Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Gemini man and Capricorn woman can be a fascinating and frustrating pairing due to their different attitudes towards love and commitment.
  • Gemini man's creativity and Capricorn woman's practicality can complement each other, leading to a fulfilling sexual relationship.
  • Capricorn woman can attract the Gemini man with her wisdom, practicality, and gentle humorous side.
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The Gemini and Capricorn is one of the more unusual pairings that can be fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Gemini has a lighter attitude toward love and commitment than Capricorn partner, and helps to infuse the relationship with humor, liveliness, and activity. However, Capricorn is rather concerned about commitment, and often plans for the future.

Gemini man is a boy at heart and always remains so. Adult antics such as suspicions, future predictions, criticism and emotional turmoil are not things he actually deals with well. However, a Gemini man is very bright when it comes to figures, computers or putting his own twist on a conversation or the truth for that matter but extravagance comes with him. He is intellectually strong but emotionally weak as he does not have any promising attachments. Being in a relationship is just another adventure for the Gemini man as he takes up the brighter and lively part of it.

Capricorn woman is wise beyond her age. She appears cold and standoffish at first, but give her time and she warms up and becomes more lovable and sensitive. The desire to be accepted and respected helps the Capricorn woman to bring this emotion out of her. Though she is very practical and strong individual, she possesses a gentle humorous side and shows it when she feels comfortable and safe with someone. She likes to be on top, the very top, socially, financially, and free from idealistic dreams and foolish illusions. A Capricorn woman is not the flighty type and seldom goes into a relationship that she does not see lasting.

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Capricorn woman is one person who can make a Gemini man feel responsible and professional. She is the one who admires his creativity but at the same time introduces him to the concept of stability. Capricorn woman’s practicality of wanting a serene, stable and financially sound life pushes her Gemini man into a profession with a future. Gemini man, in his fantasy world wants to fill his time with menial activity and enchantment, silly imagination and curiosity. Two people with such diverse thoughts and wants benefit if each succumbs to the other’s world even if only for a short period. Capricorn woman is a lady who sinks herself into her relationship with her every fiber and always tries very hard to keep it working. This is certainly a benefit to the Gemini man who is low at maintaining relations. But Gemini man has to sometimes tolerate her bossy advises and even a cold attitude when she not in a good mood.

Gemini man is a person who can give a Capricorn woman the strength to come out of the shell of her practicality and wing up her dreams in craziest ways possible. When Gemini man and Capricorn woman are finally together, they have plenty to keep them busy in trying to find the peace and harmony that comes with any good relationship. This is a delight in relishing in the splendor and beauty that creates their love. They can have a refreshing break, or mini-vacation for that matter, from their own world to peep in the world of their significant one and this can be quite favorable as long as they can return back to their own. To keep these two together, fate must be put into the hands of friends, family or events that can pull Gemini man and Capricorn woman together.

The Gemini man and the Capricorn woman have a beautiful union when they actually get involved with the purest and deepest feelings to share with each other. The Capricorn woman always possesses the practical nature the relationship needs for stability and the Gemini man continues to have the boyish daydreams that keeps things light and enchanting. Together they can build wonderful dreams and bring them to realization as well with faith in their love. The Gemini man melts the ice of his Capricorn woman and makes her tremble with anticipation for the promise of ultimate happiness in the relationship and she promises him the hope for the future. Every bit of earth and every blow of breeze are full of new excitements and involvements for them to be happily enjoyed in each other’s arms.

The sexual relationship of Gemini man and Capricorn woman is most likely not be all too intense, but is fulfilling enough to make them happy. Capricorn woman is a sexual mystery full of deep life and after life secrets. This is highly attractive to Gemini man. While, the Gemini man has great imaginative power with silvery talks that makes him irresistible for his Capricorn woman. Their love making is a perfect blend of earthy sensuality and airy imagination to give it a beautiful and gratifying experience. Capricorn woman provides a warm passion to the relation and the Gemini man brings smoothness to the sexual intimacy. To be physically close without the monotony of being dependent on each other, the need to feel independent is as strong in Gemini man as it is in Capricorn woman, so they just make a perfect unison which is both comforting but never dominating.

There are many things that make the relationship of Gemini man and Capricorn woman a challenge to survive for a long time. Gemini man sometimes thinks of his Capricorn woman as hard headed and insensitive while Capricorn woman considers him extremely immature and fickle. A Gemini man secretly resents her and escape away in his fantasy world, but rest assured, he comes back to relish in his Capricorn woman’s life again. She has the ability, stamina and dedication to create, build and keep strong a love that lasts forever but the Gemini man is not as serious regarding their relation. If tragedy becomes the road to the end, the Capricorn woman walks away, but not as easily as her Gemini man, nor as quick to heal. To keep up the relationship, they both have to cope up with the differences and have plenty to do to strengthen their compatibility and their love for each other.

Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Satisfactory
Ask Oracle Rating: Needs Work
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Hadijjah May 31st, 2023

    am capricon december 25,i have just met him but i see we have many things in common
    Am i feel fine with him and happy

  2. STARLIGHT May 18th, 2023

    I am a gemini man with my eye on a capricorn lady. I read abt astrlogy but it seems they dont see the bottom of the deep end & the end game on gemini commitment/love/LTR: GLUED, SCREWED & TATTOOED.

  3. Kimberly January 27th, 2022

    I honestly agree with this we have been off and on for 11 years. I am the Capricorn woman noticing now that I was the one who kept his attention however he mistakes it for love. He doesn’t quite know what love is I feel like I am his teacher however he doesn’t want to learn nor be taught yet he will not leave the classroom. This relationship is confusing and I am the only one trying to move it forward he makes promises but delivers excuses. Twists his words and life to work in his favor or at least he tries to do so. He is 53 Gemini ♊️ male and I am 35 Capricorn ♑️ women. Feels like a waste of time but he won’t let me good.

    • Mahogany Girl February 1st, 2022

      Exactly the same situation with Gemini man that I’ve dated off and on for over eight years. I feel embarrassed (capricorn woman) to say it out loud. He only comes back because I let him. Lol

  4. abraham May 19th, 2021

    I’ve met those Capricorn girl and I’ve known her for about 3 years, & I finally got a chance to show her true love, but shes scared scared of committing & even she is unsure of what the main cause is but i feel like I can change that about her and make her realize what she’s can become if she just ignores her doughts … by a Gemini man 16 years old

    • Geraldine Wade July 6th, 2021

      That’s sweet you go get her and tell her that you love her oh I’m a capcorn woman to so snow her how you truly feel about her and talk your time dont poth her to fast ok just give it some time and it well all work out in the end I believe in you and that your relationship is going to work by

      • A August 22nd, 2021

        Hi I’m a gemini man… I’ve been speaking to this Capricorn girl for three months… I’ve seen her 5 times… and lately her uni has been stressing her out and she told me she needs time to herself… and I have given her space… but does this mean she’s no longer interested In me? She was posting on her story going clubbing after telling me she’s so busy and needs time to herself… in person we are so compatible but it’s been a month since I last saw her… please help

  5. anaweas May 4th, 2021

    I am a Capricorn Woman Dating a Gemini Man. I’m in my 30’s and extremely selective. Him and I have had many ups and downs. Then add in more than one break up. But they are pure people inside and we must see their perspective and push ourselves harder. The Capricorn creates a stagnation and rut in the course of our life and our relationship because we get stuck in routine. No changes and slow to conquer challenges. Let Gemini be who they are, and try to keep their pace (safely). Your life will be and feel accomplished. Different from how you expected, but with more there. He will push you in all the good ways. Support him in his dreams, and don’t let him wear himself out going too many directions at once.

    • STARLIGHT May 18th, 2023

      THANK YOU! You DO see into the Gemini man. Life is for living it!

  6. Marra March 31st, 2021

    my ex bf is a gemini man at that time he has family live in partner he is sweet to her pretending she is the only one …he always says i love u and i miss u even he cheated haha i knee about it because im a stalker to his live in partner i read those comment of sweetness but his time mostly is mine..

    • Matthew May 4th, 2021

      We do not all cheat. I am the loyal to death twin. I hate this stereotype. Ive been cheated on many times by women.

