Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Aries woman and Scorpio man are compatible due to mutual attraction, emotional closeness, and strong sexual chemistry.
  • Their sexual relationship is fulfilling, with strong passion and physical satisfaction, but they need to overcome jealousy and trust issues.
  • An Aries woman can attract a Scorpio man with her pleasant purity, strong courage, and blind faith in his love.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 273 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

The Aries and the Scorpio makes an unusually exciting pair with Aries to provide lots of enthusiasm and Scorpio to provide commitment in the relationship. Aries are direct while Scorpios are more circuitous in expressing love. Moreover Aries have fluctuations in their behavior, whereas, Scorpios are stable and steady.

A Scorpio man is a superhuman being with a blend of passion, intellect and a magnetic attraction that is challenging to avoid. His mind is sharp, critical, cautious and skeptical making him unique and interesting. He is a perfect picture of will power and stability. When in love with an Aries woman, he gives her love and care with all the passion of this world and the other world. He is one of a kind shielding lover and is always by the side of his lady to protect her from the cruel world. He is very tolerant and gives his Aries woman complete freedom to enjoy her individuality. But if he is pushed, he never backs off but waits for the right time and take revenge.

An Aries woman is defensive in behavior and tries to protect her sensitive nature from hurts and pains. She is a bit confused person who responds with fiery rage and is usually left not knowing how to extinguish the fire. She is quick minded and able to see through manipulation easily, this makes her admire her Scorpio man who is truly sincere. She appreciates his loyalty and provides him with equal passion in the relationship. At times Scorpio man may find her to be selfish and egotistical. But once this woman is committed she is extremely sentimental and loyal regarding the relationship.

An Aries woman makes a quick impression on the Scorpio man with her pleasant purity and strong courage and blind faith in his love. Emotionally she is on the same level of attraction and vigor as that of her Scorpio man. She is one of the few women, to whom the Scorpio is willing to reveal his unexposed side. In fact he is one of the few males, she allows to dominate her. She brings new enthusiasm and changes in his life to make him feel more regenerated. She deeply respects the loyalty of Scorpio male and feels secure around him which gives her new energy to try exciting things in her life. But to keep an Aries female committed, excitement has to be kept on its pace because an Aries lose interest quickly if relationship has lost its excitement.

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The constancy of a Scorpio man attracts an Aries woman strongly as she herself lacks it. He is a perfect man for an Aries lady who wants her womanhood to be admired and her individuality to be accepted. He is one of a kind loyal person who does not show any interest in outer world once he is actually in a committed relationship and is satisfied with his lady. He is one person who accepts the aggressive attitude of her and is tolerant to her fiery temper. He always gives attention to all the interests of her and is always by her side to support her and make her feel protected. But the suspicious nature of the Scorpio man can put her on a trail with many questions pouring on. This can make her furious and can create differences in their love life.

There is a depth in the love between Aries woman and Scorpio man that is seldom equaled for sheer passionate, devotion and spiritual closeness. Mentally they may be two different worlds but their emotional closeness brings them in an ecstasy that lacks in most of the usual couples. As their love reaches deeper emotional levels, she smoothly manages to tolerate his superiority, infuriating silence and deep wells of secrecy and he also calmly overlooks her flows of jealousy, financial extravagance and frequent demands for attention in an immature emotional approach. As they both overcome their differences with their strong bond of trust and attachment, she receives enduring happiness with her Scorpio man and he becomes the man of her dreams for whom she gives up all her egos and selfishness. Their oneness create an angelic peace in their existence making them fall in love with each other more and more with each passing day.

A sexual relationship between the two is very fulfilling. He provides her with the feelings of eternal love she needs. Sexual attraction lasts for a very long time for them. The passion between them is extremely strong giving both of them divine physical and emotional satisfaction which brings them closer every time they make love. When she is in full submission to him, he feels her so much more pure this way, so much more vulnerable, exposed, and open. His intense desires in make her feel so full, so fleshy, so wet with arousal. Their physical intimacy becomes stronger with time developing more trust and faith in their relation. The only area where sex can cause problems between them is her tendency to exaggerate his strong appeal for women into accusations of unfaithfulness. The Scorpio can also cause problems by reading the Aries free and friendly manner as flirting with other men. It would be wise for him to realize that she’s too honest and full of ideals about love to commit adultery without extreme provocation, and even then, she confesses it almost before it happens.

When an Aries woman and a Scorpio man are attracted towards each other, the attraction is very mutual both emotionally and physically having long-lasting bond. The reliability and protectiveness of the Scorpio man always clicks her while her individuality and innocence makes him fall for her instantly. Both of them share the common emotion of passion which is raw in Aries and ripen in Scorpio but still they enjoy each others’ sides well. But the envious, selfish and controlling attitude of Aries is hard for the Scorpio to match up with while the Aries hate the mysterious and doubtful nature of the Scorpios. Both of them need to manipulate their personal tiffs and perceptual creations to maintain harmony and improve their relationship.

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Satisfactory
Ask Oracle Rating: Needs Work
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. genesim February 15th, 2024

    Arita, I can say as a Scorpio your experience sadly mirrored my own. Unfortunately my marriage failed after 18 years but perhaps I can lend some wisdom. The control is often vulnerability. It is the fear of losing what you have, so you try to keep the save state instead of understanding that the good times were made from what worked in the partnership and that is the bond that will stick. I did everything I could to fix problems after the fact, but sadly that is often too late. Though from a Scorpio’s mind, it is never that way in their head which is why they don’t often get over “the one”. So my advice, be clear, state what has to be done, and course correct when you are not seeing the results you want. Do not rely on others, take the information to him so he can work to be the better man now. Also project what could happen from a logic stance (not threat). i.e. telling him if you don’t do the counseling or get on some meds, then you will do it later, and wish you did it before because you were too stubborn to know you had a good thing. You say it in a way that he understands and look at the results and wack away again at a later time. Do not lie and tell yourself or him that it is ok. Be clear with what you want, and a Scorpio can surprise you with how resourceful they can be. Good luck. Roiting for you and him.

  2. Arita December 19th, 2023

    Hi. I am Aries and my new husband is a Scorpio. We were 2 years together as a couple and this year we got married. He was my true soulmate, my man of my dreams. He was so understanding, caring and we had so much fun together. After marriage he became a different person. So controlling, selfish, he refuses of everything what’s important to me and make me happy and we can not talk like before. He don’t understands me anymore. I don’t know what did cause a change, but our relationship is not as it was. All this started after marriage in this summer. He refuses professional counseling because he has no problems or need for that, only I am having problems and issues.

  3. Rasheed Mclean November 13th, 2023

    💎Once upon a time, it was a person named Spillyy who spilled all my beans, exposing me like a camera, but you were silly because I had developed all the photos. You reap what you sow from me. OldSoul I am wise, and I show it. I am a poet, and I know it. He played with My emotions and lied to me to set me up . And wait later to see he wasn’t inlove with me

  4. Rasheed Mclean November 13th, 2023


  5. Michelle October 20th, 2023

    I’m in a long distance relationship with a scorpio male. I’m an aries woman. It’s my first relationship :D. He is 29 and I’m 27. We have been together for one year and 5 months.

    He is the kindest person I ever have met. And the first person I can be myself and who accept myself for who I am. We both are very open with each other. We both can relate to each others sadness. And we both know we are not perfect but we still feel that our best personality traits enhances when we are together.

    He told me that he have never open up about his past and sorrows as with me. And same with me. We both trust each other much.

    As all couple we have our fights but we talk about it afterwards. I’ve learned to stop getting angry easily and take one step back and think. And he needs to open himself when there is something he doesn’t like.

    (My mom is libra so I have learned to compromise lol)

    He is very mature, intelligent, compassionate, funny, sensitive, open, and curious. He does everything to make me feel at ease and safe and he sees that I do the same and he says he love me for that.

    We are planning on meeting on February. And eventually live together and getting married in the future.

    • ηλιας October 25th, 2023

      sto eyxomai me oli mou tin kardia na pantreytite, kati antistoixo thelo kai ego me mia kriarina, pros to paron vlepomaste apo apenanti me ta matia kai kanoume kiniseis proseggisis, apla eimaste ntropaloi kai oi dyo! me diafora ilikias 25 eton!!!

  6. Afeisha Francis September 21st, 2023

    Hi I will just like to say to you that this is the most perfect 💯💯 explanation of a true scorpio/ aries relationship. This is what I went through because I was trying too much and all I had was to do was jus relax n I didn’t. This touch me so much.
    Much respect to you 👏 🙏 🙌 💯 ❤

  7. Sienna June 21st, 2023

    Although anything is possible, in my experience both personally and by observing others, no sign can relate to Scorpios more than other water signs. Scorpios are multi layered and very deep in their thought process. Whilst it’s commendable an Aries or any other sign tries to accommodate that, only another water sign who’s naturally as deep and multi layered can relate to them. A water sign could instantly decode what’s going through a Scorpio before they even say or do anything cos they too operate the same way. Pisces is a good match but they can get a bit too overwhelming for Scorpios after a while. Cancer and Scorpio however!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Skeptical April 7th, 2023

    I’m sure that this relationship can be the stuff of dreams with an evolved scorpio male who is actually willing to commit and actually into his Aries counterpart but in my experience it was a disappointment. Lots of being strung along and lots of excuses. Its too easy to fall into a situationship with the explosive sexual chemistry and the need for independence that both signs have.. The issue is there is actually a real emotional compatibility so instead of having a risk free fwb situation, there will be unintended heartbreak. I’ve dealt with various signs that struggles with opening up and sharing their true feelings but I think Scorpio may take the cake. Thou shall not enter. Not that he didn’t open up about anything but he would open up about random things at random times.. to swiftly catch me off guard so well that I wouldn’t be able to inquire more.. I just knew that if we could have a heart to heart that would be it, game over I win the man I love.. but he avoided any chance of that happening. Silly me I spent YEARS on this man.. can’t say Aries aren’t loyal..or committed..or at least foolishly stubborn but it was all for naught. The only time I have successfully wooed a scorpio was when I wasn’t trying.. when I wasn’t interested. Maybe thats the secret. They have to discover your brilliance on their own.. you can’t try to convince them. Sadly though when I’m not interested their really is no chance.. especially if the guy tries to comeback around after initially rejecting me. 🙂 Anyways I will always have a soft spot in my heart for scorpios, they’re like kindred spirits, astro cousins.. but I think it is too intense and misaligned for most encounters to go anywhere. To those who have made it into a successful union with their dark knights, congrats and best to you! For the rest of us, lets keep on trucking queens.

  9. E November 14th, 2022

    I am an Aries female and I met Scorpio male in 2010. We had a 1 yr long intensely passionate relationship filled with incredible sex and awful fighting. He cheated on me and we ended it…. But did we?
    We kept in touch (here and there) over 11 years. He is married with a young daughter. He recently came to visit a friend and he and I had lunch. The chemistry, friendship, love…. is still there. I told him to focus on his wife and family because I would never be the Aries other woman. I’m way too amazing for that but he and I seem to always find our way back to communication with each other. Even after blocking each other and going years with not speaking.
    Have a feeling he IS my soulmate but there just isn’t anything to do about it because I respect girl code and marriage.
    Maybe we will be that story. The couple who finally gets together 30 years later. 😂

    • Alx April 6th, 2023

      Sorry to hear we Scorpio men ‘usually’ have the willpower to stay monogamous in any situation with other women. I’m ashamed he was one of us heh.

  10. Leslie June 11th, 2022

    So listen my baby daddy is a Scorpio and I’m a Aries and are relationship was like an aries and a Scorpio relationship. But I didn’t hurt him like some people say the Aries woman will hurt the Scorpios man feelings and leaving him heartbroken. No it was the opposite for us on that part he hurt my feelings and shattered my heart for ten years and I’m still hurt, I just can’t understand why or find a answer for he did that.

  11. Karan Ray May 8th, 2022

    Lily listen to me, this is coming from a Scorpio man you can count on it. Give Hume space, understand him, support him give him all your kindness in any kind of situation, and show strong willed nature while you deal with your life. If do these things along with genuine love and compassion, you’ll see your Scorpio melting rapidly and however you want.

  12. Sam 23 April 3rd, 2022

    Im a aries and my partner is scorpio we meet 2011 ..we always fight but we didn’t leave each other we have a child ..and we are in ldr ..we both in abroad but not in the same place ..we put God in center of our relationship and love is important if your in relationship ..all about aries and scorpio its define both of us exactly..

  13. Lilly February 22nd, 2022

    I’m dating to a Scorpio, but I’m confused because it takes him a longggg time to respond to texts. He does not make much initiative to meet me. And has not committed to a relationship. Yet I’m HEAD OVER heels for him!!! What should I do??

    • Karan Ray May 8th, 2022

      Lily listen to me, this is coming from a Scorpio man you can count on it. Give him space, understand him, support him give him all your kindness in any kind of situation, and show strong willed nature while you deal with your life. If do these things along with genuine love and compassion, you’ll see your Scorpio melting rapidly and however you want.

  14. Adeola January 31st, 2022

    I just met a Scorpio man about a month ago. I honestly don’t know how to describe his personality. He’s the most gentleman I have met in my whole life. There is this feeling of submission I feel around him. The issue between us is that I feel he is secretive but I would Mot judge because he might have his reason. I love him!

  15. Hope January 26th, 2022

    Sometime he makes me wanna tear his limbs apart slowly and make me fill loved at the same time. Strange man. I love him, selflessly!

  16. Miracle January 8th, 2022

    Am in love with a Scorpio man who had feelings for me for six months even when he knew I was in a relationship. We’re in a relationship now and most of what I read is true ,am so glad I met him.

  17. Miracle January 8th, 2022

    Am in love with a Scorpio man who had feelings for me for six months even when he knew I was in a relationship. We’re in a relationship now and most of what I read is true ,am so glad I met him.

  18. Foxfire00 December 20th, 2021

    Aries woman here, madly in love with a Scorpio man. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’m starting to finally see he’s the one for me (possibly). He’s not married, also has his own car, house, and has a good job.

