Aries Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Aries man and Leo woman are a match made in heaven, with instant connection and shared passion.
  • Their physical relationship is passionate and fulfilling, with mutual understanding and respect.
  • Leo women can attract Aries men with their warmth, sensuality, and appreciation.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Aries Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 135 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

When the impulsive soul of Aries meet another blazing soul of Leo they get so instantly connected to each other that their fires become almost impossible to separate. Leo is the only sign that makes me-centered Aries to give up its desires and look out for fulfilling rather than demanding.

Aries man has a prompt attraction that is envied by most males around. He is a very generous and has sparks of devotion and loyalty. At times this man can sound possessive and jealous but usually he loves to maintain calmness in the relation. Passion is the most dominating aspect of an Aries man when he is in love. An Aries man in love with a Leo woman is almost completely a different human being. He gratifies her desires, respects her royalty and provides her with the dignity she deserves of course without ignoring his own masculine superiority.

A Leo woman is definitely the real lioness with all royal flavors and strong poise. If treated properly she carries gracious warmth and appealing sensuality in her persona but if misbehaved then she is one of the most cruel and hot-tempered woman of all Zodiac Signs. The Leo woman is a very sentimental woman and when in love she desires consistent appreciation and praise to keep her spirit burning well. Though she always respects the dignity and superiority of her Aries lover but she never considers herself anyways less then him.

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Aries man in love with a vivacious Leo girl can always feel proud of their togetherness as she carries such a charm with her that it makes him feel decorous to have her by his side. The Leo woman is always a very generous and compassionate woman with all the qualities of head and heart, but she hates to be avoided or treated casually. The Leo woman becomes gloomy or perfidious if she does not get the attention of her mate which generally happens with an Aries man when he gets involved in chasing his goals. She usually demands sincere devotion in public but behind the closed doors definitely her man rules their home and her heart. Since both are people of strong fire sign, an Aries man can have a lot in common with his damsel beauty which brings a lot of fun when they are together.

An Aries man is just the right person for the Leo woman as he likes to spoil his princess with showers of sincere compliments and expensive gifts and she loves to get spoiled. He is very authoritative and gains the trust of a Leo woman with his values and consideration. Aries man is a jealous lover but still he is crazy about his Leo woman for her outstanding personality and grace. Leo woman is basically very hot- tempered and difficult and only Aries man can actually make her more docile and keep her calmer. The one thing that usually spoils Aries man’s taste for his Leo woman is her flirtatious nature. He is very possessive and loyal mate and cannot stand any sort of ridicule in this piece of relationship. The Aries man who loves a lioness always encourages her to live up to her birthright pride and magnificence.

When these two spirited lovers fall for each other deeply, they set a wonderful example of friendship and strong compassion, all in one, adoring their relationship sitting on cloud nine. They are one of kind couple who enjoy every sunrise and sunset in each others’ arms and they dance through the moonlight with clouds staking the islands in the sky. In their hearts, in their souls once they find each other, they want no more. With her soothing gentleness and tender care a Leo woman makes the Aries man sacrifice his selfish ego and become more tender and caring. This undivided devotion and loyalty of the Aries man makes his Leo woman forget all her old bruises and begin a new life full of love and passion with beautiful rainbows melting in the sky. And even if they ever have arguments, it just works like a magnet bringing them closer to each other and making their love stronger than before.

As both are the fire signs, an Aries man and a Leo woman get well physically rather passionately. Their mutual instinct for uninhibited desire in lovemaking is tempered with their shared need for tender affection. From a mild kiss to sexual oneness, they enjoy every part of their togetherness. They both understand each others’ needs well and prove to be better mates for each other than for any other Zodiac Sign. The ecstasy of the unity of an Aries man and a Leo woman is incomparably wonderful and blazing with all the warmth of fire and romance. The Aries man has richness of sensations and passion which is gracefully responded by the touch of a Leo woman. Even though both are passionate lovers, their need for acquiring attention might create problems in their physical relationship. They are very particular about their physical needs.

The innocent and courageous Aries man may create troubles for the Leo woman with his aggressiveness and impulsive decisions at times. Whereas, the gentle and soothing Leo maiden, can sometimes scratch the feelings of the Aries man with her arrogance and haughtiness. The most problematic issues for these two come when, the Leo woman, gives attention to other males around, which can rupture the self-esteem of an Aries man. And on the other hand when, the Aries man in the habit of garnering the female attention in social gatherings do not provide his lady with enough devotion, which is never appreciated by the Leo woman. But problems between these two signs get solved very quickly as the Aries man and the Leo woman besides being lovers, are also very good friends. An occasional quarrel keeps Aries and Leo from taking love for granted, which otherwise sounds boring and uninspiring to both of them.

Aries Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Satisfactory
Ask Oracle Rating: Excellent
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Rosie November 13th, 2022

    I’m finally settled with my Aries man (after 2 failed marriages to Aquarians) It’s amazing. I wake up every day thinking how lucky I am, and how happy. We’ve been together for 5 years, and we’re still in the honeymoon period.

  2. Rose November 13th, 2022

    I’m finally settled with my Aries man (after 2 failed marriages to Aquarians) It’s amazing. I wake up every day thinking how lucky I am, and how happy. We’ve been together for 5 years, and we’re still in the honeymoon period.

  3. Michael November 8th, 2022

    I’m a Aries man, 04/04/1986. Find me a companion.

    • Azura May 14th, 2023

      LOL 😊

    • Katherine August 24th, 2023

      Here she is 🙂

  4. Sue November 2nd, 2022

    I am envious of the Leo women who have left a comment on here saying that they’ve found their Aries man. I am a Leo woman that thought I did find my Aries man, but turns out he’s married. This began last year around this time. Before I knew he was married, I told a co-worker of his, and a friend of mine, that I thought he was hot and that I was attracted to him, and wanted to know his story. After telling his co-worker (my friend) this.. it seemed that this Aries man was flirting with me, so I asked my friend if he had told this Aries man (his co-worker) what I had said, and he said “No” that he hadn’t. Anyways, this Aries man was always happy to see me, and would always look at me with a great big smile that would almost burn right through me.. I know he was attracted to me too. His smile is what melted me. He seemed to flirt with me for quite some time, and I didn’t flirt back b/c I was afraid to after my friend told me he was married, and then he himself told me that he was married and spoke highly of his wife, so I couldn’t understand why he was still flirtacious with me. It confused me, but I still liked him so much, and still do, however he doesn’t flirt with me anymore, as a matter of fact he hardly pays attention to me at all now and I can’t understand why, what changed him. I’m the one who always has to say hi to him now.. maybe b/c he thought I was ignoring his flirts before and now he doesn’t want to bother with me b/c I hurt his ego.. I didn’t mean to. Maybe he thinks I’m his stalker or something and it really hurts my feelings b/c I’m not, at all. If anything I stay away from him b/c I don’t want him to think that, and I don’t know how to change it back to the way it was. I was just afraid to tell him how I felt about him b/c he’s married, but I don’t know if he’s in a happy marriage and wants a reason to get out of the marriage or if he did like me, and just changed his mind. If that’s the case, I think it was kind of cruel what he did, making me think he liked me, and then got cold. Maybe he got frustrated or upset that I didn’t actually tell him how I felt. I wanted to.. I just chickened out b/c I was afraid of the possible rejection I guess. If anyone has any good advice on how to handle this situation, I’d love to hear it. Thanks 🙂

    • Jaki November 30th, 2022

      Hi Sue. Looks like the Aries man has caused you a lot of confusion, which is never good. Us Leo women tend to overthink things. Looking from the outside in, though, it’s very simple. He’s married. And from your description of things, it doesn’t sound like you’re the type of woman who would interfere in someone’s marriage. It’s best to move on and forget the situation. It was a fun flirtation, but he’s simply not available. Keep smiling and keep your head up.

    • Leah March 20th, 2024

      Hes married. Leave him alone and find your own man.

  5. MJ September 16th, 2022

    Leo woman that just met my Aries man, already working so well that I can’t believe. Wish I’d have met him a long time ago.

  6. Wisdom September 5th, 2022

    Am an Aries man I just want to see my Leo woman happy that’s the only thing that makes me happy is to see her happy, she is soo sweet heart person, she appreciates everything big or small she appreciates, we never get tired of talking, Aries and Leo are the best if you lucky find one don’t let him or she go treat him or she well because that’s your gift from heaven

  7. Milagros May 7th, 2022

    I just met my Aries guy and he bringing so joy to me already and it’s scary like he sweet his sex is amazing he a good looking man h and he treats me well I had a messed up past relationship and honestly I gave up on relation but I think this Aries man of mines is the one And by the way I’m a Leo but yes we have so much chemistry already and I’m loving it

  8. Beth January 21st, 2022

    I am a 60 year old Leo raised by a Leo father; I met my Aries man 40 years ago as teens. Both our spouses passed away last year and we met up at our high school reunion. I have to say after reading this particular article that MANY truisms are hidden here. Our relationship is fireworks and since we’ve only been together six months I’ve been “researching” this amazing and complicated man. He tames me and calms me in ways no man has ever done, and pampers me with so much love and affection I barely know what to do. As a lover, WOW. His energy has no limit and I find myself just trying to catch my breath. This has never happened to me before!! He has a fiery temper and has shown some possessiveness, but I LOVE it. He makes me giggle like a school girl and looks after me in ways I have never known. My fear is that he will grow bored with me; he had a relationship with a woman who is now broken hearted for losing him. Apparently, they were together for a year and he broke it off rather suddenly. When she contacted him, he did not tell her he was in a relationship at first; it left me wondering if this was a pattern. I have decided to forego my fears and forge ahead and experience this amazing man to the fullest.

    • nic September 9th, 2022

      hows it going?

  9. Heather December 27th, 2021

    I’m a Leo and I am stupid in love with a Aries. We have known each other for over 22 years. It’s taken this last year to realize that I love him more now then ever. I don’t know what to do with it. He not been around lately for me to sit and talk to him and it’s makes me cry and yearn for him. I afraid to go look for him and make him think I am crazy. All I want is to be with him and he has made it clear he has no effort to be with me. I lost and sad I feel if I don’t make a move now he will find someone else and it will shader me forever. Please someone tell me what to do with this? I can’t stand the tears I cry so much my heart actually hurts.

    • toridesiri December 28th, 2021

      Dont cry babe it just wasn’t meant to be A better Aries will come your way

    • Aries Male May 25th, 2022

      Go to Him. Now. Stop making excuses & wasting time. Tell Him what’s in your heart. What’s the worst that can happen, you’ve already been crying your eyes out? Speak the Truth.

      • Sue November 2nd, 2022

        I’m afraid to tell this Aries man how I feel about him. He’s married, however the way he was flirting with me last November made me think that he liked me, and as time went on, he seemed to grow cold and not flirt with me anymore. I could feel the chemistry between us.. when he would look at me, it felt like his eyes were burning right through me. I’ve never felt anything like it before, but now it’s gone and I don’t know how to get it back. I’ve tried everything except telling him how I feel b/c I’m afraid of the rejection and then I’ll look like I’m stalking him whenever I see him. I see him quite often b/c he’s a bus driver and I take the bus everywhere b/c buying a vehicle is just too expensive for me right now, so yeah.. it’s kind of unavoidable. I want to tell him, but I just can’t work up the guts to do it. I’m a Leo woman, and that’s just out of the ordinary for me. If I did tell him and got rejected, I think it would scar me for life. I don’t know what to do, but I’d like to get back out of him what was there before. Maybe I should just give up on the thought b/c he is married, but the way he acted before and the feeling that came over me is hard to explain.. only way to describe it is I could feel his feelings toward me.. like it was palpable energy, so weird. There was a couple of months that we didn’t see each other, and I think everything changed within that time frame. My feelings didn’t go away though, and maybe I should’ve told him how I felt before.. I just chickened out and now I regret it.

  10. Lena November 10th, 2021

    I am a Proud Leo woman raised by her proud Leo father. I am with the man of my dreams, my Aries man. We just got engaged and is now getting ready for our wedding day. This Aries is the only man who makes this lioness so humble. If I say so myself, Aries and Leo are the most compatible sign in the zodiac. The passion we share and the drive for success is so amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. My only concern is when he’s focused on something I sometimes feel neglected. I know he has spoiled me and showered me with so much attention but it’s those moments when I need to check myself. Thank you ask-oracle for the insight to this small problem.