      • Geraldine Wade July 6th, 2021

        It’s ok no hate here I understand

  7. Arya March 1st, 2021

    Where do I begin? 🤗🖤🌻
    I am a Capricorn woman, and he is the eternal child Gemini. We’ve been together for almost 4 years. We met by chance, and have been inseperable.
    He can be selfish, stubborn, indecisive and just plain immature at times. He’d prefer to glide through life, and what comes, comes. 🙄🙄that sometimes pissed me off and as Capris you may think that is beyond intolerable and just an unstable investment.
    But I realized a lot about myself, being with him.
    I learned to love humanity from all walks of life more than I already did.
    He taught me to take bold risks and adventurous strides, that I didn’t even notice until years later, how much it’s helped open my mind up. Which in turn awakened a part of my soul needed to create my Art. He taught me different ways of perspective from all viewpoints, even the darkest minds. We had not even begun to travel, yet this man has brought me to places in our time together, that feels like different worlds. He makes it possible, even when it “feels” impossible.
    I’m still learning a lot to accept that in order for our relationship to work, you need to be able to let him be free. Let him feel his way through life and whatever comes his way. His speed is Light. He will slow down, stay with you, when he knows he needs to. When our grounded nature needs to feel him and hold him steady at times. But his freedom is his power. He can make the difference and serve his purpose, so long as he’s given the support to do so. His mind is a multi-universe, and sometimes he does wanders. But he’s always aware, and when he comes back, he’s ever so much more braver and courageous than anyone I have ever met. Our breaks have challenged and strengthened our bond.
    We are both creators in our respective fields, and when we actually put our minds and energies into a project, the Spirit is demonstrated immensely in our craft. You can feel our connection.
    You’re going to have fights; arguments that would probably bring you to the brink of insanity.
    He will make you question your existence.
    But when I took a step back and really tried to understand his points, it made so much sense to me. His lessons are real life-changers, sometimes it would hurt the both of you, but he knows it’s needed, so he’ll take the risk, even if it means losing you. Because he truly has a pure heart, and just wants the best for everyone.
    He brings the parts of me out that makes me feel alive, and I never really understood that lesson until we seperated recently.
    I have never truly wanted to be with anyone for eternity, but I would choose him in every lifetime.
    Have faith in your partnership, and try to understand one another. You’ll find a trickster, mad hatter and wicked daredevil, but ever more a compassionate, genuine, and pure soul.

    • Massi March 1st, 2021

      It is the first time i red something like this about a gemini man , i am touched .

      Wow.. it is just so good to see someone that is capable .to follow trough.

      We are thieves , even criminals often , lyars , cheaters , cons, backstabbers , trouble makers , shizopranic wanderers with most of the time too much brains to handle properly …

      Reading your letter was like you shooting an
      Arrow right in my nevertheless pure heart .
      Wich make me wanna do nothing but good things .

      We are often so misunderstood ..

      Thrust me , your gemini man will never let you down , to good people we are just so loyal.

      So loyal .

      Take care smart woman.
      And enjoy the rollercoaster with your gemini.

      All the best from europe.

    • Atul Gautam December 31st, 2021

      Glad to read your comments about Gemini. I’m Gemini eternal boy.😅 My friend or gf or whatever you can say thinks that I’m never going to be serious and I don’t care much about lot of things which should be taken care. But that’s not the case. I observe & care everything but I don’t let it on a show. But you described well. I was feeling like I’m reading about myself.😅

  8. sara February 6th, 2021

    Just leave him otherwise you will end up self sabotaging yourself. They are lovely people but just not the right fit. I have a guy who does everything in the world possible for me but I am still struggling to get him into my system. It’s just a lot of pressure adding to our already burdened selves.

  9. Kit January 10th, 2021

    Been seeing this Gem boy for sometime, we just hit our first bump in the road and me with my overthinking Cap brain am driving myself mad…

    Any help on trying to figure out a Gem mans feelings cause i really like him and don’t wanna sabotage myself

    • evansdemietrese April 3rd, 2021

      As a gemini men n my capricorn gf I always keep it 💯 with her I genuinely love her but it best for the cap to trust us n keep yo feelings open if not we feel like u don’t want us plus I can’t stress this enough u have to show ur gemini u love them be patient cuz we don’t have a middle ground in emotions if u listen to your eachother u be ok but mostly hear out ur gemini we have wisdom that can ease ur mind n stress

    • Kimberly January 27th, 2022

      They like people who can keep their attention mine is whore because of the things these fast women will do for attention and a piece of bubble gum. Surprise him one day. Dress sexy in the bedroom and rock his world for 1 night he will never forget it.

  10. Danica frando January 8th, 2021

    Hi I’m Capricorn dating Gemini, we are good interms of everything. For us we speak what’s on our mind and that’s we can understand each other. As we get further our relationship getting stronger. Update you soon 😊

    • Known January 8th, 2021

      Thank you madame …
      I am a double gemini male with scorpio rising ,
      And my woman is a double capricorn with scorpio rising …

      We are , and others around us stated this many times .. a powerfull couple.. we take good care for each other , respect each other .

      She accepts my smarter brain ,
      I accept here more organized brain .

      With this combo , lots of issues will be solved.

      I love her , really do .
      She really can plan things out with so much ease .. she always thinks about the little things .
      She never let me down .

      I can count on her to the max .
      A strong , but soft hearted and humble person she is .

      Sometines she gets a little off set beacuae of my radical charachter wich is just a genini trait .

      Whereas a capricorn wants to do things with a littke more finesse , tactic … a gemini can call on his or her bad twin and make harsh or even cruel decissions ..

      So i thank her , and she knows it cause i have said it … for learning me to just try to be a little les radical .while i gave her a little more spikes .

      Altough this combo calls on many questions ..
      It is a powerfull match .

      When cappy woman , who is a controlling person from nature , sees that genini cannot be controled , the smoothness start in their relationship .

      Gemini people are always friendly , easy going and happy ( on the outside )

      On the inside they are darker then even a scorpio .

      So being competetive towards a gemini will end most of the time in favour of a genini .

      Cappy women , i love you for your straightness , your looks , classy , and your care wich is out of the ordinary .

  11. Daisy October 14th, 2020

    I’m a Cap lady dating a Gem dude for a second time now,yes we dated 9 years back and he went awol on me without a word or nothing,looool…..its been 2 months now together in a long distance relationship so far so good. I have taken some interest in learning a lot about Gem as i want this relationship to work this time around, hopefully it will .I must say the dude brings out the best in me, he makes me laugh, he talks a lot,he text me every now and then ,wake me up at night just to chat with me. I will be seeing him next week,oooh yes we will be intimate . I dont know what to expect but I saw they are good in bed hey can’t wait to be blown over

    • Sharon October 31st, 2020

      Hi Daisy, how is it going with your Gemini man? How was your meeting? I’m curious to know and would love to keep in touch with you. I’m a Capricorn woman and I’ve been in two relationships with Gemini man and thru haven’t worked out. I’d like to know how yours is going. I’m hoping all is well and you’re happy.

      Kind regards

      • Geraldine Wade July 6th, 2021

        I used to be in a relationship with one but it didn’t work out the way I won’t it to be

    • Monica December 28th, 2020

      I’m a cap woman who’s been married to a Gem man/boy who is older than me for 5 years now. It’s not all roses and chocolate. What a nightmare. If I had to do it over again I would never have married him. They think completely different and have no common sense nor do they listen to reason or value wisdom. They couldn’t be more opposite in personality. It brings lots of unnecessary stress and chaos into life. If you’re thinking of a relationship with lasting love, cap woman stay away from gem men because it will not last and it will not bring you happiness or peace and security.

    • Geraldine Wade July 6th, 2021

      Ok I just want relationships with a Gemini man but I’m sacred it won’t go so good because I’m a capcorn woman and I do not understand Geminis I’ am sorry to say this but I’ve been in a relationship with one and it wus not so pretty at all he hit me on the face and the another one told me to go to hell I just haven’t had the best luck with them yet if there willing to meet me on the other side then geart but if not then I dont no then

  12. Jayanna Fung August 21st, 2020

    Im in love my gem to girl love at first sight we just started talking and i also noticed somethings not accurate

  13. Shanavia August 19th, 2020

    Im a cap , my ex is a Gemini man, this whole passage was right on point. I was always the responsible one and he never wanted to grow up. It was stressful. But now its over we just didn’t get along. Im not a people person but he feels the need to have to be surrounded by company and never managed responsibilities well. It felt like he was my son for 6 years not a partner.

