 2 leo was nearly impossible, friendship is great but lovers never go. They both had hesitant nature. Sexually very boring

  5. Manda October 16th, 2022

    I’m in a relationship with a Leo man. He has a massive ego, wanting praise regularly particularly in the bedroom. and always wants his own way. He has signs of selfishness and bordering narcissism. As an Aries female I find this challenging and at times question the sustainability.

    • Shon October 21st, 2022

      I was in a relationship with a Virgo who is a narcissist. It’s not worth it. I’m telling you. I kept trying to make it work but my self worth was far higher than dealing with him. Leave. Trust me. We Aries are too bright & happy to deal with such nonsense.

  6. Anon July 28th, 2022

    This is copied from Linda goodmans book love signs. You should put that

  7. Jamie July 15th, 2022

    I’m an Aries woman with a Leo woman and we are the perfect love match we are literally soulmates she isn’t a man but still she’s the perfect lover and literally my best friend. We have a lot of the same ambitions, interests, and sense of humor and always have each other laughing and our relationship Is always adventurous and spontaneous.

  8. Vorrupted April 7th, 2022

    I’m in a relationship with a Leo man and he’s so amazing we just connect so well together it’s so weird we’re so similar in some ways but he’s also so charming and sweet he’s really amazing and I feel so comfortable around him

  9. January 29th, 2022

    I find that Leo men love to play mind games, especially when it comes to communication. How do you ladies deal with it?? Any Leo men out there able to provide some insight on why you do this? I did see the article says that Leos want to feel that they have the upperhand in all relationships

    • Matt February 17th, 2022

      Probably trying to manipulate you into showing us more admiration. That’s all we want.

    • Ivan Rivera April 4th, 2022

      As a leo man, I can tell you that the mind games we play aren’t harmful, or manipulative in the sense that we wish to do you wrong. It’s one of the only ways that a leo can communicate. So if we’re doing that it usually means we’re trying to hint out that we desire something from you. But the problem is that as Leos asking for help or being forthright when it comes to expressing what we want feels like we’re weak, or even that we’re losing. And our pride is too big to admit any kind of defeat. So long story short, these games are our immature attempt at trying to get your attention about something. It’s a flaw and always needs to be worked on. You can help by realizing what we’re doing and instead of calling us out, tenderness In the form of asking us if theres a way you can help us get what we want will keep bitterness from developing as well as help us to mature and see that whatever it is you’re not giving us, isn’t a rejection of us, but rather an honest mistake of ignorance.

      • Cookie April 5th, 2022

        Wow i needed to see this thank u

      • Ivan Rivera April 5th, 2022

        Ooh, glad it helped, I hope most of it made sense. That whole cliché about the man driving and won’t pull over to ask for directions nor admit to his family that he’s lost.
        That scenario first occurred to a leo I’ll bet my house on it..
        Except we’re like that with every aspect of our lives. Lol needing something suggests we’re lacking something, and behind the competition, and we Lions do not back down nor lose to anyone in anything. Even in Love! 🤣

      • Sam July 11th, 2022

        I really need to see this. In the beginning stage of my first ever Leo man. We literally mirror each other. Besides this… I at first handle it as an Aries would. ✌ But he stopped his day and called me. He said almost to the T what you just explained. So I will give it a try and see if this helps us communicate better. Thank you!

  10. Just another Aries May 3rd, 2021

    Female Aries here and I spent my preteen and teenage years around a male Leo. He’s the younger brother (about a year younger) to one of my close friends. From the first time we met I felt this strong connection to him. I had the biggest crush on him and for years we played this cat and mouse game of sexual tension. As we got older, we drifted apart and went on with our lives. But years later I moved into my friends house renting a room. It wasn’t long after that her brother moved in too. I thought for the longest time that my crush was just me being a hormonal teenager and it was only because I thought he was attractive. But it came back, those feelings and intense pull to him. I’ve never felt like that with anyone before or after. We get along so well and joking just came so easy between us. You could say that we honestly enjoyed each other’s company. I’m sure if you are still reading this you might be asking why we never did anything or take that next step. Well, I guess you could say that physically I was never his type. I would bet every penny I had, that if I was his type physically, he would had pursued me hard. But, that never happened…I never became that desirable size he looks for and when we see each other we ignore the looming tension between us. It’s like a love story that will never play out. Anyways, I’ve come to terms with this many years ago and I honestly cherish the times I see him. I sometimes dream about him and I can’t get him off my mind. It’s crazy how strong our connection is. We fit the Aries woman and Leo man compatibility to a T. Miss that kid, hope to see him soon. Thanks for reading!

    • Lexxiiee July 31st, 2021

      Tell him that you desire to have him in bed and see what he say .. just go for it!!! Make it to where he can’t say no!!! I’m rooting for u!!

  11. RJ March 31st, 2021

    Hey I’m RJ im 27born July 24th. Im (Single) Filipino, Native, and German (imaMUT) born in North Carolina. Grew up in a Military and Catholic family and yes I moved and traveled a LOT. I got into a lil bit of trouble growing up and been thru and seen a lot. I’m just trying to find my queen my “ride or die”
    I’ve been played and drug thru the dirt in unimaginable ways, multiple times. I’m a sucker for love and my kindness always gets taken advantage of. I’m always trying to help people and see people smile n that’s my weakness bc I always get left behind, used until nothing left or stabbed in the back. I give my all into things I like or love. I’m a jack of all trades and I’m a professional Arborist as A Tree Climber, nicknamed Tarzan. Rjb***** is my email..
    Looking for my queen… 🙂

  12. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Leo men are so fun and usually TOO attractive with great hair… I got a free love reading and it was helpful:
    Hope it helps xoxo

  13. five nights at freddy's October 30th, 2019

    That’s wonderful love. I agree with your blog.

  14. Ezhil September 20th, 2019

    Yes The same ,im also still has hope in my leo man

  15. Danielle May 12th, 2019

    I’m 43 and I met a 55 yr old man on a dating site over a year ago. Our first date was instant chemistry, amazing. We dated a few times and he said he couldn’t commit and ended it. Took me months to get over him. A few weeks ago out of the blue he messaged me. We are now trying to date again. He really pursued me hard and I’m glad he has…he wants a relationship this time. Our last date was so amazing and I cant wait for more.

    • January 9th, 2022

      Are you still together??