  19. Noa October 18th, 2021

    I am an Aries female who just ended a three years relationship with a Scorpio man who is three years older than me . It’s not a mutual decision. He doesn’t want me to leave, he offered me marriage so I don’t have to work abroad to earn money and help on my father’s treatment. He’s from a wealthy family, I know I’ll have a better life with him but I just got my degree and I don’t want to use him because it’s my responsibility. He also knows that it’s my dream to travel. It’s just that I can’t lose my freedom for the sake of love and stability. Maybe I was really selfish. I am now abroad, I earn a good lots of money and my father is getting really well. Of course I regret it. It was an impulsive decision but somehow I’m glad and at peace even though we didn’t have any closure.

    • Aries February 5th, 2022

      Tell me that u are together now!

      • adeolabadmus3 February 5th, 2022

        we are still enjoying the friendship flow and a little bit of deep conversation. the issue i have is i don’t know how long he will take to figure out what he really wants.

    • Rosie February 28th, 2024

      Aries woman here (and I am noting most comments are aries women openly speaking their love to their scorpio men – where are the scorpio men confessing their feelings, hmm???).

      Anyway. I was married to a Cancer man but we had too many communication problems. Then, I just can’t explain why or how, but I became drawn (magnetised) to this Scorpio man.

      Like me, he is very intense and passionate, speaks in a similar way, has a lot of depth and emotion and is very focused on his career goals (all of which I admire).

      He is in the arts, of somewhat good status. So the problem for me is I have no idea whether or not to tell him, or even how.

      His art has inspired me in my own creative process and endeavours (unbeknown to him), I started painting and crafting after many years. Which I couldn’t do with my Cancer partner.

      He never understood my art, or my deeper emotions, instead poked fun at it. All whilst saying he supported it. This only served to sever our communication and trust further, because for me I value sincerity and honesty above all else. And loyalty.

      I feel like I don’t care of a person status or wealth, none of that. It is more about them being interesting, genuine and kind.

      For some inexplicable reason, I feel intuitively drawn to this man. But because Scorpios are so hard to read, I have no idea what to do.

      Plus, I’m sure he probably gets some beautiful women throw themselves at him (not my style).

      I am pretty fearless so Idc if you’re the pope or a janitor, I will talk to you as equal.

      But he has somehow inspired me so much in my pursuit, I just cannot explain it. Perhaps I could see something expressed of him behind his art, I could see a deep vulnerability, old soul, caring person.

      I don’t know what to do though, my Aries sun and Virgo moon, Cancer rising are in perpetual conflict.

      If anyone has advice – particularly scorpio men, would be cool to hear it. Thanks!


  20. Astrid September 23rd, 2021

    I’m an Aries woman head over heals in love with a Scorpio man. Problem is, I’m married and he is on death row. We have been talking lately and we both feel the same way towards each other. Even if I were to leave my husband I could never be with this man since he is on death row. It’s heartbreaking. I know it’s wrong for me to feel this way being married and all but I have never felt this way about anyone before.

    • Nthaby April 17th, 2023

      I’m an Aries woman too in a one month relationship with a scorpio man
      I swear I’ve never felt like this about anyone before and we’re both in relationships

  21. Riri August 24th, 2021

    I’m an Aries woman that really really likes this Scorpio man. We met at work and I didn’t find out till later that he was married. I seen the ring on his finger and asked he said yes….we talked….he eventually resigned (he had two jobs)…we occasionally talked every now snd then. Once I went to his work and talked to him a bit….and we ended up kissing. It was passionate! We both went our separate ways, after all, he’s married. So I get a email yesterday (it’s been over 1 year) he was just telling me hi and said he’s gone through some things. He calls me and said things didn’t work out between the two and he filed for a divorce. I don’t know how to take it. I actually really like him. Anyhow, we’ll see what happens

    • Pretty October 18th, 2021

      Please keep us updated! We want to know do yall get together and let love have it’s way or not

    • Aries February 5th, 2022

      What happened now

  22. Kiana August 18th, 2021

    Im an aries woman & im inloveeee with a scorpio man , he gives me life without knowing , but he’s nonchalant just like me … Im very direct with my feelings & he claims to feel every way that i feel but is so hard at showing it . At times i feel as if he’s hesitant for me to love him due to his past relationship & also being in prison . I want this love , his love brings me peace & pure happiness , I wanna do the same for him .

  23. Ingrid Standage August 13th, 2021

    I’m an aries and in love with a scorpio man. I am sure he has feelings for me but I am worried he may never say. I am not usually one to withhold my feelings, but for some reason I am terrified this time. I don’t want to mess up what we have, but anytime he’s around I feel alive. Even my daughter commented on how I brighten up when he walks into the room 😍

  24. Phumie July 20th, 2021

    I am an Aries woman & in a long distance with a scorpio man. He is very stable sometimes I think too stable. Even though his actions express commitment which I appreciate he doesn’t express his emotional/soft side for me we’ve been dating 8months he hasn’t said I love you yet he’s willing to take a 18 hour flight to be with me. So, I don’t nag him much about vocalising his feeling for me or to me cause I can tell his committed. We are very much in love, never had a relationship so wonderful, peaceful, effortless & assuringly solid. However, I fear that he won’t be able to express his love with the little things, il have to fight him every time to get to his soft spot for me. Example, doing something for me cause it simply makes me happy not that it has to make logical sense to him. However, everything written on the compatibility is true, it’s the depth of love we’ve fallen in that’s kept locked & inseparable from each other.

    • Hope January 26th, 2022

      Same. Just slowly tell him how you feel. Don’t press your feelings all over him. Do it slowly. He can be unpredictable but will eventually understand. And I’ll suggest you can make the first move (propose him; I did too and now we’re together for almost two years). He can be a hard rock but trust me if he does take a 18 hour flight just for you then girl he is the REAL deal! He is mysterious, I get it but when he will open up to you, you’ll see how lucky you are. He won’t use paragraphs or Shakespearean language of love only small words but it’ll be worth it. And DO NOT LIE TO HIM. NEVER. HE WILL KNOW EVENTUALLY AND WILL GIVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP A HARD TIME BY DISTRUSTING YOU. IT’LL HURT AS HELL.
      Btw all the best.

  25. Marsha June 9th, 2021

    I, Aries female, met a Scorpio man, and on our first date I freaking fell all the way down for him. I believe the feelings are mutual because the next day he told me he is married😫
    I like him so much…everything the posts mentions feels like it matches. We are nothing alike, but he understands me and I understand him and all the other things we could have figured out I’m sure…too bad he is married💔😭 Why did he ask me out🥺😢

  26. Aries Woman January 8th, 2021

    I’m a female Aries and he is a male Scorpio and we are both married but I can’t help but feel everything written above is about us. I feel the most intense connection when we are together. I don’t act on it and neither does he but I do wish for my own sanity I could know if he feels the same way.

    • Scorpio with a huge cock February 25th, 2021

      If you are thinking of infidelity then it’s time to get a divorce.

    • SRK is the coolest scorpio August 5th, 2021

      Don’t ever cheat on ANYONE. He won’t, no true scorpio would, if he does then he’s cringe. And if you do, then you’re ultra cringe. Divorce first & do some good to your spouse for once. It might be the thrill of cheating, rather than true love.

    • Lady Aries 30 August 6th, 2021

      I have been in this same situation I’m a female Aries who were attracted to a male Scorpio we could talk to each other for hours he ask me out I said yes only to find out he was married and I wonder why me and was he not happy at home I never got to that answer because I just kept my distance from him if he would cheat on his wife then what would I mean to him This sign of men are horrible and I’m one who had my share of them uhh

  27. Ashey November 24th, 2020

    My Man is a Scorpio & the emotional connection is telepathic. The sex is great, our conversations are always interesting even when there’s silence, it’s never awkward and the passion is out of this world.. We may have arguments but we always solve them maturely.

  28. Scorpiolove October 13th, 2020

    I’m a scorpio guy and I’m crazy about my Aries girl. She doesn’t know how deep but I think about her every day. We break up but get back together…I can be a too mysterious and private and she likes to have everything be an open book. SEX is amazing. I can’t find another like her… sexy, hungry, passionate, affectionate and real. I tried but then I think they can’t compare. She keeps me on my toes.

    • Aries October 10th, 2021

      My crush was a scorpio and he left me he said the ages matter I don’t believe him I feel like he left me cause I want him to open with me idk what do u think as a scorpio

  29. Scorpio August 10th, 2020

    Top marks. I’m a Scorpio with my queen being an Aries. The emotional, intimacy and sexual connection is explosive

  30. Shayeeb taj May 28th, 2020

    I’m 38 years old still I’m searching for true love my date of birth nov 3d 1981

    • Nini December 16th, 2021

      Lol hi

  31. Alexa January 25th, 2020

    Im an Aries women and I got together with an Scorpio, and he is very direct and so am I but I’m kinnda in the mystery side, I like having a cute and amazing relationship with my Scorpio this is a very true thing you have put on this website Every said about an Aries women is true for me anyways and so far that I know everything is true for a Scorpio Man

  32. Amanda December 14th, 2019

    I don’t know how you did this but everything looks so true. I’m married with my scorpio ♏️ man and I’m an Aries ♈️. I’m very outgoing and friend and my Scorpio man is very protective.

    • Marsha June 9th, 2021


  33. p. November 17th, 2019

    I’m a Scorpio Man with an Aries Female. What you’ve written here is bang on! We have an amazing relationship. We’ve just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and we actually got married 2 months after meeting. We decided to marry in the first week we met. It truly was love at first sight and we get stronger every single day. All aspects of our relationship are beyond perfect and we draw strength from each other’s love. However, as a piece of advice for all out there who long for true, unconditional love, the answer to achieving it is: to always put the other person first. When both people In a relationship put the other person first the result is eternal, true and unconditional love.

  34. Mimi November 12th, 2019

    Hmmm. I just met a Scorpio man via random act of fate and the attraction was immediate for both of us. Everything said here about an Aries woman is true! That being said, if this new spark of romance develops I know I need to try to not always be the free spirited, bold chick I am. But my impatience and boldness if what brought us together!

  35. J and F September 7th, 2019

    This is accurate for me. I think for those who disagree, maybe look to the rest of the your chart and your partners chart. I have Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces. He has Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Leo.

  36. AriesAries August 23rd, 2019


    I dropped him. Believe me, i dropped him.

    And Leos match with Aries. Since apparently you know so much about astrology, I’m surprised you didn’t know this fun fact.

    stop taking things personally. It’s an astrology comment. I can only imagine what a pain you must be in real life.


  37. Karan August 14th, 2019

    I would like clarity, I was dating a Scorpio man for about two years. We had our on and off moments but early of June was when he just stopped talking to me. He’s has issues and usually comes back after a couple of weeks so I gave him space like he usually wanted. But I got nothing. In my Aries spur of the moment I was hurt and angry so I told him I was tired, I told him that multiple times because he never read my messages up until the beginning of August. After a bad couple of hours at work I get a text from him “Don’t txt me again” and I was like “okay”. Two hours later that day he sends me another text saying “I didn’t send that”. I told him “I call bullshit”. Two days later in the afternoon I get a text from him, it’s a picture kissing another woman and saying he has a girlfriend. I’m obviously fucking hurt but he calls me at least 6 fucking times and once I picked up, crying, he told me “could you calm down?” I was like “no, I will fucking not. Could you just say you never loved me.” And he said “okay… never call me, text me, or contact me again”. I hung up and blocked him, 15 minutes later I get a request to follow my Instagram, i declined it after this whole situation. So I shoot him a text saying, “hey wise ass you have the ability to block me.” And he told me “ok I will”. It wasn’t until 20 minutes later I said “please do it” he then blocked me. I just wanna say, i know how I acted and i wish I could have acted better and claim the responsibility of my actions. A few days go by and I’m going over our entire relationship in my mind, I really did love him and I still do. I have a lot of care in my heart for him, but after this I won’t do anything to get him back. I decided shoot him a text to apologize and I hope life is better for him, and I found out he changed his number. It kind of broke me, then I realize he reactivated his FB account, I still resent the message but I know he’ll never read it. I’m still confused on why he would do that, I get different responses. Why didn’t he just tell me he was looking for someone? People said he’s just obsessed with me and some said he obviously got issues. Then reading all the Scorpio signs that he maybe fell out of love or he’s secretly still in love with you. I’m just really confused

    • AriesAries August 18th, 2019

      Move on, Karan.

      If he cared, if he loved you and respects you, he will never do such a thing.
      When a Scorpio is not serious, he will walk all over you knowing very well you are infatuated with him.

      Move on. Be happy. It’s the best revenge.

      I just recently dropped a Scorpio guy because I am too old for silly mind games. He is giving me the silent treatment – that’s okay, cause I’m having a blast without him. They hate seeing people happy and moving on but that’s because they know they don’t have your attention and he will try to seek for it again – so don’t fall for it! Block him from your life and move on. Far away – move on.

      Find yourself a Leo. They don’t act like idiots.

      • Scorpion August 21st, 2019

        Grow up you fool, do you actually think all male scorpios are the exact same?

        Just because you got stung by one guy and he’s obviously an asshole you tar the rest with the same brush, just goes to demonstrate how little you know not only about astrology but dating in general.

        Yea go and date a leo, the annoying hollow star sign that love themselves more than anyone else, talk about superficial. It probably didn’t work out for you because you just didn’t have what he was looking for, and he probably dropped you, not that you would admit to the truth anyway. You practically gave it away by saying he gave you the silent treatment.

      • anesspi February 13th, 2020

        Move on Karan. There’s so plenty shiny man for ya.

    • THEO November 3rd, 2019

      Look…I’m a Scorpio my self. I don’t know about him, but in what me is concerned, I would never behaved to you like this, unless something really bad have happened between us….which EVEN THEN….I would have tried to find another way to behave to you, exactly in order to protect my dignity, if not for anything else! Take into account, that despite our zodiacs, we are defined FIRSTLY from our own characters, I would say that this guy acted like this, noooot so much, because of his sign, rather than because of his spoiled character, orrrr….like your friend said…because he had issues! I’m sure, that if you have met another Scorpio out there, you’d be surprised, of how different he’d be, compare to this guy! Therefore, I beg you, not to rush into conclusions regarding, us the Scorpios! Not all of us, we are like him! Finally….regarding him….if he behaves like this, to you, then I suggest, you better leave him. He doesn’t deserve you! Stay well, and I wish you good luck, in your next love affair.