  11. Dolly October 26th, 2021

    I just met a aries man oct 6 and omg so far its been soooo…outta thus world hoping it keeps going the way it is or gets even better…i feel like im already falling for him altho i dont want to fall so fast. Ive only really fell for 1 other man so fast but he was a cancer and we loved each other deeply but sadly destroyed each other too….hoping my aries man is gonna turn out to be the one. Wish me luck my fellow leos and aries

  12. Carey August 25th, 2021

    I am a leo woman. Most of my significant relationships have been with Aries men. I am in one now. I read once when the ram lies down with the lion, the ram becomes a lamb and the lion a kitten. I think that is true. Leo Aries fall deeply in love. It’s fun, sexual, adventuresome, passionate, honest, genuine, and so loveable. I love Aries men. I guess they love me too. It’s easy to get on. But you need to look at other birthchart compatibilities too, like Venus and the moon. Even mars and mercury. There is electric connection between Leo and Aries and Leo’s straight talking turns Aries on. Aries likes to not get bored. They like a conquest and an adventure. But they are sweethearts really. In all honesty only really an aries man can control me. I respect an aries man (and sagitarrius but I don’t like sag infidelity). I like as a Leo woman an aries man best of all. I am different with him than other star signs. I don’t know why. Aries just makes my heart melt. ❤️

  13. Aries Man August 18th, 2020

    My experience with this match was great at first. We had all the passion and affection described above. We were the hottest couple in social settings and we noticed that our affection for each other influenced other couples to show each other more. We built an empire both socially and financially.

    However as the relationship settled into domestic life, things really started to unravel. The Leo woman still demanded the same adoration, gifts, and attention, but the Aries man was distracted by demands of his career and the children. He couldn’t continue to give the Leo the attention she required. The Leo ended up searching outside the marriage for this attention, and the Aries was angered by the betrayal.

    ThIs match has additional problems due to 21st century gender dynamics. The Leo Queen—especially one in a high-powered career role—is especially influenced by modern feminism, so much so that she believes women are superior to men. The Aries man, on the other hand, is the sign most attached to 1950’s chauvinism (and we will admit it). This creates a major power struggle in the household, especially if the Leo woman earns more money than the Aries man. She will never cease to remind him of this fact, and the Aries man dislikes nothing more than being emasculated.

    Ultimately, the Leo Queen demands subordination from all her subjects, while the Aries rogue bows to no royalty. This root conflict will require a major investment and change by both parties in order to last.

    • Leo Queen August 18th, 2020

      You absolutely hit the head on the nail! This is exactly my current situation (Leo woman) to the point where he has just up and left because I “won’t give in” or submit to him. In my particular situation, my Aries man likes the idea if being the man, provider, etc except he does not do it. He did it in the beginning of the relationship he was romantic, provider, protector etc. then it stopped, started asking me for money more, barely acknowledged birthdays, etc Procrastination is insane along with the disrespect. I have no issues being submissive when a man leads properly and stays consistent. However, Aries men have not shown and proved that they can or can commit.

      • Sandra April 20th, 2021

        Loved your point

    • Boo April 13th, 2021

      You had a Leo woman who seemed much in her ego. Not all are like that.
      A balanced Leo wants equality… domination never happens towards a loved one. At work is a different story but I am always submissive to my special person.

  14. Danielle Mair August 5th, 2020

    I wish I could delete my long thread But just to give u an update him and I are good 🙂 He’ s actually napping beside me right It’s after 8 and we have been hangin out since 1pm.. Really enjoyed myself with him today. We were able to talk things over. He explained to me that when he goes through things he tends to push ppl away and keep to himself. He said he will work on that and in return I will try to be more understanding. I feel like if we dont end up together in the long run atleast I gotta close friend for life and strangely enough am ok wit that… I love that when am with him I dont have to worry..

  15. Danielle Mair July 27th, 2020

    Well I just meant an Aries man today and I am a leo woman. Instant connection and I hope it lasts and blossoms into something so beautiful.. I am huge on loyalty and I love to be admired and shown attention. At the same time I don’t mind giving out Just as much..

    • toridesiri July 28th, 2020

      ME TOO GIRL! I literally met him this weekend and I intend for all good things to happen between u two

      • Danielle Mair August 2nd, 2020

        Girl. SMH. I don’t know about him and I anymore. Damn we just started dating too.. SMH. About a couple hours after our date near the water he had went back to his neighborhood and it appears one of his cousin got in trouble like a lot of trouble. I don’t know the extent of it but officers were looking for his cousin. Nevertheless the next day I had to give him his wallet because he had dropped it in my car and when I met with him to give him his wallet he looked very stressed. I could read it all over his face mainly his eyes. It was like he wanted to open up to me about it but he was still guarded so whatever that occurred had seemed to have him stressed out. We were supposed to get together the day after I dropped the wallet off to him but we never did. When I called him earlier that morning he never answered but mind u I called him a couple times after I dropped his wallet off to him since he told me to call him that same day when I got home but he never answered. So when I called him the morning on the day we were suppose to get together and he never answered I felt ignored. So I texted him and he said he was just leaving out of the hospital. S*** is crazy because I kind of feel like I’ll never see him again and I really think that whatever’s going on with his family is impacting us from progressing. All the good morning calls and text has stopped completely. I really don’t mean to be selfish but I find myself getting really anxious about this situation because of the lack of attention and communication. It has me feeling like I did something wrong. Like the date went well although there were a few hiccups. A part of me kind of feels like I’m overreacting. Then there’s another part of me that kind of feels like I’m being selfish when I’m really not trying to. I just naturally suffer from anxiety paired with alot of our leo traits. Honestly, I am the type of woman who gives the shirt off my back and I tend to put people’s feelings before my own. I never known myself to be selfish but now I’m starting to question it because I feel like I know there’s something going on with his family but at the same time I keep stressing about his lack of attention and analyzing if it’s something that I did due to no attention from him at all. In his defense though I reached out to him yesterday via Instagram because I noticed he started following me and when I did he did tell me his cousin passed away and he needed some time to himself. I’m sorry I know this response is long and I feel real bad because I feel like I’m being selfish considering I know hours after our date officers was looking for his relative and then 2 days after which was the day we were supposed to hang out he leaves the hospital earlier that morning and then the day after that being told his cousin died. Quite honestly it appears that this cousin who got in trouble was the one who passed away. I don’t know too much behind the story cuz he hasn’t told me. I know am trypin but apart of me is thrown off because I saw him a couple times back on the online site that I met him on. In all fairness I’ve been back on it too but that’s just because I don’t know where him and I stand. I feel bad that I’m on the site even though I shouldn’t feel bad since technically we’re not even together but when I saw him on the site when I was checking my messages I was taken back and I sent him a message that said smfh and blocked him. Within 30 to 45 minutes after me blocking him is when he starts following me on Instagram. Then I saw today that earlier this morning he viewed my online dating profile. I just question now what he is really about. Like since he felt the need to go back on the online dating site did he feel like he wont really feeling me like dat although he says he likes me paired with the lack of attention and communication but feeling like he’s watching me from afar through my social media and dating site. Girl give me some advice. LOL. I know I am tryppin and this is too much energy for me to get worked up on..I think I should just let it be.

  16. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Leos shine bright like gold. They just have to learn to soften and “let go” more.
    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for LEO:


  17. Jeet Gupta November 27th, 2019

    I can totally relate to this whole article. From top to bottom whatever is written has happened with me. I am an Aries Man and She is a Leo Woman. And as the article says that every fight between an Aries Man and Leo Woman makes there love more stronger and trustworthy is totally correct because after every fight it feels like we have started loving each more. And also the fight won’t last for long period its just for few moments. Its very true I feel very bad ehen she give attention to other males. Thank You for posting a lovely article

  18. Leo Reader October 29th, 2019

    I completely relate. My best friend is also a Leo and she’s the same way.
    Try going here for a 100% free LOVE reading:
    It might help you, like it has helped me. xoxo

  19. jack August 1st, 2019

    You gotta tap that ass

    • Miss730 December 3rd, 2019

      🤣🤣🤣🤣……yep, we Leo females expect nothing less

  20. Sunaina Thattarath May 25th, 2019

    There is a little clash happened between us.. I done a thing which he had already warned me.. This is because I’m very selfish about him.. I scolded a girl who loves my guy (she is his relative).. And he scolded me too.. I’m a Leo woman and he is an Aries man.. How can I resolve this issue??
    Please reply me… He loves me very much.. Now he is not attending my call.. 5 min before I called him he attends it and talk to me much quietly.. He messages me “I still love you”.. But I need him back like before.. what can I do

  21. Loving Leo July 9th, 2018

    Idk if it’s just me or does it feel like Leo’s aren’t meant to be happy or compatible with anyone . It’s all negative when it comes to Leo’s and another sign. What the hell , we’ll never be truly happy.

    • Queen Gift December 7th, 2018

      It hurts, but I feel that way too. We are just too difficult to handle.

    • Teasha Fischer March 30th, 2019

      I agree Leo’s get a bad rap though we really are genuine and we have the biggest hearts. We just have high expectations for our partners and unfortunately people let us down

      • Leo Lady Here September 17th, 2019

        I don’t think our expectations are high I believe that we demand the same effort that we give Point Blank. We Leos have very big hearts we wear our heart on my sleeve what-you-see-is-what-you-get we are extremely affectionate people all we require is the same level of intensity and we will melt in your arms that’s not being difficult that’s basic common sense. But I must agree I am starting to feel like Maybe the best lover for a LEO is another Leo 🤷🏾

    • Crystal L. German July 2nd, 2019

      It feels that way, but I think that is only because we is Leos are so picky about what we want. As we should be. I myself have spent too many years of my life settling for less than what my standards are. I have always been the fixer, the healer. But they don’t really get fixed because they don’t make the effort they just feel better because I make them feel better about themselves. And then when they think that all of a sudden they’re better than me and they leave they go right back downhill again. There is love and happiness out there for us Leo’s, but we have to just wait for it. And I know how hard that is for us, because we want what we want and we want it now. I’m going to be 47 in August, and

    • Tae July 11th, 2019

      That’s not true its all up to the people who are in the relationship. I was told Leo shouldn’t be with a Taurus. I was with one for 10 years. It was great for the most part. Honestly, we are the best of friends even now. Before that, I was in a relationship with my childhood best friend I known sent I was nine. We got married and had children. Just work on you, and it will all fall in place. Congratulation in advance 😊

  22. Tim October 9th, 2017

    Not all ARIES guys have a spider trap i always fall for the wrong girl i started falling for a girl that became my bff like 2 months ago we started hanging out everyday she is 10 years younger and had a boyfriend and i never crossed that line but she os my bff i drove 100 miles just to spend the weekend with her and her boyfriend dumped her and we had a very loved weekend and i love her but am lost and worried i might lose my bff if she regrets any of this a bit of advice to help me out figuring the situation out anything would be awesome to spend the rest of my life with her but I don’t want to lose my best friend and have her hate me

  23. Leo Woman drop dread gorgeous October 1st, 2017

    Thank you for that Mr. Aries those statements are absolutely truth, in my previous comments, i stated to run, but i ended up giving mt Ariea guy another try, with 2 days lol, simply because hell or high water you don’t give up on someone you truly love, flaws and all…..Aries guys have to be complete or at least fill complete and no woman can fill that void, thats something in their DNA, it will be done and with no help, and if you do decide to help do it in silence. My Arian has truly calmed me dont for the better…just taught be i dont have to bitch about everything. Aries seem very complex until you actually get to know them to understand, they are complex yet simple at the same time, but if he himself isnt complete his complete you will never get the attention or love us leo woman need the most, im not saying act outside yourself to be with him, just saying to have an Aries guy my Leo woman is a wonderful foundation to build on

  24. Jeannica Lane September 30th, 2017

    Honey leave it alone, if he has a whole girlfriend Aries love to flirt it makes them feel superior, but on the other hand Aries Capricorn not capable at all, Leos woman can be self driven to think if he just had me je wouldnt want anybody else, not true we have to live in reality, if its meant to be the universe will drive yall together….i wait 15 yrs for my Aries sounds far fetch but so true, if your meant to be together it will be. Fire signs always find themselves drawn together

  25. StevieNix September 30th, 2017

    HELP I’m 21 and have the most massive crush on this 28 year old Aries who is a firefighter. He comes into my work all the time and we always flirt a TON. I was creeping on his social media and recently found out he has a girlfriend who is a Capricorn (It won’t last) lol. But they are serious, there are pics of them with her family, etc. I have to have to have to have him ASAP and I have zero patience whatsoever. I don’t mean any disrespect to his current girlfriend, but he DOES NOT talk to me like he has a girlfriend when he comes in to my work. I neeeeed it to escalate SOS I’m obsessed w him

    • SP September 30th, 2017

      Aries are huge flirts, leave that man alone. If he seriously initiates something then you inquire and make sure he’s single. Aries men, well the ones I know value and respect their relationship and partners. Even if they do step out, its seldom and they make sure the other woman knows her place

    • Reed November 6th, 2017

      Whatever you do you get that firefighter girl but omg!!!