  16. Aries96 March 9th, 2019

    As a true fiery Aries we are used to being chased, adored and complemented on a regular basis.We do not settle for less than being treated as the queen we are, we are driven passionate creatures and unapologetically reckless to the core sometimes and most signs dig that but on day I have discovered something within me I swore it never existed.. Thanks to this Leo that I went out on a date with ..he initiated an online conversation with me and I swear as I checked his profile I felt like he so special and precious for a reason I could not understand.Our conversation was pure delight, fun and flirtatious..things escalated quickly as he complimented how sexy my lips were to him and god knows how sexy is his … anyway as i always get this sort of compliments it felt like he was trying to seduce me to sleep with him.. so I needed to play hard to get duh. He asked to meet me at the beach or to go for a jog and he say he would motivate me with a kiss every here and let me tell you how I reasoned this as a typical Aries ..( oh this guy is bold, damn I like that so much he is getting me crazy but hey guuuuurl don’t make it easy for him, you don’t get no one touching and grabbing ya from the first date..) my head was a jungle ..anyway I said I was busy and I would let him know when am available..and no longer than 2 days I asked him out,well to be honest he was super flirtatious that I was a little scared, I felt the adrenaline of that but was anxious to give in and that he would lose interest an de hurt my ego.Anyway we met up near by my house and went for a coffee, as I got in his car, he tried to kiss me right away, so I pulled back and said we need to go somewhere and you have to make me feel comfortable and so he did ..he was so freaking charming and masculine yet my mind was going on the other direction that he can be a player or worse a FB .. yet he was so funny and his smile goooooosh..I was being playful, a little teasing and childish as we all have that part of innocence within which instantly triggered his protective side.I swear right there in that time,we were infinite..anyway all this would look insane for someone else but little do they know.. anyway moving forward, when we got to his car, i said when can go for a walk as you wanted if you want and he agreed and smiled, I was smiling too ..then he said come closer .. and the first freaking time that I actually obey was that..I hugged him and that’s where things heated up so fast ( a little bonus guys he works a physiotherapist so he knows all the touching tricks..😉) we kissed and melted in passion .. however I wanted him to show me that I can take the lead too ( in the beginning I did not know all of the typical Leo traits and one of the most annoying trait is his selfishness) as we kissed for I can’t honestly remember but I was mor than 4 times .. he did not take me for a walk ..and so I asked him to give me ride back home and felt unappreciated somehow like you know how we can be (Aries pips) .. I thanked him for the date and moved along.. anyway I kind of prepared myself for disappointment because he did not let me hold his hand or be romantic even though I don’t know what I wanted to do that..I was a hot mess..over analyzing and thinking that he should of done this and that and seriously I was driving myself crazy only because I was expecting a certain conduct..anyway he texted me the following day asking about me the he disappeared for two months ..then he texted again saying a casual “hi” and ofcourse I bursted at him I was just so hurt and angry that he ignored me that long.. he came up with excuses that he lost his phone and was going through so issues.. well I could not resist the fact that when he said what’s wrong do you miss me I fucking said a lot ( what’s wrong with me, who is this person.. fighting myself).. and oh one more thing, I read ton of articles about how Leo men behave when in love and drove myself nuts that he did not appreciate me enough and was aggressive when I knew that he was not chivalrous as they said he would.. anyway he called after texting me and wanted me to entertain him ( like literally wanted me to stimulate him sexually) and I did not do it even though I am confident and playful I did not want to be his from time to time sexual toy.. anyway he hang up on my face because i hurt his ego apparently and which is a big no no.. i know i know stupid move but my mine was hurt too and I had standards he had to know about.. anyway I kept thinking of him and It was crazy that I did ..i said he is just a guy but he is not just a guy .. i wanna be there for him if he could only treat me right I will do anything for him .. anyway I texted him after 3 months explaining everything I felt (the confusion, the fact that I wanted attention from him, everything he needed to know ..) and it was so steamy because he responded immediately and I swear I was ready to do anything he asks as long as he treats me right, I communicated directly my standards and that he needs to understand me a little better ..our texts were intimate ofcourse and he compliments my body as in books.. he just thrives on sexual chemistry.. .. I loved him so much until the next day I got a text that broke my heart in million pieces.. he was going out of town for good and he said he was sorry about it and he blocked me after telling me .. this a long detailed story because I know a lot would relate to the intense raw natural emotions towards Leo men.. I don’t know if it’s ever gonna work out as a lot of fights would occur on the way in general but I don’t imagine getting married unless I am looking to my leo man across the aisle.. the chemistry is crazy good . Now I am focusing on my dreams as I always had and one day am sure he will come along . I mean hey we fucking awesome with all of our stubbornness,powerful attitude yet humble and sweet like an innocent child.. this relationship If i can call it that opened my eyes to the woman I can become and for that I am grateful.Thank you for this article and I hope my story highlights a bit of what is mentioned above ..

    • January 9th, 2022

      Do you think maybe he was secretly married or in a relationship? Why would he block you??

  17. sinethemba hloph March 6th, 2018


  18. sue August 30th, 2017

    I have being married for 27 years to a Leo man and i am a Aries.personally I have found him to be generous kind etc..the only dower that I always remind him of is his need to try to fix stuff for me to the point where it can get a bit controlling which Leo’s do have a problem with.

  19. aries91 August 16th, 2017


    • Kia Nichole August 20th, 2017

      I am an female aries. My fiance is a male leo. We have been best friends for 15 years. He is an amazing, hardworking man. Together we are a pure comedy show. I decided to take our friendship further 3 years ago. It has been such an exciting, unexpected Rollercoaster. He would always go out with his family. And never invite me. We never used to go out. He is very jealous. However he loves hard, and works hard. And does whatever it takes to keep me happy. Make no mistakes, it was not always this way. Me being an Aries, we are very stubborn. And I personally tend to be a bit combative. I have no problems expressing myself verbally. However once I have a conversation about something that means a lot to me, I will not discuss it again. When I got to the point that I couldn’t take anymore I left. He was confused. He expressed himself emotionally and regardless to what he said I continued to give him the cold shoulder. When we got back together he appeared to have himself together. Certain things like him not taking me out changed. But a lot of things remained the same. Slowly things went back to the way they were. We had another discussion and when things didn’t change I left again. After leaving several times, months at a time, we got back together and 2 months later he proposed. When I would leave, it would be for months at a time. And limited contact. He would call 4 5 times a day. I would answer 2 3 times a week at most. Leo’s are Lions. They stand strong for what they feel. They have to feel like they have lost or are losing something worth holding on. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you doing what I did. I left because I needed him to see that I’m capable of moving on and being fine with or w/o him. Because we knew each other for so long he saw through my previous relationships that usually when I’m done I’m done. And he wasn’t ready for that. Again I would not suggest you leave for months on end. Maybe just try to make yourself less available. Make him miss you. Get dressed up, come over, cook him a nice dinner and leave. Then dont make yourself available for the next couple of days. Answer maybe once a day. Text one word responses. Don’t give off the impression that there is someone else. Just make him understand you finally understand you deserve better.

      • aries91 August 20th, 2017

        Thanks so much Kia Nicole. I’ve done one word texts before and yea he always is like what’s wrong haven’t been yourself lately.I have left him before in the past for like 3months we didn’t text or talk . as is working together I have gotten so used to seeing him needing to interact with him it’s so hard not to talk to him. You have given some great advice I’m so grateful someone responded. Its like I have so many feelings for him and he has none of its mixed signals. I need to be more cold towards him and quiet show him I’m worth more and until he can step up keep it distant. But the difference between your Leo and my Leo friend when I stopped talking to him before guess what?…. He never ever reached out not once as if he wasn’t concerned didn’t care at all. He never offers to hangout it’s always me. He never does caring things it’s always me. I’m scared I’m giving him so much of me and I’ll never see any of this in return. Please feel free respond with any advice I need it.

      • Traynice November 12th, 2017

        Wow. Your situation sounds a lot like my Leo man and I as an Aries woman. We are apart right now, but I know for certain we will be back together! He let’s it be EVIDENT they we will be together. But this 3rd time around, I want a SOLID COMMITMENT. He told me I am the one, and that he just can’t shake me out of his mind. He told me his biggest fear is that I will move on from him, but little does he know, that’s my biggest fear. I was told he has dated other women in our separation, and when I asked him about it, he tells me it never means anything, because they are not me. It took for this 3rd separation to realize, that he is the love of my life.

    • FireLordZuko August 26th, 2017

      He’s just not that into you. It’s not rocket science. Move on, or enjoy being jerked around.

      • aries91 August 26th, 2017

        I would respond in being ignorant but I’m not great response fire Lord zuko

    • Lakisha September 7th, 2017

      I had a similar experience a few years ago and I just realized I had to leave him alone and focus on my self and pursue other things, but after only a year he searched for me high and low to admit his love for me and how his emotions were cut off due to pass relationship! Long story short your Leo will come after you just don’t be so available. Aries to Aries its natural I’m us when we like someone a lot but trust me u are irresistible to him…. HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HASNT GOT THE PICTURE.🙂

      • aries91 September 7th, 2017

        Thanks so much for your advice. Its hard to not be available since we rarely spend time. Lol but when we do it’s a blast. I just hope it processes one day.

