Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Virgo and Libra share a love of balance and harmony, and are willing to make adjustments to keep up the relationship.
  • They have a peaceful and gentle sexual relationship with no rush towards intimacy, enjoying the excitement of a quiet bedroom.
  • The Libra woman can attract the Virgo man with her charm and flattery, making him forget his worries and feel secure.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility and get insights from 102 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Virgo and Libra in a relationship, share a love of balance and harmony, which can be a major point of attraction between these two. Virgo is certainly a thinker, but Libra is more given to sharing flights of fancy while Virgo’s ideas are more conservative and practical. However, both are willing to make adjustments in order to keep up the relationship.

A Virgo man is detail-oriented, analytical, and enjoys hard work that requires a lot of attention. He is such an obsessive perfectionist himself that he expects the same high degree of perfection out of those around him, which can be stifling at times. A Virgo man is a focused person and due to it he may often miss all of the other things that are going on around him, such as the emotions of his friends or lover. But basically he is a true lover with sincere feeling and strong love flames to burn throughout life. He has deep involvement in his love life and strong interest in his maiden.

A Libra woman is a very charming and wins most people over with her flattery. She is very talented with her words. She can tell anyone off and at the same time smile in their face. She can also make anyone into believing anything she wants them to believe. She is able to see both sides of a situation giving each and every one the fairness they deserve. Libra female’s social talents are paired with a sharp, logical mind. But at times she can be unpredictable and frivolous, which can land her in complicated situations from time to time.

Libra woman is one of the few who can tolerate the pessimistic views of a Virgo man, while still obtaining her optimistic views. She has the ability to bring the Virgo male around to her ways of thinking. It may take a while for him to see the downsides of this woman because she is hiding them with the flattery of her words. She can talk her self up very well; leaving anyone disappointed knowing that she never meant what she said. Her charm is so alluring that while arguing with her, Virgo man finds himself forgetting what it was that he was arguing about. Little does he know it is the flattery and charm of the Libra woman that practically hypnotizes him into seeing it the way she wants. She just does not wants to hear his judgments about her neither can she stand to unnecessary criticism.

A Virgo man is not at all romantic types but he is definitely a very devoted person who values his family and dear ones. He is very careful to express his judgment. Surprisingly, he finds that his Libra woman understands his judgment of others. She often even shares in the same opinions. She needs to be aware that restricting Virgo man’s freedom can cause him to become disgruntled. This can scare him because this is rarely done by others. They both have periods of irritability and stretches of tranquility and they both are good at escaping such uncomfortable situations. She has mastered the powers of persuasion. Still, he easily upsets her by his constant criticism of her. She needs to be radiant, and his criticism only blocks her radiance. The biggest problem is getting this man to commit to being a husband. He fears matrimony assuming/imagining it almost always ends in failure.

With increasing awareness, understanding and tenderness in the relationship, both the Libra woman and the Virgo man make up a relationship which is true at all levels of their life. They can laugh and cry, they can sink and dry and they can always make things go great for each other. The lovely Libra lady beautifully and tenderly convinces her Virgo man to choose to live a life that is happier and worry free and he gifts her with a life that has so much of devotion to be experienced with sprinkle of perfection in almost all matters of life. With careful thoughts and concerning deeds they make their togetherness a cherishing experience that lasts for years and make them a happier couple.

The airy Libra woman and earthy Virgo man has a beautiful sexual relationship with no rush towards intimacy at first meet. They find themselves being very relaxed with one another. There is a subtle peacefulness to the lovemaking of a Virgo man and Libra woman. They may lack passion but are quite happy with one another in the bed with gentle comfort and tender fulfillment. They both enjoy the excitement that a subtle quietness of the bedroom can bring. There are different levels in their physical demonstration of love and they enjoy each level with its own special dimension of joy and love. A union between the Virgo man and Libra woman can be quite calming. He is often a victim of the worries of the world. She with her slick words and charm is able to pull him away from his worries and showers him with love while he makes her feel secure and cared in his arms. Their physical consummation intensifies with time and brings them closer altogether with much more to share and have a happier relationship ahead.

Though there are many ups and downs in the relationship of Virgo man and Libra woman; but most of them surface when, he starts being unreasonable to her. She wants to hold her Virgo man but that scares him and he turns cold towards her affection. Moreover, his criticism is one thing that she cannot tolerate for a long time. Her persuasion and his criticism together increase the bitterness of their relationship and makes it worse to carry on with each other. Though they know how to escape such situations but there is no permanent solution to their problems. To make the relationship smoother, he needs to hold his tongue and thoughts while responding to his Libra woman and she needs to give him more space so that he can fulfill his desire of being a loner and then come back to her when he is satisfied with his freedom.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Satisfactory
Ask Oracle Rating: Good
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  1. cypherys April 17th, 2022

