Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Gemini woman and Sagittarius man have passionate moments, common love for fun and humor, but different beliefs and visions.
  • Gemini woman and Sagittarius man have an intensely passionate, kinky, and airy sexual relationship.
  • Gemini woman can attract the Sagittarius man by bringing new colors and different moods to his life, stimulating his life and thought process.
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Although there is not always a “meeting of minds” between Gemini and Sagittarius — still there will be some passionate moments to be shared — as these two comes together. Sagittarius tends to be more passionate than Gemini in terms of beliefs and visions while Gemini shares a common love of fun and humor in love for everything.

Sagittarius man is a man who sees truth in the world over anything else. Whether timid or dominating, he is a reckless individual who is quite modest but hardheartedly frank and to the point. A Sagittarius man trusts too many and when they cut into his dreams it pretty much crushes him. With the wide range of thought and good judgment coupled with his ability to foresee what can happen, he makes for a profound conversationalist. His straight likes and dislikes most often causes an unbalance especially when it comes to love. But once he decides over a woman, he is a very honest and loyal lover.

Gemini woman is no less than a beautiful butterfly to display many colors time to time in her character. She is a delightful, whimsical woman full of grace, who, stops at nothing and usually gets what she wants, that is if she could figure out just what that was. The many personality traits and constant changes in the Gemini woman, makes it hard for her to settle on to any one specific. This poses a problem in love and life in general. She loves the intelligence and wit of her man but she can turn her head from him if she doesn’t find real spark in the relationship.

As a Gemini woman enters a Sagittarius man’s life, she brings many new colors and different moods to him. Though this is not one of the easiest of relationships to have, they have a few things in common such as reading and talking, but that is about the end of it. She stimulates the life and the thought process of the Sagittarius man, making him livelier. Gemini woman and her fantasy world with whimsical thoughts and mood changes are too elusive for the straight forward thoughts and frankness of Sagittarius man and sometimes can lead to hurtful words and situations as well. And his ability to anticipate what is to come is a far cry from her inability to mock such qualities. It is a good temporary fix but in the long run Sagittarius man grows tired of trying to get her to come down to earth where things should be.

A Sagittarius man makes a Gemini woman’s life much more happening and adventurous. He either likes something or not, and there is no gray area in his straight forwardness. He is able to get his woman slow down enough to love her back. He makes her feel cared and at the same time gives her the independence, she craves for. This relationship can work but in a more of a team effort sort of way. The team of Sagittarius male and Gemini female performs wonderfully as long as there is an outside project or venture they can be focused on. There could, perhaps be a sort of peace between these two at such times. Such steps not only bring freshness to their relationship but also minimize any argument which can be contributed to Gemini woman’s ability to sashay her way out of any unpleasant situation.

With the ever growing love between the Gemini woman and Sagittarius man, their relationship takes a direction which many others ‘dream’ to experience. She colors his life with her vivid imaginations and he sprinkles it with truth and loyalty to form a stronger bond. When their eyes are fastened on the stars with exciting dreams to carry on, they both make a fabulous pair. She brings great joy to him man while he protects her with his concerned mind and together they fly high on the clouds of their aspirations. The ideals of Sagittarius man and the ideas of Gemini woman are so lovingly knitted together by love, that they illuminate both of them and teach them to love unconditionally.

The sexual relationship is the area to where the Gemini woman and Sagittarius man are deeply compatible as the air of the Gemini woman gives boost to the fire of her Sagittarius man. An intensely passionate, yet kinky and airy sexual relationship is something they dearly share and deeply cherish. There is no holding back with Gemini woman and Sagittarius man. For them, the ultimate meaning of sex is the fulfillment of an intense desire for each person to blend with to actually become the other. This makes for sex that is uninhibited and intense for both, each and every time they engage in such activity. Sexually these two can reach a rare harmony of mutual experience through their love making and ultimately gratify the desires of their partner. They are insatiable toward each other and stops at nothing to create a new pleasure each time they are together. Anywhere they can explore their sexual nature, they will.

When the Gemini woman and Sagittarius man is involved, there’s always a possibility for a bad tension to build on. If she does finally trusts him, she tries to explain her emotions to him only to set him off the edge he is already on. Her sarcasm angers him and his blunt words only show to hurt her feelings causing further argument. The best thing for this couple is to keep their distance from each other on a day to day basis. This is the only way to avoid argument. If they try hard enough and love deep enough the Sagittarius man may be able to take his Gemini woman’s ideals and show her a bit of truth. If they have something to focus themselves on together instead of having to focus on each other so much, they can find happiness and with team effort can also give great results.