      • Caramel king April 1st, 2018

        No he will not chase you. Leo men have too many female fans/groupies to be chasing after one chick. You gotta be kidding me…

    • kimmangum40 August 4th, 2018

      Hi my name is Kim M. I am a fabulous Aries woman, first of all you must understand as an Aries woman you should know sex is just sex that’s all it is nothing more until we as Aries women connect with a man on an emotional level. When you went after a man for the purposes of a hook-up, you don’t expect anything other then what you got, especially with a leo man. Advice; FWB never works out long term, you will forever remain in the friend category and never graduate to girlfriend or wife in his eyes. He will be having sex with you while looking for a girlfriend to wife up. He will be dating her, taking her out, spending money on her and she will be the one that meets his friends and family. You will be there until they begin a sexually relationship and that’s when he will dump you or just keep you on standby just in case should he need you in the future.
      Leo men are hunters like all men, but a leo man goes after all women yet he keeps the one that he had to work for and she isn’t giving her pearls away. That’s the woman he will emotionally connect with and put her on a pedestal to love, protect and honor. Aries, Leo and Sag must connect with our mates on an emotional level in order for that bond to be deep because, when we love we love hard and we give our all to that one person because they are the one we want to be with only. Girl please have some dignity as the powerful Aries woman that you are and let this one go. Learn from this, move on from this and do not repeat the same mistake again. As an Aries woman you are wife material, you are not here to be used. You are a POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, INDEPENDENT, INTELLIGENT, CHARMING, SENSUAL, SEXY, PASSIONATE, EXCITING, GO-GETTER Aries woman who deserves that man who will put her on a pedestal forever. God bless you and keep your legs closed to men who don’t value you, be a HIGH VALUE WOMAN after all you are a Aries. I love all of my Aries sisters you know I do, smooches.
      ❤💋💋Kim M.

    • Mami October 5th, 2018

      geez, this hits home. I let him go recently and saved his photos and everything. I miss him like shit and there’s a new/old spark with someone else and I’m not really interested (kinda am). All I want is my leo though. I miss him like shit and I feel so stupid that I keep stopping what we had but, I love him. I just can’t waiting for him to man up and commit. I think I was mainly there to make him not feel lonley? I felt like he was ashamed to show me off? I’m not the cutest girl and I am not better than his last but if he would’ve given me a chance, we could’ve been so in love (cringe, but true). I feel like he’s perfect and I want him to be mine. I want him to be the father of my future children. I want to be his wife. I want a future with him. He just wasn’t that into me I guess. I’ll love him forever though.

      • Lexxiiee July 31st, 2021

        Honey as long as u continue to make yourself available for him and you have expressed and showed this man your worth and he still continues to treat u as a piece of meat.. leave him alone and u find another man that’s gonna treat you like how you want to be treated. If this new man come along and want to take things to the next level, don’t hold back bc you may still have feelings for the last man .. forget that last man bc he had the same opportunities that the new man had!! .. Good luck and stop trying to prove your worthiness to a man who doesn’t care ..

  20. Cobra328 August 7th, 2017

    I’m an Aries queen 😉 and am currently in a complicated situation with a Leo man. I’m 23 and he’s 29. I took a job back in Jan and met him there. I thought he was cute the moment I met him (despite the fact he’s almost the opposite -physically- from what I’m normally attracted to) Great sense of humor, intelligent, hard-working, and always wanting to help.
    Shortly after meeting he casually mentions his girlfriend in a conversation with me and other coworker. I have no interest in taken men, so he I automatically lost any interest. I quit the job at the end of May and while we were always friendly and joking at work, we never exchanged numbers or anything like that. Purely coworkers I thought. So a couple weeks after I left he gets my number and starts to text me. It was friendly, random, hilarious, and a little flirty but not enough to set off lights and sirens. Everyone else I showed it to though insisted it was very flirty. This goes on a few days and then a week or so goes by and it starts again and we continued off and on like that for a few weeks, growing close and flirting. We admitted we were attracted to each other and he admitted he was in a strange “funk” the last few months and even brought up counseling to his girlfriend who flipped out. When I asked if she knew who he was flirting with he claimed she more than likely did. She worships him-so much it sickens me sometimes how she could be THAT attached and put him on such and high freaking pedestal. Anyway, it’s been like this since early June. We have told each other if we were both single we would definitely hook up, and at first he said he didn’t think he could cheat, but a couple weeks ago… we started to sext -bad on my part as I felt less respectable for it. And ik the whole “imagine how she would feel if she knew” but it’s not really my fault if anything happens to their relationship. He sought me out, we were work friends before all this, and he made the choice to initiate sexting. If I was just a mere coworker I could have left and been just Facebook friends or something with him. No, he sought me out, and we don’t talk about just sex. We talk about EVERYTHING and anything. Real conversations, not just “what’s your favorite color” get to know each other things. He’s admitted he’s scared of losing me (although not in as many words as he has a hard time with being direct often), and is always trying to build me up, reassure me. He remembers things about me I don’t even remember telling him, things he had to have overheard. He remembers what color my eyes are in certain light, small and seemingly insignificant things I’ve said in passing months ago, and other small details. He’s considerate of my feelings, always tries to cheer me up when I’m down, wants to know about my past, my likes, dislikes, and opinions. He wants to know everything. He stays up when I go out with friends to make sure I’m safe and having fun (lol though he won’t admit it if asked)
    Everything about this man is what I have been waiting for. The things he says and the gestures he makes are what I have been waiting to hear and feel all my life. He treats me like a queen, but also knows how to subdue and ease me. I’m only 23, I have a long time to find someone. I’ve kept my guard up and am very aware of the reality -he’s with her, and he doesn’t like messy just like any Leo man. Leaving her is messy, especially when I know he does care about her. And I do know from my own observation and the observations and word of others, that this entire situation and his behavior is out of character for him. He appreciates devotion and loyalty, trust, and believes in giving it in turn. So, in my and other people’s opinion, there is a draw that is hard to ignore, and I know he has tried to. We both know nothing will happen so long as he is with her, but unfortunately it doesn’t deter us from continuing this way. Our situation doesn’t keep me from looking at other potential partners either. It could be our timing, something he has implied as well -that he doesn’t know the future, which I told him not to say since that is what guys tell their side chicks to string them along while they stay with the girlfriend. He felt bad after that and apologized- but bottom line is: this description of an Aries woman and also man’s compatibility is spot on. It’s intense, it’s exciting, it’s comfortable and natural. The majority of men I have been attracted to or involved with are Leos and it’s the same every time. It’s an unexplainable, but intense and natural draw that is hard to fight. They complement each other so well, even when it gets ugly, because the communication is good. Everything is honest and no punches are pulled. Anyway, sorry for the novel here, this is partly my way of venting I guess.

    • Kheera August 13th, 2017

      You write beautifully. I was in a similar situation a few months ago and the guy I liked was a Leo. He had been dating that girl for more than a year. He and I started working on something together – and although we were acquaintances to begin with, our mutual liking grew into love. He broke up with her around eight months ago, and since then we’ve been dating. I found the period (When he was dating that girl, but still flirting with me) quite enjoyable, although he found it too emotionally charged and tumultuous. He eventually told me that he’d rather continue the friendship we have than be in a relationship with her. At this point neither of us had told the other about our liking. He broke up with her, and thereafter asked me out. It took us three months after that to finally start dating – because we both had our insecurities.
      It was totally worth it. Don’t give up your independence though, he’ll probably love-hate it.

      • Cobra328 August 13th, 2017

        Thank you-about my writing- and I’m glad things worked out for you. I don’t have any reason to think it will be the same for me. While he may enjoy our friendship and care about me, I know that the chance of him ending things with her are of the 1 in a billion kind. Even if he did, I would not date him right away. He has been with his girlfriend 2 years and while flirting with me may be out of character which would recommend there is something more at play, he is the type that wants to do what he perceives to be the right thing. He wants everyone to be happy, but despite that kind of thinking, he unknowingly is the one creating unhappiness. For her, for me, and for him. He has bit of self-loathing at times, so even if he became single I wouldn’t want to date him, because I want him to love himself and remember what it means to be single instead of jumping from one relationship to the next. Especially since it is all he has really known. He feels secure in relationships as if it’s is the validation that he is lovable. He doesn’t realize that. Anyway, it’s not like it matters. I wasn’t born to play second fiddle to anyone, and I have my own life and things I want to do. There are still people I have not met and places I have not seen, and worrying about his affections for me only narrows my mind and gaze. Like you, I find the times when we are flirting and getting to know each other enjoyable. I chose to just let it all be, put a certain distance between us, and continue my life the way I always have. He decides he wants to try at being a part of it, so be it. I just hope that if that’s the case then he doesn’t decide it too late. Leo men… I have no issues with brushing their mane and making them feel good, but it will never be at the sacrifice of my own ego, self worth, and self-respect. Thank you for sharing your story btw. Best wishes to you both.

