Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

The combination of Taurus and Aquarius has a different flavor. Taurus values constancy and dependability in relationships while Aquarius resists doing things that are tried and true. Taurus wants love life to be uncomplicated, sensual, and comfortable and Aquarius also knows how to stick with things, and avoid complications so they can actually work together.

The Aquarius man is a bright, creative thinker who has a keen insight into the way humans and the rest of the world functions. This gives him a clear perception on why things have happened historically as well as how things might unfold in the future. Though others may find his personal views outlandish but he always committed to them. He is very friendly and happy to help kind of a person. Though he may seem detached and indifferent some of the times but generally he is lovingly warm. In a relationship he always proves to be a great understanding friend with a friendly word to cheer up his lady.

A Taurus woman is a determined lady with all the worthy qualities a man looks around for in his woman. She has more moral and emotional courage than usually women have but at the same time is capable of displaying occasional fury storms and stubbornness. She always has a gracious tendency that impresses most people and makes her the perfect hostess for all occasions. In a relationship, she makes a perfectly loyal and supportive partner and her jealousy and possessiveness can be avoided in her if her man takes the time to give her to proper amount of affection and attention.

When a Taurus woman falls in love with an Aquarius man, she is not just focused on the romantic thrill of it. To her, commitment and stability are of the utmost importance, and she automatically starts thinking in terms of a lifetime together. She makes out to be a great and compassionate mate with all the qualities to take care of her man and his home. She can be funny at times and stubborn at the other but she is never an unfocused person. Her perfumes always smell exotic and her food always tastes right. She knows how to take care of her easy going Aquarius man and his stuff. She loves her home but when it comes to companionship she is a true friend who loves to chat and discover world with him. But she is stubborn and sometimes to furious to handle and he has to take care not to be argumentative or pushy with his Taurus lady.

The Aquarius man though loves to be in a relationship and he definitely admires his Taurus woman but he has a certain amount of unpredictability that makes it difficult to effectively plan for a lifetime with him. While his intentions may also be for a sustainable relationship, it is difficult for even him to know quite where he stands in a given situation. He is subject to sudden and unpredictable changes and will remain true to himself before he remains true to another. However, if there is a basis for true love and that also of Taurus female which is so pure and dedicated, this man can actually tie him up with her. He always provides a very good listener and a partner who respects his partner’s individuality and independence. An Aquarius male like other men has no ego issues and always appreciates his Taurus lady even when she is more successful than him. But he is low at expressing love and can sometimes hurt his Taurus woman with this thing.

As Taurus woman learns to accept her Aquarius man’s flighty nature and he grows a bit more stable, their love turns out to become sweeter and smoother. The air of their love has a pleasant fragrance and the soil of their blossoms up with beautiful flowers of delicacies and romance to last with every passing moment. When these two become smitten with each other, there are a lot of things that color up their lives with things they never knew. The sophisticated Taurus woman teaches him to be more sensitive and lovingly expressive while the jolly Aquarius man teaches her to be more imaginative and creative. Their love takes up lovely shapes and teaches them many lessons of life which they understand holding hands and mark them as cherish able memories of their relationship. Everything is possible when true love exists and this is what Taurus woman and Aquarius man’s compatibility shows!

As the earthy Taurus woman and airy Aquarius man take their relationship to the another level, their love making in the starting appears very exciting but a little less fulfilling for Taurus woman. She looks at sex as a way to express emotions that she cannot easily show in other ways, feels unsatisfied by his cool, detached approach to lovemaking. To him, engaging in sex seems more like a tool to gratify his curiosity than to satisfy any kind of emotional need. She is searching for a sturdy, steadfast companion, and needs affirmations that she is important and needed by her lover. The problem here is that he may place more importance on his friendships than a romantic relationship. But if the Taurus woman can be patient enough to wait and arouse her Aquarius man to a level of passion then he can prove to be a partner who can create an indescribable magic of oneness that turns on heart and soul and also all the physical senses of Taurus woman. She needs to pamper his testosterone, driving his competitive success, making him aroused at times to uncontrollable levels.

There are some seriously striking differences that this couple has to cope with for the duration of their relationship. Aquarius man is curious almost to a fault and wants to explore any thing and everything that is new and bizarre that comes his way. Taurus woman is turned off by being pushed out of her comfort zone, and is perfectly content experiencing the same familiar things day in and day out. He is drawn to the controversial while she much prefers the conventional. While neither of them is much for showing emotions, she secretly needs them to be nurtured, while he is perfectly content exist on the cerebral plane. There is a lot that these two can teach each other, but Taurus woman is slow to adapt and might not have the time to change before Aquarius man takes flight in a new direction.