    I’m a libra woman talking to a virgo man right now. I really really like him and he’s expressed his feelings about really liking me too. I want to eventually get into a relationship with him when we both feel like we are ready. He’s been nothing but a sweetheart, we immediately bonded on the first day we met and from then on it’s been nothing but happiness. He’s kind, caring, we are both straight forward and have openly discussion our interests in each other. He’s complimented me so many times and has talked about how picnic dates would be something enjoyable and maybe one day having one with me. We’ve shared ideas about being together in the future but also both know sometimes we are thinking too far and yet it doesn’t turn awkward as we go straight back to talking of other things we enjoy.
    We’ve never felt as connected to someone as we feel towards each other.
    He once made a mistake during a conversation and began beating himself for it, I immediately tried to calm him down and asked what the matter was. He kept repeating that he messed up and that I didn’t understand why, i replied that I won’t understand unless he talks to me. After that he opened up about bad things that have happened in his past and just repeatedly kept apologising for messing up. I comforted him and that was just it, he’s open to Sharing and talking about things that are bothering him and never fails to let me know how much he’s missed me if we don’t talk for a while.

    This was quite lengthy and I’m not the best at writing long paragraphs but i also thought it would be interesting to see what others think

  2. K March 6th, 2022

    I didn’t even mean to be on my phone looking at stuff like this , it just popped up in my head and I picked one & its spot on with the man I am with . Conformation I believe . Whoever sees this I give you protected love and bright light

  3. Rebecca November 29th, 2021

    I think alot of this is dead on except one thing you should not be ignored God who is the ultimate authority acknowledge him in all things and he will direct your path

  4. Branquinha April 29th, 2021

    Oh my word! I never put much stock in this stuff. Just looked out of curiosity. However, your description of your Virgo man is close to mine. He does not directly criticize me,though. He’s very smart, like that. I struggle a bit with the missing passion, but he’s so committed to putting work in the relationship that it inspires me to continue forward in the occasions I panic and want to run for the hills. He’s a keeper. I also think that as we mature, some of the negative characteristics of Libra and Virgo start shedding away.

    • Sara March 25th, 2022

      What a great comment, Especially about the part where as we grow older, we hopefully mature, becoming more loving & patient, as we lose some of the more trying traits we possess. ☺️

  5. Joe March 28th, 2021

    As a Virgo man I have to say that age tends to temper us, I always take sites like this with a grain of salt because they tend to be very general with relationship descriptions. I’m in my 40s and while I use to be very critical in my younger years I learned to let things go and accept people for who they are. Seeking perfection is a waste of time and energy.

    Growing up my mom was a Virgo and tended to be very critical and because of that I learned at a young age to not be that way towards people. I’m with a Libra woman now and its the best relationship I have ever had, prior to her I was married to a Scorpio women, a sign that I was supposed to be compatible with, lo and behold that marriage end after 12 years because she feel out of love.

    Don’t let sites like this dissuade you from seeking fulfilling relationships just because the day they were born on labels them as a certain sign that’s not compatible, judge them for who they really are and not something some internet rando on a website says they are.

    • Jason Berry April 23rd, 2021

      You are so try fam

    • Veeezy January 24th, 2022

      I have to totally agree. As a Virgo man in my 40s I have become tempered and sort of numb to the desire to control my environment and since Libra are near the lowest of compatibilities for Virgo it’s humbling to release the criticisms and embrace the joy of Libra optimum. I did have to fall out with my Libra woman and research before I could mend the problems we seem to have no remedy for. But all in all my Libra woman in the beginning was undoubtedly one of the most complete feeling relationship I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t try it again with another Libra only because trust must be 100% and communication also but working with the 1 Libra I have dealt with is still challenging enough I haven’t thrown in the towel completely.

    • Marietta Brown February 7th, 2022

      Are Virgo Men forgiving?

  6. Tomeka March 21st, 2021

    Omg!!! This has helped me figure out some things about my virgo husband. We been together 29 very long years. I love him but sometimes he can hurt my feelings with his insensitive words. He says I am too sensitive and I know I am, but he is extra harsh lol. This article is definitely on point about Virgos needing space, and wanting everything in a perfect position, food cooked perfect, coffee perfect temperature in the house perfect. And even when it is perfect, he will say this was really good but it should’ve been a lil more this or that. Even when the house is clean he looks for something to criticize or complain about. He knows he complains too and we even placed a bet that he won’t complain for 24hrs. He won but after 24hrs and 1 minute he complained about something 😂
    They are great providers and hard working. OMG, NOTHING comes before work. he must work work work and save every cent. They are very generous but live frugal, he makes me laugh and is caring but not romantic lol. He tries. I wish u ladies all the best with your Virgos. He is a keeper.

  7. Nessa February 8th, 2021

    I am Libra woman dating a virgo male and im confused but i love him. What do i do, he think we wont work because he migh have to leave for another country and i keep telling him itll if we want it

    • Chandni Rathod March 23rd, 2021

      Nessa, obviously we don’t know each other, but believe me, he is a keeper, he is very sweet, not romantic though, sometimes too harsh, but he’s loving, he’s more caring, Virgo’s are the best if they know how to control his tongue :’) but My Virgo is my love, so same for you dear libra girl. Every Virgo boy will say he’s not sure about relationship or marriage or they used to say he is not husband material, but they know how to lover his wife, and care for her.

      Virgo is love, Go for him.