  21. Kira May 6th, 2017

    Im an aries woman who fell in love with a leo man. I was single mom of 6month old boy n was close friends with leo male. We had fun we looked out for each other we cracked jokes like you couldnt seperate us for nothing. He worked i went to school n wwn i worked he went to school ww was always there for each other he was there for my son too. He took him in like he was his own child. We started dating and became sexually active with each other and went on dates which brought us more closer to each other. The next year I had his first child(boy) and things got worse the whole pregnancy it wasnt til after i packed my bags and my two sons i was takin n leaving with he decided to change im guessing he knew he screwed up. And then next year it was great no fights no arguments but then i had two more of his children he started changing more. We not together now we back friends he wants us back so bad every since moved out of same state and took all four children ith me because 3yrs ago he didnt want the family the caring and faithful girl n his boys he wanted to explore and i left. Im not about to kiss no mans ass if you wanna be free go head bye. Its gone hurt cause i been with him for almost 7yrs. I gotten his name in me five yrs ago n then got it removed now after our last child son was born he decides to get our names on him tattooed and now he wants to marry me and be a family again the 6 of us again. I told my family and his idk about sayin yes the feelings i once had are long gone for him. Idk but reading this about our signs is so true.

    • Cristina May 15th, 2017

      Thanks for sharing your story. I am an Aries and have a son with a Leo man. We have been together for 4 years and at first we were inseparable. He could say hi and I wouldn’t stop cracking up. He was the funniest and fun person to be around. I thought I was going to be with him forever. And when I got pregnant it felt like we were arguing more and more. I had my baby and it never got better. It just got worse. I am still with him but we argue a lot. He never admits his wrong. And every time I want to leave he says he will get my name tattooed on him. Not like I’m telling him but this story really relates to mine.

  22. Sir SHAFICK March 23rd, 2017

    Hi I’m SHAFICK and I’m in love with it Tamara (miami & Australia)

  23. Leo_Dude November 19th, 2016

    The way to win a Leo man(early in the relationship) is to compliment him…often. Not publicly as in bragging, but in one-on-one situations. Also be open in terms of communication. Listen to him and be inquisitive.

    The way to lose a Leo man’s interest(early in the relationship) is to act aloof and keep him guessing about everything. Playing hard to get will get you nowhere.

  24. Kalo Butler September 6th, 2016

    My name is Selena, I’m an aries and I fell hard for a leo. His name is Jordan. We are both 18 and I met him when I was just 16 years old. When we first started talking as friends we instantly connected. Our humor was the same. We talked about everything and we could be ourselves around eachother. We hung out together literally all day and we would just joke about the dumbest stuff. Our vibes were just on another level and everyone always said we should date. I had a bf and he would tell me bout his girls. But even tho we were taken by other ppl at different times in our friendship… everyine constantly said we should be the ones going out. I couldn’t help but feel most comfortable around him. He was my best friend and we both agreed that our friendship was extraordinary. I love and still care about him deeply. The last semester of senior yr I finally told him how I felt nd he was deeply confused. See, I know he liked me because his actions showed it. He wanted to be nexterm to me and talk to me 24/7 but he had also had feelings for this other girl Carolina. She is a Sagittarius. U can see where the problem is because he is most compatible to both of our signs. He liked this girl since junior yr. Him and I talked about a future. He said he could see himself with me and getting married and everything. We ended up doing sexual stuff which I regret now cuz I know guys just love the chase. Long story short in the end he chose the other girl. It broke my heart and I can’t help but feel he was the one and made the wrong choice. I dont understand how he could hurt me like that (especially since we were so close). I’m just really sad because he found someone to replace me with. He is happy. Nd I’m stuck. I thought what we had was real and I’m now I’m over here comparing every guy I try to have a thing with, to him. I’m trying to move on. It’s been 4 months nd i went on my first date since with a cancer male today… but I just don’t feel right with any other guy. I see all these posts about ur leo man finding his way back and I’m praying he does too in the future when are both older and more mature. He is going to college in a different state in a couple days. Nd we dont really talk much anymore… but I can’t shake this feeling that it would go back to how it was. Nd that we are meant to be….

    • hollyc0321 January 29th, 2017

      Hi sweetheart. I’m so sorry your heart is broken. I loved a Leo too almost 20 years ago. We lost contact after I broke up with him. We always managed to bump into each other every 5 years or so. He got married and I focused on a career with heavy travel.

      We hadn’t seen each other in ten full years and recently ran into each other. We saw each other from across a loud, crowded room like beacons. He’s been divorced and I stopped traveling so much and the time was right for each other this time and we are inseparable now. Sometimes two people just aren’t ready the first go around. Especially at 18.

      Don’t rely on getting him back and love your life with fond memories of him and date and fall in love. You never know when love will come back into your life! He’s now 51 and I’m in my mid forties. All of the experiences and loves we had in that time apart has really made us appreciate each other all the more.

    • asaduolivia April 8th, 2017

      It happens to me just the way u got it BT d best of it is ur friend der are not going to stay will we’re he is cos no challenge around him nor life feelings at any were he his new parts of his sour is with u bring him back by always cross him and say how are u doing, appreciate however and say take care of urself

  25. Ariesgirl_ May 22nd, 2016

    Im an Aries girl (April 16) & met this Leo guy (July 31st) & right now we’re friends but everyone knows he likes me. he is 4 yrs younger than I am so I’m not sure how I feel about that; but when I’m with him, it doesn’t feel that way. He’s a true Leo & I’m a true Aries ! & we’re both true fire signs. Even tho he’s younger, he can be very manly & I don’t have the choice but be submissive at times which doesn’t happen with other signs! Which is weird. He is very overprotective over me, like I’m his child or something ; even tho I’m older than him ! & somehow I get protective over him too at times. We have a mutual understanding for each other. I feel like he’s a man version of me so I automatically understand him. We just click ! We have this bond that’s so natural, not forced & automatic ! We both feel like we’ve known each other for ever. My soul recognize his. It’s so weird. We have this chemistry that only us can understand. Sometimes while having a conversation, I would get lost in his eyes & feel like I can read him; weird telepathy. He is the sweetest, kind person ever but challenging as well because he is so protective & can be so manly at the same time.  He did admit to me that he feels a deep connection with me that he’s never felt with anyone before & told me that he strongly likes me but he’s not sure how I feel about him because I haven’t said anything yet! But I think he knows because when we randomly stare at each other at times, I feel like he can read me too. Whenever he’s around, I can feel this heat or warmth around us, literally ! Not sure if it’s cause we’re both fire signs or if the connection is too intense ! I don’t understand it either. I’ve never met someone that I can actually see myself being submissive to & I’ve never met someone that can have such an effect on me with just eye contact ! Sometimes when I get lost in his charming eyes, I can just feel so much lust coming from him even tho he’s being innocent about it in such a cute way. the bond & chemistry is so natural & intense & out of this world already & we’re not even involved. Every time someone else is around us, they can already tell or feel that we have a bond ! I know he really likes me & he can’t even hide it to be honest & he claims he’s not sure how I feel but I’m sure he can read me too! I always find myself looking at him sometimes & every time we talk there’s always eye contact & sometimes it gets so intense that I look away! I definitely feel that strong sexual energy too. I can tell that if we start dating, it’s going to be a long term relationship & know that the sex would be out of this world! But I’m taking it slow! I’m afraid to get hurt ! Although he doesn’t look like he would ever try to hurt me, but I would end up falling too head over heels & wouldn’t want him to take advantage of my feelings & I wouldn’t want to hurt him either because of my Aries ways! Even tho he’s younger, he always makes me feel younger around him. He has that masculinity that Aries can’t resist ! I’m falling for him but keep holding myself back ! But I honestly think Leos are meant for Aries ! I can definitely see myself with him. 