  1. kolee June 22nd, 2023

    I’m sorry but I think your the piece of shit. She feels bad and is trying to fix things not for some fucker like you too say that. So BTW i’m not really sorry people like you are not going to find love because your immature, non understanding, rude, and by that comment probably hated by a lot of people. She came to get advice not to get a comment by a 11 year old thinking he is all that

    • kolee June 22nd, 2023

      that was for Big Balls kid

  2. Shrikant August 5th, 2022

    Hi i am a aquarius man and i have a taurus girlfriend i am very loyal to her as you want your partner aquarius to fall in love with you more and more explain him how much you love him express your feelings but dont be needy give him freedom let him do what he wants to and stay loyal to him and let him know you are loyal and give some time whenever it’s required

    • Gauri August 27th, 2023

      Hi, I am dating one aquarius man and I am a taurus woman, please quide me how can I perform the best, what does he like in routine life

    • Tauruswoman October 17th, 2023

      Are you still with your taurus gf? I am taurus and my bf is aquarius and I am having a hard time not him reciprocating my effort just because “I am this type of person”. Well neither am I, but I am adjusting for you.

  3. Stacey Long April 20th, 2022

    My boyfriend is Aquarius and I’m Taurus and I love the match. He is very affectionate and loving. He wants to make sure he is pleasing me when we are together. He is very career focused and his friends are important. When you give them their space it draws them to miss you.

    • Felicia August 17th, 2022

      Hi Stacey,

      Hope you don’t mind this question but I’m really trying to understand my current situation with my Aquarian man.

      I kinda broke his heart recently because I got scared and so now he is mad at me (which I understand). I’m completely stuck for a response that mends. Any advice?

      • shha June 22nd, 2023

        Aquarius men find it attractive when you are really… passionate about something I would show him you are sorry by not letting go maybe try leaving notes at his door. He will realize eventually you truly are sorry and will start to miss you if you cared for him enough. He just needs time to cool off. I am currently in a relationship with a male Aquarius and he always needs his own time to do what he wants. It is hard for an Aquarius to stay with the same person for two long

    • A.C. April 2nd, 2023

      I guess I gotta agree with the last line because I think it’s true. I got a bf who is an Aquarius too and in ldr. There’s a time when I was unable to message him for almost two days due to my business at work. Then I was surprised he left me some messages saying he misses me and how he loves me so much.

  4. Monica Battle April 15th, 2021

    Sounds like me and my husband perfectly we at the phase he need to be giving me more sex …

    • Mansi August 19th, 2021

      Hi. I’m about to enter into a relationship with Aquarius man. Could you please tell me some tips how to keep him happy in love life and sex life.
      I’m asking you because I’ve read so many articles and many of them say. Aquarius man and taurus woman should not marry.
      I would definitely appreciate your reply.

      • Nika January 19th, 2022

        Just give him more freedom. Do not try to tie him up. Listen him, admire his ideas, in sex you do not have to do anything.. He has imagination for both of you enough hihihi..
        I have been married with aquarius for 7 years.. There were great times, also some bad days, but I can say we match perfectly. I admire him much for smart thinking, he is very responsible person, sometime unreliable, but mostly because he lives in his high thoughts.. But I am satisfied..

  5. Star December 8th, 2020

    I just started dating one…I cheated on a Aquarius before..as a Taurus woman they are aight…I’m not like other love struck Taurus ladies..Aquarius are cool as friends, they aren’t my cup of tea like Pisces. I’m giving Aquarian men another try but I never fell in love with one. They are kinda bland if you ask me. I’m a Taurus that doesn’t like other Taurus most of the time so I can’t relate to the others that commented.

    • Big Balls January 20th, 2021

      damn u cheated, i hope u never find love piece of shit

      • Tanya Joncas February 18th, 2021

        I explain myself very poorly at times so I hope you understand it the way I try and explain it….I,myself,would think that you WOULD want this person your responding to,TO find TRUE LOVE and….. ( I cant finish the rest of the sentence but you can) Hmmm Is that mean of me to encourage someone to have a worse thought? Forgive me,God, I’m only human after all.

    • Tanya Joncas February 18th, 2021

      You CAN relate you just DONT WANT to.

    • Tanya Joncas February 18th, 2021

      Just cuz you dont like them doesn’t mean you CAN’T relate it just means you DONT want to. In all honesty and this might sound a bit rude and I truly dont mean it to be,but is there the slightest chance that your birthdate is wrong? Reason being is that you,in MY opinion only, dont seem to have “taurus” traits and maybe that’s why you dont get along with other Taurus’. Again,I’m not trying to be rude,that’s what i truly pondered after reading your statement.

    • Liz February 18th, 2021

      You are crazy!!! The world doesn’t evolve around star signs, take this stuff with a grain of salt. Lots of things make up our personalities including, life experience and up bringing.
      I was born taurus, my worse relationship was a pieces, my best an Aquarius so stop being bonkers. Star signs don’t mean anything!!!

    • B June 12th, 2022

      Girl you hit me to a tee. I cannot date other taurus and I’ve ghosted two Aquarius guys. Their personalities are boring to me but there’s some sort of magnetic attraction that keeps me coming back

  6. TarakStar August 11th, 2020

    I’ve been in love with an aquarius man since the day I first laid my eyes on him. We’ve been having an sexual relationship with each other for 2 years almost. He lives 2 hours away so we would see each other maybe one or two times a month….or maybe once every other month. As time went on I felt something new between us, like we’ve finally got a different type of comforbility with each other. Before it was hard to read him, which it still is but, now he seems to show more affection to me…he rubs my back and cuddles with me the whole night! And he’s not a huge cuddler lol. But I hate how distant he is when were not together and I can feel some type of jealousy when I post a picture but he says nothing about his feelings ever, so I dont know if he’s in love with me or what but I’m in love with this man but I’m scared he’ll never tell me his true feelings and we both move on. I’m to shy to Express my feelings to him but if neither one of us do, who will.?…I think my fear is if I tell him how I really feel about him, he wont feel the same and never talk to me.

