Aries Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

As the elements of Fire and Air react with one another they have a spontaneous reaction towards each other. Aquarius love is detached but unselfish which an Aries can enjoy if the demanding characteristic is given up by it. At the same time, Aries can fill the emptiness of Aquarius with the passion of affection.

An Aries man has the exciting enthusiasm which never sweeps away and is always fresh as a dew drop. He is strong and courageous and always ready to take up the first step without any trace of fear in his nature. When it comes to love, the Aries man can be quite natural and fall in love almost instantly, especially for an Aquarius woman. But at the same time he also expects a positive response from his lover.

An Aquarius woman is quite enigmatic; she may even seem to be absentminded at times and living in her own imaginary world. The instinct of an Aquarius woman is very strong and it helps her and her partner to achieve new heights and success in their careers. Aquarius woman becomes friend with an Aries man very quickly but it takes her a bit of more time to plumb that she has fallen in love with him. She gives love generously to her Aries man and always proves to be a great partner in all his activities.

The welcoming attitude of an Aquarius woman helps the Aries man to embark on a relationship with her at ease. Aquarius woman is generally very tolerant, original and inventive. These qualities of hers make her almost one of the most perfect matches for an Aries man who hates monotony and passiveness in life. The bond of friendship helps both the Aries man and Aquarius woman to exchange their feelings with each other comfortably as both of them love to talk and share. The problem usually comes when the Aquarius woman thinks of herself to be mature enough and also thinks that her Aries man needs to grow up. Whereas, Aries man may at times find his Aquarius woman detached and aloof with no expression of love. But the tender inspiration and boundless love of the typical Aquarius woman always brings back her Aries man to her, who knows that no other woman can be so smart and yet simple at the same time.

An Aries man makes an Aquarius woman feel special and ladylike, which she generally misses in her life. He does not have any qualms about spending money on her and wants her to be always in her best of form and spirit. An Aries man always pushes up the Aquarius spirit and brings more comfort together with security and excitement to her life. At times an Aries man can show bossy attitude which may hurt the individuality of a free willed Aquarius woman but then he is always ready to apologize and make up for the damage done. Both the Aquarius woman and the Aries man have the risk taking ability, which brings them a lot of excitement and success with each others support.

The sweetness of their love helps them to agree to the differences, bringing to their relationship all kinds of beautiful bonuses and boosters to happiness and harmony. Once the Aries man and Aquarius woman overcome their differences, the problems that crop up in their relationship are solved just by having a mature conversation enhancing their emotional as well as physical intimacy. The days are generally much enthusiastic and inspiring for this couple as both of them are fond of passion and freshness in their life. A golden and glorious future always stands in front of this lovely pair with all the brightness and affection to be cherished for the life time.

The most complicated facet of this relationship is the physical aspect of it. Once the Aquarius woman makes up her mind to dedicate herself to the relationship there is a great scope of discovering a very good sexual compatibility between the couple. In any case, both of them should make efforts to develop an everlasting physical intimacy. There are times when Aquarius woman is taken aback by the amount of passion showcased by the Aries man during the time of lovemaking. One of the simplest ways to treat the Aquarius woman is to treat her differently every time while making love so that the element of surprise always exists in the physical relationship. The Aquarius woman should realize the fact that the Aries man can easily get hurt especially when she shows signs of detachment and in order to maintain his ego, Aries man never display his displeasure or emotions in front of her. She should never respond to his sexual overtures with anything but a sincere and all-consuming enthusiasm, always welcome his embraces with unmistakable joy and anticipation.

Both Aries and Aquarius happen to be very impulsive. They are fascinated by things for a short while and then they move on. Since the Aquarius woman spends most of her time in the dream world, the Aries man feels ignored. At the same time his jealous and dominating attitude makes her feel caged in emotional traps making her anxious. It is only through physical, mental and emotional understanding that their relationship can really flourish.

  1. Da October 17th, 2022

    I am an Aries with an Aquarius gf. This article is down to the T except the part of me having a jealous nature I really don’t. She is amazing and I know she ain’t gonna cheat. And even if she did it would be her loss to skip from gold to copper.🤣

    • MbW November 22nd, 2022

      Aquarius women are the purest form of Gold 💜

  2. Chicken July 25th, 2022

    I’m an Aquarius and obviously he’s an Aries. We’ve sorta been in a friends with benefits situation for about seven months, In the beginning it was really casual and I didn’t have deep feelings for him and I think he was on the same page.. but he also told me he loved me a few weeks back, but did it while half asleep and didn’t confirm it. as in- I asked and didn’t get an answer. It feels like we’re in a weird game of love chicken where we both feel the same way but aren’t saying anything. It’s really annoying but also I’d hate to put myself out there and be wrong/hurt. I’m sort of falling for him more constantly and finding more positive things about him, which is pretty new for me as an Aquarius because I sort of figure people out right away. I’m just not sure if I should be brave or let things gradually progress.

    • F. September 5th, 2022

      I think you should go for it

    • T. Thomas October 12th, 2022

      Go for it! The love of my life was an Aries and Im an Aquarius. The deepest, most passionate relationship to ever disolve….lol.

    • Lees October 30th, 2022

      Im an Aquarius woman with an Aries man and we have been together for 10 years and have a six year old little girl. It was like you said with me and him too. For 4 years, I felt like he was throwing bait in the sea and everytime I went after it he would let it go. He expressed interest in me but would never commit to being in a relationship. I constantly felt like a “fish on a hook”. However, when I started seeing other people he would have a melt down and try to “prove” his love for me. It wasn’t until I got pregnant though, that he decided to be “be my boyfriend”. Since then, we have had our ups and downs but have definitely learned a lot. I sometimes overthink and allow myself to get a little sad that I had a child with someone who never preferred me in the first place, whom I had to chase. But in the end for me, it was all worth it. Once you have a child with someone, your focus becomes the child and you will forever be connected to the person you have the child with so have safe sex. But yes, we have grow over the years and grown to truly be loving parents for our daughter which has been an amazing experience. So far, no other guy has been able to prove they’re better for me than my Aries man. Especially with my life and my daughter.

    • Kendra Davenport November 10th, 2022

      Wow. This sounds like me and my Aries guy but in the beginning of FWB. I’m just feeling all giddy but I don’t want to move too fast. I can really see us together though. Apparently strangers see it too cause I’m always getting called his wife or girlfriend when we’re out together. We have the best times together. I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

      • MbW November 22nd, 2022

        My occasional detachment cut my relationship with my Aries man short & unfortunately do to age and circumstances (him being fairly a bit older to claim as being “older”) we never made our way back. If parenthood didn’t happen to us both separately, I fully believe in my soul we could have ; would have.

        ENJOY! Your comment rang my heart bells & as long as you keep in mind the downfalls this article shared, & remain strong with them Together, you got your life time man. Xox

    • MbW November 22nd, 2022

      Him saying it, half asleep of not, was his confirmation. Two things that made me feel the urge to comment.

      Your word annoying.
      Indicates you are the one not ready.
      & To follow up, the second reason is that you asked him for confirmation.

      Do NOT press or lead him until you’re sure about yourself. Not about him. About yourself. He’s already sure about you if he said he loved you. They’re aware they fall sooner, & they’re aware it might take you aback. My relationship with a aries man started so similar. I didn’t say it back because I say what i mean & i wasnt sure the nature of how i felt yet. But he knew how he did. & I never questioned him.

      Put yourself in his shoes when you start thinking the way you did in the wrapping up of your comment here, & apply my advice, you won’t deter from fear of hurt if you put yourself out there. He’s clearly waiting on you.

      But he will leave you if you question him & his word. He sounds like a smart man, playing it safe for your sake, to say he loves you for the first time while half asleep… Because it does take the aquarius woman aback. We are the ones to expect that kinda overwhelmingness from usually lol

    • Jj February 8th, 2023

      As am aries who has done this let me assure you he was not asleep

  3. Blanca February 14th, 2022

    I am dating an Aries man right now and he asked me to be his girlfriend already…Once they know how they feel they will tell you. Definitely a loyal gentleman and loves giving gifts and spoiling me 🎁. He bought me flowers and a present for our first date on Valentine’s Day which I did not expect 🥰

    My fellow Aquarius queens they are truly the Daddy Energy from the zodiac signs

  4. Talisha May 3rd, 2021

    I am an Aquarius woman and my kids father (my husband) is an Aries, I am him and he is me, we are each other and we are perfect. This entire article is down to the “T”, except for the part where Aries men don’t show emotions and displeasure (Yes, Aries men shows emotions and displeasure in front of aquarius women). We love hard and I have never met a man with no kids, that didn’t cheat while in a relationship, that can be so passionate, in tuned with his feelings, that can only love and be with ONLY one woman, and willingly (on his own) claimed my first baby as his own (she was 2mths, now she’s turning 3yrs old this year), who only wanted and believed in one baby mother (we do have our baby together, she’s 1yrs old now turning 2yrs old this year), and that wanted a change in his life style, until I met my Aries husband, he’s perfect for me and I’m perfect for him, no matter our situations (we always come back together and get back on track). We are a team, helped each other in the process, and with prayers all the time, life is like a breeze. Also, I believe everyone needs to grow in some way to become mature (an adult), age don’t define you as an adult (your wisdom, personality, and character do).

    • Tiger June 19th, 2021

      I also started dating an Aries man and am aquarius. He is so loving and respectful and I feel like am falling in love with him every single day.

    • Jojo June 27th, 2022

      This is a beautiful story.

  5. Janet Koutsouradis March 21st, 2021

    Everything written above about Aquarius woman and Aries man
    is 99% relates true about me as Aquarius woman and my Aries husband. Excellent.