  26. […] Aries Woman and Leo Man Love … – There are currently 77 responses to “Aries Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility” Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment! […]

  27. […] Aries Woman and Leo Man Love … – There are currently 77 responses to “Aries Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility” Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment! […]

  28. February 12th, 2016

    Hi i am an aries girl . I dont know what is it. I want suggestion from leo guys on it. I met a leo guy when i was in school . He used to tease me a lot.I used to hate him.once i gave him a slap to but still he used to tease me. After 10 i thought he will never come in my life again and guess what he came to the same class in the same college with me. When he saw me he gave me smile but i ignored him.In college also he used stare at me. Slowly i started to develop feelings for him. He was in relationship with a girl at that day i got very confused about my feeling i did not think anything and directly i went to him and said i dont want to fight with you i want to be friend . I asked whether should i sent him friend request on facebook he said yes offcourse. But he never text me . Once i wished birthday also on fb he liked eveyones birthday post instead of me. Why did he ignored me? If he did not want to befriend with me then why did he accepted my request he would have told directly.from that day i never texed him . I unfried him on facebook . But still  my mind thinks of him . I dont know what to do. I used to think that he is very bad guy but later i found out that he is not bad.  Now i dont know what to do. I want to know why leo ignores a girl .should  i say sorry to him.

  29. Shotcaller4209 August 26th, 2015

    @Lind09 you’ll run into yours. I felt the same as you. Matter of fact I can’t stand Leo men!! I got mine <3

  30. ariesgal1991 August 10th, 2015

    I read this. And everything was so true. I am an aries woman and my man is a Leo. I have never been so in love. I am now 24 when we met I was 17. We have a 5 year old son together. And we fiercely protect and love him. When we are together, there is never a dull moment. He makes me laugh to the point in tears. We will be getting married soon. And I couldnt be happier. However, EVERYTHING in this post is true in our case. Our arguments can escalate quickly like a forest fire. And I am afraid that my pride will cause me to lose him. But knowing that our love is well worth it, I will have to learn to be less aggresive and more submissive. My bluntness can hurt him at times. Most times I dont mean to be so blunt. I cant help it. 

  31. AshleyRobinson42 January 14th, 2015

    I do not care for the male Leo personally, in my own life we just clash, horribly. Every male leo I have encountered ends badly (two boyfriends, father, sisters boyfriend I can go on haha). I honestly believe it is because the two are too head strong and dominating. I have learned to ask for signs first, if he says leo, I just keep it pushing, put on my track sneaks and get out of dodge haha @natalieorozco if you must:just attract him with your wit and smile, he maybe a taken aback by your personality and brains in the beginning. charm him with your sarcasm, they like that stuff; sarcasm, beauty and intellect. Good luck

  32. Angel-2go December 11th, 2014

    My name is Stacy cuartero and yes i am and was with a Leo four years ago and when we were together yes i will do anything for him cause i truly believe he always had. But now I’m going threw something i would never wanted to happened a

  33. meme78 October 23rd, 2014

    May 13th 2013 I, the Aries, fell in love with the greatest man, my Lion, of my life. I’m crying as I write this. I was so bored in all my relationships. I met him online. And his conversation was so different from anyone I’d ever met. He had all my attention which is so hard to keep from guys. But when he spoke I listened and I learned so much. My openness excited him. We talk about everything… No reservations. Just us with everything around it and it doesn’t matter. Because we are so strong together. No one was a match to me. My Leo opened my eyes to life and its possibilities. We an have endless connection. He is my life. My Sun. My World. My breath. My soul belongs to him. And he to me.
    I wish you all the very best in your Aries Leo Relationships… Aries…be listening learning and respectful… Leos remember your patience and compassion. Your Aries will love honor and cherish you. Aries your Leo is truly one of a kind. Leo is like no other and a gem they should know that in your actions. 

  34. LeoTheLion August 28th, 2014

    As a Leo, I met this amazing, beautiful, perfect Aries girl. When I first sat down in a group of people and she was there, her full attention was on me. I saw her in the corner of my eye with her eyes gazed apon me, as well as her energy directed at me. I just kept talking and looking at her with the corner of my eye. When our eyes first met one another, I felt an instant connection. We started talking, and oh god I just fell in love with her. We drifted apart for a while, but when I was at the beach with a friend, I noticed she was right next to our umbrella. I acted like I didn’t notice her at first, but when she noticed me, she smiled and waved. I smiled and waved back as well. When my friend and I were in the water I kept looking back to the beach trying to find her with my eyes. When I got home later that day, I texted her and set up a day we could hang out. We had the most fun day, and after that day we started hanging out more. She is the closest friend I’ve ever had, and she says the same to me, and how I changed her life. We keep dropping hints to each other about having feelings, but for now I am just taking it slow.  I am madly in love with her.

  35. Tiarra_M August 20th, 2014

    Wow all this is true. Im a Aries female and i am currently dating a Leo Man . The chemestry between us is so perfect . When i first met him it felt like i knew him forever. I only knew him for sum months now .He compliments me and hes just a sweethart . I havent talked to him in two months cause he got locked up (thank god he getting out in a couple of days)but even while he locked up its like my feelings is still the same for him. Ill start crying every once in a while when i think of him . I think about him everyday. I dont want nobody but him! Im very loyal to him. I love this boy hes my everythingggggggg forreal

  36. Sue9 July 29th, 2014

    I am an Aries girl of 26 in a relationship with a Leo man of the same age for over 8 years now. We fell in love in high school. After many fights, breakups and back together, we are still together fighting the odds. When i read the article it touched my heart so deeply and gave me hope. We had so many rough and tough times because of our ego problem. But we always ended up back together. We love each other so much and underneath we know that we can’t live without each other, but we fight over every little things. Once in 2010 v had a huge break up for over 2 yrs even though we in touch with each other. Ego is the only thing that stands in between us like a wall. But we are still trying hard… Trying to fight them. Coz i know that he’s my first and the last love.

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  38. Copy Edit the World #2 | Kristina February 16th, 2014

    […] @Astrology All highlights were self-made […]

  39. andm1030 November 10th, 2013

    I love finding articles about Aries and Leo’s. I’ve been with my leo for about 2 1/2 – 3 yrs now. He’s 35 and im 23, I know a huge difference, but I love it, I love him. We met July 2011 and he took me for a ride on his motorcycle, I never felt a thrill like that in my life, we went to the beach and talked, he was soo funny and charming I just wanted to spend all my time with him. I went to Georgia for a week and came back and ever since then we’ve been hooked. We get into our fights and break-ups but we always end up right back together. I know he’s my soulmate, I feel it everyday. He’s the first and last person I speak to everyday. Its crazy because my brother is an Aries and his gf/ex-gf/gf of 12 yrs is a Leo, these Aries Leo loves are EVERYWHERE! Im a believer!

  40. Blubblub14 October 26th, 2013

    I have known a Leo boy for about a decade. We used to do cultural dancing in a group and had feelings towards each other, we kept in touch when I moved across the country. We were young and kind of grew alittle apart as we wentinto highschool. He found a girlfriend and were together for two years, he was still dating her when I moved back into the state 8 years later, only a 30 minute drive away. Our families remained good friends, and he graduated highschool with a plan to go into the military across the country. 
    Here is where it gets good.. He broke up with his girlfriend of two years when he found out that he was dating another boy at her college. I discovered that I was falling in love with him when I moved back, of course I had always liked him, but never really made my feelings known because he was in a relationship. He is now atbooks camp until January. I have never really had boyfriend because I thinkthat my heart Al’s always been hoping and waiting. 
    Now is where you come in, please, should I go for him? And most importantly, how? Any advice will help, thanks.

  41. FrankJapson October 23rd, 2013

    Sorbet girl, you’re one in a million.

  42. ariesgal1 September 25th, 2013

    A Leo man knows how to win the heart of an Aries woman. He knows how to touch her in ways that makes her heart flutter. He can easily capture her heart. Leo men have a charisma that is undeniable. Aries woman will always love, respect and pamper him. She will stick by him whatever may come. He on the other hand is very gentle and tender which will always make her feel warm. These signs can truly have a wonderful relationship. As long as the Aries woman and Leo man always remember to appreciate one another then this relationship could be a very fulfilling in every way. 

