Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

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Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility in 2021

Take some time as a couple to get away from the cares of your daily life in 2021. It may be necessary to go on a short trip back to the Scorpio man's childhood home and assist caregivers in repairs or purchases. Don't make any hasty decisions and encourage others to act sensibly as well. The Libra woman is interested in rekindling the romantic spark between you that's been dwindling due to so much stress. Make fun a priority and enjoy light hearted times together. Find new settings to really get to know each other again.

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Relationship - Complete Guide

Libra and Scorpio make a lovely couple especially if it is Libra woman and Scorpio man. Both of them value commitment and both are focused on togetherness, although in different ways! They have a lot to teach and to offer to each other. Finding a common ground can make things easy and commitment stronger in their relationship.

A Scorpio man is a man who is very deep. He is sensitive and fiercely suspicious. He is a person who has high values and uses his emotional intelligence for good purposes. While he has a reputation for being suspicious and vengeful, these are simply his darker qualities that only come out when he is personally experiencing a bad phase in his life. In a relationship, a Scorpio man is very caring and protective mate who always stands in front of his lady love to keep her safe from all the worldly problems. No one ever gets to know the full man, but he opens up more to his lady then would with others.

A Libra woman is the very portrait of soft, elegant femininity, bestowed with incredible social skills and is notoriously charming with an angel like smile. She is charismatic, altruistic, tactful, and has the talent of sweet persuasion. Libra female’s social talents are paired with a sharp, logical mind. People readily open up to her, and she can come to understand their feelings easily. Her loyalty is unparalleled and she has a wonderful grace to her style. In a relationship she usually proves to be a perfect match for almost any man because she gives him the supreme power and stays beside him to love and support his all deeds.

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Libra woman and Scorpio man makes a very charming and intense relationship with almost every melody of life in the proper tune. With her charisma and gentleness she impresses her Scorpio male so well that he finds nothing better than her closeness. She is remarkably cool and calm in a crisis, fiercely loyal, and cheerfully adaptable to change to help him reach his goals. She is woman in every sense of the word. She has a graceful sense of argument in that she can, and most likely wins whatever she gets herself into. She truly respects and admires her man for his strength, loyalty and dedication in all aspects of life. Though she tends to push him as she shows her masculine side and dominates the relationship but when watching him getting upset with this — she turns around and become completely submissive towards him leading into a happy relationship.

Scorpio man has this undeniable debonair aura to him that attracts the lovely Libra woman without even trying. To create a strong association he needs to stay determined and focused and she has to stay emotionally impartial. Trust is a big issue and must be a common ground between both of them. The importance of finances and material possessions is on a higher scale with this couple than it is with most other couples. Scorpio man always supports his Libra woman in all her endeavors. He is always so much in love at deeper level with her that he protects her fiercely and treats her like a princess showering her with lots of love and gifts. The bond between Scorpio man and Libra woman can be beneficial to them both with his confidence and her logic and intellect to fulfill their dreams.

Love of Scorpio man and Libra woman is like waking up on the softest cloud in the sky. Both Libra and Scorpio have very dynamic personalities to share with each other. They never suffer from boredom when they are together. They always provide one another with constant love and devotion which each one craves for. As their unison blossoms in the sunshine of love and vigor, he gives up his dominating attitude and embraces his lady love to protect her from all the emotional storms and she gives up her undue nagging to love and pamper her Scorpio man to make him happiest man on the earth. When madly in love with each other they create a fairy-tale romance which gives warmth throughout their lives making them the happiest couple of the world.

In the sexual relationship, the Scorpio man and Libra woman knows what the other one desires and with their devotion and affection they reach those goals. The passions of love ignite and the emotions of love kindle and the actions of making love set the hearts of these two love birds ablaze. Libra woman is tense and Scorpio man helps her soothe her soul by intense lovemaking and makes her feel satisfied. But sometimes he may find that she is even more restless than before, this causes a deep hurt within him. Libra woman tends to need alone time when in such a nervous state. If Scorpio man is to be around her as she makes amends with herself, he should merely keep her surroundings calm and orderly. When she is balanced, the sexual nature and physical bond between them can be so tremendous that it spills over emotionally. Tears can be a part of the showing of emotions toward one another. He is one of the best fitted lovers for Libra woman that she’d ever need in that he satisfies her every aspect except for expressing his love for her or romantically talking to her while making love to her.

There are a few drawbacks that keep on hindering the smoothness of the relationship of Libra woman and Scorpio man. Though she is not quick to offend him, it is sometimes that he finds her irritating due to her constant persuasion. He ends up angry and throwing her off her balance that is so necessary for a harmonious life. A drawback of this bond can be their form of communication. She is quite verbal in expressing her love and devotion and expects, or almost requires, the same from her lover. While he, can tell his lover just how she makes him feel with a mere glance or the touch of a hand. If she could only learn to be more patient and open-minded of Scorpio man, she gets just what she needs in some form or another. If she pushes him, however, she merely gets cold stares and silence which are not doing at all.

  1. Michelle May 8th, 2021

    Hello please I’ll like to get a reply ASAP. I’m a scorpion man 26yrs, I always meet a Libra woman and life never easy for me, the only Taurus woman I met never give me attention because I never satisfy her financially. And we never practice sex with each other she always avoid sex with me this make me losing hope on her. we hardly communicate because she always in needs. I have doubt in my Taurus woman. I was thinking of settle down with my Libra woman but still doubting of what to do because life never easy with her, Please I’ll like to get a reply from anyone to help me with this. If I should go with my Libra or make adjust with my Taurus woman. Thanks.

    • Venus May 9th, 2021

      Simple.Just go with the one who you love most, the one who when you are with her you can only think about her, be loyal to her and her time.whatever you choose stick on it but still do it in a way that is respectful and clear

  2. Micheal May 8th, 2021

    Hello please I’ll like to get a reply ASAP. I’m a scorpion man 26yrs, I always meet a Libra woman and life never easy for me, the only Taurus woman I met never give me attention because I never satisfy her financially. And we never practice sex with each other she always avoid sex with me this make me losing hope on her. we hardly communicate because she always in needs. I have doubt in my Taurus woman. I was thinking of settle down with my Libra woman but still doubting of what to do because life never easy with her, Please I’ll like to get a reply from anyone to help me with this. If I should go with my Libra or make adjust with my Taurus woman. Thanks.

  3. Jessica Janeiro February 9th, 2021

    My scorpio is my best friend. We love each other so intensely and are very protective of the other. I love this man more than anyone. He’s my forever

  4. Balance January 28th, 2021

    Libra married to cancer with Scorpio friend. My so keeps telling me there’s something between me and my Scorpio friend and I don’t know about that. But I will say this. My Scorpio makes me feel alive and I have never, ever felt so comfortable with another person. I trust him completely. And while my cancer so gets his way, he’s not stronger willed then me, I just don’t enjoy his needy whiny clingy anger so I let him do whatever. My Scorpio though, he is the only person that I’ve ever met that I feel like is stronger willed than I am and not in a whiny needy way, rather in a this is mine and I will have it determined way. He could easily have me submissive, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’d like someone up to the challenge of taming me TBH lol. I dated a Leo once…we’re still friends, and the fire in his eyes along with his intelligence, he’d have come close to being able to, but he just wasn’t fun loving and goofy so it wouldn’t have been fun. My Scorpio though. He’s as sarcastic and silly as I am, with an intensity to match my own. He’s got a soft cuddly cute side that he hides but I’ve seen it, it’s down right adorable. Honestly his passion and intensity are what got my attention, even as a friend. I love that there’s someone out there not afraid to just be over the top.

  5. Hope January 23rd, 2021

    I love my Scorpio. He makes me feel complete. I want this forever.

  6. Catherine December 16th, 2020

    i’m reading your comments, i’ve known my scorpio for around 9 years, we’ve been best friends for a long time because everything flows very well, never a dull moment, my scorpio really is the best thing ever, i don’t know if it’s because we’ve been friends for the longest time but so far we haven’t had any issues, i’m my complete vibrant charming libra self around him and very comfortable, i’ve never been this comfortable with someone like this in my life. He trusts me with everything and tells me everything which makes me feel very special knowing damn well he has a very hard time opening up to others. Our relationship is the best relationship i’ve ever had quite frankly.

  7. Grace Williamson December 11th, 2020

    As i read these comments i dont know how to feel. I myself am dealing with a scorpio male and it is a constant roller coaster. Hot then cold. Nice then mean. I really dont think he means any harm its just a part of who he is. I love my scorpio male, but this has got to be the hardest relationship I’ve dealt with in my life. Im a happy go lucky type person. I want everything to run smoothly, i aim to please my man. Its the insensitive moments that take me over the deep end. The anger outburst in arguments. Not morseso the lack of communication but how to communicate effectively is my issue with my S (scorpio). We are very different from each other. Our views on the world and life period are just different. I find myself having to lessen myself to keep this ship afloat. I hate doing that. I want to be miss vibrant libra and with him I am not fully myself. This was 1 thing i realized that had to be done in a relationship if you really want it to work. Then to i know there is someone for everyone and in life you must experience things to know things. This is the 1st time in my life dealing with a scorpio and i love him down. This relationship will take a lot of work and i can only pray that my S and I can find a common ground to keep this love going forever. If not, i can honestly say i was on my grown woman ish and i tried very hard to keep us together.

    • Sue January 8th, 2021

      My Aires ex-husband sounds somewhat similar. Do some serious, deep research on narcissism and bipolar disorder. Scorpio sign may not be your issue, but personality disorder and lack of mental wellness transcends sign characteristics. I’m just wondering if you may be dealing with something much deeper like I did. We Libras are prone to deny ourselves and lose ourselves to make it work, but in these situations we need to show our strength by doing what is necessary for our own emotional health and well-being which can often mean parting ways which is very difficult for us given our loyalty.

  8. Melissaaaa October 8th, 2020

    Okay so I’ve commented on here a bunch of times and I’ve realized that maybe the only thing libras and scorpios have in common is sexual tension. I still talk to this scorpio dude almost every day and we always show each other nothing but love. There have been a few times where he randomly gets hella cold with me and I’m just like dude stop being such a moody b**** lol jk i dont say that to him i defs think it tho. I’ll just ask him if everything is okay and he’ll obviously say yes but continue to be distant and cold. I’m just like ok bet have a goodnight <3, which is me putting my pride aside and still being nice because I care about him. BUT it's annoying and frustrating like what did i do to you ?? Why you being so mean and cold like damn. Then boom he comes back showing me so much love and being so sweet. Like my dude are you good ??? smh I still message and show him love back because I fuck with him. Soooo my question is tho is this normal "scorpio" behaviour lol? We've been through so much and the fact that so much bad shit has happened between us and yet we were both able to put our pride aside in order to maintain a friendly relationship with each other speaks volumes (for me at least) of the type of connection we have. He doesnt even live here but our bond has remained the same since we've met like 4 yrs ago..