    • Sharon October 31st, 2020

      Totally understand how you felt. Always been attracted and attractive to Gemini men but has never worked out. Broken hearted again with yet another breakup with a Gemini man.
      Thanks for staring.
      Kind regards

    • Masit November 1st, 2020

      Shanavia ,
      The first thing i want to explain and comes to my mind every time someone is talking abou us gemini men … is this ..

      Do not be fooled by our light and airy behaviour,
      Please believe that no matter how dark you can get , or even a scorpio … is not comparable with the darkness we experience and carry in our souls night and day .

      So be smart , and you are sunce you are a capricorn you too belong to the smarter signs of the zodiac…

      I cannot tell you all our secrets but simply put it is something like this..

      A carpricorn , and i date a beautifull capricorn woman who also has capricorn as her ascendant , is trying to be adult , trying to be serious and is trying to work as hard as possible to gain respect yet my cappy is full of humor , full off childish behaviour , full of adventure .. she just not like it to show that side of here..

      But its there .

      A gemini does not like it when others seen them as serious , or plain , or even as a adult .

      But they too have this traits .
      I am a gemini male and i know plenty ..

      And they all achieve stuff in life , they all work hard for their family,s , they all can be very very serious about important things ..

      Actially all those gemini i know including my father are uber dominant males .

      They just hate it to be seen like that so they put on a funny head .

      There is no other sign worrying more about important things than a gemini , thrust me on that .

      If one has ever the balls to mess with family of a gemini man you will soon see his real charachter .

      In the core he craves for a good family , be responsible for them , protect them and assre them to be safe at night with a good meal every day .

      Thrust me on that .

      If you feel your gemini man is not provide you this traits .. then probably you have once told him things that he was not wanting to hear .

      A gemini man is a very pride being and the moment he is told thrue a lesson kind of way what he is supposed to be or to do .. is the moment its over .

      We gemini man really dislike it when someone is trying to outsmart us or is trying to teach or preach us.

      We are very difficult people and the easy going attititude is just to cover up our dark and demanding charachter .

      The moment he feels you are not looking down on him for whatever reasons , is the moment you will be surprised and good things will happen for the both of you ..

      Because a capricorn is a little “ stiff “ they can easily seem to make a impresion of looking down on others while they are not ..

      Tell him you love him .
      Its enough, dont try be the teacher ..

      I am happy withmy double cappy woman ,
      I love her , and she loves me , we have lots of fun , i have learned to give her silence and time ,
      She learned to give more sound and to spice up a little ..

      It is close to perfect .

      The sex is out of this world ,
      The cooking we often do together is great ,
      We respect each others flaws..

      When we go shopping or have dinners in a restaurant we are always come back very satisfied and relaxed ..

      She is planning the shortest way back to the car while i am trying to get lost together in the city itself .. it really can be a fantastic relationship full of wit , sarcastic ( positive ) wordplay from both sides , and again , a very horny sexlife .

      She trying so hard to save money for a rainy day while i try so hard to spend it on our selves and everyone i love ..

      Moral of the story , it has nothing to do with being an adult or not , compensate …

      Is has to be this way ..

      Unless you want a parther that is unable to surpise you , unless you want a partner that does not keep you on your toes ..

      And please see this broad.

      • evansdemietrese April 3rd, 2021

        Thats u dawg me n my cap bring money I’m a mechanic n she a nurse I call bs on that ur just don’t love her enough to make things right

    • Monica December 28th, 2020

      I completely agree with your post. I’m married to a gem who’s more like a child and he’s in his 50’s. They never grow up and become responsible. Congrats that you moved on-great decision! I’m doing the same. Life is too short so better enjoy it.

  14. Kortney Parrish January 25th, 2020

    Hi I’m a Cap happily Married to A Gem 14 wonderful years, it really has been great, he is a wonderful person a great provider an awesome father and much much more, I could go on and on, we have been through alot together the loss of a child, of a parent so much more but we always hold to one another it’s like gravity were just naturally drawn to one another we have maybe had all of 2 real arguments in the 14 years we’ve been married but we get along great we laugh alot we fell madly in love and we still are we do everything together he won’t go anywhere unless I go and I am the same away we are volunteer firefighters together he has never called me a name out of anger nor have I him he isn’t angry or standoffish we are open with one another I’m happy with my Gem.. So I guess what I’m getting at is can you really go by all this where it states that you aren’t compatable so on and so on… or is it strictly just more of a guideline type deal because on what I have read it doesn’t really add up for him and I we may just really be the odd balls out as we always say.. Lol

  15. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Capricorns are so down to earth, but they can learn to be more open with people.
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for CAPRICORN:
    I hope it helps.

  16. Anna August 7th, 2019

    What happened baby girl Izzat i had a crush on a gemini right . I’m a girl and I’ve had a lot of crushes but I’ve ever thought about talking to them nor texting them..simply any contact cuz I just wanted a crush for the sake of having one ..and I’m really shy too..

    It turned out that he knew I liked him as I was always looking at him really staring ..and one day he texted me was at that time the best thing that ever hapened to me …we even talked a lot on chat but once my friends organised a meeting but me both were running away ..the next day we were talking on the chat as if nothing happened and he suddenly blocked me ..I was :l ..he really broke my heart you know..since that i cannot really see boys i now see them disgusting i mean not all the boys are the same but like ..duh

  17. Anonymous November 12th, 2018

    I honestly feel like it is different with everyone. If it is ment to work out it does.

  18. Zombiegirl October 29th, 2018

    I have been with my Gemini man for 17 years and we have two children. It was love at first sight for me, he had to catch up 8 years later 🙄 engaged within 4 weeks married 8 months later. I have only loved once and although i am not religious i do believe strongly in marriage. We spend all our time together, we even work at the same place. Our marriage is as easy as breathing. he loves my take charge attitude and my passion while I love his warmth and intelligence. He has never cheated on me I trust him completely and I him. Most people when they first meet me think I’m ice cold, snobby and opinionated, although I warm up quite quickly. I get on better with men than I do women. My Gemini is terribly charming and we are both extremely stubborn. I always win 😊 I drive him mad and the sex is amazing! Capricorn ladies we can do whatever we want. We have all the power 😜

    • Masit June 15th, 2019

      I am a gemini man myself and i can confirm that Capricorn women are not cold , they appear cold but are very sensitive and insecure on the inside ..

      The trick is to accept her steady and earthy look on things .. once you do she Will open up and get more flexible day by day..

      Only problem is that i need to watch out not to be too dominant , verbally or with our gemini silence … ( then we are real angry 😜)

      And the thing she needs to watch out for is to not get too superficial ..

      And stiff while upset ..

      Capricorn women can be stiff lipped at times but need a man who either is dominant or submissive ..

      Not one who equals here

      From my most honest point of vieuw i can say that a capricorn woman learns a gemini man to be more organized , and too finish stuff …

      While a gemini man can learn her too let go stuff from time to time and too not take life too serious

      Sex is good ,
      Kisses too ,

      Only thing i can complain is the stiffness a cap woman can display ..

      But then again , they are earthy …
      So they are not the most smooth ones …

      In my opinion they are not the most secretive or mysterious ones but the love you get from them is real , and therefore has a tremendous power ..

      You can count on a cap women and she Will not let you down , even in your darkest hours ( we gemini man are one of the most darkest signs just happily packed ) and therefore i respect real cap women to the max .

      They are steady females , and they are not here to bullshit Anybody ..

      We gemini men can be different ..

      Two faced , or more 😬😬 we must admit that we can give cap women , even any women , a hard time ..

      I say at best we must try to keep on doing what we are doing , and stick with our rolkercoaster behaviour but at least put our Seatbelts on and eapecially hers , twice .

      It is an unusual combo but it can be a surprising good one ..

      At best it Will be one where the both of them learn to look at things from a way different angel then they normally would ..

      In any case , we gemini men are not the most stupid ones and most of the time we are “ brainers “ but do not underestimate the cap women ..