  8. Trent January 9th, 2021

    Im a virgo man and it seems that we are not suitable with anyone long term, our criticism wears them all down in the end. I’m sure other signs have perfect match’s or close to at least, but it seems they just don’t make women close enough to perfect to keep us virgo males from telling them how they could do everything better all the time. If only they could take constructive critism like we can, shouldn’t everyone want to improve all the time? I find it strange that people are happy being average or mediocre when they could just learn to do it better, and who better to learn from than someone who strives for perfection in everything they do? Just to be clear no i dont think virgo males or me in general are perfect, I know i am. 😁

    • librawoman March 9th, 2021

      looooooooooooooooool I loved this one.
      Just stop criticizing… write a journal instead ahahah
      From the libra woman ahahah

      • MissyJay April 24th, 2023

        Love this @librawoman

  9. Donte November 20th, 2020

    I’m a virgo man with a libra woman I love the fact we can balance each other out threw those rough times and keep on loving each other like two people should and I can also say that my libra woman is just as much devoted as I am and won’t stop at nothing to prove and show her love too me as I do to her but all in all I believe this relationship will last a lifetime even if we bump heads at times because she is mines and I am hers and because we both let our hearts and God lead the way for us !!!!!!!!!

  10. sharneice Jordan November 18th, 2020

    I love my Virgo man, I’m a libra and he’s definitely a hard worker and a provider. We have our differences but we talk them out and we compromise. He’s literally my best friend.

  11. Matthew November 14th, 2020

    So I’m a Virgo male, and I am critical about things, but I’m not flat out rude, or judgemental to the ones I communicate with. In fairness to the article though I hold my tongue. Because it’s true that we’re such hardcore perfectionists we can’t help it. But TRUST me, no one can beat us up more than we can. So id say it’s an age thing in most cases. Also I practice my spirituality which allows me to think before I speak. I can tell you there’s not many signs that will love you as much as us. We’re very charming, and mean everything we say. Good luck with everyone!

  12. Donnia October 23rd, 2020

    I’m in a relationship with a vertical man currently right now moving together for 6 years now and we have two beautiful boys I love him dearly but sometimes it can get hard we butt heads a lot I’m a homebody so I stay at home a lot and I don’t really go out he’s the same way so we’re compatible on that way but we do like to go out and go out on dates he does criticize me and I hate that and sometimes I can be a little rough around it edges for a Libra but we tend to balance each other out and never want apart from him and I need my space too so I easily give him his we argue a lot but at the same time we don’t want to be apart from each other so we’ll see how long it’ll last hopefully forever but you never know.

  13. Stephanie August 27th, 2020

    Not easy is hell with virgo man, I don’t know the word to define it but I can only say you can’t hold for long but with their caring spirit you can’t escape as a loving libra woman but one day you will be totally fedup, his harsh words can move your spirit as a Libra I’m going though alot now, he needs space but I don’t know how to offer space in one room with the man I love.

  14. Lauren Acosta August 17th, 2020

    was married to a Virgo male for 8 1/2 years it had to be his way or nothing i gave him space i love the affection and all but unlike other libra ladies I am a loner and I am content letting my other go out and stay back i hold my tongue till I cant anymore. I definitely enjoy balance and peacefulness I am not one for drama i tend to give into my partner to avoid arguments unless its something I truly feel strongly about then i dont back down. Am I the only libra this way.

    • La'Keisha October 4th, 2020

      I’m the same way and I’m currently dealing with a similar situation. My virgo doesn’t like to go out though. He is more of a family man but we dont live together so we both get plenty of space from one another. The balance works out right now but if we move in together im going to need a new hobby or find a job I enjoy going to so I can have my space.

    • Sarah Nunnally October 18th, 2020

      No I’m the same way. Our relationship is great until it comes to him going out with his friends or social media. Idk if it’s something internal that’s bothering me or what but we have no issues other than that.

  15. Milk July 25th, 2020

    This is a whole lot of truth. Been married for 15 years with a Virgo man and let me tell you, it isn’t easy. I a libra woman always need affection and the Virgo man (at least my husband) does not know how to deliver which in return has made me feel really lonely. For years It’s been hard to try and figure him until I read his sign personality and then it made a lot of sense. So I tried to be different and maybe even change completely because he just can’t, but that only made me feel controlled and lonely. Communication is great when the other wants to listen. So talking didn’t work and now after 15 years I decided to leave everything we built (family) and be happy.

    Don’t get me wrong he’s great at being attentive with things at home. He loves to spend time with family and I can trust his word. He is everything good you can think of that sometimes I feel I’m being selfish to want some attention. Is it really being selfish when for so many years together I have never heard you’re beautiful or you look great in that dress in spite of all the times I have Fixed myself up for him. With the Virgo man I feel restrained and constantly being checked. I can’t do a good deed for anyone because he would see the negative side of it. I CAN’T BE MYSELF with a Virgo man.