    • Cinthia September 27th, 2020

      Aquarius men tend to not express their feelings well.
      You will never what could come of it if you dont tell him how you really feel.
      Ease into it and not just tell him but SHOW him how you feel. It doesn’t need to be sexual.

      Good luck,
      TAURUS woman in like with a AQUARIUS man

    • G January 13th, 2021

      that’s crazy. i, too have been in love with an aquarius ever since i laid my eyes on him. much like your relationship, as time went on, there was a new level of comfortability. it became easier for me to read him; he revealed more of his emotions to me. it got to the point where all he did was show me his emotions because we were so comfortable, and i loved it. he used to seem so emotionless

  7. Torre September 16th, 2019

    I’m kind of seeing a aquarius man and when I say it’s the hardest thing ever……I’m so in love with him, to the point where I cry!! I want him, this to work so bad! I just don’t know how and what to do! Im not going to give up, not until he says he’s done! I love him and I can’t understand how this happened to me!

    • Esther November 8th, 2019

      me too…i feel the same way with an aquarius man. He is actually willing to work things out and sort out differences that might arise….but i’m so scared he might feel he’s not good enough and then just end it.

      • Toni June 11th, 2020


    • Sabia January 27th, 2020

      I swear you are my twin

    • Kenz May 23rd, 2020

      Shit girl same… like exactly. Kind of seeing him, we used to be coworkers, and although his struggle of texting and overall detachment bothers me, I’ve never felt a stronger pull and connection to a person.. But he’s also always reassuring in that he’s not out to hurt or confuse me.

    • G January 13th, 2021

      me too 🙁
      i’m so in love with him to the point where i cry

    • Grass March 29th, 2023

      Brooooo why we going through the same thing !!!! I also cry at night just thinking I really want this work.

  8. Roni Villarreal September 28th, 2018

    Hi I am a Taurus Woman in love with an Aquarius man, we’ve been seeing each other for 8 years, we never ever fight or even argue. We enjoy the time we spend together and sometime the sex is great and sometimes it blah but I always make him feel like his the best. We live 3 hours away from each other. The thing that drives me nuts is that he doesn’t tell me how he really feels. He shows he when we’re togther, but I would like to hear it once in a while. I feel in my heart he’s my soul mate.

    • Dominique October 25th, 2019

      Right and same here it really frustrates me and the worse part for me is that he leaves room for other men to you know try… It’s so hard… What do we do.?

  9. ChicVagabond April 13th, 2018

    I have come into contact with my Aquarian business partner about a year ago. We had briefly met a few years prior. He noticed me. I at the time, thinking of it now, would never had imagined falling for him. He was completely out of my league. I am Taurus. He has built me up to such a level I could not have even dream of. We are both hard working but live in different continents and countries. I have fallen desperately in love with him. I would never dare say or do anything about my feelings for him however it is hard to hide it when we travel. I do suspect that another member of our board who is an old friend of his, suspects this. I sometimes believe that he might be in love with me too, though I am not sure of it. He is so different when he is around me. He has the purest laugh I have ever heard or seen. Most people who know him are quite shocked at how different he is when I am around. He is generally very stern and a no nonsense person – he is extremely successful and easily the most beautiful person I have ever met. I am no saint in business and he is fully aware of how ruthless I can be and is proud of this fact as it makes me an independent and strong woman in his eyes. I don’t think he would respect me if I were a push over. I have stood up to him in the past and this has only served to grow his respect for me.
    Honestly speaking, I know very few men who truly admire strong women and not feel intimidated by them.
    Aquarians are in a league of their own an in my case an absolute blessing. I have never been so happy before. Possessing someone is not always the ultimate goal, but should I get a chance with him, if ever that day comes, I will openly love him with every fibre of my being.

    • Mark May 26th, 2018

      As an Aquarius man I can say we are sharp with many riddles. But when a woman possesses certain things it sparks our minds. The key to a strong relationship with us is to spark our minds. We tend to seek anything that works our mind just like a body builder going to the gym to work their muscles. My advise to you is to show that confidence you showed him when you stood your ground against him in business. Show him that you want him. Don’t show him that you need him but you WANT him. The go get attitude just like how you are in business. To me that’s a huge turn on for him. On another note if you guys become a couple make it interesting switch it up keep him guessing not for your love but activities daily life. To me he seems like an indirect person like a mask,semi shy. Use expressions body language. You have to remember Aquarius men are extremely bright and think completely outside the box. We are logical beings. To get any Aquarius the key is our minds,vision.

