Leo Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility in 2023

The Leo man needs to create space in 2023 to care for those who have cared for him, especially parental figures. It is up to the Capricorn woman to be understanding and supportive during this time. As a couple, your help is needed for a repair or renovation on a family home. Travel may be required to meet with relatives to make a purchase or form a plan to sell or purchase real estate. It may be challenging to juggle obligations to family and time out as a couple but don't short change your relationship. Don't feel bad setting some reasonable boundaries and enforcing them. You have a right to privacy and time alone together.

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman Relationship - Complete Guide

Both of you value loyalty and security in partnerships, but your styles of expressing love are radically different. Your partner might enjoy your ability to brighten up his or her day, and you will love his or her wonderful sense of humor and commitment to making things work between you.

Leo man portrays himself as quite flattering and much more practical than the average man. He is charming and extremely capable of handling anything that is thrown his way. Attention follows him everywhere he goes and he enjoys it wholeheartedly. He likes to put his two cents in to an extent that it is sometimes suffocating in almost every aspect, and he would expect you to take it in serious consideration. Although quite stubborn, he is also very affectionate as well as generous with his time and money and die-hard romantic as well towards his lady love.

Capricorn woman is a quiet and demure lady with a sharp intellect and great will-power to deal with things. She is never outspoken and never out of place. She always appears calm and in control of herself. She learns from an early age to do what is expected of her. Deep within her, there are troubled emotions that remain there in any instance. She is always protective of her and often prefers to step back and avoid controversial situations to avoid heartache. She always stands for her man and admires him for everything he provides her with.

Capricorn woman is a wonderful listener. The stronger the goals the Leo man has, the more supportive she becomes, not stopping short, however, of pointing out the problems in his endeavors. If he wants to change his Capricorn woman on any level, he may be successful if he does so with very light, very small baby steps in the right direction, but to do so overnight is not even an option. Capricorn woman’s stubborn nature, much stronger than his own stubbornness, stands tall when he tries to break her down in figuring her out. He attempts to advise her or lead her along but her stance remains strong. Behind this stubborn wall are tears and pent up emotions that she hides well. But with true sincerity towards relationship and practical approach, the Leo man can ease up her attitude.

The proud Leo man with his graceful stature may be able to melt Capricorn woman with his dazzling smile and dishearten her when he is upset, but once she falls for him, it is forever. His positive attitude and bright air about him often eases her steel will, more often than she lets on. Leo man does not know how to understand her on a mental and emotional level. Her logic and attitude leaves him with a lot of questions and uncertain rejection which, in turn, leave him feeling vulnerable, something that he does not accept lightly. But at the same time she is just the right woman who has a way of helping him realize his dreams. He protects her and shows her the new ways to live and enjoy things sometime even without giving a thought to the consequences. He can always put smile on her face and make her feel special.

With every little act of kindness and concern the love of Capricorn woman and Leo man increases making their bond stronger. The warmth of fire (Leo) and determination of earth (Capricorn) make their relationship a very different and beautiful experience to be shared with all smiles and soft expressions. Their love for each other is the only thing that they find of real value and cherish their togetherness with lots for admiration for the differences and respect for acceptance they give to each other’s differences. Capricorn woman admires her Leo man’s rainbows of hope and he appreciates the haven of dependability his Capricorn woman is for him. Together they make the perfect match of difference which when go hand in hand create an eternity of love.

There are some typical stages in sexual relationship of Leo man and Capricorn woman which they have to cross to achieve ultimate oneness. His insatiable hunger for affection and desire for passion collides with her slow and sensual physically expression of her love for him and he does not finds it accurate in the beginning. He withdraws and this causes her to feel inadequate and therefore causes emotional distress on the Capricorn woman. With a relationship that is positive and growing, she learns to trust him and then begin to open up to him. Her pent up emotions and inability to express her sexuality to him is slowly released. This, in turn, increases Leo man’s pride in knowing that he was the one who awakened her deep sexuality and he is the one who she opened up to emotionally. This thing boosts his masculinity and he expresses his love even more passionately which in turn is a blessing and way to security for his Capricorn woman. With due course of time they understand each other’s needs and way of expressing love and share a very fervent and exclusively sensual love making.

A few matters can always create trouble in the relationship of Capricorn woman and Leo man. The most frequent one is financial matters, it is better to keep theirs separate. He spends his money as he so chooses while Capricorn girl stashes hers away in an effort to save for the future. They almost always squabble about what the other should do, so separation of finances is the easiest and best conclusion for this aspect of their relationship. Another thing that irritates Capricorn woman is the need of constant admiration by Leo man and Leo man is irritated by her silent and slow life style. He should appease her by heeding her advice and opinions instead of being so bull headed about it. She, on the other hand, should let the Leo man guide her and as her trust grows for him, open up more to him causing a more stable and trusting relationship for both.

  1. Dani 1 hour ago

    Capricorn woman dating a Leo man we are very compatible in so many ways. It’s crazy. It was almost like a love at first sight with us. He is three years older than me and makes me feel so good he has came through with everything that he has told me his actions back up everything. We are both indecisive about having more children together. It’s like 50-50, but I’m glad that we both feel like this, its like he’s my true soulmate. Very handsome man I can’t wait to see this relationship grow.

  2. Rob April 23rd, 2022

    Been married to a capricorn woman for over 3 years now. She’s everything that was mentioned in this article. We love each other deeply. Trust is there and it isn’t but that’s because of being burned in the past. Bottom line. Kelly I love you.

  3. Kesi December 4th, 2021

    I have been with my gorgeous Leo husband for over 40 years now. So true that our amazing love for each other has always been the most important thing. We are each other’s best friend, and truly have no need for others.

    Even from our late teens we were so deeply and passionately in love with each other – having to fight family prejudice (a real life Romeo and Juliet story!) we were both determined to make it together.
    And now we have children and grandchildren- we have had the most wonderful life together and neither of us regret the sacrifices we made to be here with each other today.

    Leo man, stick with your Capricorn lady. If she truly loves you, she will be the most faithful, adoring partner you can have.

  4. karee neil November 27th, 2021

    You have to talk honestly about all things and both be able to give and take on both sides. It can be a wonderful marriage, my husband and I have been married for 19 years and we are still so in love with each other.

  5. Dan September 14th, 2021

    Am a leo man and my girlfriend is capricorn,i love her so much and i hope she loves me too and am about to marry her,can our love last longer although leo and capricorn are incompatible zodiac match?