  16. LibraWommman March 18th, 2020

    Virgo men aint sh*t
    Dated a virgo man for 3 years, we were intimate, twin flames you could say. We had our ups and downs but I trusted him compeletely. He’d make mistakes, I forgave him.
    The moment I make a mistake??? He turns into a monster

  17. Princess March 11th, 2020

    Currently dating a virgo man, they do love their space so I just try to balance it out. As a libra we love feeling loved but you have to know how to balance and give space… it doesn’t mean he’s cheating or anything like that. Virgo are loners so having someone they love means alot to them but they still need their time to be THEM. They want someone to enjoy life with but they still need their time alone. I usually spend weekdays home unless its date night and weekends by my boyfriend.. but a virgo man isn’t for everyone so if u get his time you are special. And they are funny in their own ways I love it it’s so cute.

    • Nessa February 8th, 2021


  18. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra are ruled by Venus…they always need love/peace.
    If it helps, here is a free 2020 Forecast for LIBRA:

  19. Jeri August 23rd, 2019

    I’m a Libra woman with a Virgo man and we’ve been together almost 4 years. He is the most caring, grounded and wonderful person I’ve ever been with, and I’ve dated almost all the signs. The problems described are dead on to the problems that manage to pop up, but nothing a few minutes to clear our heads and hugging it out can’t fix. We’re each other soul mates and he’s worth it.

  20. J cundiff June 15th, 2019

    I am libra. Been with virgo man over 10yrs. Last 2 years we got a house together. Recently he told me hes not happy & not “in love” w/me anymore. Still loves me but wants his freedom/single. Ok. So I ask him if maybe he would want to have a fresh start after he gets some time to himself. No. Not interested. This came out of no where for me & devastated me. I am now moving out & feeling better about our split. I still don’t have clarity on why exactly he wanted out…..I do know if he tries to get me back NOT going to happen. He hury me too badly & treatwd me horrible after he wanted to end things. So confusing since this is NOT his personality at all!!!!

    • Lawrence November 17th, 2019

      Once we’re done we’re done, it’s fucked up.. outta sight outta mind, outta Virgo mind you’re never coming back to it.

    • Rory December 13th, 2019

      I am a Virgo man in a relationship with a Libra woman for almost 4 years, though we have interests in common and she is a loving and loyal person, the most trying element in our relationship (which is a deal breaker) is her lack of understanding of alone time. Her interpretation is I just want to get rid of her, which results in a huge argument. I also find her snide comments and innuendos damming and counterproductive. My Libra woman seems to have allot of negatives to say about other people in my life especially females. I guess I am critical but so is she. Our astrological charts are quite opposed with mine been mostly earth and water and hers been air and fire. I have tried to date women who are a better match astrologically but somehow the chemistry is not there. WTF.

    • Roger February 9th, 2020

      That is so sad, I’m a Virgo male and I would never do that to anyone. The only women I’ve ever broken up with are the ones who cheated on me. Once I’m in a relationship, I’m commited, and I don’t want it to end. I’m so sorry that you had to go thru that.

  21. Bethany Rodriguez May 28th, 2019

    I hate virgo men. I have been dating my virgo man coming around to 3 years already. Around 1 year he started pulling away from me when I would try to kiss him. 2 years in i wanted to move in together so I started saving money, he didn’t and never showed interest whenever I would talk about it. 2 years 8 months he broke up with me saying he needed to figure himself out, he wasn’t happy, and he didn’t love me. 2 weeks later while i was in the process of moving on he started trying to win me back. He said he wanted to change his ways for me and treat me better. It’s been 2 months since then and well he has changed a bit, he’s less distant but not as much as i wished. He doesnt pull away when i want to kiss him, but I’m falling out of love for him. Even though He speaks more of getting married, moving in together, and having children, I can’t help but feel unhappy with him because I know that I always have to be waiting for when he feels the time is right. Everything is up to him. When we move in, up to him. When we have kids, again, up to him. When we get married, also up to him. I have to cry just to get my point across on how disappointed I am for certain things. He never takes the hint and really needs for me to TELL him exactly what is wrong or else he will act like nothing is wrong. I don’t know if this will pass, but I feel myself moving on to another man who has caught my attention… It hasnt happened because I was looking for it, more like it just happened because that man has shown me what my boyfriend hasn’t. I just have come to hate the virgo men type…

  22. sangita June 9th, 2018

    i have moon sing virgo we have completed 2.5 year together but a silly mistake after he leave me how should i do ?we love each other too much. i cant love any one more i want to get back him very shorty already we are no contact last 2 months what he wants to me

  23. Toni January 17th, 2018

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 months and so far its been going good. He has a tendency to call people nicknames like ¨little one¨ or ¨child¨ because of our age difference. anyway my question is, When in a libra/vergo relationship, does age matter?

    • Shaylol July 15th, 2020

      I was dating a Virgo who was 12 years older for a complicated time frame and the connection was amazing. He was so good to me. Treated me like a princess and his best friend. He also led the way in the bedroom. But he had tendencies to talk about other females and made it seem like he wanted to be in an open relationship. He also liked his space. But I trusted him because he was very hard working and I knew he was an introvert. Anyway, I don’t think she necessarily matter. Just take it slow with them, study them/all questions, and figure out their real motives. They can be very manipulative if u let them.