      • ChicVagabond May 27th, 2018

        Hi Mark, thank you for replying to my post and the advice. Funny, I always try to hide the fact that I want him. I sometimes leave a room if it is just the two of us in it, all because of being afraid of betraying my feelings for him and not wanting him to see me as being vulnerable. I am going to change this.
        Just one question though, are Aquarian men prone to jealousy? From what I have read here, this appears to be a trait of Taureans.
        He drives me crazy with the relentless questions when I hire a male in any management position for our business. He gets distant and cool, the questions are relentless and he does not speak to me for a while. It leaves me confused and sometimes hurt. Hiring females is easy. No questions asked. He is his sunny self with me.
        If on the off chance that he does feel the same way about me, I don’t want him to doubt me, not my loyalty or devotion. I therefore need to learn how to handle the jealousy, if that what this is.
        Please help.

      • Felicia August 17th, 2022

        Hi Mark,

        I think I messed up with my Aquarian man and now he’s mad at me. How do I undo that? His defenses seem to be at full speed, he’s wearing a ‘mask’.. how do I get him unmad at me if he won’t speak to me? There’s so much confusion now in our communication. All I can do is post a heart on FB to express my Love and am wondering how useless that is, lol.


    • josh June 24th, 2018

      Sweetheart, you should act on that! Invite him to take a vacation with you somewhere tropical or exotic (even on a budget), where you can feast on the local cuisine together and walk around the island communities, and stay in comfort.

      As an Aquarian man, I can say that deep down I’ve felt loneliness that is very hard to express because it’s so difficult to get close with people.

      I recently ended up in the same city as a friend I was in theater with in college, she now is doing very well for a successful company in the area, and I was elated to know we could have a chance to know each other again. Taurus women almost never cross my path, but I can say their earthy beauty is utterly intoxicating.

      Good luck, stranger!

    • G January 13th, 2021

      “He is so different when he is around me. He has the purest laugh I have ever heard or seen. Most people who know him are quite shocked at how different he is when I am around. He is generally very stern…”

      this is exactly what it was like dating an aquarius. everyone said that he was so much different around me. he was happier, more talkative, and less emotionless.

  10. Jacqueline April 2nd, 2018

    I think I’m crushing on an Aquarius boy and we go to the same school now but when we go to highschool next school year we’ll be in different schools. Should I tell him how I feel or let him be?

    • zxz20030430 May 8th, 2018

      Do it! Before it’s too late! Maybe the timing has to be right. But if he rejects you, maybe you guys can be friends!

    • zxz20030430 May 8th, 2018

      Do it! Before it’s too late! Maybe you’ll have to time it right. But if he rejects you, maybe you guys can stay friends!

  11. Patricia March 16th, 2018

    I believe that I’m in love with an Aquarius man! I hear about our differences and I look forward to seeing how it all goes. I’m older then him and really being patient. I believe that I love him already because of how patient I have been and I am willing to wait because I sincerely believe that we have something special so special that neither one of us have ever experienced.

  12. D February 21st, 2018

    My, my! I’m sorry that that was your experience. But, what part did you play in it? It takes two to tango, yes?
    One thing we don’t like, us Aquarians, is a pushover. We speak our minds and care nothing of feelings (it’s actually why we also like Taureans, too – they’re blunt and straightforward).
    It sounds like you were really hurt; and if your aquarius man spoke to you in the way that you describe, your tongue was probably NOT very nice either (you Taureans are famous for being quite mean, aggressive and stubborn). Problem with that is: we’re MORE mean, we mean what we say and we’ll detach from you just as easy as it is to breathe.
    Best of luck to you.

    • Nayala March 28th, 2018

      Lol… Hmm your more mean??? Naw Taurus can be a tyrant … When we are unleashed pray for yourself..

  13. Molly February 21st, 2018

    I’ve dated a aquaria Man since summer and we recently broke up coz I’m a very proper Taurus woman and I was mood swing quite a lot since this year and the change of his job which we couldn’t see each other much and I got insure and upset, we were in love and I was very grateful that he never told me off every time I said hurtful things but I apologised the next day, until recently he mentioned something I i wasn’t ready to talk about so I stopped the conversation, he got angry this time coz he said he was so trusted in me and I hurt him, I don’t know, I mean I’ve tried so many things but he wasn’t touched anymore, I just feel like a loving caring the best kinda person like him could have gotten into a situation he doesn’t want me anymore so I guess they are pretty emotional type of guy like once you hurt them, they can’t erase and forgive easily.

  14. Siham February 16th, 2018

    I was with Aquarius before for 7 years too and it was the most wonderful relationship I ever had until now and I met couple of guys after but, nothing like that one. I loved everything thing about it, everything went so well and great I was so in love. Just recently I met Aquarius again we had a great time together I really like how they’re; their personality I’m not sure about being together but let’s see what the future holds

  15. AmberE January 19th, 2018

    I am a taurus female and i was recently dating a aquarius male, and things where great at the beginning, but he was VERY handsome so we have a hard time with other girls, and then like a couple months into the relationship he just starts lying and i would see his name under every girls likes on social media .. even his ex’s . i like to over think stuff and it makes you even crazier when you over think & your thoughts be right so yes i might have been crazy but all he did was lie the whole relationship .. but i loved him so much and i could tell that he loved me but he jusy couldnt be faithful. So we broke up and of course when us tauruses love we love HARD .. So i was hurt for a LONG time and that was it

    • Kiwi December 13th, 2020

      This same thing happened to me . He dumped me for another girl, and i don’t know what’s wrong with me that he left, he came to me, he started relationship, he made me think he loves , this thing made me fall for him, he cared for me loved me and then one day he was flirting with another girl , i asked him, but he said it wasn’t flirt, but it was so obvious that he was flirting, i left and he didn’t came back, after a month now he is with that girl he was flirting with, now she’s his gf , and he is happy with her which is killing me, why he left me when he was the one who initiated the relationship, he kept flirting with me for months telling me he loves me and then when i believed and started loving him , in two months he left me.