  6. PinkShelley July 9th, 2021

    I am fairly new into this relationship. He seemed almost too good to be true in transparency, openness, and showing affection. This site has helped me see this as authentically him and helped lower my guard. I want a man who makes me feel comfortable enough to allow him to lead me and he is showing that, which is scary. As much as I truly desire this in my mate, I worry about my ability to sincerely let him lead the relationship and not secretly keep the reigns within arms reach. The more of him he gives to me, the more I want to give myself to him. It may be still be new, but I plan to enjoy my Leo male til the wheels fall off.

    • Me September 8th, 2021

      Wow reading your passage make me feel as though I’m the author. your thoughts and feelings are similarly to mine.

      Im a female Capricorn and he’s the male Leo. We’ve actually been hot and cold on and off for a few years now. He will not leave me alone and I can go cold asking him to just walk away this is my way of protecting my heart. We both have this love somehow and are learning how to communicate bc we’re both stubborn and we’re leaders. I know deep down im so in love with him. we have so much fun together . sometimes I think maybe he’s scared to open up to me bc maybe I am so cold at times. I don’t intend to be.anyhow Leo men are so hypnotic! Enjoy him bc they are ROMANTIC!!!

  7. Cori April 15th, 2021

    This was dead on
    I’m a cap woman my Leo man does everything listed above
    I’ve learn to let him lead
    man that was the hardest thing for me to do
    Perhaps that’s has been my issue
    so I’m trying something different this time
    no assuming, no jealousy, no insecurity
    letting him lead works best
    definitely will keep the money separate lol

    • Sego June 19th, 2021

      Hey there I’m in kinda the same situation how do you do it? I’m cap and my hubby is leo and we fight because I bottle things up and explode when problems arrive. I would like to change things because same I love this man.

      • Cori June 22nd, 2021

        I understand what your going through
        My Recommendation: Don’t keep things inside
        If something is bothering you let him know right away in a nice way
        No Yelling, Screaming, Nagging
        Let him be him, Trust him and remember why you marry him
        they are not like us and that’s ok we don’t want them to be
        Communication is key for a successful relationship
        Without Trust there is no relationship
        Blessings unto you Both

  8. karee neil March 25th, 2021

    This is so true for my husband and I . He is a Leo and I am a cap.. We have been married 18 years and we are still so in love. When we got married I was 29 and he was 41 back in 2003. Thank you for the information.

  9. Shyam George January 26th, 2020

    Each and every point you have mentioned is so true. I loved this alot. It felt like you wrote about me and my future wife….
    I’m a leo and my girl is cap….. Thank for this article… 😉

    • Charlene Smith November 15th, 2020

      Indeed this was on point

  10. Geetanjali thakur December 16th, 2019

    All so true..hey thanks…… I m a cap girl. And my leo boyfriend.. We r dating eachother since. 5 months all goo so smoothly.. Ya be fight sometime but he alwys say soory first and i m so so so in love with him…… All true…whatever the up and down comes u have to understnd and stay with his or her.. Btw i m ao happy yo have him in my life… Wish.. This go life long and become my future to😍

  11. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Capricorns are so down to earth, but they can learn to be more open with people.
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for CAPRICORN: https://youtu.be/9bfUlxQHGls
    I hope it helps.

  12. Lilly November 21st, 2018

    I am a female Cap with my Leo husband. We’ve been together for 10years. He’s the most sweetest protective loyal man. We raise our children and work hard to provide for our family. We take care of each others emotional needs nd are mindful of each other. When you build a relationship build it like your home, solid foundations, strong walls and a roof that doesn’t leak. Then fill it with years of memorys

  13. Jakarea November 5th, 2018

    Hi I’m a Capricorn women was dating a Leo man for 7 months and when we first met it felt like heaven I tell him things about my past and he tell me things about his past but for some reason he let my past effect him all the time. Every time we argue he brings up my past I love this man to death and will do anything to keep our relationship alive , we always argue and he barely shows me attention like he use too when we first met his attitude changed everything changed about him and he make me feel like I’m the reason the relationship isn’t working . Couple days ago he broke up with me because he feel like he can’t trust me and he tired of being insecure over me and jealous and he think we will be better of as Bestfriends which I don’t want but he has problems with trusting people and I want to help him and be there to hold his hand but he don’t think me and him will ever work which breaks my heart and I don’t know if we will ever get back together I really want us to work out but he not willing to try and work he let go easily and he try and run from things instead of working it out . But I hope we get back together I want to be more than his Bestfriend again

  14. Perol Juwelries March 9th, 2018

    I got married to a leo man…thou he loves me and i do too. But he always not trusting my person and this do proked my anger. Each time we do have misunderstanding…. Nobody can call me..i don’t have friends neither partying but he does. I am getting tired of his actions… Because it always gives me a strong depression. His mentality about not trusting do bring in issues,sometimes when depressed i will experience miscarriage… Like 3times now. I think i should quit this marriage because i need peace not pieces…

    • Rosie August 9th, 2018

      Listen girl, i am going through the same and let me tell you it only gets worse… all that is coming from him doing things he isn’t supposed to be and thinks you might be doing the same. Mine is a Leo n I’m a Capricorn n everything seemed perfect until this started happening now I have no friends n my family is so distant now that I find myself alone just with my kids cus he goes out n I’m just home depressed.. get out while u can if I ain’t got kids or something solid tying u down

    • Marlon Pokorny November 7th, 2019

      Yes follow your heart. You lost your babies too. Im so sorry to your loss. God bless n love. Marlon Leo Male.

  15. Greeneyes2152 February 23rd, 2018

    I myself am a Capricorn and my soon-to-be husband is a Leo. Gosh I love him so dearly. It did take me a long time to open up fully emotionally with him. We have 4 beautiful children. He can be strong in his advice, but I can be hard headed, and tell him. Dude, there’s a nice way to say that.. lol his not good with his words, but neither am I. I tell him all the time. I don’t understand he’s the only one who can calm me down besides our children. He is the only one who can make me happy, and feel so warm inside, and truly loved. I’ve been with a guy who it says where a perfect match believe it’s a Scorpio, and well no. I believe the heart wants what the heart wants, and even if some not all that is said is true. Doesn’t mean anything. When you love someone it doesn’t matter what the horoscopes is. Love is love, and love can conquer Anything. I’ve been with my husband going on 6 years. Happy, together always and forever ever, ever, ever, ect… All woman are complicated, and stubborn, most man are hard headed, and stubborn, but love. Love opens up everything. Love is a super power. Everyone has ups and downs don’t forget that.