  24. kay January 13th, 2018

    im a libra woman 24 and dating a virgo man 23. it is a fairly new relationship we been talking for atleast 4months and just made it official about 2 months ago. i appreciated his patience when it came to not trying to be intimate or have sex right away but now im ready and its like he doesnt want to do anything and he says he just needs more time to get comfortable but his friend seems more than comfortable and ready. whats the issue? also he doesnt open up but expects me to open up. and when i do to make him feel comfortable he doesnt say much. does he not care? i mean he took care of me when i was sick and always makes sure i have food in the house and checks up on me and spends all his free time with me and makes it a point to stop and see me in passing between work and school. what is it Virgo men!?

    • roo January 19th, 2018

      Virgo men are easy… Get out of your head libra, and just say ok. Show no interest in sex and play coy, avoid kissing him.. he will take it personal, over think it to death and then take that plunge but beware once you open that door there is no stopping it.. and it’s the best sexual match on the planet.

      • Jozell Sylvester October 15th, 2018

        just playing with our heats 😢

    • Chrissy April 24th, 2018

      You need to make them feel like they are the best man in the whole entire universe … give him all of your devotion & I swear you will be happy. I am happily engaged to my Virgo man & I am a libra , yes we bicker at eachother but nothing world changing, the love he gives me is a true love & his devotion is what I have been looking for in a lifetime partner. A Virgo man , once he decides you are the one for him, will fight for you for the rest of his life.

      • FriendIndeed April 29th, 2018

        Yess Chrissy gets it! Virgo man here.

      • Fortune March 28th, 2020

        Yeah that’s real

    • FriendIndeed April 29th, 2018

      You waited too long. Now he’s just your friend.

  25. hall.justyne December 20th, 2017

    I love my Virgo boyfriend though, we disagree and agree. Like any other couple.

  26. hall.justyne December 20th, 2017

    I am a Libra and my boyfriend is a Virgo, we have been dating for 8 months. Everything was going smoothly to me. We had 3 petty arguments. He is easy going, doesn’t open himself up to me. Emotionless. I’m a hopeless romantic, and need more affection/passion, I do have a controlling spirit. We do have romance, He has had his heart broken before in the past, so i think that’s why he holds back his emotions. Virgo’s are not too difficult to deal with, i suppose. Just need to have patience and balance them out.

  27. LIZZY November 29th, 2017


    • Aya December 8th, 2017

      Oh man i love my dear husband libra but I don’t see myself spending the rest of my life with him. We have one child. Hes a great provider but i think hes not faithful and he doesn’t communicate (Only when he tells me what to do of course). Our marriage is toxic and unhealthy to both of us. But im too scared For my little boy if we divorce

    • Catherine December 29th, 2017


  28. Mario November 9th, 2017

    I’m a Virgo man and I was once married to a Libra woman. It was great at first, then it went straight to hell. I couldn’t communicate with her. She was pretty abusive. IDK what type of Virgo men you women have had, but I’m a lover, I’m passionate, I communicate. I notice all the little details. Yeah I’m a critic, but isn’t everyone. Libras hold the scale, balance your relationship. Virgos are people pleasers, nice, kind, but don’t cross the line. There is no coming back

  29. Tanya October 15th, 2017

    Hi I am a Libran lady 17 th Oct married to a virgo 22nd Sep for 20 yrs. But there were always too much crowd in our marriage. Now we have reached a turning point and don’t know which way we are heading. Kindly help

  30. Simone Daley October 4th, 2017

    Hi, I’m a Libra woman, I’ve noticed a lot of Virgo men are interested in me, so I gave it a chance and date one Virgo man, but after the third night I dump him, because he is very insensitive and not romantic, the thing is I can deal with practicalities but not when we just met, I want the romance, I want to fall in love, but he is the type of man that says, hi, I really like u and that it…..

    • Tyshan October 16th, 2017

      I’m a Virgo and im romantic all Virgos aren’t the same 💪🏿

  31. Edubrowser September 11th, 2017

    I love this article.

  32. Oneday July 9th, 2017

    What type of relationship am i in? We dated for 3 months and she’s still not opening up to me, i only found myself talking and sharing about all the things in my life but she didn’t. And we didnt name our relationship anything. I just dont know what is this? Please help.

    • Libra Woman July 13th, 2017

      That is sadly a not interested libra woman. She does not care for you that much cause she is confused with who she is and is sad, that makes her close up (been there and believe me it is not fun) You should consider breaking up. I have been there and ended up leaving him.

  33. Esmeralda June 8th, 2017

    What does it mean when a Virgo man says he loves you but looks at other women when you are around him. I’m a Libra women

    • Sharri June 22nd, 2017

      I’d love to hear the answer to this

    • Greg July 9th, 2017

      It doesn’t mean anything to him for a Virgo man to notice (an)other woman (en.)
      If it is damaging to your self esteem or security, then find a way to bring his attentions back to you. This can be done even with only your words if you are important to your Virgo, and if your words aren’t harsh, but loving and playful.
      When evaluating your Virgo man’s dedication, it’s much more important for you to pay attention to a Virgo man’s actions and behaviors than whatever things make his eyes or mind wander.