  26. Upper Echelon September 7th, 2017

    I’m currently struggling on whether this message relates to my situation. As a Christian woman horoscopes are forbidden but I can’t help but believe there is some truth to what you guys are saying about the Aries and leo combination.
    I am a leo woman and here’s my story below about my encounter with an Aries man
    Six weeks ago, I decided to hire a personal trainer as part of my recovery process after having a major operation back a few months back
    For our very first session, he kindly offered to give me a weeks trial for free which was unexpected but I was completely grateful for. We got to know each other and proceeded onto the workout.
    During my second session with him, things became a little bit personal after discussing the topic of relationships. He asked me if I was in love with my ex, I said no but I had feelings for him. The trainer then responded that the reason I did not love my ex was because ‘he was not doing it right’. At first I ignored it, but then he continued to say it and I became defensive by his comment. I explained to him (which was a mistake) that my ex occasionally disappeared on me and that’s why we didn’t workout. The trainer immediately responded by saying ‘your ex had another woman’. I then asked him ‘why are you jabbing at him for?’ And he smiled and said ‘I was just assuming’
    Fast forward, he shared with me that a few women in the gym are on him. (Find him attractive) One woman invited him to a swingers party and another woman who is a porn star. Obviously, I kept it light because I wasn’t interested in him at the time. The trainer then informed me also slept with an A-list celebrity but stopped because he got bored.
    There is a 10 year age gap between him and I (I’m 25) and he reiterated he would not go for a woman my age but the celebrity he slept with is my age. However, there was still no interest by then.
    However, it was not until I spoke to my male cousin who then said he likes you. He’s constantly concerned about what I’m doing, where I’m going and who with.
    Last week, he decided to give me unlimited PT sessions instead of the 12 initially paid for which I was pleased with. He then informed me that I’m the only client that receives this and gets ‘preferential treatment’ (his own words). Yesterday, I was wearing a sleeveless gym top which I believed to be fine. He was fine with it until I was leaving the gym and he said my cleavage was out ( I promise I don’t even have cleavage as I have a chest of a 12 year old boy). We argued briefly about it and he implied that the top was good in his presence but outside of it was unacceptable. Last week I had a meeting, I told him the location of the meeting and he asked me was it with a man or a woman, I told him it was a man and then he said I might just go to the location of where the meeting was. I did not take him seriously but low and behold the next day, he was at the location with his colleagues and i was shocked by his presence. I continued on with my meeting and then we had a session after.
    A couple of days later when I had a weekend planned to travel to Scotland, he began questioning my reasons for traveling to Scotland and was like ‘have you got a man over there?’ He continued to fish for answers until I eventually told him. Shortly after that conversation, he revealed to me that he was ’emotionally invested’ but I responded sarcastically ‘clearly’.
    A few months passed and it was coming up to my birthday, we had a session the day before my celebrations and he told me to post some pictures on instagram. I decided to send him a direct video of me looking my best and he completely ignored it. When I saw him the day after, I showed him a picture and he seemed disinterested which I was very upset by.
    Now I’m in a situation where I’m becoming attracted to him and I now feel like because I’ve taken long to respond to his earlier signals, I feel like he’s stopped caring.
    Basically what I’m trying to establish is whether he likes me or just being annoying. I really can’t tell but we bicker like a couple and when I’m mad with him, he always finds a way to make me laugh or forget about what we argued about without me even realising. My friend is positive he likes me but I’m holding back because I don’t want to be in a situation where I misread the signs.
    Should I tell him I like him and if so, how do you think he would respond?

    I don’t know what to do. PLEASE Help

    • Jeannica M Lane September 10th, 2017

      Girl run now, I’m A Leo woman, and if he is a real friend then ok, but if for relationship wise, they play entirely to many mind games for the mature leo woman, that’s focus on her goals that is….I just broke it off with an Aries man, and thank God it was very exhausting, it seem like when we first met all the attention was on me STRONGLY, and a couple of days went by and he started acting nonchalant to EVERYTHING i did, that’s their way of getting you in check, when they feel like the have you in their spider trap out comes the games. That was my 3rd and final Aries

      • Upper Echelon October 8th, 2017

        Girl, I’m starting to feel what you are saying in terms of relationship and that’s why I don’t have the patience for mind games.

  27. Leo Queen August 4th, 2017

    I’m a Leo woman and my male best friend is an Aries, we’ve been friends for close to 20 yrs. Our friendship is simply amazing. We have a bond that no one can break. Out of all the people, friends, and lovers that have come and gone in and out of both of lives, we remain the same and are always there for one another. We have gotten intimate several times over the years, but timing and situations never allowed a serious relationship. But now we are both currently single at the same time and have begin to explore the more than friend option. I really pray that it works! We both love and adore one another and are exactly how Leos and Aries are described here. Now that we have one anothers full attention, I realized how much I’m in love with him and I’m kicking myself for not seeing it this way years ago. *fingers crossed*

  28. Red August 2nd, 2017

    I am a Leo woman who is/was (hell you know we always break up and then make up…lol) with a Aries man. The reason why Leo’s disrespect the Aries man because your mouths are like swords literally!! I have never met a man who is so direct and calls me out of my name like he is drinking water. And that’s when I am disrespectful to the point where I’m wishing bad things on his family because I’m just wanting him to hurt the way he hurt me. I don’t know how a Leo woman can fall so deeply in love with these Aries men but I am truly scared. I have never ever felt this way before and to be honest I would have never hooked up with this Aries man if I would have known my heart would fall so deeply for Aries . Leo woman are so kind and when we are in love we love hard. The Aries man who described his ex leo woman described us to the tee. I do crave attention but leo woman are very direct also in the beginning and honest with what we want in a man . I am upset because when I told my Aries man that I am looking to be in a relationship and a commitment as Leo women have no time for a fling, he agreed and we moved forward and moved in together. I shared my money from my business with him completely and changed his whole life. We we started making all this money we got two apartments and he called himself wanting this SPACE and told me he would spend 5 days with me and 2 days by himself . Well Leo woman are not going to be disrespected like that by any man because that is called not committing. But I told my Aries guy fine but I was not going to be available like that and I was going to take vacations. Well he was so insecure that he would not allow that. And my Aries man had a very bad temper and would call me bitches when he would get upset with me. And leo women is not having that period . We would fight and everything! So I literally tore his apartment up and then he calls me destructive and not want to be with me the way he was before. So we have been arguing , getting back together, making crazy love, and arguing and breaking up again. I’m so tired of this and to top it off my Aries guy cheated on me and oh when he got caught he told me that we weren’t together so it’s not cheating… I hate that you Aries men always have to be right and always justify what you do!! I really want to move on but my heart is so caught up in this and to be frank I have invested so much in him. But I just can’t keep chasing him and have to move on sooner or later…smh

    • Royal August 30th, 2017

      Oh my gosh, girl, I feel you. I ve been together with this guy since my freshman year and now I am sophomore. We fight, they call me names, i tell him I don’t care, but it haunts me because I care so much, he cheated on me, and thinks that I cheated too, but I never ener ever had. My aries wants more space too, I’m kinda bond to him. We’re like a storm everytime, everything is so unstable and I don’t even know my relationship status at the moment. I wish I had the power to erase every single moment with him and to love him in peace without no one knowing. And because of him I am a firm believer that a human being can love just once in a life time.

    • Leo Woman Aug 4 September 10th, 2017

      Girl you have to make up in your mind that you want better, I just did that exact thing, i was sick of the roller coaster ride i wanted off, and he ended up having to go back home to NC for some business, and I told him I was done, like done done. Theirs a man out their just waiting for you, but every time he tries to come to you, the devil sends a wonderful distraction, I’m telling you this happens to me all the time, I give 100% in any relationship like fresh new, I am scarred, I mean scarred, and I dont take that issue it new relationships fresh slate, Girl this man was cheating on me, had me all insecure, (leos arent insecure unless a low life man presents his bullshit), we still keep the relationship going, like ok he made a mistake, then it happened again, and again, (not sexual cheating but just wanting attention from other woman), i was tired of giving my all to someone who was only giving me 8% if that much, us leo woman have to learn to stand our ground and understand our presence is for everyone our dominance isnt for everyone, our aggressiveness isnt for everyone, but when you finally find that one that accepts everything about you and still love you unconditonally, a man who dont want to even see you hurt let alone cry, a man were you dont have to say “Well its ok cause at least, or I know he loves me and thats all that matters, he could be worst, bump all of that I want to be 100% in love with my significant other, and them to love me unconditionally, and an Aries man is just not going to do that, because he is so self absorbed, and if you show just a little attention to yourself, he does something stupid to make you wonder, like for the last 10 months he will tell you “hey babe im headed out I love you and comes and gives you a kiss, 10 months now doing the same thing, then all of sudden stop, i mean like stop, stop, do collect $200 dont pass go stop, and us being leo woman we automatically go to “whats wrong” “are you ok” then you start to think to yourself like did i say or do something wrong having your emotions all out of wack, then they have the nerve to tell us we the crazy ones….Chicas, Chicas, chicas, if your on that roller coaster ride get off now it s not going to stop until you stop it, Aries play alot of games that us leo woman just dont have time for

      • Leo Queen September 10th, 2017

        Sheesh, thank you. It isn’t that bad but I do see how he could play lots of games if we were take it anything beyond friends. You hit it right on the nail when you mentioned Leo and must learn to stand their ground and stop giving chances or trying to save people. Thank you!