  6. ARIES1997 February 7th, 2021

    I AM aries guy and i am not so amazed by the comments, i dont know what happened to you all but i agree its always going to be the hard road when aries man decide to try with aqua although both agree much most horscopes says it works but for me 3 aqua ladies it was long term but never last. The reason why aries-libra last more usually works better is because libra dont afraid to say how they feel, aqua hold on their emotions and hide it and it can seem like gemini as they intend sometimes to hide their other thinking, however i am just start dating a cancer she is caring, emotional she is independant but sometimes i feel she cling but i feel i kinda happier with her i had an experience with saggi / aqua / libra women mostly. I loved saggi much but its always or mostly is going to fail when it comes to aries man because saggi are hard head they never think they wrong and they are rarely loyal its shaky while one was cheat or flirt, other is who left cuz she didnt want settle, aqua are fun spirit remind me a lot of saggi but they also have hard head while saggi is passionate aqua prefers keep the chase and hide their emotions which not many unpatient aries man can wait for long, libra for me was kinda boring although they are sweet and sacrifice a lot they like to be manipulating, my libra ex used play many lil games with me she thought that way she breaks being boring not also she was too realstic she hardly was a passionate lover so i ended it after 1 year, just an advise from aries man csup/ taurus, go get a cancer and the most compatible to aries/cusp man is usually the typical cancer thats born btw 1-10 july, i had that expernece twice i fell in love hard with two cancer that i couldnt travel to my first which why we had to break up after more than a year of love and much matching well we never fight or argue, now i am with my second cancer lady we had some few flawsshe is 9th july i am 16 april but we are deeply in love and emotionally connected well, communicating solved a lot and she so passionate she always tell how she feel besides being smart i believe she is so different than being a cancer she is brave isnt the shy or scared type or homey, she is just adventrious and brave,strong enough she doesnt let her past control her future just like me ♥

  7. Ariesmale December 11th, 2020


    • bia January 7th, 2021

      why r u laughing

  8. Alexia November 18th, 2020

    I am an Aquarius woman married to an Aries. I would say this article is pretty accurate. We quickly became great friends but it took me a lot longer than him to be ready to get into a relationship. He had to “chase” me for a long time and honestly, I guess it was the persistence that wore me down.
    I would have to agree that detachment from my side is a small problem as is his excessive passion at times but communication and mutual respect as well as the strong foundation of friendship serve well in getting over any issues.

    • Farhan December 24th, 2020

      I am an Aries man and am madly in love with an Aquarius woman. I even travelled from my home country for her and am supportive in all aspects but recently she was asking for space now and then which i was providing somehow, but yesterday i came to know that she was asking for it because her family wants her to get married with someone else, she is very much attached to me and we have a very strong bond but now she says she cant say no to her family. Can anyone help me with an advice?

      • Jay December 27th, 2020

        sheesh , zodiac sign or not.. don’t chase women . You’ll live a easier life . I also like this Aquarius girl (I am an Aries ) and it beats me up . But I gotta let her go & focus on me

      • Glenneth January 2nd, 2021

        It’s so sad to hear that. Fight for your love towards her. And if she really loves you, no matter how the mountains high, she’s willing to go through with you.

      • tmi February 3rd, 2021

        stop simping over women in arranged marriages, get some hoez pls youre down bad

  9. Win August 1st, 2020

    Aquarius here- Met an Aries and never will again. They are ugly signs and Tbh they are everything I don’t need. I know how to crush one under my feet. He thought he was smart.

  10. Moon Reader October 29th, 2019

    If Aries is like an arrow, Aquarius provides the gentle water that softens the blow.
    Try going here for a 100% free LOVE reading:
    Hope this helps! xoxo

  11. Gia September 30th, 2019

    I’m a cusp of Capricorn ♑️ and Aquarius ♒️ and my husband is a Aries ♈️ and we fit perfectly together
    This was on point about a lot of things but Aries does bring the best out of both sides n when combined it’s magical

  12. Jessica Woods September 23rd, 2018

    who knew this was such a big deal….wow…i met an aries man… an Aqua girl….yeah as some of can be heartless….detached….i made sure i displayed my feels loud and clear before i left both times…..i know that unusual for aqua’s to do….i use to be married to a peices….if didnt spell everything out in smoke clouds…you were an SOB just for crying… sister is an aries…an even though she boosts just like that guy did up there….she was real quick to be slick snake and stabb u when you werent watching…..suddenly people look at you differently because of gossiping lip service…my bf was aries and did the same thing…..i think the boostful pride blah blah i dont care what people think because im a shining aries is a cover story….aries know how to hurt aqua’s in the worse way….and boost about there whatever….make you feel like your whatever to them….then kick you down like you were never anything to them in the first place after you done did everything you could for them…..then they come back….because there an aries a shine sample of perfection….your suppose to be ok with it….it blows there mind when your like NO its not ok to do that to people…..but there aries ohh great shining blah blah….
    Aries men are almost worse than women….because they know a thousand ways to say fuck you without having to hold thereselves accountable for it….

    • Man May 28th, 2019

      No where in this does it blast Aries or Aquarius. You are labeling shit based on your one experience in life. There is good and bad in all signs you tool bag!

    • Sid September 25th, 2019

      You are absolutely right. Aries men are worse… and being an Aquarius girl i can relate with every word.

  13. AriesHERO March 6th, 2018

    It’s funny, I’m an Aries man who’s focused and chasing my goals ambitiously at an unstoppable force and vitality. Our descriptions usually say that Aries love the chase, which we do, but I’m so caught up in winning the prize of being successful that I forget to stop and smell the roses. We’re extremely passionate and intense, so when we have our minds set on something, we don’t stop until we achieve it. Honestly, we are very vibrant and optimistic, but firm and headstrong individuals, we also don’t care about what people think of us. I feel like because of this I tend to attract VERY attractive women and get a lot of attention whenever I go, which to me it gets very old very fast. Sure, it boosts my ego and can unintentionally make my friends feel inferior, but I don’t pay them any attention because I don’t tend to put love as my number 1 priority. It’s secondary. It’s not that I don’t want to be in love, it’s just hard for me to maintain it while working on my goals. I take it as my responsibility to metaphorically set the stage for who ever I end up with by being successful. Meaning, providing a life for my woman so that she would no longer have to endure the pain and suffering that I had to reach where I’m at, so that my future children will have a better childhood than mine, stuff like that. Anyways, I’ve been with an Aquarius before and it ended up becoming platonic, but it actually ended because she cheated. I never really cared for Aquas after that, but it seems like I draw them to me. They are very attractive with such a mellow, placid, composed nature, yet with a hint of mischief and fascination towards me. They tend to ask me a lot questions about myself and I always give them a smart ass answer, but they seem to see it as a tease and continue to be on the prowl. Aquas are bold, not the in way Leos, Libras or Sags are. There’s a mental connection and understanding that she not trying to flirt with you, she wants you, but first, she wants to spar with your intellect. I’m exceedingly witty, I’m blunt and I easily shut down anyone who tries to make a slick comment to me, even the Aquas. It just seems to entice them even more. I’m not even trying to be asshole-ish, I see the challenge, the games and I accept lol. I haven’t really considered a relationship with any Aquas since my ex, but I can definitely see someone who’s down for anything, anytime of the night or day and just take a spontaneous trip into a destination into the unknown. Someone that I can drive with and play the song “Red lights” by Tiesto. There’s definitely potential to have a exceptionally fun and unforgettable pair. Who knows what’s in store for the Aqua and the Aries.

    • Aqualand April 9th, 2018

      As egotistical as this reply was it was actually very helpful so thanks!👍

      • AriesHERO June 24th, 2018

        That too was unintentional. 😂

    • AquarianGoddess June 29th, 2019

      I’m an Aquarius and I’m definitely digging your vibe @AriesHERO but don’t go bunching ALL Aquarians in the same canoe because some of us have learned to look out of our protective shell and truly wear our hearts on our sleeves. Although it says that we Aquarians are detached (which for some is actually true) some of us rather enjoy the strong arms of an Aries man, especially in the bedroom. Just because you had a bad experience with 1 Aquarius doesn’t mean that all will do what your ex did. I have never cheated on my partners it was always them cheating on me because I chose to wear my heart upon my sleeve but yet because of one bad experience you are not trying to date another for which I can clearly understand, but nevertheless Aquarians and Aries are compatible with each other. I would never let the next man pay for the mistake of the last one, so why are you wanting to group ALL us Aquarians into one category and then keep clear from us. You do know that actually Aquarians make better friends then lovers because we love our freedom and we hate being tied down, but just because we enjoy our freedom doesn’t necessarily mean that we are not capable of committing ourselves to an Aries man/woman.

  14. Tracy N. Wiggins Parks February 12th, 2018

    I met my Aries Mr. Big (sex in the city reference), 25 years ago. One night I walked into my favorite club and there he was surrounded by a crowd of 7 women. I walked past them to the bathroom to check my makeup, walked back to my seat and quietly gave him five minutes to approach me, which he did. He asked to the Opera the next day. Reserved my favorite seat by the fire, complete with flowers for my birthday at my favorite jazz club. Falling in love with him was like breathing, needed and unthinkingly natural, being amorus, passionate and unearthly. I don’t show emotion easily, but feel it strongly and deeply. I was mortified by even the thought of letting him know just how much I had fallen for him, I would try to tell him, but everyone, i would look in his eyes, all I could say is I love you, couldn’t tell him that everytime we were together even doing the simple things, my life took on a fairytale quality and so, not understanding, he was gone. We married other people started new lives apart and watched our world collapse with them. He searched for me for an entire year, when he finally found me, it was an impossible dream come true. This time passion like never before. Just him in my life, brought out the very best in me, confidence, warmth, passion for the life I was living and so much spice I was dizzy with the deliciousness of it all. This time, it was He, who held back and doubted and love was lost again. Both of us warn from the years, children, building careers, with all its successes and failures, loves found than lost, he reached out to me again….i ignored it. Big mistake, Aries takes this as a challenge, he did not give up and he won me over. He is demanding, stubborn, exasperating and it is so sexy, I’ve never met someone whose seemingly bad qualities are as endearing as his good ones. He is truly my heart. Regardless to if we part again, he is the love of my life, the one I was born to love and our love will live Always

    • N.C. April 23rd, 2018

      I have been in and out of my aries life not because I wanted to but because we were young and he was figuring it out. Well it’s been 10 yrs or so that we linked up. He’d been married and had kids but then gotten a divorce because his ex wife wanted it. So my life was spinning out of control as I had been in a few relationships and for whatever reason they didn’t want to be married or was not ready. Now I’m 31 and kids have not happen let alone the marriage thing. Then I run into my aries and love just all came back. I’m so scared that he’ll walk away because he just always would esp trying to get close. Now that we have started to see each other we wants to marry me and I want that but feel he still worry about his last situation and tho I’m an aquarius woman I have been faithful in who I’m with if I feel there’s a chance I am letting that person know we need to work on it and if it is not working then I just let them know it is not working. But usu the ones I dated broke up with me and I thought I did everything to make it work but to be in a relationship for 5 and 6 yrs committed and not get the same commitment of wanting to be with me forever was hurtful and I just know if tommorrow I say to my aries guy let’s get married he would and I love him for that. I just want to make sure we are good before saying I do. So I agree with A. you will always just love the aries through all of the crazy things that happen. Literally we would have been married 10 yrs if he was not running off. I waited and tried giving him all the hints and he still overlooked me. Now it’s different he wants me and I love that.