      They aren,t a slouch either ..

      The things they say make sense..

      While our things lean more to insanity at times ( yet often the absolute truth )

      We push it too far and way way to detailed and way too overtought …

      Cap women keep it simple , and we gemini men have just too much brains so it appears at times .

      So in depth discussions Will not work with them ,

      What is working greatest is dark or sarcastic one liners ..

      Its there where their souls Will meet .


  19. Lovelylindz April 25th, 2018

    I’m a Capricorn woman who has gone and learned skills on how to be in secure, communicative, respectful relationships. I had to learn and practice these skills ( was fun, do to it being a goal and all 😉 ) through therapy and dating. I have just recently met a Gemini man and I’m using my tools to make sure I’m open with my feelings and communicating what I need and what I expect which in return requires me to listen to his needs and desires. So far I have been quite impressed with his openness and passion. I have really been searching for someone to ‘pull me out of my depths’. I know many Capricorn woman can understand that statement.
    We have more incommon that I realize, as well he really seems genuine on pleasuring me. Which is what it should be, in my opinion! You need to want to give pleasure, love, trust, respect, communication, space.. etc… to your partner otherwise regardless of the zodiac sign no one will be happy.

    A book I would recommend ALL Capricorn women to read… well really everyone should read this book. But from my own experience this book has helped me recognize my own attachments to friends and lover relationships in a whole new light. I feel free; free to say “okay, that’s you. This is me” and it not carry forward. Free to allow and understand what it means to have a healthy attachment to a lover.
    Anyway, read it or listen to it as it’s on
    Book is called Attachment. The new science of adult attachment and how it can help you find and keep love. By Amir Levine M.D and Rachel S.F. Heller M.A
    The book is amazing… time to set new goals ladies!!

  20. Amanda April 3rd, 2018

    I as a proud Capricorn woman have been with my Gemini for 8 years and he was very abusive for the first five and cheated on me once we have came along way since he is way more sensitive now and prove his love to me everyday he’s a very hard worker a good father an amazing husband but I feel that it’s too late now if it wasn’t for him working more than I do to pay all of the bills I would no longer be with him because I do love and care for him but I am no longer in love with him the sad part is that I know the next woman is going to have this amazing man and I will still be left with the pain and hurt and leave behind the man that I transformed for another woman to enjoy the next person in my life will have to deal with my insecurities and unhappiness 8 years is too long to be unhappy only time will tell he refuses to leave me and I refuse to cheat I won’t cheat on him out of respect for myself but at the end of the day you better be happy before you can make anybody else happy

    • Alice Cooley April 21st, 2018

      Girl me and you is dealing with the same thing.I think that all Geminis are the same
      When it comes down to the cheating shit. I know that I have been faithful to him and good to him. I’M just not the person who will do evil for evil. And like you said. I’M not the one who going to go through all that. And let another woman come in take his dumb ads.

      • Alice Cooley April 21st, 2018

        U know what I was trying to say his dumb ass.

      • Geraldine Wade July 6th, 2021

        I understand I wood be the same way if he and I where even a couple me and my friend are not close at all but we youst to have a strong relationship before but now is now and I cant change that at all

  21. Sarah March 29th, 2018

    I have been with my Gemini for 9 years we have 4 children together and have had a very tuff relationship we fight alot ,but spend every day with each other and wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t go to sleep with each other every night .my Gemini was 19 when I met him he will be 29 this year and he hasn’t changed at all .he cheats when his every need isn’t met and he has many needs but doesn’t always express then .if I’m not the perfect Capricorn woman he is uninterested and unhappy .he shows deep love and care for me unless he is distracted by someone new

    • evansdemietrese April 3rd, 2021

      at the end of the day me n cap gf are in love yes we all have same sign but it boil down to the person every one not the same stop judging a book by a cover plain n simple I never cheated on her as she never cheated on me I can’t say for over gemini but for me I’m just mature asf she the only women I want

  22. Gail February 2nd, 2018

    I was my Gemini for 11 yrs while he’s a dedicated father nd worker he was constantly texting many women they love to flirt and woo others I got tired of his behavior . I loved him but he didn’t love me like that i stayed because he paid most of the bills and I couldn’t make it on my own . I finally left after he went too far sending his other woman messages of him telling me he can’t be married anymore . That was the last straw for me . I have a kid with him and that’s another reason why I stayed 11 years . Besides he was an alcoholic and wouldn’t accept he had a problem .

    • Geraldine Wade July 6th, 2021

      God bless you I’m so sorry to here that but I’m glad that your out of that relationship it wus toxic and you no it so good job for giving up on him but I no some people dont mean to do the thing that they do God bless you and I hop your finely happy in your life good by for now

  23. Sharon October 18th, 2017

    I love him so much but he has broken me to pieces with his dreams that never came true. I have waited for this man for twenty long years to finally please please do what you promised. and he never will. though I have no doubt he will love me and only me for the rest of his life.. but I .. I have one third of my life left to live and though I will never get over this. NEVER.. at fifty seven… I am saying goodbye to my oh so divided Gemini…

  24. Nisha July 11th, 2017

    It felt like I just read everything I’ve been stating in my thoughts. Lol. I’m a Capricorn and my man is a Gemini, September 28 makes 2years together . We are now planning our wedding and planning for kids .

    • Nisha July 11th, 2017

      I have soooo much love for him , even when he pisses me off , it’s weird! You ever gotten so mad at your parents and was like “I’m not talking to ’em for a week” and soon they start talking to you bout something you like you just starts chattering away. Lol . Well that’s how it is with me , I see he does the same . If I give him the satisfaction , that is . Lol

      • jaysakapfet September 28th, 2017

        happy anniversary babes. im in my second relationship with my second gemini! the first was May 28th and my current is June 11th. I swear these men are a handful. Im a January Capricorn and i must say this is spot on. except the sex part… Llol there’s nothing but passion

  25. Pamela R Derrick July 2nd, 2017

    Not sure as of now .I haven’t known him long enough .

  26. Antonia apodaca June 16th, 2017

    I am a Capricorn women nd i been on and off with my gemini man for 8 years and now we are serious and have a 6 month old and another on the way. We are happy. Yes we have our differences we still love one another! I couldnt be more happy with him! 🙂

    • Ciana July 11th, 2017

      So happy to hear. Congrats on the babies and long lasting love. Been 3 years with mine. We lost a child at 6 weeks preg and didn’t talk for a year after. It was awful. I thought it was over but we started back up in May and it’s better than ever. Weird.

  27. rabee KHAN May 9th, 2017

    we are living happy in our life i m gemini man and she is my capri woman…..

  28. Charlotte Biedermann April 8th, 2017

    I am a capricorn woman. I married a gemini man–twice. 29 years later, we have been reunited. We are both more in love with each other now. He never stopped. We are engaged to be married again–this time for keeps!

  29. Charlotte March 29th, 2017

    99% is me and my demini man in the artical above we r 2years in our relationship now

  30. spurnedgemmy February 27th, 2017

    Mister Gemini here. What is it with Cappy women putting us on their ‘to do’ list? Once they’ve climbed that mountain and had their fill, they can heartlessly turf us because ‘mission accomplished’ and off to their next goal/mission/conquest. Damn, it can really hurt.

  31. Terri Lynn January 29th, 2017

    My Gemini and I have been together two years. We’re a lot like the article mentioned… I’m more adventurous and out going and he’s laid back and quiet. We respect our differences and embrace our similarities… I love our union.

    • Geraldine Wade July 6th, 2021

      Ow that so sweet to here good to no that God bless you both

  32. Ivanikita February 3rd, 2015

    Almost 90% of this article surprisingly matched with my relationship.We’ve been together for 6 years.Every person around us who knows about us says that we’re still together just because of my efforts & i also believe that.But still i love my fiance more than a lot.

  33. Addison September 26th, 2014

    @Adam, it is exactly the same for us, I never pushed him to do anything he didn’t want to, he decided for himself to work harder and aim higher for our family and I am extremely proud of him! Everything you have said is exactly how our relationship is. I wish you guys nothing but happiness. I should also note that we don’t tease each other all the time, it is very rare! What I said made it sound like a daily thing.. 