  29. Aries July 12th, 2017

    Hello Leos,

    Thank you for your responses about my experience with my ex. I have yet to be discouraged from dating any Leo women in the future. There’s something about you ladies that intrigue me. You are focused, driven, beautiful, all woman and know how to treat a real man. ONLY US fire signs know the true feeling of a burning passion, intensity, lust, action, and energy! The mature Aries Hero will know that the Queens of the zodiac are worth the time and effort. We Aries will put our swords down, take off our armor, and expose our scars and vulnerabilities to you. I do this because I need to know if you will ever manipulate or use my weaknesses against me. *Being a mature Aries, I have already acknowledged my weaknesses so that no one can use it against me.* You’ll only see that side of us once we are COMPLETELY SERIOUS with you, MIND, HEART, BODY and SOUL. We want to see if you will protect us when we feel exposed. Once I do see you using it against me, I’d probably just laugh at you contemptuously, accept what it has become and disappear without a trace. The trust will be broken and you will no longer be a queen to me. We are explosively hot, but can turn as cold as a scorpio once we are betrayed. Except instead of plotting revenge, brooding, or hating you, I’m already starting a plan on how to better myself *such as working out, furthering my education, making more money, meeting new people.* I’ll be on the next objective and mission already and have long forgotten about you. Earn our trust and your Aries will be loyal to you for life!!! Your every wish will be granted and you will be rewarded royally!!! You will become his motivation to reach the pinnacle of his life and he will be even more driven to be successful in everything he does!!! He will feel like you deserve nothing but the best!!! He will surprise you with random gifts!!! He will also push you to reach your dreams and goals with an undying dedication!!! He’ll make sure you reach the stars with the charging driving force that only an Aries ram has that will shoot you straight up to new heights!!! *Sometimes even I wonder how the hell do I have this much drive!!! It’s like an endless force!!!* When you’re feeling down, he’ll be the only person you’ll want to come home to after and long day and will never leave your side. When you’re feeling weak, he’ll be your strength. If someone disrespects you he’ll come charging in to defend you!!! After all you are his queen. He may even let you rule him, that is only if you are a fair ruler and remember that he is seated by your side and not behind you. If you are unjust, you’ll definitely hear about it. Aries want you the be the best you can be, we love to build, inspire and encourage. You really think you’re the best now? An Aries can make you even better beyond what you originally thought. That’s an Aries at their best, but maybe I’m just speaking for myself and who I am. Arians don’t give up on you unless you did what my ex did or similar, but everyone is different. If your Aries doesn’t feel this way or do these things then he clearly doesn’t deserve you period. Plain and simple. Now this isn’t to say that an Aries will simply give into everything you say just like that, it is something that is earned. As an Aries, we know our worth and want the best of the best, so we usually don’t settle easily. I’ve read somewhere that Arians look for the needle in the haystack type relationship. This is true even though it maybe impossible, we try to be as close to that as we can get. Don’t give up on your Aries. Learn to trust him it’ll pay off big time. I don’t know your situation Ms. LeoQueen, but insecurities can create delusions and destroy something so beautiful. I know from this last relationship. Aries and Leos are known to be combative, but sometimes it ain’t all that necessary. This post isn’t to offend anyone, I’m just very direct and expressive. It’ll also give you more of an insight from an Aries man’s perspective. If you have any other questions I’ll be more than happy to help.

    • Aries July 12th, 2017

      I’m the same guy as AriesRebel by the way!

    • LeoChica August 10th, 2017

      Hi! This is so accurate about the Aries I know and dealt with haha I surely love rams, you just can’t help it. They seem to be only ones that can handle a Leo! Maybe cause they are just SO manly. Jesus. You just can’t help to admire them and let them lead.
      Any advice on how to deal with the lack of attention of rams? This one is lovely and I know he is not being mean (the is an innocent about rams, a childlike nature) but he is so self centered it is ridiculous. I feel invisible all the time. When I talk I swear he hears Blah Blah Blah… doesn’t ask me questions. Its all him and bragging haha I know he is showing off to impress me with his accomplishments and I do clap a lot but I sometimes think he wants a throphy wife! My mind? My heart? My likes? My goals? No inquires. If I do ask help he is wonderful and gives advice but he is blind 99% of the time. I wanted to connect to him… Plus the ignoring makes me wanna kill him and go cold. He so wants to couple and provide and take of someone but he makes no room for it. It is just him against the world. How to cope?

  30. Jess July 8th, 2017

    True story! Given the fact that leos do see themselves as royalty, it can be hard for some of us to love another. We love being loved and cant be woed by “that same ol love”. We’re so jaded that it does take an aries to catch r attention n if they’re worthy, r hearts.
    Because the leo ego is so big, all u have to do is confess your undying love and loyalty to us, on request, and everyones happy ?

  31. May 22nd, 2017

    LOL @these comments…My ram was married when I met him but that didn’t stop me from loving him. It’s been the hardest relationship of my life, but I’d choose him over and over again ? He loves me more than I can ever explain. We argue, get mad, don’t talk but I’m so happy to say that we’ve hung on. I’m stubborn, strong-willed and I don’t always back down to him…which I think he likes. Everything I love about him, I sometimes hate and the same thing in reverse. But at the end of the day, I love that man so much…I’m proud of him. Proud to be his girl, I feel so safe with him, protected…he’s always looking out for me. I can’t say enough about this strange combination. It works for me, although sometimes I swear that I can’t handle it, but then something gives. While he never apologizes, he lives his life in a way that shows me that he is extremely proud of me and that he thinks I am the most amazing woman in the world. How he does it without ever saying a word? I don’t know. It’s something in him…an energy he exudes. The way he says my name, the way he talks about me to his family (always in the best light), the way he defends me when my mother complains in the slightest bit about me (as mother’s do sometimes)…there isn’t anything that anyone can ever say about me without him going off the deep end. He respects me, loves me, cherishes me, gives me space to roam and be “me”, puts me in the spotlight, treats me like a queen….all without saying a word. The man is from another world and I am lucky to have him! So all you Leo ladies out there with an Aries…cherish your man! Respect him, honor him, understand him, allow him to save face, show him that he is your king, love him without conditions, be up for anything….I promise you that in return you will get the perfect man for you! In my opinion, there is only one man worthy of a Leo woman and that is the Aries man. I know so many Leo females with aries males. This combination is out of this world

    • Aries_Mars September 14th, 2017

      Thank you for accurately describing an Aries that is truly in love. Aries men are proud of who they are and their accomplishments which is why they…we…like to talk about or show it. We know we are best signs that can handle, cherish, and love a Leo. Leo women need to be loyal to their men…if you understand that an Aries man will fall deeply for you if you acknowledge his role as a man and respect his ego…that is very important to us. And to those women that claim how their relationship with Aries men are a roller-coaster. There are always two sides to a story. It’s true we will play games but only if we feel our ego is not acknowledged or validated (I hate to say that but it’s how we work). The reason why those men are playing games probably stems from something distrusting or disrespectful said or done by those women. Aries men are fiercely loyal and will be with you until the end of time…if you stay by our side and respect our ego.

  32. Ariesrebel May 4th, 2017

    I’m an Aries man who has been with a Leo woman for close to nine years. In all honesty, if there is anyone who can really match up to the kings/queens(leos) of the zodiac then it is definitely the badass warriors of the zodiacs known as the Arians. We carry the rebellious attitude that will not bow down to anyone. Arians literally DO NOT know what fear is!!! What ever we put our hearts to, we’ll make sure we get it!!! Then we see the Leos, just as determined and ambitious as we are. Two super egos going at it for #1 without backing down. I have worked with a few male Leos before and even though we’re competitive with each other, we all have high respect for one another. From what I’ve noticed about Leo men, when it comes to women, these dudes can really talk a smooth game to them. They literally charm the hell out of their targeted ladies and they love it! From what I’ve seen they can really get the more sensitive types of zodiac signs such as Taurus, Cancers, Libras with ease because the Leos are romancers. I applaud them for that, but when it comes to women for us, we’re more realists. We’re brutally honest and selective to which ones we want to treat like queens. Even when we feel like you’re a potential lady, you kind of have to prove that you’re strong enough to handle our fiery auras. Going through thick and thin with us, seeing us in our highs and lows. I feel like I tend to attract Leos, Aquarius, Scorpios with my personality. I have a very strong fiery personality that catches quite a lot of attention and I think my Leo coworkers feel threatened because they get quiet, but these guys won’t let me win that easy once they feel the heat and I respect that! All fun and games! Overall as friends I think that Aries and Leos can definitely get along pretty well because we can both learn from one another. My Leo friends like that I give them brutal honesty which is what I want people to give me when I’m messing up as well. Okay, so that was me talking about friendships of Arians and Leos, now I’m gonna talk about my 9 year experience being in a relationship with my Leo woman. We broke up many times and the make up was always the kinkiest and the best!!! She noticed me before I noticed her. She became friends and then it went from there. She told me she liked that I was straight forward and had a bit of a cockiness about me. Just a little. *wink, wink* That I knew what I wanted. I also think it’s because she new that other girls were trying to get at me as well. Even with that being the case I’m very selective and many people have told me that I play hard to get. Anyways, the bedroom is when the Arians are at their most vulnerable and that’s when we can open up completely. We have thick skin, but once we truly give you our hearts then we expect you to take care of it and guard it fiercely. You be very careful though, we’re tough mofos, but our hearts are fragile and you’re the person we’re trusting it with. If you break our hearts, we will feel betrayed and furious! Each time it breaks, it changes us for the worse. We have two sides, one is the lamb, which we can be the best gentlemen you’ve ever come across (who still believes in chivalry) or change into our famous sign of the raging ram that we are known for. You know the Incredible Hulk right? How he is Bruce Banner who is a nice guy, but when he’s pissed then he turns into the Hulk? Only you have the power to turn us back into Bruce Banner ok ladies? Take some notes. Lol. Loving us aint easy, but Leos know how to make it a walk in the park. She dedicated everything to me. She loved me more than anyone, she had a heart of gold. We have big hearts, but Leos have an even bigger heart. This is the reason why I believe EVERYONE loves Leos. They love unconditionally once they’ve decided that you’re the one they want to be with their entire life. You are basically the only person that exists in their world. They’ll decorate you like you were the king that she’s been longing for her entire life. Damn, these women can love hard and when it comes to sex, they NEED you to have a mind blowing experience so that you’ll never stray!!! Even at your climax she will make sure it lasts and that each time is better than the last!!! She wants each time to be memorable!!! But this all comes with a VERY HEAVY price. It is the cost of your freedom… it gets taken away and she’ll want to try and tame you… I’ve lost many of my friends because she got too jealous of them taking away my attention. She did that with my education, work and even my family. I put her and her needs first for so long that I forgot about my own needs. I went into a depression without even realizing it and became bitter towards everything. I call that my dark times. I started to have insecurities because I felt like she made me weak. She started molding me into someone else, someone that will bow down to her and meet her every demand. When I realized that I was losing myself, I began to recollect and distant myself from her. One thing she hated was when I asked for space, she didn’t understand the thought or concept of it at all. I’m a very direct person so I get straight the point when communicating and she still doesn’t understand. She’d go into a panic or get anxiety and become psychotic and start attacking me verbally and accusing me of cheating and lying. She’d blow up my phone and then disrespect me through text. This obviously doesn’t go well for me and then I respond right back getting down on her level. She’d play victim everytime, even when she was wrong. I got tired of it and started losing feelings for her. I thought I will not get to be myself and be unhappy the rest of my life if I continued being her. I felt like I was dying on the inside. It made me numb and not give a damn about her feelings anymore. It’s true, we will sacrifice our selfishness for you ladies, but in this relationship it only made her more selfish. Two egos that will never back down from each other. This wasn’t love anymore, it became her way or no way. You are either my partner and my equal or nothing at all. Now I’ve read some of these comments about Leos calling Aries men insecure, but the only thing that would really cause us to feel that way is if you try to change us or take away our freedom. Remember, we are the rebels/warriors, we are not afraid to fight for what we need. You try to cage us and it’ll only make it worse. We’ll be gone with a quickness. Try to understand where we’re coming from as well. The meaning of life is freedom and happiness, not being ruled by a king/queen. We can roam free together or not. There’s this cute new Leo lady that has been eye balling me at work though. She’s a fun little flirt, too bad she’s gotta bf atm though. It’s all good, it gives me time to recover from this past relationship. I just don’t know if I wanna experience the same thing again. 😉

    • Judith Hanley June 8th, 2017

      All Leo women are not like your ex! She is giving us a bad name! Don’t let one bad apple spoil you from the rest of beautiful Leo women who can make you happy!

    • ladybleo74 June 25th, 2017

      Mature, confident and self-assured Leo women (or any woman) do not act that way. I for one am attracted to the go-getter Aries man. I absolutely adore seeing my partner achieve his goals. Yes, there are times when a reality check is needed for both fire signs but being in a healthy & balanced relationship is vital regardless of astrological sign.
      I am currently separated from a Virgo man. There was an instant recognition between our souls but in the end we were sucking the life out of one another. We have parted ways and it has been the best for both of us.
      In the end it comes down to maturity, confidence and personal truths. If one can own up to their strong/ weak traits it’s all good!