  1. Jewles September 8th, 2023

    I’m a Gemini woman and met and dated a Sagittarius man at the very end of my marriage to an alcoholic scorpio. He was a breathe of fresh air and not going to lie helped me escape mentally, emotionally and sexually in my marriage. When I finally divorced my husband he and I started spending more time together and in the beginning he was amazing but would never want to commit to me. Even though he would tell me how much he loved me, enjoyed being with me, how happy I make him and how well we got along. He strung me along for so many years. When I’d cut him off and not speak to him for a while, somehow someway he’d work his way back into my life and do the same old song and dance. Get me to fall for him and then disappear again. I finally had enough and cut him off permanently. I will never date a Sagittarius man again. They love the excitement of stringing you along but never want to commit.

  2. Ryan Brown July 21st, 2023

    I am a Sagittarius man who has been on and off in a close friends w/ mega benefits situation with a Gemini woman for seven years. We started out as an affair that has happened repeatedly over the years but we become very close as best friends. Our sex life is AMAZING! I always make sure she’s satisfied before myself and always leave her fulfilled n satiated. Even though I love her dearly she won’t commit to a full time relationship. But I am hoping with patience love and perseverance that in time she’ll see that our friendship is an awesome foundation for a rock solid team / relationship and change her mind, even though she is work focused right now so doesn’t want full commitment

  3. Supreme July 2nd, 2023

    I’m a Gemini woman that has been off and on with a Sagittarius man over 20 years. We have been more on than off the past 8 years and whew has it been an emotional rollercoaster. I love him because he’s so smart, good with his hands, and yes the sex is absolutely amazing!!! Our sexual energy is so powerful! OMG!! He has taught me so much and inspired me to be more financially independent/literate. Over the years I’ve learned to respect him and accept him as he is. I had to stop reacting emotionally and childishly when we had disagreements. I also had to back off for a while and give more love and attention to myself. That helped me to master the art of detachment and be less codependent. Of course we’ve reconnected and the past few months have been greater than ever before.

  4. Supreme July 2nd, 2023

    I’m a Gemini woman that has been off and on with a Sagittarius man over 20 years. We have been more on than off the past 8 years and whew has it been a emotional rollercoaster. I love him because he’s so smart, good with his hands, and yes the sex is absolutely amazing!!! Our sexual energy is so powerful! OMG!! He has taught me so much and inspired me to be more financially independent/literate. Over the years I’ve learned to respect him and accept him as he is. I had to stop reacting emotionally and childishly when we had disagreements. I also had to back off for a while and give more love and attention to myself. That helped me to master the art of detachment and be less codependent. Of course we’ve reconnected and the past few months have been greater than ever before.

  5. Phillis March 3rd, 2023

    I dated SAG he was wonderful , so passionate, so pleasant , so plum 😅. I broke up with him because he was too good for me. I didn’t deserve him. I’m married with 4 kids yet I still think of him to this day. He makes my heart go boom boom. And my vagina rawr. Hold on to them… please.

    • Extraordinary Fantastic Sag Guy April 8th, 2023

      People should NEVER sell themselves short by breaking up with someone that they felt was “too good” for them.

  6. Summer November 26th, 2022

    Iam a Gemini women and I have been in a relationship with a sag man for over 4 years and damn at the beginning he was so good, fun, caring ,loving and everything…I thought I met my soulmate he was so good. Too good to me. And after few months he started flirting with another women and care less about me. Manipulated me for knowing what he did. And started abusing me mentally,emotionally.. treated me like I’m nothing. Sag men are very clever. He doesn’t like people to know his secrets and when we do he will rage with anger and Manipulate us. We compromised each other and gave him another chance but he never change. He did the same mistake again and again. I was shattered literally hoping to fix us. At the end he couldn’t change that and I couldn’t recognize him anymore.

  7. Jennifer December 13th, 2021

    I’m a Gemini widow of Sagittarius and sex was always phenomenal even though he was a heart patient to his last days on earth he was always blunt with truth but he always knew how to hurt me he was very smart clever quippy slick always planning things out hint of manipulation I dl it was very clever in getting his way he had a way with words funny when he wanted to be warrior to the end he was a fighter and had a temper from hell can be sweet when he wanted to be told very convincing lies like a professional con artist was mentally verbally emotionally abusive when things didn’t go his way

    • Mia June 7th, 2022

      I was married to a Sag, he was a narcissist. very Narcissitic and abusive. Boy if he wasn’t so mentally damaged and traumatized by his childhood demons he would have been a wonderful partner. I am not dating another SAG smh and he is amazing. There are no childhood traumas and he is very respectful. Sorry for your loss..