  15. meshmesha772000 December 23rd, 2017

    I am a Aquarius woman and Aries men seemed around me ALL MY LIFE literally..I like them and they like me ..I fell in love with one of them in 2006 , love at first sight for each other ..We were about to get married but certain circumstances around us deteriorated our relation ..Right now I have met this Aries friend who I kept avoiding meeting him for 3 years ! ..I was swept away with his warmth and we started a relation a very beautiful one …We have lots of mutual interests and our lives have never been the same since we met 7 months ago …We have lots of obstacles in our way but I just don’t know …I feel it ‘s serious for both of us this time though it ‘s very difficult …

  16. Haley December 12th, 2017

    My best friend is an aries boy…hes extremly sweet and cares for me on a new level of friendship…I always thought that he was cute and would most likely end up dating/marrying a diffrent kind of girl than I am. I am a free spirited aquarius that loves to do my own thing, I go out and walk around everywhere…most people just stay home and hang out but I have to be active. Aries always has time to go out into the woods with me and climb trees and run around…he pays for me for everything even though I have money for myself…I hate it when he pays for me. I am independant…but i like how hes still a gentlmen even when he goes hunting…he makes me close my eyes when he shoots the deer or he sometimes grabs my waist and pull me in his chest so I sont see the animal die…im a hunter too so i dont need to close my eyes but he insists. He says my “fragile eyes shouldnt see such a thing” which i blush…haha i think i might love him…idk yet because i dont like to be tied down in a relationship dor too long…

  17. Idiots in EVERY sign September 20th, 2017

    Sounds good. Lmao

  18. Cynthia July 25th, 2017

    I am an Aquarius female who met this Aries man about 2 years ago. When I first met him I was freshly out of a relationship so I wasn’t ready for something serious. Which I very soon found out that’s what he wanted with me. The day I first met him… I mean this guy, tall, his cologne, the way he hugged me, it wasn’t a hug, he held me. I fell for him right away. Yet, i am a very independent Aquarian who likes her freedom. I want to have my space but still come back to him. Which he didn’t seem to understand my way. Made him think I didn’t care about him. When I really did. I still do… we went our separate ways, I would talk to guys, eventually he got into a relationship which he still in. I have not seen him for a year now and he just can’t seem to be able to loose contact with me. I’ve deleted him, and he still messages me. He adds me again. He tells me he misses me, he wants to see me. He wants us to go away for vacations for some days which is so shocking to me because he does have a girlfriend. His girlfriend knows about me and they always break up because of me, EVEN THOUGH I DONT SEE HIM!!. He tells me he still thinks of me after so long…. WHAT IS ITTT??? COULD HE HAVE FEELINGS FOR ME? IS IT A SEXUAL THING? OR DO WE JUST BOTH FEEL THE SAME WAYY??

    • meshmesha772000 December 23rd, 2017

      I feel for you ..I am in a similar situation …I couldn’t date other guys and I think he couldn’t do it too ..I am trying not to contact him right now for several reasons ..Still , kinda of waiting him to call …

  19. Air&Fire July 11th, 2017

    I was in love with an Aries man, I had many nice things to say about him until he tainted our love and damaged it to the core. I loved him more than anyone in the world but never the less I was willing to let go and start over which I did, I was reaching new levels and moved to another town meeting people until I met him by chance in the quiet streets, the place he lived in I didn’t realise he had moved out into the country, after years of separation and contempt, I was choked with words and I didn’t know whether to smile or storm off, I was holding back my tears, he looked fixedly at me with eyes wide open, our energies came together, he was stunned and sad like he knew he was wrong for all the damaged he caused us. I couldn’t walk away because of the care and compassion I had for him came back, I just wanted to hold him at the point. He approached me confidently and asked me if I would come back to his cabin for coffee, I didn’t say yes but I didn’t say no either so I followed as he took the lead and I jumped in his car, the whole journey was quiet and I was just looking out the window thinking, he had my favourite christian station playing in the car, I guess I thought he didn’t know me but he did. After 30 mins journey He began to slow down as approaching his cabin in the country side, he stopped the car and we both coming out the car went inside his place, the smell of dew and fresh flowers filled the room. He told me to make myself comfortable and he went in the kitchen to make me a hot drink, I was sat on the arm chair uncomfortable feeling sick to my stomach as I had butterflies. I was looking at his face as he was stirring the cup in thoughts thinking of what to say next, he walks around and every step he took closer and placed my drink on the table, he sat down on couch in front of me, and there was nothing but silent words and branches rasping against the window blown by the wind. Our thoughts was in the air of the room, my eyes fixed to the wall thinking I should be angry and walk outta here and catch a ride back to the nearest town and sleep in a motel for a night till I can get the first train back home as it was dawn but I thought I can’t so I stayed because…my Aries will write the rest of this.

    • Harley September 29th, 2017


    • MbW November 22nd, 2022

      Yesssss ! I loved this soooo much!! Made me whole soul warm at your ending & as a inspiring writer, words don’t describe my appreciation for your comment lol. Unfortunately, I too had a chance run in with my ex Aries man.. Not tainted on bad terms when we ended.. But the chance run in was while I was in the old neighborhood with my 2yr old at the time, extremely stressed, argueing on the phone with frustration relating to my son’s health, & he was driving by when he seen us. I was so upset & mad in the moment & with my son, I almost entirely ignored him. I still get sleepless nights knowing he has no idea how happy he made my heart when I seen him stop & smile at me.. Thinking i would never see him again for the previous 4 1/2 yrs it had been since i had.. Makes me cry reading this & recalling my run in. But doesn’t lessen how much this warmed my soul to read today. Xox

      I ABSOLUTELY want a copy of the book when finished!!!!

  20. Him July 7th, 2017

    Seems like at the end of the day… we are not compatible at all.

    • Kathryn Garcia July 8th, 2017

      To this day, an Aries guy is the only sign I’ve ever had a long relationship with. I am an Aquarius to the T. Now I’ve fallen in love again after 5 years of being single from said Aries. The new guy is an Aries and I’m head over heels. I believe that you have to want it to work, and believe it will.

  21. Syreelove June 25th, 2017

    So I literally just said hi to my Aquarius guy and things are goin great. I would venture to say you should just say hi and compliment something… that’s what I did and it just worked out.

    • Syreelove June 25th, 2017

      *I meant Aries guy.

  22. Ivys May 30th, 2017

    I like this Aries boy and he’s so cute fun loud and popular and I’m a Aquarius girl who’s kinda artsy and spends all my time in a dream world and he doesn’t know I like him what do I do I’m so confused

    • Paris Patterson June 5th, 2017

      You tell him how you feel….it’s hard for us Aquarius women to admit when we like someone because we are afraid of getting hurt so let him know

    • lawanda.promed June 8th, 2017

      Just smile and make small talk when possible. That’s what I would do.. Unless I just had one of my brave moments and would walk up to him and tell him something witty with a smile! lol

    • Anna June 17th, 2017

      Just be yourself sweetheart and let things happen naturally. What’s meant to be will be and if you’re an aqua girl he’s probably already noticed you.

    • Syreelove June 25th, 2017

      So I literally just said hi to my Aries guy and things are goin great. I would venture to say you should just say hi and compliment something… that’s what I did and it just worked out.

  23. Chris Gander May 26th, 2017

    My Aquarius lady and dated for about 9 months and were very happy together however I was in a place in my life I needed some time alone and ended it. We remained close friends and 6 years later we got back together. I was not with anyone during our hiatus. We have been back together now for about 5 months and it’s as wonderful as the first time but now I am ready for a relationship. We NEVER fight and compliment each other perfectly. I’ve never had a better friend or lover and honestly believe our timing was just off the first time and we are soulmate and destined to be together forever. I LOVE my firey Aquarius lady!

  24. Keiana May 13th, 2017

    That’s me and my husband! We’ve been together for 10 years and have two beautiful sons! I love that man of mine!

  25. J May 4th, 2017

    The Aries man that I experienced/experiencing is so aloof and distant. He expresses his feelings when prompted, otherwise I am left guessing. I am completely out of my element with him,. I am affectionate, girlishly bashful, sweet, asking for time, basically putting myself out there. I am not sure if its the chase that has me, or what. However, I do feel that once or if he does give in and open up I will be over it… and end up hurt by my emotional distance and aloofness. I truly want to say “f*** it* but the “chase” has me. So many others are sending flowers, gifts, and desiring to shower me with attention, but I’m stuck on this Aries.

    • lawanda.promed June 8th, 2017

      Lol this sounds like my experience with a Pisces! I wonder if they are on the cusp of another sign or something… hmm
      Anyhow, my advise in this situation is to walk away! He will come if he is smart, and if he doesn’t..well.. you want a smart one 😉

      • Dasharae Bradford July 16th, 2017

        Omg Yes My Experience With A Pisces Is The Exact Same . Once He Open Up His Eyes & Give In I’m Going To Be Over It . But The “Chase” Definitely Has Me.