    • Leo Queen July 6th, 2017

      Thank you so much for writing this, I am currently a Leo woman with an Aries man. I think we have started to unfortunately fall into the first parts of your description of the fall of your past relationship with your Leo woman. Nothing depicts the relationship quite like you did, and it has helped me to realize that we need to be more open with one another. I understand his love and devotion to me, yet I still got into a situation where I was ridiculing him for a situation that he was not unfaithful or acting out, but I lashed out on him for it. I regret it. I truly realize that this is the man for me, and I’m doing anything to reconcile the downfall. I realize what you said about the Leo woman becoming too untrusting, and I can remediate the issues now. Thanks again for writing this, xoxo Leo Queen

  33. Araanza April 9th, 2017

    These two are great together, the one bad thing is they’re both VERY strong and full of pride and that can get in the middle and destroy a beautiful relationship. Araanza

  34. John March 19th, 2017

    Hey guys i m aries man. Cud nt jst gt my eyes of this atrticle. It is exactly the same as mentioned here wt hapns between us…. It is so lively to knw that aries and leo are the bst couples with zodiac. 🙂

  35. Dhwani March 2nd, 2017

    While reading this I was smiling my best…whatever written here is perfectly what happens between me n my bf….

  36. dessian henry February 17th, 2017

    Hi ? everyone,I’m a Leo ♌woman in love with a Aries ♈ man ??,I can’t stop smiling ?,just thinking about him makes my day marvelous.he treats me like a princess ? a lover and a wife,he tells me the sweetest words that makes my heartbeat ? faster than I should,he’s such a charmer and I can’t get enough of him!! I’ve been sexually active at age 17 & I must say he’s sex is the best sex I’ve ever had,I honestly don’t think there’s none like him.i could go on and on it just keeps getting better ?.we have our bad days but we always work it out faster than imagine.he makes me happy and enjoy making him even happier,he truly is a leader and I loves to follow him cause he’s always leading me in the right directions,what would life be like without him !! I truly don’t wanna know the answer to that question ?,bye ? y’all ?

  37. Shanoah February 17th, 2017

    I’m a Leo woman with an arise man we we’ve Been dating only for a short time and this is true I have to beloved because I have had many hard relationships and was giving up I hadent dated in to years but when he came into my life I couldn’t let him slip by even when somethings get complicated like who’s the dominant one and jelesy sometimes steps In but we have gotten so close and deeply in love and we’ve agreed on saving our selves for one another for when he puts a ring on it. I love him so much and Im almost one hundred percent he loves me.

  38. Tracy Henderson January 11th, 2017

    Im an Leo woman married to an Aries man and I must tell everyone that at first the battle of the sexes. But I allowed him to lead me. My Aries Lover is the Love of my deepest most inner parts. In him I see Christ our Lord. It is truly beautiful the ways he loves me like in a movie or something. Weve been married two years and loving every ounce of it even in bad times. Dont let the bad out way the hood stay loyal ladies and keep your legs closed long enough for him to claim you first.

  39. Nastassja Mowbray December 28th, 2016

    This is my relationship with my Aries! <3

  40. Porsche December 17th, 2016

    I’m dating an Aries man and I’m a Leo and this is spot on for us both!

  41. [email protected] March 19th, 2016

    Where\’s my Aries!Still single.?

    • Nico January 7th, 2017

      Right here, in miami

  42. Ms.iceangelleo February 25th, 2016

    @Aries245614 u sound just like my ex. Smh.

  43. Aries245614 December 1st, 2015

    We are the dream team.. But a leo women can be whorish when we neglect her needs.

  44. Aries245614 December 1st, 2015

    Because yall can’t chill. You leos always wanna rush things(relationship wise) and that makes up extremely uncomfortable even when we say chill. Yall dont. Yall get abgry and spiteful and childish. Not you but mine does.

    • Amarie January 16th, 2017

      Lol that’s true I’m a Leo Woman

  45. Lioness323 November 19th, 2015

    @lioness77 and @alicialoveesoto : first, well said, lioness. Although, I have met some (very few) piscean women who were worthy of admiration, for the most part, piscean women are weak. Talk about slutty…these weaklings are so loose in their desperation to be loved that they are, in fact, the emotional psychos of the zodiac. When one was trying to flirt with my unworthy gemini lover at the time, I played some strategy against her and her emotional dumbness was no match for my brains. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like playing games nor acting in a cold, business-like manner but bc this retarded piscean dared to think she was better than a lioness, I used my amazing strength of character to put her in her place. 
    And that’s really the secret, miss alicialoveesoto: you will never have the irrepressible to strength that a Leo woman has; you will never know what it is like to be packed with such inner power to navigate through romantic and life troubles – an unmatched strength and courage that I’ve only known Leo woman to possess. You do sound very jealous and resentful, I hope you found happiness after all – you sound so unhappy and like you are truly lacking in it…as for your Aries guy, he may be the exceptional idiot, as like with many men, there are some Aries men who are not mature enough to recognize awesomeness and beauty. Good luck to you, and please don’t be so jealous at our amazingness – I can try to suppress it just a bit but as a lioness it just comes naturally and effortlessly, don’t hate! Lol…

  46. lioness77 September 18th, 2015

    my comment above^^was directed @alicialoveesoto 

  47. lioness77 September 18th, 2015

    Why are you looking into love compatibility with Aries man/Leo woman if you are a Pisces? Jealousy? Yes, jealousy. You are no match for a Lioness, no woman in the zodiac is. The fact that you are obsessing over his (SIX) exe’s zodiac sign speaks volumes of your insecurity. Your comment was well over a year ago, I doubt you are still with him. You say Leo’s are well known for being whores? Honey, I couldn’t tell you one single trait of a Pisces woman because you are very insignificant and low on the totem pole of women. Leo women are confident, beautiful (your Aries man even says so), articulate, intelligent and the center of the universe. Look at all the comments here speaking on behalf of the Leo woman/Aries man relationship…we shine. I’m fortunate to have an Aries man and he would never leave me because we are soul mates, connected, passionate about each other, a match made in Heaven. I will never leave him either. There is something about this relationship that you could never understand. I see you’re trying to understand though. Lastly, another reason you would never be able to satisfy an Aries: your grammar is horrendous! Your comment was riddled with so spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, run-on sentences that MAKE NO SENSE! Maybe you could get away with that if you weren’t competing against the almighty Leo, but you are competing and, you lose.  

    • Kimmy January 23rd, 2017

      Well said

  48. Mschynabadd December 19th, 2014

    aries and leos start off beautifully but SOMEONE needs to back down or it WILL NOT WORK. In tears as we speak.
    -Leo woman problems 🙁

  49. i-refuese-to-tell-my-name December 5th, 2014

    oh i forget about ‘the one’
    leos want manly man but not macho or anything real man who deal with situations better then her more calmly,bearing it.she think you have more emotional strenth then her.
    i saw a man who put his hands in cold water to wash something and when he realize it cold he just smile a little like on destiny or something and start doing it withourt a word .if i was there i would be like cold,and other man complaining its cold but he doesn’t.he just give me asurance that even in life if he had to go difficult time with me which i certainly wont give.hewont give up on me.
    second when all boys in my class disrespect women all they want.then he is the one didn’t argue with me even though i argue first and i was wrong(hehe leo me) he didnt say a word in reply.i didnt pick a fight i taunt at him,he can easily reply but he doesnt because he respect women, the act really shake me but i shove it away.because he is a competetior and can’t betray my girl group against boys,through the time when i constantly think about him. i thought its because i hate him because they are doing better and we are loosing,or he is handsome and i am acting like a stupid girl, in the end we win,but after a month of battle end.he only smile with his head down while i am gigling happily.when i have no excsuse to give to myself i accsept it now after 10 years of not seeing him,even a climpse i still love him,he make me to see no one other,all boys become like a brother to me,my friends say i have a disease i don’t look at boys but you know waiting for him. sry sad story 
    but yes tuff guys who are emotionally strong and warm at the same time.i saw other attract to the same

  50. i-refuese-to-tell-my-name December 5th, 2014

    its a long one
    its really make me smile, when i saw these Leo women saying they are full of themself and they are confident. As a leo women i know,what the truth is that some leo women (young ones) don’t understand about themself either. So others stars you always experiance this in life, but forget it when it comes to leo.the criminal is always the loudest one refusing the crime same with leos,the act of confidence is to hide the insecurties inside them.they will never tell you,so don’t try but i tell you because i am on net here writing a comment no one knows about if i can write i write what really leo star is so its long and i hate to bore people so i seprate it in pieces read as long as you bear 🙂 ps my eng is bad
    first insecure
    They are not insecure in office they know what the thing, product etc in demand, they did there homework about it and was hundered persent sure,or they rage because they think it won’t work (insecure),yup confiedent about everything (i skip all the details about it) but love,they are never okay with you and demand for more because,they are insecure inside
    not believing
    There is the thing with Leos the biggest problem. when someone said he loves her she heard it as or add to the sentance ‘i love you for now but that doesnt mean that i love you two weeks later the same’ and after two weeks if you dont tell her you love her with some act (or she think you just casually saying it,until she feel something in sentance)she think ok if he loves me 100 previous week this week its 90 and in 10 weeks he doesnt love me anymore and bearing me because he doesnt want to broke my heart or get useto me something.even though she tell herself thousand time you do but she can’t help herself she saw you as a human whoese emotion can change,she saw it everywhere so its a logic for her. whether they change or not,they think it must have change either to good or bad.if she feels it good then she is more happy and if she feels its bad deppression change to desperation and then rage.
    Why right
    with totall stranger you see leos don’t argue,or some even immediataly accsept there wrong doings. at work they thought they loose respect but sometime (all people i know accsept it peacefully) you just have to give them logic,they did there homework on it so they become hard to move but if you show them your whole report with PROVE.i dont know any leo who don’t accsept.if yours dont you are dealing with a bad one but at home yeah..its become difficult you see leo see it as if i came out as wrong.he will be like altough you are wrong you pick a fight with me,you are wrong but you didnt understand me coolely but choese to pick a fight,you did a bad thing, now either, i forgive you or loving you less and find a woman who don’t do it,or anyother time even if you are right,i speak about this one and say you are if she comes out right,she just have to cool down and everything will be okay.if you somehow convince that you are wrong she won’t be in trouble of loosing your know,why you stop loving her if you are wrong but you can if she did a mistake.i really tell my self again and again on the fight with my sister that even though you came out wrong she won’t stop loving you.
    so she think you don’t love him but before you say it or realize it (which you never will because you didnt stop loving her she only imagine it)she break up with you.she can’t wait for the pain so put it on herself earlier (as she think).
    okay i don’t have jealous bone in me at all and i see some really never jealous leos.its because they self reflect on it and i do a lot of self reflect so now i don’t have trust issues but jealousy obviosly is second name of insecurity,said by the world.
    okay i tried saying this to some leos and it work magically for me, try it with your and it may work what will happen a more fight,you can handle it we are not that bad or are we?0_0 lol.when you know she is really wrong,don’t take adavatage okay then say ‘even if you did this wrong i still love you’ they really may accsept it or slowly start coming back to warm tears. stop fighting. as i suggest you don’t buy her expensive gifts all the time but after a fight goes to her when you feel she is calm, smile at her ,don’t laugh,and offer to wach a movie or tv or going out anything else you want her trust, gifts only boost her for a time. because she think okay you find her worth to spend your money but after a month she think am i still worthy or its all change.yes give her gifts expensive not giving it will be huge downfall too, but really not all the time.somehow i dont know how you poor things do it make her believe that your love is forever and you ignore her mistakes.which that phsyco me leo never going to believe i want my month graph of my love in your heart now.
    we leo crave for attention and love because their is a demon inside us eating it.
    if i can help you in anything ask me,i am good at this stuff  honest people like sagitarius,libra and virgo told me this so i can trust it.