  8. Dom October 24th, 2021

    I am a Gemini woman dating a Sagittarius man. In the beginning he was so great. He listened, seemed so helpful and caring. I thought he was the perfect man. Once we lived together everything changed. He’s so caught up with work and pleasing everyone. There is no affection at all anymore, we don’t have sex or any type of intimacy. He is so convincing that he loves me and would never cheat but I think he’s just a great liar. I honestly don’t understand why sag men try to be in a relationship when it seems like they could care less about it. Maybe not all sags just the ones I know.

    • Steven October 31st, 2021

      I’m a sag man. I’m definitely not like that in a relationship. Just remember the sign is just a base line of us. There are experiences that influence our behavior. Then there might be medical issues. Like his testosterone levels drops once he hits his forties. That drops his desires considerably. So it’s like the saying goes. It’s him not you. We forget that men have hormonal problems also.

    • Ramsay January 25th, 2022

      I’m a Sagittarius man and if I was in a relationship I would
      Care deeply for it and love strong 🥺

    • Hector July 22nd, 2022

      Sagittarius tend to be very free and and independent. They hate being controlled and see the world as a playground to be explored and not tied by the chains of society. However, in a committed relationship, we are dedicated lovers. It could easily be something at work that’s bothering him. I know I had a million things going, from working, going to school and starting my own business and I wanted to succeed in all aspects, including my relationship. One will suffer and sometimes we want to be so successful that our relationship winds up being hindered. We just need a smack sometimes to wake up.

    • JC September 24th, 2022

      Holy shit! I wish there was a way you could ever see this and we could talk. I’m in the exact same situation. We’ve been together 5 years and haven’t had sex in over 3! It’s insanity. And they’re excellent liars. They’ll find any and every loophole possible to worm through as long as it means peace for themselves or the outcome is what they want. This thing talking about us not being straightforward is kind of insane to me. I thought Gemini were KNOWN for being blunt… I certainly don’t parade around anything I need to say. I’ve addressed this head-on with him in every way possible and all I have is a roommate. To the point I don’t even change clothes in front of him, it would be awkward. I can’t imagine any kind of intimacy. It would feel like… being with an ex… that part of us is dead. I grieved it a long time ago. I don’t know that version of him anymore.

  9. Anastacia September 11th, 2021

    I have recently met a sagittarius man and am a gemini woman with a laid back approach to life and the sparks are already flying after 3 days .i don’t want to spoil anything but am really happy with how it’s going so far.

  10. Alex September 3rd, 2021

    I’m 16 and imma Sagittarius man and I’m not going to lie alot of my relationships were very toxic one of them was also a Sagittarius and it was really hard when she was depressed it was almost impossible to make her happy but Sagittarius can take someone’s sadness and switch it out with happiness but she cheated on me and that’s how we ended a couple months later I met a Gemini girl on a video game and she was with a 14 year old drunk and we were talking for about a week as friends and I told her how I felt and to my surprise she felt the same and she went and broke up with him and got with me and let me just say we’ve been having a really good time sometimes she’ll say something that hurts without her trying and I’m not going to lie after I say something about it I imeadetly feel bad and I say sorry but she gets mad at me for saying sorry and sometimes I’ll say it again and quickly say yes ma’am so she doesn’t get mad we haven’t been able to meet face to face but I’m trying to get enough money to move down there I almost cried when I read this cuz everything was true even my best friend said she realized I’m more social so wish us luck pz

    • Crystal November 4th, 2023

      Are you two together still?

  11. Brina May 11th, 2021

    I’m a Gemini Woman and the man I just recently started to date is a Sagittarius. Let me tell you, he is the best man I’ve ever talk to in my life. He is so understanding and passionate when it comes to me. He cares about my needs and my feelings. He makes me feel so good about myself, and I love the connection we have. I can truly see a future with him and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

    • Gaby July 4th, 2021

      How is it going now? One just started talking to me, and he’s trying to swoop me off my feet! He’s so sweet, and very caring, honest too and he’s like a breath of fresh air for me!