  16. Max February 8th, 2018

    So for the most part, that certain situation need to understand before dating each other for a good relationship. The fact that it is really important to understand how valuable it is to spend time. Which myself(a leo) have dated a cap before. Which our timing was so off meeting each other and not really get the chance to do things. But a really IMPORTANT REMINDER that Leo need to give time for the cap. It may take very long but it worth it.
    The fact that there are many times of Leo out there with different points of views. I understand, me, myself can be very pushy at times wanting to be loved and confused by a cap not showing love. I was quite immature so i spend days and days studying a Capricorn women and how to love her. After months and months passed and studying you will come to understand that it was my own fault being. I just need some love but it hard to get, and that it was sorta related to one’s status. Where the Leo grew up differently and that each life style builds it. So from my own sort of style I have lived to understand that we all can improve, and change, wanting to be perfect beings, the fact that we have commitments to make. And that insecurity that we have, that we need to fix. Some of us make look tough on the outside but, like myself very soft on the inside. I grew to understand the fact that not having attention is better than having. Cause it can lose friends and grew up to be lonely like my other Leo friends. I even made studies to understand some of the caps, but that when one decides to be vulnerable, be sure to treasure it. Also that I hope they can just express a little more love for some of those cold ones. And not be afraid to show you can be quite happy with your Leo man. And that each with self control and understanding to show love. Leo and Cap would be a really great pair.

  17. Pamelyn February 6th, 2018

    I am a Capricorn woman and I dated a leo man years ago and recently connected back with him. I liked him then and like him how. However, he does not show the interest that I think he should be and this is what happened the first time. It is frustrating and I am thinking about letting it go for the second time and never trying again. He will say that he is going to call me back but doesn’t. I have been to his home so he isn’t married or have a significant other. He is slow to the draw and I am getting impatient. I am not a chaser of men and believe that he should be the one pursuing me since he wanted to initiate dating again. Am I wrong?

    • Leah February 9th, 2018

      I’m in the same exact situation. I like him 10 years ago when he was married and he’s sought me out about nine months ago and everything started out fine and slowly I can’t even hear from him . My mind races and I crave attention that I’m not getting . It’s hard to come to terms with letting go but that might be the answer .

      • Max February 11th, 2018

        It quite the hard for situation your in. But find a pure Leo is a luck( a Leo’s first time). He will put his heart into it. When a Leo that haven’t been able to make a successful love they would want to build on it and understand more. They go through stages of wanting to change but in the end that insecurity is what changes them and chosen to give up. Win us over by loving what’s unique about our style, the way we live and the fact you let us know when things fit or not. A good Leo will always respect your opinion. A shy Leo need you to lead on a bit cause he doesn’t want to disrespect you. A bad Leo is that cocky boy, making up all the BS. And that communication is very important. Don’t be afraid to ask. He needs to learn that relationships are all about compromises. Doing things you like half the time and then doing things he likes the other times. This is the key to a happy, healthy relationship.

    • Merphey October 2nd, 2019

      To be frank with you, you have to know that Leo Men are very asking and sometimes become complex and complicated when they don’t find in you what they’ve expected (Trust) and mainly if they’ve been deceived several times. To solve your problem, you should prove that you are real in your request, that what you want is really constructive and comes from the botom of your heart. Leos hate falling in the same trap (In the same bad woman according to them that they force themselves to conclude so after several reflections). But also understand that Leos can sometimes be lazy in love when they don’t find in you the zeal of positive innovation, they liking constant change in style but keeping your goal. If you want a Leo Man back to you, be sure that you didn’t heart him in a real remarkable way because they don’t forget and are never able to beg anyone, their ego is highly present in their everyday life.
      But as a Leo, I need to tell you that those people are the most Loyal on earth and are never willing to heart anyone and prefer keeping the distance instead of causing you pains. Be sure you are good enough in you attitude trying to bring back a Leo Man that is gone for any reason. Please if you can’t give him back what he deserves (Constant affection and worship, they like it), so let him go.

  18. Torn...Stay or Move On January 28th, 2018

    I am a Capricorn female, with a Leo Man. Been together with him for about 9 months or so. We first started off as friends and hungout on several occasions. Then, we ended up getting together after 5 months of hanging out. We’re both married but when I met him, i filed for divorce. However, he is still married and tells me he is in the process of getting divorced due to some complications. I would’ve never thought in a million years that i would’ve gotten together with this particular Leo Man. I hesitated for a long while cuz he wasn’t my type of guy. He’s not a good looking but what attracted me to him is his kindness, high driven, smart, and he has a great personality. In the beginning, he was very persistent, loving, always attentive towards me with calls and texts daily, shows me his love and care! We would talk on the phone pretty much all day even though we both have high demand profession. I still lived in my house with ex husband and he still lived in his house with wife. So he was very persistent in moving together cuz he wanted to take care of me. 7 months into the relationship we finally get a place together. My issue is respect and trust which we’ve talked about in the past; that we don’t have time for games. I don’t know how many times I’ve emphasized to him about respect communication and trust. Recently, he didn’t come home twice in one week and did not bother communicating to me either by text or a simple fone call! First excuse was reasonable and told him to not do it again, second is fishy!? But regardless, he should’ve communicated…so i left the house and told him why should i come back if he doesn’t come home. He packed his stuff and left the house. He finally calls me a few days after the incident and talked about the lease. Anyway we ended up talking about the incident and I’ve emphasized to him that i was upset and he disrespected me. I had every right to be. I think we’re ok but not sure yet cuz he’s currently traveling for work and haven’t saw him since the incident. I don’t know how to feel but thinking for the worse. I reassured him that i love him and in love with him. But if he doesn’t want to be in this relationship to let me know. He called me after my text and i didn’t get a response of what i said. I just don’t want to be waisting time and I need to move on. I need a Leo Man perspective pls!

    • Mikael February 1st, 2018

      I’m a leo man. Here’s the truth. The leo man goes through stages in life just like any other human being. Because he’s tangled still in his past relationship it’s gonna be hard for you to get the FULL and REAL leo man that he is. We like it when EVERYTHING is PERFECT. And if 1 thing isn’t than well work our asses off to make that 1 thing perfect before moving on. It’s sort of hard to explain. Trust me….he does love you and thinks about you from morning till night. You have to be patient if you really love him. He may seem divided in his actions but in his heart he Loves you more than himself and wants when he comes back to you for there to be no strings attached. I know it’s hard trying to read him from afar but his heart is with you always. Did this help at all???

