Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man have great compatibility due to their shared goals, ambitions, and love for independence.
  • Yes, their sexual bond is strong, exciting, and never boring.
  • Sagittarius woman can attract Aquarius man by being honest, independent, and having a thirst for knowledge.
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Sagittarius and Aquarius give an opportunity to each other to grow. Their relationship has much potential to work well. Both of them are moving forward, disinclined to stifle one another or fall into the ruts that many couples do, and this basic compatibility is most likely to lay the ground for an exciting relationship.

An Aquarius man has a way of deriving to a conclusion or goal he desires. To most he may seem nonsensical; however, his mind is of a genius status and has a unique way of getting to his success and achieves whatever he wants. He is a bit moody but generally one can find him calm, generous, affectionate and full of good and quality humor. Befriend this person and one can have a loyal friend for life. He never lies to his dear ones and always keeps his promises. His words are as true as the sky is blue.

A Sagittarius woman has many friends and is quite modest as well as honest. She may come across as too honest at times, and her words may hurt but she doesn’t mean to do so. Sagittarius female feels with truth comes honesty and to not let such things be known is just not right. This woman trusts others quite easily however in opening herself up to them and talking away until they know just about everything about her. When Sagittarius woman falls in love, her man can rest assured she will give the best of her attention and affection to him.

Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man have a great relationship most of the time. In the honest and truthful matters of life, they both are very similar. He adores her for this quality and is mesmerized at her drive for reaching goals she may have in her life. He sees her as a strong and independent woman. They agree on very much the same things and both seek the reality of things. He may realize what makes up reality over dreams before she does and this astounds her. There is always a blaze in their relationship which keeps up the warmth. But sometimes Aquarius man may find his Sagittarius lady much involved in her friends and adventures then their relation and this can give him lip lashes. This can be resolved by a little act of patient approach towards her rather than complaining.

Aquarius man brings a lot of newness to the life of his Sagittarius lady. She is more than likely to learn so much more from him than she could by asking questions to anyone else. Their conversation flows like water and they connect on so many levels. They learn that they connect the way perfect lovers or true and wonderful friends connect. This kind of a bond is very rare. Given everything between Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman, this bond that is formed remains strong and unbreakable as long as there is good communication between them as well as the ability to let each other go as they feel the need to find their independence. However, there are times when Aquarius man may seem too detached and cold to Sagittarius woman and she may feel left alone. In such situations she should move out for sometime and give him sometime to recover.

Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise and the amazement of the Gods which evolves the souls of Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman so beautifully that they fall deeper in love with every passing day. Love is always bestowed as a gift by both of them to each other freely, willingly and without expectations and that is what makes it wonderful. Their bond is such an enchanted one which shares feelings and madness at the same level to make them feel accepted in all dimensions by each other. Mysticism between the Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman binding them with a shimmering thread of love connecting their souls make them a true mate for each other. Their colored wishes and dreams bring vibration to their relationship which is both consuming and exciting for ever.

The sexual bond between Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman is wonderful and very strong. They never grow tired of one another nor does their intimacy becomes boring. Aquarius man sees an amazing woman in his Sagittarius female and they arouse and stimulate each other just about every time they come together whether it is on an intellectually mental level, a physical and steamy level or on a close and cuddly emotional level. It may not be Aquarius man’s initial concept of things, but if a sexual thought were to be ‘planted’ in his mind, he picks it up and runs with it. He makes it the most amazing concept ever to be brought to his attention. This is what Sagittarius woman does to him. She is an amazing creature and he is proud to have her in his arms. She can get completely turned off by boring lovemaking and bad ideas and Aquarius man is not the lover that can ever let this happen. One moment he brings her to tears of love with his tender kisses and whispers of love. The next moment he can have her tearing up with laughter as he shows his clumsy and silly antics toward her.

Although this relationship seems to be made in heaven, it is not without a few bad sides, just something that they should keep an eye on from time to time. Sagittarius woman may tend to be overly impulsive and inconsiderate which irritates an unforgiving Aquarius man. Tempers, flairs and since they can both be quite stubborn, this is something that has to be compromised and worked out if surfaced especially if betrayal is a card that is played. As long as they communicate well with each other, they continue to be dependent on each other in all the right areas and will not have to worry about drifting apart. Sometimes when a wedge is hammered into place between these two love birds, it is too late before at least one wakes up and realizes just how far apart they grew. The magic and connection that is to be had in this relationship is quite rare and should be exuberantly embraced and cherished.

Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Satisfactory
Ask Oracle Rating: Satisfactory
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Saggiiii December 10th, 2022

    Do you guys think an aquarius man is mature enough to date someone younger than him??

  2. Ninaj June 10th, 2022

    I’m a Sagittarius woman I met a Aquarius man recently. Until 2 weeks ago I never experienced a Aquarius man. I find myself very intrigued with him. Right now we are like only having sex which I never wanted it to be like this it just happened. We had a talk about it today you know about the whole having sex thing. I basically told him Im ready to settle down with somebody and not just have casual sex anymore because Im moving past that phase. He told me while Im waiting to be with someone i should be with him until then. I proceeded to ask what will happen to us if I ended up finding someone else. In my head I was thinking what if I don’t wanna be with anyone else if we keep going down this road what if I catch feelings. He said I would still be friends with you and would want you to do my hair lol. I laughed it off because I didn’t understand how that would be possible he said because Im a Aquarius. The problem is I already find myself catching feelings. I think he’s catching feelings too because when I tried to let us go he didn’t wanna let us go even though we’ve only known each other for 2 weeks. I dont know what to do honestly I know my self well enough to know this could make or break me. I remember he told me I have to let things marinate because there’s potential and I believe that so I’m gonna see where this takes me. Wish me luck.