  34. dreama.dilley March 9th, 2014

    I love my gemini boyfriend all thoe he dreams of his imagtion & he tells me about & i love them as much as i love him. Im very shy but he doesnt care 🙂 his helped me come out of my shell & im very glad im almost out of it & but he treats me great his not very childish 🙂 & but for real i love him so much no matter how much my friend trys to brake us apart we always come back together !! 🙂 i just love him so much !!! <3

  35. Adamthegemini January 27th, 2014

     Lots of these are true based on what I’ve been reading and who I am as a gemini. At the same time, I truly fell in love with a capricorn. Her personality and who she is, is much similar to mine. She can be serious and she has definitely pushed me in the right direction, but not through actions. I’ve been pushed towards the right directions subliminally loving her. I only want the best for our future and what we are. For anybody who reads this, I want you to know that I plan to have the longest lasting relationship ever as a Gemini man and for her as a Capricorn woman. I would love for anybody to give me feedback on how wrong I am about this or anything. Gemini’s are back and forth, but I’ve been pushed towards my serious side with my lover. Also, just by studying this whole forum I’ve noticed that if you start to believe something it will come true. So for instance, if all of these capricorn girls believe that every gemini man is exactly like that, then that will be the outcome! We should all be motivated and want to be the ones that make sure this doesn’t happen. I’ve never been in one single fight or dispute with my partner. Although I am barely over 5 months with her, we stand out as an extremely strong team and we always push each other higher. We ourselves make our own future, not this website and signs. If you truly love somebody you’ll feel it and your reality will be completely changed from there when you have fell in love. If you haven’t found that love, then of course it’s not going to work out. I was meaning to write on this horrorscope forum for a long time though. Hororscopes may seem true time to time, but it can honestly relate to anybody. I wanted to post this to actually have positive feedback for a Gemini man and Capricorn woman’s relationship. It’s nothing but love that I have right now.

    • Kayla March 17th, 2017

      So are you 2 still together or naw ?? ^

    • Beverly Carter February 13th, 2018

      💫🤘💞💞Cap Woman Here Most Definitely Needed And True

    • Melanie October 14th, 2018

      Just go for it N remember what U have set the goal is for. I’m a Capri woman myself N finding a true love N till the end is so difficult… maybe it’s impossible already for me. But If U can do it…then U have too fight it for ur own life N future….all the way…N I hope ur dreams come true….all the best…

  36. oxtwin October 1st, 2013

    These two quotes stuck out like a sore thumb.  “To keep up the relationship, they both have to cope up with the differences and have plenty to do to strengthen their compatibility and their love for each other.” “To keep these two together, fate must be put into the hands of friends, family or events that can pull Gemini man and Capricorn woman together. ” 

  37. ilovethatimacapricornwoman September 19th, 2013

    Im a capricorn and i dont know what to calls us but his a gemini and we not together but its like when we get together it unstoppable like we can be around each other allday everyday but it like gemini different personalize really messes with us capricorn because we not use to that in what makes it so bad is that they would have all types of woman and make it same like your one and to find out your not… But me in my gemini friend we still talk we still hang out and etc but my trust with him is done as much as he try to get back with me i just cant do it yall gemini just dont know us capricorn would give you chances after chances but once you mess up with our TRUST it over cause we feels if  u did it once you are going to do it again and us capricorn love hard in its going on 5 yrs now n we still have our ups in down and sometimes i think bout giving him  other chance because my love for him is sooo strong but we see what happens

  38. Ahsoka23 September 1st, 2013

    @rebecca Gee your ex sounds a lot  like my ex and he was Aries. But I am willing to give Gemini man a go, the only the I want is for my future partner to accept me the way that I am. And I will do the same. 

  39. rap June 7th, 2013

    srry for alot of typos and mistake

  40. rap June 7th, 2013

    sometimes i wonder why everyone is so into the idea of zodiac signs. i mean i get it certain things written about personality traits and whatnot are true but that doesnt mean we should generalize ppl based on the month, day, or year they were born ya digg? if u all think about it, it’s really not about being a certain zodiac sign, its about where u come from(family), how u were raised, and what kind of character u have  and etc etc etc that defines who u are…there’s over 6 billion ppl in this world, how many males? countless. out off all of the males in this world, the women that are complaining out here ovbiously chose the wrong ones; and that is most fucking definitely ur own fault! so dont blame every gemini men(or any other zodiac sign) out there for being fucked over by a few…u should’ve left him the moment u realized and knew he was not for ya. im a gemini man but i come from a diciplined family with a retired military dad and a strong mom who gave birth to alot(i cant tell u how many cuz its my own wish) of children, myself included. i have ALOT of sisters so therefore i hav a guilty concious of hurting an innocent girl.. that is why i havent been in a relationship with a girl in years.. but i was with one during highschool and she happens to be a capricorn too.. it did not wqork out so i broke up with her.. but while i was with her (short period of time/ 3 months) i was happy and confused ( cuz i had no prior relationship experience) at the same time.. i didnt look at any other girl besides her while i was with her, did not hav any intentions about cheating on her behind her back, devoted my time and effort to her… but always felt like it was never satisfactory for her.. i may have been immature, inconsistant, not serious, idk etc.. but it doesnt mean i meant to hurt her, or she didnt have her own flaws cuz after all we’re humans… humans are all fucked up ! ima only list a few bad things about my ex cap lady.. she was too demanding, bad attitude without a reasonable reason(most of the time she was mad, the reason was lame, like i would talk to and hug my friend’s friends who were girls; and she would think i was flirting which may hav seemed that way but thts just me tryna be polite…) , too straightfoward, she  would say mean things to me without realizing that i may have been offended by it… bossy and control freak… on the other hand she was very caring, she did alot for me, helped me maintain good habbits, understanding, wanted me to be happy… and etc.. she loved me but i didnt love her becuz i was too young to fall in love and still am.. personally capricorn women r appealing to me… and geminis are actually good hearted with good intentions, versatile with alot of good things to offer… lastly all you mofos should know tht everyone is two faced (sometimes) , manipulative(especially women), liars, cheaters, abusers ( verbal or physical) , and etc. etc… but we all have GOOD in us aswell.. cept for osama, hitlor, saddam, castro, the devil, etc etc.. idk im bored thats why im here… ladies hit me up just kiddin… no kidding,, yes kidding.. 

  41. MissT13 April 22nd, 2013

    I am a Capricorn woman, and I’ve been with a Gemini man for 8 years. We split up twice, but still we are here… right back together. From the compatibility to the comments, I can honestly say some of these things relate to my guy. I’m not here to bash him. I’m just lost and at my wits ends with him. It’s like a big question mark on his personality. Sometimes I’m just so confused! One thing I know for sure he’s very jealous and aggressive and I don’t know if I can help him change that. I’m trying to bring out the better in him, since we’ve invested this time together. I also see the lying, he made up a dramatic story to get me to feel sorry for him and I didn’t like it at all. I’m start to worry if I can trust him. Truth be told, I’m feeling like it might be time to just go before I waste another year. Sometimes he make me happy, but I’ve been feeling something telling me to just leave.

  42. cw1978 April 15th, 2013

    wow….I was amazed by all the things people had to say.  I relate so much. I’m a capricorn female that fell for a gemini man.  He won me over with his charm.  He was so attentive that I could’nt resist him.  He always made me feel like I was the only person in the room.  We laughed and talked constantly but there were times when it felt like a push and pull.  He never wanted to tell me how he really felt about me eventhough he would stare at me with desire in his eyes.  (that look women love to get) and he would always try to be in my presence.  On the flip side, sometimes he would be so rude and cold and intentionally mean.  I got my feelings hurt three times and I thought I wanted to get away from him but then he would make me laugh and I would want him that much more.  He is so sexy and so smart, I find him hard to resist.  So finally I asked him what we were doing and he walked away and distanced himself.  I saw him a few weeks later and I could tell he wanted me to break the ice but being the capricorn that I am, I spoke politely and diverted my attention.  We like each other alot but the child in him won’t allow him to fix this and the natural caution I possess won’t allow me to be hurt by him.  If I could though, I would tell him how much I would love to be with him because its rare that I’ve enjoyed anyone’s company so much.  It was amazing though how similar everyone’s opinions are to my experiences.  He is fun and smart, can talk on almost any subject, and loves to talk as well, he is funny and makes me laugh all day.  He was’nt at all pushy and made me feel “special” for lack of a better word.  I do however think I may need to consider the bullet I’m dodging with his moody, negative spirit that presents itself from time to time.  Can a standoffish capricorn woo a sometimey gemini?