    • Yuvi scorpio June 18th, 2021

      He still loves you …..i m scorpio man i can tell you exactly what he wants and after what he melts down….1st of all you have to apologise for what you have done which hurts him so bad then promise not to repete your mistake again… And say i love you so much cant live without you can u pls forgive me and give our relationship once more chance plz.. and remember not to show any anger to him cos that will trigger his anger too …just keep calm and let him explode let him cool down after he empty his brain with his harsh words…just listen and keep calm….then he will say sorry at the end and also say i love you tooo . Its true that we scorpio just want you too drop all your weapons down in front of us then we melt down easily and start loving you again….trust me this works….i have a aries gf and i never want to leave her and we both will marry after years❤️🤗…do as i said if u want scorpio back….just keep a side your ego attitude and anger and show ur cuteness innocence and calm nature then we scorpio lost all our anger and converts it to love❤️

  38. AriesAries June 25th, 2019

    Aries women tend to stray when the man ignores her, goes silent for days, or criticizes her constantly….or play games.

    Something Scorpio tend to do a lot.
    Maybe you didn’t do it but it’s just my two cents. Don’t know the insights of your relationship.

    Also, material things aren’t everything- if you are attached to that, then you will be attached to a very bad relationship.

    As an Aries , my suggestion is to move on. Look for a Pisces and she should date a Leo.

    • THEO November 3rd, 2019

      Don’t be so categorical pal! Not all of us Scorpios are like that! Relax!

  39. Ms.T April 23rd, 2019

    I could Not believe how accurate the author is. I showed it to my boyfriend and he thought that I wrote it because it was so accurate. Unbelievable! We are on our third month and talking about the rest of our lives together. I am extremely excited to say the least.

  40. revedd April 6th, 2019

    what u are 62 and she is 26??? serieus 🙄

  41. RobbieScorpio/ Robbie Menges January 1st, 2019

    Julie and the World this is my last update for a very longtime about Me Knowing Candice. We broke up at Christmas and God let me clearly see the future and she is going to be alright without me and my job is done because we were not supposed to get married. The reason we found each other and fell in love was meant to be but for a completely different reason then i thought or ever dreamed of happening to us and she is going to be very confident and happy with her life and i will always be with her in her memories and her soul God has Blessed her to have a beautiful life from now on so i can continue living my life like i am supposed to right now and for a long time in the future.

    • Robbie Menges January 29th, 2019

      I love Candice so intensly that I want her with me all the time once I figured out why we broke up was because we had been manipulted into her believing i was bad and the person manipulating her was good until I made her take a good hard look about what we had been subjected to everymoment we had been together since day one and when she realized what happened then she left the situation immediately and I have spoken with her 2 times and she was extremely happy to see me both times and the bastard gets between us every time and its about to drive me out of my mind cause I will not give up and I do not believe she wants me to either but I don’t know what else I can do to bring her completely back in my life but I cannot live without her in my life and I am going crazy trying to stay focused on making our commitment more solid to each other and we are so full of love for each so I cannot stop believing we will not
      survive this damn trial we are in right now and I will be back soon with another update as soon as i possibly can.

      • Robbie Menges April 6th, 2019

        My baby Aries woman who we are so much in love knock on wood very hard. It made me work to understand if I ever do the Aries personality and she is a fulltime job to keep up with and my baby and me are very much soulmates and everyday it gets better for us in our beautiful love and we live our lives away from each other cuz we are free souls, but she is the best woman I have loved in my lifetime. Aries is like you write about but she is her own personality and is nothing but my best friend and lover. I cannot tell somethings but she is my fiancee and a Aries will be the best love i have ever felt but i had to be patient and learn how to understand the way she loves me and i even learned how to love more unconditionally but our is worth more than anything to both of us and I am a very happy camper the we stayed together and I do not expect any problems we cannot work out ever in our future together because I love only my baby Aries and she knows my word is good and she tells me the truth and one thing you must trust their word because she is faithful with me but I had my moments but it is worth it. And you must learn and understand and foare very happy as a couple for 1.5 years and we r happy.i am now 62 and my baby is going 2 b 26 n 5 days.And i learned to forgive her just like she does for me and her birthday is April 11. I will write again and we are one. She matured so much and so did i.

    • RobbieScorpio May 2nd, 2019

      I have helped my baby see her life with me clearly and damn she can be moody but once she could clearly see how we were manipulated against each other and I got her to see completely how it happened we have such a great relationship with each other right now and we continually grow much closer everyday and she got me to lose over 50 years of negative baggage I had always carried and after she helped me rid myself of it I asked her to marry me and she went nuts with excitement and said yes she would and she reinforced that belief on me today and since I flushed all that baggage down the toilet I have a new release in life and i will not ever lie to her ever again and I hold nothing back from her and niether does she and we are so in perfect harmony and in love with each other and I know she loves me and we talk to each other about everything and treat one another as equals and we continue to get more happy with each other everyday. I have learned from her that I can forgive and forget and move on and not look back and I give her as much freedom as she wants or needs and my baby is faithful and has many different friends but I am not jealous of anyone who is her friend because there is no reason to be and she flirts but she has never let anyone touch her and I know her now better than I have ever known any women in my lifetime. And Candice has no ego or anything she needs to prove to me when we are together and my baby Aries womans love for me is absolutely real and completely honest to me and the truest love i have ever felt from a woman in my lifetime and there is no doubt between us and we dance like no one is watching everyday and I love only her in this world and it’s a mutual loved that is growing in leaps and bounds constantly forward. We endured so much and forgave our weaknesses with each other and we are so happy together and that all i needed to tell is our relationship is the best thing that ever happened to us in our lifetimes so don’t ever give up on love.

      • RobbieScorpio June 20th, 2019

        Scorpio men beware Aries women are liars and cheaters that will prove they are perfect in every way yet they play me to be a fool and every thing she commits to do in any commitment usually only lasts 4 hours if you are lucky and they go back to manipulating and lying and cheating but swear they are the queen of your life. They can convince you that they do no evil but they are satan’s wives from the beginning but they hide it so well its hard to catch them doing what they are really doing every chance they get and they can lie to you and look you directly in your eyes and they act so damn innocent and they make me believe i am wrong in every arguement and situation that arises almost every day that you have spent with them talking and laughing constantly and they tell me how important i am and that they love me more then i love them and when you do not keep a eye on them and there where abouts for a couple of hours they cheat on you and lie to you but she can makeup such perfect excuses that are so believable. It is almost impossible to accept that they lied to you and cheated on you because they are so cunning and they usually cover their tracks so perfectly that i could not see that i was being manipulated. So recently i set a trap and caught her lying and cheating so perfectly that she could not cover herself at all because i exposed her so much she had no place to hide so she apologized for her actions and promised me she would not ever do it again. And that commitment lasted about 4 hours it seems like and i blind sided her again and caught her cold in the act and she was unable to escape from me again. But this time i was able to convince her i wanted to severe our relationship ties permanently cause i do not feel any pain in my soul because i called it quits for the last time i hope. When my intuition is constantly causing me to be aware all the time then something is really wrong in our lives and i made her hurt me so bad that i was able to walk away and hopefully not ever look back again and now i have no pain in my soul. The sad part for me is she is rich beyond my wildest dreams and she took care of me like i was a king so i did not want to accept the truth that has slapped my face so many times. Candi lives in a two million dollar home here in Arizona with about a 6000 square foot floor plan consisting of 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms Formal dining room 2 story with a elevator and stairway. Huge living room full sized bar very big and nice complete office den library with a mac computer with multiple screens and key boards and two different top of the line printers every thing is wifi. It has a huge waterfall pool and a 5 Car garage with a vehicle in every one and one garage is a big shop with a lift and all kinds of tools perfectly arranged in order in snap on tool boxes that roll on wheels like in a service dept. That is where She keeps her dodge ram 4-4 super crew cummins diesel truck 2015 i think. She just bought a new 2019 lamborghini huracan spyder convertible i call it the bumble bee cuz its yellow with black suede leather interior with AWD and a 7 spd auto and a v10 eng. W 630 hp a spec ordered sound system. She paid $347, 175.00 and paid for it with a black amex card. And she let me keep her 2017 huracan spyder so i could drive a lambo instead of my nissan. And i do not know how she has drivers license coz she drives like a idiot fast. See what i had to give up when we broke up. Sorry i got so carried away. But by the grace of God i kept all my stuff at my home that’s paid off. I am a lower middle class person and she is rich but she inherited it from her parents. I met her online in a xxx pick up site and i never knew she was rich coz she claimed she worked as a cashier in a boutique for the last 4 yrs. I really hope i do not get weak and she convinces me to reconcile because i cannot trust this woman that i have loved so much. And she so beautiful and is the best woman i have made love too in my lifetime. I will be 63 this year an she is 26 so i should have known it would not work and i did but she made me believe in her and i did. I hope this is my last update.

  42. RobbieScorpio October 25th, 2018

    i met my Aries Woman about the 7th of March 2018 and when our eyes met we fell in love and she was a tough love it took me messaging her 350 times before she talked to me. And then we talked about sex for 5 and half months and she recently started talking to me about her dog but she never owned a dog before she met me or did she believe in God but now she has a dog and i have 2 and she believes in God. And when have sex its nuclear fusion but i have to be dominate with her every time and she will not dominate me in sex period.why wont she make love to me why do i have to be the aggressor every time. And shes been letting me get to know her better and she knows i will protector from anything so she stays very close to me but we fight like hell cuz i do not have enough sex with her i guess but she always been faithful to me. And i tell her to leave cuz i am leaving her she begs me to stay so i leave for a day and come back to her cause i cannot live without her in my life. I talk to her everyday since we met everyday its like i am her lucky charm and she will not let me go but she seems to drift away from me but when i decide i am going to leave her i mean she begs me not to go and i mean begs me dont ask me begs me to stay. we have had sex so many times i am about to run out of different positions and i am afraid of it becoming a routine except she cannot live without g spot orgasms almost every day since i taught her how to have them. i have taught her many things about how to have great sex and i get her to commit and the next day she runs away and comes back and i do the same thing and i do not know what to do to change the way we live.

    • Julie December 21st, 2018


      Is your relationship got any better since you last posted?

      • Robbie menges December 26th, 2018

        Julie thank you for asking but Candice and Me are very deeply in love right now and it keeps getting better everyday, i cheated 1 time recently and immediately confessed it to her i because felt so guilty instantly and it was not worth even the 20 minutes i spent doing it and is not something i will not ever do again and i did not kiss this person or have intercourse with her but in my mind i cheated and i could not live with what i had done. She forgave me and feel so blessed and i have recognized why i get paranoid about our relationship so i am quitting those things that cause’s 110% of our problems and i love that she can forgive me and forget it so we are able to immediately pick up the pieces and move on like it never happened. the testing i have done to make sure i can trust her is over and totally complete. My biggest test was our age difference which i am 62 and she is 27 but we are on the same page with where we stand with each other in our lives and we believe we will be able to withstand the test of time with our relationship. I myself have not ever loved anyone as much as i am in love with her because she also loves me in the same way because God brought us together and that a mutual agreement between us that we together believe to be the truth. My song to her is by Taylor Swift; don’t Blame Me. but we have so many different songs we love for each other its crazy but true. I will contact again over time with more updates.

  43. Arieness February 8th, 2018

    Met a Scorpio man about a year ago. I got out of a relationship 4 months before. I was not really interested in dating initially but you know how them Scorpio men do it, we become submissive to this oddly interesting character. We hit it off really well. Clicked straightaway and it wasn’t long before he told me he loved me and we began dating. It was really good for about 6 months in. Although during this time he was really controlling, I couldn’t handle it so retaliated by being really horrible at times. Eventually, he withdrew and that’s when I realised. One of our main issues that was his family who didn’t approve of us. (But of course I didn’t find this out until after). We were also doing long distance. Our communication wasn’t really great. Anyway, after being horrible to him for being extremely jealous, I broke it off with him. 3 days, later I instantly regretted it, but it was too late. He told me he didn’t love me. For about 5 months after that, I was in full submission mode, while he was still figuring out if he loved me or not. We did everything together, it was definitely a love I’ve never had. But I had my guard up because, it was too good to be true. I do regret this because that did contributed to how things turned out. We would argue over his secretive life because he had to hide me from his family. I tried to accept it and became more understanding. I’ve definitely never been this way to any other man. But for this guy, I don’t know, I was in love with the sweet hearted Scorpio I first met. He was very special. He broke it off with me because he was unhappy with his life. I made the effort in trying to make him happy, even arranging my friends to spend time with him while we broke up. It hurt to have him in the picture. The first 2-3 weeks were the hardest. But eventually, I found my way. A month later, he messaged me- accusing me of meeting someone else. So he decides to come back into my life again. We began dating, and have so much fun when we are together. However, when he goes home, or I visit his hometown, he becomes this dark person. I guess it is largely influenced by his family and that his hometown is pretty quiet, whereas where I am from it’s lively and it really brings out his energetic character. Anyway, long story short, that didn’t last. His parents found out and he withdrew saying he needed space. Started talking to other people to distract himself. I am left heartbroken again. I guess this was a really good lesson for me. An experience I’ll definitely remember and learn from. I’m still young only 23 so maybe a more mature Scorpio in future 😛 who knows. There is something about a Scorpio man, even the fighting makes it all so lively. But it does end up in pain. Leaving out the arguments and other factors, I reckon it would be the perfect love. But unfortunately, there’s no perfect world. I’ve removed him from my life now. I can never forgive my Scorpio man for breaking me twice. But deep down will always love him at heart. Good luck to all the Aries and Scorpio couples out there. It is a very unimaginable experience, make the most of it.