    • Dee July 7th, 2022

      Been with 2 aquarius guys. It’s always about sex. No emotional connection or bonding. They just lack it. If you are more inclined towards having a serious and deeper connection then please move on!

      • Mono October 25th, 2022

        Im an aquarious man myself, we are really sexual in the beginning and we slow down later in the relationship so if you dont enjoy sex in the beginning there wont be much hope. We like to take our time getting to know the person we want to settle with so if one is not a fun person who likes to say yes most of the times and a person that likes to go with the flow it will turn off an aquarious man. Once the aquarious man is.sure you are the one, he will be with you forever.

    • DeAsia July 15th, 2022

      This is my story, time frame and all!! He is amazing!! The o lu diff is… I’m the only that is holding back. He ready to go… Im afraid of loosing control or in better words trusting another person with my LIFE!! BUT this passage and your comment confirms some stuff… Wish you nothing but the best boo!!! Lets love and be loved the right way!!! I like ur comment as well just not showing for some reason.

    • Briana September 30th, 2022

      If you stopped having sex with him do you feel like you would still have feelings for him? Or do you think he would still want to be friends with you? Ask him. Take sex off the table and go from there. Keep your options open sis.

    • V October 4th, 2022

      Good luck and true love in your way.❤️😇

    • Lyn t April 2nd, 2023


      I am Sagittarius woman dating a aqua man
      In time times this get smother in relationship it’s based more on freedom and trust with each other there would bit of jealous tendencies at times tho both sign also have trust issues but Sagittarius needs to show true face 🤣🤣

  3. Tierri June 1st, 2022

    I’m a saggi woman and met my partner while he was carrying out some building work on my parents house. This was 2 years ago and he was in a relationship while I was single. Last year, he contacted me out of the blue and we’ve been together ever since. He is kind, caring and loves me – it almost feels too good to be true. He proposed to me last Sept and we are planning our wedding.

  4. Kelli November 22nd, 2021

    I am a Sagittarius woman who just married her Aquarius soulmate after 10 years of exciting, nurturing and completely never ending love. I love him more today than I did 10 years ago and I will more 10 years from now… ugh my prince actual charming!!!!!

  5. Palesa Selahla November 14th, 2021

    Oh my God, I’m a Sag woman, I met my boyfriend online and we haven’t met as well, how weird is this? But he’s everything and more I have ever asked for in a men, we meeting next week, I hope you have enjoyed meeting your man or will love him such day when you get to meet.

  6. TinaS August 9th, 2021

    I am sag who has met an Aquarius guy from a dating app, we haven’t met in person as yet but we talk otp very often… This guy has made me feel so secured and good and its only has been a couple weeks . It almost feels to good to be true! I’m excited to meet him. I hope everything goes well.

    • Palesa Selahla November 14th, 2021

      Oh my God, I’m a Sag woman, I met my boyfriend online and we haven’t met as well, how weird is this? But he’s everything and more I have ever asked for in a men, we meeting next week, I hope you have enjoyed meeting your man or will love him such day when you get to meet.

  7. Queen April 20th, 2021

    So I just moved back home in July since then my child’s father who is an Aquarius have been hooking up. I’m crazy about him but we have both agreed that we enjoy what we’re doing right now, which is only having sex but at the same time so much more is involved. I care about him deeply and has told him this. Sometimes we clash and it’s really no big deal bc I always let him have his space but it’s the ghosting at times for me that turns me off and I’m not really understanding this. A part of me wants to believe it’s bc he really likes me and doesn’t want to get attached but another part of me believes bc he’s out testing the water. Should I fall back or just let things go with the flow?

    • Sinoun July 4th, 2021

      Fall back queen 👑 they say if you ignore an Aquarius ♒️ they come running 🏃 I was with an Aquarius man for 6 years and when you ignore them or get attention elsewhere they apply pressure! If you give him time and he doesn’t apply pressure then let him go!

      • Aquariusman October 6th, 2021

        🤣 why are you exposing us.

      • Brian February 17th, 2022

        As a Aquarius man, getting attention elsewhere is the worst possible thing to do. The trust that is lost will not return.

    • Eric November 19th, 2021

      Im an Aquarius male, relax on the freak out. Get out of your head and stop making up reasons or excuses as to why he’s distant or that you did something. It’s what we do.

      We need time to think at the larger picture and how we fit into your world. He’s thinking contingencies in the far future, making sure he can be a provider. If that means more schooling, job change, relocation, risk of his job. He’s so far ahead of you, he’s thinking if he would be hurt how can he provide for you and the kids! You aren’t really dating yet…you are just screwing around. So you can see that his mind mysteriously works especially if he likes you.

      The only thing you need to do is calm down-not to panic. As he hovers around you, he’s seeing how things feel as he’s weighing all the plans he’s been working on, the best thing you can do is ask 1 question- 3 words…try it about 50 different ways.

      Tell me more.

      Don’t flood him with emotions-he’ll open up in ways you never thought imaginable because inside is a mind of a genus. You can ask that question and see where it can lead you and if you are willing to live an exciting life. Be prepared to not know the next move sometimes, he’s not going to know everything but its a good guess as to whats possible !

      You’ll have to do your part too! Bring your talents, say..hey…I can do x, y, can I help. What do you need…how can WE x, y, you do that this builds trust as a team. You literally have a highly efficient super computer at your disposal which when delicately and wisely used can navigate the world with a whisper -from you.

      Coming to him and being that logical with that 1 question will ground him and take the pressure away which creates more pathways inside him rarely shown to others. Listen carefully and keep asking…tell me more.

