Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

  1. willaimsm January 7th, 2022

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  2. Stella July 31st, 2017

    So here’s my deal..
    Two and a half years ago I met this Aquarius guy and from the first moment there was a definite mutual attraction. I am a Taurus hippie and free spirit so I pretty much stand out anywhere. He has admitted this is what mostly caught his attention. We both talked about our feelings a bit a couple of times but that was pretty much how far either of us took it. As time passed our communication became less, but the vibes never faded.
    The final straw for me was when I found out he got a girlfriend. No biggie I mean that’s life, yet he lied and denied it, then once again saying he only wanted to be with me, lied about breaking up with her more than once. After this I gave up on him. Upon asking him why much later he said because he thought I had a boyfriend, which I did not.
    So we had our first date the other day and it went really well, he even said it might just be his favourite memory. So all’s well that ends well right? Only twice in a row he flunked out on our plans after that, without even replying to my messages or bothering to cancel. So after the second time he flailed on me without even reading my message, I will beat him at his own game. I will not talk another word, in person or on the phone.
    I’m just utterly confused…what is going on??!!!

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