    • Idiots in EVERY sign September 20th, 2017

      Sounds accurate.

    • meshmesha772000 December 23rd, 2017

      same here …It’s even more complicated :/

  26. Key April 24th, 2017

    I’m a female Aquarius and recently gave an Aries man a shot … boy, did he blow it. Our brief relationship was almost the opposite of what our compatibility should have been. I wasn’t the cold and aloof one – in fact I was extremely open and affectionate. Or at least I wanted to be. He seemingly rejected the majority of my affection, but swore up and down that he really liked me. Everything had to be his way or all about him. We lived an hour apart and I was the one making that drive more often than not since he “hated driving” (but he was quick to drive out my way when it was a friend who invited him to go out clubbing or to play pick up sports). He seldom wanted to participate in activities or go places that I liked to go, but I always tagged along with his suggestions even when I made it clear I wasn’t down for the cause. Even when I was going through a tough time dealing with the death of a loved one and needed his emotional support more than ever, he either wasn’t there or wouldn’t listen when I tried to talk about what was going on. All the little things eventually added up so we recently got into a fight over something small but I lashed out full force because all the resentment I had just exploded in that moment. We haven’t spoken in the few days since. Not sure if I really want to speak to him again anyway. He was more stress than he was worth and honestly just left me feeling used and neglected. Not gonna judge all Aries though! I do think they’re all a little crazy (but the best people usually are), this one just couldn’t get it together for me!

  27. Apu March 12th, 2017

    Its really happen. My lover also lyk that. I love him so much. But i dont know his loves me or not. And this is the fact that our relationship isnt so what i have expected.i.e, not happy. Sometimes i agree everything or forget and startin with some new. But then also he hurts me.he didnt any care about me. Like hates me and love other one. Which i never ……just never…. I agree everything he will do with me but not any other person whom he loves ………. Then i was just die . but i cant live without him. So again i come to him.. I dont know is this love or not. But i love him so much..he is my life amd just everything.. I hate the word break up..this word haunts me like ghost.. Full of ?… Can anyone say i get him once in future or not ?

    • LilacLove April 3rd, 2017

      If you’re a born again, your future is secured. Never say never! anything is possible. Let him go, walk him to the door, let him be who he is, even if it doesn’t meet your standards, let him be with whoever wants, surely don’t care. You will be happy with someone else who respects you and loves you. Happiness always exists where I live. You just wait and you will catch a mans eye from a distance, just like I did, and he’s a cancer. Don’t give up and Don’t go back, look forward. Look to the light and let the shadows fall behind.

  28. Eunique January 26th, 2017

    I Agree With It All Cause I’m Witnessing All Of It With My Man/Soulmate!! I Love Him So Much!!

  29. LilacLove October 24th, 2016

    LEAST compatible. 2nd worst sign for me 

  30. LilacLove October 24th, 2016

    Ugly outside ugliest inside. What an escape 

  31. LilacLove October 23rd, 2016

    Disagree! @domo333

  32. LilacLove October 19th, 2016

    Aries man don’t give up, I’m driving I will find him posting messages, im at work, he still posting, out with people, still posting, asleep, he’s still posting..i don’t know what to say…

  33. domo333 October 17th, 2016

    I met my honey bunny Sept. 5th and we’re already in love with each other. This is so inspiring and truthful. I am aware of my “Aquarius flaws” and will do what is necessary to make him happy forever. He already feels like my best friend, treats me like a queen, and makes me so very happy. Enjoy the Aries man love & never take it for granted Aquarius women. They’re truly amazing, sexy, genuine gentlemen. #loveandstudmuffin ?

  34. webtron September 20th, 2016

    I’m a 35 year old Aries man , I am in a relationship(married) with a aquarius woman the same age as me, we have been together for 15 years and there has never been a dull moment. We have a beautifull 5 year old daughter that compliments our world. My Wife excites every particle in my being , she really just “does” it for me like no othe woman can, thats just by looking at her. She is an amazing humble ,noble and kind person. She knows exactly what I want and she honours my decisions. Unfortunaly we are going through a bit of a rough patch right now as there was a miscarriage which led to a lot of emotions coming out that both of our spirits didnt know how to control, especially me…I went completely bonkers on her when she said she’s moving to her mom for a while…I did not know at the time what the “space” thing was all about, I tried fixing it whilst she was having her space…So it’s obvious that I just made it worse right?… I just couldnt handle that rejection after such a long time, I thought she was bluffing or trying to teach me a lesson about something…I was wrong and I over analyzed it..and wronlgly also…I believe that there are other influecing factors that changed the situation completely between us and I am now giving her the space she wanted. even though I cant stop thinking about her every second of the day.
    I love her so much , I might have showed her too many emotions at the wrong time in our life when we needed the peace and not the energy. I have written down everything a a coping mechanism for myself. I have not heard a yes or a no from her as of yet, whether she want to continue our good life togeter or not, but I am sure that given the circumstances she will consider all the options given to her and most importantly remember what we had , I cannot forget 15 years of love and walk away, I just dont know how to. I want her to talk to me and explain to me what I can to get her back in my life…there is a huge void in my heart without her and I miss everything about  her…I am willing to go to the worlds end for her and she knows this…What does space do to a married couple ? I doubt its a good thing at all if you cant talk openly about your feelings… it all happend so quick and she was whiffed away here..So I am in serious troubled waters…I dont know what to do to get her back…I hope she understands one day that I was fighting for our love all along…

    • Bekks January 25th, 2017

      @webtorn, I’m sorry to hear that. But giving her space is very important. The longer you leave her alone she will turn around and run to you. Just giver her time.

  35. amani44 August 5th, 2016

    aquarius woman , been in a relationship with an aries man , it was 
    like most of what i’ve read (a connection on another level) , i still miss him a lot often , but will never talk myself into a relationship that i ended up when i found him cheating , it was a virtual cheating , but idk whether they met or not , would not want to find out , i propably will get back to him if he chase me, that’s why i disappeared like i’ve never existed , when i think about it it makes my heart aches that i never confronted him , he doesn’t even know i found out , i broke up in a childish way saying i’m getting married , goodbye. lol (not so lol) that’s after our plans of getting married .. see i’m all good and sweet and i ignored his moodiness and tebdency to pick up fights , i usually lough when he gets angry to the point that he gets calm and enjoy it lol. anyway disloyality was a red line for me , but if i had to do it again i’d be more than grateful ( without the cheating part of course) idk how pole deal with that i didn’t cheat even in my mind ( that loyal ?)  , i even don’t know how to connect to other pple after him , cancer man is so sweet and patient but misses the connection with that aries man .. good luck to u all  

    • meshmesha772000 December 23rd, 2017

      :'(…Yes, disappearing like we have never existed to punish them …Tough it hurts us more …

  36. Miss.Sky June 30th, 2016

    I use to be in a relationship with an Aries man. I won’t be going down that road again. This individual was unbearable! 

  37. Aquarius7 June 5th, 2016

    I have been in a in and out, up and down, on and off relationship online with an Aries man, I have known him since high school I’m 25 now, heart broken from our past, we have both made mistakes in the past but since I have changed, he’s got the changing to do now, I have tried to change him, it’s not just one thing but many things for example his superficial lifestyle. I can’t stand him at the moment so we are apart I don’t know for how long, he seems to love me a lot, to why all these years I have tried to leave him there always seems to be a restoration of both our souls when our mind and heart connect , either we email or phone letting each other know we’re thinking of each other, and it could be after weeks or months and his feelings never change for me. Never the less I have been seeing someone else, I needed a change. To the point where I give up finally with him. If he wants me he will have to go to extremes. He dosnt even live far from me like near my town, but he said since school finished and he had saw me he realised how much he loved me anxiety came over him and he would be shy and his confidence was gone around me because he loves me so much like no one and could not love anyone like the way he loves me. That’s why our relationship remained online he never had the courage to confront his love for me personally face to face. He was waiting for the right time and I agree, me too. But things got out of control and I don’t have the patience to put up with him anymore. I just know it’s not over even if I do move on with another. It’s not over.  

  38. Aries Insurance | March 10th, 2016

    […] Aries Man and Aquarius Woman Love … – Love match compatibility between Aries man and Aquarius woman. Read about the Aries male love relationship with Aquarius female. […]

  39. Chlodoe July 15th, 2015

    My Aries man fell head over heels very fast and it made me unsure at first but now I can’t get enough of him! Me being a Aquarian woman having freedom is like a must, I chase him more but I prefer it that way I get distant when he starts chasing me I don’t know why i am like that. Very factual article!

  40. Kerabunch July 13th, 2015

    Im an Aquarius female, in a relationship with an Aries male. We are quite young but the experiences I’ve had with him are like no other. ive been dealing with my Aries male for a year going on two now. the moment we met i experienced lI’ve at first sight for the very first time . (something i never believed in), things got serious with us very fast as we discovered the spark we created every time we’d talk or see Eachother. i fell deeply in love very fast with my Aries man . As time went on I loved this man so much I gave my virginity to him. Something i wanted him to have. Now, I’ve went through my whole life not ever even considering opening up that much to anyyyyyyyy guy I’ve ever met. With him it was differnet he made me feel like the luckiest lady on earth and still to this day he does. he continues to express the love and feelings he has for me even though I’ve done horrible things for revenge, he remains the same. Being an Aquarius woman dating an Aries man i had to learn how to have patients with him . And even though the Aries male might say the most hurtful things, I’ve learned to overlook the anger and look at his actions. to be honest, I can’t see myself or Him with anybody else and can’t IMAGINE what my life would be like without him. If you are an Aquarius female with an Aries male, stick it out because all the arguments in the world couldn’t compare to the love he has for you. And honestly, nobody could love you better sexually,emotionally, or mentally. KEEP HIM AROUND !! trust me, it’ll all be worth it ?

  41. Michael May 23rd, 2015

    Or did you mean “do not PONCE” as in do not wimp out, and that I should pounce, because it’s not over for ME?
    (I’m kidding.)