  43. aishatrini March 20th, 2013

    @GemLove I must say you are so accurate. You really have to be patient with Gemini men.  I recently met one who is actually an old classmate from high school.  I find him to be a breath of fresh air and is so far removed from the typical male encounters. He is such a gentleman. His calculating and intellectual side has won me over along with his wit.  He comes across mysterious at times and initially didnt overtly show his feelings.  We compliment each other alot and we are good at making each other laugh.  There is just a mutual respect between us.  I enjoy his company immensely as he does mine.  We havent cross that sexual bridge yet but are moreso connected mentally.  I hope we have a wonderful future together.  Right now we live apart.  He resides in another country and we miss each other a lot.  I want to say thanks for providing insight into your relationship.  It has given me a sense of hope that there is a strong possibility our relationship may just be the BEST THING EVER!!!

  44. Angie167 February 26th, 2013

    and you guys also have what us capricorns lack on which is to enjoy the moment of life and get out of our box of seriouse and determination of success and show more happiness in life,sometimes the rock needs to be lifted and out of the shell. 

  45. Angie167 February 26th, 2013

    Oww,thats so sweet and just hope i get the courage to ask my crush out (he is a gemini) its my first crush and i dont know what to do… but once more that is totally sweet

  46. GemLove February 25th, 2013

    I am a Gemini male and I love you with all of my heart.
    I have always loved you and always will. You are god’s
    gift to Gemini’s. Think about it… You have all that we
    lack and that we desperately need. We need your strength
    and perserverance. We need your deep and passionate love
    for us. We need all the stability that you bring to a relationship.
    You are the rock that we lean on when our canoe is tipping.
    Be patient with Gemini’s and love them for all that they are.
    They need your wise guidance and commitment. Our minds
    are so active and “genius” at times, that it can be hard for us
    to admit that we need anyone or anything other than our brain.
    Our pride can be so stubborn that we will mistreat you to save
    our dignity and often times lose you over stupid stuff. The truth
    is, we love and admire you so much that we are jello in your hands.
    Don’t ask us to admit that though.. becuase we are capable of being
    smarter than anyone else at any time. Even though we don’t care
    enough to take care of ourselves sometimes. Believe in us and our
    love for you and we will succeed together. Just work on the things
    that need to be worked on and don’t let your pride hurt each other.
    Be kind when you critisize and don’t ever insult a Gemini for what
    they are doing in their life. Simply let them know that you are
    concerned and offer some friendly advice. (Be sure to follow that up
    with some hot sex too :-)).
    Anyway, after 15 years with my capricorn woman, I am totally in
    love with her and would not want to live without her. She is the
    greatest gift that I have ever been given and I hope that all other
    gemini’s can become what their capricorn desires in them. Keep
    these ladies happy, they are worth more than all the gold in the
    world. Find out what makes her happy, and do it!
    Love all, and good luck.

    • Sharon October 19th, 2017

      I love you for saying that.. thank you

  47. Angie167 February 24th, 2013

    Dont forget Gemini have a twin so it depends which twin he is mostly,and i need some one to help,read the comment before that i post plz help…..

  48. joycapri February 24th, 2013

    I’ve been dating my gemini fella for 6months and ive been taken to hell and back!!!….I have to be completly honest with my fellow capricorn ladies, we do not pair up at all we are on a different wave length and page!!!… @rebecca u hit the nail on the head!!! if u find a common gemini you will find that they are users and very depressing at times but they use other females to cover this viod…@Addison totally understand where ur coming from but it sounds to me that u have completly changed your charactor to adapt to he’s….if somebody constantly winds you up to have a laugh cos he feels bored not a good thing babe means toying with ur emotions… on the other hand gemini’s are cool as sex partners but not as (((Husbands)))…may hurt but the truth always does…After reading all these comments that  relates to my experience  i think its best walk away from this confused sick twisted indivisual…. no matter how hard he may try when  he’s about to lose me  i now understand its a (((EGO))) thing!

  49. Angie167 February 22nd, 2013

    @Angie167 i ment to say two classes. i hope you guys can help me and be honest. plus who usually maked the move???

  50. Angie167 February 22nd, 2013

    i recently got my first crush and he is a Gemini i see he is kind and cute but i dont see him lazy he tries the hardest to pass his class then all the other boys he is the one that stand out. i never been in a relationship so i dont know what to do. i have plan or nohing. i am a capricorn. i cant bring my self to talk to him i know that he knows i exsist. we havent really talk. I need help,we are in high school. I only have him into classes. I agree with everyone how said that not all gemini are the same its like saying all the guys are the same. 
    I need some advice and ladies if your going to be negative then i dont need your conmebt i love looking at the bright side. i feel my chances with him will be ending soon because i dont know what to do . So please help

    • Geraldine Wade July 6th, 2021

      Dont be shy tell him how you fell dont let him go because you may not have a another chance so go for it wut do you have to lose just do it God bless you

  51. Addison September 26th, 2012

    Shame on some the women in here, you put a bad name on Capricorn ladies. A Gemini man being abusive, manipulative, a user, lazy ect. is far from the truth. A persons upbringing can have a huge influence on them later on. An example would be if his father used to abuse his mother, leading him to later on do the same as it was considered ‘normal’. @zorracu You are so wrong in everything you say it’s beyond logical.. A bad trait we have is that we can be naive in our younger years and can be difficult to admit when someone gets the better of us, (I hate that) because we have a lot of pride, but there comes a time when you need to get over yourself and realise your own mistakes, learn and move on. @Fordan Do you go around asking every ugly person what their star sign is in order to come to that conclusion? What a creepy thing to say :/ although you’re right about some of us having a nasty side to our personality, we have to like someone before showing our gentle side. 
    Also, remember that a Gemini loves to stir on purpose. (For those who say he’s cruel and mean) You would really have to know him though in order to know if he’s being serious or not. Me and my Gemini were really close friends for years before we started dating, because of that I know he loves to stir me up on purpose, why? Most likely boredom, as harsh as it sounds try not to take it to heart, instead try to outsmart him and say something witty and unexpected. He stirs me up a lot because he loves to hear my funny outbursts, he also loves to playfully argue with me as well, he really knows how to get me to have fun and let my hair down, much like peter pan he takes me away to never land before bringing me back to earth again, taking away my built up stress leaving me revived and happy. We are completely different yet work so well together, people always say we have an odd relationship and ask how it works, the reply in his words “I don’t really know, it just does.”
    My typical Gemini was never all too ambitious when we first started dating, he lived with his friend as a couple of bachelors on cruise control. Once he moved in with me, he decided on his own to aim higher, to him it was another adventure, wanting to be able to save to come with me over seas as well as have kids. (we have 2 now) Gemini loves his freedom, he always goes on random drives, goes to friends places, even party every now and then which doesn’t bother me because he always comes home and tells me all about it. (He does invite me to join him which I do on occasion, but otherwise like a hermit I happily stay at home.) It gives us both time away from each other so we don’t drive each other mad. 
    If you really love each other, there is no reason why it won’t work. Adapting was hard but so worth it, like someone said above, you really do get out what you put in. 

  52. keenlam September 6th, 2012

    Hi, I am a Gem man. While I find a lot of common traits as described here to be true among Geminians (including myself), I just want to say, you can’t judge someone based solely on their zodiac sign. When a relationship fails, it’s usually both parties’ fault. You admit your part and move on, or you make effort to fix it and tell the other to do the same. 
    Having said all that, a word of advice from me to someone who’s seeking partnership with a Gemini. If you truly love him, be prepared to love two “men” in one person. Yes, we Gems are cursed with multiple personalities. And if your heart is “big enough” to love both then it should naturally leads you to happiness.
    Best wishes,

  53. GeminiJohnny July 14th, 2012

    I notice that a lot of the women here are using the term “My ex was a gemini and this is soooo true” well just so the ladies are aware, they obviously took the time to read about their “ex” after the relationship had been demolished so of course they will have bad things to say… If they would have taken the time to realize what they were up against and known that every relationship takes work WHILE YOUR IN IT then maybe there would be a lot more posative relationships… I’m about to be dating a capricorn woman and I can’t believe how I almost avoided the situation because of all of these capricorn women who cannot maintain the relationship… I realize that it is not all astrological signs and a lot of the experiences have to do with what both sides of life have encountered along the way to the relationship… I just hope that someday the bitter capricorn ladies will realize that they shouldn’t stereotype as well…
    As for me, I hope the best as I pursue an experience with a Capricorn woman.