      Don’t use it to manipulate him because if you do, he’ll catch it and set you up to teach you a lesson. Trust is a currency that takes forever to gain but lost in seconds.

      If he trusts you, he’ll move mountains. As he’s moving those mountains he’s focused so don’t get jealous because he’s busy…its for you. Reign him in and slow him down to rest but let him lose. He needs that caregiver in his partner so he doesnt blow a gasket by working too much. Remind him of the goals shared and how the progress is in that moment. Remember, his mind is wayyyy out in space so he’ll forget about today or this weekend’s game unless YOU help keep him grounded to Mother Earth and get him back home to reality.

      When he’s home let him process- its healing, he’s healing himself before he comes to you. He’ll cocoon for a bit then he’ll emerge..when he does-put a cold beer in his hands and know that NOW he’s ready for current events, focused on you and starting to plan based on what you say the need are etc, etc.

      Its not hard if you understand traditional roles, he is a natural provider. If you want to be a stay at home mom, raise your kids, create a safe home – he’ll exceed your wildest dreams. Don’t lie, cheat or steal because he expects that from you- and he knows its expected from him without question. If you have trust issues either get over it or get it fixed, now. Theres no time for that BS, thats petty. Mouthbreathers do that…stupid people do that.

      If you want drama, go get a school girl outfit and be the submissive (Sagittarius women are natural submissives) …aquarian males are natural dominants. You can help him discover what he already knows but is afraid to try…just go slow and easy, you know he won’t hurt you.. (50 shades of grey) Good luck and have fun!

      • Dora June 14th, 2022

        Eric…. you said everything that is perfectly fit for a guy who is my friend!! I am a Sag and we have been friends for many years. I feel something deeper but OH Boy…… It’s just so difficult to figure him out.Sometimes I feel he likes me to, but then I can’t figure it out if I am just one of his ” Dude”! :)) I am already so patient! I like your advice!! Every word of it is sooooooo true!!!

  8. MiMa December 28th, 2020

    My dude a Aquarius he a ass. He always trynna tell me what to do and who to talk to. He try and act like he all careless but whole time he a clown for me and don’t wanna admit that the whole reason he don’t want me
    To talk to certain people is because he know how raw I am in real life. If he could be honest about his feelings sometimes I think we would be better…

    • Mystic Rain April 2nd, 2021

      This right here made me 🤣🤣👍

    • Melanie April 5th, 2021

      He’ll come around aquarius has hard time trusting and showing emotion they show more through actions if you’re patient it is well worth it on the end. We both had to make adjustments which was definitely hard on us but just proved how much we don’t wanna lose eachother communication is key and space is key

  9. Tammy December 24th, 2020

    I always thought astrology was a bunch of nonsense but the general descriptions are so on point. I’m a sag, married 30+ problem filled years to a controlling, dogmatic scorpio. I have/had a 20+ year online (mostly) long distance relationship with an aquarius that has never been sexual because that would be wrong. I broke off this relationship because an emotional affair is also wrong even though he’s my best friend and more. There must be something to this astrology stuff. The descriptions are uncanny.

  10. jovani December 9th, 2020

    Me as being a Aquarius man and talking to a sagittarius women it goes off pretty well i can get upset over dumb things and over think almost all the time but me and her always can fix things she is really nice to me and can always me make smile i love her sm i think i just feel like she gives a lot more attention to other people in her life but i have learned to be patient with her and keep it her way because that is what works the best because i don’t like getting mad and i much rather keep her happy then anything else and by the way she talks to me it shows how much she loves me i can’t see her because her mom doesn’t want me to see her for no reason at all which is what i don’t get but the overall she has told me i have made her happier than anyone else and that the only reason she has a different way of showing her love is because she has never had a person that’s made her feel so special honestly ive been in quite a few relationships and the vibe of this love feels better then others it seems like she can deal with my bs better than any other girl and end up giving a chance instead of being with some else but she has already made that mistake once and im pretty sure she knows that i love her more than anyone else just hope everything ends up going north than south

  11. Shan October 14th, 2020

    I’m a saggy, and my Aquarius guy I was attached to within the first week. Everything was strong; conversation, sex, even when I left him I still felt secure about myself. It took little time for me to understand how he works Aswell he acts out what I’m thinking and when that happened I was surprise but at the same time fell in love straight away. We have been on and off but we on now seeing how it goes. Always on good terms aswell. Any advice for the future ..

    • brainpower October 17th, 2020

      Just schedule an appropriate time for us to discuss proper on chatting about Aquarius and Sagittarius lovers.

  12. Mohit Paul September 30th, 2020

    I’m a Aquarius man and I fell in love with an Sagittarius woman and its a kind of arrange marriage setup. But I promise this is the best relationship energy & positivity I ever had in my life. She is so fun loving & jolly. she gives me time which i missed in past relationships. She valued me & I valued her too. we always want to talk & discuss about each, everything about us & never get bored off. I always tried to learn more about her & want to know all details of her. I am a kind of very romantic & love express type of person but she is different from it. Sometimes i do not get a response which i want to listen in terms of words. But i never get hurt due to this , Thats the thing which give me positivity towards her. We are same type of personalities. She is great & we will marry soon 🙂

  13. Dionna McCottrell September 23rd, 2020

    I met my Aquarius man a month ago & after a week of knowing I felt connected to him & we haven’t even seen each other . But finally once I went to see him it was the BEST FEELING I ever had . The sparks the vibe the feeling was amazing like how can someone make you feel this way . He fine as hell tall & most of all INTO ME & Only me . One thing though he does ignore certain things in a conversation.. which I find weird but other than that HE IS GREAT ‼️ & we even talked about marriage 😭 I would never especially how I am with people but HIM 🥴 he just make me feel great full to have met him 🤍❤️