  42. Michael May 23rd, 2015

    My Aquarius is generally even-keeled emotionally, and it’s easy to misunderstand this is disinterest.  It’s amazing how many times I’d think she was being cold and then suddenly she would say the sweetest things.  She knows that I am quick to react, so she’d sometimes entertain herself by playing at drama, for example to make me think I’ve just said something that hurt her feelings, I’d bite for a second then catch on.  She said she loves to see my reactions and how I stumble to apologize. 🙂  What first attracted me to her (besides her looks of course) was her quick wit and her sense of humor, and the way she used them effortlessly to banter with me.  I was instantly in love!Your first few sentences describe EXACTLY what I’ve been theorizing…telling myself…HOPING what is happening, since that would be about the only chance I have left.  I keep thinking that if she regards me as JUST a friend, nothing more and nothing less, maybe she’d have come ’round sooner, afterall I’D be more the one who needs to do the “getting over it”, I’d be the one who fell in love, not her.  If I am LESS than a friend to her, she’d likely never speak to me again anyway, but I have looked into her eyes and have seen the way she looks at me, and I am more than nothing to her.  But if I am MORE than even a friend, if she has deeper feelings for me in her heart, even if she’s never given them serious regard before, then her pondering, weighing, analyzing now the what-ifs, would certainly make sense.  It would explain the otherwise uncharacteristically long silence.  It feels like so much theory to me, but it’s nice to hear another Aquarius confirm that it’s a real possibility. :)She has often told me that I truly understand her, while other men so often don’t, and that it’s what she likes most about me.  She lamented to me only five months before her engagement that she felt depressed, envious of her friends who are happy couples, and that she had a feeling deep inside her that she might not ever find that kind of happiness in her life.  As I was responding to her engagement news, I reminded her of that conversation, asked her if she might have jumped into a relationship, lept into this engagement.  I implied of course that she maybe met him at a vulnerable point in her life and reacted to the ticking of her biological clock.  (She has never married.)  When answering my tirade, she defended her relationship by saying that he came into her life when she really needed him (which sounds like what I just said) and that she knows he is the right one for her.  The words “love” or “happy” were conspicuously absent, but I chose not to challenge her or pick apart her word choice in front of her.  We did not end the conversation angrily at all.  My tone was mostly of shock, confusion, and feeling hurt at learning she was engaged before learning she’d even met someone.  Her tone was mainly shock, awkwardness, and feeling stupid for not seeing that I really love her.  Funny, she acknowledged more than once that I “really love her” (her words) but never acknowledged that she really loves him.  I can’t decide whether this is due to her level of embarrassment with me, or something else going on inside her.Nevertheless, I deeply apologized to her the very next day, and we’re at a stand-off since that point.  Either I royally killed a beautiful friendship, OR she learned that I understand her better than she ever thought and she has no clue yet just what the heck to even say to me next.  So it’s still early yet to ask her about her engagement.  You are right though…if our dialog resumes to halfway normal again, I plan to ask her how her engagement is going, with sincerity so as not to sound like I’m probing, congratulate her if a date is set and MEAN IT, and show her that I AM moving on.  I adore my Aquarius and care for her deeply.  If she marries her fiance, I would show her nothing but contentment in being her friend, being someone to lean on when she needs, even offering her advice that helps HER, not myself, if she asks.  It would be an inner struggle for me, but this I’d do for her.  There isn’t anything in this world I wouldn’t do for my Aqua.  No, I wouldn’t pounce unless it were really over with “Mr So-and-so” 🙂 …and if that happens, and if she wants me, I know her well enough to know that she would let me know it, in her sly way.  If we are meant for any deeper relationship in the future, I’d want our friendship to be its foundation.  It is very encouraging to hear the point of view from another Aquarius woman on all of this. 🙂 THANK YOU!

  43. jennyjett May 20th, 2015

    @michaelh70 Well I can’t say that that surprises me much.. your response I can assure you is still being pondered… analyzed…. broken down played out and over. With what if’s and perhaps maybe has caused a great deal of heart ache on her behalf as well. “We want what we think we want, but not necessarily what we truly want.” This is  a 02/02 Aquarius here and getting to know myself I find this rather amusing. Same thing happened here. I didn’t get married either, I do have a four year old son from the prior who is still in and out of my life, but I LOVE no other as the one I TRULY KNOW and Who knows me My Aries. He is challenging, moody as hell, delightful when he is in a good mood, can be on the aggressive borderline violent side but also as sweet, gentle and even attentive to my needs once we get done battling it out over something “I did” that upset him. That part of our relationship seems to bring us closer and it’s unbearable to part from him. I do we stay in touch. His thoughts begin to wonder, he stops returning calls, responds with short texting only.  DRIVES ME NUTS. I take it that he just is not that into me. I am not short of a date for any day of the year but I made up my mind perhaps to late. I think you should apologize… If you are anythinges like my Aries. You left her feeling cold and with no doubt after sleepless nights pondering knowing that you have let her go. I think if you TRULY love her apologize and as hard as this may be after asking her “How is your engagement moving along… Have you set a date yet?” If she has Congratulate her.. Let her know that you wish her the best let her know you are still there for her but give the impression REALLY GIVE an Impression that you are moving on… Start DATING. Nothing makes an Aquarius woman want more than anything..then to get back what she believes has been taken from her… However if her and “Mr So-so” haven’t set a date…. DO NOT PONCE it’s not over.. 😉 GOOD LUCK 

  44. jennyjett May 20th, 2015

    @michaelh70 Well I can’t say that that surprises me much.. your response I can assure you is still being pondered… analyzed…. broken down played out and over. With what if’s and perhaps maybe has caused a great deal of heart ache on her behalf as well. “We want what we think we want, but not necessarily what we truly want.” This is  a 02/02 Aquarius here and getting to know myself I find this rather amusing. Same thing happened here. I didn’t get married either, I do have a four year old son from the prior who is still in and out of my life, but I LOVE no other as the one I TRULY KNOW and Who knows me My Aries. He is challenging, moody as hell, delightful when he is in a good mood, can be on the aggressive borderline violent side but also as sweet, gentle and even attentive to my needs once we get done battling it out over something “I did” that upset him. That part of our relationship seems to bring us closer and it’s unbearable to part from him. I do we stay in touch. His thoughts begin to wonder, he stops returning calls, responds with short texting only.  DRIVES ME NUTS. I take it that he just is not that into me. I am not short of a date for any day of the year but I made up my mind perhaps to late. I think you should apologize… If you are anythinges like my Aries. You left her feeling cold and with no doubt after sleepless nights pondering knowing that you have let her go. I think if you TRULY love her apologize and as hard as this may be after asking her “How is your engagement moving along… Have you set a date yet?” If she has Congratulate her.. Let her know that you wish her the best let her know you are still there for her but give the impression REALLY GIVE an Impression that you are moving on… Start DATING. Nothing makes an Aquarius woman want more than anything..then to get back what she believes has been taken from her… However if her “Mr So-so” haven’t set a date…. DO NOT PONCE 😉 GOOD LUCK 

  45. Michael May 19th, 2015

    I’m an Aries man who fell in love with my friend, an Aquarius woman.  It’s amazing how spot on this article and most of these comments are to both of our own personalities!  She and I have had a real bond of friendship from the very start, but of course I am the one who also fell head over heels from the start.  We’re both very flirtatious with each other, but I’m sure she takes it much less seriously than I do.  I’ve confessed to having a terrible crush on her many times, and I often show affections toward her that go a bit beyond the friend boundary, yet she always seems to love the attention and even crave it, but she also knows I have a sense of humor, so I doubt she even believes I’m truly serious …LOL.  We had to remain long distance for the past year, but we stayed in constant touch, and I thought we might have been growing closer to each other emotionally.  I’m crazy about her, and I have never felt a connection like this with anyone else in my life, as though the rest of my life was meant to be spent with her and with no one else.  It feels somehow cosmic, even divinely inspired.  If I don’t hear from her in more than a few days, I get to missing her fiercely and it can be quite painful.  The emotional ups and downs drive me nuts, and I have never felt so alive.  Recently, I resolved to finally do something about it, tell her my true feelings, make SURE sure KNOWS I’m serious, ask her what her feelings are, and if I have to, close the geographical gap to be closer to her.  As my luck goes, before I could tell her, she suddenly announced that she just got engaged (major OUCH! with a touch of WTF!) and this after months of our talking about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g with each other, except her having even met someone.  She told me many times that she treasures our friendship, but if I am just a friend in her eyes, why hide a boyfriend??  So anyway, being an Aries (the baby of the zodiac I guess) I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I responded impulsively, feeling hurt, stupid, confused, I asked her why she never said “stop” to my many advances, much less even mention she was serious about someone else.  She is usually very expressive of her emotions when sharing news with me about anything, but she was strangely matter-of-fact, almost anticlimactic in the way she announced she’s engaged.  She even punctuated it with a light-heartedly sarcastic “Shocking, huh?!”  Funny you said that about “If she is indeed in another relationship simply and sincerely [ask] her this..’Are you Happy?’ She will HONESTLEY tell you.”  It happens I did exactly that; I asked her (and I was terrible), “Why hide him? Is he not interesting enough to talk about? I want you to be truly happy BUT ARE YOU?  I want you to marry a man you truly love with all your heart and soul and for the rest of your life BUT DO YOU?”  She was unable to respond to either question with a straight answer!  Hmmm.  And she is one of the most open and honest people I know!  Furthermore, I accused her of EITHER being in love with him but loving the attention from me (likely) OR being in love with me but seeking the companionship from him (less likely).  She denied neither.  Hmmm.  I wasn’t angry with her, but I was just terrible nonetheless, and I know she was hurt by my tone.  Her response was one mostly of shock that my feelings are actually genuine, and she was very embarrassed and apologetic that she didn’t even see it.  She has been silent for two months now, which I totally understand, given that her friend just responded to her engagement news by telling her he’s always been in love with her for real.  The distance and the silence are killing me, and knowing that I may have just ended our friendship has me more than a little depressed.  I am not the type to wait out a relationship, nevermind a marriage, but if this woman ever came back into my life, I’d be hers forever.  I have no doubt in that.