  54. Seeker22 June 4th, 2012

    Well.. reading these stories by Capricorn women I notice they are mostly strikingly and similarly bad. And I can add another one.
    I too fell for a Gemini. He was intelligent, intuitive, charming, sexy as hell, with seemingly strong Christian long term marriage-orientated morals – and he was crazy about me. The first time we hit the sack it was hot, I’d never had anything that intense with anyone – I was on a high for days after.
    And then emerged the evil twin. This guy was nothing like my beautiful lover, he was ice cold and manipulative. I noticed I was getting stood up with increasing frequency, and I sensed I was being deliberately ignored, and I wasn’t being pushy since I knew he had exams and wanted him to succeed. The break up came from nowhere, I found it in my email inbox – he didn’t even see the need to do it in person. The reason given was that I wasn’t a Christian.
    Since then he’s found a number of excuses to come see me after, he would show up as his old charming self and sometimes I would give in and we’d hit the sack. But once he got what he wanted there was never a word from him for weeks after. It seemed while I’d fallen like a ton of bricks and was having a hard time letting go, he seemed come and go like it was nothing. I suspect the real reason he never stayed was because I bored him. It was the most humiliating relationship I’ve ever had, and if I had trust issues before they were doubled after. And trust issues + capricorn woman means zero libido and not a single bf again in nearly 2 years.
    Now I’m not saying all gemini’s are bad, I still believe that this guy never intended any cruelty or even thought that his behavior was harmful, but I would say as with all the signs there are evolved and unevolved individuals. The evolved Gemini uses his talents to uplift and empower, but the debased ones are little more than clever parasites, and to a slow abiding creature such as a capricorn woman – pure poison.
    So ladies, if you are considering dating a gemini man – be careful. Keep your head and your wits about you. Don’t listen to his words, or his friends who will be charmed as well. Watch his actions – that’s where the real truth is found with this one.

  55. hcfc March 14th, 2012

    @rebecca I am a loving caring gem MAN who loves her cap lady ! GENERALISE, gemini man will rock the women they loves world. good luck finding that man

  56. Mordan March 13th, 2012

    Im a Gemini male and I do not like Capricorn women. Most of you are ugly with a nasty personality to match it! I don’t know why your sitting here bashing us when you are not perfect yourselves. To all the Gemini males Dont bother trying to explain to these misfits about why they dont deserve us. The best relationship I’ve ever been in is currently with a Scorpio woman, she’s magic. Not a lousy stinky goat, NOW TWO FACE THAT!!

  57. JayDogg7ward7 January 18th, 2012

    Awe it’s arite…it’s da charisma ladies!!!!

  58. mai-tyme November 15th, 2011

    Man, you must have been hurt really bad. That quality in a man was just a bad choice of companionship. Not all Gemini men are like that you know, you just chose one of the few that make the rest look bad. @rebecca

  59. mai-tyme November 15th, 2011

    WOW !!! It’s pretty intense in here isn’t it ??
    I am a Capricorn woman married to a Gemini man. We have two gorgeous children and I FEEL he is my soulmate.
    He has put up with my bossiness, my drive to get things done ASAP, the numerous amounts of PMS attitudes I have given him, the nasty names I have called him when I have been angry, the countless times I’ve said ‘I AM DONE’ because I wasn’t satisfied with what he was doing, the emotional rollercoaster rides he has endured with me YET he has stuck by MY SIDE through it all, telling me he loves me unconditionally.
    NOT ONCE, has he lashed out at me, verbally, emotionally or physically. Not once has he told me I was worthless. I know when I have put ideas to him for what I want to do in the future, he has told me the HONEST truth about what my intentions were and has made me realise, I would have been spending a lot of money on something I would not follow through which pissed me off at the time but I look back at those situations and realise, he was right !!!
    Yes, they can be so laid back by taking things as they come or as he would say ‘We will deal with it when the time comes’ which does get frustrated but the love and support he has shown, given and promised me is something I will forever thank him for.
    Yes starsign compatibilities say Capricorn and Gemini are an unusual couple BUT, I believe in only one thing when entering a relationship:

    If you are putting in more than the other, that is OBVIOUSLY the first sign telling you to get out of the relationship. If you don’t, you only have yourself to blame. Just saying !!

  60. LSI1971 October 30th, 2011

    I’ve known a Gemini male for about 5 years now. I was shocked of how true compatibility states between Gemini man and Capricorn female. I don’t deny that I could fall easily for this man but I understand him and won’t let myself fall in love. It is true that when he needs his resentment mini-vacation away from me then I do walk away and give him the space he needs. He always seems to find a way to contact me and we are back to square one again. I enjoy his friendship even though he can be very moody and wishy-washy. He has always been upfront and honest with me and I have always told him a piece of my mind; when neccessary. When we are together we have fun and laugh. As a Capricorn female, we can fall fast and easily. BUT as long as you keep in mind and understand your Gemini male then you can make things work. My suggestion is relax and enjoy the incredible possibilities our Gemini men have to offer and take that as good experiences for when you find your life-long partner 🙂

  61. S00880443 October 22nd, 2011

    Im a Capricorn women who has been in love with a Gemini man for
    5 years now. We have been through alot of ups and downs. But thats what keep our love and relationship strong. I wouldnt trade him for the world.

  62. zorracu September 23rd, 2011

    gemini man are charming and fun. Wicked and funny. Big time manipulators, cheaters, they lie with grace and mentally abusive. They can also be physically abusive. Dangerously flirtatious!!! Detriment to Capricorn woman. Take my advice: the devil is smart because how old he is not because he is the devil. I been there and done the research for you. RUN CAPRICORN WOMAN RUN!!!

  63. zorracu September 23rd, 2011

    @ Meg. Apparently you have not been completely expose to the nature of your partner. You got a real manipulator!!It’s a first time a gemini outsmarts a capricorn woman!…no ofense but all gemini are created equal. But of course there are good persons and bad persons and not all gemini are bad, but boy can they be. Manipulators!!! watch. It just take one little white lie for you to catch him. The nature of gemini is detriment to capricorn woman. Its a match in hell. It is just a matter of time. Capricorn woman are good by nature, gemini man can see this in us and with their manipulative and creative personality can lift us up to heaven, just to let us drop death! We have high expectations and they can never fulfill them because is just not in their nature. We are beautiful inside and out and we are strong confident woman who attracts gemini like honey attracts flies. My advice: RUN

  64. CapricornMeg May 7th, 2011

    Hey… um… you ladies are terrible….You can’t just judge all Gemini men and generalise them all from what is stated up above. That is completely prejudice..COMPLETELY! I have to say, what is stated above is completely true about myself and a certain gemini man but he’s a genuine, nice, funny, intellectual and loving guy. Yes, like Jamie(above post) said… we all have our bad days and let me assure you all… us Capricorn women have them to.. heh..but yet again.. you can’t go around generalising all of us for that. These are certain traits of general Gemini men and Capricorn women… doesn’t mean in anyway that these Gemini men are all women beaters and grew up on the bottle of alcohol… You lot have had bad experiences… but put it this way.. if all of the above posts were of the positive relationships that have blossomed from Gemini men and Capricorn women ye would not agree would you?….no.. ye would have to put your negative experiences down.. and fair enough … we are human after all…. but don’t be so blinded from the past..Negativity likes friends.. and so far.. it’s got many from what I can see… look on the bright side of things..