  51. faizan0009 October 30th, 2014


  52. Leolover October 22nd, 2014

    When I was younger i use to flirt with all men and have several on the go and that killed the ego of nearly all men i dated. I now am seeing an aries man and he actually likes to watch other men flirt with me knowing they cant offer what he can. I found this quite sexy.I am a bad flirt when ive had a few drinks..typical Leo woman that loves attention. Its the first time Ive actually been with a aries man..I have one problem with him…he is not  as open as me..he is not open like me and i am older by 4 years than him and I know when he is not…Loyaty is my thing and once a man shows me that then my eyes are for him only.ive only been seeing this guy for 3 months now. we agreed that to keep things open and honest otherwise it will fail.We can talk and love each others company and the sex is crazy…we did it once for 2 days in a row lol. the description is true of aries and leo except mine is not jealous type but i feel he is not as open and honest..for me this would be the thing where I actually stop seeing him, I hate dishonesty but saying that he is close to perfect more than any other i keep my leo ego in check..its what can also destroy any leo woman relaionship. Im in my 40’s and im very attractive and im a great catch but im not superficial i hate the plastic look and my boy is cute but nothing special to look at but his attitude and the way he carries himself is such a turn on and the way he can handle my leo ways.So i guess we need to appreicate what we do have. Us leos can be so critial towards our reminded me how we can take things for granted.hope you find a worthy partner ;]
    ps mine has impussive buying and it annoys me cos he doesnt have the money to do it..then i end up paying for the night out..but that will stop as of today.xo

  53. Sunshine12 October 8th, 2014

    “The most problematic issues for these two come when, the Leo woman, gives attention to other males around, which can rupture the self-esteem of an Aries man.”

    That is so true. 

    I have never been so in love before! I thought I had found the one and everything before my Aries mate didn’t matter. We were best friends and shared a cosmic bond. We were perfect! But the one thing that ruined it was his jealously and impulsive behavior.  
    Im only telling this story so ppl can know how impulsive an Aries man can be.
    I went to a party with a girl friend. It was rather a small get together. Just to hang out and get out of the house. This guy that my aries mate was  super insecure about happened to be there. him and my girl friend ended up hitting it off. So it gets late my girl friend and I leave then he texted me  ” glad you guys came out.” That was it. Anyway my Aries mate totally flipped . I explained what happened and that it was really nothing. he calmed down and that was it but I guess he didn’t forget about it cause shortly afree he cheated on me and that was the end of that relationship. 
    I never put those two together but after we split he told me that the text from that guy was the reason. He knows now that nothing happened and that he made a huge mistake.  
    all I’m saying is communication is key and don’t act on impulse because you don’t know what you have til it’s gone. 

  54. chadmax October 7th, 2014

    That was to funny!! LMAO!! Can be so true! Still laughin!!@toast

  55. alicialoveesoto March 7th, 2014

    I find this very funny im a pisces women with a aries man & he just read this & laughed every single  one of his ex gf are leo women & all he has to say is there psycho & obesseive & everything revolves around them they are all known do be major hoes/whores cause if your not giving  them  attention theyll get it from someone else it may say there a great love match but thats not so he can say atleast 6 of his exs were leos & all would try to force the relationship with him even when me & him got together & constantly still had other guys on the side especially for there needs leo women are like a pisces women worst enemy they all hate me with a passion cause i was never how they are & stole an amazing man away from them & they are an aries man biggest  mistake my fiance always tells me that yea there very beautiful but no they are not ALL women they are very childish  & have the nastiest attitudes witch is very unattractive  to any man there probably  only good for giving you some when you need it says my aries man even though there never really quite good at it 

  56. omaryan April 3rd, 2013

    I always love leo women and when I am with them I feel different.

  57. MzDeeLeo1974 September 16th, 2012

    Ive been dating an aries guy for 2 yrs now. Our 1st sexual experience with one another was a month ago. We have soo much passion for one another its crazy!!! We are the best of friends and we value one anothers opinion. What attracts me to him most is his morales and valus about life. He is a wonderful provider and highly intelligent. Im soo attracted to his mind its crazy, physically im really attracted to him as well, as he is very very tall, dark and handsome!!! its like climbing my own personal tree!1 lol. But i love his corny jokes, he is very very sarcastic but in a funny way. He is very blunt and to the point as well. he is not a game player and i love and admire that. We click so well its like we were made for one another!!! The compatability chart is RIGHT! WE ARE PERFECT FOR ONE ANOTHER IN EVERY ASPECT OF THE WORDS!!!!
    The sex was 2yrs in the waiting but OMG WAS IT WORTH IT!!! i was so nervous but to make love with this man is like mind blowing, i mean earth shattering. he makes me see stars and from the sounds he makes he must be seeing some too. its funny bcus we waited 2 yrs now we are having sex every day!!! and its just keeps getting BETTER!!! OMG 
    My bay is very jealous of me talking about other men or being around them, but its funny because he doesnt get mad or go into a rage, he kinda cracks a joke about it or make a weird noise like uuuhhhhhhmmmmmmm! lol. Then its like psychiclly i “get it”. Again he is amazing. I no that this is the man that God made for me and Im the woman that God made for him!! we are same year soulmates, both born in 1974!!!
    The only negative in our relationship is that he is a very proud man and he lets his pride get in the way of a lot of things. If he needs help OMG HE WILL SUFFER FOR MONTHS BEFORE HE SAYS A WORD ABOUT HIS SITUATION!!! and that drives me crazy and makes me very very angry with him. Also once he gets stressed out or bogged down with problems he will POOF, DISAPPEAR! Just like that! I wont hear from him for days until the situation gets better. I hate that, but im trying to get him to work on that. Im a leo and I dont like “space away from my mate or children” Otherwise, he is great and we are great together!!!
    Ive patiently waited for this man for 2 yrs and now i feel the time is right for a full blown relationship!!! will keep you guys posted!

  58. […] prefer what men love in women though. A lot of what I’ve said might sound confusing. Here it is made easy for you: I am a recognized specialist in what men love in women. I had gate crashers in […]

  59. […] Casper’s Aries sun and Jen’s Leo sun are a good start, especially considering Jen’s particularly strong (even for a Leo!) need to be admired. […]

  60. Leos aries | Zykoff March 5th, 2012

    […] Aries Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility | Ask OracleLove match compatibility between Aries man and Leo woman. Read about the Aries male love relationship with Leo female. […]

  61. neerkiheer January 14th, 2012

    Compatibility above is a mere reflection of ours. This Leo lady is completely smitten by her darling Arien’s authority. He loves to lead & I love to blindly follow. His favorite word is lead..haha. A perfect Arien he is! I feel like princess by being just ‘his’. No matter how many times I tried quitting this relation, my love for him has always been magnifying. Aries-Leo pair is magical indeed, because he is THE MOST INTERESTING MAN I have ever met. Love u, my beta♥

  62. jeminhij November 3rd, 2011

    i can believe every line of this, ima aries man, an ima really passonate person about whatever i put my mind to. i love my leo woman, everything feels right when im around her, & then when shes not around; i go crazy. but as soon as our eyes meet i feel fine and good about myself. id give anything in this including my life for her, even after the fact that i know i gave my life for her i couldnt be with her it’d still all feel worth it. i love the feeling of love. its the one thing that no one can define or explain, but it all feels right. at this point of my life me and my leo might not even be able to be together, and just the thought of that scares me. if i loose her, i loose apart of me, i might look fine, but my body trembles inside, im constantly thinking of her which makes it worse. the pain i feel doesn’t add up to a gun shot wound, it doesn’t add up to falling off of a 20 story building, but im sure its close to the pain of death. im nothing without her, she inspires me, her beauty, warmth & essence i love. theres no one like her, and i promised myself, if i was to do the love game, it HAS to be with her, there no one else for me in this world, and im sure of it. im young & im sure everything sounds crazy, but thats what descibes life; crazy. i dont have to spend the rest of my life with her to know what i want, & i dont want to find another female, she understands me; we just “CLICK”, & thats the best part about it all, i dont have to tell her what i want for her to hear me, some how she just knows, and i always know what she needs. sometimes i wonder if its all worth, if maybe im just waisting my time because of the things we go through, we go through TO MUCH, for just two people, and saying bye NOW… FOREVER… lol. my heart skips a beat, just thinking of that. she no where near my eyes sight right now, which is why i can say so much about her, now if she was next to me, i dont think i could of gotten the first sentence out. lol GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS GREAT. LOVE IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, BUT OUR FAIT.
    Brianna Virginia Kay Taylor <3

  63. cortstell October 18th, 2011

    Everyone says that aires and leos are a great combo, but I disagree. I’m an aires and I my ex girlfriend is a leo. Shes nice, but the relationship didn’t stimulate me at all. I need a little challenhere and there. I need a lovers quarrel every now and then. Totally didnt get it. There was never any type of challenge. No playing a little hard to get. She was clingy and much too placating. Its like, all she did was agree with me so I would love her. I was absolutely miserable. I was so bored and couldn’t wait to break up.

  64. Spinster October 14th, 2011

    @Amanda hi amanda,
    i am arian

  65. KendraKay August 20th, 2011

    This is all so true. I am a Leo woman completely in like with an Aries man…but the sad thing is that he claims to have “commitment issues” (which I think is an excuse) so that’s why we never got to go past a few dates. He’s told me before that he doesn’t feel like he’s worth my time which is ridiculous since he is so worth it <3

    We'll probably never be a real couple, but there is chemistry and there will always be. I know it. I've never felt such a connection through a kiss…so I definitely need me a new Aries.

    *Le Sigh*

  66. Mischa August 16th, 2011

    Eurgh What to do with my aries man! he was unfaithful i was hurt obviously but i’m a quick forgiving person and cant live without affection and he was always there to give it! we have been on and off for 2/3 years now and its an insane friendship/relationship so true with the jealousy thing although him much more than me! i think both signs are inclined to flirt with other people you just need to make sure thats as far as it goes. I think were both also to stubborn to admit we should get back together but at the moment i’m having fun gaining back the power he robbed me of!

  67. joschuks August 15th, 2011

    Dis is very interesting. I am so excited. I can now handle her better. Honestly, I luv dis leo princes but she has given me so much bite to handle. Ve never luvd dis way ol my life. She is wonderful and could be very sobber whenever I tamed her.

  68. princess_lioness August 13th, 2011

    Yes, I am a Leo Woman, and dating an Aries Man!! Always thought this would be heavenly match, but it is so confusing. i have failed to understand his silent love and so many expressive arguments and brawls.I have failed to give him 100% attention as he has failed miserably to satisy my ego or make me feel the ‘best’. Totally in-expressive, liar, jealous,possessive, arrogant, dominating is what qualities i have been observing most recently in him. These guys are manipulative and they know once they have tamed leo woman and their egos , they can trap them forever!! Nonetheless, becoz of being fire elements they have explosive sexual chemistry, agreed!! but how can this man change the night you (leo woman) submit to him. This is not acceptable for the lady who knows there are many in que and he is not the last one. She feels strongly that with her , this man feel more strong and best, whatsoever, i gave you the right to be best and you cannot tame me, check!! His nature of not appreciating the leo lady, has resulted into extreme flirtatious nature of this woman and you cannot expect her to be loyal , if you cannot give her what she deserves, dont show her your anger or charge her of Infidelity. yes, why i am still in this relationship, becoz after every fiery fight we are together with nothing to say, with sense of forgiveness but only till the drama does not occur soon!! This relationship gives me a roller-coaster ride and definitely not an easy one to handle, this might go for years and can be durable, but peace is not the outcome anywhr. Message for an aries man, You gotta stay less agressive here , if you want to stay in the best of relationships, else keep facing the music till the time you are not enlisted in the past history of this roaring lady!! Love you , hate you , we can both touch the extremes, let world see the SHOW!!!

  69. DuskGod14 August 9th, 2011

    I’m an Aries guy and I’m currently trying to court a Leos lady. Reading this and people’s comments have given me a glimmer of hope. But I’m afraid of not be “The One” like Toast was saying. But, other than that, this seems to describe us to a “T”. We both have so much fun when we’re with each other. And reading this, I’ve realized that we would be amazing together and it’s given me motivation to keep pushing onwards.

    This zodiac thing is wild. 😉

  70. Maressa August 2nd, 2011

    My exboyfriend was an Aries guy, I’m a Leo woman. He was a liar from the very beginning and a cheater, he tried to dominate me and manipulate me into being another person. He was not my type at all and I was not his type either. He only cared about sex & himself. I’ve never met such an arrogant, self-centered person as him. My father is an Aries too and he as well is a huge liar. So far I only got along as friends with Aries women but Aries men are really one of the most terrible sort of men along with Geminis. I’d even say they’re worse than Gemini men. Enough ranting, that was only my personal experience but yeah. I know many Aries men and none of them is anything like honest or loyal. I’m married to a Scorpio man and he’s the perfect catch. He understands me without words, he cares for me in every way, he’s faithful and gives me a lot of attention. We have our passionate fights but at least he gives me the feeling that I’m the most perfect girl in the universe even though I very much know I’m certainly not.