    If any scorpio males have any insight on this please share 🙂 like am I in too deep in this and does he not care or am I just overthinking it

    • Sonam October 31st, 2020

      lol exactly like between me(Scorpio) and my ex. Yes it was months before we met again at a place and started talking over like nothing has happened between us. Thanks to her libra nature being open helped me be open and talk Normal. About your doubt well trust me he really cares about you but he is unsure of the relationship. Either it’s his friends/families or himself. If he gets over that problem then he is ready to fully dive into you. Trust me communication is the best solution added with some patience. And yeah I don’t know about you but my Libra girl is like dead fish in the sea while having sex. If you’re like that then plz be a little bit active . He will love it

      • Mitzy November 13th, 2020

        Hahahahaha! Omg a dead fish in the sea! That’s hilarious. Listen, I am a Libra woman and we tend to be a bit more submissive. Especially with you intense Scorpio men. Like sometimes you just lay it on so heavy and were just like WOAH okay! But I mean it’s nice we just have a different approach. We’re more about the connection and making “Love.” I suppose we can work on being a little more kinky and try new things BUT it has to come naturally not forced. 🙂

    • Ravi November 26th, 2020

      You’re definitely overthinking it just a tad. He probably actually cares more than he wants to show especially if there’s been some bad stuff between y’all. And if the connection isn’t as passionate as it used to be. Scorpios are intense. And they need their personal space just like Libra. So if you really appreciate the connection you’ll see it’s just the ebb and flow of the Scorpio.

      -a Scorpio

    • Siontay December 9th, 2020

      I met this libra woman (im Scorpio male), at basic… her eyes always lit up when she saw me… and to this day no woman has ever looked at me like that… so much communication with eye contact. We started talking and after training deployed, where we continued talking and making plans for a trip to Jamaica. I ended up getting hurt, came back with ptsd, had to cancel trip, due to injury. Communication faded as I was dealing with my issues. But after 5 or more years we still talk, and the love is still there…as Scorpio male and me personally I’m not going to drag those I love in my issues, and maybe it’s pride. So I tend to go MIA or seem cold while I deal with the issue. A true Scorpio will know this and communicate that, which I have with her. I understand she has her life, and I have my own, but like I told her, I only want to bring my best version, but understand I have my quirks, as do you, but doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about you, or don’t care. If that makes sense

    • Shweta December 10th, 2020

      Omg… Same.. i’ve dated 2 Scorpio men in my life and they both showed a lot of love but then suddenly they get so cold that they don’t even answer to my calls. Its like wtf happened now? I too wanna know if its a normal Scorpio behaviour lol

    • Sonam tobden December 11th, 2020

      I’m a Scorpio male and I find your story very similar to mine. I bet he cares for you but when it comes to love, a Scorpio man only truly loves when he’s sure about you. If he isn’t all in that means he isn’t sure about you and has other plans. About the mood thing i guess it’s in our nature and we have to figure the shit out ourselves coz no advice is going to help.
      The love and care that you give, I’m sure he really appreciates it and I’m guessing he really loves the intimacy when you guys having sex. I hope this helps u out. Lol

    • Moh January 8th, 2021

      Im a scorpio, it is that when i show love to any woman it means that im really deeply in love with her , because i can’t lie especially when it comes to love , but the only negative is that we dont affirm this everytime, once i tell a woman i love her she has to understand that I don’t like to say so everytime ,and this is not what all women like, they like to hear words of love every time,
      from the other side it comes some moments in scorpio life when he needs to stay alone , not because he doesn’t want you around or he love you less , its just that if i have some problems or new situations in life , i like to take time to analyze it and spend time to think, even though i dont like it when my partner ignore me totally , its just that the care i want at such time is limited ….

  9. Offbalancedlibra August 29th, 2020

    Ugh I can’t believe I am on this site much less typing this. Not that I think zodiac signs are complete bunk but I never thought they could be so spot on. I’ve been friends with a Scorpio guy for a couple years now. I just recently decided to see what sign he was and an he’s a text book version of a Scorpio. Right down to the stare. Holy moly. The stare. What is with that, wow. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I must have met other scorps in the past but never in my life have I felt that. If he sees me first at an event I know he’s there because I can feel him looking at me. Its breathtaking. I know some are put off by it but I am not by any means. I’m not sure if it means he’s into me or not but wowie. It definitely has a way of making me want him to be lol. I’ve never met someone I understood quite like him. Neither of us need to say a word and we know what the other is thinking, especially if it involves mischief of some sort. Last year he was going through some tough times and I swear I literally felt an anxiety attack he had, along with the moment he resolved it by smoking some weed. I had never smoked at that time so I wasn’t sure what I felt, until later when I did and realized it was the exact feeling I had that day. Never did ask about it though. He’s incredibly creative so it’s fun to see where his thoughts go on some things (not THOSE things ya dirty gutter balls lol). Most people seem to think he’s a temperamental heartless jerk when he’s really an extremely sensitive over thinker that’s quite insecure, but acts the opposite. I find myself feeling very protective of him because I can sense the hurt and my Libra hey that’s not fair side flares up. I honestly find myself confused as to how I can so easily see that part of him when others can’t. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a temper like no other when he feels hurt or threatened, I have seen it although he’s never once lost it with me. He withdraws and won’t talk to me instead. He’s even used the s word (sorry) although it’s usually to apologize for not replying to an im quickly or something small, never for disappearing or not following through with a plan. I’ve been told he’s into me, but I’ve seen him head over heels (sadly it didn’t work out but the way he looked at her was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen) and he acts completely different with her. I’m in an awkward position with that because I’m in a long time relationship, although we’re slowly realizing we love each other but weren’t not in love with each other. But until we fully understand what’s happening and decide to part ways, I will not pursue anything with anyone, not even my dear Scorpio. I will admit it would be fantastic to know if scorp was into me, because if I am honest with myself I think I might be into him. Ironically I was in denial about the possibility until my partner kept mentioning it and I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself recently about what I’m feeling. To be fair, my partner has a person he’s talking with all the time and in my opinion, they’re more in love than he and I are, so don’t think I’m some heel that’s out galavanting about while he’s faithfully pining away at home either. He has my blessing in talking to her because in all honesty if she makes him happier than me, I want him to be happy. My complete lack of jealousy in that regard speaks volumes to me. I just need time in my head to put things on the scales and decide if it’s feelings or my overly active romantic nature creating a fake fairytale in my head. Although scorp and I have never broached the subject or discussed anything remotely naughty I do get the feeling that if we got together we’d be on fire in the bedroom. He must give off that famous scorp vibe because in 40+ years I’ve never encountered a feeling like this, except once with a Leo I never did more than kiss, before meeting my current partner. He and I are still friends and he’s given me that burning up and down Leo look more than once since, but I know we’d never have worked as anything more than a brief intense sexual relationship. Pretty sure he knows the same, although had we both been single as grown adults I think we would have indulged lol. Honestly I’m not sure if Scorpio and Libra can make a long term couple but I’m willing to bet it’d be a pretty epic sexual relationship for the right ones no matter what.

  10. Gosk July 23rd, 2020

    This perfectly describes me(scorpio man) and my fiance(libra woman). Very word spoke to me but the problem is that we have chosen our wedding date and she has ghosted me. I’m in a very very low point in my life right as i don’t know what next to do.

    • Jasmine July 29th, 2020

      As a libra woman and being with a scorpio man. This is spot on… his love for me is deep and serious. It’s almost scary.

      • Bart August 11th, 2020

        As a Scorpio man who dated a Libra woman I am curious how that is going for you?

    • Librapixie August 1st, 2020

      She is worried about her freedom. She needs to know that she can still be herself. We are air we like to breath and need space.

    • Aaliyah August 15th, 2020

      I hope you are doing alright. Maybe things will work themselves out and if not life will go on and you will find love again. Love might even find you! Stay safe and always remain positive! You are a great person, you deserve true love and are full of love! Don’t stress too much!

    • Pen September 29th, 2020

      Sorry im rwading this… any updates from her? I have just started dating my scorpio man 3 momths ago

  11. Melissa May 11th, 2020

    Responding to the Scorpio man that got ghosted by Libra… that’s so weird because I’ve been thinking about taking a break from social media. I really like this Scorpio dude and we talk all the time but it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. We live far away from each other too so can’t expect much anyways. But I’m doing it because I like him too much not because he’s too much. I just want to forget about everything and the feelings that I have for him. Lol hopefully this helps

    • Emi July 23rd, 2020

      My partner (scorpio man) and I (libra woman) had been together for a decade and most of the description are us!!! We have failed characteristics but we compromise. He just loved me so much now that we’re already a family having 2 kids.. So yeah, through ups and downs we stick together..

  12. Liam May 11th, 2020

    The reports that mention ghosting appear to talk more about scorpio men ghosting libra women, but i (a scorpio man) got ghosted by a libra woman after an intense 3 month friendship. Not sure what i did if anything. Nonetheless if a scorpio wants security or loyalty, stay away from the air signs. They come from put of nowhere and then disappear into thin air (back to their element after all 😉 )

    • Becky July 8th, 2020

      Don’t feel that way I am a libra woman who has loved a scorpio man for 30 plus years. We didn’t know how each other felt when we were younger although things were always intense if we were left alone. Life separated us not of our own choice or fault now 30 years later we found other and the intestacy is still there even stronger, only this time we told each other how we have always felt. We both always wanted each other amd thought of each other through all those years. Now he is back in my life and I will do all I can to hold on to him. Air never disappears but when air and water come together their power and connection can be unstoppable. Have you ever tried to stop a storm or hurricane. These elements can entwine to unimaginable power, strength, amd unity.

    • shwet.sheth1991 December 10th, 2020

      Being a Libra woman , I can tell it’s not true. Sorry for what you’ve gone through because I can totally relate. I’ve been ghosted many times by my partners which have led to a heartbreak. My Scorpio would ghost me for an entire day and I could cry quietly in my room until he calls at night with excuses like, I was caught up with work. I was still bearing everything because I was so much in love. But one day it all had to end. The saddest part is, he didn’t even bother to call even once after we ended things. He never looked back. I still trusted another Scorpio recently who was also cold sometimes. It ended with him because his first priority was sex and not love

  13. Melissa May 4th, 2020

    Also doesn’t it already show to the Scorpio that despite everything that has happened between us that I’m still there for him and the love I have for him is still there? Wouldn’t that be enough to show my loyalty towards him? I really need a Scorpio mans perspective on this … thanks so much

    • Scott Brown May 4th, 2020

      What is unusual about Scorpio men is that yes people like to show love to the Scorpio male, but that also needs to be reaffirmed via verbal and even written.

      Sample of written is leaving notes that say how you are committed and are wanting to share in all things that happen in life. If you get him to open up financially and you share how expenses are handled, you actually broke down a big wall and that wall might lead you to the best friend you have ever had in your life along with a life partner.