      • Grass March 29th, 2023

        I hope you healed my friend, but I feel you we love to hard and this is why I’m scared to be to deep to the Aquarian I’m talking too.

  16. TaurusHottie June 7th, 2017

    My Aquarius is the best gift God could have given me after my mum and sisters. He is exceptionally wonderful. I have never met a guy almost perfect and we have been together for 7years. I know marriage is on another level and i keep praying things don’t change when we eventually tie the knot. He is the most loving, caring, reliable guy ever. He always wants me to be alright and makes my happiness top priority. We have had our issues but we came out stronger and have learnt from it. A great tip 4 u Taurean beauties- Aquarius guys value their freedom and independence and even though u might be tempted to own them, let them go out and have fun. Don’t bug them with calls or texts and they will soon come running back to you. Aquarius guys can really be loyal to d ones they love.

    • 8Belles August 29th, 2017

      I would really like to talk with you. I just recently began seeing an Aquarius Man and I don’t want to push him away. In such a short time he has become a really great friend and I feel the day I met him Luck was truly on my side. He is so easy to talk to when he’s in the mood. I believe he has feelings for me but is trying to keep himself distant. I know I have feelings for him and would like a more serious relationship with him. I’m trying to be patient and let things happen but every time I think we’re making progress he pulls away. I am impressed that you have managed 7 years with an Aquarius and I would love to have a sounding board.

      • Atlas November 9th, 2017

        I’m an aquarius man and I was with a Taurus women whom was absolutely amazing. Until she wasn’t. What I can tell you about my side of the house is that we sometimes, even often times, need our partners to be very domineering. We don’t want to put in all the work. Fairness is a big part of a relationship for me. The Taurus and I had serious issues with that. I became very detatched when I wasn’t met mentally with what I needed. That detatchment drove her crazy. For us it’s all in the head, if we aren’t being met with our “quota”, for a lack of better terms, of mental stimulation we will become detatched either physically or emotionally. As with my past relationship the lack of mental stimulation was both an emotional and physical turn off. We don’t like hearing things like “I don’t know” when it comes to what you want, we expect our partners to know what they want as much as we do. As aloof and off the game board as we are we have a very concrete direction we all are headed in. We need to know if the direction our partners are headed in match. For us it truly is a matter of heart vs mind. We are constantly at war with what we want mentally and emotionally and it becomes very inconvenient for us when those two are not aligned. We will become detatched and shut down, so to speak. Communication is key when we are detatched and we respond better to a calm rational conversation than we will an argument, albeit we do love a good argument its about the time and place. Yall Taurus women tend to be too stubborn to talk rationally with. Yall get caught up in the emotional warfare and we grow more detatched when this happens.

        Our walls that we have do infact have gates, we just disguise them better than most. So if you keep chipping away it isn’t enough. You either need to locate the gate and walk in or you need to a blow a hole in it to get further in. We aren’t ones to allow others to breach those walls you have to be clever to get in. We value cleverness and it often attracts us to things and people. The clever someone is the more intelligence we find in it. The worst thing for us is when we feel we’ve learned everything there is to learn about someone or thing. We lose curiosness and thusly lose interest.

        Hope this helped!

      • jordherondavis February 14th, 2018

        It’s so weird because I can really relate to this .

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  20. TaurusGyrl September 15th, 2015

    @aamj3535 I TOTALLY agree with you! me and my aquarean man are the best together. We were both married before and since we have found each other it has been a pleasure. Best relationship I have ever been in most honest that man caters to me and vise versa…He makes sure Im happy. 

  21. aamj3535 May 20th, 2015

    I am a Taurus female dating an Aquarius man. We get along great. We never argue or fight and if we have issues we talk about them like adults. I am a jelous person but he gives me nothing to be jealous over. He considers me in everything he does. Really any relationship whatever the sign only will work out if yall learn comprise, loyalty, and to truely love. This is the best relationship and the most honest I have ever had. I cannot wait to get married..I am 36

  22. icry4uolord May 5th, 2015

    I am a Taurus woman and my DOB is 5-4.  I read so much about we bull women and I would love to tell you some things to think about for a Taurus woman. At least this one.  We do not like feeling scared. Wandering eyes is never appreciated, as tough as we may seem…it makes us afraid. We like to feel safe at all times. We like to think about things in advance.  We don’t like surprises. Surprises that we do like are flowers or something from the heart.  We love to be wooed. We love to be appreciated genuinely. When we are lied to or having to raise a fuss because we do not feel appreciated, it feels like we are being made fools of.  We are very faithful and loyal and do not expect anything less from our mates. When we decide to give someone our heart, we give everything.  Matters of the heart, family and our children are the most important things in our lives.  We love deeply and passionately.  We love with all our senses.  Not feeling appreciated or being lied to or if our mate is not attentive…we become uncomfortable.  We feel that being loved by someone should feel like we are the only person they think about other than family. We will make it our mission to show you these same qualities.  We do not ask for much…we are just unbendable in these three things.  We work and help pay the bills…we should have the same help in the house work.  We are simple people.  People will ask what we are looking for or what we want or what we don’t like.  Just listen to us.  Don’t ask if you don’t care about what we want.  Leave please.  For me…I am a peacemaker.  I spoiled and doted on my husband.  I took great pride in loving him this way.  He passed from Leukemia and I feel so lost not being a wife. 