  43. chelb3232 August 3rd, 2013

    i have never read one of these and felt it was accurate until i read this. it almost brought a tear to my eye i had to comment on this haha…this literally explains me and my lover of three years (on and off) exactly and just gave me alot of hope in our relationship, thankyou <3

  44. BelierToulouse October 28th, 2012

    This article is quite encouraging at the moment. 1 week ago I was sitting on a park bench waiting for a friend to meet me when a nice looking fellow drove by. We made brief eye contact and a few minutes later he comes walking around and corner and asks for my number to take me out for “un cafe.”
    I was a little hesitant considering the whole being approached by a strange man on the street thing, but I agreed. We went out for coffee last weekend (despite my imperfect French there was definitely a connection between us.) He surprised me today by taking me to a castle in the country…he even brought tea and homemade cakes for a little picnic!
    Goodness. As a Aries lady, I am used to taking the upper hand in relationships. I don’t really know what to do myself with all of this being romanced business…but I think I could get used to it 🙂 I am trying, really trying to be wise concerning this impending relationship, but it’s so hard to hold back when there is a good connection!

  45. redflamingrose October 24th, 2012

    I am an Aries woman, and I agree with alot of what written here. My situation is a little different in that I am in love with a leo man who happens to be in a relationship already. So it’s not the greatest time to find out if hes into me. We are friends and nothing else –which is killing me inside, but I am not one to break ppl up. Anyways, he is the only man I would bow down to, I would do anything for him, and would do nothing to hurt him. He has the protective personality which I noticed right off the bat when I first met him, which I find so irresistible. Which is strange b/c I dont care for men that treat me like a frail thing — but I dont mind when does. I love it when he acts like a knight in shinning armer We have so much in common. We work together, so when I dont see him or hang out, its pretty much a crappy day at work. I have never met a more loving, generious and funny guy in my life, he is warm, his presence sooths me. I KNOW I KNOW, I AM HEAD OVER HEELS CRAZY ABOUT HIM. When I look at his blue pearsing eyes my heart rate increases. Yeah I am glad aries and leos are a good partnership, now if only he was single, everything would be prefect 😛

  46. Tigerlily3333 October 23rd, 2012

    I’m an Aires lady who sees a young Leo man occassionally.  He is too young for me for anything serious, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  lol    Anyway, he’s solid, sweet, and smart and I’ve learned to back off and stop being the control freak that I am in all relationships.   Great fireworks in bed, the chemistry and connection is clearly there.

  47. TrueAries September 20th, 2012

    Omg, this is all so true! I’m an Aries woman and I’ve recently found my Leo man❤ we met on a dating site and imediatly decided to meet. He took me out on a hiking date, it was tiring but beautiful. we saw waterfalls and we swam in the water, I’ve never been on a date in the 20 years of my life but it was THE BESTEST day I’ve ever had. it’s about to be a week since we’ve known each other but I feel like I’ve known him forever, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted and needed in a man and he gives me that excitement I dearly crave for! I couldn’t be anymore happier that I met him and that he’s in my life, I just hope we end up like all these strongly commited leo and aries couples❤

  48. Ariesgal25 July 1st, 2012

    or should I just move on by sacrificing my love..=(

  49. Ariesgal25 July 1st, 2012

    When I read this I felt very grateful to know that aries and leo are meant for each other. This article strikes me of my beloved who is a leo man. My story is quite similar to @aries 21’s story. I met this leo guy on the 17th dec, we had such a good chemistry and understanding where i am in love with him. Every single thing about him is so attractive that I want him in my life. Things were so good with us that we had oru first time together. It was such a beutiful thing that had nvr happened to me in my 20 yrs of living. I have also confessed to him reasonly but he did not give me the answer. Somewhere in MAY, he got back with his gf but he told that I am not disturbing his relationship. Today I am sitting here, tearing so badly for the guy whom i loved alot and will do. I can not live without communicating with him. I do understand that it is not his fault, perhaps he has difficulties to keep both of us, however keeping me hanging hurts me deeply. I want a chance to be with him, somehow my instinct says that we are meant for each other. What should I do to keep this friendship going on???? I need a piece of mind. I do really wish that someday I win have my beloved leo guy..=)

  50. Aries21 February 14th, 2012

    @AriesGrl50 im going through the same thing you are. I met this(first)Leo guy through my sister(they’ve been friends for a long time lol)he’s 25 and im almost 21 and as soon as we started talking the physical and emotional connection and chemistry between us was so powerful that we both fell for each other, instantly. We both make each other laugh so much that if i just look at his face, im gonna start smiling and blushing that’s the kind of affect he has on me lol. Though his past doesn’t allow him to start a new relationship because he was pretty serious with this ex who betrayed him due to which he’s very careful and guarded which frustrates the HELL out of me cause he tends to go back and forth with me and than i don’t know how to react with him? : (
    But when he is sweet, he’s EXTREMELY sweet and just sweeps me off my feet but now i know how to behave with him the mistake i made was, i was always there for him in the begning when we started talking because of which he took me for granted and than we didn’t talk for weeks(due to me confronting him of going back and forth with me)but now just recently we have started talking again and things seem much better now he’s sweet again(like he was in the past)but it’s also because im going out of country in april for 2 months so he wants to talk to me as much as possible because he knows we won’t be able to talk once im gone. He’s so charming and plus the powerful connection we have is why i can’t forget about him no matter how much i try.
    My advice to all you Female Aries out there is DO NOT contact your Leo guy first no matter what because Leo’s do tend to take women for granted because they know we like them so we will chase him and instead they should be the one chasing us. Also, try to keep some distance between you two that way your fellow Leo will come towards you more, since i’ve been doing that my Leo guy is always after me trying to talk to me, get a hold of me and i feel flattered when he does that : )

  51. Your-one-and-only-Funny-Aries-Girl January 11th, 2012

    I am an Aries woman (19) and I have grown up with my brothers friend who is a Leo man (21). He has loved me ever since we first met which I believe was in 6th grade. He would pick on me and I would pick on him right back. He thought he could win me over, but he never has. He says really nice things about me, but when we’re together we don’t stop insulting each other. We both understand it’s how we get along haha. He called up recently and said to me, “I think if I wait 5 more years we’ll be together” I used the babs line and said “No law against waiting, people do it all the time”

  52. Lind09 November 24th, 2011

    I’m always surprised when they say aries and leo are soulmates lol

    I feel nothing towards the leo males.

  53. AriesGrl50 September 5th, 2011

    @Lambiekins I hear ya honey. My (new) Leo is 20 years younger than I. So I know what your saying. Don’t know where it will take us but he’s definitely interesting!

  54. AriesGrl50 September 5th, 2011

    Wow, I’m sitting here reading all these comments and I am suddenly getting very emotional. I am an Aries female and I just recently began an on line chat with a younger Leo man in another country (Ireland). The chemistry between him and I was instantaneous and almost eerie. He and I have had amazing conversations and he is extremely funny. He has this wonderful personality that draws me to him like a magnet to another. My heart is guarded at the moment because I was very hurt in a previous relationship but the more I speak with him, the more I feel as though I’ve known him all my life. It’s pretty scary to admit. I have no idea how to capture his heart because he is my first Leo. I do feel he is worth the time I have already invested in him and I would like to take it further. He says “If it happens it happens” and I will have to agree with him on that since it is very new. I wish you all the best in your own relationships and I too hope my Irish boy one day finds me here in the US. XOX

  55. natalieorozco September 3rd, 2011

    How do I get him to find me attractive? Should I use my innocent, sweet ways and play hard to get or play hard to get but show him that I find him very attractive?

  56. natalieorozco September 3rd, 2011

    There is this Leo man I have got my eye on. I am an Aries woman. He is very attractive, exciting, and although he doesn’t tell me that he finds me attractive, I can feel him give off some attraction towards me. We always smile at each other, have our little silly debates, and I find myself not to be able to take my eyes off of him. Every time he hugs me, the world stops and everything is perfect. I hope, one day soon, he will see our passionate light and we will be together.