  14. Damieon September 5th, 2020

    I love sagittarius women being an Aquarius man, the only downfall is i seem to attract the over impulsive stubborn ones because of thier past experiences with the wrong men, star sign etr. It is irrational behaviour and sometimes overwhelming. Like they have forgot what they are and thier evolving seems to slip backwards.
    I always learn by peoples traits, starsigns only to match myself with them. I truly believe the reason for so many failed marragies, relationships happen because of failure to understand ones identity and they look with thier eyes and not with thier minds properly.
    A past mistake dosent mean the next inline to.
    Sagittarius women seem to hold on to that past experience instead of letting go but i still love ya haha so see it as true in me x

  15. Lady G August 1st, 2020

    I’m a Sagittarius woman and I fell in love with an Aquarius Man and I promise this is the best relationship I ever had in my life he’s so passionate he Sparks my intellect I couldn’t have asked for a better lover friend I have in him I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him and I do fall in love with him every single day

    • Melanie April 5th, 2021

      Same! Definitely the BEST!

  16. Shawn July 23rd, 2020

    I have been friends with a Sagittarius woman for 10 years. I have fallen head over heels for her. I’m an Aquarius. We just connect so good on a platonic love level. I wish we could take it.

  17. Inlovesagi February 14th, 2020

    I am good friends with this aquarius guy and I do value our friendship but he sends mix signals. I’ve been his friend for 2 years and I really like him too. I believe there could be something really special but I’m going to leave the friendship behind cause my feelings clouds my judgement about him. Hes been helpful to me though.

    • Aquai April 23rd, 2020

      I hope you went for it. My girl is a Sagittarius and I’m a Aquarius she went for it and it’s been the best thing to ever happen to either one of us. We’ve had our problems but I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

      • Inlovesagi April 24th, 2020

        My aggressiveness turns him off I believe. He’s not a romantic guy at all.
        He think saying I love you once is enough. I cant seem to get close to him.

    • Reem June 20th, 2020

      Wow. Why did you choose to leave the friendship? Is it because you couldn’t stay purely as friends?

      • Inlovesagi June 20th, 2020

        We both can’t be just friends. But yes I left the friendship because he takes too long with making us official

  18. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Sagittarius are so beautiful and their hearts are wild!
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for Sagittarius:
    I hope it helps.

  19. Just little ol me... January 11th, 2019

    There is no other sign not even Aries that captures my mind, heart and soul like Aquarius. Have the pleasure of 3 in my life time. Cherished is an understatement. Die and do so before him. Very safe.

  20. Sdu July 8th, 2018

    I only went on one date with an Aquarius man. We met online and clicked right away. I know that we are going to be together for a long time, once he lets his guard down. I am a little guarded as well so getting to know him is awesome.

  21. Trad Jeffertsen June 12th, 2018

    Like some stupid planets are gonna tell Trad how to feel. Get lost ya jabronies!

  22. victoria March 9th, 2018

    Am a sag..I luv my Aquarius man so much his just as described..reli a match made in heaven

  23. kayla December 29th, 2017

    i just met an aquariys man and boy what a match. i had to look up the signs…its crazy how this article is so accurate

  24. Nokwazi November 29th, 2017

    I think it has been a week or so… I love My Auq man i can’t even imagine my life without him. Am a happy soul,we click

  25. Jay November 5th, 2017

    I am Aquarius single male nyc area. I am curious about a relationship with a Sagittarius woman.

    • Bill November 26th, 2017

      Dude! I married my Sagittarius after a week, four years ago. Find one! Still can’t remember if the first date ever ended.

    • Rose December 2nd, 2017

      Hey) I’m Sagittarius Woman 😉

      • peter October 6th, 2018

        Am aquarius man

    • Julie November 28th, 2018

      Sagittarius woman…but near Dallas. We are fun, light-hearted and affectionate. You are missing out!

  26. Katie Nightengale September 17th, 2017

    I’m a sag female been with my Aquarius man for almost five wonderful fun fillers years and hopefully many many more we click like no other guy I’ve ever dated!! Love my aqua <3

  27. Bernardino Realino September 4th, 2017

    I’m Aquarius Man…
    I’d really really seriously for goin into a relationship with Sagittarius Woman…
    Im looking for “The Sagittarian Woman” was born at December 04…

    Is there any of you was born at December 04?

    • Alisha Garraway September 7th, 2017

      why does she have to be born on december 4th? Is it a magical number? I’m a Sag . Nov 29th

      • Jay November 6th, 2017

        Hey, Alisha I am curious about a relationship with a Sagittarius. Feb 5th. Aquarius. I don’t really believe in these horoscopes. I think it about a person experience and how they are brought up.

      • Raymond July 27th, 2020

        He probably looking for a particular Sagittarian best known to him. But I’m Aquarian lover too looking for a Sagittarian lady between 20-35 years maximum. Let’s talk maybe we can get along

    • Fleur October 28th, 2017

      Bernardino Realino, I am a Sag woman who’s born on the exact same day : December 4th :p

      Would love to hear your questions x

    • Angel May 25th, 2018

      Yes Me. My birthday is December 4th 😊

      • peter October 6th, 2018

        Nice to meet you am Aquarius man

  28. Mysa August 14th, 2017

    I was fall in love with Aquarius guy 3 months ago… he is gorgeous i love him so much and i feel we are very compatible.

  29. Miyaa July 20th, 2017

    I understand what being a fire sign mean , because , everytime I think of my Aquarius friend I get a strong feeling of fire igniting for his love and hes so beautiful . I’m secretly in love with him . I think he feels the same he told me “he misses TF out off me ” just love him so much !