    • Gene July 20th, 2017

      Human nature

    • Queenie July 30th, 2017

      Depends.. When you say “look at other women” is your perspective of his “look” distorted in a way? Or is his “look” really a “checking her out” kind of look?
      Considering you’re a libra lady it’s safe for me to assume he’s most likely checking her out because “we” libras tend to sum up a situation very fairly which leads me to say he probably doesn’t really love you like he says. Grown mature men at a certain age shouldn’t need to be told it’s disrespectful behavior.

    • Byron October 10th, 2017

      I’m a Virgo man I can honestly say he could be just enjoying the view but it depends on how long he looks and how he looks at these women. There is a difference between looking and being disrespectful. If the look were disrespectful then I don’t need to tell you his intentions. I can vouch that I love to observe people and things but if I were in a situation were my lady is watching me look at other women then it’s disrespectful because she shouldn’t catch me looking. That’s considered staring especially in front of her.

  34. Jay April 26th, 2017

    I am a Virgo man and I am so in love with a Libra woman. Would do anything for her and find her the most beautiful, sexiest woman oon earth. Will she ever break up w/her BF and love me like I love her???

    • Ally May 6th, 2017

      No she won’t. You are her number one, if she is with you but she treasures and needs her friendships. Her friendships are separate from her relationship with you. Alone time with her BF is like Vampires refilling at night.

      Don’t mess with that. It’s not about you.

    • Ay May 14th, 2017

      Tell her Jay


    • Danielle June 29th, 2017

      Depends Jay, if you have a history and she’s loved you in the past and if it was memorable and ended without an official ending then yes. If you’ve never been together and she doesn’t know how you feel about her all you can do is tell her. If she feels the same way she’ll dump her current dude.

  35. danielle April 18th, 2017

    Met my Virgo at 20, was intimate after a year, I love him to dead, but I am missing passion… non romantic & I don’t see us getting married anymore… by the way I’m 30 now (〒︿〒)

    • Jay April 26th, 2017

      Really…I’m a virgo man and love sensuality, passion, love, SEX and doing anything for a woman if I fall in love. You sure he’s a virgo??

    • Ally May 6th, 2017

      I had the nice romantic warm guy and then he went all critical on me. In fact, if I mentioned I liked toffee sweets, be sure next time I visit, there is toffee everything, very sweet, as soon as we were married, flip, toffees are bad for you and unhealthy….
      Ok boss, no more toffee.

      We librans go quiet and check out slowly and it is downhill from there.

      If you stay (ask for quarterly counselling) with the view of talking about the virgo/libran dynamic. Then emotionally selfish virgo will have an aha moment.
      So when he insults you, you go, love please….. it could be fun growing and maturing together.

      My Virgo is perfect so he does not need counselling… LOL
      After we divorced, I did not hear from him. Not even to see if his child is alive or dead. Or need financial aid.
      And he is a very nice guy, but when they are asses boy are they asses.

      From my experience, my ex virgo husband does not see how wrong he is…. They are dreamers…. Say what you want, iron out a path. Get him to commit to sort out the shit before you get married.

      He will give you his all, if he is into you, if he is not, he can’t. Is he really into you, or have you disappointing him and now he feels stuck but carrying on with your plans to marry.

      • Danielle June 29th, 2017

        Wow Ally, thank you for the insight. I’m a Libra and my boyfriend is a Virgo. He’s an OCD perfectionist when it comes to cleaning and organization and looks in general so I have to be on point at all times. As you already know by being a Libra yourself we bend to our partners wishes to keep the peace. For some reason with him he makes me feel like I’m not good enough even though he doesn’t say it. I’m actually a lot more attractive than him too and with my previous relationships I’ve never felt that way. Did your ex make you feel like something was wrong with you?

  36. Chatara danielle Stansberry April 18th, 2017

    Met my Virgo at 20, was intimate after a year, I love him to dead, but I am missing passion… non romantic & I don’t see us getting married anymore… by the way I’m 30 now (〒︿〒)

  37. Molly April 8th, 2017

    As a Libra woman I have been with my Virgo man for seven years. Worst time of my life! I have never been criticised and put down as much as I have with him. He makes me feel like an idiot! If I had my time again, I would have steered well clear!

  38. Morablacc April 1st, 2017

    I just started and it seems to be working it’s everything that I want and need. Hopefully it works out .I think I love him.

    • Ally May 6th, 2017

      Do let him have the information you have just read.
      If he thinks it;s rubbish then …alarm bells.
      My husband was a great boyfriend, I was too busy with my career and business to take note of the little signs I did not know about then.

      Our relationship was classic as written in the article. He parted saying he hates me. Once he worshiped me.
      Just don’t be naive.