      • Cori April 15th, 2021

        Thank you. This definitely help

  19. Darlene A Martinez October 4th, 2017

    I am the Capicorn woman with a Leo man.The Leo man is annoying always talking about how perfect he is and always bragging about himself .
    We have little to no contact in the last 2 years we don’t express feelings but through yelling and it’s usually hate we do not compliment eachother we have had no physical contact in 2 years…The only time we get along is at the gym we have known eachother 13 years,10years we were just friends we moved in with eachother 2 1/2 years ago …Since then we have gone down hill tremendously all we do is argue.
    he does express his dreams of a better future …but I’m at the point of letting go and starting my own future

  20. ali May 17th, 2017

    i need a help … i have a cappy girl who cheated on me with his cappy boyfriend n got along a year without hesitation… what do i have to do? she shows her guilt but i am not sure about her feelings whether guilty or not, she is engaging herself with her uni mate(the guy her cheating partner). I was considering this whole year him as her friend but the things went wrong ….

    • Richard June 5th, 2017

      Its up to you. From my point of view, let her go. She breached the most important thing in life…Trust…Regardless of what happened, trust takes so much time and effort to gain and so little to loose. My ex did cheat on me and I loved her so much but, couldn’t trust her anymore. I know it hurts really bad but you might doubt her for the rest of your relation and that’s unhealthy.

  21. Yimmy Bean April 16th, 2017

    I have trouble understanding some of the negative aspects of the Leo man/cap female relationship I read about.
    Leos love being in the spotlight and Capricorns prefer being behind the curtain so this contrast alone is perfect for them. Leos love being praised and capricorns love to give attention to those they love. Leos are emotional and Capricorn are grounded, so Capricorn can understand Leo on the emotional level but comfort the intellect of a Leo on the practical level that Capricorn frequently displays. The intellect between the two is always growing and always stimulating.

    I think this is an amazing match and my Leo and I have been dating for over 2 years. We never argue, we always understand one another and we never push each other into uncomfortable situations.

    Like all relationships, we aren’t perfect. Also, my leo is a bit more like a Capricorn in that he shows love in practical ways and not verbally, he isn’t a social butterfly and he doesn’t trust easily but is loyal once you earn his trust.
    Our balance is the best relationship both of us have ever been in and we always healthily challenge one another.

    I dated a Scorpio man for years and it was the worst experience and they’re supposed to be our perfect match but he eas sultry, unfrateful and played games. Leo man is showing me more and more that he is the perfect match.

    • Cori April 15th, 2021

      I agree with this entirely.

  22. maxine.owens March 21st, 2016

    I swear this is exactly on point ???

  23. Audimiranda January 27th, 2016

    I am a Capricorn girl dating a leo man.. He\’s an amazing boyfriend and seems like he would be an amazing husband/father someday. I love him very much he treats me like a princess 24/7, I\’ve never been good with communication but he makes us have communication luckily. I\’m very stubborn, more stubborn than him. We know when we are wrong and although he can get overly mad about things i always get him to see the clear side of things. I get mad about his loud lifestyle but he doesn\’t mind, i think he wishes i was more lovey dovey but im just not that way I\’m also not very clingy.. I feel like I damage his ego in some ways but i hope he just sees that as me being a strong girl. I don\’t fully need someone to take care of me but as a capricorn I feel like i take care of everyone when I don\’t need to, so it\’s nice to be taken care of for once.. I\’ve never been treated better, it\’s amazing. I\’m younger than him but he knows, i know what im doing.

    • mando January 10th, 2017

      wow im 34 a leo man im dating a 27 capricorn woman i like her lot and she makes me feel good but at times im not sure if she feels what i feel i mean i know cappys dont show much emotion and i know she cares for me we already pass the sex stage she holds my hand in public and she kisses me n public no matter where we are that really makes me feel good shes amazing in bed .. i just wonder some time is it only me ? she calls me baby and all that cute stuff and i try not to lay the lovey stuff on too thick but i adore her and id like to take this relationship as far as even marriage recently we were in the bahamas and we had an awesome time she went back home and i went back home we talk every day via text or phone call any other advise for me a leo man.. i wanna keep this capricorn.. for a longg longgg time ..

      • anonymous February 9th, 2017

        aww that’s so cute, i’m a capricorn myself. i don’t think ur doing anything wrong, just lay it down with the lovey dovey stuff, and don’t annoy her too much

    • dijahblanco94 November 28th, 2017

      Wowww Crazzzy I’m In This Same Exact Situation Right Now

  24. srav5 September 24th, 2014

    Best article ever…each and every line matches our relation…We both read this n got suprised….
    Its been 8 months and I just love my leo man… I am a cappy girl n admire him loads…He makes me feel like how lucky I am for being a girl….Always makes me smile,guides me n makes me feel special….
    I enjoy his possisiveness towards me and it shows how much I mean to him….We understand n respect each other in thick n thin….n my love for him is forever…
    Making love with him….Thats a Secret….shhh!!!haha….full of lust,he is extremely romantic n shows his complete love in that moment…n I love suprising my man…
    Each n every day our love is growing stronger n deeper…
    Love advice:
    All leos give ur cappys some time to open up n u will njoy her company n all cappys keep calm for sometime n sooth him when ur leo shows his anger…n dn forget to njoy his possisiveness…:))
    Stay loved and be forever!!!

    • mando January 10th, 2017

      thanks im a leo man been dating my cappy since nov 16 its now jan 17 she came to the bahamas and spent new years wiith me we had an amazing time im still learning to give her time and open up 2 me even more she kisses me in public holds my hand makes me feel very good sex is amazing.. im still learning to let her open up to me some more any other advice ? i want to keep her in my love shes very special..

  25. Lana87 August 17th, 2014

    @Gio_G: I am a female Capricorn. Try having a conversation with her and letting her know how you really feel about her. Maybe the reason why she hesitates, cause she doesnt feel secure by you. Capricorn women always hide their emotions when they dont feel secure. Never give up until you have that important talk with her…communication is the key to making things work. You dont want to have any regrets later on how you didnt try and work things out. It takes small baby steps to melt a Capricorn’s heart. Maybe she’s taking her time with you to make sure things work. Keep letting her know how much you want her and hopefully she’ll open up more to you. I’m here if you need any help…Good luck!
    ps…I am also with a Leo man myself and needs some advice 🙂

  26. Gio_G August 7th, 2014

    Please Help! I like a Capri girl (i am a Leo)! We have much in common, we chat till late nights and we laugh and support each other in many things. However she refuses to take the next step and start the relationship! I know she feels the same way about me! (Although it is super hard to understand what she really feels sometimes) why is she turning me down? (3 times now). She gets very nervous when i invite her for a real date! She hesitates! Why? How can i prove that i am serious about her? Why does she have doubts?(it’s very early she can back out at any time) why does she want to try? i give her all the space she needs but i can’t take it anymore. Should i persist? Or should i just give up? Because she is not letting me go! Please Capri girls and others, who qualify, help me to understand!