    • Razeeeeee November 15th, 2018

      Hey ….umm…im a scorpio too…just read your story….i wanna talk to you about something…email me

  44. Debra Ruth Mak January 3rd, 2018

    I was fully invested with my first Scorpio man for 2.5 years that included 2 short break ups and now on the 4th break up which has been our longest. Our connection is long distance with financial difficulties making it extremely challenging to spend time together physically. In fact, we have not met but stayed together off/on/mostly on for over 2 years. We talked, did all day texting, facebook chat and communication was the best I ever had with a man. That’s what always brought us back together was the “real” “free” “bone chilling hilarious” “wide open” talk time. We spent 7 hours on the phone one day. Not abnormal to spend 2-3 daily. Communication is the glue of any relationship but we keep failing. I’ve experienced the loss of two adult children and he is not able to handle that. The “ME” that is not in grief is the woman he loves. The “ME” that is out of control with deep sadness is when he withdraws, stops saying, “I love you,” doesn’t want to talk as often, etc. This part of him scares me. My large engine of emotional ups and downs scares him. SO WE ARE NOT TOGETHER. I think our circumstances destroyed the relationship. Not the love. It’s sad. We are both good people, both willing to accept the imperfections that come with being human, but when LIFE GETS HARD A MAN HAS TO STAND UP and get strong. He fails at that and it drives me crazy spinning me into attacks of his character and the reality is? It’s UNFAIR for both of us. I will never regret the experience.

    • nicole lemnah February 5th, 2018

      Communication is a direct link to one’s 5th Chakra, his natural need to protect you from what you are going through is unable to be communicated due to a block in the communication, energetic pathway of the Throat Chakra (5th chakra) your Scorpio man is a great communicator in genral but they go stealth silent when they are emotionally hurt. You did not create the hurt but because they become emotional connected he hurts for you. Love and light.

    • paggarrA April 6th, 2019

      u say u never saw him? where he is from?

    • Scorpio with a huge cock February 25th, 2021

      Scorpio men have large cocks…fact! Mines 9” and 5” of Scorpion girth 🍆

  45. Scorp December 11th, 2017

    Hey we can all generalize.. I personally found aries women to have Magnolia personalities and be rubbish in the bedroom … I’m a triple scorpio sun/moon/ ascending… sex is a massive part of it for connection and depth of emotion, if you can’t get around that with a scorpio get go another dull sign

    • Aries February 12th, 2018

      Wow. That was not insulting at all xD Im sure you havent met that many arie women. Or maybe none at all, and said it just to look “cool” 😀

    • Blossom July 28th, 2018

      How a woman acts in the bedroom depends on how desired and free the man she’s with makes her feel. In other words something you’re doing has made her feel less than secure with you. So stick to performers. I doubt you’re capable of a real connection with anyone. I’m guessing you’re not as great in bed as you imagine, nor so deserving.

    • Dare to try an Aries October 4th, 2018

      Lies! Or maybe you’ve met the weird Aries because I’ve won awards for my bedroom performance. Lady in the street and freak in the sheets is my policy unless you’re down for some Janet Jackson “Anytime, Any place” type of stuff😋

  46. Patti August 6th, 2017

    Met a Scorpio online who lived in a different city, said he was going through a divorce. He was hot on the trail immediately, texting, sweet nothings and only after meeting a month he sends flowers and Valentines card. Suddenly he loves me. He started sexting frequently so I thought that’s all he wants, so I backed off. Tried to be open, honest and ask what he was looking for. Said he wants someone with a future, he loves me, I am perfect, more sure each day we are going to be a couple, etc

    After a year there was no movement, just texting and the odd phone call. I was suspicious of him disappearing for 2 days at a time then returning. He never once mentioned any family members names or invited me to meet them. I dumped him saying he didn’t know what he wanted and I was not going to be a FWB.

    I would go back and text every few months and he replied right away each time. Said he thought of me often, bla, bla bla. But then the same things happened, dropping off texts, or sending sexual content. I asked him if he was in a relationship and he always said “the divorce is not yet final”.

    Found out several months later he was living common law with some woman the entire time. These men are evil, conniving and manipulative. They won’t even talk straight with you when asking for clarification.

    He came back 2 months after I found out and said he did love me, does love me and will always love me. Then he disappeared and I never heard from him again.

    Can any Scorpio out there make sense of this? Was this all BS?

    • xVAR August 6th, 2017

      It’s exactly what you think it is. He sounds like a bit of a sociopath. I advise you to google sociopath relationship patterns.
      Though I don’t think you should judge the whole dozen by one bad egg. Many of us may be secretive but I don’t think most of us are liars.

    • Paul sidney August 17th, 2017

      Honey, this is not all Scorpios and not all men. I was in a 11 year relationship with an Aires woman and Ask-Oracle’s description is dead on. Sometimes, you have to judge the person, other planets, prior life events. The Sun sign depicts only the outward interface of a person. In love, the moon describes best the flow of the relationship. I will point out that two paticular traits mentioned above are important, one from each side. When Scorpio love, he has no interest in the outside world. The second is that the Aries woman needs constant excitement or quickly grows bored. The fact that your Scorpio never separated himself from his past likely means that your instincts were right. He liked you sexually but never had any intention of loving you. Scorps are easy that way, we are on or off, full throttle or idle, love or ambivalence.

    • Monique January 18th, 2018

      He was a twat, regarding of his sign, and you also have self-esteem problems, on letting him treat you like that, regardless of your sign.

    • Alfredo E. Newman October 18th, 2018

      I am a scorpio man. 51 years old. I was married once for 15 years (completely faithful, never flirted, even remained to myself during the process … only dated after final papers signed by judge were recieved. Even women I worked with for years always said “there was a definite wall … a line I would not cross while I was married” … good to know that I project faithfulness easily.

      I say all of this to let you know there are different kinds of scorpio men … and they can go through stages depending on their emotional and relationship status.

      There are 3 symbolic levels of scorpio. The lowly manipulative and vengeful scorpion, the “more wise and cautious” serpent … and the visionary and soaring eagle … so try to always assess which one spiritually you have stumbled upon. Be aware that any can make themselves appear as the other at times. Bit as I like to say “true character always comes out …. time proves everything”

  47. A August 1st, 2017

    Hello everyone,

    I am an aries woman (23) and he is an scorpio man (21). So, in all typical ways that we, aries-scoprio pair met, we hit it off imediately(we were co-workers). The chemestry was off charts and at first, I was so scared, that I actually hated him(a little). I was so brutal with him, told him to leave me alone but he was so persistent and after three weeks I gave up and accepted a date with him. The date went amazing ( I felt butterflies all over, goosebumps and so on). He seemed so into me and oh-so perfect. We never argued, never fight and I still can remember the day I fell for this one….:(
    We were together 2 and a half months and one day, out of nowere, after three days of disappearance, he calls me to meet. In a cold november day, he tells me that we should break up because he doesn’t have time for a relationship, that he is too busy with school&work&co…
    I was devastated. But as a biiig egoed Aries woman that I am, I haven’t shred a tear in front of him. I was calm and calculated. I haven’t accepted his motives but I accepted his decision. We endend in good therms….
    I was a wreck. Plus that we still were co-workers. And I could see all the girls flirting with him. I was so mad and jealous and I always seeked motives to relish my anger on him. I went from ignoring him, pretended that he doesn’t exist to all kinds of emotional moods.
    At the end of Decenber, we had an X-mass work party. At fisrt, we ignored each others but he couldn’t help himself and came to me, inviting me to a dance. I accepted and we ended the night by having mad mad sex.
    The next day was awkward as hell….I tried to be calm and colected, acting as anything important happened(even if I waited for a sign that we will be back together). He did the same…
    We went on/off talking 2 months. And other month I was relocated in other location, with work (so we were separated @work that month). I would receive from him, from time to time, messages with how I was doing?/What i was doing/How my life was…. etc etc etc.
    In march, this year, he invited me to his house. To see a movie (that’s what he said :)) ) but I told him, right in his face that I know he wants just sex. He felt hurt and told me he just wanted to waste some time together. I accepted. Ofc, it led to sex. We had an friends with benefits relationship for almost three months.
    So so so many times, during this time, I asked him why he doens’t let me go. Why he can search another girl for FWB…hr told me that he doesn’t know but he just can’t let me go….that it’s something that it makes him to came back for me.
    During this time, he was amazing. We went to a few dates, we would talk about what we want in future for hours, he always made me coffee and breakfast in the was as we were back together.( even if I held my gurad up, I still was in love with him)
    But he had to go abroad….for this entire summer. Until November. And befor his leaving, I cut all the sex-meetings. With 2 weeks before his leaving….he was so amazed. As if he didn’t expected me to do this…
    I date a guy in that 2 weeks (weeks in which he contacted me frequently). It hadn’t happened nothing with that guy ( I guess it was my way of deal with his leaving). I still believe that I taken the best decision not to continue with him…even if I wanted so badly.
    The biiiiiig problem for me is this (and mabye an scorpio guy will answer me): He still contacts me, from abroad. Sometimes once a week, other times 2 a week. Last weekend, he called me with video on messenger, telling me that he wanted to see me….he shares with me the experiences which he lives there, all the adventures he had. I try so hard not to think at the possibilities of him having sex sith other girls. I precisely told him, before his leaving, to have fun and make best memories of this trip.
    What should I do?? I am sooooo still in love with him but I am thinking about me and I am afraid for my heart. I believe that when he will return, he’ll forget about me and so, I pursue every date I am invited…I don’t want to wait for him, because I don’t think that we will continue something when he’ll get back….
    But why is he still reaching for me? Why is he telling me that is thinking about me? WHY? WHY would a man do this? Please, scorpios, answer this poor aries woman.

    • Vaso August 1st, 2017

      Im so sorry i ddint have the chance to met a sxprpio but what can i say?? Porr adies girl im so sorry

    • xVAR August 2nd, 2017

      As a Scorpio, I’ll be happy to give my two cents, but of course, keep in mind that it might seem biased 😉
      The reason why he keeps contacting you is because it sounds like he has a very deep respect for you and has a great fondness for you. This much is obvious but you have also shared a good number of experiences together, some great, some bittersweet, and some sad. Throughout all these experiences it sounds like neither of you has done anything serious to damage your respect/love/fondness for each other. So with all of this, you will all always mean something to him and will always have a spot in his heart. That’s not something that’s easy to let go of, especially for a Scorpio. Now whether that means you’re the one or not, I don’t know. I don’t even think he knows. But hopefully I’ve provided some insight as to why he’s still reaching for you. Oh and maybe one more reason.
      This is where the bias kicks in, lol. You seem to be playing mid games with him, maybe not intentionally, maybe it’s because you find it difficult to display your emotions obviously but it seems like you try to show the opposite of what you’re feeling and you overcompensate… The Scorpio notices this and finds it cute, maybe even irresistible.
      I find the way you think interesting, I can understand you not wanting to get hurt but it seems like you already are getting hurt. You’re kind of stringing yourself along by not being direct. How exactly did you spare either of your feelings by not having sex with him two weeks before he left? My words of advice, playing mind games with a Scorpio will not work out for you in the long run. You need to improve your methods of communication.
      Just my two cents.

      • A August 3rd, 2017

        Thanks for your response. Itdidn’t spare any of my feelings. I just thought that it will be easier for me to cope with his leaving. And honestly? It didn’t even crossed my mind that he will contact me so often. I barely talked with him yesterday. And he just stayed until 4 AM to talk with me…..It didn’t occur me that subconsciously I might play mindel games with him. After the break up, i held my guard down, because I couldn’t understand how he would search for me after saying precisely that he doesn’t have time for an relationship…so yeah. I played the “cold&detached” card…even if you can see it on my face how much I care about him…… i will talk with him seriously after his return..

      • A August 3rd, 2017

        Guard up* mind games* i wroted in a hurry haha 😂😂

      • A August 3rd, 2017

        Wrote* Omygosh how I misspelled so many words…ugh

    • xVAR August 4th, 2017

      Lol, not a big deal. It’s to be expected when you pour your heart out in a large message like that. I misspelled a word or two myself 😉

    • Manisha ramjattab November 6th, 2018

      Hey i am an aires woman an u r in luck well u alredy started wrong because u should wait alil more to hav sex wit her but never the less thats ok all u need to do is work on the communication between u an her like insted od having sex watch a movie together talk abt the movie after an yes u will wan to hav sex so go ahead but make sure u guys do things togther like having fun go the beach carry her on dinner supprice, she wil feel comfortable wit u an love u more she will inturn try an do the same things for u but make sure in this relationship u guys COMPOMISE this is very importan to both of u u both can win al the time care for her an support her she will make ur world a living heaven i return i am with my scoripo boyfriend for 10 years next year we will marry i am 24 he is 25
      Good luck
      U WILL NEVER IT TO LEAVE HER NOR WILL SHE U BOTH HAV A UNBREAKABLE BOND THAT CANT BE BROKEN TILL DEATH U CANT SÈEM TO LIVE WITOUT EACH OTHER an yes there will be alot of fights but both of u hav to compromise an support each other an dont take everything to heart what she does she her toughts are innconce

      • Scorpio with a huge cock February 25th, 2021

        Leave your scorpion man for my scorpion wang

    • A August 7th, 2019

      So, just to make an update: well, when I have shared my story it was 2 years ago. Recently, guess who was searching for me? Exactly, my one and only scorpio man. I have recently broken up from another guy and he was like it knew that I am free. We’ve barely talked in these 2 years, I mean sure there was a few exchange of messages but nothing big or emotional. But last month he texted me. And he wanted to see me just to catch up (so he said). Me, a little hurt by my previous 1 year and a half ended relationship, I wasn’t so keen on meeting another man, nor him. But I said why not? It’s just a little chat. Little did I know. He said to me all the thing I wanted 2 years ago to hear. I was stunned. Ofc, in a aries fashion way I dind’t let him know that I was surprised by all the things he said it to me. Nor that I was pleased and that my big ego was stroked. But I said thank you for saying them even if so late. I appreciated the honesty in his words and the need for him to make things right. And now he is pursuing me to be in a relationship again. Because and I quote ” I am the best he ever had, no other girl is like me, I make him very happy and he wants me back in his life”. He acts 100 times better than before but now I feel the need and urge to protect myself. At this moment, I am just going with the flow and for sure I won’t get so early attached with him, even if it’s so hard to do so. Cuz our shared chemistry is still there and off charts, skyrocketing every time we see each other. But we are willing to take things slow. So we will see where this thing will go this second time. 🙂

  48. Maricruz July 15th, 2017

    I’m a Aries women and been with my Scorpio man for 13 years! I met him at 15 years old and started to date at 16 in a half we are both almost 30 and have one amazing son together! Took us a little over 9 years to have him. How ever his our blessing! It isn’t easy to be in a relationship but some how our love is ment to be. Our first 3 years where the hardest I’ll say. But we did it ❤️🎉😏😏

    • Manisha ramjattan November 6th, 2018

      Hi this sound so much like me an my husband to be we hav been together fpr the pass 10 yeaes meet him at 16 an i was 15 an we teying alomost 2 years now for a baby an nomatter how we fight we cannt seem to live without each other

  49. Lourdes June 29th, 2017

    I am a Aries woman and I had a scorpio man in my life for 16 years, he was faitful to me only for 6 years, after i found out , he never stoped, he would cheat on me with any woman, no respect , no morals. I also can say the same, i would never, ever have a scorpio man in my life again.