  14. Melissa May 3rd, 2020

    So I left a comment on here in 2017 and I was describing how I got ghosted by a Scorpio after visiting him. Fast forward to 2020 things are really different. We ended up talking again and he apologized for being so bogus towards and I’ve forgiven him. However, he blocked me again and then randomly added me back a few weeks later saying he was going thru stuff but he’s back and better. I was very confused why he did that because we weren’t even that close and we just became acquaintance. Anyways, I was fed up and I ended up blocking him on insta. I was tired of his hot and cold attitude and I finally realized I deserve so much more than what he was giving me. Five months go by and he messages me on Snapchat and he casually ask how I’m doing and stuff but I was like thought I was going you a favour by deleting you. He was like “if you want me to delete you I will”. I couldn’t help it I felt so bad for even saying that to him and I was like “no I’m happy you did” and then we made up for like the billionth time. We still consistently talk and stuff but I don’t know where it’s headed… he tells me things that are going on in his life but he wants to come and visit me once he’s done school. I don’t know if he’s just saying this or if he’s being for real about it. He even said I might just end up staying or taking you back w me and I was like “time will tell” because it’s hard for me to trust anything he says and I want to take everything with a grain of salt. I don’t want to go thru another heartbreak where I have these high expectations because they can easily get shattered again. If anyone had any advice on what I should do or how I could better handle this situation or just any insight on this please let me know

    • Author
      Ask Oracle May 3rd, 2020

      Libra with Scorpio isn’t a great pair astrologically and also confirmed as he blocks you then you block him story. I wouldn’t take this relationship seriously, keep it playful and fun while I find myself a better match.

    • Scott Brown May 4th, 2020

      As a Scorpio man that is starting to accept my feelings and emotions. Fact is that it is not you, it is us. When we feel like we are in a positive place in the world and have something to offer in a relationship and or anything, we come out strong and we are on top of the world. We tend to take our partner with us on that emotion joy ride. But when we feel we have nothing to offer, we back away and almost hide or push others away, making them feel like it is their fault. Fact is it is ours for not accepting it is us and who we are that people enjoy, not the things we have. So my advise, talk with him about what things are important and let him know that he is important, not what he is or has. Just him. Then just don’t let go, if he sees you are not going anywhere, it frustrates him but it also makes him build your trust and respect. Knowing you are not going to leave when the going gets tough means the world to us.

    • Melissa May 4th, 2020

      Hey Scott thanks for your response. Honestly you’re absolutely right he told me wasn’t doing well financially and a lot was going on for him. I feel silly wanting something serious out of this because of all that has happened between the scorpio and I but we vibe so well. This is the only person that I’ve ever shared my raw and authentic emotions with… I don’t shy away or try to hide my feelings I have for him because I feel like he understands them. I even cried in front of him not on purpose but it just happened… It’s probably too much for him because it’s so random when I tell him. But when he responds he’s always so sweet about it and he tells me how much it means to him and that’s he’s not bullshiting when he says that it means a lot to him. For me that means a lot because I believe him when he says that and it just makes my heart melt and I feel all warm inside lol 🙂 I really just want him to know that I’ll always be there for him no matter what and that especially means when the going gets tough. I’m a Libra sun but I’m actually very in tune with my emotions and feelings. But it could be because my mars and Venus is in Scorpio… BUT anyways how do I show the Scorpio that I’m actually going to be there when the going gets tough ? Because the love I have for him is unconditional and that will never change….

    • Shweta December 12th, 2020

      This always has been an issue with libra scorpio relationship. We are always on and off. Give it some more time. If he ghosts again. Walk out and never look back. You seriously deserve better

  15. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra always crave love/peace, they are ruled by Venus.
    If it helps, here is a free 2020 Forecast for LIBRA:

  16. Annie Curtis August 29th, 2019

    3 years in and I’m seeing what I didn’t see before. Lack of communication is killing the relationship. His desire to be looked at when we go out and his desire for me to draw attention from other males is odd to me. He won’t talk to me because he’s so focused on receiving attention from others. The lashing out months later to something I said instead of open communication is not good. Lack of emotional connection and words of love are truly what’s going to have me walk.

    • Jayhur September 15th, 2019

      He desires to be looked at? What is he a king of some thing? A well over inflated ego with perverse demands on you, sounds like he only needs and wants others to look at you because he can then “get away” with others looking at him, let me ask you this, has he cheated on you?
      You deserve better, being at his beck and call to help inflate his ego and reassure what appears to be a very insecure little boy.
      Annie where your mind wanders is where your heart truly lies. You deserve better.

    • Amber February 28th, 2020

      Annie… I’m a libra and my husband is a scorpio. I know its hard for libras to do. But try to see life as a physical game of chess. Hes attracted to the power all around him when he is in public. Alot of times I feel Scorpio males love libras for the lure they have over men… which is still a “feminine” attractive power.

      Don’t objectify the relationship to a love story. Try to look at life like a game you are playing with a team mate.– if you never catch him betraying you. Just trust him Continue to grow in your custom way and he will always remember the value and power you have.

      Don’t let not controlling him bother you openly. Allow it to motivate you to embrace more of who you truly are. And he will see the gold in your soul more and be the man youve always wanted! Breathe love*** Scorpios want to grow— not become dependent. Sending you positive encouragement and healing patience~~~~****

  17. yatmedah Christan August 6th, 2019

    I feel this on point. I have been enjoying my Scorpio lover for 6 months now and I’ve grown to respect him as a person and understand him. I have to say I’ve never felt this magnetic connection with anyone I’ve talked to, it’s indescribable.

  18. Jb May 2nd, 2019

    Well here we go everything was on point I’m a Scorpio an she’s a Libra like she does tell me how she feels an I look at here an she no I love her but everything on point

  19. JT Smith March 13th, 2019

    I’m a Libra female and I came in contact through a couple of family events with a old male high school classmate who’s a scorpio and the attraction is crazy. All of the times I have seen him in the store or out in public he looks at me with an intensity or this “look of longing” is what I call it and it’s crazy. He is so attractive, it’s crazy. I can only imagine what the relationship and what the sex would be like with him.

  20. Shanda February 4th, 2019

    I’m a Libra female. Just starting talking to a Scorpio male. We both agreed to take things slow. But the craving of his constant closeness is driving me nuts. I feel a great pull to him. He says he feels it too. I don’t trust too easy so I’m not sure how to react

    • Scott Brown March 8th, 2019

      Simple, surrender yourself. I am a Scorpio Male and yes we have a large passion for many things in life, but to lay yourself out there for him means more than you can ever imagine. We often feel alone in this world and we seek truth. We can see when a female wants more, but when she does but holds back, it often makes us think she is playing a silly game. We are the game players and set the rules. If the female doesn’t like it, she needs to go. So again if you want your Scorpio man, surrender yourself. Keep in mind I did not say submit, surrender. Last thing a Scorpio man wants is a weak woman. She is no good for him.

  21. Heidi July 8th, 2018

    I’m a Aries woman and I got ghosted by a Scorpio man for a Libra woman that lives miles away…

    • Papililpeepee July 24th, 2018

      Slow for you

    • Robin August 8th, 2018

      I’m a Libra woman and I just got ghosted by a Scorpio man and I truly thought he could have been my soulmate. Definitely tipped my scales and it’s not hard to forgive one that’s wronged you.

      • Rose January 14th, 2020


  22. Kim June 18th, 2018

    I met a Scorpio man on a dating sight. I am a libra woman. We have been together a few times. There is an intense attraction between us. The sex is amazing, but I feel so confused and afraid all the time. I don’t know exactly what he wants from me. I know what I want from him. I am scared to death of opening my heart to this man. I just don’t know what to do. I have tried hardening my heart and keeping my distance. It only makes me want him more. I guess I have met my match.

    • Rushabh September 22nd, 2018

      If you like him just go for him. Just open your heart if you both like each other. Beleive me I am a scorpio & if a girl we love comes towards us we just couldn’t resist. He will melt & accept you. All the best.

    • Shanda February 4th, 2019

      Out of curiosity, how are things going with the two of you. I am going through the same thing. But we not had sex yet.

    • Jayhur September 15th, 2019

      Yes you have met your match, there are millions of people around the world waiting to make the first move and Re-connect.
      why not make it one less? If you haven’t made a fool of yourself whilst in love then you have never been in love, see where I’m going with this?…
      Pack the ego away, and go for it, nothing ventured nothing gained.

  23. Kim June 18th, 2018

    I met a Scorpio man on a dating sight. I am a libra woman. We have been together a few times. There is an intense attraction between us. The sex is amazing, but I feel so confused and afraid all the time. I don’t know exactly what he wants from me. I know what I want from him. I am scared to death of opening my heart to this man. I just don’t know what to do.

  24. monkeyman February 4th, 2018

    Hey Melissa.

    I met a libra 29 f online through a matrimonial site.
    As a Scorpio male33 . I have had my <3 broken twice. She has had. Horrible past too. We are still talking though is a distant relationship.
    Let me also be very blunt that any relationship is dependent on two ppl being honest , transparent and understanding. Do not Andi mean do not believe the horoscope or zodiacs to help you find the one. Certain traits may be true ,but that's an approximate understandng.Yes connect depends on many factors. For me it's emotional .for her though it's early but I can say it's a crucial building block that could other wise topple if being shady,unsure or showing signs that you are being open to other ppl. I was quite clear saying that though I have what it takes I will not be waiting in the dark.she already knows that I have cashed in my chips .like all of it.
    You can. Be loaded, good looking , fantab in your career . But if you're a fake. An experienced partner will pick it up from a mile. Like she told me that I want to know the person ,I'd advice the same.
    Remember if it's easy it won't last and what lasts won't come easy.
    If he is a Scorpio and is looking to settle down. You can take my word that he'll make the heaven n earth one.

    • Melissaaaaaaaaaa February 4th, 2018

      Hey monkey man

      Nothing was fake about it. The week before I went to see him I broke down crying on FaceTime because i was so scared that I had fallen for him so hard. I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone that much or cared for someone in the same way that I care for this Scorpio. My heart is broken lol I keep myself so guarded now, I’ve never been one to assume the worst but when it comes to love now I just think that everyone is going to hurt me. Cliche I know. There are times where I want to reach out to him and I apologize because I know that I’ve doing somethings to hurt which I’m just oblivious to. Well I actually don’t do if I did hurt him because all I remember is telling him how much I appreciated him and how happy he made me. I’m in school full time doing the nursing program and working so he made my days less stressful and I was more grateful for each day when we was a part of my life. Every time he expected or assumed that I wasn’t being 100% or if anyone texted me while on ft he would always know about it. I would show my messages or idk jus anything. He was very suspicious but I was willing to deal with that and work through it for him.

  25. Melissaaaaaaaaaa January 25th, 2018

    Please if I can have a Scorpio’s perspective and some advice from ANYONE that would help me and decrease the number of sleepless nights

    I’m a Libra female (20 yrs old) and he’s a Scorpio male (26 yrs old)

    I met a guy online and it was like or felt like a long distance relationship but wasn’t. But felt like it because we would talk every day from the day we started talking and acted like a couple. I flew out to see him, he was very different than how he was on FaceTime and text, which is normal. Anyways, I felt like he doubted the feelings that I had for him, which were real and genuine… he was always suspicious of my intentions with him. He would that I would break his heart and leave him also that I would make him fall in love with me and leave him in the deep and that is something he would ALWAYS say! Anyways, when he dropped me off at the airport, he told me to text him to tell him that I arrived safely back home so that he knows I was safe. Well I got onto my flight and managed to get wifi on the plane so that I could message him… To only find out that I was blocked off of EVERYTHING!!!! like what

    • Sevy January 28th, 2018

      I think there are only two possible reasons:

      1) After meeting you in person, he realized that he wasn’t attracted to you and him telling you all those sweet things were just out of kindness to not hurt you, because, well, you did flew a thousand miles just to visit him.