    • Jeanette May 17th, 2017

      Give her time, eventually she’ll open up to you, if she hasn’t already, I know I’m late to answer, but I hope this helps, I speak off of the basis that I’m a Capri girl and my boyfriend is a Leo, it took me a while to open up to him

    • prettywize1 June 27th, 2021

      She’s probably been hurt. Give her time or give her a challenge. Caps never back down from a challenge

  27. nemesis00 June 28th, 2014

    Ok so I’m a Leo. And am loyal to the core. I am always wanting a serious thing. But my Capricorn lady is a total riddle to me. We often had moments of total confusion. She is on a different wavelength but we are commited. Sometimes to the detriment of the other. Don’t get me wrong I love her deeply. But things never started off with a bang, its more like we had to stop being so adversarial with one another to stand a chance. I guess we had a knack for getting on each others nerves from day dot.
    But nonetheless we been together over 3 years and have each made many sacrifices. However I still don’t get her. I try and I try and she is very cutting in her remarks sometimes. Totally deflates my ego in less than a sentence, something no other girl has done to me in such a way. She has this barrier to her soul, it takes alot to bring it down. I am not funny according to her (again bruised Leo ego) but I am her man and she still cares for me alot.
    Regardless there is this nagging feeling I get that she could be more open or vunerable or showy, she is not one to outwardly admit when she is wrong or in need. And this as a leo protector frustrates the hell out of me. I want a feminine lady, but its too late to back out, because I gave her my heart. And so each day is a struggle as we try to learn each others quirks (yep 3 going on 4 years and still learning) 
    I used to discount our quarrels as a normal lovers tiff. But sometimes I feel like I am holding on to dear life, because the lesser man in me would of given up a long time ago. She has some emasculating effect on me at times. And she never praises me, unless I do something monumental like stop rain or walk on water. So basically next to nil. I think I praise her all the time because I love her, even if its a badly cooked meal.. but I don’t understand why she doesn’t do the same, if she loves me shouldn’t the praise be equal. Well such is the riddle of my Capricorn girl. I don’t know if these “Leo needs” within me are going to be met by her or I will just have to kill the Leo soul within me just to meet her halfway. But either way its really a deflating experience. If only the sex wasn’t so amazing maybe we could really just see it as a lost cause. Kidding of course, there are many other things that keep us together, but mostly a sense of responsibility to one another. I don’t like her saying she matches better with others, its like the most disrespectful thing to me. I really put in the time and have made such monumental changes in my life to keep her content.
    I wonder if there are any successful unions out there who can tell me otherwise. I want to marry this girl, but I always feel disheartened and seeing this as not the best zodiac matchup is also making me wonder am I in for a life of pain? Why are Capricorn women so stale and shrouded in mystery. If only I knew how to unshackle her heart.
    Struggling Leo man.

  28. Sunz22 June 15th, 2014

    Okay guys, most of your comments had me laughing!! As I think about it, this pairing is very passionate and disastrous too, I have met a Leo (my Lion, my Mufassah ). A long relationship to be maintained would require so much dying of certain traits as a Capricorn woman. So as much as the passion is so strong, the charm and his strong presence, all very attractive, it’s just leaves one drained. A Leo man is very proud, loves to worship himself, loves leading, loves being seen and felt while the Cap woman is low key, strong but subtle.  They are both stubborn, and that’s where the shaking and sinking begins…no proper communication. It’s just a mess. I met a Leo for the first time and there’s no way it can work.  Too much emotional blows and little remorse if any from him…plus I don’t like being a cheerleader to a grown ass man who is already praising himself! Great and interesting experience but that lion is out to ravage on my Capricorn soul, I can’t have that. He can get so passionate in his charm, his kindness but also in his hostility. The man will want to eat you alive and forget that you are but a gentle soul that needs love, peace and his charming passion. We express our need for love differently, but there’s no way we could fight over stupid things all the time to a point of breaking up.  Naaah. Compatability is low here. A Leo dude is bad news for me.

  29. Sexy-cap April 8th, 2014

    I am extremely curious to know where this is going to end up,  27 yrs ago when I was 24 my Leo was 18. Being a precocious female cap going though my teens in my 20’s due to a very dysfunctional home front. I was also involved with an older man. By this time in my life I am a cancer survivor with no real expectations of becoming pregnant…long story short, I find out I am pregnant my Leo boo finds out corners me even asked if I wanted to get married, I freaked! He was supposed to be my boy toy not husband material so I told him the baby was not his, I convinced myself the older man was his father until DNA test when my son was 15 proved otherwise, for the next 10 years I went on to raise my son by myself then I married big mistake except for blessing me with son #2. Last year, with my sons permission I contacted his father. It’s been weird to say the least, he is so intense wanting to know everything telling me he’s never forgotten that he feels like he’s known me forever and always with the sexual undertones, it’s quite fascinating! Here’s my dilemma he lives with a woman he has been in a relationship for 5 years, he says he does not love her he belittled her until I made him realize I found it distasteful. Now that I am older  and hopefully wiser I try to be careful about opening doors to new relationships in the past year since he’s known he blows hot and cold calls then stops… I do not call him, each time he starts calling again it’s a little more intense, so far there have been lots of calls text, I have seen him 3 times and the only physical contact was a hug and standing next to him so close I could feel his breath it’s electrifying the chemistry is definitely there. I have not been in a relationship in 8 years since my separation from my husband I was not looking for one and to be quite honest this man scares the crap out of me, I am ashamed to say that I have been ugly to him at times hoping that he would just go away and leave me alone. How’s this for irony, in the Chinese Zodiac I’m a tiger and our son is a dragon I found out he has both tattooed on his body. Is he my destiny or is this one of life’s cruel jokes! I tell him it will never work between us, hes bossy and I will not be bossed around he says we can compromise and take turns being the boss.  I feel and think I’ve lost my mind to even consider it! 