  46. jennyjett January 22nd, 2015

    @dylanhuntt_ I am an Aquarius woman and have had an Aries Man as my best friend since 2005. I have never known how he truly felt about me other than him telling me that I fascinated him. I moved away from him clear across the United States even been involved in a 5 year relationship with a Scorpion who I now share a son with and whom I love but I am in love without a doubt with my best friend Aries. We spent this last New Years Eve together and have started talking about a future together. It has taken me 9 years to have enough courage to tell him that I am in love with him. He knows it but I am now here and he is there and I think it pains him that there is a possibility that I may not move back and he has stopped communicating with me. So you see Dear you are Bold, Courage’s and Daring. If she is anything like me she can control everything around her except YOU. That is a bit scary to an Aqurian Women. We love our Freedom as much as its Liberties. There is no other I would Trust, Forgive, Love or just do absolutely nothing but  just stop time or slow it down each time we are together. Nothing hurts us more than to keep us guessing. If she is indeed in another relationship simply and sincerely as her this..”Are you Happy?” She will HONESTLEY tell you. No doubt. Good Luck to you and your Aquarian Goddess. It will be worth you putting down your defense shield you Aries.. You know the one you keep over your breast plate. 😉

  47. francisburkheart January 13th, 2015

    im an aries male who fell for an aquarian female. ive been trying to make her mine sense we got out of high school. to me she is the most anazing thing put on this planet just for me to find. its been almost a year of silense between us. im losing it. she is seeing someone and i let her do what she wants. if i love her let her go right? idk if its a game shes playing and shes trying to tell me something shes afraid of saying. or if i hurt her and she really wants to see someone else. we bump into each other at the weirdest times like its fate saying your right infront of each other! but im just so hurt idk the first word id say to try to win her over. these post are amazing. they all remind me of us and how i hope for us to be one day. i really hope fate deals us another hand. nura<3

  48. DeadlyAngel December 29th, 2014

    I’m an Aquarian female and my best friend for the past two years has been an Aris man but we just started officially dating this past October because I have been too hesitant. The past two years I have been through so many poor relationships and have always tried to ignore the fact that he has been everything I’ve wanted and that I’ve fallen in love with him. For the past two years I have gone through so much and he’s been the only one I can lean on and trust for everything., we tell each other everything and I’ve never felt so strongly about anyone. For years I’ve tried to convince myself and everyone else that I have no interest in being with him in that way. But a few months ago it just hit me like a ton of bricks and I couldn’t stop thinking about us so I finally came out to him and he admitted that he had always had feelings for me but fully bought my lies about not being interested. Now we’re together and I’ve never been happier, we have the deepest conversations, bes communication, and he’s the only person who can always make me laugh and pout me in a good mood. He’s everything I could ever hope for and more.

  49. Lilianne June 4th, 2014

    SO HOT

  50. davago March 12th, 2014

    Im Aquarian man just started lovin an Aries woman. Even though I 60 seems may not been with with one befor because would have stayed with her. Unreal sex and unreal mind compatibility we have. I can calm her an she loves it. She can stimulate me an I love it. Think it will last. Ive learnt already have patience with her because its worth the wait. She loves nice touching and adventure it seems. So far so real good.  David.

  51. brijay February 25th, 2014

    I am an Aquarius women with an Aries man… I’m Mexican and he’s Indian (Hindu) and most of this is true he fell in love so quickly …we have our ups and downs and yes he gets very jealous but we both respect each other ! We get threw our Lil disagreement arguments.. And we are in sort of a long distance relationship he lives 3 hrs away works out great even though we don’t get to see each other as much as we want to we communcate very well and that’s what keeps the relationship strong . overall he’s a great guy very loving and caring 

  52. unme13 February 7th, 2014

    I’m and Aquarian female, and looking for and Aries man, as I know how amazing this union is. I agree with all the comments noted above. Aries male is just awesome in everything and that drives me nut. I would have been more than happy if I get a reply to this from a wonderful Aries. My e-mail is 🙂

  53. kourt1521 December 29th, 2013

    I’m an aquarius woman. I have been involved with an aries man for 10 months. Reading all these comments has been amazing. I’m not crazy! We are not officially together but its always been insane between us. I think we fell in love the first time we ever saw each other. Its like this connection that we can’t pullbaway from or deny. My aries man is 13 yrs my senior and has been divorced twice and it has scorned him. He’s always wanted to deny what we have by hiding from me when we’re at the same place and being mean to me to push me away. It has been a whirlwind between us for all this time. He can’t stay away from me and no matter how far we try to stay apart or move on, it never works. I love him with my whole heart and soul and I have never felt like this about anyone. He pulls me back in every time i try to move on and he tells oir mutual best friend how he really feels about me. When we talk, we open up to each other and tell each other everything. We are best friends in the times that he isn’t a moody asshole to everyone. Our friends say that our obsessions over our love isn’t healthy to me. That I deserve better. But there is no one ekse that I want to spend my life with. Everytime we see each other time stops and I can’t hardly breathe. I’ve been so hurt and confused by him this whole time. The passion when we make love is insane. There is no other pkace I love in the world than the bed we’ve shared countless times and slept cuddled up side by side. He has been seeing a woman lately that hebtells our friend that he doesn’t even like. He just likes the attention. But I am more than willing to give him my attention. Apparently he has said that he’s seeing me differently and he loves me. I want to run to him but I’m scared of being hurt again and starting our vicious cycle over again. I know we love each other to the point of obsession over each other. He loves my humor, kindness, and honesty. His kids all love me and I love them like they were my own. I want this to work out or beable to forget about him but my aries man has never left my mind and I’ve neverbleft his. He just won’t admit his feelings to me so we can finally be together. Help pkease. Any suggestions on how to get to a scorned non committal aries man?

  54. zeldaontherocks February 2nd, 2013

    Coming from an Aqua women…Wow, this is very accurate in many ways..for starters this comment. “Aries can fill the emptiness of Aquarius with the passion of affection.” No truer words have ever been spoken.
    I’ve never dated an Aries but I’m definitely drawn to them and them to me. I think I’ve pushed a few away because I didn’t understand them or them me at certain points…But I’ve had a lot of very good friends (men and women whom are aries). I never knew they fell in love instantly,  or that hurt feelings were behind some of the temper trantrums.
    I love Aries men, they’ve played the hero’s in my life many times. They love to take care of an Aqua girl in distress.They’re always there for you when you need them the most…and they’re ridiculous fun to pal around with.
    I only have one gripe about Aries, but it’s a big one. Aries can be very, very revengeful against they feel wronged by, most poeple probably deserve it but the average Aquarius doesn’t. No matter how disappointed over unfulfilled expectations, don’t be so mean, we’re all just human. I don’t think it’s always fair the expectations Aries men place on Aquarius girls.. At least that’s been my experience, they expected me to agree with them no matter how extreme they’re view point is on certain things and even got in my face for not being more supportive …that can be annoying.

  55. ariesgal1 December 18th, 2012

    I am an aries girl and my advice to aries guys…
    Best to commit to fire sign girls that is an aries, leo or sagittarius!
    Best of course is another aries girl who is mature. You will most likely find peace, happiness and true love in this relationship. You will never look back! Commit to someone who deserves your love as many do not! As an aries I know how deeply you love and not everyone can love like that! Also watch out for manipulation!
    Aries guys I wish you the very best and absolutely love you!!!
    Just be careful about who you let in and give your heart to! 

  56. aquarius81 September 19th, 2012

    and finally his parents love me.
    that helps tremendously, bc when you have an overbearing mother who let go of her son and has no life of her own, makes it very difficult for a woman to enter his life, but finally she is my best friend
    i hope we get married one day soon and have a child. he would be the best father in the world.

  57. aquarius81 September 19th, 2012

    i am an aquarius female and ive been with an aries male for 6years now. he understands me better than i understand myself, our sexual relationship is beyond fulfulling as we are both adventurous and its true about my sometimes aloof detached moods making him feel unloved, so reading this makes me realize i need to work on it.
    I hurt him deeply a year ago, but because of our best friends status
    we can’t be without eachother, im still working on building trust again, but i have no doubt it will work out.

  58. draeaduhh August 23rd, 2012

    This is so true!!! i fell in love with my aries man and didnt even realize it until it was too late lol…we were together for 2 years and i got selfish and wanted to break up because i felt like he wasnt growing with me!! and i regret it so much! i miss him ! he was my first real love and only love to this day! we did everything together had a lot in common talked about everything and were inseperable! i loved him so hard and now that we are apart its so hard for me to let go and move on:( everyday without him is worse and worse !But this website is something serious!!! this is exactly how we were to a T!!

  59. Aquadime1 May 30th, 2012

    Wow, this seems to be so true. I have known this guy for about two years and he has chased me from the first day he met me. He would always make comments about my looks and ask me out. I would brush him off thinking that he just wanted sex and was probably a man whore. Two whole years later as he still pursues me, I finally give in and let him take me out. He was a perfect gentleman. So caring, loving, gentle and passionate when we are intamate. Now I’m moving away and wish I had given it a shot earlier, it seems that we have a deep connection. When we are together we can’t seem to keep our eyes and hands off of each other. He seems to be my weakness, I hope like hell I’m his. I still stick to my Aquarius ways though..I will never let him know that his affection and attentiveness makes me feel mushy. We haven’t been seeing each other long but we can talk for hours about anything and nothing at all and never get bored. I could see myself definately getting into this man really tough. Damn I’m going to miss him.

  60. rollon8 May 11th, 2012

    I met my Aries man almost a year ago at a jazz event. We connected right away but then…nothing. Anyway, we reconnected a couple of months ago but have yet to go on a date. I feel that he needs me and I certainly feel that I need him too. I’m so attracted to him but I don’t speak this to him at this time. Still waiting for the first date, it was supposed to happen this weekend but looks like it will be delayed. I know what he needs, he needs me! All I need is one date with him…just one. I think that’s all it will take for the 2 of us to know where this is heading. I’m being patient but my heart aches for him and his touch. I am not crowding him because I know I don’t want to be crowded or pressured. I’m not a needy person but why do I feel that I need this man? Oooo and he is ALL man!  Any advice will be appreciated. Tick-tock… I’m still waiting for this man, and as soon as something happens, I will post it.