  50. Gail Bhai June 25th, 2017

    I am a Aries women and have been married twice both men were scorpio.I will never consider having another Scorpio man in my life.They are very secretive and very selfish,in my experience both men were also very irresponsible.No No-never again.

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      oh come on don’t give up on us baby 🙂

    • Scorpio with a huge cock February 25th, 2021

      I’ll fuck you in the butt with my huge scorpion devils tail 🍆 😈

  51. Ramscorp December 17th, 2016

    @ someone_famous
    What a load of sh&t! I am an Aries female, and one thing I do well is trust people, but only when they are proven to be trusted. Only an idiot would trust people so easily. Trust takes time to build, no matter what sign a person is. I have been close friends with a Scorpio male for 7 years, and we have a bond like no other, and he tells me absolutely everything. The trouble comes when the other person is sheepish and cagey, When they are not direct or won’t look you in the eye. Scorpio themselves find it hard to trust and are paranoid and suspicious of every damn thing, so don’t talk about Aries inability to trust without looking in your own backyard first. I am currently involved in a great new friendship with another Scorpio male I met, He made it clear the other night his feelings run deeper than that, but wants us to take things slow, and that’s because neither of us are teenagers anymore, and we’ve both been down the road of despair when it comes to relationships. We both know trust is important, and neither of us want to ruin what we have. So don’t take the ram by the horns if all you’re going to do is mess with the head. Because that is why we become argumentative. Not just for the sake of it. I am also a very faithful and honest person, who totally gets the space a Scorpio needs. If both are honest with each other from the get go, then there will never be much to argue about. I think the two signs connect rather well, and not just on a sexual level. I think they go much deeper than that, but only when Scorpio opens up and is honest. If he starts playing mind games, or goes silent simply to test a person, then they don’t deserve the love or trust of a loyal and loving Aries, or anyone else for that matter.

    • pretty nikki July 4th, 2017

      Well said, I am currently dating a Scorpio and we are taking it one day at a time but everything your saying has been us, so far. I’m zero tolerance for any bs from any signs lol. It’s what the two people make out of any situation.

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      the sound of silence. your pretty judgemental of scorpio. Your comment about looking into the eyes, the port of the soul, i don’t agree with. It does not make one a coward just not a fool to fall into those beautiful eyes before hearing what the other person is saying-respect. the self refection is important, but before you disregard the deep mind of scorpio remember just because you think you understand someone else doesn’t necessarily make it so….absolute statements of not ‘deserving’ love based on your conditions is very selfish and immature. Observations of a scorpio male.

      • tom July 15th, 2017

        btw he hasn’t told you everything lol

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      btw He hasn’t told you everything. lol

    • Steve July 17th, 2017

      I am a scorpio man in my 50’s. I’ve never cheated in any relationships, ever. As for silence, when I go silent, it’s either because I think the person that I’ve put my trust in may be untrustworthy and I need to figure that out, or because I’ve made a mistake and I’m working on how to apologize / fix the situation. The only characteristics I’ve found that are correct about the scorpio man on these kinds of websites is that I am fiercely loyal, and am more passionate than most. I tend to trust easily, giving people the benefit of the doubt. All that said, I am a person of faith, a Christian, so my view of right and wrong is pretty strong and has a direct effect on my behavior and decisions. Hope that helps someone to understand that trying to fit 6 billion people into 12 categories isn’t going to be the end all in an accurate view of us.

  52. ramgirl October 3rd, 2016

    I am an Aries woman. Seeing a Scorpio man over three years. We both are married and having this intense affair.  I’ve tried many times to break up this relationship cos the intensity of it is driving me mad. He refuses to let me go. The passion we share is scorching. I love him very much. This relationship got tested many times but we come back stronger in our love whenever we apart. He does love me. I am an emotional wreck when I dont hear from him. Being the strong women that we are, this man is definately my weakness. I even surprise myself that I give in to him so easily which is typically not me.
    Please advise as I dont think I can go on anymore with these feelings. I rather have him all to myself or let him go. Love has no middle ground.

    • AriesndaRain December 23rd, 2016

      Guuurrrll. We love hard and bore easily. Of course you love him, 3+ years is a long time ma’am. But those Scorpio men are hard to resist! Sheesh!

    • arieschick February 17th, 2017

      are u still seeing him?

    • Scorpio with a huge cock February 25th, 2021

      How to look at yourself in the mirror? Infidelity is the worse of the worse

  53. queenbee23 March 13th, 2016

    @ariesgal1 girl i love my fellow aries because we think just alike lol i love pisces alooot they calm my fire down lol but  i do believe depending on how  the scorpio was raised he could be a great match for an aries but ive never dated one soo.. 

  54. daniellamiles February 19th, 2016


  55. moonlove December 19th, 2015

    My first love (and only love so far) was a typical Scorp. We were farming together on a program and he pursued me with such confidence it was hard to ignore. I tried to take things slow, but of course being an Aries girl that didn’t work at all and within weeks we were inseparable. His controlling nature drove me nuts, but I have a lot of cancer in me and I was able to handle his mood swings and obviously I liked feeling so needed by him. We basically spent three months rolling around in a tent together and got to know each other in an incredibly deep way, physically and emotionally. Despite being incredibly sensitive and romantic and passionate when he wanted to be, he didn’t always treat me right. I thought I was strong willed and stubborn, but he was so gosh darn manipulative he could get me to do anything. He turned me to mush, and he loved that he could do that to me, haha! We were so in love. We understood each other without words, in a way I had never experienced before. Unfortunately he was young and immature and still in school and at the end of the program we decided that a long distance relationship would be too hard (and by we I mean he) but that we would always be friends no matter what. Of course being the Scorpio that he is he decided to go all cold on me. He opted to go completely separate ways by ignoring me, even on my birthday. I gave him all my heart and he completely broke it in two. I was so hurt and felt like he wasn’t honest with me about wanting me in his life. I went through many stages of anger and sadness and it took me years to truly forgive him. As crushed as I was, he was the most passionate lover I’ve ever known. I hope to find another love like it from an older, more evolved Scorpio… or maybe i’m better off with a sign who won’t try to turn me into such a submissive partner. 
    If you can get past all the secrets and mind games and give yourself fully to him, a Scorpio man has the ability to make you feel like the most loved and appreciated woman that has ever walked on earth. Just make sure it’s the right timing and that he is in a healthy place mentally to commit to you. As sexy as they are, an immature Scorpio is quite a handful. Good luck Aries ladies! 

  56. Diamante October 19th, 2015

    I am an Aries female who fell madly in love with a Scorpio male 28 years ago. We had a fantastic relationship, but we lost each other due to family circumstances. We found each other again after 26 years of absence and the feeling we both had for each other never faded! He is absolutely amazing!  And I am still madly in love with my Scorpio man!

  57. Goddess101 May 4th, 2015

    Well, someone famous i am sorry about your negative view on THIS Aries woman. Sounds like she may have been born on a cusp, LOL. Also, seems like you got this woman during the WORST time in her life. One thing I have realized is our signs seem to be somewhat subjective. I hate that when i get to meet someone, i shortly ask them what day is their birthday! Most of them just respond without realization of what i am doing, lol. I am a Aries Woman born on April 10th, ive been told I am the epitiome of a Aries woman. Which I use to despise because of my more masculine nature and being overly ambitions and somewhat of a empath. Im awfully smart and EXTREMLY DEEP. I have been told this on a number of times, which also prevents myself from freely running in and out or relationships or others beds. I do have a talent to write, which is conjured up from dramatic that build up in my head and the best outlet is poetry. /ive also been told that I have many layers to me. In addtion to this, I have a twin sister. We are so diffrent it drives me crazy! I wish she were more ambitious and goal oreiented like myself. I decided to  post one of my poems, which is a common thing for me, in hopes of changing your mind on this aries thing that is going on.

    A treasure chest representing my chest
    And the key was all along your hands.
    Diamonds and gold are within my soul
    Blinded by the light ill allow only you to see

    Look in my eyes and get lost in my thoughts
    Like a trance you will fall so heavily
    Listen to my words and ill caress your thoughts
    Any limitations we’ll pass so regardlessly
    We stand far apart time and space in between
    But when we connect we become the secluded
    We started out as two but then the space disappeared
    And soon the word us was included                
    Looking for something we thought we never find
    We fell in love and discovered each other
    Quenched a thirst that we could no longer bare
    But we tipped the cup for one another
    Looking for a fountain that never existed
    But the youth we discovered in each other


  58. RaychelC April 11th, 2015

    Astrology is very interesting and I find it accurate on many levels where basic traits are concerned, but obviously we need to be careful not to pigeon-hole everyone by their sign alone.
    I’m a very Aries woman, and in the last 12 years, I have been in 2 relationships, each lasting about 6 years. First guy was a Virgo, second was a Taurus.
    I did not cheat on either of these men, though I will say I was a bit hard on the Taurus. He was a little slow and liked to ask me the same question 10 times a day, which burned through my patience and led to some outbursts on my part.
    This notion that every Aries will bail the moment things cease to be a thrill though? Come on now. We’re dismissing the loyal, devoted nature of the Aries woman when she actually loves someone and has decided to be in a serious relationship.
    We’re nothing if not loyal and honest.

  59. DJJ65 March 30th, 2015

    I was with a Scorpio woman last year for 2 months and she was just the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life and i’m 49. I blew it because I had demons i needed to clear up from my marraige. We split up and I really hurt her. If i could change it I would. Now i’m in a better place if i had the chance to make things right, i would.
    Us Aries men are so immature at times and our insecurity kills everything that’s good. If we can overcome these problems then we are the most faithful and loyal of all the signs (in my opinion). 

  60. Alpharies January 29th, 2015

    Reading all these posts about the mutual love between our signs makes me so happy! Except that sag female who went off about us… Just stop, you’re an embarrassment. Any who, I love my scorpio! He loves me for everything I am and everything I have yet to be. He’s encouraging and sensitive and affectionate. He does get flirty and my jealousy goes through the roof but he assures me I have his heart. I’m not going to lie, we’ve really had issues And because of them I have been unfaithful.. With other scorpios and a Capricorn. May I add Capricorn men are seriously horrible humans. But Robert, you make every day worth living. Eternally in my heart, soul, and mind. Thank you for being a once in a life time man and loving me when I cannot. 

    • Scorpio with a huge cock February 25th, 2021

      You’re horrible for cheating!

  61. sister11 January 26th, 2015

    Scorpio sounds like you were burned by just one woman.. you limit yourself by saying all aries women are like her. maybe you wrote this out of anger.. in case you have a thing against women in general, as far as emotional, psychological, intellectual, spiritual depth, what does Abraham Maslow, joseph campbell, milan kundera, garry kasparov, rene descartes, harry houdini, vincent van gogh, akira kirosawa, william wordsworth, muddy waters and heath ledger have in common? they are all aries..  we are all reaching for similar things in our own way.. for an aries, if it or he/she is going to be part of our lives, there has to be room for spiritual growth, deeply rooted emotional bonds, soufulness, we are well aware of what it takes for two people to enter into such a bond and most of us understand what is at stake without ego, when we join our lives to another, it is usually with eyes wide open.. so maybe you didn’t give what she needed, she saw that and pushed you away, you obviously weren’t very interested in what she had to offer so you left.. it’s that easy. I would say this applies to every sign, but who you fall in love with is as important as how much in love you actually are in.. Aries women are not simple creatures, they are looking for the same thing you are, for their soul mates, the one love of their life, not just a social financial contract, a ring on their finger or a sperm donor.. they are very thoroughly looking into you as well as at you, if it isn’t there, it just isn’t there.. just shut up about how she didn’t fall for your silly trick and keep it moving.

  62. someone_famous October 20th, 2014

    Now, I’m about to be in your face and tell you that they say “Scorpio, you’ve met your match in an Aries.” You’re shitting me. It’s far from the truth. Scorpio is too deep for Aries to even understand the surface of. Aries distrusts too much for Scorpio’s liking. No matter how committed a Scorpio is with his Aries woman, she finds silly reasons to doubt this man’s integrity. Eventually, she does realize how ridiculous her anger is most of the time, but by then it’s too late. She’s hurt the Scorpio too badly, and he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Scorpio eventually gets tired of the daily anger and uncontrolled mean behavior and finally decides to cut ties ruthlessly. That’s when the cold side comes into play—the “I give no f*ck” feeling. It’s not an action—it’s a response. Aries cannot handle Scorpio—just too miserable around a Scorpio. Period. 
    I’m a Scorpio and if you’re an Aries woman, either learn to trust or find yourself someone “trustworthy.” Real trust and honesty is not your cup of tea.

  63. ramgirl October 17th, 2014

    I am an Aries woman. Worked for a Scorpio boss for 7 years. During this time i fell in love with him and did not confess to him. Eventually I decided to leave work cos I could not handle this emotional feeling I had for him. We both were married and I knew it was a dead end situation for me. 5 months later after i left work  I still could not get him out of my mind, in fact my feelings were more intense. So being the aries women that we are to make the first move, i plucked up the courage to call him and ask him out.  He agreed to see me. The intense attraction between us was amazing. All along he was feeling the same towards me but never confessed to me. …..we are now four months into this on/off relationship and we have seen each other 3 times only. When he is on his emotional high he tells me how much he loves me …but most of the time when i want to see him, he says he is busy. When I ignore him for a week or so, he gets all emotional and pours out his heart to me then.  The following day hes back to his cold self.  I love him but should I hold on to this man. I think he is afraid of his feelings for me. I cant see myself going on like this continously as I am more miserable than happy. Even though I am strong headed I am really vulnerable to this man. When he says he loves me he shows it with so much intensity and I get all weak. The next day when i call him he sounds like we are just casual friends like the love he confessed the previous day did not mean anything. oh God….I am really losing my mind. please help me…….