  23. Giggles58 March 6th, 2015

    Ibe only been with my Aquarius boyfriend for 2 months but we are we are very happy. Yes there are communication issues because they show their emotions in odd ways but we know how to work on it. The fact that we were bestfriends for years before we started a relationship is what made the relationship possible. As taurus women we need to understand their independence and not take it personally… And they need to understand that we are emotional. I think the aqaurius taurus relationship is possible if the two people really know and care about eachother And are patient and willing to learn/change. 

  24. John_701 January 11th, 2015

    Aquarious is tough sign to have a relationship with period.. Their ego matches Leo’s stubbornness and its all about idealism they cling to ideal life, family, authority and become a obsessed with themselves . Aquarius will never say he is sorry ever!! To me that is a high class disorder! Lacking something are you? From my experience Aquarious is a Perverted Psychopath 100%. There was no love just complete idealism, possessiveness, and aggressive stubborness, this is right and this is wrong and and fuck you, you can be my slave if I say so.. enjoy that haha, never again, fucking loosers.

    • TAURUS October 18th, 2018

      SOOOOOO TRUE!!! Have a hard marriage with one.

  25. taurusgang78 October 31st, 2014

    @The Female Taurus
    I totally understand how you feel, but I also can understand why your single.  As humans we have flaws, and for you, the inability to check your spelling.  You can’t ask someone to be at your level, and not spell check your comments.  We all as zodiacs come with positive and negatives, to ask for perfect then you must be perfect.  Good luck!!

  26. TTDAY May 17th, 2014

    Taurus woman May5- He is February 17th I have read you all. And each one connected to each other in some way. But this love with a aquarium is the strongest one of our zodiac signs that we love in a complete complex Way. Some of us Taurus give up And some stay! But I wonder what I will be STAY OR GO? I have been with my Aquarius for 2 years now And he drive me nuts with this breaking up And getting back stuff but I’m still here And I let him know that. I tell him when I feel he is wrong he is emotionally detached but I am at times too. But we fight And make up we travel And we have the greatest times with eachother.  And I am starting to see traveling Aquarius love to do that And so do we. He opens up to me more but then he get in his moods……that’s what I call them LOL.I always wait And I talk calm to him And put him in my shoes And it makes him think of me when he do stuff that hurt me. I find myself in our arguments I’m repeating myself….. Taurus WOMAN YOU KNOW HOW WE GET WHEN WE KEEP REPEATING LOL….. despite the bad things I LOVE HIM. But then his background is slightly different from mine. HE LOVES ME I KNOW.  we have sacrifice alot for one another! But he also have people telling him things in his ear (someone who never met me) but he means slot to him but I just let go And let go because NOONE CAN BREAK UP TRUE LOVE. I WISH YOU ALL THE BLESSINGS IN THE WORLD 

  27. Lnh March 29th, 2014

    Laren on March 30, 2014 at 12:03 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

    I have been involved with a Aquarius man for almost a year and in the beginning everything was cool we only had a lite conversation while at work then after small talk after few months we exchanged numbers . And we we’re attracted to each other but kept it basic finding out little things about each other . We haven’t been on a date and when we set up something it got canceled. I started having strong feelings for him , not really knowing why maybe the attraction to his focus behavior on being successful & just how sexy he was to me , or just being comfortable around him… We quickly became sexual right off the jump staying over , I was loving the time we had together.. I quickly got jealous and quickly had to check myself because that jealousy behavior and asking him to many questions or making him feel like I’m pushy or demanding quickly pushed him away … We had are fights , we had weeks sometimes felt like months where we had backed away from each other but we always managed to get back together. Even with the leave me alone crap we said to each other.. He knows I had strong feelings for him & the complements I gave him and the hugs and kisses but he liked it at first and quickly decided no more of anything and only when he felt like it .. Being a Taurus woman that was a hard thing being so sexual and being such a touchy person love making a man feel like a man …Idk with this guy he’s not ready for me & he always says he’s worth the wait but do I wanna wait !!!