  30. HazelEyedBeauty February 18th, 2014

    I am a cappy and my man is a leo. This article was 100% true. I always was unemotional when it came to exposing my real feelings to anyone, especially in my relationships. This is our 2nd time going together and the first time I was holding back my emotions and my heart.This time I’ve changed and I’ve gave him everything. But you know what, I trust him. He is so understanding, short tempered (yes but only if i curse him out first and that hasnt happened yet since the time we went out), he puts me first before everything, he spoils me. He always considers my side and point of view before he talks even if hes already has his mind made up but the point is he considers my opinions. I guess the key to making this work is all on the capricorn and leo. My ex before him was a leo also (leos are cappies instant attraction) but he was a different kind of leo. He was abusive. I was always wrong no matter what. He was stubborn to the max. It was such a bad and crazy relationship, but then again i think he was mental. My leo man im with now is the best man on earth. He knows all the right things to say and all the right buttons to push and at the right times. Our sex is definitely amazing and we feel one with each other. We are both each other’s best bedroom partners. I know we will be together forever.

    • mando January 10th, 2017

      im a leo man some advice to you is let ur leo man be himself dont block the love or affection hes trying to give you because it genuine us leos show alot of affection to those we love .. when hes angry calm him down because your probably one of the only people who can tame his inner beast. if hes treating u like a queen accept thats how we show that we care we can be a bit corny some imes but its in our nature we mean well. lions love the fur stroked.. we just want the love we give returned

    • mando January 10th, 2017

      love this article i want to be with my capy for ever im a leo man..

  31. CJ3 October 25th, 2013

    I am a Capricorn woman and my husband is a Leo. We have been married for 29 years. We have 2 sons. It hasn’t always been easy but we have made our marriage work. I think communication is the most important thing to make any relationship work. You listen as well as talk and you must be willing to compromise. I believe any relationship can work, as long as both people are willing to work at it. When you take your wedding vows, they say for better or worse. Alot of people give up when the worse comes. But unless both people are willing to fight for their relationship, it becomes doomed.

  32. LadyNigma July 10th, 2013

    I am the not-at-all quiet and definitely not demure, capricorn woman. I am always outspoken and I accept nothing without proof. My leo, on the other hand, is quiet and very shy, anti-social even, who does not like being the center of attention… This is actually the first I have ever read about capricorn women being so… door-mat sounding…

  33. tae January 23rd, 2013

    guys ima cappy an this wonderful guy im talking to is leo an its the honey moon stage  rite now an i am a bit younger thn him by about sixs years everything is going great rite now i just want tp knw what to exspect from him does leos have tempers tht i need to b on the llok out for i juss dont wna be cought off gaurd nd if they do how should i react to thm ok young cappy

  34. NERO13Filth July 15th, 2012

    so sad i read quit a few post at most of the time i was really happy and proud but then i started seeing more depressing post of brake ups and divorse and it makes me scared but i caint always follow what everyone says becouse i know for a fact all people have differences but anyways i am a leo and i have been talking to a cap for 7 going on 8 months now i feel a very positive vib about her cus we both have the same wants in a relationship trust loyalty and comfterbility i try not to get her out of the comfey zone with my amazing goofy attitude but sometimes she likes to have fun and always knows how to change my view for the better and she does it with out even trying and  i always love it when she is talking more than me and i get a kick out of it when she tells me something not so important and i suprise her by remembering the last thing im thinking of when i talk to her is sex mostly cus its impossible to build a relationship just out of sex plus there is so much more to being together than that she is a real challange but its one im willing to fight for and i feel like a brighter sun thinking about her so my fingers are crossed and i am praying she will be the 1 and to every1 who tok the time to read this thanx and best of luck to you in your journey of life love and happyness 

  35. Author
    Ask Oracle June 5th, 2011

    @ladiicappiiducati (Ducati)
    I must say that I and the community are proud of you as most people tend to break down and run away from such situations, but you stood for Love and that’s commendable 🙂

    Just a few more steps and I’m sure things will be well under control and in your favor. The thing is Love often tests us and as we grow and evolve as human beings, the tests will become more and more difficult. But let me assure you that its worth it and Love is a very rare and powerful thing.

    I can suggest a few ideas to keep you going:
    a) Take up a daily exercise routine, this will not only keep you healthy and attractive but also give you a strength of mind. Try out Sun Salutations – http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Sun+Salutation&aq=f

    b) A shift in attitude is also needed. Instead of thinking that he used you, be proud that you were able to Serve your Love to the best of your abilities. Be proud and happy that you were useful to him. An attitude of Service and Submission will give you strength to fight of depression and win Love.

    b) Stop criticizing and blaming him. Choose Silence over criticism and Laughter over stupid things. In good moments, always Appreciate him and what you like in him. Show Gratitude and Ignore the mistakes.

    c) Forgive yourself and him and everyone else. We humans are prone to mistakes but Love shines when we choose forgiveness over pride and anger.

    d) Keep yourself busy in other important things in life. Learn more and keep growing.

    All the best 🙂

  36. LadiiCappiiDucati June 4th, 2011

    I am a Cappi and I have been in a relationship with a Leo for 8 years. We now have 2 beautiful daughters and at this very moment I have lost all hope in our relationship. I love him so much but I don’t feel secure in our relationship. It is almost like I rather push him away then for him to walk away from me. We were suppose to have been married years ago but each time the day would get closer one of us decided that we weren’t ready. That and multiple fights has damaged the trust that I had in him. I felt like he only used me for my love and then things that I did for him but desired to be at the bar with friends and not me. I was the mother, the “wife”, the maid, the taxi (for when he wanted to go out and get drunk). Most recently I have been unemployed and since our first daughter was born he has been on SSI (he doesn’t need it) and one day he gambled his rent money away!! I was so ticked off because this was the day before mother’s day and I didn’t even get a card from him because he was broke. Then when he is drunk and I am just so happen to be in a bad mood and snap off he takes things tho a physical level and speaking non sense. Another issue that our relationship suffered was his mother, who is a cappi as well. Over the years she and I were fine (so I thought) but this year when I didn’t call and tell her happy birthday, she cursed me out so bad and all he did was lay in bed and told me to not let her words get to me. That hurted me so deeply!! I felt totally disrespected and less than. As of today, I have recently vowed to stop smoking, he is a smoker, I am now 4 days in and my temper is like his when he gets drunk, quick to upset. I am also experiencing some health issues that has my hormones going crazy so I have been moody so I have not been so nice to him but over the years I have dealt with so much while dealing with him. I want it to work because I love him but I don’t want to fight, argue, feel less than, or alone (when he is in the same room). I just want him to be on my level!! And then the crazy part about our mothers, like I said his mom is a Cappi and my mother is a Leo so you would think we would have some type of experience in dealing with the opposite sign. Right? lol. Our daughters do not need to suffer because we have disagreements and separate off and on like we do. They need a stable home with both parents. It was hard for me to grow up without my father and I do not want to put our girls through that. What can we do to make it better?