      • Kai July 6th, 2021

        Im a Gemini woman and just got engaged to my sag. He’s amazing too we bump heads when it comes to my free butterfly ways but he’s starting to understand it better . It’s definitely a lot of work but a beautiful love

    • Dom October 24th, 2021

      Let me know how it turns out in a year.

    • Mia June 7th, 2022

      I feel the same about my Sag. How is it going a year later ?

    • NatNat November 2nd, 2023

      Can we get a follow up 🤭

    • Crystal November 4th, 2023

      How’s the relationship going?
      I recently met a Sag and feeling the same but he’s so charming and I have trust issues so constantly thinking he’s like all the cheating men in my life

  12. Tonni April 23rd, 2021

    I’m a Gemini woman and my boyfriend is Sagittarius. The love is intense and sex passionate. The only problem is the sharpness of his tongue when we argue.

    • Nathanial May 2nd, 2021

      The thing to remember, when that happens, is that he doesn’t mean to hurt you, he’s just being honest, in an effort to be as open, and straightforward as possible, so that there aren’t any bad surprises. There is no ill will. Just his personal brand of honesty, which admittedly…can be overly blunt sometimes. That may not make it sting any less, but…be that as it may, it is what it is. I wish you luck ma’am.

  13. Shontae March 29th, 2021

    I’m a Gemini woman and the guy I’m seeing is a sag.

    From the beginning, it was different. It’s like he knew me while every other guy was perplexed… this made it hard bc he saw through all my bullshit… but then I learned to trust him and open up to him and it’s been the best feeling ever. I’m still weary, slowly showing him all the many aspects of myself to see if he can handle it – but so far, my sag man isn’t scared off. He actually accepts me and understands me. It’s weird. Slow and steady this time, but I can actually see a good future with this man… I just hope I don’t get scared off and run away .. again. LOL tried leaving 3 times already but my sag man is always waiting with open arms – all the other signs would let their ego get the best of them and would watch me walk out the door.

    I’m happy.

    To be continued…

  14. Koko March 3rd, 2021

    I am a gemini women dating sag man…he is such a great liar but i always caught him..he cheated on me n he convinced me soo well that we are back together n i regret now..he uses abusive language n alwys tries to prove that i am wrong..well i just always wanted him to be honest n share things..but these man will never open up to you for sure..they just love their freedom they dont care about how u feel..they hurt u at extreme level n dont even realise

  15. Maddie October 24th, 2020

    I’m a Gemini woman and I have my forever husband which happens to be a sagittarius. I LOVE my man 5EVA. This literally describes our relationship and the exact way we have grown. I def taught him to open up to me and we get through every issue that comes up. It’s beautiful that it really describes us!<3

    • Monique Allen December 21st, 2020

      Man I’m really truly trying to reach this I’m still at the point of feeling bad that he calls me out on things tht I do help😩😩 I love him so much and I know we can work out I just have to learn to accept that he is right and he knows me like a book and I try to hide it and this makes him upset

    • Sara Jefferson January 5th, 2021

      How do you react when you feel like he’s hiding something from you? My bf is a sagittarius & i feel like he doesn’t tell me everything! I can’t help but feel like i wanna end this but i love him so much that I’m forcing myself to act happy & fine when I’m not. Not to mention that he’s Always working & doesn’t have time for me until after 10 PM 😔

      • Cameron Johnson February 4th, 2021

        Omg I agree but it may just seem that way because sag men are so complex

      • Mia June 7th, 2022

        I am curious to know how this turned out. I have been dating my Sag since Nov 2020 and Many times I have felt that he was hiding something and he was early in the relationship, My ex husband was a sag to and he was very sneaky and secretive His excuse was that he didn’t want to talk about stuff before it happens, or any excuse to not share things big or small. Its a constant job to just make sure he opens up and tells you things. I think as a Gem we can be so open and transparent and that may be the real issue. Not everyone is like that. Hope it’s working out for you

  16. Uvais September 4th, 2020

    Iam a sag man.I love my Gemini woman no matter what.I have been with her more than 8 years now. Iam really excited to be with her each day,due to her great ability to keep freshness to the each moment.

  17. jessi May 5th, 2019

    wow, it’s all about you isn’t it? lol. i too am a gemini woman. what you said may be true, but a relationship is a 2 way street. it’s not all about HIM tip toeing around YOU. trying to keep YOU. i am with a sagittarius, the most difficult of all signs to deal w. it’s all about compromise and patience. i am a typical bi polar fiesty red head gemini woman. he deals w me lika champ. he is a typical psycho chatter box bossy plan-everything-out sagittarius, and i love it. not to say we don’t have problems, we def do. however, it’s all about meeting each other half way. what you said was spot on, but your missing the biggest trait of the gemini – the ability to see both sides and take it into consideration.