      2) He was afraid of your feelings for him and needed some time to sort out his feelings whether he would wish to continue having a relationship with you or not. You did mention that he’s suspicious of your intentions, so “maybe” he was so surprised that such a wonderful person such as yourself is interested with him and he has a hard time believing it because he has a bad experience in dealing with woman.


      Well, this is my opinion and I could be totally wrong. My advice is to just wait it out. I mean, he’s a 26 year old man and you guys are on a long distance relationship, so expecting a “serious” relationship is quite hard. For all we know he has other girls besides you (which is highly possible).

      But hey, don’t take my world for it. Whatever your heart tells you, do it. Whether things works out or not, it will no doubt be a good learning experience for you. Just be careful on not sacrificing too much, like getting pregnant because you’re still 20 years old.

      Anyways, I hope you the best. Take care.

      • Melissaaaaaaaaaa January 31st, 2018

        Thank you so much Sevy! It’s been really hard the last couple of months but your comment helps me want to move forward. You’re right about him having a bad experience with girls because his ex cheated on him… and they were in a long distance relationship. He also never had a good experience with women in general or knows how to have a healthy relationship because of how his parents were together(something that he’s mentioned) which is cool because you can always learn to. Anyways, I need to move on this is sad. Thank you once again for taking the time out to write that comment!

    • t.t. April 21st, 2018

      Wow yes…similar traits.. I’m just waiting for that end part to happen I’m still hanging on…to see where it goes. I would always always always tell him “don’t fight it, I don’t know what it is either , but don’t fight it and all he would do is push me away… I’m 28 and he is 21

    • Scott Brown March 8th, 2019

      Do you want the truth?

      I am a Scorpio male and I want it my way and the worst part is that when you do give it to me my way, it still is not good enough. Yeah there are few people that can tap into the thinking of a Scorpio male. When we are sexual with a woman, we like submission which allows us to get lost into our own mind. But I am going to let you in on a huge secret. Give him what he wants for the first 2-3times. Then turn the table and you better be ready to go all the way, meaning you open this door, you better walk all the way through. You read about the 50 shades of gray, this is our world!!! We search for the woman that will tie better yet handcuff us in a position where we cannot break free!! Then this is the part that test you more than us, put some pain to us physically with a whip, not a paddle, it will just piss us off, but the whip. Truth is we need something this deep to actually free us inside. Then to calm us down, strong expensive whisky. Once we have relaxed then let us free and prepare for some erotic soft gentle intimacy. Remember this one thing, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, you let anyone know what you did, your gone, meaning we will dump you.

    • Scorpio May 6th, 2019

      Dear Sevy,

      I’m a 39 yr old Scorpio (male). I am so sorry you experienced what you shared. That must be incredibly confusing and heartbreaking. I’m a double scorpio (sun and moon). A scorpio, if lucky, will go through an incredibly powerful transformation at one point in their life. One from jealousy and revenge to calmness and wisdom. I say that bc there is a strong immaturity with us when we are locked into the first stage. We allow our emotions to completely override any sense of logic or reason. I’m sure in a few years he will look back and regret how he handled that situation.

      From what you shared, he was deeply immersed in the IDEA of you and he. What man would be suspicious of the intention of someone that actually made the visit? Give it some time, hopefully he will see how amazing you are. If not, be thankful, he’s not ready yet.

  26. Melissaaaaaaaaaa January 25th, 2018

    I’m a Libra female (20 yrs old) and he’s a Scorpio male (26 yrs old)

    I met a guy online and it was like or felt like a long distance relationship but wasn’t. But felt like it because we would talk every day from the day we started talking and acted like a couple. I flew out to see him, he was very different than how he was on FaceTime and text, which is normal. Anyways, I felt like he doubted the feelings that I had for him, which were real and genuine… he was always suspicious of my intentions with him. He would that I would break his heart and leave him also that I would make him fall in love with me and leave him in the deep and that is something he would ALWAYS say! Anyways, when he dropped me off at the airport, he told me to text him to tell him that I arrived safely back home so that he knows I was safe. Well I got onto my flight and managed to get wifi on the plane so that I could message him… To only find out that I was blocked off of EVERYTHING!!!! like what

    • Rhonda January 25th, 2018

      I was going to say, run not walk away from this guy.. but looks like he did it for you and saved you a ton of head aches. Libra you have to understand how powerful your charm and persuasion is, and with a scorpion they like to be the center of attention.. the problem with Scorpio relationships for Libra is, Libras are natural born leaders who are already front and center in the relationship.. its not a good mix..

      • Melissaaaaaaaaaa January 31st, 2018

        Thank you so much Sevy! It’s been really hard the last couple of months but your comment helps me want to move forward. You’re right about him having a bad experience with girls because his ex cheated on him… and they were in a long distance relationship. He also never had a good experience with women in general or knows how to have a healthy relationship because of how his parents were together(something that he’s mentioned) which is cool because you can always learn to. Anyways, I need to move on this is sad. Thank you once again for taking the time out to write that comment!

      • Sevy January 31st, 2018

        You’re welcome 🙂

  27. ebonyhayes972 November 10th, 2017

    I’m a lady libra lol i met a scorpio man that i’m interested in i told him i liked him and then he said he liked me and he could see us dating and he said he wanted to see me but he never asked me to be his girlfriend i feel like we have so much in common and he’s a match for me but i’m not sure if he like me as a friend or a girlfriend wat do i do

    • Rushabh Sheth September 28th, 2018

      Give him strong indirect signs of your intesrest. If he likes you something will happen. Beleive me…I am a scorpio & just looking forward to a beautiful libra women. She has given me some signs which i noted after sometime. I am going for her.

  28. Lisa C November 3rd, 2017

    I’m A Libra women and I met a Scorpio man online on a dating site. He immediately asked me out! We went out twice in one day.. Lunch then Happy Hour to watch the Houston Astros take the World series! He was intense and there was Fire from the first moment we saw each other! He TOOK a kiss that was so good and intense that I immediately responded! He Hugged me so tight I didn’t ever want to be let go! It took everything inside of me to go home alone! I’m A little nervous about our next date and if this 44yr old woman will be able to resist the fire.. or if I should?

  29. Lily C October 22nd, 2017

    I am a 12 year old libra girl crushing badly on a 12 year old scorpio boy, but I cant tell if he likes me. He didn’t ask me to this school dance when he was single and my parents say that Im not allowed to ask boys to those things, they have to ask me. But what if he never asks? How do I get him to like me?

    • Rhonda October 30th, 2017

      Being 12 years old is an awkward age for this sort of stuff. I know waiting for a boy to show interest and act on it may as well be like waiting for it to rain on a sunny day.. If he is always looking at you or smiling at you, then there is a good indication. If not, talk to him or say Hi and smile. Is he still single? Good luck sweety.. Girls rule, boys drool!! lol

    • Emma December 7th, 2017

      Same!! but he asked me to a dance twice but i said no once because I knew he asked every girl in school.

  30. LINA October 20th, 2017

    I’m a libra girl who is infatuated with a scorpio male, I work with him and he just recently after a long time started to ‘feel’ me and it’s kinda the same way. we started talking more to feel each other out and it’s really nice because we are quite similar were both good at communicating but he is def a mystery in a sense and can be a playful asshole as a defense mechanism from being vulnerable (i’ve called him out). He comes off as more of a romantic then i do only because of past relationships for me i naturally have a guard up. however, he is so sweet and funny and we make each other laugh. definitely going to pursue him more.

  31. Josee Lacroix September 2nd, 2017

    you just described my boyfriend and I!

  32. eesha August 30th, 2017

    I am only 12 & I am in love with a Scorpio boy & I am a libra girl & we have the best connection well he does get mad a lot but he can’t stand being mad @ me he always checks on me & writes me long paragraphs. I mean we are the perfect match when he kisses me it feels like heaven I know you may call me grown but I have never felt this type of way about any boy gosh my feelings drop to the floor when I’m with him I hope he is reading this because I’m never going to stop loving him I don’t care what anybody has to say❤️

  33. Badgyaltiny August 27th, 2017

    I’m a Libra woman with a Scorpio man am telling you the sex is fire and it’s so true about them being protective sometimes so overprotective that it can become an issue.. And sometimes lack of communication can cause a little altercation here and there but when I’m mad at him I don’t say a word he’d like tell me to go get dress we’re going out or he’d lift me up and rest me on top of him and tell me to chill Tf out.. Trust me this can definitely work it’s an amazing bond

    • Shenika October 12th, 2017

      What if the scopio man is married to a virgo and sleeps with your libra aunt?

  34. Ruth August 6th, 2017

    I’m a Libra and my man is a Scorpio.
    Ooooh what a wonderful man he truly is!
    We have been together since the 8th grade and our love still feels pure.

  35. Taz July 30th, 2017

    I am a Scorpio man in a relationship with a Libra woman. So many aspects of what you say are true, except that I’m not intensely jealous nor suspicious, Yes our love making is intense and I thrive on it and yes I’m not as communicative about my feelings as she’d like and yes I have never felt as deeply with another as I do with her and yes we both learn from each other, challenge each other and yes sometimes she is naggy and keeps pushing and yes she thinks I try to dominate her (I don’t think I do). The problem is our individual baggage: we each have our own histories from past relationships and it affects our responses, reactions and interactions – and our trust. If we can both get to the same place on trust, we will have an amazing, beautiful, stellar relationship that I can’t imagine being away from. Dump the baggage! it’s a millstone around your neck and a shackle on your feet.

  36. Libra Lady July 22nd, 2017

    I am a libra woman.. I have started dating a Scorpio man and everything he does/says feels like everything I have been missing. I cannot as it is too soon. I can say he is very protective, sensitive, and charismatic already.. hoping for a great outcome..

  37. LibraHarmony July 5th, 2017

    Hello. Libra Lady whose Scorpio Man just joined the Navy, signing up for five years. We spent all our time together before he left and became closer than ever. This July being a full year for us (while he is in boot camp). I told him I would wait for him, but he went on saying five years is a long time. He wants me to live like he is never coming back. My mind and heart still cannot balance this out. I love him, but saying that to me confused me in how I should go on without​ Sorpio love. In all reality he may find someone else, or worse-not come home. I’ve talked to him about marriage, he seemed interested, but it did not go far. He did not have money before going in, which I understood talk about marriage was as far as it would go with no money for the union. Speaking of this with a friend of mine, she claimed she would “give him two years, if he will not marry, then call it quits.” Realizing I have to make my own decisions, guidance is always helpful, insightful and appreciative. At this point I wait, working on loving the uncertainty of life feeling up and down with emotionswhirling every which way.

  38. the goat April 5th, 2017

    So true as long as we are together, but what happened to me recently, is totally devastating. We lived together happily for seven months and he had to go home for some family issues. His family is far away. After two weeks he dumped me, and was already in contact with another woman . I can not recognize him anymore.

  39. Aron January 18th, 2017

    Wish my ex Fiance (she’s Libra) could/would read this. Still love her, but ready to let go completely.