    • Pretty October 14th, 2021

      can we get an update on this situation please?

  64. AriesBlonde October 1st, 2014

        If a man is physical with a man, he is lying to himself when he is trying to be with a woman. He probably cares for you, but I think he is gay honey. You may want to look elsewhere.

  65. AriesBlonde October 1st, 2014

    I need some advice. I am an Aries woman, completely in love with a Scorpio man. I have known him for 18 + years off and on. We have recently rekindled and starting dating for the first time. It started it off with alot of romantic talking and sweet dates. Now we are physical. It is amazing everytime more than the last. However, I am very aggressive when I know what I want. He seems to be pulling back. He wants space, but when he sees me he acts like I am his. I am really confused and don’t know if I should continue this. 2 months in.

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      take your time girlie! i know we are dynamite in the sack but we are like wild horses if you really wanna ride gotta put some oats in the pen know what i mean?

  66. kokoa September 20th, 2014

    I am and Aries female and I’m dating a Scorpio male. He told me he likes me a month a ago when we went out for drinks. After he told me he likes me he also told me he has had sex with male and females and was also in a relationship with a male. Before hearing this information I got to really know him first. I really like him his personality is great and I love being around him. We also work together. After I found out this information it bothered me but it didn’t bother me the way I think it should. Still love being around him, and we spend a lot of time together. But I’m used to a manly man. There are things do and ways he acts that throws me extremely happy that he was honest with me. Because he didn’t have to tell me that information. But a lot of my coworkers have asked me if he is gay. And that really bothers me. I really like this Scorpio male. We haven’t had sex. We are taking it very slow. He also hasn’t had sex in two years because of a traumatizing situation which was with a girl. But we do kiss and make out and touch. lol……..what the hell do I do.

  67. Ss-forever July 25th, 2014

    I am aries girl. I met scorpio man almost 2 years ago. Iwas 22 yo, and he was 32 yo. We met as senior and junior in our workplace, he was flirting on me. I’m wasn’t interested first cz I think he was married. He hang out with his friends, looks like a bunch of married men. From his looks, I think his age was 27 or 28 yo. But then, he starts to ask me out. He told me that he was single, and 10 years apart from my age. I never dated much older guy before, so I’m not sure I want this relationship or not. Considering that he was single, than I’m agreed to go out with him.
    It was turned out amazing. He is amazing man. We matched so well. He is wise, he gave me everything, his time, his love, his attention. I felt comforted, safe, and joyfull. After 8 month of our relationship, I knew that he is an orphan, and all of his sibling already married except him. Then he asked me to met my parents. Seems like my parents agreed of our relationship. I was happy, my life seems so perfect with him. We already talk about marriage, and planned our future together. Every single day he proposed me to become his wife. Really, he made me as the happiest girl in this world.
    Then came a disaster. Someday, when I was eat with my friend, she told me that there was someone who need to talk to me. A woman came to me, she started telling some story, about my scorpio man. She said that he is married and already have a child. He never go home since met me. His wife live in another city. Sthen she showed me a picture or his wife and his child.
    I was so heartbroken then. My heart was so sick that I couldn’t stop crying, I couldn’t eating or sleep. I’m so mad at him. I told him that I knew everything oabout him, that he lied. I’m so desperate and I even think about kill myself.
    For few days I felt like a zombie, no matter what I did, those hurt feeling always there. Then he met me, he tried to explained everything. He apologized to me.he told me that he was married 3 years ago, but it wasn’t a happy marriage. He saw that his wife was cruel to him. She pushed him everyday to make lots of money, not allowed him to met his friends anymore, and it become worsed when his wife was pregnant, she was easyly get angry, then she hit him, bite him, even kick him out of their home. Until someday when his wife bite him, he hit his wife. That was the first time he said divorce to his wife. They was separated few days, knowing this their family tried to get their back together. He thought about it, considered about his little child then he choosed to go back and tried. But his wife never changed, she looks like good person outside with other people, but at home she acted like she was. That’s why when he get an opportunity to work in another town, he took it. That’s when he met me and never look back. The only thing that he regrets is he left his child. He love his child so much, want to take her to live with him, but his wife won’t allowed it.
    He told me that I have very different personality from his wife. That’s why he can’t leave me, he wants me and ask for another chance to built happy family with me if I want.
    That time, someday his wife came and want to met me. I was alone back then, didn’t want to see him or his wife, or anyone. But his wife keep tried, even come to my house. I was so annoyed, I went to his house told him that his wife annoying me keep telling me that he is bad, that he is impulsive and like hit people. And suddenly, he went to his wife want to divorce. That night he really submit the divorce paper to the law court. He proposed me again, but I couldn’t answer it.
    My feelings get better day by day. He still want to marry me. We met sometime, hang out together too. But I’m affraid to start again. I want to give him second chance. Its true that he is impulsive, easily get mad over little things, kind of perfectionis guy, a bit ocd. But I’m never talked back when he was angry, that’s why her angry quick dissappear. He will apologise to me cz he mad. He never hit me. I’m a sloppy girl he knows it, seems like everything I do is bothered him cz he is perfectionis. But he accept me just the way I am. And I knew back then, eventhough he lied about his background, everything that he did to me and his feelings that’s true.
    But I’m too affraid to take him back to my life. Until now, he won’t give up to marry me.. What shoul I do?

  68. Aries418 June 23rd, 2014

    Hi im a Aries girl only 23 but seeing a scorpio and me what i think you did expressing your feeling was not a bad idea so dont even allow yourself to think that… Thats what aries want for a man to express how they feel about us we love attention man i wish i can get my scorpio guy to tell me how he feel its like hes scared or something…Ok wen a Aries love or like we like hard in theirs nothing that will stop us from giving u us a @

  69. Aries418 June 22nd, 2014

    Hi im a Aries woman and i met this guy about 2 1/2 weeks ago and we hit it off  right away and at the time i was some what trying to figure out if i wanted to be with my shitty ass ex Libra…so i told the scorpio man all about me and the Libra and he was ok with it  and i have never been so quick to like someone like i like the him (Scorpio) So i was at home one day chilling with my scorpio and my ex (Libra) called and said that he was coming to get some stuff he had left at my house so i was like ok cool come get it and when he came to my house i let him in and that was the worst thing i could ever do because we got to arguing right in front of my Scorpio friend which made him very uncomforable an left an my ex did not want to leave my house so he ended up staying the night but that night all i can have on my mind is scorpio friend an it made me relieaze that i want to give us a try and sex is AMAZING between me and Scorpioand one day i go to his house to get my clothes i left over there and i see him and another chick laying down with each other my first thoughf was to get out before i loose it and what i dont get is he dont talk about his emotions or how he feel it like pulling muscles from a shell And i dont know if really like me or not because one minute he this way next minute he that way so i dont know but what i do know he not use to a girl like me im honest an straight forward an another thing he normally date older chicks and i really want to be with this guy we make mistakes and we both for gave each other so someone give me their feedback

  70. Mistyc810 June 22nd, 2014

    I have been married to two scorpios in my life. I’m 51 now. Both marriages have been rocky and miserable due to how controlling scorpio can be. The LOML was Pieces, by but he left because he couldn’t take my spontaneity and fiery temperament. I have no answers except that Aries woman are hard!!
    aries woman

  71. Scorpio84 June 7th, 2014

    Okay, so this is embarassing to me as I typically don’t ask for advice because of my pride, but I need some advice from an Aries lady. I’m the typical Scorpio man. And she the Aries woman. I’m 29 and she is 20. We started a relationship about 2 months ago. And I have to say that me being the typical Scorp male, I instantly fell for her and she for me. The first couple of weeks, everything was great. Constant texting, talking and flirting back and forth. The sex was absolutely amazing. She submitted like no other woman that I’ve come across. I met her family and she told me that she loved me and since I had met her family that she was going to keep me. Then everything started to fall off. Her texts came less frequently, and she became more distant and independant like an Aries woman is. I knew something was on her mind, and subtly hinted to the fact that I knew something was bothering her. I knew slightly about her past relationships with different men of different signs. Apparently the biggest difference was that I was not what she expected me to be, which is obnoxious and immature like most of her past love interests. Then came the weekend that she told me that she didn’t know what she wanted. Even though before then she told me that she was very happy with me, and had even told me that she loved me after only a month of being together. She told me that we spent too much time together even though we were only able to spend the weekends together. And told me that we were moving too fast. Even though she had told me she loved me and honestly stole the words from my lips. These last couple of weeks or so, she has rarely spoken to me, and when she did it would be one word answers. Though I was able to get from her that she was scared to be in a relationship because her fiance before me cheated on her and she wasn’t able to adopt the child that she was trying to adopt. So she had been very hurt about these things. I’m not sure how long ago this was. I told her that I understood this and wanted to show her that I wasn’t going anywhere and would never hurt her intentionally. One minute she was intensely happy, and the next minute, she overthought and secondguessed her happiness and now only wants to be friends. We spoke for the first time tonight in a week when I asked her what her status was about on a social media site. I understand her issues and reservations of being in a relationship, and want to help her through them by showing her that I’m not like any of her past relationships and will not hurt her intentionally by any means. I cannot help but think about her daily, and even looking at her/our pictures in my phone only increases my love for her. I am in love with her, and I don’t want to frighten her and try to push. I do want a relationship with her more than anyone else in the world as she has stolen my heart. But with her second guessing and over analyzing herself, her insecurities, and reservations, I don’t know if this is possible. She said tonight that she doesn’t want me to expect anything or get attached because she doesn’t want to hurt me again. As I obviously was when she ended it. Though I’m already attached, even more than she knows. How can I get her to let me in? I feel like she is running away and there is nothing I can do to stop her…

    • Gytrdunn694me October 19th, 2018

      you were to easy to fall in love with her and she did not respect you cuz of it and i think something else is going on with you that you did not disclose cuz you do not like losing so you are saving face for some reason and she was probably not old enough to adopt a child and they have such great excuses for getting what they want cause we are gullible and expect everyone to be honest like we are but they are not. They enjoy the chase unless they love you deeply and even though they fall in love quickly they also can fall out of it quickly, like if they even have a thought that you are cheating like if you flirted with any woman or girl they melt down on you instantly if they become jealous unless they are already in there deep love mode. And Aries have never been loved the way a Scorpio Male loves everyone they love so it takes a while for them to accept our love, did you ever challenge her about anything they will not tolerate anyone challenging them. Or talking about anyone’s good traits they are so sensitive about stuff that you can betray them without knowing it cuz they are nothing like any other woman in the world you have ever known.

  72. Scorpio84 June 7th, 2014

    Okay, so this is embarassing to me as I typically don’t ask for advice because of my pride, but I need some advice from an Aries lady. I’m the typical Scorpio man. And she the Aries woman. I’m 29 and she is 20. We started a relationship about 2 months ago. And I have to say that me being the typical Scorp male, I instantly fell for her and she for me. The first couple of weeks, everything was great. Constant texting, talking and flirting back and forth. The sex was absolutely amazing. She submitted like no other woman that I’ve come across. I met her family and she told me that she loved me and since I had met her family that she was going to keep me. Then everything started to fall off. Her texts came less frequently, and she became more distant and independant like an Aries woman is. I knew something was on her mind, and subtly hinted to the fact that I knew something was bothering her. I knew slightly about her past relationships with different men of different signs. Apparently the biggest difference was that I was not what she expected me to be, which is obnoxious and immature like most of her past love interests. Then came the weekend that she told me that she didn’t know what she wanted. Even though before then she told me that she was very happy with me, and had even told me that she loved me after only a month of being together. She told me that we spent too much time together even though we were only able to spend the weekends together. And told me that we were moving too fast. Even though she had told me she loved me and honestly stole the words from my lips. These last couple of weeks or so, she has rarely spoken to me, and when she did it would be one word answers. Though I was able to get from her that she was scared to be in a relationship because her fiance before me cheated on her and she wasn’t able to adopt the child that she was trying to adopt. So she had been very hurt about these things. I’m not sure how long ago this was. I told her that I understood this and wanted to show her that I wasn’t going anywhere and would never hurt her intentionally. One minute she was intensely happy, and the next minute, she overthought and secondguessed her happiness and now only wants to be friends. We spoke for the first time tonight in a week when I asked her what her status was about on a social media site. I understand her issues and reservations of being in a relationship, and want to help her through them by showing her that I’m not like any of her past relationships and will not hurt her intentionally by any means. I cannot help but think about her daily, and even looking at her/our pictures in my phone only increases my love for her. I am in love with her, and I don’t want to frighten her and try to push. I do want a relationship with her more than anyone else in the world as she has stolen my heart. But with her second guessing and over analyzing herself, her insecurities, and reservations, I don’t know if this is possible. She said tonight that she doesn’t want me to expect anything or get attached because she doesn’t want to hurt me again. As obviously when she ended it, I was very hurt. Though I’m already attached, even more than she knows. How can I get her to let me in? I feel like she is running away and there is nothing I can do to stop her…

  73. Ariesastrolady February 24th, 2014

    I would like to comment on the first post from Skorpioux which I find nonsensical, laughable and hard to even sympathize with.
    I hope you don’t expect any of us women to actually feel sorry/and/or sympathy with your plight after you have said that in your opening line you have met the “love of your life” and you preface that with, “you are married and she has a boyfriend.”  How sickening.  If this were true, you would not be married and carrying on an affair with her and she with her boyfriend. Neither of you would be wandering off to the outskirts for flying and great sex in secret or making pacts while hiding your relationship from those you had made actual commitments to.  This is a sham to more than just your direct partners, but also to your selves and each other.  This is a fantasy and you go on to say “you would always be truthful to her.” You start your relationship on LIES! Yikes!  This, whatever it was was built on lies so countdown to self-destruct in T-minus 10 seconds No matter what the astrological signs! Oh and Mr. Scorpio..clandestine meetings..say it all! (ie.Not real/lie/phoney relationship. ) To finish, and i’m sorry but words like integrity and love of my life don’t belong in your pity message.
    Words like emotionless, ruin and destroy do. And finally “broke it off” after she realized you were a FRAUD! Glad one of you had some integrity after all and it wasn’t you, claiming to be truthful Skorpioux.