    Reply ↓


  28. Star1 December 10th, 2013

    Hello Everyone I am a Taurus woman & I can tell you that Compatibility, long term compatibility & marriage involves way more planets than just each partners sun sign. In relationships what sign your moon (rules emotions) is in, the sign your Venus (rules love) is in as well as what sign your mars(energy/sexuality) & Mercury (communication/thinking) is in are also very important. In long term relationships Saturn & Pluto are also very prominent.  You have to look at several planets to get the full picture/compatibility of a relationship. What I listed above is just a summary of  what you need to look at regarding relationships it goes even deeper than that. I have been studying hundreds of married couples and have discovered what it takes for a marriage to occur . If anyone is interested in learning if they have what it takes to marry their Taurus or Aquarian lover email me at satara.terra@gmail.com With both persons birthdate. Please include birth time for more accurate information. 
    ** please also note that even if two people have their planets aspected in a certain way that would allow a marriage to occur we all still have FREE WILL which basically mean we still all  have the power to decide not to marry even if the right conditions are met, therefore I do not guarantee  a marriage will happen ** 

  29. Shawnee May 25th, 2013

    I met my Aquarius man and married him after a 5 yr courtship.  We’ve been married 10 yrs now and couldn’t be happier.  Our friends look at us as the model couple.  We rarely argue and there is no anger in our home.  We have a mutual respect for each other and our differences and find a beautiful balance between his creativity (he’s very musical) and my tendency to be more rooted and stable.  The only thing I find that we truly have a big difference with is planning financially.  I’m a saver and planner.  He’s not.  So, our solution is that I handle all household finances.    He is my best friend and we are very compatible and passionate lovers.   He brings out my happy and “free” side and I make him more grounded.
    i love my Aquarius man!  I’m born 5/1 and he’s born 2/4.

    • Empress.Zan.Zoey July 16th, 2020

      I had an Aquarius man. Been with him almost 10 years. He was a perfect gentleman. We had a lot in common; about 95%. We used to get along quite well. We were known as “ The perfect couple”. We hardly argue and whenever we do, no one knows because we did it the right way. I never lied to him in the whole (almost 10 years), never cheated, gave him all the reasons to trust me.. I am just the wife material. I knew him like the back of my hand. I would know what to say to get him upset yet I would never say it; I was never the type to give war a room in my house.. I worked so hard to ensure that he was ok. I made the relationship very fun and all because Taurus women are very adventurous so are Aquarius. He was never short of love, hugs and kisses. We were just taking good care of each other. Relationships were not working out for people around us but we held it. We got so close that pplz eyes were on us hard. Men came and tried to get me cheat on him but I never allowed it. His ex’s came, shed tears trying to get him back but it never worked. One thing I have learned “ No matter how long the relationship is lasting, tests and temptations will come”. He was very forgiving and he never joked when it comes to apologizing. We tried hard to work around our small faults. There was this man he hang with everyday. He wanted to be with me but I told him I was already in relationship. From that, the dude never stopped until my love told me it’s over. The man he hang with was bad influence. That man knew my man and I was close yet he kept bringing his attention to other women. Ppl envied us and such. He did one and 2 wrongs but I forgave him. I made that man very happy over the years. I taught him stuffs and vice versa. I never knew the day existed when he would tell me “ it’s over”. For all that I had done for him, he really had the guts to tell me it’s over. We made wonderful memories. Sometimes things were so cool that I would ask him “ is there anything that I am doing that is making you feel ever uncomfortable?” His replies would be “ no”… I gave him no reason to leave whatsoever. When family and friends heard that we were no longer together, it hurt them more than it hurt me. I lost weight and such because of it. When I asked him why he broke off the relationship, he would get angry. I don’t know what a did to this man. Ppl started calling him a fool for leaving such a descent, neat, clever and attractive young lady. His lil bro asked y he left, he replied and said it never worked out. The bro asked me why my ex said that and I told him idk and that he wouldn’t talk to me. He then asked his brother what did he meant by it but he kept quiet. The brother then came to me and told me that his brother got quiet when he asked. I told the brother that he got quiet because there was nothing to say. When I realized the guy meant it that it’s over, I just called the relationship a day. One hand can’t clap. To me, Taurus and Aquarius goes well together. If y’all are together and there are one and two faults, try and work your way around it, they are beautiful souls and they would make gr8 husbands. As much as my Aquarius put an end to our relationship, I can say that they are good people. The men that is. We Taurus women can be stubborn at times but we are stubborn for the right reasons. I remember being stubborn to my ex one of the time because someone wanted to make him Godfather of his unborn baby. My ex was very responsible, people could depend on him. When he told me, I thought about it , looked into the whole thing and knew that my guy would not be able to manage.. I was being hard about it. I got him to turn it down tho… Little did we know that after the child was born, the baby never belonged to the man.. He told me it’s a lucky thing he’d listened to me and turned it down because his named would have been in mixup with it. We think before we act and we think ahead.

