Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

  1. FPC July 9th, 2012

    When we look at the astrological descriptions it is important to realize that any characteristics may be found in any sign. We are simply seeing the defining characteristics of one sign and even these may be more or less dominant depending upon life early life experiences in particular. Not all Saggitarians, for instance are tactless, brutally honest or blunt, or poorly connected with family. They often stimulate friends and lovers to expand themselves and grow but at the same time honour who the other is. They do seem to be thinkers and adventurers but adventure is personal. They often connect well in ordinary social contexts with anyone not just females. Just as Cancerians can be overly security conscious and almost reclusive in their attachment to home and family, Saggitarians can be too cerebral. I agree that both these signs are often characterized by warmth and devotion. The Saggitarian seems, for many, to be more trusting and optimistic. While the security needs of cancer make them more cautious despite their inclination to give. When there is trust the nurturant side blossoms. When there is nurturance and support for the Saggitarian devotion deepens. AS with many signs the key is the extent to which each seeks to know and accept the other and to know the things in a relationship in them and their partner which strengthen and deepen it. This doesn’t happen by chance. It is what they do as well as what they know. But both love spontaneous connection built on this valuing of the other.

  2. rialyn February 5th, 2011

    is aries woman and sagittarius man compatible?

    • MarcMedic September 21st, 2017

      I’m going to speak generally for the Sag’ man; we love to love to be in love , (I know I personally do) being truly loved by a woman, for who we are, and again just my opinion- probably take a girl’s sign(of whom we’ve fallen hard for) with the least criticism if any. We aren’t ‘whores’ , just enormous fans of being a “better half” to a wonderful whole!

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