  30. sudu May 21st, 2017

    i am in love with a aqua guy since last one month…. and he is amazing!!!

  31. Rebecca vosper April 5th, 2017

    I’m a Sagittarius woman,

    My partner and I are actually 7 years apart, me being 22 and he being 29, we share an incredible relationship together, one in in both our opinion will last the test of time.

    We started talking on tinder (don’t laugh haha) and that very quickly (one week) turned into texting. Before meeting we already had an amazing bond just over text/calls… before we met we spent hour and hours talking on the phone at a time and never ran out of things to talk about. It was like we have everything in common.

    When we finally met he and I could not stop talking to each other and were instantly drawn to each other, his intelligence made his sarcastic side so much more entertaining and it really matched my quick witted humour, it was so refreshing.

    The sex left me speechless…. like there was no way I was letting any other person on the planet have him but me.
    So passionate, kinky, funny, and everything you want it to be, and we never get tired or bored, nor can we keep our hands of each other.

    I honestly can say that my Aquarius man has my heart, my head, and fingers crossed one day my hand, and I hope that anyone that gets the opportunity like I have takes it for the full ride because it’s amazing..

  32. Sexy S March 17th, 2017

    I am a Sagittarius woman and was with my Aqua man for 2 years. I was his first Everything, which I believe is why he was so awkward in our relationship.
    He is sexy as hell, but awkward to death. It made me laugh at times.
    The point is that we are the same age (mid-twenties), I helped him open up A LOT and he taught me some patience, but I have way more responsibilities to worry about, especially now. It was taking him forever just to open up. It was painful, because I wanted more.
    Unfortunately my patience is not great. I have goals, he has goals, but I move fast, he moves slow. As far as maturity goes, I feel I am on a much higher plane than he is. I have to admit, I really think we are meant to be together.
    It felt like he was my other half. Past relationships turned my heart into ice, so while opening up my Aqua, I just felt more “independent,” because in a way it just felt like an extra “responsibility.”
    I distanced myself and he chased me, which only led to more heartaches and way more sex, which only became even more ADDICTIVE.
    So I finally found the strength to end it completely. We no longer have contact (because of me). I still love him, but I just want these feelings to fade away. I don’t believe he even knows how sad I am but this one right here shattered whatever was left of my already broken heart.

    • Syed R. Hasnain April 4th, 2017

      Dear Lady,

      Aqua men tries to put others a good space and comfort even more than to themselves. If he was slow then it was also due to firmly maintaining of that relationship, Also Aquarius holds a little fear of speed & disturbance occurred due to fast life. So i think you can consider again regarding of your relationship with that Aqua guy.

      • Sexy S May 1st, 2017

        Thank you. I LOVE Aqua men.
        **I tried again after this post but he’s with a different crowd now and disrespectful.
        We’re both 24 and I helped him “come up.”
        I always get the “projects.”
        Now another 24yrs AQUA guy likes me. Has !EVERYTHING! GOING FOR HIMSELF, but I’m avoiding him. The Irony!

      • Sexy S August 12th, 2017

        My Aqua man came back; stronger than ever. He tried for 2 months to fully win me back and I’m glad we are back together. He’s still annoying but MOSTLY in a cute way. We’re more closer than before, and communication and understanding has improved a lot, and still improving. Happy!

      • Syed R. Hasnain September 19th, 2017

        Dear Ms. Sexy S:

        Its awesome..Enjoy Life 😉

      • Sexy S October 5th, 2017


    • R. July 13th, 2017

      Why don’t you get back in touch with him? He might be your soulmate.

    • Kyla August 22nd, 2017

      So wait, why did you dump him?

      • Sexy S October 5th, 2017

        It took him 2 years to finally pass all the awkwardness and fully open up to me.
        I believed he would sooner or later but 2 years, Damn!
        After I reached my official breaking point was when he came back like a brand new man.
        He gave me his heart & soul in the beginning, now finally he gave me his mind. Which is what I was waiting for!
        The relationship is a LOT smoother and understanding now.

      • Sexy S October 5th, 2017

        “Aquarius man may seem too detached and cold to Sagittarius woman and she may feel left alone. In such situations she should move out for sometime and give him sometime to recover.”
        Basically something similar to that- But I wasn’t going to put up with it much longer. All or nothing!

    • Melanie April 5th, 2021

      Maybe just wrong timing I wouldn’t give up but also don’t rush you’ll know when you’re ready if you do get there

  33. Syed R. Hasnain January 27th, 2017

    I am an Aquarius and have a chance to communicate with a Sagittarius female, she was colleague actually but far away from my hometown, just employee of the same organization.I communicated with her on phone, a little time on what’sapp. but my perception is that i can’t judge her, She doesn’t tell me about her surroundings, till the time of only 3 months, she want me to tolerate her arrogance & ego without any reason,as always i was the one to message her or call her, but no response was made. after a week or two, suddenly she texted me that “what sup” without any linkage to our non concluded conversation in the past, when i told her to text me at the exact time of conversation, then she became rude and text me that she don’t want to talk, I call her also, but no response. She didn’t admit the fact that her un necassary ego has taken up the matter to this extant.I also text her last time, but she responded very rudely, and the relation last only 3 months hardly, I really didn’t understand the personality and also that what she exactly wants from me. also it is a problem for an Aquarius that he can tolerate somebody’s vanity, ego and arrogance at a certain level, so i had tolerated to a certain level, after that i had done.

    • Sexy S October 5th, 2017

      Yeah move on. She’s probably not interested in nothing serious with you. I agree our attitudes our a problem sometimes🔥🔥🔥

  34. Grim Reaper January 20th, 2017

    The most beautiful Woman in the world is my Sag Rab. I am an Aquarius Sheep and we are truly one and the same. She is my heart and soul, and our love is one that will burn eternally.