  18. destiny June 7th, 2017

    Hi Scot, Gemini woman here… I am currently talking to a sag man and happen to come across this site and by some chance read your comment… so here goes… It depends on “the secret” and how bad it was but we do like honesty, we rather know no matter how bad than not know and find out from someone else… If she said she needed space depends how long it has been… if this happened yesterday for example… she does not need space she needs you to make real effort so she knows you care it’s all about timing we say things but if shown right away we get swayed back! if it has been a couple of weeks than give her the space, if you push once she is out of that “perfect timing space” it will only push her away… and if that happens well it will be a very long time before she realizes it herself that you might be the one for her… it’s tricky because if her mind is made well it doesn’t look good…now the tip would be remember we live in our minds and imagination… try something cute that will have her thinking and imagining the good possibilities… a bunch of flowers at her job/home or something so simple as a long beautiful letter will get us thinking for hours or days sometimes even weeks or months! (since you wrote it guess who she will have in mind for hours! yup you guessed it lol) as long as it’s something with meaning and from the heart vs materialistic that would do the trick…. i myself have left a few relationships from the man not taking the perfect timing opportunity to do the right things and get me to wake up so to say… unfortunately they did it once i gave up and did want my space… I also had one that i believed was my soulmate but he lost me because he pushed way too hard to the point he scared me and had he given me my space i would have ran back….. it might not be too late…. but if she says again she needs space let her have it… we might do some weird things but it will eventually let us learn our own lessons and see what we really want when it comes to love… oh and remember we love fun! so make it fun, loving, and whimsical do not take us to the dark side lol we get there we stay in the bad thoughts for a long time… when we love it’s deeply so something small to someone else is huge to us when it comes to hurt, finding out something about you through someone else felt like a betrayal… she would have most likely preferred to hear it from you, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal… but do keep in mind we can also fall right back in love just as easily! just please do not have a gemini woman keep giving reminders of what we don’t like that is a sure way to lose us… as i said, it takes us to the bad thoughts… …. we are like the flip of a coin so it’s easy if the timing is right but also very hard if it’s the wrong timing… keep her in happy thoughts and you might get her back… i do wish you all the best of luck! Namaste!

    • Scot June 13th, 2017

      Destiny, thank you for your insight I really do appreciate it and it means a lot that you took the time.

    • Edie January 29th, 2019

      Absolutely !!!! I couldn’t have written this any better!!! My sentiments exactly….

  19. roe` June 5th, 2017

    i believe they cant be together cause I,m a gemini and I seem to get annoyed from him and treat him mean but he seems to love me anyways I just dont know

    • Scot June 6th, 2017

      If you choose to be mean to him on purpose then you can change your behavior. But if you are just mean that is harder to fix.

  20. Scot June 4th, 2017

    I have been dating my girl friend for three years she is a Gemini and I’m a sag. Our relationship has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I kept a secret from past and she found out through one of her friends. She initially forgave me but a few months later she asked me to move out that she needed space. I have tried showing her how sorry I’m and how much I love her. But nothing gets through to her. I’m lost like a ship lost at sea. Any Gemini woman out there to give this very depressed sag man advice on his soulmate that won’t seem to let me back in. Mind you this is something that happened before we ever met.

    • LonerLoop June 6th, 2017

      Give her the space that she needs. Don’t pushed her for answers. Leave her alone. Yes, we do forgive but we don’t forget so this is why you have to let her be for the time being. I’ve dated a Sag previously for 5 years, we had a great connection but he freaking cheated on me! I am back to dating another Sag, I hope it better be good. Meh

    • Mac July 27th, 2017

      Hi scot, I’m a Gemini woman and could help you with this as well! I can’t believe I stumbled across this, however, feel
      I could be helpful!