  57. Kay. July 31st, 2011

    @Aries Girl Need you to contact me please.! Either on here or email me on

  58. Angel-A July 15th, 2011

    I am an Aries woman who is so in love with my boyfriend who is a Leo. I have been with my Leo for about six weeks now. And it seems like I just meet him yesterday. I love him so much and like everything about him that is so amazing. To the point were i never had this fellings for any body but him. Our relationship is so intense that we just don’t have enough of each other. His my soulmate and I am planing to spend the rest of my live with the love of my life.

  59. classic8880 July 15th, 2011

    I have been with my girfriend who is an Aries for over a month now and ever since we started talking about 6 weeks ago, our lives have changed!!!! We are so amazed at how quickly we grew together and are deeply in love with one another. She is amazing and like no other!!! I love everything about her and we have so many things in common!!! We are soulmates and plan to spend the rest of our lives together.

    Te amo Mi Cielo como nunca e amado ha alguien. Eres mi gozo y felicidad. Eres mi Gran y Unico Amor. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!!!

    Yours Forever,


  60. leo-thunderdownunder June 2nd, 2011


  61. Courtney March 31st, 2011

    I am in love with a Leo man. Right away, there was a connection. We both enjoy our space but I find myself wanting him more than he can give me…I guess? He gives mixed signals and is moody at times, but I know he feels it: because when its good…its great. Should I keep trying or let him do the chase? As an aries woman I am mad ab being in control, he is the only one I am able to subdue to. I don’t know what to do. We had the most amazing sex last night and thought it was all good until his mood changed. Not sure what to do! Please, someone, a Leo guy, or experienced aries woman with a Leo? He’s my first Leo and have never had an attraction to him like any other. Help!

    From a confused and helpless romantic Aries Woman

  62. Victoria March 8th, 2011

    I have been with my Leo since we were 13. Highschool sweathearts. We have just celebrated our 32nd year together and in Novemeber it will be our 26th wedding anniversary. We have the most amazing relationship, he adores me and I can honestly say he worships the ground I walk on, he is constantly spoiling me with treats, hugs and kisses.
    Our sex is like we are newly weds exploring every aspect of love making. We have two children and they have left home and now our relationship has returned to before the kids were born and we are back to travelling and hanging out together.
    We are best friends and it shows amongst other friends. “What is our secret to our never ending happiness?” is commonly asked but I have to say, I think it comes down to the Leo/Aries Chemistry.
    I Love My Leo Man!

  63. Briana February 17th, 2011

    I’m the typical, alpha- female Aries female. I met my Leo on spring break not knowing we went to the same school. It was love/ lust/ obsession @ 1st sight for both of us. We started it out on strictly a sexual basis. We made the ground tremble n broke beds– the sexual chemistry made the moon n the stars fall. After college we moved to different state for work. Found each other in South Africa for the world cup and now we’re getting married next spring. Hold on to faith ladies– I’m the happiest woman in the world!

  64. Katy 0416 February 5th, 2011

    Enjoyed reading about the Aries/Leo relationships. I am an Aries woman. My first love was a Leo. Tomorrow morning I have a coffee date with a Leo man. We are meeting for the first time. He emailed me after I winked at him on a popular internet dating site. I am looking forward to it and I will keep you posted.

  65. keke615 January 22nd, 2011

    Im so in love with a leo man he constantly makes me jump out of my heels when i see him at least thats how i feel. He had recently broke it of with his annoying exgirlfrien (as he say) and hes back in my life We were childhood bf/gf so we been knowing eachother for over 20 years and as we got back in contact last year our chemestry is still there like the first time we laid eyes on each other. I love his offering to things we do and take me out with him and include me to go places with him and he tells me im always gone be with him wich i have noooo problem with that. He is stubborn at times and kinda harsh on decisions that i make but i know its all out of his caring nature. Our sex is oh so amazzzzing just how i like it and he definatly lets me know hes satisfied. At this moment now i just dont know what to do he recently got back with his ex then a month later he broke up with her then came back to me i said whats goin on and he said he had loose ends to tie up and he didnt want to do me wrong wat to do?

  66. Aries January 15th, 2011

    I had an instant attraction to this man, when I say instant I mean INSTANT! He makes my heart skip a beat all the time. I have become secretly possessive of him I dont want him to go anywhere at all. I am so into my Leo that no other man has the opportunity like he does. He is so damn sexy in every area! He makes my heart skip a beat and my blood boil!!!! Omg never had that before!!!!!! I pray to God that he stays in my life cause I will do anything for him and I mean anything.

  67. realist December 22nd, 2010

    I got to know many Leo men.

    The first one was a thief and a liar.

    The second was so engrossed in his own ego and superiority I thought forget it.

    The third one pretended to be straight, even verbally shunned the homosexuals, but then admitted, ashamedly, that he has been a homosexual living with another gay guy for 10 years! What a hypocrite I thought.

    I’ve heard being a gay is visceral, a natural attraction. Is being a pedophile visceral & should lead a worldwide movement to view them as ‘normal’ ? I wonder.

    Having sex with your own gender is NOT natural, that is for sure. It is abnormal in very many ways.

  68. LoveAngel November 14th, 2010

    Hello everyone I’m an Aries Female Madly in love With a Leo MaN…. I believe that a Aries woman and Leo man are meant to be… We’ve on n off For the past Year and half….. We share so much in common I love him Deeply but don’t kno if he feel the same He’s such a loving person Charming Understand we always go at it because he want to have his own way…. anyways i do home we are meant to be Cause i do believe we are

  69. Lambiekins November 6th, 2010

    I love being the independent aries that i am but when i met my leo, i turned into a woman; he makes me want to bake a cake! Im hard to impress bt he never has to try, he just does! He’s a definate alpha-male and i hav resisted this b4, but he’s so gentle, i put down my arms readily. He is so affectionate and romantic and from the day he approached me i felt our chemistry. No sex yet after 5 months, we’re taking it slow, but i think that it will bond us 4ever & while i’m aprehensive i’d welcome that. Hez 10 yrs my jr, but he’s all the man i want and need and i knw i hav him. Itz in hz eyes. Hez a keeper.

  70. Lambiekins November 6th, 2010

    I love being the independent aries that i am but when i met my leo, i turned into a woman; he makes me want to bake a cake! He is a definate alpha-male and i hav resisted this b4, but he is not a threat so i put down my arms readily, just 4 him. He is so affectionate and romantic and from the day he approached me i felt our chemistry. No sex yet after 5 months, we’re taking it slow, but i think that it will bond us 4ever while i’m aprehensive i’d welcome that. Hez 10 yrs my jr, but he’s all the man i want and need and i knw i hav him. Itz in hz eyes. Hez a keeper.

  71. Aries woman October 25th, 2010

    Well I’m a Aries girl and its about to be 3years now that I been with the father of my child, what can I say he is absolutely the best person I’ve ever been with !!! Everything feels like its wonderful he completes me in every way!!! He is a great father!!! A great man he does anything to make me happy!!!!

  72. AriesLady October 5th, 2010

    Just met my first Leo guy… I haven’t really experienced what everyone else has experienced yet, but I’m hoping for the best.