  35. truesaglady February 8th, 2016

    I\’m a Sagittarius woman and I feel so deep in love with a Aqua man we have been broken up for 6 months and I still cry every night for him. We still keep in contact and are still intimate we can\’t stop having sex. Moving on from him is the hardest thing I\’m am so stressed out an depressed over this. I\’ve never felt like this for anyone in my life

    • Bernardino Realino September 4th, 2017

      I’m Aquarius Man (born January 21).

      Me too…

      I’m so really Miss “My Sagittarius Woman”…

      It’s so deeply inside too in My Life…

    • ms.tranishaking December 10th, 2020

      Same here its been 9 years and I ve moved on but still can t stop being depressed oh but no sex or contact. We rekindled about 2 years ago and never let him come over so he stop calling and I grew sadder.

  36. Zee143 January 9th, 2016

    My baby father is aqua and is a bastard.For the past 6 months I have had a secrete admirer (aqua man) and he has been bothering me so much one day when I was depressed I walked into him and he got to speak to me properly for the very first time. He is Godly and a high believer in the Higher being I am not sure if I should persue this relationship as I have just quit another with a very jealous Taurus man. I just can’t stop myself in thinking about him , its as if we are connected in spirit, I enjoyed kissing him and yes he is very romantic and attractive but he just says lets take our time and there is no rush because you belong to me and I know you will be mine forever . And he says don’t ever deny me your body when we get together. Since our first meeting I cannot stop myself thinking about him…. so scared and confused .

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  38. […] Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility … – Sagittarius and Aquarius give an opportunity to each other to grow. Their relationship has much potential to work well. Both of them are moving forward, disinclined … […]

  39. sagluvaqu March 6th, 2015

    @juliasag omg it seems like we dated the same exact Devil but the only thing I did was marry him and even had a child for him.The worse mistake of my life.I love that man more then I love myself and never had a connection with no one else like I’ve had with him.Its too much to type because we have been back and forward since 2000. I could write a best seller on our relationship….To sum it up When we were good we were HEAVEN but when we were bad we were HELL….We brought out the best and worse in each other.

  40. sagluvaqu March 6th, 2015

    @juliasag this is exactly how I feel about my husband

  41. sagluvaqu March 6th, 2015

    @Moses Lawrence lol you Aqu men ar a mess 🙂

  42. sagluvaqu March 6th, 2015

    @SoSadgy you just descrbed my husband down to his DNA

  43. juliasag September 14th, 2014

    you just discribed my ex boyfriend i had to get 5 years restraning order on. As soon he knew I am in love with him and would do anything for him he became very physically abusive and I tried to break up with 3 times and he would not give up till get me back . I gave him last 3rd chance and wish never made that worse mistake of my life . I actually belive he is not capable of loving and caring and only loves to take and nothing in return. We moved in together and 4 weeks later I got two bank statements with $15,000 on it on some credit cards I never applied or recieved . He tried to pay me back with bad checks , after second bad check I decided to leave him and he would not let me go beat me so bad I could not get up of  the bad , he got scared he would go prison for it and kept me prisoned for 10 days waiting for my bruises to heel , he broke my loptop, took my phone from me so I would not contact to anyone , will not leave me for 5 mins , even when I needed to go to take a shower he would get in every 5 mins checking on me , broke my bathroom door , hided my car and my car and house keys . He became from most caring man I ever met to most evil abusive . And when I took him to court all he cared about furnuture I bought during while we lived together , he did not care about 5 years restraining order he just wanted all the staff I bought . Of course he lost both cases but I stil can not put together how he could love me one moment so much , the way he looked at me and none stop sex we had cause of huge chemistry to so cold and evil . It is been almost 5 months since he got 5 years restraining order but he still hoping to get me back , trying to make me jelousy dating my girlfriend , posting it for me to see it . I am getting emails from unknown addreses with love songs, lyrics , letters and I know it is from him . He also got that double personality , going from being sweetest, loving to meanest cold hearted criminal. After all he did I stil trully love him and heart broken and can not stop thinking why he had to do those awful things to me . What the hell happened to him ? I believe he was always this bad evil person and never actually loved anyone in his life besides himself . He actually really believe he stil can get me back with 5 years restraining order on him. I told him last time I was giving him last 3rd chance and if he blew it I am gone forever . He told all his family members and employes that we got married which was lies . Craziest thing that why do I stil love him after all he done to me. Most defiantly Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman has very rear connection hard to find with any other signs . Physical chemistry and attraction hard to forget , we tried and did it everywhere and everything together , stayed in the bedroom for 2 days on the weekends and when we went out did it in the car, at his friend’s house , outside . I really believed I found my soalmate till I got those bank statements and bad checks from him. I hate him very much when I am thinking of all bad things he did to me and when I am in bed at night wish he would be next to me . I was felling asleep in his arms like a baby with load noises. He could not leave me alone for an hour , was dragging me everywhere with him, acted like he was afraid to loose me. I wish I could forget about all and let him go off my mind already, it is a torture love someone so much and knowing he wants and would go back with me but myself can not allow to happen . And I did tried dated other men a lot better then him but none of them made me feel even a bit the way I felt with him. 