  61. ss21 January 22nd, 2012

    article was really helpfull to me……… actually, i was in confusion from past few months abt an aries man(whom i knw), i met him 5 yrs back, by luck. few months later, though we were in different relationships, v shared something between us. We started everything for fun but in between v both went through some ups and downs and we were not in contact.. though whenever i had the worst time in my life, i always shared tat thing with him and he was always der for me. now we are far apart but r in regular contact, we both want to be together and v were always looking for the reason behind it. after reading this article, i  can say that its just the aries and aquarius bond that kept us together….  hope v make up as soon as possible, i dnt want to lose him…. this bond is really special………..
    thanx to the writer of this article………

  62. can224 January 7th, 2012

    omigawsh!! have a best friend aka wiifey who has a history thats hard to xplain but anyway we kno shes not in love but she has more than a crush on a guy at r school whos been starin at her more than 3 years no matter what nd doesnt even kno her personally yet hes always smilin at her!! we wouldnt be surprised if deep things like the article or ur interesting comments happened that prediction is more than just dream based nd even tho the future is subjective weve got our faith nd feelings 😉 ~btw good new year to all of u :D!!

  63. hotncutelove December 23rd, 2011

    hey dont worry..aries guys can go far away and be cold sometimes
    but trust them…they are mad but sweet..
    infact let them go away..they’ll come back when they realise ur importance…
    that’s what i’ve done..

  64. hotncutelove December 23rd, 2011

    i’ve always been close to his family. this even he doesnt know that when we were kids his brother would even come to me for help with his girlfriends…
    i would always dream about him…and get jealous if i heard news about him getting with someone else…but he came to me himself, it was TOTALLY unexpected!!!!
    right now he doesnt see the kind of love i have for him..its not because he’s rich or influencial, not even because he is good with women..i like him because he’s a good person…he respects me even if teh world doesnt see those things…we fight sometimes..i even insult him bad but not that i mean all that..its because i care..

  65. hotncutelove December 23rd, 2011

    hey guys ur really goin to laugh at this story of mine (aquarius girl) with aries man
    he is like the rich, hot, most sought after kind of a guy…he gets all the attention and he loves every bit of it…well i have a lot of guys askin for me too..and he’s very proud of me too..for what i do and who i am..
    i’ll tell u secret, i act all smart and attitude in front of him but i’m actually very scared of him…he’s hugeee. When he first came i went weak in my knees when he gave his hand for me to shake..and flashed a brilliant smile,,one to die for!!!!!
    he’s angry with me right now..but i want to tell him how much i love him and his family..he can act like a rude ass but he’s the sweetest guy i’ve ever met. i love him a lot. i pray he gets everything he plans in life..including love…muahh :* i love you ——

  66. mitchkyle59 December 12th, 2011

    wow, the comments sure are encouraging. Im an aries man who has been chasing an aquirus woman for about a month and a half now. She said she was interested and have hung out around friends but we end up spending the whole night together everytime were around, but when it comes to us being alone or at least making plans to… somethings goin on already.. really frustraiting and I have never been one to chase but this girl has got me runnin a 5k.

    Everything about everyone of these comments is spot on haha.

  67. tt5432 November 14th, 2011

    its so true but yeah im so in to an aries guy,and he likes me to,but sometimes hes grochy,but i love him though. i been falling for him since october but had to get over an a scorpio guy hes not a good match for me since we meant on the first day of school,but now im falling for an aries guy,and hes my type,yeap aquaruis and aries are a so good match.

  68. oli1234 October 7th, 2011

    its true but somehow i cant understand my Aries. he is my best friend but sometimes it seems he does not love me at all. he is really unpredictable which is making me impatient day by day. somehow we are moving far apart.

  69. AquariusGODDESS July 24th, 2011

    I’m an Aquarius Lady, dating an Aries Man, we’ve known each other for 7 yrs now, but just made it official, he’s been chasing me for those 7 yrs, he says he has always loved me, throughout all my screwed up relationships, including the one with my HS Sweetheart lol…but he finally broke down and told me how he felt and wanted to be with me forever. we do have our petty arguements too, but we always bounce bk.Our only problem is he wants to get married right away and have kids…but I dont, I’ve never wanted, and if i ended up with them, i wanted to be like past 40 lol, he wants 3 now, and i feel he’s lost his mind, aint no 3 kids coming outta me…I love my freedom too much, but I do love him also, I’ve never a relationship as relaxed, comnmitted, and drama free as this one 🙂

  70. Author
    Ask Oracle July 6th, 2011

    @wsm (sara)
    In Love, always feel free to express your feelings in non-demanding and non-controlling ways. Who makes the first move is irrelevant.

    @katie-peck1 (Katie)
    Keep yourself busy in other important things like health, career and hobbies.

  71. Katie.peck1 July 5th, 2011

    Sara… I am in the same boat. I just reconnected with an Aries man after a we dated for a bit. He travels all the time and we are apart. How are you coping?

  72. wsm June 20th, 2011

    I’m an aqua woman who loves an aries man..we met 5 months ago and we’ve been seeing each other since then. sadly his work requires that he travels alot so we don’t see each other that often. but when we meet it’s magical. we haven’t said our L’s to eachother yet,lol. i feel his love for me but he hasn’t said it and the love i have for him is driving me crazy..should i make the first move and tell him how i feel or should i wait ? help please.

  73. rizwan April 5th, 2011

    my rizwan form pakistan i am fond love and marry
    my email rizwanuddin41@yahoo i am waiting good girl but i am sereias plz not ply game me plz my mobile no :923122241455

  74. aqua805 March 31st, 2011

    I am an aqua girl who is in love with an aries guy… Oh boy is it difficult we fight a lot break up a lot, but we still love eachother most of the time I feel as if we are meant together because he has such a hard attitude that an aquarius can deal with it but I think it is funny how he wants me to give up my freedom but he doesn’t wamt to give up his. I feel like we are a good love compatibility but then I feel like we are not. Idk, another problem is that he is a flirt and it irritates me, but on the other hand the sex is so passionate, we go on for hours, we come together and make one during sex its truly unbelievable

  75. Katy March 30th, 2011

    M an aqua and i broke up with an Aries man a few months back. He broke up with me on impulse and wen he wanted me bak i was too hurt to go bak to him. Even after d break up he kept flirtin with me for months but wen i started showin interest he backed off and then told me dat i am clinging on to him. M stil confused y he did this. Pls help

  76. BK March 26th, 2011

    Us Aquarius women are hard to please (especially physically). I was most surprised to find out that an Aries, white man was able to do that for me. The love came later. Separating sex and love is a common trait that the Aquarius woman has, and now it has grown to be wonderful in both of those departments, combined.

  77. Aquarius female March 22nd, 2011

    I am in love with an Aries male. It took 3 years until i finally fell for him, we build a good friendship very quickly and even though i kept denying his love, he was persistent and i fell for him. Unfortunately, he broke up with me because “I don’t care”, funny how it says “Aries man may at times find his Aquarius woman detached and aloof with no expression of love” I feel as if that happened with us. We’re best friends still but it pains me that we are apart but things are complicated, he still tells me everyday he loves me and i truly believe it and no matter how many fights we get into at the end of the day we will always love each other, until the end of time.

  78. Aries1 March 21st, 2011

    Awrite now here is an aries male who is trying o find out how to treat a aqua female, i feel sory but the aqua i got, hell of selfish, used me all over, i waited for her more then a year, breaks everything in one second, no signs of forgiveness, yeah she is good when we r on bed thats only one thing one positive aspect of aqua female, otherwise there is nothing, the biggest selfish women i hve ever be with in my life, i have done millions for her and she has done not even one, gues what she deleted me from facebook more then 20 time ahhh crap:D there is no compatibility between these two at all, i saw a lot of divorced couple of same chrsts, aries guyz should find aries females , caz i think they can understand their passion and true love and they can see what exactly is inside the picture. a very bad experience that helped me lose a lot of weight, sacrifice my studies and a lot of other stuff but end of the day there is none, just selfishness, rubbishness , and foolishness, its not for all aqua here, dnt mind, i know environment maters a lot on all these aspects but not a match at all… good luck everyone
    and yeah proudly sayin that the realtions that are working are just and just because of aries men, though aqua females dnt deserve anything specially from aries

  79. Aqua2 March 12th, 2011

    Wow!…. We dating the same Aries?

  80. Aqua March 9th, 2011

    He constantly says he loves me and wants to hear me tell him that I love him too. I however just want to forget about him. If he loved me as much as he claims to love me his actions would speak louder than his words. We used to fight a lot cause of his empty promises and the lies have made me deattach myself from him. . . . I must say I’m happy for those who are in gr8 relationships (Aqua F and Aries M).

  81. Aqua March 9th, 2011

    He constantly says he loves me and wants to hear me tell him that I love him too. I however just want to forget about him. If he loved me as much as he claims to love me his actions would speak louder than his words.

  82. Aqua March 9th, 2011

    Well I’m an aqua female who’s involved with an Aries. I can’t say ours has been a pure bliss type of relationship. He lies, makes empty promises and calls qhenever he feels like it. Just recently I found out that he has another girlfriend whom he’s been dating for the past eight years. When I confronted him about having seen this woman drive his car, he simply said, she’s his cousin. How convenient. I’ve dumped him several times and yet he refuses that we break up. Why, I doon’t know especially coz he’s already seeing someone else. I used to complain about him never being available and he would continue to make empty promises but funny enough when I stopped calling him, he suddenly called to say that I’m too quiet and he doesn’t trust my love anymore. What do I do with this man????