  71. EmmaxLeo July 6th, 2011

    I am a Leo gal, and i met my Aries guy last year. The first moment i met him, i fell in love with him. This aritcle is very VERY ture! I could feel energy between the two of us, it was like magnets. It seems like whenever were with eachother, the world doesnt matter. We both had been th jealous type but learned to cope with it. And know that hes out in the army and im not getting attention from him i feel like screaming.
    but i love my Aries man!<3

  72. her-royal-highness July 2nd, 2011

    Hi everyone, am a leo girl and I meet an aries guy last year and ever since he has been asking me out. I wasn’t realy interested in him then cos I had a boyfriend,n we lost contact. But meet him again this year and he has not stop asking me out. So we went out on a date and I kinda think he is boring. But he is also kind and gentle. Am still confused don’t know if I should accept him,cos I don’t want to make a mistake. And I noticed that he also love his job too much,he is a Tv producer. He forgets to give me d attention dat I need and even when I try to pick up fights with him he calms me down. Realy do like him. Don’t no what to do,but I hope I make the right decision.

  73. Lialeoness May 29th, 2011

    Well, reading this article reminded me of how much I am in love with an aries guy and how hard it is to forget him. I knew him at a class we attended together. To me it was love at first glance. The right minute I saw him for the first time – I didn’t know his name at all – my heart just sped I thought I would faint. If I knew he was an arian physician, I undoubtably would faint at his arms. Unfortunetelly, there was nothing between us. I made all approches to him I could, as a friend, well I think that a relationship may begin so, but I don’t know if he didn’t realize why I gave him that special attention. I would never invite him to go out for three reasons: 1 – I am too shy at these matters and at the same time too proud to hear a negative answer – I am a leo woman, so pride is part of our nature; 2 – If he was interested in me, after my initiatives to start a conversation, he would have invited me; 3 – I am conservative, it’s a man’s role to invite a girl. I thought there could have something between us because he seemed so attracted to me, not only emotionally, but also physically, by the way he looked at me and at my body. With hungry and kind eyes at the same time, as if I felt love and passion from him. One day I passed by him and he stared me as I walked by but as soon as he noticed it was me the girl who he was staring at with those hungry eyes, he behaved so formal… Of course he was polite and gentle to me. Actually, it was the last time we talked to each other, and I could barely look straight to his eyes because I was so afraid I could not help myself. My legs were just shaking, although, as a leo, I never lost poise. I always felt so good by his side as if life were greater than what it really is: a life full of joy. Everything written in this article is exactly what I figured out our relationship could have been. I am afraid and sad to admit that it’s difficult for such a feeling to occur again. Well, as time goes by I tried to be in love with an capricorn man but he is so ironic at times and rude to my feelings that I think I would be wasting my love with someone who just doesn’t want to be loved. I prefer to live with an open heart, not a sealed one as those cap guys, which doesn’t mean I want to be hurt by them. And then I remember that that arian man could never be that rough and mean to me.

  74. GoldPhoenix84 May 29th, 2011

    I found this so freaky when I read this article. I had been making friends with a guy from my school and I had no idea why, but for some reason I was just so highly attracted to him. I felt like I could just feel energy between us, almost like magnets. One of the many nights we went out, he finally just grabbed me and kissed me, and I didnt resist. After that it just feels like we burn so much for each other. Im a leo and decided to look up what his sign was and come to find out he was an Aries. I found this article and was just shocked by what I read because it sounds like us all the way. Our relationship feels so strong, powerful, and I feel like we just shine in public. No matter where we go, its like the world doesnt exist and its just us. I use to be a jealous person and he admits he had been too, but both of us have learned and we both said we learned to regulate that part of us a few years back. I feel i wont let it get to me if he gets attention from other women, cause he seems so devoted to me, no one else makes a real dent in our relationship cause its so strong. This article is amazing

  75. Leoleo May 14th, 2011

    YES it’s all true!
    I have been in love with my Aries man for 27 years! 🙂
    We met as teens we ended up parting ways in our twenties only to reunite a few years ago. 17 years had past since we had seen on another but always, always thought about each other.
    On our first meeting back together it was as though time stood still nothing had changed, well age, wisdom and we both matured.
    We were still VERY much in love with each other!
    I know this may sound a bit far fetched but very true.
    We Leo’s love, being in love, romance and time spent and this is what we receive from our Aries lovers.
    We both love each other unconditionally and that means more than anything life could offer.
    So to those of you just getting started (7, 8 months or even a year or two) HOLD ON and enjoy the ride of a life time! 🙂

  76. m April 7th, 2011

    Well I am a leo woman and have been in relationships with 2 aries men and they were lackluster to say the least they were not very good in bed and did not treat me like the leo lady. And now I have a dilemma I met a man 8 months ago while going back to college. Okay full disclosure he is a former professor. I thought he was this pretty terrific guy so we have been talking and he offered and has been very gracious and kind by helping me with a professional project. I know he likes me and I am sure he knows I like him. As everyone here has said Leos and Aries know when they like each other. But here is the kicker I did not know he was an Aries until today his birthday is March 31. He just turned 39 and oh yeah I’m 49(very much a cougar). Now that I know I’m not sure if he is like the other 2 Aries one of which was born on March 30 or one of these mystical Aries this site has been raving about. Well this guy is terrific and I am willing to give it a try. But he is going to have to stop being nervous around me and just do the damn thing. Because you know Leos know what they want and where we are going and if you don’t move it you lose it. And for the record this Leo girl doesn’t need a man to get her anything. I am very very independent and have no problem with providing the material things including the bling. As a matter of fact I would welcome a man any man incluing this new Aries to out pamper me. Well tomorrow I am going to push the button because I am all talked out for now and either its on like popcorn or not. I couldn’t be just friends with someone that stares and drools I have enough of those.

  77. So_in_Love24 March 23rd, 2011

    “As almost all d other comments this is right on the money, i am a leo women and am currently dating a aries man for almost a year…i love him sooooo much and have never been in love my whole life…even wen we argue we argue we never stop talking for more than 24 hours i know he is my soul mate and wud not trade him for the world”

  78. L'vitsa March 11th, 2011

    My aries (Ive only been with one) was definitely not The One. We instantly hit it off, he was so easy to talk to and I felt like we had a lot of chemistry. Then we had sex and I was not impressed. There was none of the passion described above, (and I definitely need passion), and I felt like he wasn’t freaky at all. In addition to the bad sex he didn’t call me everyday and whenever we were at his house his friends were either there already or just strolled in unannounced. Im the type of leo that doesn’t prefer attention in a group, but I definitely need attention from my man. I think not having alone time with him was the last straw. I also found him a little boring all around and not just during sex. I would definitely date an aries again (there’s definitely compatibility) but he’d have to know how to treat a woman right.

  79. asianleo March 9th, 2011

    @ilioness; same as me; i only hung out with him 2 time.

  80. iLioness March 7th, 2011

    All your comments and thoughts are wonderful. I am a Leo, and I met an Arie man. We never spent time, we just talk. He is been writing and txt me every other two days. He tells me, he is crazy about me and he loves me. Well, what else can I do. He is an Arie. <3

  81. asianleo March 7th, 2011

    im a leo woman;so this is out 3 weeks talking, & it feels like we had been talking since forever, we have lots in common, he have been heart broken in the past, & i had too. its hard for us to trust someone. but the funny thing is that im still confuse dont kno if he’s a player or not,when we startd to talk he started to call me a name that a couple would be calling each other, buh for me i jus dont kno if he would be calling other girls that too. i have ask him about it,because im the type of girl that want only the truth so i can keep this going,he told me no im the only one that he calld that. but the funny part is he invited me to go to his friend birthday party, so i told him i would go just for him. So i called my girl that knows the birthday boy to come along with me. buh that had toke a while for me to get to her house & wait for her & her friend to get ready because he friend was the one that is dropping us off there. so while waiting for them i had gotten calls from he talking bout he hella miss me when am i going to be there? i told him we almost done & he kept on sayn he miss me … sounded like he was drunk outta his mind i told him hang hung ill call him when i get there, he said noo dont hang up i miss yu; buh for me i didnt want to be corny around my friend so i told him to just text me. he said okay. but i guess he was to drunk to even reply. so when i got to the party. i heard everyone yelln his name talking bout he need to stop throwin up. so i let his friend deal with it. so i walkd away & toke a couple of shot, than i went bacc to the place he was at. there was a girl next to him. but i didnt care, so i walked up to him; his head was down. do i touch his head & say are yu okay? look at me…i had try to put his head up but it seem like he was forcin it down, i dnt know maybe he was drunk outta his mind. buh the girl next to him was like ” babee,get up…” when i heard that i was super shock! my girls was like wow did we just hear that? i was like yeah i heard that too… so we walked away,buh lucky me i had someone else that was eyen me. so next day the aries man calld me buh i had ignore his call & texts . he left me a voice message sayn that he tottly blank out. he didnt kno what was happening. i told him about the girl situation but he say he dont kno what girl im talkin bout he dont have a girl & he put that on his life. i jus dont kno what to do;like im still talkin to him buh that who girl thing at the party keeps makn me haven second thoughts. i just dont kno what to do, he said he like me alot that he cant go on a day without talkin to me, & i have try to ignore him for a whole day, & my phone was blown up with his calls & textes…. what should i do? anyonnee can help me with this?

  82. Steven February 28th, 2011

    I am a Libra and its all true

  83. margaret February 21st, 2011

    I just met a gorgeous Italian man he is an Aries who is 30 I am 52 I am very much a Leo. We were instantly attracted for 2 weeks we were crazy we cried because destiny sent us to the same place to meet but huge age gap, he wanted me to travel with him he begged me to let him tell his family about me but he rang them in Italy and couldnt tell them how old I was and he finished with me.I was hurt by that comment He said he made a mistake I realised in the future how much our age would matter. We see each other and now it is like we are strangers he no longer looks at me with loving eyes and it is so sad. Not all Aries and Leo attractions are great I felt used for a while but i know his feelings for me were real it was just too big of a gap. I cant have kids he said he didnt want any he is young and wants to party. I have been travelling around Australia by motorcycle for 3 years now and love to travel i work as I go. Maybe 1 day my true Aries will come and find me.

  84. Shawn February 15th, 2011

    lol I’m strtn to love this zodiac stuff

  85. :( February 13th, 2011

    wow, this is so my bestfreind and her boyfriend,, im not a leo or and aries im just scorp but thats out of the picture.. My bestfriend is a leo and her bf is an aries and boy oh boy is it going well for them her and him never fight or even argue to be honest im so jelious at the fact that they get along so well with each other that its crazy.. they have so much in common boths are generous and spoil each others with gifts how sweet, ive never seen such a couple with so much respect for one another like they do 🙂 even though i am extreamley happy for her what ive noticed about leo females is that they let the men dominate them alot to the point were its all that matters is her bf.. it really herts me to say that she would defs choose him over me anyday ever though ive none her nearly my whole life and usto do bearly everything toghether, shes only none this guy for a couple of months, i feel like evryday slowly she is slipping away and doesnt spend anytime with her friends anymor and her whole world revolves around him and just him,, thats the only thing that i cant seem to understand why she cant even it out and have some fairness in her life i no if she keeps this up she will not just loose me buht all her friends that are feeling left out and pushed on the side by her!! 🙁

  86. Mami January 21st, 2011

    Well, I have to say I have fallen deeply in love with this Aries man! When he seen me for the first time his mouth drop and I saw stars in his eyes!!.. I noticed he was really interested in me me so like a leo that I am I played hard to get with my sensual teasing.. I also though he was handsome… So this when on for a year in a half.. Never really paid to much attention to him… Until one night I found out there was a girl at his work who was after him… That is when I decided to have a nice formal dinner with drinks and… Had sex for the first time!! WOW!!! I was missing out alll thisss time!!! I absolutely loved it!! Each time we do it is diferent feeling so passionate… We are each others drug!!.. He has his own company.. And now that we gotten closer he is working on buying me a house and helping me open my make up studio. Not to mention all the money he has given me and gifts I demanded when I didn’t give him none! He has spend in me maybe more than 10,000 just in gifts dinners, events and more.. Oh! And if a day goes by and I don’t call or send him a txt or respond soon enough to one of his… He wants to brake up.. Lol!! Then I say ok if that’s what you want fine… For some reason we end up having the best sex that night.. I don’t think ill ever love someone or find someone like him ever!… He tells me the same thing.. In restaurants and places I am always caressing him in a sensual classy way and he loves it.. His chest just gets so big!!… I love my man.. when I can’t see him one day I get very moody and I starting to feel like I need him.. He completes me his vibe and presence is so wonderfull! I wish he could call me princess or queen… But he always calls me amor,mami,mamacita,ma oh well I love him!!