    • R. July 13th, 2017

      Juilasag, sounds to me as if this person has NPD. Google it. Educate yourself about it. Learn why these people do the things they do. Try RBN on reddit. But above all: break all contact. Leave him. Or else chances are he will destroy you. An NPD tried to do that to me. I know what I’m talking about. Luckily I got out on time…

  44. juliasag August 12th, 2014


  45. LostAngel99 July 20th, 2014

    Just wanted to add my experience….I’m a Sag woman in a relationship with an Aquarian Man.  We’ve been living together nearly two years. 
    My father is an Aquarian, and I developed a close, platonic relationship with another male Aquarius before getting involved with my current SO…so, I guess I knew what to expect. 
    These guys, IMO, are very quirky and they put off a very strong vibe that they take forever to act on, and THEY have to make the first move when they are darn well ready — if you make the first move on them before they give you a green light, you will blow it.  LOL. 
    My current SO were friends for a long time first, and the sparks were flying long before I finally got that first intimate kiss.  Our first real date “alone” was New Year’s Eve, and it was a semi trap in hopes I he would have to kiss me when it struck midnight…didn’t happen….we fell asleep watching movies ….in the home we now both share 😉
    He kept physically distant from me, but put out a strong vibe that he was highly attracted….it about drove me nuts.  He would openly flirt with me in public around our friends, and when I would call him on it, he would make a joke making it look like “I” was the one who was coming on to him.  I guess I provided him with some mixed messages as well, as I was nursing a painful breakup with a cheating Sag male (NEVER AGAIN) and not real sure I wanted a serious relationship…overall, this seemed to provide the right elements for the independant individuals we are to hook each other. 
    Our relationship finally crossed the line into romantic when I called his bluff and insisted we “lay our cards on the table”.  Um…once the first real kiss happened….it went into a full blown serious relationship. 
    What I love about Rob is that we are friends above anything else and he is a wonderful companion.  He lets me do my thing when I need to, gives me space when I’m in a mood.  We intellectually stimulate each other, can talk for hours, sometimes about the weirdest things.  He is highly analytical and so am I.  We are both sociable, have most of the same friends with some exception. I truly miss him when he isn’t near me…he has a calm presence about him that keeps me in check. 
    On the downside, I want to smack him sometimes when he grandstands his own self confidence…yes dear, I love you and you ARE the man….but do we have to show that to EVERYBODY??  LOL.
    This is a very different relationship for me in that its development is more slow moving, slow burning, increasing at its own little pace….but seems to keep working itself forward.
    We have wedding rings, a wedding dress and a marriage license….but haven’t made it to the alter yet…we shall see! 

    • Mak March 21st, 2017

      I love this…I’m an aqua-man..and it describes me perfectly.. see what I did there??..yea?? Watever

  46. roland1 June 14th, 2014

    No one experience is indicative of what can be expected in a relationship.  The individual signs generally have a certain foundation as to what to expect.  However, the underlying issues that predict what may or may not happen in a relationship are much more varied.  The Sun sign is the beginning point.  The more precise understanding is denoted by the more specific underpinnings of a person’s individual chart, i.e. time of birth, location of birth and so on.  Generalizations are – generally- confounding and useless.  I was raised in a family of women, father absent.  I love women, charish women and hold them in the highest esteem.  I as an Aqaurian, do not cheat, lie or present myself as someone other than who I am.  Does this mean I am without fault, of course not.  I have met a Sagittarius woman who I believe to be truly wonderful.  I enjoy her and am looking forward to getting to know her better. 

  47. roland1 June 14th, 2014
  48. SoSadgy May 14th, 2014

    One thing that is left out about aquarius man and sagitarius woman compatibility too often is this discreet tendency to compete with one another. Aquarius men are technically the universal individuals of the zodiac. They cater their ideas to everybody and this often makes them successful in the long run. Look at great aquariuses like Abraham Lincoln and Oprah–both individuals became successful because they broadened their horizons when it came to making the world a better place. Lincoln brought the emancipation for black slaves and confederate states together with the union and Oprah invited kuklUxklan members on her show to apologize to the world for their alarming comments said a while back. Anyways, aqua men have a self righteous attitude simply because they are constantly being  praised for their ambigious attitude. The good thing is sagittarius women are attracted to that because they too have a personality that is relate able to everybody. Although the sassy sadge can be a bit prejudicial, she is more a realist than an idealist. The competition is quite simple. Within  this aspect of freedom, intelligence, and maturity, the water bearer Wins because sagitarius can be quite impulsive and loose tongued. As for an aquarius who never seeks to judge anyone may become convinced he is better simply because he can manipulate persons into thinking everybody is equal and the Sagittarius who hates diplomacy and contradictory will be the first philosopher with a sociological degree to prove otherwise. 
    In my humble opinion, aquarius men are unique in their own way. Truly are sexy and it’s their careless attitudes towards sex that makes them appear so desirable. The inquisitive sagitarius is attracted to mysterious people so it makes perfect sense why she would consider the aqua men a self righteous, unjustly, mother humper whence finding out that he can only apply equality to the world–but not within his own relationships. Signing out.

  49. LeahGrace March 8th, 2014

    my experience with aqua man please be warn there are negative traits of aqua man if he has been raise without a postive male figure his potential for success will be just a dream because aquarius men sum not all will be rebellious and sometimes charming they lust and do not know the meaning of love they will charm u at first and once they got you the will want you to be the one in control and running the show they will want u to be commited to them while they have the freedom to flirt or even cheat if there caught they will lie in order not to lose you they truly want a good woman but they can be self righteous and boastful in making money or being the best at anything its an arrogant side they have they will enjoy being with there friends more than there woman because its male social gathering that boost there ego when suddenly a friend finds a true mate aquarius man will be left alone and mentally stuck wonder what happen and will have cause his own damage to his own relationship while his friends are in happy relationships ego will bring this aqua man down they stay stuck in there minds sagittarius woman love there man deeply unconditional but aqua men are blind of true until its to late when sagittarius woman walks away cause in truth she is the twin and soulmate of aquarius man on postive side if he learns to love he can be successful at anything he has to look with in and make choice with his spirit and not ego

  50. Aine1124 September 28th, 2013

    In all honesty, I don’t usually believe this stuff, but I looked it up for kicks. I almost teared up when I saw this because it described me and my boyfriend perfectly (its been six months, and I can tell that it might just last, even though we’re only high school sophmores, lol).