  74. 2nd-decan-Aries January 2nd, 2014

    Stay away from Scorpio men my Aries women! Don’t fall for their manipulation and tricks. Scorpio men are liars and love playing games.  Save yourselves some heartache and always doubt their intentions! Scorpions are forbidden fruits. They are very tempting and provocative. Don’t allow yourself to be poisoned by them! They are equivalent to sagitarrius men who are wishy washy once they have a catch. They will fish all day and throw the fish back into the sea. They are masters at pouring out sweet seductive words and desires as bait to catch you. Never truly appreciating and cherishing what they have unless you are a master at playing the game to eat his bait and releasing yourself to swim back in the sea. He will be disappointed and try to intensify his baits again to catch you then fry you. They will in ways imply promises of eternal romance but dont count on that aries ladies. Scorpio men are less than honest and open. Once again, forbidden fruits that are nice to look at and should be yeild with caution and protective armor. Respect and preserve your innocence. A warning for the sake of Aries innocence!

  75. ariesana December 30th, 2013

    aries woman 29 madly in love with my scorpio youngsta 21 yes i know imacougar!! lol i honestly dont know what i would do without him!! i been with sagittarius & theres just something about my scorpio!!’ i read alot that the attraction between our signs has alot to do with our eye contact which is true!! it sets off some kind of spark that will always stay lit between us!! i love looking into his eyes & the passion that he makes me feel is beautiful!!! no guy has ever made me feel so free!! i love my scorpio!!

  76. JaeSmitty November 19th, 2013

    I’m a Scorpio male(20) and I’ve dated an aries female(21). Our relationship was a long distance relationship, and it started off like any other scorpio – aries relationship, we hit it off big time. Let me try and example how unique this experience was for me. At first I wanted to take things very slowly, like just try and get to know her and feel her out or whatever, but that wasn’t the case. After a few days of doing nothing but talking to her all day I found myself have intense feelings for this person. There would be sometimes where one of us would say something that the other was thinking( Like Idk why but all I want to do is give you all my attention and love). For a few months things were solid, we both were so inlove with one another. It was like the love I was looking for, and I would do anything to keep it. Things started to calm down between us, but we had intensity in our relationship just not so much of it. She was becoming more distant because of her job, she got a promotion and we couldn’t talk as much anymore. I understood how her career comes first so I wouldn’t get upset, I just do my own thing til we could spend some time together. Now before I move on with my experience I need to give you guys this one good piece of information. Before we got so serious I asked her if she had a facebook or anything and she said no she’s too busy for things like that and they cause too much drama. I found that odd but i left it alone. I begun to find her being so distant because of work kind of suspecious. She use to always spend me photos of her. My iphone tells me the location of which photos were taking. So I search the locations of which her photos were taking and i ended up finding her on facebook. It turned out she had a different last name, was still in high school(so she lied about her age), and she was dating someone else( she was dating this person way before we started talking). I was devastated when i saw this. I never felt so betrayed in my life. so I waited awhile to see if she would come out and tell me herself about who she really was. That never happened so I ended up telling her myself that I knew. I sat to myself for ahwile thinking about what I wanted to do and do I still really want to be with her. So I told her even after knowing what I know i still want to be with her and still deeply love her. After i told her all that I needed to say and All that i knew she wouldn’t talk to me. She wouldn’t tell me how she felt about the whole situation. It was like she completely shut me out. So one day I had enough of being ignored so I told her, I was unhappy and I felt like she was unhappy and all i wanted is for her to be happy so I feel like the only to fix this is for me to get out of her life. That night was when she decided to talk to me, we fought but she ended up changing my mind about leaving, but yet still refused to tell me how she felt about the situation. She continued her thing of not talking to me. I soon felt like I was not important to her at all. Well my birthday came up and I was really hoping to hear something from her, but it never happened. I was devastated again so made the decision again to call it off, but this time I was not gonna let her talk me out of it. So it happened i broke up with her but i still love her and yet my feelings are growing stronger for her and it sucks because i know right now we cant be together but all i think about her. If there is no way this can be. Can someone shed some light on this to help me see things in a clear perpective because I’m very confused. I’ve also started dating someone else and i cant give her my all if it’s left with someone else and I want to be true to this person, but my feelings for this aries is just so strong.

  77. Ariesinthesun October 29th, 2013

    I am an aries in her forties I spent 20 wonderful years with a Capricorn man… He passed away several years ago. I have dated a lot of men but none captured my attention or heart until a year ago. I met a scorpio man.
    We met on an online dating site and had sex on our first date… not sure how it happened…I am a firm believer in monogamy before sex.. 
    He lives  2000 miles away most of the year and owns a vacation home near by.
    We spent 3 months together. What started as a purely sexual relationship eventually turned into friends with benifits. Right before he was heading home for 6 months things started to change. Our superficial conversation turned into sharing more intimate and personal things. After sharing details with me about his divorce, family ect., he took a huge step back and I didn’t hear from him for a week.
    I knew I was developing feelings for him and decided to end whatever was that was going on Between us. He went home… I moved on, dated a few men, and eventually decided I was going to give up dating to focus on other things. I hadn’t given the Scorpio a thought  for 6 months…    
    A week after proclaiming I was not dating… I had 3 past men contact me. I ended up seeing the aries and quickly remembered why things ended….and you guessed it….heard from the Scorpio.
    He was coming for a visit in 6 weeks. We had a few conversations that consisted of small talk about things going on in our lives. He arrived in town, we met, had great conversation, and I made it clear we wouldn’t be having sex. We spent the night together fully clothed and actually just went to sleep…
    .A few days later we repeated the evening but talked about our past relationships, he told me he was planning to permanently move here in a year, when his last child was in college. We had another sexless sleepover and spent the next day together.  
    We had the most intimate conversations ever… We chatted about our families, my late husband, spiritual beliefs and what we were looking for in a relationship. He shared a lot of personal info. with me I witnessed him cry after receiving good news from his son. We never discussed “us” though. He commented on how great of a day we had and said he never had a conversation like that with exwife in 15 years of marriage. We had sleepover #3 with no kissing, touching or sex. When I left in the morning we hugged, he kissed my cheek, said he would call me later, and made tentative plans for that night… I didn’t hear from him until late in the day…he said he was tired and going to bed… The next day he didn’t call at all… He flys home in a two days and has made no attempt to spend as much time as possible with me.
    He is  coming back in a few weeks. I have no doubt I will hear from him sometime between now and when he comes back. I am not sure if he is interested, but pulls back after sharing emotional intimacy…. Or “he is just not that into me”
    I am uncertain if I should have patience or let him go from my life. 
    I am a text book aries women with one exception…. I am an organized neat freak!… I can’t figure out if this Scorpio is trying to play me or if I am just witnessing his traits… In a true aries fashion. I need his full attention and if I don’t get it… Can find it somewhere else. Any comments welcome(:

  78. AforAries October 20th, 2013

    @TheScorpioAngelhi, I’m sorry to hear about the whole situation…being an aries..we can be a little weird about not expressing ourselves through words…but through time and space….what is probably going through her head is that she may be concerned about her freedom and independence. We tend to cling on to those two concepts the most. I guess because we like our space to be ourselves without feeling like we are limited to being told what to do and how to live our lives. Since your still in your mid-twenties… your best bet , if your still interested in being more than friends, but are willing to take it slow…which I know sounds weird considering we can be impulsive…but the secret to us is that when it comes to matters of the heart and living forever with someone that’s a whole different matter…. That is something we take our time with especially when it comes to marriage. At least by my point of view… We love to be loved and adored, that’s a given… but you have to take it slow. This is her test for you perhaps…give her the space, don’t push it and I know its hard but try not to dwell on it..enjoy her company and take things slow… think of it as a test of your enteral love…she could be testing to see if it’s true eternal love or just a crush… you have to prove yourself, she not just gonna hand over her heart to you. You have to show and prove to her that you are more than capable of guarding her with your life, willing to give all of yourself to her…and protect her in your arms for the rest of her life with all of your being and all of your true unconditional and eternal love to her and only her until death due you part of course you must remember that is only if you are the one for her. If you are willing to wait and slowly prove to her how you will always be there for her regardless, then there is a possibility of her being swept of her feet and completely wrapped up in your arms willingly… but you must still remember she is naturally a independent, freedom loving individual who loves to be social and loves to be loved and adored.  There is no need to ever be jealous or insecure once an aries is in love they are devoted partners. Dont stress to much and dont stress her… just romance her, go on simple causual dates, talk and make her laugh and smile all the time. Help her to relax and know she can be her complete self around you. Share some of who you are with her…dont be too distant because she’ll feel insecure and put up a wall. hope this helps and good luck…   

  79. TheScorpioAngel October 15th, 2013

    Any Aries females who can give me some advice or viewpoint on my matter?
    I just need to know from their viewpoint what I should do 🙁

  80. TheScorpioAngel October 15th, 2013

    I honestly don’t know because everyone’s situation is different. Your alot older than me, I’m only 22 (23 soon) and she is 24.
    But in my case I think she has already moved onto another guy…. even though I did nothing wrong, except for telling her how I feel.
    People say once you hurt an Aries they are done forever but I’ve read some of these comments and they say otherwise. 
    It probably depends on how it ended for you 2 and if she still cares about you and is willing to give it another go you cannot force her to but maybe wait and see I would send her a message saying you miss her though and about the good things between you two because I don’t think she would send first but if she doesn’t reply then maybe she is done.
    But don’t take my advice completely because honestly don’t know since I cannot give both sides of view.
    I would prefer an Aries female to give their opinions on the matter because I want to see if from their point of view if there is still hope in my case because I have done nothing wrong. She might end up with this guy and just knowing this kills me but even though I know that it could happen I would still wait for her… if it didn’t workout between them I would be still there for her. It’s just the way I am….

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      immature scorpio she’s gone man find out who you are and stop being a fill in the blank lol

  81. Scorpiusdeus October 15th, 2013

    So are you saying that even though she claims she has “fallen out of love with me” and that she won’t even speak to me now after two months that there is still hope?  I should just let her be and let her come to me?  Give her time and she’ll come around?
    It ended very badly between us and I’m loosing hope, but I so badly want to belive there is hope.

  82. TheScorpioAngel October 15th, 2013


    I can not get the Aried love out of my head.  my heart feels like she is the only woman I will ever love the way I loved her.  My heart is broken and I fear it will be broken forever.  I feel like my life’s dream of a total and true love has passed me by.  Scorpio men, don’t ever play with an Aries woman unless you want heartbreak.

    2nd update and this is how it ended for me….
    I gave her everything my heart/mind/body/soul and I even was willing to regret my family for her but she completely went cold at me and instead of telling me the truth as to why she did not want me anymore she just made up excuses when none of them made any sense to me. As scorpiusdeus mentions I also don’t think I could love anyone else as much ever again she will always belong to my heart…
    My advice to any scorpio male that is in love with an aires woman would be not to tell her how you feel about her but be there for her giving her space now and again and make sure you are honest and open about yourself but don’t say everything at once. She will eventually unfold to you and will make the first move, don’t not make the first move let her. Also being patient with an aries woman is a virtue even though she is impatient the relationship will work better if she has the control.

  83. ariesgal1 September 25th, 2013
    A relationship between an Aries and a Scorpio is very passionate and energetic because they are both active and dynamic. Aries and Scorpios can both be quite full of themselves and have strong sense of individuality. This could either build the relationship or tear it down. 
    One of the main problems between a Scorpio and an Aries is mutual anger and a natural quarelling instinct. For a Scorpio, managing the anger is nearly impossible because they are stubborn and do not like to forget issues related to their emotions and heart while an Aries is willing to forget it after sometime. However, Aries and Scorpios make a very good team because Scorpios love the aggressive nature of an Aries and Aries adore the secretive and passionate nature of a Scorpio.
    Scorpios are drawn to the Aries self-confidence, strength, and aggressiveness while Aries are drawn to Scorpios passion , sense of adventure and excitement, and sexual appeal. The fact that Scorpios tend to be extremely mysterious baffles an Aries and leaves them determined to discover more. 
    The relationship completely falls apart when it comes to Aries want to control everything and Scorpios insanely jealous nature. Fights quickly arise due to Scorpios raging jealousy. In many relationships, Aries women are victimized by Scorpio men due to the fact that he cannot handle how close the Aries woman is to other men. 
    For the relationship to work: Control aggressiveness and jealousy, try not to dominate one another.
    What will tear them apart: Aggressiveness, Jealousy, Domination, and Lies (Scorpio males tend to lie a lot).
    Side note for Aries women: Scorpio men are EXTREMELY power thirsty and seek total control of their spouses. Many times, these relationships can become mentally/emotionally/and even physically abusive. Scorpio men are very charming which will lure you in. However, it is quickly shown that these individuals are normally jealous, possessive, and dominating. 

  84. ariesgal1 September 25th, 2013

    After reading some of these posts… I can see that scorpio and aries fall hard for each other but at the same time are easily hurt by each other. This was my instinct with this combo. I dont think each sign can truly describe the extent of the pain, anguish and hurt that comes from each other. In my observation I have truly seen aries women give their everything to a scorpio man- one of the few men who she gives totally everything to. I find that scorpio men can not see that because of whatever insecurities they have and most of the problems in the relationship are created because of their dramas. Aries woman are of sound character. The fire signs are the most decent and dignified of all the signs. This is a very objective, honest and unbiased judgement. The great qualities of the sun are expressed in aries, leo and sagittarius. The sun is dignified in leo and exalted in aries. The fire sign people are of a good moral character most of the time although there can be strong influence of other signs in the natal chart. I was and maybe am deeply in love with a Pisces guy who had alot of aries placements in his chart. I think his ascendamt is in scorpio but am not 100% sure but I think he has scorpio rising. I don’t think I’ve ever felt soo much for someone and I knew he felt very deeply for me.  He was a strong, confident and powerful Pisces. I think he had a strong scorpio influence as I could feel that energy. He had the bold, courageous and innocent Aries in him but there was also the powerful presence and energy of scorpio. I can relate especially when it comes to the depth and passion of feeling that is present. However, his sun was in Pisces and moon in Aries which allowed us to smoothly feel and relate to each other. Aries sun and scorpio sun might have a stressful relationship unless there are other influences in the personal charts. I related to my Pisces on a level that I don’t in all honesty think I will ever relate to anyone. Our relationship was innocemt, special and deep. I don’t think I will ever love anyone the way I loved him as he has the most precious part of my heart. Its his and will always be his. If I do love someone it will not be like the way I loved him but in another way. I can understand that when you truly love someone then no matter what happens that person will always have a special place in your heart. I relate very well to the fire signs and feel a strong connection with thesr guys. There innocent, childlike and postive nature draws me in. For the aries and scorpio combo I think the scorpio needs to swallow his pride, give the aries woman her freedom, be open, honest and fair. As for the aries woman I think you could give your reassurance to the Scorpio man. Scorpio please be honest and stop the manipulation! Remember an aries woman can give her true love anything… she will do anything for her man… she will be happy to do so no matter what it costs her. Though earning her love, respect and trust is a must! If you screw the relationship  then her heart can never truly belong to you cos after that she may never ever feel that something for you which made her put you above all rest, be willing to do anything and everything for you!