  87. Pinkye January 18th, 2011

    Toast and butter….reading your thoughts about the Aries man and Leo woman has been by far the best yet! Both are so right about aries and leo’s relationship…however; I can totally agree with butter…lol
    Being a Leo woman myself and having met my Aries man has been the best relationship I’ve had in my entire life….isn’t that amazing to say..especially being in my 50’s. We have been together now since November of 2009. This Thanksgiving we took me to meet his mom…what does that mean? Well, I believe the same reason I would take him home to meet my mother…and this..because he is the one…and I mean the only and last one….I want to either marry one day or just remain in love forever in anyway we both want. I really don’t think about marriage because of we both loving each other so hard until we haven’t thought about it. I am totally satified and boy does he satisfy me in and out of bed….WOW! We are the best of friends and do anything we want together and don’t think about it…meaning judging each other.,,we are just born natural lovers meant to be,,,,,I am so proud of him in every way and tell him everyday “I love you”. He tells me just as much or more that he loves me. My Aries man is my king and yes!I am his queen and lioness,,,,we donot let a little miscommunication keep us apart,,,which it is because you see Leos really don’t like to argue nor raise their voice…although we can roar,,,,,meaning we will be heard…Toast probably messed up his relationship with his Leo due to having a lack of respect…It takes a lot to mess up with a Leo lioness.,,the worst thing anyone can do to a Leo is to lose respect or to show respect…A Leo is loyal and demand to be respected and treated as she treats you. Leo’s like to be known and shown that she is the most important person in your life especially when in public or in a crowd of other ladies…A Leo woman do not compete with others nor like to be compared. A leo woman with her Aries man feel no lesser or better than he….she just want to be loved and given lots of attention… I love fresh cut flowers and my man had purchased me a dozen and placed in my bedroom during this past holiday season,,,this to me was more than having a million dollars,,,,,boy! Just having knowing he put those flowers there let me know he thinks about me…especially on the day he bought them..Leo women are just or more generous with her Aries Man…I love to shower my man with gifts…It isn’t the gifts that the Aries man gives the woman…believe me “It’s how the Aries man treats his Leo woman…with lots of love, repect(as number one),attention, and caring is what it takes..because Leo women are loyal and trustworthy. We are very warm,kind and generous to our Aries man and people in general. I am always showering my Aries man with positive words of encouragement and praise…He is my world and I am more than happy and grateful to be in it with him….Hopefully Toast there will be another chance with a Leo,,,yes, when we say “No” it is usually just that…it is also determined on how we were treated and should it had been with another woman or out of sheer disrepect…it is usually over…..Now, should it had been something the Leo did knowing it was wrong..Toast it is possible you can try again,,,knowing now what you know about Leos…It seem as though you like Leos and feel that a Leo woman is compatible to you and “You are right”.. I know because me and my man are the best thing that could have happened to the both of us…Unbelievable at times…I love it and pray for it to last forever…at least on my part it will….I just love this man!

  88. January 11th, 2011

    Dear toast, I am a leo woman who has read as much as poss about leos cuz it some how gives me a strange sense of exitement…. What u said about “the list” and “the one” is so totally true but I do not flirt at all n am always looking for the one…. Leos do have a lot of identifiable qualities as many as stated above and hv high expectations of their partners but a leo in love with an aries will acept him 4 exactly who he is cuz he becomes her sense of perfection n yet she knows that she’s better n deserves no lesser….

  89. toast January 1st, 2011

    I’m an Aries male. Every Leo female I’ve dated has set me on fire. Passion and instant understanding is evident. But I have to warn my fellow Aries. All Leos maintain a royal harem. It’s not even a secret with them. One Leo female made it known she was dating two other guys (and that I should be grateful for my service to her royal highness). My brother is a Leo and he had harems before he found THE ONE (every Leo have this mythical figure they call THE ONE). My bro even had mental lists of girlfriends, and he would adjust the list as a girl fell in and out of favor. So, I know Leos and Leo females are no different than my bro’s thought process. Dating a Leo is like waiting for and receiving a royal invitation, or getting into an exclusive club. If you’re not on the list; you ain’t gettin in–PERIOD. But if Leo wants you, you’re on every list. You’re MONEY. You never want again. All the while you never know why you’re on/off the list. That’s what galls me as an Aries: it’s all or nothing with Leo. Aries never has a flipping clue where they stand, or how they fell in/out of favor.

    Leadership and being the inferior to the Leo. Aries males have loads of friends. Aries males love to entertain (we’re natural class clowns). It’s part of who we are, because let’s be honest, we’re trying to entertain the troops/make things fun while we drive ourselves/our troops to conquer the world. Yet, Leo the lion/lioness is the only sign that can persuade Aries to leave ALL his friends, and feel/think/act as an inferior. If Aries was a CEO, Leo would still think she was top dog as a barmaid. Oh, and that’s the odd thing about Leos: Many have no drive to succeed but have this unusual idea of self-importance and undeserved sense of entitlement. It’s really weird to the Aries mind because they demand rulership regardless of their true station in society. They are the king/queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland screaming “off with your head” but never lifting a finger. It’s an absurd comedy if it wasn’t so true.

    Bottom line on Aries/Leo is that it’s an all or nothing bet. If the relationship works it’s heaven. You’re THE ONE and Leo will give up the harem for you. But if you’re not THE ONE, either you sex her up until you fall out of favor, or you leave broken hearted. What is unusual about Leos is that Aries is always the one with the broken heart, even if Aries broke it off. Also, I’ve never experienced a double down with Leos. You get one chance with a Leo and that’s all. Tried a few second chances with a couple of Leos and it was always a clear NO.

    Finally, all of my experiences with Leo females left me scratching my head: What did I do that was so wrong? What did I do that was so right, that I can do it again (never knew what to do again for a repeat performance)? Why do I think they are the most gorgeous thing on earth? (Aries are instantly attracted to Leos for some reason and our friends are amused at our ongoing Leo-addiction). What did I see in that person? Why was I the lesser in the relationship? Why couldn’t I please her whims? And most importantly, where did all my money go? (Expect to spend tons of money on this high-maintenance sign).

  90. Nikki December 29th, 2010

    I’m a leo woman. He’s a aries man. This article is true though the intensity is much much more!!! We are the best of friends. We are so very passionate with each other it feels like a dream. I know no man could ever make me feel this crazy love but him. When we ught we bring down the roof!! Afterwords we are so tender to each other I don’t wven know what the fight was about. The makeup love making is magical and mindblowing!!! We were split up for a month. Both dated other people. Seemed i was always looking for him in all the men i dated and he said the same about me in dating women. We found no one can rock our worlds like each other does! We are starting again and I am just as in love with him from the moment our eyes first met 3 years ago!

  91. Leaaleo December 1st, 2010

    I am a leo girl i never thought in a million years i would find my soul mate with an aries man,but boy was i wrong..At first i was so shy with him i felt more so than i was with any other sign i dated..Although we both felt a strong vonnection from the start i think both of us mutually were a bit nervous and scared..Well that wouldnt last long with our compatibility..I have never been so inlove in my entire life .This man finishes my sentences the greatest thing is we are freinds and we have a blast together even if its sharing a car ride to the grocery are both stubborn ,but extremely romantic and passionate we have the same great humor,and share the same interests .i have never been so sexually connected as i am with him..He blows my mind everyday he treats me like a queen..We have been together 8 months and we plan to stay together for the rest of our lives i have no doubt in my mind that there is anyone else out there for me i love my aries man

  92. DIANALEO October 20th, 2010

    OH MAN! I am so inlove with my Aries man! I am so a typical Leo and Latina to boot; so when we fight it’s WWIII but the makeup is like a supernova! everything stated is dead on! I will never want another, neither will he 🙂

  93. Aries September 30th, 2010

    @ellen – apart from your gibberish I doubt anyone would want to be in a relationship with you. I’m an Aries and have the deepest love for my Leo girl. We tend to fight fire with fire and we love it. Best combination ever.

  94. ellen September 10th, 2010

    I ma leo sun rising in libra moon and venus in cancer my ex husb was a aries and 1 boyfriend lots friends sorry but i dont think we are ok aries a lies, not serious in anything they take and take dont know balance sex is good tha is it aries is a big no for me even friendship never again running away.

  95. Pinkye July 5th, 2010

    I recently met my aries man through a co-worker and niece. We have been dating now for more than seven months which seems like years. Yes! I truely loves this arie’s man. It started out with me getting less the attention I wanted and after him finding this out it all changed. An Arie’s Man is very loving, and kind. I have not experienced having sex with him yet! I have been not had sex for more than two years due to a nine year relationship that left some scars….now I realize that it is not me because of what I have been feeling with my Aries Man. I have been talking to him every day being that we are long distance. I do live in the same state as he does, however; my job is located elsewhere. We are both trying to get me back home because I do have a home in the same state as he. I pray one day we will get married or remain in this relationship for a lifetime or just for the remaining of our lives. Oh! I am six years older than my man….and he likes it as much as I do. I suppose you can call me a Cougar….we don’t see it that way. I just cannot wait to sexually have him. I am a true lioness as I can’t wait. Everytime I am with him it takes all there is to hold myself. We decided to score the next time we meet, which is in two weeks. Leo ladies and Aries gent can you tell me what to expect? I know we both are kinky…..will be my first experience being who I am and all that I can be…..smiles….

  96. Joseph Meyer July 3rd, 2010

    I’m an aries man with a Leo woman for about 10 months and I have to say everything about these horoscopes is true. First our sex is amazing never thought I could be so passionate with someone. Second we are both stubborn as hell, but we can still get along. We both just need to relax and just tell each we are right when both know were wrong haha. Third, is the jealously issue, we both can get very jealous and our horoscopes says it will happen but in the end of the night it’s us again back in each others arms. I know if I lost her I would say those words ” I’ve never met someone like that nore would I ever again.” Love my Leo woman. 🙂

  97. leo woman June 24th, 2010

    I think the article is true,Im also a leo woman dating an aries man, we r soo in love but hey, i feel like im the one making more effort in the relationship. he loves me i know but if we see each other today, tomoro he might not even call or email something. i always break and make up with him.i think he’s a player judging from the conversations we had and u know i need a lot of attention, actually i’m used to get a lot of attetion from previous relationships

  98. missy June 23rd, 2010

    This article was dead on. I have been seeing an Aries man for 4 months and I am a Leo woman. We are alike in so many ways there are too many to count. Where I can usually be hot tempered and difficult he does in fact make me more docile, which I’ve never experienced in a relationship with any other man. He truly keeps me calmer. We are both jealous with each other, but not to the point where it’s annoying or an issue. We are the best of friends first which is my favorite thing about us. I’ve never had that before with any other relationship either. We are truly best friends and want to spend all of our free time together. I was just so amazed at all of the similarities we have compared to this article. I feel that I’ve found my match in every way. He is amazing.

  99. Lioness June 19th, 2010

    I warn all Leo women to stay away from Aries men. They are players and liars. If you dont give them your 100 % devoted attention they will act all psycho obsessive on you. Do not fall for all their attention.Never settle just because he likes you.

  100. Wendy February 24th, 2010

    wow this so true… im a leo woman and boyfriend is aries, we met in january this year and it was love at first site… we both says the same things is like we know each other 4 long time… he is the jelous type and im too but hes more, we r just crazy about each other, omg the first kiss was so amazing like never in my life it was beautiful…he says i love u a lot, and cares for me i love that about him…

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