  83. clair February 12th, 2011

    well Im an Aquarius girl through and through and ive just totally been swept off my feet by an Aries man! Much of what Al says above is VERY much the same as what i have with my Aries. Although we have only been together for nearly two months we hate being apart from one another….we text constantly when we are apart, and when we are together its electric, the chemistry is just unreal..ive never wanted anyone as much as i want him, and he says the same…..we tickle each other ALL the time and we cry with laughter til one of us gives up! Hes not much of a talker but i am so that works fine with me lol! Hes very caring, attentive, he loves spending his money on me and taking me places and hes not scared about showing his feelings, which i always have been in the past…hes changing me, ifeel i can tell him anything without feeling a pratt. Its true when mentioned above that if he feels like hes hurt my feelings over something(and he never has) hes quick to apologise…hes just a diamond and i want to keep hold of him as long as he will have me 🙂 We havent said the L word yet……hoping that will come in time though xx

  84. Galactique February 10th, 2011

    I am an Aquarius woman with an Aries male. A lot of what has been written here has mirrored us. We’ve known each other since the first grade. He told me as an adult that I’ve always been his hero and that he always loved me right from the start…he looked at me because of my carefree independent spirit. I was always just a friend until we became adults…that’s when I realized the connection, but brushed it off thinking it was a serious case of infactuation…not the case at all. He tells me I’mte most intelligent, talented, forthright person he has ever known. I think the same of him. He’s a brash, upfront alpha male, who never bites his tongue and motivates me to no end. He said “If someone outside looks in to this situation, they’d think I was obsessed with you”. I was very surprised to hear that, because usually Aries need so much ego stroking, you’d think it was hard to believe they thought of anyone but themselves. In actuality, he says most of what he’s done in his adult life is for my happiness and success. One of the most important things I have learned from him is being more passionate and opening up. Aquarius can have the tendency to be robotic insofar as emotions are concerned. We still get giddy like school children everytime we see one another, he’s bossy, I’m nonchalant and laugh at his rambling rants…he thinks my head is always floating in the stars…

  85. Edie January 18th, 2011

    I’m an Aquarius woman dating an Aries man and this is so so true!!!! I’ve been dating my Aries for three weeks and we’ve seen each other daily except once from the day we met! It’s been a fairytale whirlwind romance that I cannot believe I’ve been blessed with! As an Aquarius female, I’ve always tended to be a bit distant and LOVE my own space! This does NOT apply to my Aries love! I get sad not having him around and I think about him constantly while we’re apart. We text and talk regularly throughout the day and spend every evening together. We don’t get bored of each other at all! He told me that the night we met he knew I was for him and he made his move, he completely swept me off my feet and I’m forever his! I’ve always been very hesitant in my relationships but this is the first time I am CERTAIN, 100% certain that HE IS the one I’m supposed to be with. Be warned, our Aries are jealous people, very different than the free spirited, independent Aquarians but as the article says, they do have a temper but are very willing to sit down and talk. There’s nothing I can’t talk about with my baby, nothing he won’t hear me out on. I am so lucky and blessed to have him! I always thought libras were the ones for me, I had never even dated an Aries before. I’m so happy he found me, gave me a chance even though he met me tipsy and I was making advances at him lol! Like the true gentleman he is, he got my number and patiently waited for me to contact him the next day. I never want to be with anyone else but him!!!! I still have my Aquarian ways but all my uncertainties and relationship doubts are dead and buried. I feel alive and loved and have so much love to give him! 🙂

  86. neicy January 12th, 2011

    Aries men and us aqaurian woman are truly a combo. My aries and I aren’t together but we are like magtnets meant to me to him I’m too impulsive to me he’s too bossy WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH! And after awhile I realize he fought me mentally and verbally cause he was in love and starving for attention I wasn’t ready to give up. He says I put my friends before himm. I sya they’ll always be there. Burt truth is I don’t see him going anywhere. I just decided to marry someone I dnt know that well and when it told him he went into total panic! He’s like my soul mate and the devil wrapped up in one.Loose my freedom and be with him or dnt submit and live by my own rules. A true aquarius know that won’t be a hard choice

  87. al January 11th, 2011

    im an aquarius woman whos been dating an aries man for 5 months now, and let me tell you…LOVE HIM! i cant stand to be away from him. i met him at my job, i bartend. i turned him down multiple times because he was NOT my type!! i finally gave in and hung out with him, and the chemistry was RIDICULOUS!! and we have been by one anothers side EVERY SINGLE DAY since!! our company together is just amazing. we sit home on saturday nights tickling one another for hours and just being kids. i havent laughed so much in years! when i am away from him we text like crazy. he told me early in the relationship he was scared because he was getting too attached to me, and i thought it was adorable, but played it off like it didnt really matter. apparently aries men LOVE the chase, and i realized this now. the sex is the BEST ive ever had. and the arguing! LOL we argue over the dumbest stuff, and somehow one of us will laugh and we forget what were arguing about. seriously an AMAZING match! ive read all the comments and have laughed bc i can totally relate. AQUARIUS WOMEN, GET YOU AN ARIES MAN!!!

  88. Frederick K. Strong January 7th, 2011

    Lol i have 2 strongly agree to this article…im an aries man dating an aquarius woman. We been dating now since may 4, 2010 its been 8 months and 3 days and we argue alot mostly because of me she do seems to be in her own world at times and makes me feel im getting ignored we argue about petty stuff and she always when and dont mind going on and on lol. But we sit and talk it out and it under the bridge we understand it better when we work it out and she so amazing makes me feel so high like im over dused on her and dont want no help to get off i love her to much and told her that early and she didnt believe me at first and i showed her i did i love her smile so pure and beautiful it warms me inside when im with her we never bored and we get bored alot when we not around each other i feel there’s no other that can compare and i do get jealous alot my friends mess with me alot saying they saw someone touch her and i get so mad to where i want to do a mortal kombat fatality on someone no joke!

  89. P January 6th, 2011

    Soooo true Sa, Im also an aries man, and have been hitting it off with an aquarius lady she is very mysterious, we can talk everyday with no problem then one day she’ll just disappear and it totally drives me insane. This is indeed a test of trust and patience but it is worth it for me because I really want to be her man. It feels like we’ve been together for years and Its only been 3 weeks and I have already created gifts for her, Im so ready to make her love me forever but Im so far ahead of her, I need to wait for her to catch up LOL.I havent made love to her yet I want it to be so darn good, that its like we can both touch the moon. She really can seem detached at times but at her best shes like the one Ive been waiting for all my life.

    Fellas If you do come across one, make sure not to get personal with her if she seems distant, she’s not intending on hurting you, she just has her on way of being in her own space and you have to respect that no matter what, even if it kills you to not have some times with her. And she also feels the need to not be so much in your space even though you may want her around alot. Good luck, hope that helps and maybe someone can add.

  90. S a December 26th, 2010

    I’ve been dating an aquairus woman for a month and i must say the loving passionate tymes are a bit mysterious, its almost like we were destined to meet. Being an aries man i’m ready to marry her right now! , and we havnt even made luv yet. This combo is God sent!!

  91. LA December 20th, 2010

    Im an aquarius woman whos dating an aries man. weve only been dating for about a month. but since the first time we talked on the phone weve never went a day without tlking to one another. we have so much in common and im really enjoying the fact theres no pressure. were taking things slow and building a friendship.. when we go out we always have fun and just adore one another. the chemistry is so strong! i see nothing but good things coming from this aries man!

  92. Jasta November 14th, 2010

    I am an aquarius woman..and married an aries man…some of what is here is true..but he definitely became very argumentative to the point of distrupting my social butterfly spirit LOL..

    There are many positive aspects of both signs…if it works…go for it…there are tons of other beautiful signs out there…good luck in love to everyone.. 😀

    ~~Peace n Happiness~~

  93. chelsea October 1st, 2010

    Well, I actually disagree a little. My first love was a aries man, but i did not fall in love instantly. He grew on me to the point where I was infactuated with him. Sadly…we did not do well when we were apart and my love for him faded while in college. I think this match is good…but only if you are both not seperated for long periods of time. the sexual urges with get to both partners, and you will miss each other way to much.

  94. Kimberly September 22nd, 2010

    It’s funny because this article is very true. Im an aquarius woman dating a Aries man. We have been dating almost 10 mths now and I have never been happier in my life. I think that we were meant to be and in this relationship, weve never really had any arguments, just a lot of fun. He recently bought me a promise ring and has been there for me everytime without fail. He would do anything to protect me and I like that. I love him. He is just cool. We will be married in two years round August/september.

  95. drew zion September 14th, 2010

    i am luv with an aquarius woman, i cant believe the sting and suspense that this longing has brought me. i loved her from the moment that she walked through the door 5 years ago. a unbelievable and climatic friendship was to follow, even though 2 days ago she said ” i’m kinda getting on her nerves already” i cant stop the new and fresh feeling i get every day when i think of her , i am totally obsessed , yes and i’ll admit it. we have not been together since 06 but i truely believe that we were meant for eachother . our friend ship is cosmic and hope and pray it will never end . E P I you are loved

  96. Tori September 6th, 2010

    OMG this is so TRUE! when I look at my zodiak sign, it says nothing about the aries! I love the ARIES MEN! they are awsome. he loves to argue, you know us aquarius women… We will argue for days… but making up is JUST AS FUN (if not more fun!=]) I love my poohbear. FIVE years.. and NEVER a dull moment. I never would have thought I could open up to someone the way I have to him…. LOVE IT! we are so comfortable with each other… if we are together and I have to leave… for work or school etc… he doesnt want to let me go. LOVE IT. he has a way of making me feel so SPECIAL. awww ARIES ARIES ARIES!!!

  97. Galina August 5th, 2010

    Aries men are amazingly optimistic!!! I’m Aquarius woman, and when I feel down he is always here for me to cheer me up and it really inspires me a lot! On my side, I always let him know when he has to slow down a bit in his crazy life and this makes our relationship balanced!!! Our sex is perfect as we re both very passionate!! I truly believe that this match is the best one !!!

  98. April 3rd, 2010

    Allrightyy Doris , Im waitin for my ARIES to turn up and propose me .(yeah dreamin once again:-p, And GIGI and this site’s content on the topic are so true. I absolutely relate to all this.
    love n cyber hugs to all.

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