  37. Chalcedony April 9th, 2011

    I’ve been with a Leo man for five years now and it’s been a journey. We broke up a few times and he was the one who came back. I am not a person who judges, but his behaviour is getting on my nerves. I love the person i first met when we served in national Service together. He was a gentle Malay man who held his family values very highly. Yet after breaking up with him for so many times, he changed completely. If i kept holding on to this relationship, i have a feeling it would be a very hard and tormenting journey, but the love shared with him was far more beautiful than when we fought all the time. I loved him with all my heart, but seeing him change has completely shattered me. I have no one to blame but myself for holding this love steadfastly. I’m faithful and i only have God to turn to whenever things happen between us. The thing is..yes..I know I can be too critical about him sometimes, that is because his carefree attitude landed him in too many problems such as getting laid off from work. me being a Cap, and yet i have to let down my ego and speak to him the way i know how, gentle reminders etc..How long can i possibly do this. He is my first and i have heard it will take a big leap of faith to really let myself go from this attachment. He knows i love him. But the one i love was the one he was before he changed. He is the history of my memory of us. If only he knows what he has been doing to the one he said he will not let go before…

  38. alexis April 1st, 2011

    I dated a Leo man for 2 1/2 years. The sex was awesome, but we didn’t have good communication. Our finances were separate, which was nice. He did treat me right at times but to him he never did anything wrong. We would fight about the same things over and over because neither one of us was willing to change and when one of us did it wasn’t enough. Also, he never liked to be alone. Whenever we would fight I would like to take some time to cool off and he wouldn’t let me, which caused more problems. Overall, I think this pairing is passionate but it won’t work out because the two are so different. At least thats my experience. Good luck to anyone that tries though.

  39. boochi March 25th, 2011

    @christopherbann ….I’m so sorry for what ur going through..I don’t think that its a capricorn thing….I just think u found a bad apple in the batch of capricorns… u found a spineless coward…. and I hope u can see ur babies my heart goes out to u. I believe that the one thing a parent has the right to do is see their children no matter what as long as they will be in a safe invironment…she is the bottom of the barrel it would b one thing if she is a bi**h but she can’t even be that she is jjust a spineless fool who is hurting her kids and they will one day resent her for that bc growing up without a dad is not fun nor fair…but I digress Sincerly, A real capricorn (to some degree )

  40. greg March 21st, 2011

    im a leo, i like this capricorn girl. her name is julia ^

  41. julia January 26th, 2011

    @berriesbleues…ur emotions r translated so beautifully..i share wt you same fate although im free now…and found myself attracted to a new leo:)..i think is bcs they hav such a powerful personality

  42. Christopher Bann January 26th, 2011

    (Me: Leo man) (My Ex wife: Capricorn) I find the statements above funny and sad at the same time. I have no respect for cheaters. That’s just not cool. I have never once cheated on any of my ex girl friends or my ex wife, EVER!!! I am a strong believer in Karma. I always thought my ex, Capricorn wife was a major exaggerator. I mean this woman was 35 years old and when her controlling father would get her on the phone (he would call her at least 25 times a day starting early in the morning) he would have a problem with something else she was or wasn’t doing and the next thing you know, she would be in tears. Lol I mean heavy, heavy tears and shaking. In the beginning of our relationship, I started sticking up for her by telling her father off when she would be in tears, shaking and unable to breast feed our daughter. I just never understood where the mentality was there and why she had to get permission by her father to take a crap. Especially when she will be pushing 40 years old in only a few years. Maybe its a Jewish, South African thing I just don’t understand. Lol (I am an American, Christian. My ex wife is a South African Jew) I always meant well and I was only trying to love and protect her during the first half of our relationship. Unfortuntaley it ended up back firing on me. When we were both over our marriage, she crawled up in a little ball, stayed there and let her family do all of the divorcing and pretty much destroyed me as a father. She just sat in the court room with her head down crying like a little wimp. She ended up being a complete coward and followed through with none of her promises to me which were, “Christopher, I will never be one of those bitches that keeps her children away from their father. You will always be able to see your children whenever you want.” “Move out here to Las Vegas. I promise you will be able to see our children whenever you want.” So I moved out to Las Vegas to be close to my children and she doesn’t allow me to be a part of my children’s lives. It just sucks. It’s funny how…. When my ex wife wanted to marry me, she did not invite her family to our wedding because she wanted no drama but when we were ready for a divorce, her entire family was invited. Lol I really can’t complain. If I hadn’t of moved to Vegas, I wouldn’t have met the woman I am in love with. I just felt like blogging. The lady above mentioned something about her family being at the bottom of her list. My ex wife always swore up and down that she was not controlled by her family. Lol… in fact, she still says that. Lol I was just able to speak with my children on the phone the other day. My ex got on the phone and say’s “Christopher, your daughter really misses you. What if we were to accidentally bump into each other on the street somewhere? We can plan it to be an accident.” I asked her why we had to plan it to be an accident and she replied, because I don’t want our daughter mentioning to my family that she saw you. So we will have to make it seem like an accident.” Can you believe that? My own flesh & blood. I am getting upset once again just thinking about it. I feel so bad for my babies and I miss them so much. All in all, I would NEVER give a Capricorn time of day again. I know all Capricorns are different from each other but I think A Leo man with a Cap woman will end up to be a short lived thing unless they both really work at it. I was the one who seeked help and wanted to talk about changing things. She never cared. She would just sweep our problems under the rug until they got worse and worse. She never liked dealing with our issues. I always did. Anyways… It’s over now. Just hoping I can be helpful to any Leo men who may find this blog. Lol

  43. berriesbleues January 25th, 2011

    I loved and love a Leo man with all my heart. As a Capricorn I rarely trust, and have to say he is the first man I ever trusted, which was foolish. There is a reason Capricorns put up a wall, and there is a reason they are stubborn for it to be broken down because when it is, there is much tenderness and much vulnerability, and when someone so wonderful and vibrant as a Leo gets in, they are hard to let go of. And my lion strayed, and I am left shattered and unable to trust ever again. Capricorns are as proud and stubborn, if not more so, than a Leo, and when humiliated in infidelity, we feel it like a stab wound to the soul. He was dramatic, an actor, an exaggerator, which now translates very clearly as a liar. If you can help it Caps steer clear.