  39. Bernice February 27th, 2017

    I just date a Virgo man a month ago. He is so excellent in writing with love romantic, he is so deep in love with me and wow, he is sensitive and so sweet that I’ve ever known. I had my relationship with an Aquarius man for 27 yrs, he passed away 2 years ago. My Virgo man got divorced with his past. And we are over 50’s of ages. I love the way he said to me on our first night that makes me go weak in my knees. He said, “Bernice…. I’ve asked God to bring someone into my life who will want me for whom I am and be good to me. And I know that there is someone out there for me because God never does anything without a reason, even if we can’t figure it out, I believe that the lord has someone in mind for me to share the rest of my life with because the lord doesn’t want us to be alone or lonely.” I cherish this one and copy this on my notebook that I will show him someday when we get married. I look forward in this last long relationship with my Virgo man. He is an amazing, so funny and so caring. He is the one for me.

    • Jay April 26th, 2017

      AWESOME…Virgo man who loves love, being romantic.

  40. Neil Shearer February 25th, 2017

    I have never had a relationship with a Libra woman so I will have to try it

    • Izzati March 15th, 2017

      Im a libra

    • Ally May 6th, 2017

      They are awesome but men misunderstand the. Be sure to get the understanding. The comparison’s are amazingly accurate.

      Although I believe that the problem is the Virgo man, and he has to realize his very nasty ways and be aware….

  41. Erica February 23rd, 2017

    Annoying cry babies virgo men are. Yuck

    • Ally May 6th, 2017


  42. LibraEyez May 11th, 2016

    @genborj what??? Libra women don’t have time to play with men’s hearts. We are usually focused on working on fulfilling our life dreams. Which is a nice environment, nice material things, the right man and a family to make us feel leveled. We can’t help if men along the way are charmed by us and think there could be more. We are usually “open” about what we are looking for. We don’t play no games when it comes to our happiness. If we feeling a man we let it be known. If we don’t we will still be nice. Often times our niceness to those we don’t want like that can be taken in another way. Again, it’s not our fault, we are open in communication and can “tell” them  how we feel about them if only they “ask”.

  43. LibraEyez May 11th, 2016

    @ArmyVirgo93 you say you fall quick but did you/do you tell her that? When a Libra woman falls for a man we want to want to know if the man is feeling us in the same way.  I  Virgo men don’t like to share their feelings unless they feel the woman is perfect for them. Which can take a long time and usually they are trying to figure that out “between” women. As a Libra women our harmless flirting leads to “other” possible suitors trying to get our attention. We often don’t have time for Virgo men to make up their minds so we stop “waiting”. Seems like once a Virgo man see a Libra woman with someone else, or she let him know she open to it. Virgo men finally realize what they about to lose. Sometimes it’s to late. Virgo men are a good catch and “are” very loyal once or “if” a woman snags one. The problem is its lime they are playing games. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That, lol!

    • Kinabina January 7th, 2017

      I agree i sm dating a virgo man now and he is driving me crqzy but as soon as i make up my mind to be over it he comes back like a little puppy and we have such a good time..

    • Jay April 26th, 2017

      I’m a virgo man…In love, so in love w/a libra. Would do anything for her, never leave her, be faithful. She is a goddess..i would never, ever leave her. Wish she would break up w/her BF.

  44. LibraEyez May 11th, 2016

    @whitefolks54 You just can’t resist those eyes can yah?

  45. genborj April 8th, 2016

    @whitefolks54 I think she\’s inlove with another guy bro. Libra women are good at hooking a mans heart. We just collect them and play them. Because we, libra women, are very oftenly fell inlove in a serious way. But once we\’d become serious in relationship, we will give all they want and we won\’t pay attention to other guy unless you guys make us felt unappreciated.

  46. genborj April 8th, 2016

    @ArmyVirgo93 I’m a Libra woman. Most of the time, we doesn’t know what we want and doesn’t want. It is quite diffucult for us to make a decisions although in a very small things. When we are mad at our partner, we will say that we hated them such as “go away from me” but we just really want to cuddle. Libra women are pretty cool. But once we declined it, you should stop it. Be sweet at her only a slight. Because we are drama-free typed of person. We just wanted a lot of fun and happy memories with our partner. All you need to do is to let her see and feel that you are proving your love at her.

  47. clark-kent August 22nd, 2015

    Bro you kinda just proved her point by freaking out for no reason. 

  48. ArmyVirgo93 July 7th, 2015

    Need help Libra women. I’m a Virgo man. And I’m going through a rough patch with the libra woman i love. Now i don’t know about the rest of the Virgo men. I fall quick if she is the right one and had those special things. I need to know how to save my relationship with her.. Please help me. I’m a Virgo man in love. Lol

  49. whitefolks54 May 25th, 2015

    I am a Virgo man who was and still is in love witg a libra woman however it didn’t work she lies for no reason and I use to feel like she wanted me to lie to her maybe we would still be together. Not a good match the love is strong and real.