    • Shana March 15th, 2017

      If its meant to be you will get back together! Real, true love ALWAYS prevails. Hang in there!!

    • Siny April 24th, 2017

      Libra woman who date scorpio man for 8 years.
      Don’t let her go.
      She wants you not to let her go.
      She wants you to show her that you need her.

      Just…don’t let her go and don’t listen to her when she mad, she just want a hug… XD

  40. Sybrey December 20th, 2016

    My girlfriend is scopie we always fighting myb 3weeks or month its to big to us without fight after 3weeks but our relationship its perfect next year I am going to Mary her
    Its only there 1thing that i don’t like about her is to quite she talk when she is angry about our relationship
    To her its hard to tell me that
    She lov me but when we have disagreement
    Its when I know that she lov
    I don’t hand my feeling
    My starsigh its a Libra
    I always showing her how munch
    I lov her

  41. annie2809 February 12th, 2016

    in my case this combination is a complete chaos. He is sooooo roma tic and Iam so not. i like being dominated but for some weird reasin so does he. He lets me be the dominant one in relationship which is driving me crazy. He touched my butt afze r two months. Like seriously -.- sorry for nistakes new phone new leyboard can’t delete anything -.-*

  42. Alphagenesis98 December 26th, 2014

    Yep! It’s true alright! I have a girlfriend and her zodiac is libra, I find it interesting now that there some words that exactly fits in our condition right now

  43. mrs.-smith September 3rd, 2014

    I’m a Libra woman dating this handsome Scorpio man. When we first met I came on to him very Strong. Since the first night we have been inseparable. I find myself thinking of him all throughout the day an night. After reading this love capability, I come to find this very true. I feel like he will be the one man that I have been praying for an will bring out the best in me.I know as a Libra woman sometimes we need our space but slot of times I’m OK with him being here every minute,  he is magnificent. He is someone special. In my heart I really feel connected to him. We talk about any an everything really no subject is off line. He can be stubborn at times an he does get quiet when he’s upset ,but I love my Scorpio man!!!!  He will be my protector

  44. viennastevens July 22nd, 2013

    i’m a libra woman and i am in love with a scorpio man.he is a bit older than me and he justfinished school,so i’ll be not seeing him next year anymore.the point is that he stares at me all the time and he is magnificent.i feel like we’re connected,but i cannot express my words.we stopped talking some years ago,because i was a little bit too stupid (i was young and i liked him for about a year,but he talked to me.unfortynately,which i see now,i was really immature and,while he was trying to go out with me and have a kind of a relationship,i just did not respond).he was a really dark character in my life,and he still is.he is kind of my i went to high school,he started staring at me and look at me and being near me.but the thing was that i was trying to forget about him,so i was afraid of talking to him or even looking at him first.but that sick thing continued for my whole freshman he was just standing on the 2nd floor and he was watching me for like 5 minutes,staring straight at my eyes.and his eyes are sooo beautiful! blue and so intense.he is just a scorpio and i can feel it.those years ago,when we were still talking,he seemed a mystery to me and i was sure he was the one.but the way he looks at me is not nice.i can see possession and hate in his eyes.he often tries to walk just in front of me in order to give me that “i want to kill you” look.i guess it’s because i’ve done something wrong and i really don’t have and idea how to fix this…but i think it’s too late,anyway.

  45. Charming_Libra April 18th, 2013


  46. Anmorata April 12th, 2013

    I am a Libra woman. I started puberty when I was 9, and every man I’d ever been attracted to was dark skin, dark hair… until I fell for a tale pale blonde, who is SCORPIO. I didn’t even realize how I felt at first… I just knew that I was a moth to a flame, though for a long time I didn’t realize just HOW drawn in I was.
    Man is HIGHLY reserved, but broke the ice with me with a very devilish joke >:D (It certainly made me look twice at him and I never forgot, in the best possible way!) He knows my dreams and aspirations as well as my darkest memories. Conversation flows naturally, and from the beginning I always shared something I never expected to. I could feel him taking in every word… and he’d ask for more, even getting to the very questions that even *I* don’t necessarily have the answer, or have the answer but am just not ready to share it. He knows when I’m being evasive, so I usually do manage to spit out some kind of answer… and others, they have to come in time.
    When we’re together now, people see us as an item (whether friends or jealous onlookers). We look like innocent children around each other. Goes to show – I showed him a stuffed animal one day, he poked it in the belly and it was literally the cutest f$#%ing thing I ever saw in my life, so for Christmas I bought him a counterpart to said stuffed animal, along with SQUIRMLES (I am probably the only female over the age of 10 who would ever thought to give her beloved Squirmles XD)… to which he turned into butter and we both sat there playing with them for a long time. Even though I was in a serious relationship once before (as well as been with men I never dated), I’m so brought to my knees that as attracted as I am (and once ready would give him a trip around the Universe), he knows I’m not ready for that and he’s okay with it, and I get very bashful around the subject of sex with him. (Doesn’t stop the occasional flirtation though XD) In those times, nothing else in the world exists.
    It’s not always hearts and diamonds though. Both have had relationships that singed us severely. He closed himself off to most people in general for a long time, except for me, and sometimes I get intimidated by that kind of wall. I’m slowly getting over it, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t test him, in a very abrasive manner no less. He was taken aback and looked like he was going to be sick, so I immediately dropped the matter. He knows how “clever” I can get in certain situations – a trait in me he said he’s found very impressive, but in other times that it’s a dangerous game. Very recently he told me, “you’re playing with fire.” I know he’s trying to look out for me, or get me to wake up (not completely unwarranted, I deliberately test the limits at my work sometimes), and after I didn’t seem to take that seriously, he didn’t talk to me for a bit… a form of tough love that was really hard to swallow.
    The main thing that I can say is that it definitely is work, but for me, lifechanging in the best possible ways. I can’t predict the future, I can only find security in that my life takes me where I need to be, regardless of what happened in past. With him I have to relinquish fears, impatience, and attempts to control the outcome, whether it’s long-term or not. I have to trust myself, and be willing to trust him and know he cares about me, especially after he goes out of his way and has made it EXPLICITLY CLEAR he wants me in his life. It’s work that’s cut out for me – it pushes me out of my comfort zone on every level – but with everything I believe we do share, I feel it’s worth it.

  47. Sassi135 February 26th, 2013

    I’ve read this over a hundred times and all the comments are soo simililar to my opinion of scorpio and libra LOVE! My first love was a scorpio ! It’s quite sad when the stars just don’t align for you and your love! But hopefully me and scorp can remain really good friends like Ashanti and Nelly, I think he will always have a special place in his heart for his beautiful Libra! #Peace N love to libra &Scorpio’s . LOl

  48. SassiJazz31 February 26th, 2013

    I’ve read this over a hundred times and all the comments are soo simililar to my opinion of scorpio and libra LOVE! My first love was a scorpio ! It’s quite sad when the stars just don’t align for you and your love! But hopefully me and scorp can remain really good friends like Ashanti and Nelly, I think he will always have a special place in his heart for his beautiful Libra! #Peace N love to libra &Scorpio’s . LOl

  49. blossoms May 29th, 2012


  50. blackorchid April 8th, 2012

    I am a Libra woman in a loving relationship with a Scorpio man and this describes us perfectly. He is intense, intense, intense and definitely keeps me on my toes. I’ve spent much of our relationship trying to figure him out only to find that I learned more about myself than I did him. My Scorpio man is incredibly sweet and extremely sensitive and a bit secretive. Getting to the heart of his feelings is like pulling teeth, so patience is definitely a necessity. There are times when he needs a lot space to be alone with his thoughts and I honor that because I know that he loves me. He is extremely protective and yet allows me the space to just be me. Libras love the closeness and intimacy of a relationship but definitely need to maintain their independence in order to be happy. The level of trust that we have for each other is strong and I would never do anything to jeopardize that because to do so would literally crush him. We are definitely a great match.

  51. mondego March 5th, 2012

    i am a scorpio man sooo deeply in love with a libra woman.. her name is nebula snow… bula, loving u is easy coz you’re beautiful….
    i hope some day God will open your heart for me… 😉
    btw, the descriptions of a scorpio men is sooo right.. 😀
    ~~~~~ icak mondego LOVE nebula snow ~~~~~ so much!

  52. ashtainment November 26th, 2011

    Well,reading all of this I had to make an account to disagree about Libra women and Scorpio men NOT being a good pair. Yes, it does take a lot of work for the two to be happy in the long run. BUT, i swear it all works out in the end. I quote “He is one of the best fitted lovers for Libra woman that she’d ever need in that he satisfies her every aspect except for expressing his love for her or romantically talking to her while making love to her.” Come on now Libra’s, ya’ll know that this is true….because it’s true for me. the Leo may be sexy, the Aquarius may make you laugh, & so on with the others but none of them compare to the great Scorpio himself. Bottom line, I’ve dated my Scorpio for 7yrs straight & we broke up b/c he’s emotional but we’re back together & we couldn’t be any happier. all it takes is patience, space, and trust.

    • abigailnamz June 17th, 2017

      This is so true

    • Chelsea June 30th, 2017

      I hope this is true for the guy I’ve only been talking to for a little over 24 hours. The conversation we had was just incredible and I can just tell from that, that this might be what I’ve been praying for all this time. He’s 31 and I’m 26. We both have 2 children with our youngest both being 5. I think that’s a great age because I’ve had time to let go of my ex and know that I’m ready to be in a committed relationship. He made me laugh, which I love and I could tell that he was very interested in getting to know me and the real me. I just hope all is true!!!!!!

  53. proudtobelibran November 24th, 2011

    I would say if you want her to break… Show her your anger and demand her respect.Dont underestemate your persuavisness. If this wont un-frieze her immediatly just let it be. I find i difficult to deal with someone who’s always suggary sweet with me. She sencess your dark-side and if your not showing it to her then she may feel as if your not completly devoted but still in control of your emotions and because off that she cant give her all. She’s been hurt in the past and wont give herself anymore before she thinks someone really dive into deep waters for her.. Doing stuff for her doesnt do the trick.. But showing her all of you including your bad side(anger,need to control her and stuff like that) “because you cant help it” will…Of course in a balanced way LOL..We libra’s look shallow or superficial but in love with a water sign we are not. It’s like whe feel more because of you and will sence if you are playing safe and not giving your all. As a libra i know that whe have really good hearts and if it’s hurt to many times whe can turn into ice-queens. You as a scorpio guy have the right personality to melt her. Just dont over analyze it but feel.. Shock her a little with your hidden self hihi. Help her get back in her heart.. She is in to you cause she spends all this time with you but she just thinks to much and still attached to her hurt feelings in the past so a bit affraid to look foreward. This is how i feel right now and dating a scorpio guy… whe just met eachother again after being friends in the past. Maybe this will help you a little. Good luck @demetris

  54. LargerLovebug November 23rd, 2011

    Well, I’m a Libra and I have just started dating my Scorpio man. he is very sensual and very nice, sweet romantic and all the above. But I would never had thought that I would be in love with a Scorpio because this is my first time ever dating one. But it was strange on how we had met. Because we knew the same people and hung around the same people but we never crossed each other paths. But until October 29, 2011 I have met the love of my life. All I can say is that it was love a first sight. He treats me like queen. Its the small things that he does that make me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. I never believe love in first sight and now that I can say that I really do. I think that it is a turning point in my life to say that I have really found someone that I’m truly in love with and I thank God everyday for sending him my way. So If you are a libra female and you looking for that right one then find a Scorpio male you want be dissapointed. Because they are to die for. I love my scorpio male with the depths of my heart.