  44. Terra January 24th, 2011

    I somewhat recognize my Leo husband here but I don’t recognize myself; the female Cap. I’m not quiet or confrontation shy and I’m very open and up front. We have join economy and that’s the only way we’d have it, can’t see how it could work differently as I have no interest in those matters, though I do want to be heard when the situation has been clearly explained by hub and our advisor, I’m just math blind. I’m not tied to my family either. My nuclear family takes top priority and my extended family and in that I include parents and siblings, are very far down my priority list. I don’t nag, I’m very good at prioritizing and no little stuff is that important. Open communication is very important to both of us and though he does need to be told what I’m unhappy about, he’s a very good listener and much more compromising than I am. He’s taught me to be tactile though. I never was before but neither are my Libran and Piscean parents so that’s where I get that from. I’m infamous for my short fuse and explosive verbal temper. Hub’s mild and even tempered and doesn’t have to have the last word, he’d rather listen and negotiate.

  45. Christopher Bann January 24th, 2011

    I am a Leo man who fell in love with a Capricorn woman and married her. We had three gorgeous children together and divorced three years later. Our mariage was good for a very short time. We were unhappy……I mean very unhappy for about two years before we separated and finally divorced. I never did understand that woman. I always felt she made horrible decisions and she never did listen to me. She always listened to her father and family though. So much, she always put them first. I woke up one day and she had split with our three children. To this day, I have no address for her. I only knew she had moved to Las Vegas. So I moved to Las Vegas to be close to my children after being promised I would be able to see our children whenever I wanted. I have now lived two miles from them for the past five months and I have scene my children once. She has flaked on me many times and doesn’t care that our babies are suffering. My ex Capricorn woman is the most selfish heartless woman on the face of the planet. When I try and discuss this issue with her over the phone, she remains calm and says this has nothing to do with her. Lol That this is her family’s doing (they are all attorney’s) Nothing was ever that woman’s fault during our terrible marriage. She never wanted to try new things in the bedroom. She did have an occasional wild side especially when drunk. But it was always on a normal level. Getting that woman away from the T.V set was damn near impossible. She was far from lazy at work but she was very lazy when she was off work. She was a huge complainer. If someone gave her a present, she would talk crap on the present instead of being thankful. I hated that. All in all…. We had nothing in common but we made beautiful babies together. For that I am thankful I met her. 🙂

  46. cap w/leo male October 11th, 2010

    this is my first relationship with a leo male and its all over phone. we meet online we been together for almost four months and i love him alot he is good man. we have somethings in common. i want to understand better he somtime After we talk on the phone he wants to get off after a few minutes or i could be talking about something and interupts me and maks up an excuse and gets off. then it makes me think i did something or said something wronge. what does this mean

  47. joy August 27th, 2010

    i’m having a boyfriend. Who’s a leo and i’m capricorn. And we both r too much compatible.

  48. jo August 5th, 2010

    well..i m a capricorn girl,i have a leo boy friend,he is more sensitive in his thoughts,i accepted his proposal on feb 24th 2009,we travelled for only three months..we got splitted on may month due to one problem and its misunderstanding..later he came back..now we are not moving as a lovers..but we love each other still..ofcourse he is short-tempered,but he is realy good and perfect person..,hardworker,and i m blessed to have him..feeling proud of me for having him..but always fights..we both hav possessiveness,isolations towards each other,i hope that i will overcome this for sure..and he is doubting me whether i may leave him and go behind any other guy..thats the only problem..i love him dearly..i know that he too..but…something is going on between us about each other..and after reading all those articles about our zodiac compatibility..i got little bit tensed..but i have faith in my love..i dont want to miss him..wish me a good luck..

  49. ishika July 31st, 2010

    i really need advise it is practically impossible for me to accept him.i dunno wanna start a relationship which is at risk.

  50. I_TheGoddess July 29th, 2010

    well, its true, sometime i feel that Leo man neva understand Capricorn woman. When we have fighted he always put me in the wrong side, even that he’s the one who make a mistake. I try to hold on, so far I still can holding it.

    For me, how to get long with him is we must “switch” sumtime. when he get mad, im the one who try to more calm, just let him talk , and talk, and talk till he’s tired to talk haha. and i give him smile and a lovely hug and said sumthing to comfy him. he just turn to be nice and said sorry for what he done. Also when I get so angry he will try to stay cool and try to make me calm. yeah i know it can’t be like this everytime we fight, but at least we both try to be more patience, and try to respect each other 🙂

    But he’s that not bad at all, cuz he can be so romantic and treat me really good as a lady. everymorning he will prepare for me a breakfast, or when i came from work, i’ll have 1 plate of fruit on our bed or anykind of gifts. he prepared for me! he like when i treated him like he’s the one in my life. he love me, and i love him. so i hope we can get long till we get old hehehe.

    our sex life was amazing on bed. yummieee….LOL

  51. ishika July 26th, 2010

    well my leo man loves so much dat he can do anything for me but i dunno want to accept him coz i dunno think he’s ze rite man 4 me.when i ignored him he tried lots of ways 2 win me n ultimately he asked 4 my hand.i feel he is not ze rite person…am confused i dunno..

  52. Joyce July 13th, 2010

    I’ve only been with my leo husband for nine months in as far as that money is concern it’s best that we keep it separate I am still learning him but I always keep God up front

  53. Cappy Woman April 10th, 2010

    LOL @ keeping the finances separate… too true, but nearly impossible in a marriage situation with children. If this is what you are looking for in a relationship, my advise is RUN. Especially is your leo male leans towards LAZY. The sex was great, no doubt about that… but that was the only part of the relationship which worked… we were incompatible in every other area. I’m not saying this relationship can never work, the Obamas are a leo male, capricorn female combo… but it’s not easy (and the POTUS is not a lazy leo.) After 20years my leo and I called it quits. It’s a huge relief to finally be moving on, our mutual stubborness held us in a locked horns position for far, far too long… far too long.

  54. SMH June 16th, 2009

    I really like this article! Im a Capricorn Woman and My boyfriend is a leo and this makes us seem really compatible…

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