  50. lukenmylissa March 16th, 2015

    I have been married to my virgo husband for almost 10 years. ..My biggest complaint!  He telling me how to drive,  yet he doesn’t want to… lol I tell him to shut up or I’m getting out and he can drive…. 9 years and he still runs his mouth every time I drive. …You’d think I learn…lol

  51. Quazi February 25th, 2015

    @Libranheart As a Virgo man, I would like to inform you that beating a woman is not a trait of any sign.  It’s just the sign of an asshole.  If true, I think it would be very wise for you to consider your health and safety above what it sounds like is an abusive relationship.
    It’s important to have fun reading these, but not to take them too seriously.  From the above Virgo description, I would never want to date myself (a Virgo) either.  The point is, everyone is different, and everyone has their own excentricities.  I admit that I can be critical and may sometimes flaunt flashes of a superiority complex OCCASIONALLY, but I also do it with a sense of humor, am self deprecating, and can take the sarcasm as well as I dish it out.  I am very patient and love to help people, but get very frustrated with hypocritical leadership. And there is so much more to any person than their similarities in a horoscope.
    I think the most accurate thing in this description is the Virgos need to take thing slow and to get some space on occasion (I personally need time to work on music). There has to be more meaning in a real relationship than a couple margaritas, and I’m not talking a punch to the face.

  52. Libranheart January 2nd, 2015

    @Fuckoff19071234 Superiority complex that goes extreme as to hitting me with his bare hands i never snobbed him i actually paid attention to him and boy that was a wrong move i wonder why i’m still with him after 10 years with his harsh critisms and beating…

  53. Librakarma November 11th, 2014

    I love my virgo! But Everything mentioned above described me PERFECTLY ! My jaw dropped.. wow

  54. browneyedgirl August 19th, 2014

    This Libra thinks very highly of Virgos.  Throughout my life looking back there have been many Virgos in my life– friends, family members ect…. and those particular personalities I have always been drawn to.  My fabulous and amazing husband is a Virgo.  I couldn’t ask for a more perfect pairing.  He keeps me grounded and I somehow make his worries more carefree.  We compliment eachothers personalities very well and we have a great deal of respect for one another.   Virgos ROCK!   So do Libras!  ; )

  55. passionladyevabless August 7th, 2014

    I’m a Libra an my boy friend is an Virgo we been friends for over 6 months till now we have decided to be in a relationship and its good we both get’s along even through he always thinks he knows every thing. He is a thinker and very humble. Maybe cause he is over seas and I go an come. Living and seeing is to different thing I hope he don’t change his loving an caring self.

  56. Fuckoff19071234 August 1st, 2014

    as a Virgo man let me show you a bit of my superiority complex but first saying how pethetic and butch you sound but criticing all Virgo men into your man hating stereotype that we all treat our women like shit. we tend to only treat women such as yourself that make obscene  and disgruntal comments towards us like shit. Any Virgo man that has had to deal with your snob attitude would be best served if you shut your mouth and walk the fuck away. I recommend you drive yourself back to the man hating dyke convent you came from and rid society of your comments from this point forward. we Virgo men can’t stand hearing you whine about how bad your relationships have been while blaming others for your failures. Take a moment reread your comments and try to determine why the Virgo men in your life have treated you like shit. i would guess it has something to do with the way your present your attitude toward them.  

  57. Libranheart January 23rd, 2014

    The next time i marry or date i will avoid a virgo man. I can’t stand their critism not to mention how they treat you like shit they think they’re superior to others and they cheat and lie.

    • Lena November 18th, 2018

      I agree .I’m libran woman.and dated Virgo man.he was 12 years younger. Than me .but we fell in first it was aamazing.then.after a while he moved in. I told him to stop drinking and . I was patient and supportive..but he carried on..when I put my foot down .He started being. Verbally abusive. Etc.Then when we did .go out.he would ogle other woman in front. Of me
      To me especially being libran woman.I couldn’t stand it. He became. Total ass hole.I told hon yo leave. He wouldn’t..he just kept making my life a misery..he was totally selfish. And mean.with.everything. it was all about him. I gave him everything. My Trust my love. My time.I doted on him..But. Its never enough .for Virgo man. They flirt. They lie..on top of lies…and break your heart.if .you let them.Best advice. Run.AND KEEP RUNNING..Virgo men are. Conceated.untrustworthy. and.will eventually.destroy. any woman. Libran or not Libran. I will never go any where. Near. Another Virgo man Ever.

  58. ladylibra August 31st, 2011

    Hmmm this isn’t very good. I’ve dated plenty of Virgos, and I’ve noticed something, they go one of two ways– bruised and ego trip or they’re humble and optimistic. Having dealt with both, this unfortunately is the former, read Cosmic Coupling for the latter. It’s much better and healthier. I’ve dealt Virgos who were rude and catty, we typically moved to quickly and never had anything stable, signicant or long lasting. The one Virgo I took my time with, we were best friends, we could read each other minds, we were socially charming together, spontanious, adventurous, complete equals, we agreed on the upbringing of children, he was the sharpest man I ever met and probably the only man I dated that I had the utmost respect for, and he showed me more respect than anyone, even his closest male friends. This can be a surpisingly great combo, if you can take it slow and be patient.

  59. tracy January 23rd, 2011

    This person does not seem to truly get the awesomeness of a Libra. Try zodiac-traits for a more non-biased view of the Libra woman. Oh yeah, Oracle, it is not ‘slickery’ it is diplomacy, wisdom, charisma, charm and the ability to see all points of view simultaneously…like I said ‘AWESOME’. Dedicated to my Libra friends (who I have known for a while now)

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