    • Chelsea June 30th, 2017

      This really just made me cry because I just met one recently with me just taking this little waitress job on the side. When I heard his voice over the phone I really felt it then. It was something about his voice that just sparked something in me. It’s crazy because the first time he called he thought he had the wrong location but he called 2 mins later and decided to come to the one I was working at. He owns a barbershop like 15 mins away and he stays shockingly 5 mins away from where I live but I’ve never crossed paths with him before. Just in the conversations we’ve had I can tell that he’s very sweet and caring but has a very intense side that I know I can get through. We’ve talked about marriage which I’ve already gone through but it most definitely was not the right thing for me and my kids and I had to get out of it immediately. I’ve been hurt so many times that my guard is to the sky but I feel deep down that he can be the one to get through my pain and hurt and turn it all around for me. I thank you for expressing your thoughts because it really gave me hope to my own situation.

  55. Author
    Ask Oracle November 4th, 2011

    @TheScorpio Lots of emotional drama here. See Love and Emotions are two different things and in fact they are enemy to each other. Emotions and thinkingness “bind” us to a particular situation but Love just flows… and makes us happy.

    Looks like if somehow we are able to handle the “emotions” part, everything will be okay in your life. There are a few ways –
    – Healthy food
    – Physical exercises
    – Breathing exercises
    – Understanding of Love.

    Breathing exercises have a great importance, they will significantly improve quality of your life in all areas. Please follow these instructions for next few days and you’ll see the change –

  56. TheScorpio November 3rd, 2011

    One thing that i also have a problem with in thsi relationship is spite. I feel like she acts certains ways just to make me upset sometimes and i think this is why i feel like i could leave her at any moment. I am a scorpio maybe this isnt part of my zodiac description but i forget nothing. every little detail, every moment, every thing about any situation between us that stands out i remember. I remember all the times she has made me upset and when we fight i remember them all at once and explode so hard… i feel so ashamed after. iono maybe im not making sense but should i just leave her and be alone? I feel like im just gonna damage her beyond repair and i dont want that. i can’t live without her but that doesnt mean she cant be in my heart and having that empowers me. i know i will always love this girl but i fear i wont be able to give her what I think she deserves. I guess im lazy or just too emotional to have a girl liek this… Basically; should i leave her? i love her and she makes my life so much sweeter but is it worth it if i eventually break her heart? sometimes i think thats exactly what i am setting out to do. I feel that once i see her completely destroyed and lost that i will realize how much she will love me…. ANd that fear is ripping me apart.

  57. TheScorpio November 3rd, 2011

    @vc0h61qiyrtc2ptvkkgae Hello, i am a scorpio man dating a libra for 1 year now (our aniverssary was on oct 6th) like this compatibility thing says there has been many ups and downs. One thing that i hate i am but cant seem to escape from is jealousy. I am sooo damn jealous of my libra and i dont know why sometimes. This deep rooted jealousy and mistrust has made me so depressed. SHe makes me so happy when i am with her but we only get to see eachother weekends if that. When i do i feel happy but i find myself getting bored of her easily. I feel like i havent full opened up to myself and to her to put enough value in our relationship. I prepare myself everyday to just end it and i dont know why. I make her so happy i make her cry, she writes me cards and makes them by hand but i cant seem to put this jealousy away. It drives me nuts i have never been this depressed in my life. Its like all i wanted was a girl i could trust and now i feel like i cant trust them at all. I sometimes think about being completely alone and that thought actually makes me happier but i know that deep down i would rather die than live without her. She makes me feel so good and confident in who i am and i do the same for her. When we fight i can be VERY nasty to her and she doesnt know to leave me alone. Its like she has to be there with me and make the situation better or its like she loses control. She violated my privacy early in the relationship by geting into my email and facebook. SHe dug up as much dirt as she could and she never told me until i figured out one time out of the blue…. I found this to be horrible at the time but i soon got over it. Months down the road everything is good but i cant get over this feeling i get. Maybe i have my own personaility disorder but i cannot give up on this girl. I read thise stuff that the chinese calendar says this is the worst realtionship and cannot happen but i refuse to accept that. I make her feel like she is an angel and that empowers me so much to see tears of joy on her face or a smile so big and her eyes so glazed over…. God this is a hard relationship but calender or not i dont give a fcuk i want her and that is that. I think venting this out has made me realized just how lucky i am… Scorpio’s out there find a libra she will make ur world so damn good u could be living in a carboard box and feel like ur on cloud 9.

    • Jayhur September 15th, 2019

      @Thescorpio: Your jealousy will without doubt make her run for the hills, she makes you cards an stuff? Grow up fella and put all that wasted energy into positive energy and that means the pair of you, you think your jealous now oh dear my friend you will have a big shock coming if she leaves you cause of it. What ever has happened in the past is past, the past is a foreign country and you don’t live there anymore.

  58. Fate October 4th, 2011

    I am in a relationship with a Scorpio Man. We’ve been together for 4 months now! I have already seen the jealous and Suspicious side of him and the Cold shoulder he can give sometimes! I am still so inlove with him though! Does anyone have advice on how to deal with his “Dark” side? cos I am determined to make this work!!!

  59. Fundie123 September 25th, 2011

    This is very true! I’m a libra female in a relationship with a scorpio man ans I was married before to a scorpio man for 7 years after 4years of dating but divorced in 2004 . Scorpion man is moody, jealous and suspecious!!!on the other hand so am I. Scorpio man does not show his feeling as all as oppose to libra who likes to share and show her feeling , I proved that when we were in a process of divorce with my ex – husband . I was depressed under treatment of depression and whe i look at him he was like fine with the situation up until one day forget his safe keys at home and I open his safe and I found out we are in the same treatment , he is taking the medication that I was taking but when you saw him you will see a happy men with no problems but inside …all I can say is that I agree with jenny when she says if you really want and need eachother – let nature take its course and be mature about handling diffrences. Know that a person irregardless of zodiac sign has blind spots in our personality, hurs, disappointments etc. I’ve been dating other man after marriege with different Zodiac sign and I never felt in love the way I love a scopion man finally I met my scopio man and I LOVE HIM so much he is so carrying and he treat me like a princess.I agree and i did prove that to myself that Libra women and Scorpio man make a lovely couple

  60. FloridaGirl September 21st, 2011

    This is SOOOOO not true! I am a Libra Female, I have been trying to date a Male Scorpio for 2 months now. What a NIGHTMARE! The first two weeks were wonderful. He was loving, caring, nuturing, NICE, and now he is verbally abusive, controlling, and down right NASTY. I never had the sensation of floating on a cloud. Burning in HELL is a closer discription. My advice – RUN!!!!!!!!

  61. FloridaGirl September 21st, 2011


  62. IcockyBarbie August 4th, 2011

    This is very ture iam a Libra Woman that’s in love With A Scorpio Man We Have Been Dating For A Year Now And Is Very Jealous And Very Protective Over Me As You All Know I Like To Go And Meet New Ppl And He Doesn’t Like That Like When We Went Out There Was Guys Lookin At Me And Blowinq There Horns And He Was Getting Upset Saying U Gone Make Me Figth Over U And I Kept Telling Him I Dont Care What Say I’m Fouced On Him And I Hate His Jealously Ways But I Love Him So Much I Always Show Him Love And Effection When He Be At His Lows I always encourage Him And I Be There For Him He Cheated On Me Be4 Only Once Becus We Wasn’t Around Each Other It Was Just Conversation HE Apologized But I Can’t Belev He Wud Hurt Me Like That But That’s In The Past I Gave Myi Scorpio Lover My All My Virginity Everything We Are Doing Great We Are Having Our First Baby Together Our Son I’m 9Months Now But For All Myi Libras Out There Who’s Datinq A Scorpio Don’t Let Them Go Or You Will Miss Out On Something So Beautiful Even Thou They Are Jealous Controlling And Moody Don’t Mean They Want Open Up To You It Takes Time And Patients Libras Once Your Scorpio Fully Understand Hw Much You Love Them And Care after All the ups and downs in the end that scorpio will open doors that he neverd open to u once he gets close to u and tell and show hw much he loves u there’s no way you getin out that relationship libra it may be rocky but after so long that scorpio will love u more than ever bt u gta prove and show them that u are trustworthy and will never hurt them and your there for them and scorpios even thou we libras seem nt to take things seriously but
    we mean No harm we care for you deeply and the worst thing we will never d is h

  63. Marylongwood July 30th, 2011

    I am libra and my husband is Scorpio. We have been married for 23 years and are in process of divorce. My marriage has been rocky since the first day of our marriage. When we are dating it was electrifying and romantic but once got married, there were thousands of ups and downs. I was warned by my family that our horoscopes don’t match, but I went against there wish and though that when there is a will there is a way. I liked him and I wanted to make my life with him. My family gave in and accepted him. But I tell you that Libra/Scorpio relationship is lot of work and not easy to work with. Finally we are at the point where we cannot stand each other and getting divorce. According to Chinese calender for compatibility this match cannot happen and the worst match in the zodiac. you can check them out your self. I have also visited my other sites for compatibility and for libra woman they say Scorpio cannot be the combination. If you are libra woman and have great relationship with scorpio please write about it I would be very much interested reading it.

  64. Inlovewithascorpio April 3rd, 2011

    I have been with my Scorpio man for five years now. We have been married for three. Our life together is beautiful, we get along very well and we understand eachother more. To keep my Scorpio Man I’ve had to; set aside my jealous thoughts and feelings, praise him for all the good things he does, understand that he expresses his love with sexy glances, short sweet messages, touching and making love, forget about the past and move on with the future, have confidence in myself and believe that he loves me for a reason, TRUST him and tell him so often, BELIEVE him when he tells me that he loves me and is the happiest he has ever been, make LOVE more often than not. He is intense and needs that from me too now and then. It’s hard work, but it has worked so far 🙂

  65. Cake April 1st, 2011

    This article and all your stories have helped me so much, thank you.
    I’ve been madly in love (which is something I’ve never experienced before) with a Scorpio man for 3 years. We’re just friends sadly, he calls me ‘family’, however my intuition tells me there is much more to it. The chemistry between us is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, the way he looks at me and takes care of me sometimes is very special and I know he’s not like that with other women as I’ve been watching for 3 years!!
    It’s been an exhausting and hurtful 3 years. One minute he’s all about me, the next time we see each other he’s pulled away. It’s the push me pull you thing that’s exhausting and the not knowing.
    Recently the chemistry/flirting/attention on me all got too much for me to bare a few weeks ago and I finally spilled the beans and bared my heart, mind and soul to him. His response, MUTE!! Nothing! Nada! Rein!! I ended-up saying it for him “just friends” to which he just nodded. My intuition and gutt tell me that I don’t believe him though, I know and see how we are together, as do others.
    How has this article and your stories helped? Well, it’s taught me that I’ve completely overwhelmed him, he’s now digesting everything. He seems to be 100% Scorpio in his personality so will hoepfully feel some comfort in knowing that there’s no one else in my heart but him, there’s no room for anyone else as he fills it 100%, has done since the first time I heard his voice. I hope and pray to the moon and stars that he’s taking time to think about everything and will feel secure in my love for him and know that I’m here for him and him only. Please all of you, hope and pray for me that he will eventually let his barrier down, open up and share his feelings and reciprocate mine. If he doesn’t, I honestly don’t know how/if I will ever move on, seriously, the only way I will move on and free myself is if/when he introduces me to his future wife (he’s single too at the moment), only then will I believe that he doesn’t see me as anything more than ‘family’. I love him, I love him, I love him. I’ve hung my balls out there, it was the most terrifying experience in the world but I reading this I hope it reassured him rather than scared him sensless. Every day I’m alive I hope and pray he’ll love me back….