  73. sophia October 2nd, 2010

    I am an Aries woman, and my fiance is a leo man and we met when we were in middle school and eventually broke up bc of my mom ((=P)) But met up again years later and felt like we had never spent a day apart.. We are expecting our first child and the fiery temperaments are 100% accurate and we try to hate each other sometimes bc our ego’s are so dominant but our love is so fierce that nothing in 7 years has ever been able to break our bond. We both went through our immature phases of being cheating partners in our teens but our relationship has always been so easy and being faithful to each other is so second nature. Our love is pure magic

  74. cassey August 25th, 2010

    I am falling for my friend who is a leo..I am also a true aries woman…we’ve known eachother for 6years so we are already so confortable..but now that we are together its like magic. Ive never been with a leo but I see the huge diff we compliment eachother in so many ways. I am falling deeply in love with him everyday,and after reading everyones stories it just proves how compatible we really are ….They are so romantic…I know I have found my soulmate

  75. HisSmexyRam August 23rd, 2010

    I have been with my Leo boyfriend for two months now and all i can simply say is…. He is the best boyfriend i ever had!!! Lmao! I love that boy so much! We haven’t had ya knw… o3o sex er anything yet but the foreplay before it…fucking sweet 😉 I hope me and him stay together forever! Hehe ^^

  76. G August 19th, 2010


  77. kayla August 16th, 2010

    I’m an aries and when i met my leo boyfriend it was odd because it felt like i knew him forever. and we were like one person. He is stubborn but i like that about him because it gives me a challange 🙂 but recently we broke up when he moved back because of drama . i will admit i was my fault and we said some hurtfull things to each other. but if i wanted him back all it would take is a 2 minute conversation and a few im sorrys and we’d be back on track 😉

  78. Lisa August 7th, 2010

    I am an Aries woman who has fallen in love with a Leo, he excites me in ways I never thought he could!!! there is like electricity between us, I can even feel him around me when we are apart, when we kiss its like the sun and the moon and stars are falling all around us, I cant wait for more!!! should I pull back ? let him take the lead ? as for me being an Aries, I like to rush in…….but this relationship he takes my breathe away so much I want it all to be so perfect…………

  79. bazo shezi August 4th, 2010

    i find a leo man very interesting but”bossy”,im an aries woman

  80. jason grima August 1st, 2010

    no, comment,well i sorprise!!!!

  81. gigi July 15th, 2010

    please my leo was crazy ego trips outta this world controling, bossy abusive etc. im not the only one my friend married one and they had the same bad traits.neva again will i try with a leo no no no… to much for this aries i was the man he was the chic… to many problems for me im dating a pisces now ima c where thats gonna go…. yea

  82. Star July 1st, 2010

    If you were to define true compatibility, it would be that of an aries and a leo. From my experience and deep studies of horoscopes within people, arians and leos have that natural bond that almost every horoscope study concurs with their compatibility. An aries female is intrigued with what the leo man can teach her. And what she loves the most is the irresistible affection he can easily give her. The leo man is simply smitten by the beauty and free-spirit of an aries female, who enjoys her great conversational abilities. An arian and a leo, individually, are great people who are fun. Together, they’re what life should be about, contentment.

  83. marie June 27th, 2010

    I’m an aries woman recovering from a breakup with a cancer man,who was very abusive,but he couldn’t break my spirit..I recentlly met a Leo man on the internet,but he’s exactly 20 years my senior,I’m 32 he’s 52..what should I do..Give him a try.??.I’m still trying to come to terms with the end of my 10 tear relationship to this cancer, who has already got a younger girlfrinde two weeks after we broke up…Are you Leo guys what an aries need??

  84. WiseGurl_Ross May 24th, 2010

    For Coi Coi I understand that you and the Taurus have history but you have to do what makes you happy. You cant live in the past you have to live in the present and I know just like everyone else you want to be happy. If you have someone who makes you happy then thats who you should be with. And as for the Leo acting that way he may still feel as though your playing on both sides of the fence and he wants to be happy too so you cant string him along if your not going to choose him. The Taurus isnt doing what makes you happy when that suppose to be his job so just let it go and be with the Leo.

  85. Coi Coi May 23rd, 2010

    I am a Aries girl and I’m in a love triangle with an Leo and a Tarus.I been in a serious relationship with the tarus for almost 3 years and the sex is ok/good,he was my first everything but i’m never satify with it.And when we would get into an agurement,my leo was always there to pick up the pieces.And last week,my tarus said some really hurtfully stuff to me that we went on a break.Thats when my leo came in to pick up all the pieces but we never shared a kiss or anything like that until last weekend at his friends house and it was amazing and heartful.Like we was meant to be together.He told me that he was tired of seeing me hurt and abuse all the time with the tarus.So he told me he wanted to be with me right now,replace the tarus and make me happy like I deserve to be.And everytime when me and my tarus would get into it,my leo would tell me that I needa let him go and get with him,he also told me he wanted to have a future with me and he told me I was the one and wanted me to have his kid.So we started to go out and the tarus came back and wanted to work things out but my dumbass said I’m stuck with an tarus and leo and I never cheated till now and I never broke up with a guy before because I hate hurting people.However if I stay the tarus,our agurements will get worst and he’ll still not be working and living with his mother and continue smoking weed and selling it as well.[I’m tired being a dope boy’s girlfriend].And if I stay with the leo,I know for sure he will take care of me and treat me how i should and I alreaady now the sex will be freaking amazing,I mean even when we make out its intense and crazy.And we get along great,and when we do agure its only for an hour and then we make up and hold each other.Buh however when we’re at school he acts like he’s shy and I have to come to him which gets old.I want him to come to me but we both hard headed.He tells everyone we go out however don’t show it unless his home boys threaten to make me their girlfriend then he wants to be all hugged up on me and give me kisses and hold me close.I love that from him just being close to him makes me feel like im in cloud nine and there’s peace on earth and no world hunger.He doesn’t smoke or drink like my so called tarus hubby does and thats what i like about my leo,he rather spend his time and money on me and not on weed and beer.I known the tarus since I was 15 and he was 16 and we been together since Feb.14,2008.But I known my leo since we were both 14 and freshmen in high school and became great bestfriends then it became a love relationship but during the summer of 2007 he left to visit his dad and came back and we grew apart and thats when my tarus came into the picture and fix everything.But stuff started getting crazy but I still started by his side and even watched him graduate in 2009.But this is my last year in high school and its close to finals and this love triangle is driving me crazy but I don’t want to waste 2 years but I don’t want to let my leo walk off again like he did before.What should I do???I don’t want to not graduate and be unhappy at the same time.

  86. DEE DEE May 1st, 2010


  87. Trav March 29th, 2010

    Well I’m a Leo male and I just started talkin to a Aries women it’s only been a week but the last 2 days I spent with her were amazing it was like something out of a movie!! I wish I could see her everyday of the week every second on the hour!!! I never felt like this about a girl before but when Im with her it’s like nothing else matters and when she’s gone she’s always on my mind!! I hope one day we will be together and I can make her my wife because that’s what it feels like already!!

  88. justicek09 March 10th, 2010

    Hello everyone I’m an aries woman head over heels in love with a Leo man. I have known him for 13yrs we were together 2x in a 9yr gap but remained distant friends. In 2009 we both were single ran into one another and have not been seperated since. We realized after all the years of lifes distractions we are truely meant for one another. Since we both are very strong people and hid our feelings out of fear but also bcuz of other life lessons, but had no clue that we were just what we needed to help heal us and open out hearts to true genuine love. He is very sweet and gentle with me and him being that way helps me five that in return. He calls me his savior and tells me all the time he’s never known a love like mines constantly. Our sex life always interesting and bcuz we both are very fun loving people. He’s the only man I could ever see myself submitting to bcuz he is a true image of strength to me sweet, kind, firm, generous and yes can be bossy but it works! Love of my life….

  89. Aries Girl March 10th, 2010

    Hello every one ,i think u all r right only leo man can make aries girl comfatable in every aspect.i have an affair with divosed leo man,i m deeply in love with him,i dnt know about him……after 1 year he get married to someone else………and from that day i just dnt want to talk to any person bez his presence is there with me all the time ……..he always comes in my dreams ,even though we dnt have physcial relation even then he can make me crazy.U wnt belive we never had a sex just for plays are there like Kiss but still i miss him like anything.No one can take his place …..Miss u KK…..till today

  90. Loismoore March 6th, 2010

    Am crazy abt ds leo boy i met many yrs.d cnection neva died while we’re apart.nw i dnt wnt 2 share him with anyone .really luv feel he luvs me so lucky.ds guy is makin me real,warm,nd nided

  91. sharon February 22nd, 2010

    Hi I just met a Leo boy and its been about 4 months and we actually emit sparks and its crazy when we both are together. I hope I am as lucky as all you Arien women coz we independent sorts need a sort of home in a man. I want mine to be him coz he is just perfect and we get along great. I can say I am slowly starting to fall in love with him and my dreams are good. I just hope it lasts forever. Leo men definitely seem balanced and romantic as ever.

  92. K December 27th, 2009

    buang ka!

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