  21. Catherine Williams May 15th, 2017

    I am going out with a Saggitarius man, who is very blunt, and very confident, always calls the shots so to speak, there is a lot of tension in the relationship and arguments nearly always ensue. each time we spend too much time together,

    Is this a sign of incompatability?? He tells me all the time when he is going out, and I am not included in those plans, he is very independent, and doesnt want anyone relying on him……… this makes me feel a bit insecure,,,#

  22. Queen March 22nd, 2017

    i am gay (let me get that out of the way) i am gemini and he is sag. when we met the very first time we both fell for each other. showing committment almost instantly and we just gelled OMG. this man is the man of my dreams, he has something about him that i want i admire, desire. i canNOT imagine being without him. he is cool and calm and keeps me grounded, i am free and spirited like a butterfly (gemini) hes like a flower i want to pollinate all the time and don’t want any other flower at all.(i pray this flower will blossom forever) i see a future with us. we have something extremely deep we have a love and concern for each other that is so deep that nobody can question us, when it’s good it’s great and people are inspired by our true love and loyalty. BUT when we not together i go crazy. i feel he does not talk much so long distance for us is tough but when we together it sets my soul at peace. it is agony being apart from him. he does not show me enough affection reading this gives me a lot of perspective. we (gem and sag) are awesome couples. i will never date another sign again. i pray more for him than i pray for myself and he is the only one in my life that i met that can keep me faithful dignified without any unfaithfulness. i just wish he can show me more affection

    • Taj April 4th, 2017

      I’m a Gemini and my bf is a sag and this sounds like us minus the distance

  23. Fabulous December 18th, 2016

    This is pretty accurate, especially the part about the imbalance of love. I’ve been dating a Sagittarius guy for a while now, and he’s been making me feel pretty awkward the way he praises me and gives me love and stuff. It feels so right when he’s kissing me and giving me affection, but while I’m spending time away from him, I feel like I shouldn’t be together with him at all. Especially when he says stuff like “I love you so much” and “Just tell me to and I’ll be yours forever”. I honestly don’t know what to do.

    • Triona December 30th, 2016

      Respond back and go with it, i always held back with men. But now with this guy Ive said ah I might as well and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, it’s hard though cause we do have arguments but I need to calm both of us down and move on from it. Just be honest with him and that will help, best of luck!

    • asianmamba March 11th, 2017

      I’m gemini woman and I experienced that too with my past lover, a saggitarius man. It’s awkward when he says “I love you” and things like that but at the same time, it feels right when we touch. Our relationship was a failure but not so devastating. And I always find myself falling for a sag man it feels like a curse.

  24. Jacobs245 June 15th, 2016

    I have been talking to a Gemini friend of mines on amd off for a few years now. Weve never had sex, never kissed, nothing. He decided to confess all these feelings that he had for me, of which I knew nothing about. He would, call, text on an average basis….like every other day….but we still hadnt seen eachother (its been about 3 years) until recently. I invited him to a party (with people from both of our pasts, that he previously expressed he ddnt care to be around) and then I left and went to another which was down the street. I was drunk so I pretty much ddnt care to remember that he was on his way to the party at my previous destination. I got an annoyed call 20mins later asking wtf I was lol I rounded up the troops and headed back ….. I got there hugged him and pretty much ignored him the entire time. This was not purposely. It was simply because I was catching up with old friends (That we both havent seen in years) about 45 mins pass by and everyone walked out of one of the rooms we were in, he started flipping out stating that he only wanted to see me etc… and my reply was “I ddnt think it was real” meaning everything with the daily text messages and phone calls and innuendos.( Im a skeptical person) So he stormed off….later that night, we ended up spending the rest of the night together along with another friend (who I used to be in love with, an Aries, but those feelings I found out that night were dead and burried thank god) but he was distant and cold. I called texted him 2days later Asking him if he hated me, and he said no, but “you have no idea what you want” I told him I did. I called a few minutes later and he was really short. Vowed to call me back, never did. Texted him a few days later, never texted me back. . Im a Sag (Dec 4) Hes a Gem (June 15) Is this fixable? Like I hate nothing more in the world than being ignored as it doesnt happen to me often, and I think I actually have feelings for him. I have to, or else I wouldnt be writing to an advice post at 5:59am. I just wanna know if hes hurt and isnt saying anything or hes just over me. 

  25. April 8th, 2016

    @QTf All i can say is WOW! Your comment about them not displaying a high quality of affection hit home. That\’s been the biggest issue with myself and my Sag. I too am drawn to mine. Try as i might i cannot let go completely. He\’s the same towards me. I see some similarities between our Sags but one great difference: mine is the EXACT opposite of yours when it comes to commitment. He\’s deeply commited. Once he\’s in he\’s in all the way. For the long haul. He\’s had 3 relationships and he\’s 35. 10 years, 2 years, and 6 years with me. Which i cannot say for certain has come to a definitive end. In my soul i believe it is not over yet. Time will tell. Thank you for sharing. It\’s helped me a great deal i think. Best of luck to you <3