  85. TheScorpioAngel September 24th, 2013

    Follow up:
    So I gave her few days of space but when I tried to talk to her again she just kept on ignoring me probably because she wasn’t over what I said, I even asked her if what I said changed anything between us? She said nothing has change but the way she talked to me just didnt feel the same so I decided to give her 1 week of space to see if she would eventually would come round. After the week had past we started talking to each other like we used to but the only problem is it feels like she doesnt want to talk to me as much, she says she busy in the afternoon now so doesn’t have that much time anymore but she is always talking to this other guy now… like us Scorpios we get jealous and it’s hard for me to know this is happening.
    Is this guy competition now?
    Should I try harder to win back the Aries woman who I love?
    It feels as though I won’t be able to move on from her without knowing for sure how she feels about me.
    Anyone have any advice for me?

  86. Scorpiusdeus September 23rd, 2013

    I figure I should give you guys an update.  We went back and forth and it just got worse every time we talked.  We didn’t speak agin for almost two weeks and I was takign her advice to “move on”.  I had a date scheduled for that Friday night, out of the blue I start getting texts from my Aries love with wild accusations about me turning one of her friends against her.  I did nothing of the sort and I got pissed.  I went on the new date with an aquarius that Friday night, about 2 hours into the date the Aries shows up with her Ex boyfriend that she cheated on to be with me.  It ruined my night.  About midnight, I went classic Scorpio and sent her some horrible texts and emails.  I was so deeply hurt by seeing her out with her Ex I was insaen with rage and anger.  Long story short I pretty much nuked the relationship.  We’ve both said bad things about each other to our family and freinds.  I don’t see any chance it will ever go back.
    I’ve been seeing the Aquarius since and it’s…  challenging.  She’s a wonderful, beautiful, accomlpished woman and she is crazy about me, her kids adore me and it is all good except….  I can not get the Aried love out of my head.  my heart feels like she is the only woman I will ever love the way I loved her.  My heart is broken and I fear it will be broken forever.  I feel like my life’s dream of a total and true love has passed me by.  Scorpio men, don’t ever play with an Aries woman unless you want heartbreak.  They have tempers to match our own, but they are childish and can be brutally insensative.  Bad combo for a Scorpio, but one you are in their web, you can not leave without losing a limb or your heart.

  87. TheScorpioAngel September 11th, 2013

    I am a scropio male I had been friends with a Aries female for about a year and a half now. Only in the last 5 months we have gotten so close to one another and trust each about anything, we pretty much can tell each other everything about our lifes and love each other’s company.
    However I recently told her how I felt about her about how much I like her and wanted to spend my life with her but it seems like she has gone distant from me because of this and doesnt seem to be spending the same amount of time with me anymore and she never really talks much back to me anymore.
    Is there a way that we can work our relationship out? Should I wait and give her some space and see what happens or is this relationship doomed because I told her my feelings about her?

  88. AforAries August 23rd, 2013

    I’ve liked scorpios before, but its frightening to see the compatibility…. love as it is, is frightening or can be… I’m an aries by the way… I tend to over think almost everything…. ok yes everything… I get worried about… everything and stress a lot… but I love the idea of someone just being there for me, protecting me and loving me for who I am.. I know love is not easy and finding it is like finding a needle in a hay stack sometimes… I’m the kind of person that would rather think of a way out of a emtionally messy situation logically rather than analyzing how I really feel. I’ve been down the play it safe track… boring… don’t get me wrong I really do admire how the virgo is so loving, and funny… the tauras so sweet and caring, the saggitarius so outgoing and free spirited… but you just can’t compare how it feels to say I love you to someone who you know really means it from deep inside… someone who will go to the ends of the earth for you, someone who will make you blush and smile just by looking at you… I love when someone can make me laugh, think about what I need to improve on to make me a better person, love me unconditionally, tell me when we need to talk, let me know what’s wrong and want me their when he needs someone to talk too… please let me know if the scorpio is the totally wrong direction…

  89. AforAries August 22nd, 2013

    Don’t be sad, she loves you but your too sensitive right now. Talk to her even if she says no, send her flowers, love cards, romance her with complete love. Do not mention the wanting to be married, just accept what she wants. I understand you want to be married, so does she I suppose, but don’t give up on being with her. You love her, then be in love with her,don’t force her to marry you. Don’t ask or push it she’s already devoted to you, if she is, she’s never gonna leave you. Just accept what you have and maybe someday she’ll be open to marriage again. Marriage for an aries woman is so deep, and hurts to know when it doesn’t work out. Betrayal is the ultimate NO, whatever you do do not sleep with anyone else. No matter how hard it gets don’t give up, I can’t tell you how it may go or if it’ll work out. But when it comes to love its all about chance. Take the leap, aries women love that it’s like living in a fairytale I don’t care what age you are, pure true love is something that can over come anything. Just listen to your heart and be gental with her.

  90. AforAries August 22nd, 2013

    Hi, I know this must have been like a really long time ago, but I still think that it’s important to know that when you want an answer from a girl like an aries you gotta make the first move… you flirted with her first you have to step up and ask her on a simple romatic date.

  91. Scorpiusdeus August 21st, 2013

    Yes IF and only if you have not dated anyone else since.  If you’ve slept with even one other guy Scorpio is DONE with you forever and he will probalby be a very angry enemy for life.
    If you have not seen anyone else and really want your Scorp back, you have to woo him back, be loving and compliment him.  You are going to have to swallow some of that Aries pride and submit to him emotionally as a Scorpio desires to possess your sould, but as you’ve obviously already learned, it’s good to be possessed by a Scorpio.  🙂

  92. Scorpiusdeus August 19th, 2013

    Passsion Passion Passion, a double edged sword.
    I’m a Scorp male, she the Aries.  Total magnetic attraction at first sight.  I was in a relationship with a Leo her with a…  Sag.  We started out friends, but we were just putting off the inevitable.
    FF to now.  We have been dating seriously for 2 years now.  Sex is off the charts and when we are together it’s magical and perfect, BUT…
    When we are apart I miss her horribly, while she who is very driven, can go longer without seeing me.  We started off tlaking about marriage, she’s wavered back and forth.  Last week after a visit with her sister who is in a horrible marriage, I’m told that she no longer wants to get married.  I was heart broken.  She wants to date forever.  She’s 43, I’m 45.  We both have kids from previous marriages.  I want marriage BIG TIME!!!  
    I did the typical Scorpio thing and retreated to brood.  She, decided to let me twist and after five days (we see each other or speak daily) basicall said, she was fine with not hearing from me.  I, again, got super hurt and pissed and ended the relationship.  I immediately regretted it and tried to walk it back…  Now she’s pissed and I’m on the defensive.  Basically it’s only been a couple of days, but I feel like I’m dying inside.  She is my life’s dream and I’ve screwed it up.  
    We really blew up at each other verbally.  I both profess love, but immidiatly exchanged hurtfu barbs like it’s some damn WWF contest.  This is rare for us, but it’s happened before for the same reason.  
    Will she come back?  If not, will I recover?  We agreed to not speak for awhile, I think… I’m not really sure where we stand actually.  Taking a break?  I’ve never felt such feelings of love and rage all at teh same time.  Please advise.

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      Helping all you apparently weak scorpios making me sick. Stop being a bitch and be a strong man. A man is measured by his convictions big time.

  93. ARIESCHICK July 28th, 2013

    us Aries like DIRECT displays, if you wait too long, or play it too safe you will be friendzoned lol
    I once had a very attractive Gemini man grab my hand in a club, drag me through the place and after talking for a few min. and sharing a cigarette he kissed me- a virtual stranger. I was astounded but it was amazing. I didn’t know whether to be pissed off or turned on! it was ballsy that was for sure and I appreciated his no nonsense approach. he was engaged (still is) and we still talk ONLY as friends we never did anything but I’ll never forget that. Most guys don’t have the confidence to pull that off but I appreciate when they do. that being said, you need to be honest with her. stop bs’ing. The Scorpio guy that’s into me has pursued me for months and told me from the beginning that he wanted me. all we have ever done is kiss (initiated by me actually) but he liked it 🙂 I know he wants a relationship but I am not single but still, I love him to death so i don’t know what to do b/c my heart aches for him at times and I feel passion with him even though we have never had sex. TELL HER. More passionate the better, we LOVE passion and love feeling revered. I gotta tell you, I am not normally submissive but for this Scorp I might be. he makes me feel very secure and adored and in return, I let him get away with things I wouldn’t normally consider with other guys, I guess I trust him more. he tells me everything and we are good friends. with us Aries, I think trust and friendship are VERY important so you are already on your way  but you need to step it up and SOON! gl
    Aries woman 🙂

  94. ArianRose July 26th, 2013

    Hello All,
    I’m a younger Aries woman hopelessly infatuated with an older Scorpio man. He and I work for the same company, and have been flirting with one another for months. When reading the article, I noticed very similar traits in mine and his situation. This particular Scorpion, is the most infuriatingly attractive man I have ever meet… Unfortunately, he and I are in relationships with other people, and have a significant age difference between us… 23 years to be precise… Which is his primary concern. I’ve hinted to having drinks some time, and his reply was “I’m old enough to be your father.” This doesn’t bother me, but is a justified concern for him. I have also read other articles stating the Scorpion can be very interested, and lose interest very quickly. I don’t believe this is a “one-sided” situation as he tells me how “hot” he thinks I am. We also have very candid conversations at times. He has told me, on a couple occasions, that he will miss or missed me over the weekend when we’re not at work to see each other. I find myself very attracted to him. I’ve been trying to avoid him lately, to spare being hurt, but it is VERY difficult. The attraction is so magnetic that I find reasons or stupid questions that I can ask in order to be around him. It’s so frustrating! I’m trying to get over this crush, but the pull he has is dangerously alluring! If his main concerns are my age and our relationships, then why does he continue with his flirtatious nature towards me? He does flirt with others as I have seen, but I’ve never heard him say or do things he does too me to others. Help! 

  95. sugar-and-salt May 30th, 2013

    aries chicka (39) scorpio man (35)… we met at work he was my boss at my previous job.. i was serious with a Sag guy! i’ll just call my scorpio man ‘boss’ lol.. okay.. boss couldn’t keep his eyes off me at work.. and i can feel the sparks coming off of us, we can’t be in the same room, we can’t look at each other for any length of time, we can’t even accidentally touch because every time i got close to him for WORK the heat between us almost melted our clothes off. he was extremely attractive. Aside from this Boss and me get along well as friends on IM and email, we had a ‘decent’ friendly chemistry outside of the physical one, but boss seemed interested in mostly one thing. then one day I requested a document for him to sign in his office alone and his hand accidentally brushed my hand and that was it! His arms wrapped around my body and he pushed me between his desk and a extremely hard place! His mouth and hands were all over me and mine on his!!!! We couldn’t stop until we were both satisfied and we didn’t even have the decorum to stop because it was AT WORK! my screams could be heard I’m sure past his office door!! I thought we would get in trouble but thankfully nothing.. I felt ashamed because I was seeing a good man and boss wouldn’t hear it! He refused to let go of my hand took me home with him that night and he had me climbing the walls until the sun came up! I took the next day off from work with him and it still wasn’t enough. I felt joined at the hips! I called Sag and told him the truth, he was hurt like I predicted and took it hard and unfortunately (for me) I never heard from him again.. Boss tried to move into my house immediately, even though his place was nicer than mine.. he wouldn’t let me leave my house for a week! I wanted to move slowly but everytime I made the effort for the next 2 months it was fight after fight and then followed by the most passionate, crazy bed gymnastics (I couldn’t get enough of that but it was getting out of control). It made me feel like I got on the crazy train and needed to find my emotional balance again.. boss sensed I had a problem and started freaking OUT!!!! Suddenly the mind games started, my fb was monitored day and night, my phone calls were screened, he’s tracking my movements and when he’s not pissing me off he’s making me forget what he did… and even my family and friends are treated like murder suspects!!! I tell him my fears and he got quiet.. like I don’t know where this is going quiet. I wanted him to share his fears and frustrations with me, we end up breaking almost all of my dishes and then afterwards he finally opens up to me. It was a breakthru and i felt a connection and it was beautiful then at the end he flippantly mentions he was LIVING with someone?! what!!! I realized that’s why he was freaking out so much, but why was it a secret? He was holding me when I called Sag.. There’s more but it’s too much to get into. Once he realized I wasn’t trying to run away from him, the monitoring stopped thankfully. He told me he came from an abusive home and I instantly wanted to protect him. This amazing crazy scary hot relationship lasted all of 4 years then I decided I can’t take the rollercoaster anymore, I couldn’t get anything done! Sure he looked like he had it together, he was very secure on the outside and so amazingly powerful, his virility included, and we were so in tune with each other but I couldn’t ‘heal’ all the damage from when he was a kid, all the abandonement issues, the abuse situation, the mental instability, I got him to see a psychiatrist regularly and he started taking meds, but still even then, with my nurturing, the love of my family and friends, the whole time there were volcanoes, earthquakes, tornados and tsunamis going on inside him, it was still almost too much. He ended up cheating on me with a 50+ year old woman, THEN he tried to put a ring on it after but it was time to walk away for sanity sake. Scorp man will always be ‘my boss’ (we both got tattoos), and I will always deeply love him– at a distance, (because he managed to steal it a couple more times).. but I’m glad i didn’t get pregnant and sometimes… I wonder what might have been with a saner man.

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