    As to you Farah.. be a woman and make your own decision based on what you have learned from this man of yours… not from the negative experiences of these women. Different people.. different relationships… you can’t label all Gemini men to be women beaters and alco’s..if so.. then good luck trying to label every man you meet… it’ll be a stroll through hell and back… As you said.. he is unpredictable… but what relationship isn’t?.. Have you a plan for everything you choose to do.. I bet some of the most amazing experiences you’ve had and have yet to have in life are the spurr of the moment ones.. the ones you did not plan for.. and yes.. there will be some bad ones too… but there is always bad things that happen to everyone.. stop dwelling on the negative and focus on the positive… when you constantly focus on negative thoughts.. you attract negative actions… so change it up.. focus on the positive..

    Lastly, this is not a bash to any of the previous posts made by the women.. more a bit of advice to open your eyes, and stop being foolish..

    Have a wonderful year and much love ~Meg~.

  65. Shizarn May 7th, 2011

    wow go the hate.. so your guys were douches.. you do realize every person is like that right? its called humanity, I’m a Gemini and i agree i have bad days but you cant blame someone being a piss head or violent on a star sign.

    Farah – wow what to say here.. lol your letting other ppls bitching stop you from going out with someone who has nothing to do with them. So they had bad experiences.. feel sorry for that but hey such is life. take happiness where you can find it after all life is short

  66. Farah 04/04/11 April 4th, 2011

    I’m speechless bcoz, i was about to go into a serious relationship with a Gemini boy that i find so talkitive & attractive but now NO WAY BUDDY…..even though i will be sad for a while but i think it’s better now than later on in life! being honest my gemini boy was sweet & kind of unpredicable…..thanks all of u 4 sharing ur thoughts that helping me making my decision…..

  67. capricorn woman March 31st, 2011

    I am a Capricorn woman who spent 15 yrs of my adult life in a relationship with a Gemini man. We were perpetually 14 yrs old together. There are so many things about this man that I love, but so many things that I hate. It’s like being with 2 different men at once, you never know who you’re going to get. One moment he is incredibly charming, fun, adventurous, smart, funny, interesting, then the next moment he is argumentative, manipulative, verbally abusive, pushes your buttons just for his enjoyment – just a complete mindf#%*. I wanted to stab him repeatedly with a dull butter knife towards the end of our relationship. Extreme highs and extreme lows. He was my second Gemini boyfriend. As much as I love all the positive traits, I don’t think I’ll be going for a third. I always felt like he was lying to me and keeping things from me. I fell for all of the promises that he would change. Silly me, that’s his nature. And I guess my nature is to give relationships my all even when you know it’s bad for you. I have no patience for them any longer. I wish all Capricorn/Gemini relationships my best, because when they are good they are amazing and when they are bad, well…

  68. Richard - a Gem March 24th, 2011

    Ladies, Ladies… Relax. It’s our nature, we mean you no harm, and you know you can’t resist our charm.

    I’m dating a younger bright, ambitious, sexual, and very talented Capricorn Woman now.. and Wow.. we complement eachother awesomely!

    Both very driven, and I do have all kinds of ideas and like to have fun .. My priorities however are on both are success and health. She compliments my airy idea to idea nature with more solid discipline and focus which I love.

    Wish you all the best. All Gemini’s are not created equal btw… I do have a playful/flirtacious nature – which I’m aware of and don’t allow to get out of hand – in part in help of her shared discipline. Relationships are mutal. Understand eachother and hold off on some of that Gem hate, or move on…

    Love you all :).

  69. japanesegemini March 24th, 2011

    are gemini men “EVIL´´?

    what a cruel word ladies.

  70. CapricornBeauti March 17th, 2011

    Well mister Gemini. Seems as if WE think your childish, worthless, and plainly straight stupid. I hope you have a self evaluation because it’s the Gemini man that is indeed corny.

  71. Gemini male February 17th, 2011

    i hate capricorn women. they are corny.

  72. Capricorn Female January 13th, 2011

    I feel like one minute he’s the sweetest man alive and nothing could be better, and the next I hate him and he’s completly evil. I hold on to him because the love i have for him is much deeper then the hate. But thats a gemini for you!

  73. Capricorn Female January 13th, 2011

    My boyfriend is a gemini, and this is SO true. Kind of trippy huh?

  74. Danielle January 10th, 2011

    Im very much in love with my gem man. He’s kind, reliable and very sexy! Treats me and his daughter like princess’s, he can be a little immature at times and sometimes has to be brought back down to earth.

  75. Gemini Male January 2nd, 2011

    How Rude!

  76. rebecca November 12th, 2010

    gemini man..all i can say with my experience is he was a liar a manipulator..he was cruel, lazy, bad tempered, childish, boring, full of ideas with no substance to manifest them…he uses everyone he knows as a resource either for money, gifts, favours or a ego boost or to toy with them to help his sad little ego feel superior in his otherwise failing life…he was at least three men in one..well three boys…they are definatley spiteful, immature,snivelling little boys…he was grandiose anda outragous flirt who got jealous and envious of any attention i recieved and blamewd it on me just because i got on with people i am capricorn woman…and ther inlies the problem…we are passionate, loyal, perservering, deep, wise, loving WOMEN..and what we need is a strong MAN dont waste your time with two faced fickle cheating lying gemini BOYS we just end up as babysitters for there many overinflated shallow egos…let someone else moddle coddle tham and find a REAL MAN SO YOU CAN BE THE REAL WOMAN YOU ARE xxx good luck to you all who perservere with these misfits you will need it x peace and love to us all x

  77. Kim flowers August 11th, 2010

    And i feel like hes got 2 personalities cuz i just realized one part of him is a complete asshole and the other is a good man. I can build him up or tear him down to ppl and im n love with the good man personality So i hang on 4it. I wish it’d show more

  78. Kim flowers August 11th, 2010

    Lets me stay home and tells me he loves me everyday but the childish behavior of him overreacting breaking stuff blamin me all that stuff just came out a few months ago when he started gettin 2 comfy. i know its not right the way he treats me

  79. Kim flowers August 11th, 2010

    The cheating was almost a yr ago and hes been faithful since. I took him back cuz i was preg and i convinced myself it was because he freaked. Again i was and am so blindly n love. Now hes moved us n2 the farmhouse his pap owns fixed it up has a job lets

  80. Kim flowers August 11th, 2010

    After the cheating he did when he “lied about being in love with me”, after all this, he still wants to get married and when im in his arms and hes makin me feel loved, it feels right and i want him4ever but when we’re apart or fight, i dont wana b here

  81. Kim flowers August 11th, 2010

    A real job doing construction cuz he loves being outside but now im the stay at home mom. if he gives me money he wants me to spend it and not save it like he does. He relies on luck and lives paycheck to paycheck. Cares about his needs before mine and

  82. Kim flowers August 11th, 2010

    I love my boyfriend and father of our 2 month old so much. But sometimes i wonder if i do. He flips out breaks things has a drinking problem will stand up4his friends more than me and tries2make it all seem like its all my fault. I did support him2find a

  83. ludean June 25th, 2010

    i was married to a gemini man am capricorn woman.when it comes to responsibility they can cope. my ex was very depending on his mom and sisters and brothers. when it come to me and his daughter he failed to keep us. in gemini world its about friends and having fun. they will never make a capricorn woman happy. only while dating things a fine. ones married than his mom must rule your house. advice gemini man acts like kids and that they nature. capricorn woman is looking for a good living and a responsible partner

  84. CapricornLady December 25th, 2009

    This is extremely true for dating a Gemini man. I remember when I was dating my ex he was always so spontaneous, adventurous, and social. He would sometimes wonder if our relationship would ever get boring which is what scared him the most, far more than infidelity. I had a lot of fun with him. Towards the end I noticed him distant and our relationship started heading south. He stopped trying and later I found out he was cheating on me. I confronted him, he denied it, then he just stopped talking to me, and got a new gf 2 weeks afterwords. He moved on so quickly, while I was still depressed. I cared about him a lot and did indeed put my REAL feelings and effort into the relationship and to see it meant nothing to him broke my heart. But now, thankfully, I’m completely over him and wish him no harm. I now have a new bf which also happens to be Gemini and hope it works better with him. It’s true what this section says though, I noticed many similarities in their personalities. Immature, superficial, creative, spontaneous, adventurous, and child at heart.

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