  26. April 8th, 2016

    This is terribly inaccurate in many ways. The love of my life is a Sag. We broke up 4 months ago after 6 years together. It\’s very complicated but it boils down to: I\’m very affectionate, he\’s not at all. I left for more reasons than that but that was the main one. Also, the sex will never be beat. Problem was i have the drive of a 14 yo boy. He\’s more like an 80 yo woman. That was a problem. I couldn\’t take sex once a month and not having affection. It\’s been 4 months. We\’ve had some SERIOUSLY BAD BAD BAD arguments and it\’s just been Hell. The problem is: we\’re deeply in love still. I just don\’t think we can make it work. Yet i know in my bones that we\’re soulmates and meant for each other. We finally actually REALLY had a discussion last night. Hours long. Got a lot of things said. I don\’t have a crystal ball. I don\’t know what the future holds but i can say that no 2 people are more fit for each other than we are. However, I\’m the honest one. He\’s loyal to a fault. There are a lot of things here that are completely off. Or maybe he\’s just not a typical Sag. Idk

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  28. QTf January 9th, 2015

    I met my sag guy 2 ½ years ago on an online website. The first day I saw him I knew this relationship was going to be trouble. I can’t explain the attraction, but I was mesmerized by him, like I needed to know more about this man. The first issue I had with him was he would not let me in and that in itself was more appealing to me. However, that appeal became a huge problem in our relationship, he became more distant, would shut down and disappear. Three months into our relationship I found out that there were more women in his life. Now I am not a naïve woman so I understood I was not the only women he was seeing, that was not my problem. My problem was how careless and arrogant he was with these relationships. Women begin to call my phone, I even had one drop his clothes off at my front door. High-site 20/20 I should have walked away then; but I stayed (maybe it was my arrogance). Nevertheless, the more I pulled away from him, the more he wanted to be in my life, so of course I took him back again and again and again. I know most of you are saying “how stupid was I” trust me, I said the same thing about myself. I can’t explain why I could not walk away from this man, but deep down inside I really didn’t want to, even after all the women and all the lying I was still drawn to this man. I became insured about our relationship which in return made me want to run away even more. I am not an insure women so these feelings I was having was very confusing to me and I did not comprehend how to channel them or how to deal with them. So one day I decide instead of trying to figure things out just go with the flow and see where it takes me. I made up in my mind that all I wanted if anything out of this relationship was a friendship with him. Despite all the negative character traits he displayed, he is a warm, caring, great lover and friend. So I stop running and allowed this confusing relationship to take its course. Oh we have had are knocked down dragged out arguments and sometimes I still feel as if he is not being truly honest with me, but I have learned how to allow him to come to me and not the other way around. Although, I demand my respect, I also know that he demands his as well, and I give it to him. Sag men are mysterious creatures that need a lot of space and time. If you put too many demands on them, they will run for the border, but If you allow them to be their selves you will find they are respective and will begin to open up to you. Because I am able not to hold grudges, are friendship has blossomed into something I would not have imagined. My advice to any women dealing with a sag man is not to expect more than what he is willing to give you, if you can’t handle this you should not be with these men. However, if you are the type of women that is not insured, needy, or clingy then you will get along with the sag man. I don’t know where this relationship will take us, but what I have learned from this relationship is, if you find a friend, you must accept them for who they are not what you want them to be. Also, they are not people who display a high quality of affection, not right away and if they do don’t fall for that, that is just their way of getting in your head. You must me a strong minded individual who know who you are and what you want out of this relationship. They will play mind games with you, but don’t fall for that either that is their defense magnesium to keep people at bay and a sense of control on their part (they are control freaks at least mine is). Although, he is a big liar (which I have mastered how to detect when he is lying, pay attention ladies he will reveal his self to you) he has a problem with me being dishonest; go figure. In conclusion people are people no matter what their sign is, you have to figure out what you can and cannot deal with. Like the old saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen and these relationships with sag men can get quite heated good and bad. Be yourself not who he want you to be, stand your ground and have respect for yourself if you don’t he will run all over you. Try to form a friendship with him not a committed relationship, mine is not the type to commit easily, maybe because he is a wanderer or maybe because his feelings run really deep and he doesn’t understand how to control them. Either way, if you don’t understand this you will get hurt in the process.