  66. Maya Protopapa March 31st, 2011

    this is so true I am A Libra he is a Scorpio I couldn’t be any happier with him. We moved in together and we are making plans to have out first chil

  67. Joy Hamza March 14th, 2011

    Is really gud to have such luv’s really sweet an wanderful .such romantic pleasure is precious .can same luv life exist between other tribes?

  68. Lollipop March 8th, 2011

    I’m a libra female and have been dating my scorpio boyfriend for 6 months and it is tough at times but SO SO SOOOO worth it in the end! he makes me laugh so much and he told me I make him laugh which doesn’t happen often. he is hilarious!!! a great conversationist and extremeeeeely sexual haha. He’s very secretive and I’m very open so that was something i had to accept. i’m waiting for him to tell me he loves me because i very much have fallen in love with him! but that’s probably my libra passion kicking in. he is an extreme person which drew me in because i found him so interesting. All in all i believe libra and scorpio love matches are THE MOST passionate, definitely one of the best matches of the zodiac. i’ve always attracted aquarius and leo males and i find them great to get along with but only to a certain extent as i get bored too easily!!! The majority of my crushes are scorpios because they keep me wanting more! such an interesting bunch.

  69. b February 21st, 2011

    @demetrius: PS, i am a libra woman currently engaged and planning my wedding with my scorpio man. not going to spill my entire life story here on some random website, but just know that with enough commitment, open communication, patience, hard work and even harder LOVE (all of which must come from both parties), it can turn out bautifully. also, remember that emotions change. what she has is probably a trauma-related emotional wall that took years to build and cannot be undone in a matter of months. if you love her enough to go through hard times with her, be confident. that is the key to the door in that wall. you don’t have to come in with a wrecking ball and pulverize it; that will destroy the heart inside along with the wall. decide how you want to handle this and then stick to it. but i just wanted to give you some hope. if you’re willing and she works on that wall, it can work. in my situation, the love we have today makes all the pain we had to go through worth it. decide what you want the most; a pain-free existence, or a bit of pain followed by a loving, devoted, passionate, free, fun, and beautiful lasting relationship with this woman. up to you, really.

  70. b February 21st, 2011

    @demetrius: she probably will not make that call. she’s been hurt and is not prepared to meet your standards. good for you, making a clean break and not just going around behind her back to make yourself happy while stringing her along. that would have been easy. if you can be patient with her, then call her and suggest therapy. tell her that unless she gets some kind of counseling to get over her emotional trauma, you can’t continue to be hurt by her coldness. however, DO NOT LIE TO HER. don’t say you’ll wait if you won’t. that’ll just set her back even more and you will never get that love you want so badly. be honest about how she makes you feel, and be honest about how patient (or impatient) you’re going to be. if you want to see her be fully yours, reward her baby steps with further patience. but don’t waver, set your boundaries and stick to them. for example, if you tell her, “you have 3 weeks to have therapy set up or i’m done,” then wait the three weeks, and if she hasn’t made efforts, then let her go. but if she HAS made efforts, then don’t change your mind; let her know you’re there. i know it’s against your scorpion nature, but try to be as transparent as possible if you want to stay in a relationship. if you don’t, then make the break clean and do not string her along. it’ll be ok…
    i’ve been there.

  71. Angel February 21st, 2011

    I totally know that things are working out great with my scorpio man. We both are deeply in love with eachother. He has a great sense of loyalty and responsibilty towards me. It has been several months that we’re in a relationship and it’s wonderful to be with him! I am a libra woman yet I have no problems between me and my man. I’m always trying to stay patient but because of my libran charm, I’m unable. I told this to him and he is so understanding that we are really happy together. He just wants me 2 b happy!!!

  72. bdj January 29th, 2011

    things are going great!!

  73. bdj January 29th, 2011

    thanks sid

  74. sid January 13th, 2011

    Go for it. You will not be disappointed. Do make him work for your attention though and yes, try and be patient. Libra women are hardly patient lol

  75. bdj January 13th, 2011

    i have just met a scorpio man (my first). and i think i LOVE him. but i am truly scared. should i just give in and allow him in?? i can so easily. it has literally been three weeks and we are long distant. but it seems so real. like he’s my soulmate. and he feels the same. he’s very communicative. he always tells me how he feels. and I HAVE NEVER FELT THIS WAY. Help!!! Do I give in and let him ravish and love me? he’s even already purchased his ticket to me the beginning of feb. and making future plans. so excited!!! he lights me up. we met one day and spent every day after that together until i departed. i’m in love…but i can’t tell HIM!! i was ready for love…done playing…and 28. let’s get it mr. scorp….but i don’t want to scare him off.

  76. Priyanka January 11th, 2011

    Dis is true… I m a libra woman completely £ truly in love wid a scorpio man.we hve been togedr 4 ovr 6 yrs nw..£ its true dat dey hve trust issues bt once wen dey r assurd wid u,nobody else in d world wud love u d way dey do…it is like heaven 🙂

  77. demetris January 10th, 2011

    Well, i did it. I ended it. Previously, i asked for some help, and commented about my situation. I waited it out until new years to see if i would see any change in my libra girl. And i didn’t. Since those days, i posted, i’ve done even more things for her, saved her dog one uncertain night, felt like a hero to be honest, thought i had it all in the bag. Then xmas came, bought presents that other girls would envy of her, and also one particular present that i found on ebay, that had to do with her childhood. etc etc. That didn’t work either, her heart was as cold as ice , just as it was when i met her. I tried, to look past it, but new years came around, and i didnt’ feel i was with a g/f but just someone around. Then I woke up one day, smacked my face a little, and said, What the hell am i doing? So i confronted her, asking her, where are we going with this. She again, stated, i told you from the beginning, i can’t give as of yet. Then i asked, well do you even think you might give at some point in the near future? she again said, i told you, i can’t give and don’t know if i ever will. So that was my cue to persuade her to leave me, and stop having me around all the time, saying she’s happy with the way things are..cause this time around, i’m not happy about how things are. Anyways, so we ended it. An hour later she called me to see if i was alright. !!! HOw DARE SHE!..that actually ticked me off pretty goood, asked her to never call me again, even though, deep downinside i’m hoping this will make her break. Its been almost a week, this is the first week, that we haven’t talked since last week. I’m hoping she will break, and she will realize what she lost. What do you think?? will she come back? She told me a thousand times, how well i treated her, and done things that others haven’t….hoping that would be enough to make her realize she misses me. We had a routine going on for 4 months, with morning calls, work chats, and hanging out 2-3 times a week. Only on her schedule, never on mine. So i don’t know, i miss her, does she miss me?..will she play the stubborn card?. She’s 29, i’m 33. But why does this feel like i’m 19 she’s 17. ? …grrr…hoping for some enlightment from the female side. 😀

  78. Lucy January 8th, 2011

    I am a Libra woman. I recently fell in love with Scorpio man, well we both feel in love with lots of intensity and beautiful lovemaking, sensual… you name it. He treated me like a queen. He only needed to touch me and I had butterflies in my stomach, everything about him was just very very romantic.. Never met a man like him. However this man was extremely suspicious, jealous, mistrusting, tight fisted, and easily hurt it just bewildered me. The relationship is now over but I will never forget how deeply intense this man was. Love between Scorpio man and Libra woman can work but the woman will need to learn patience and treat this very masculine man as the King.

  79. natalie January 4th, 2011

    I’m a full out Libra female dating a full out Scorpio male and it has been HARD work! But after a year and a half I feel it’s been well worth taking the time to figure his secretive ways out, as he has done with my extra friendliness. I’ve been used to, and always have loved, men who easily show their feelings towards me..but with my scorpio, I just can tell by his looks now and when he does do something out of the ordinary for me, I know it’s special and not something he would do for every girl. He also has put up with my flirtatous ways, not without fighting but still, he puts up with it. I’ve been fighting settling down for soo long in fear of getting hurt, but he has taught me hes not here to hurt and it’s okay to love again, that has been the best gift. It’s not easy, but I believe in a libra/scropio having happy relationships <3

  80. leia December 2nd, 2010

    my scorpio man is the best thing that ever happened to me in relationship land. we both work at it, we both have ups and downs, but at the end of it all, it is much more rewarding to look back at what we have accomplished as couple. i know i can rely on him, and he can rely on me. i’m not turning my back on him EVER. and if does turn his back on me, then i will go to lessons he taught me long ago, and go for the fkn balls! ha ha ha but i am a libra with lots of scorpio in my chart anyway …

  81. Author
    Ask Oracle November 23rd, 2010

    @Demetris – You are truly in love, and being emotionally weak and sensitive are actually good things. However, move ahead with caution.

    This girl probably has some personality disorder and understand that you can’t fix it. Atleast not at the price of your own self-respect and self-esteem.

    People with personality disorders are not normal, have very sharp minds, can fake things to a great extent to get what they want. Her jealousy traits and coming back to you DOES NOT means she loves you and will do anything for you.

    She was, is and will be the same way she is today, with you or anyone else. This leaves you with two choices:
    a) Being in love simply means BALANCED give and take. You have expressed your love for her in plenty of ways, and its her turn now. You would want to hold on your “feelings” for sometime until she properly reflects back to your expectations. If she doesn’t, starting looking for a nice girl who would make you happy…

    b) Accept her as a 6 year old baby, who can’t give back but always wants more and more. Keep doing and feeling things for her without having any expectations, even in far future.

    My suggestion for you is be nice and friendly to her, but maintain some distance and forget about the “love” thing. You are risking your emotional well-being here and outcomes could be worse than you can imagine. You deserve better mate, run away!!

  82. Demetris November 23rd, 2010

    Im a Scorpio man dating a Libra woman. And the article hits the spot. See the thing is here, is that i want a real relationship, i want to be loved, cared for , and to have someone close for once. Something Stable.

    I never dated a libra woman, until now, i’m 33. I’m excited, but at the same time irritated. She’s been through some bad experiences with her ex’es…and i feel like im just at the wrong time in her life. But at the same time, im so hooked to this girl, i don’t want to lose her. We almost broke up, and tried to not talk to each other, for like a week to make up our minds if we actually want to be together or not. But it seems as though both of us, couldn’t handle not being around each other.
    She from the beginning, told me, about her problem, and that she cant give, as much as i give her. I give her, compassion, passion, love, care, i treat her like a queen basically…like she deserves to be treated, but i get nothing back. when i don’t get anything back, i tend to change, and get worried, like i’m losing my confidence, the girl is very beautiful so beautiful i feel threatened by other guys who are trying their best to get her in bed, etc…she’s 28 but she’s using fb like its a damn competition on who adds the most people etc. I think its wrong, cause i never showed i have a problem unless i’m not getting any attention from her.