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  52. Dreamgirl January 22nd, 2012

    i dated an aquarius man for 6 years. we thought we were soulmates indeed. everything was extreme with us and we loved hard…he just told too many lies. i just started seeing another aquarius guy about 2 months ago and this made me hopeful but iono…im ready to let him go. i really dont feel like hes that into me although he says he wants me to stay. my best friend tells me to chill but im so over making someone a priority in my life when im not his.

  53. boo September 3rd, 2011

    i love this! just about everything is spot on. my fiance is aquarius and i am sag. we have been together for about 2 years now. at the beginning it was pretty rough. However, we are irrevocably in love. he is the love of my life, and can’t see anyone else in his place. i feel we are the closest thing to perfect. ahhh!! i just cant even put how much he means to me and how he makes me feel into words. i wish to live forever with him by my side <3

  54. TreQuez September 1st, 2011

    I think that an aquarius and sagitarius makes for a good couple,they compliment each other in ways that most couples dont.Its so cute how they finish what each other is about to say when telling a story or when they just talking to you in general conversation!Keep loving each other and stay strong my aqua and sag friends!

  55. Missnaynay1 June 19th, 2011

    Well i have been with an aquarius man for just a month. After we broke up we met again and we couldnt stop having sex with each other, but then after just knowing him for two months i got pregant with his daughter…i gave him space and we never got along with communicating the only thing we had was about sex…now he has another girl knocked up and she is due in august and he used me for money that he lied sayin he will pay it back and never did so he took money that could have went for his daughter that he is never there i moved away two hrs away cuz i had enough of it..I wish i never met an aquarius man!! made by the heavens yea rite..we were never meant to be!! He just thinks about himself and compares me to that girl who is prego with his second baby that he has known longer than me way before we met. HATE HIM AND WILL NEVER GO FOR AN AQUARIUS EVER AGAIN!!

  56. Brownie March 30th, 2011

    Yes i agree i am a Sagittaruis dating a Aquaruis man whom i love and he is sweet sometimes I wish us luck I am a keeper Aquaruis lol.

  57. Moses Lawrence January 3rd, 2011

    As an Aquarius man, I must say… yup we’re the sh*$, everyone knows it, you know it, I know it, cool, interesting, no I meant absolutely insanely amazing and exhilarating on every level imaginable with greatest sense for passion and heroism. Who could ask for more… and did I mention super intelligent, and funny, and sensitive, and completely independent. I mean I could just go on for hours here… HELLO? if you was to drop an Aquarius man in the middle of a desert with absolutely nothing around for miles, and come back ten years later, to the same spot, I guarantee they’ll be a city built in its place. But I’m not trying to brag or no but seriously out of all the beautiful/ brilliant and brilliantly crazy women I’ve dated from every sign, we do seem to get along better with the Sagittarius woman, but then again of course we’ll get turned on by two sea shells humping we’re such romantics and suckers for love. At the same time I must admit that there’s something about Sagittarius women that drive us with pure passion. All my Aquarius guys out there, don’t mess it up, she’s a keeper!!!

  58. Anitra December 12th, 2010

    wow I agree 100%

  59. Christian Petrovskaya December 6th, 2010

    I believe this completely. and yes, pizza indeed!

  60. sagi girl November 26th, 2010

    I was born on Sagittarius capricorn cusp, that is 24 dec. Recently I have befriended an aquarian guy .He keeps me confused about my status in his life. At times he makes me feel he’s really fond of me and at times ignores me. I have never chased him because I hate doing it. At times I have wanted to get rid of him because I have wanted to be on my own and he is so clingy types.And I dont let him sit on my head when I want to move around without he or anybody being around me. This guy takes this as an offence. What is going on his mind?

  61. mags November 18th, 2010

    PIZZA!!! 😀

  62. Sag Girl 2 November 6th, 2010

    I am deeply in love with a aquarius. You are right that once we are together physically, it is just amazing. He is very interesting to me, and we have a lot in common. He also is very sensitive at times, and that is very sweet.

  63. LuckySag August 12th, 2010

    This is spot on! I have been with my Aqua for 6 months, after he broke up with me 7 years ago. Back then we were together for around a couple of years. I never stopped loving him, and when I saw him again for the first time in 7 years, I saw tears in his eyes. We are now living together, It’s the best feeling being with him, and he makes me feel like the only woman in the world. This is pretty much an accurate description of our relationship – both the good and the bad!

    Good Luck with your Aquarian friendships my fellow Sag’s, I hope it all works out.

  64. Kinks69 August 5th, 2010

    This has made me VERY hopeful! I have been talking to this aquaruis guy for about 5 and a half months now, and I’m glad it says thatbwe wuld be great for eachother. All my friends notice us walking and they never lt me live down the fact that he is the one for me.
    Let’s just hope so, thanks(:

    • Melanie April 5th, 2021

      Definitely worth it I don’t have much patience but it was definitely worth the wait

  65. Sag Girl August 4th, 2010

    Thanks for this. I’ve only been talking to an Aquarius guy for a little over 5 months but I already feel it could be work… I didnt know if i was willing to work so hard to keep him, but after reading this I’m going to stick in there a little longer. Your right about the arguing and he really does make up for it when i leave him to his thought for a while. i would call it love but maybe one day…

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