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  30. Barbarella.Docella September 12th, 2012

    I’m a gem girl and im with a sag guy.. It’s true I have a creative mind and I like to sketch drawings at times and build random things I know the sag guy loves me a lot but he does t seem say it much he shows it he does but I one time lost track of his interesgrand was seeing a scorpion guy until the sag guy found out I was seeing another he started to say and show soooo much that he wanted me bad so I let lent him another chance coz I do love him but he does seem to push it sometimes… 

  31. bloblo August 25th, 2011

    Yes, you can definitely afford to lose her. 🙂

    More always comes. I am sure of it.

  32. ahbai August 12th, 2011

    hi, i am a sag.. am really in love with this gemini lady but he seem to change from time to time.. I kno she love me too but i think she find it difficult to trust me . probably because we stay very far apart.
    Please tell me what i need to do to win her over.. i can afford to loss her….

  33. Regina December 21st, 2010

    I’m a gemini dating a sag guy. We Met on Myyearbook. he clicked to blind date me and being myself and going with the flow I accepted after that i messaged him and he replied back. we did not talk to much and rarely got on so he asked for my number, i accepted after a long while and the first time we talked on the phone we hit it off really really first. we found out that we had soo much in common it was funny. we talked for 5days and felt as if we know each other. he lives in Bedford while i live in Bloomington so we try to work things out although we miss each other dearly. when we see each other its like we never even been away from the other, because we talk on the phone for hours and hours to and see the other once, twice, or three times a week. when we do see each other we work on the physical part of our relationship which is hott..:). we have been dating for 2 months and a few days. I usually start the fights(which are kind of little) and he does not even really argue back but try to reason which gets on my nervous because i love fights because you make up after. i don’t like to be tied down and neither does he and we came in this relationship wanting it to be a short fling, but we’ve some how fallen for each other. we say we love you,but we understand that its not in love or whatever and we want things to go slow and build the real love together:). This has been my longest relationship because i havent been bored yet. i dont want to be tied down yet since were only juniors in H.S but he might be the one that could do that. ive had my fun(not sexually, because im a virgin and so is he:) with guys so i would be okay with it. i guess we will see..

  34. anna December 20th, 2010

    Im a Gemini was merried to sag man for almost 2 years. We’ve been together for 8 years and by the time we got merried it was no love left. He was very good at the beginning, but as soon as we got to that comfort zone, everything started falling apart. Ive noticed they are pretty honest, but could be very good liers too. He cheated, complained about his lost freedom etc… Now hapily divorced, and still working together and i can call him my friend most of the time. I think they are not family orientated people,they are so scared to loose their freedom that its not even funny. I also noticed, they are not supportive at hard times, very inreliable, lazy, and commitment freaks.

  35. Phoria November 6th, 2010

    I am a gemini woman dating a sagittarius man. He is a huge conversationalist and I’m a big listener. We can go for hours just talking about anything. I do believe that the both of us are two very outgoing people and to be honest, it might either make or break it. We’ve got too much things in common in the sense of loving life, being happy people, being funny, having fun, being free-spirited people and being ourselves.

  36. Millie October 13th, 2010

    I am a gemini woman and I am dating a sag man. I can see some truth in the relationship description We clearly have chemistry, Never stop talking, always an agenda. I can see how a gemini woman could see that sag man as elusive or maybe even cold at times He clearly needs his freedom without the whole inquisition he is a complex sign. If you want it to work gemini ladies your going to have be very patient and listen before you assume. Once he is yours I think your going to find that he’s a great catch but it will take some un gemini skills to win him over be patient. Be funny and be loyal and grounded to a degree.

  37. v October 8th, 2010

    Im a gemini women and dating a sag man I really like him not so much love jus yet. but we always argue it seems as if he is never satisfied Im so sick of it. but at the same time he has some type of hold on me i dig him alot jus hope we can learn to get along better. I jus had to learn to just be quiet sometimes cuz i always have something to say

  38. latijera September 25th, 2010

    im a gemini girl and ive dated a sagittarius guy…we fell for eachother quick. i tried to make him mines but i soon found out that he doesnt like to be tied down. he really hurt me bad, i was always crying because this was a guy i ACTUALLY wantd to be faithful to. there was never a boring moment. and i still love him..time has passed now im getting to know another sagittarius guy. what do i do so we can work?

  39. stu August 2nd, 2010

    im dating a sag man and im a gemini, we never seem to agree on a same thing but we really love each other

  40. karma March 10th, 2010

    i am dating an older gemini woman 5 years my age and this is true.. you got to really work for it.. once u understand her and know her.. its like passing by oceans and seas..

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