    Im very easy going ,i’m very straight forward, and i say things as they are. I give her compliments daily and it comes from the heart. I want this girl to be my official girl, but she can’t give me that either just yet. She says, she still needs time, and that this will come to her naturally. Is it? or am i wasting my time? Im jealous, but i’m trying to hide it, but how loyal are you libras? like really, how loyal? Should i worry? she says, if she’s with me, she’s with me, but when were out, she doesn’t want people knowing what’s going on between us. That makes me feel like crap, cause its like she’s hiding me, or embarassed to be around me. Im a good looking guy, don’t get me wrong, but i feel weak, when she does that…throws my confidence out the window for no reason. I know she gets’ jealous of me, keeps mentioning some girl i know, that likes me, its funny to see her jealous, but still, she knows very well, i wouldn’t.

    My problem here is that i’ve been dating her for 2-3 months. Not everyone knows about us. When were together everything is fine, when were apart i get jealous of different thoughts. I always ask to see her…and when we were on our break, she was so nice to me, like to the point of saying, she actually misses me, which was hard to believe since, she never mentioned something nice like that after 2-3 months.
    Its weird i know, but im crazy about her, don’t want to lose her, and i believe she has things to give, but i just need to find a way to break that chip of her iced heart. She can be cold at times, and when she realizes that , she becomes someone else, a very gentle, caring playful woman.

    For her to come back to me for the second time, must mean she’s into me. But to not want it official just yet, after 3 months, is killing me. What are your suggestions?

    By the way, sex is amazing, conversations are ok, and i make her smile and laugh and take real good care of her. I cook for her, massage her , etc. etc 🙂

    So ? Do you think i’m over exaggerating with my feelings? cause i do take things personally, and im also emotionally weak and senstitive. But if i had to give her a cold shoulder i’d be able to do so, if i reached my peak of i cant take this bs anymore.

  83. Deejay November 21st, 2010

    Im A Scorpio Man & Im Having A Baby With A Libra Female I Feel As If She Attached To Me A Bit More Then I Am With Her Shes Soo In Love With Me But I Feel She Isnt Up Too My Standards Seeing That I Carry Myself So Well Now She Trys To Be The One For Me Dont Get Me Wrong I Appreciate All That But Im Just Not Sexually or Emotionally Into Her As Far As Being In Love I Only Enjoy The Love We Make Is Unimaginable But How Do I Fall In Love With Her Without Being Into Her? This Is All So Very Confusing But I Pray I Will Soon Figured This Out 😀 hahaha

  84. Ray October 31st, 2010

    Ive been in an in and out relationship with my Scorpian for about 5 years. He does something for my emotional pleasure. He makes me smile and I love his domineering nature. We both make each other feel secure, but it is a sense of illusion because I don’t really know anything about him outside of us. I know now that we will have our breaks but emotionally we “need” each other. We understand the need for seperation and trust is not something to bother because we know what to expect from each other. As long as we understand our respect line. He won’t go anywhere as long as I show him I love him. They love hard, so even if they slip away they will always be back. 😀

  85. Leimor October 30th, 2010

    I’m a libran female who has been best friends with a scorpio for nearly six years. I’ve also been in love with him the entire time, so was I ever glad about taking the initative finally because we’re dating now!
    There’s a huge trust factor between us, although I know more about him than he does me [weird, huh?].
    He’s passionate and good at anything he tries, but very humble about such. It’s scary how much being in this relationship has opened my eyes to how much in common we really have on an emotional level! A great thing is that he rarely misunderstands me, and when I misunderstand him he always tells me so and re explains. He’s also very free with compliments, something I love! The best thing I think though is that he inspires me to be a better person. We’re both largely Christian with several of the same views (though the difference in our raising makes me a bit more open minded than he), so I’m confident that even if (God forbid) the relationship doesn’t work out, we’ll still be able to be good friends who can keep supporting one another.
    Anyway, good luck to you guys. 🙂 Scorpios can make you feel like it’s okay to take a chance.

  86. anonymous October 27th, 2010

    this article is so true but then again not so true, lol. im a libra female with a scorpio male. i tend to attract alot of scorpio men in my life but never have had a scorpio boyfriend til now. very hard to figure out with these little scorpians but i tend to have alot of great conversations with them and great chemistry. (like instant anttraction) the trust issue is very true but in this case i think im the suspicious one. he does get suspicious i feel like he gets like that when he feels guilty about something? maybe, who knows. he’s a very quiet and calm one. he ALWAYS pops a secret to me at random times which worries me because its usually something i would never think of. im very blunt and when i want an answer, i want it NOW. im pretty sure he’s the same way too. other than that, i know i love him immensely.and he says the same thing too and shows it alot. also a great listener. we act like 2 little kids, we laugh just looking at each other.(haha, zodiacs are just zodiacs they’re just fun to read) we are all the fucking same.–the sex is, well, you know, if u put a passionate scorpio with a sensual libra, what do you think you’ll get? 😉

  87. april September 20th, 2010

    Scorpio men suck. They are too secretive, too exhausting and too damn mean! Sorry but even though he made my legs shake! (lol) The sex aint worth it.

  88. David September 1st, 2010

    This article has really given me some insight. Im a scorpio guy dating a Libra woman, and i swear she is the BEST!I generally tend to be the more expressive than her in a lot of ways because i figure theres no point in keeping my feeling and secrets away from the person i love. I give her space(lol caus its a long distance relationship) and complement her often enough, although she is always trying to return the favor hahaha, and shes always right for some reason i just dont understand, even when she doesnt know! although shes great at misunderstanding what i say alot. I know i can be a moody(working on it caus it hurt alot of people) and a bit jelous(yes just a bit) and im suspicious(i keep thinking she is a CIA agent trying to extract info)and a bit of a d!ck. i would like her to do some thing in our relationship the is a constant reminder that she loves me. sometimes i think she loves me more than anything and other times i think she loves me less than i love her, but i know i would do anything for her.all i know is she is the best woman i have ever met and she has dazzled me. I’ll try to take more concern into her balance. i would love to post on here one day about our love, relationship, and experiences together but haha we have only been dating for two month lol.

  89. jenny August 8th, 2010

    I’ve been in a topsy turvy relationship with my Scorpio man for 4+ years.Yes it is true he is , moody, jealous and suspecious!!!on the other hand so am I. Our LOVE is what keeps us balanced and wanting eachother helps beyond comprehension. True LOVE in all its glory is what proves to
    be our glue, when all else fails. His communication is better then mine , probaly due to his confidence in general and stratigic observation. All i’m saying is that if you really want and need eachother – let nature take its course and be mature about handling diffrences. Know that a person irregardless of zodiac sign has blind spots in our personality, hurs, disappointments etc. Please be mindful of the person in front of you and see the beauty of him. Basically we all want o be accepted, adored and appreciated at least thats how I feel about my Scorpio – he is wonderful and a once in a life GIFT!!!!

  90. Liz May 18th, 2010

    I am a libra woman who just got out of a relationship with a Scorpio man. We had even a further obstacle bc it was long distance. I have been in a long distance before, with a Pisces, it never went like it did with the Scorpio!!!! All I can say is Moody, moody, moody. I am a libra in it’s true essence. I need peace and harmony at all times. I just don’t like myself very much when my scales are tipped. I can be very much eye for an eye, so if you dish the no good to me, I will dish the no good back. I am aware of this and did my best to balance and neutralize negative situations, but I found myself in this task all on my own. He would create mountains out of mole hills due to his extreme temper, I would do my best to keep the fire contained all the while he’s adding fuel. IT WAS EXHAUSTING — to say the least. I finally decided to break up w/ him bc i was just far too tired emotionally and mentally. It was a constant need to prove something to him. He never trusted, and out of this mistrust, he ended up entertaining another woman just because he suspected I had entertained another man. RELIEVED IT IS OVER!!!!! AND SO i move on and the new man I am very attracted to and getting along great with….A SCORPIO — so…. one can never tell. Now this guy is so cool, easy, laid back, I have known him for some time before being more than just friends and he seems so easy and breezy. I love it! Although signs have their truths, remember, there can be variances. Well — maybe I am speaking too soon… we’ll see. : )

  91. some chick April 15th, 2010

    this is so true…this scorpio guy broke up with me..
    he had trustissues and i hated how he wouldnt answer my questions. He would also get annoyed of my indecesive nature…
    later we broke up…i think i pushed him away and now he gives me cold stares n the silent treatment..

  92. ZB April 11th, 2010

    HAHAHAH this is crap I am a Scorpio man and with a Libra woman. She is very outgoing, loyal, independent and active. Me active, outgoing, perfectionist. What i think you all don’t get is that we are EXTREMELY LOYAL it is ok if we look at other girl you just need to know we are just looking not playing grab A#%. Yes we can be jealous and make you feel like we don’t trust you but the best why to get us to don’t be jealous is one small thing like a text say hey babe missing you thats all.

    I give my Libra all the space she needs and when i see she is having a hard time i go give her a kiss and she is back on top blasting threw her studies or work. My libra make it wroth wake up for that day and not sleeping it away. She is the first woman i am genuinely interested in.

    Now i am no mean’s perfect i can be a down right Dic$HEAD at times she know when i get mad not to prob or when i am working on something that’s not going right she lets me do it my self even tho she will put is her 2 cents in and she always right(GRRRRR) i give her my face then she lol and walks away. But all in all she makes me one hell of a happy guy and for that ill never scare, hurt or lose her trust.


  93. renee March 30th, 2010

    I am Libra woman who just broke up with Scorpio man. I caught him cheating with his ex. His roommate told me he had many other women too. He loved attention, a real strong sense of self-importance. I learned the hard way that Scorpio men are NOT ALL LOYAL. He is very sensual physically and very intense emotionally. But he will cool and cut you out of any communication for days or weeks when mad or suspicious. My Scorpio was not a good man. Beware.

  94. librachick December 19th, 2009

    i seem to get mostly scorpios for some reason..really into this one scorpio. we are dating for now, but i don’t think i’m ready for his sexual side because i’m still a virgin at 22.

  95. libragyrl November 22nd, 2009

    This article is very accurate. I just broke up with a libra scorpio cusp guy after a 2 year relationship. When he gets angry, he gets very nasty. I went running 4 the hills after that. Just can’t deal with that side of him

  96. nikki October 19th, 2009

    This is very true! I’m a libra female in a relationship with a scorpio man. It is A LOT of work..but as a libra we have to be patient with a scorpio male. I praise him and compliment him just enough to show my appreciation…cuz that’s all they want is to be appreciated…not too mention they are very sensitive tho their exterior is as solid as a rock. He’s becoming my best friend someone that I can trust. He makes me feel like a queen. Not to mention how sensual he is. I’m falling in love with my scorpio. I guess its just my libran charm!

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