  30. tmboy97 January 4th, 2013

    I am Bull lady married to Aqua man.  We are not into Horoscope’s stuff, but Ithought it would be fun to read… Some of the stuff is dead on and some, not as much.  I would describe my Aqua man as a puppy dog wagging his tail.  He loves to please me, and I love that.  Yes, he can be distant at times… but since he is a firefighter, that works out for us, since I tend to be a introvert.  We are both in our second marriage and attempted to blend our families… but we were both the dominating forces in our prior commitments… I felt like a single mom even when I was married to my gemini previous husband, …(talk about feeling like you were going insane… )… My husband and I met years ago, and I could never forget his handsome face, big smile, blue eyes and puppy like nature.  He remembered me as “cute”… LOL.  We are a lot alike personality wise, but we tend to fight a lot… me over his communication style with me… simply because I am highly articulate to a fault…. so it bugs me when people do npot think about what or how they are saying things… and working with firemen doesn’t help, because nothing is sacred.  I am very secure in how I choose to do things with my children and since they are the younger of our 6 total… they default to me solely when we are at odds in deciding things regarding them.  I tend to be a very live and let live person, because I want that in return, so his misunderstanding of my decisions with my kids lands on my like a challenge to my “common sense” thinking… which in fact, turns out not to be common sense at all but higher, more accute thinking… being that none of his four older children have found real traction yet, and my two are both in college.. Sophomore and Freshman… BYU-Idaho and Berkeley… I tend to have evidence to show my way works… we used to argue about this a great deal, but now that they are ALL out of the house, including his adult kids…(each one lived with us once to get back on their feet)… we get along like young lovers, but with money! LOL… we travel, have great relations!! and we are the very best of friends too.  He has the ability to stretch and grow, which is rare in men his age… he gives me just about anything and everything I have ever wanted… it is crazy when I think about it… we do not see I to I on many things, but somewhere I read about compromise in this article.. and that is true…. our arguments always end in 5 different way… 1) I give in 2) he gives in 3) we simply have make up sex  4) we mutually agree to disagree and move on…or 5) we mutually give up … and seem to leave it on the page to argue about another day… this usually happens due to some interuption by an external force…. with 6 kids, 3 in-law kids, and 6 grandkids… the odds are high that we will get interupted.  Sometimes we are unhappy, but I fight for the relationship, but when I don’t, he does.  Commitment is key to two dominate personalities… but if you want to, I think you can make it.  We met when I was young, he was married and eventually I got married.. after our divorces, we dated… and we have been married 7 years.  Not long, but not short either… and neither one of us has any inclination to separate ever.  In my first marriage, I knew it was bad by the second year, but I stayed in 12 years trying to make it better… My husband knew right after the wedding it was wrong, but stayed in 18 years… so lack of endurance is NOT going to be our problem…  we are both extremely stubborn… and if I have not been clear… we are both very very in love.  Good Luck to you all…. Aqua/Bull’s out there !!

  31. Purfectjodi December 21st, 2012

    Run! Don’t be with an Aqua. I have been in a relationship with an Aqua for 12 years. We are BEST friends and I love him to death but it is a horrible union. He is very detach/ aloof & lack emotion & expressing his feelings… It’s a Taurus’ nightmare. He is great at listening to any and everything that doesn’t have to do with our relationship, hence why we are best friends. Sex is sometimes explosive because they are mostly make up sex! But still the arguing comes out of nowhere & we are lucky to go a day in pure bliss and happiness without arguing… In fact arguing is the norm and we get excited and point out days in which there were no arguments… Almost comical but it’s very miserable! Because of this I have been putting off marriage because I feel like it will turn into a divorce as I am so ready to walk away most of the time because the relationship seems so cold and WRONG. Save time, find a cancer or Capricorn we are great with them.

    • TAURUS October 18th, 2018

      I agree, do NOT move forward, you will be miserable! Been there.

  32. Taurueangirl November 11th, 2012

    I hope this response hasn’t reached you too late because I see you posted in September and a lot can change in a couple of months. But it sounds like your taurus girl has went on emotional shutdown. We taurean women do that when we feel unsure or insecure in a relationship. Remember that security is a top priority with us! I’m afraid that you may have locked yourself into the friends w/benefits category and that stubborn taurus is finding it difficult to adjust to your new relationship status. She is afraid to give you her all emotionally and needs to see how hard you will work to change that. She is testing your sincerity and endurance before she makes a commitment for the long haul. She may seem distant now, but secretly she wants you to man up and tell her this is how it’s going to be “I ain’t going nowhere!” Emotional pleas fall on deaf ears with us, so be prepared to back it up and be there for her every step of the way. Give her space when she needs it, clingy men annoy us! Being an Aqua man you understand this all too well. BUT you better be there when she needs you and I mean everytime. Good luck with your taurus girl once we make a stamp on your heart, it’s helluva hard to get us out of it….

  33. seancarter69 September 8th, 2012

    ok so Im an aqa born on the 16th of feb and shes a TA on may 18th.  reading all of this has only confused me more because the description seems opposite. weve been together for about 17 months now but only officially been in a relationship since FEB.  we were friends before then with benefits.  during that time i was the one with walls up not wanting to open up and i had trust issues but she was their and over time she ultimately showed me that she loved me she missed me she thought about me she genuwinly cared…….for some reason when i finally said let me give her a real shot and we put a title on it now SHEs distant and emotionless…..im the over emotional one and always wanting that confirmation that she loves me.  recently we discussed how she says she loves me but we havent been together long enough for her to be in love with me so now i know once again i feel for a woman more than she does for me she dosent wanna spend time together im the only one talking in our conversations….when i try to spend time with her shes resistant.  she says she has always been this way and this is her FIRST relationship on purpose.  she has 2 kids with a guy she was with for 9 years and that was an accident.  she’s not use to relationships she dosent believe in commitment unless its marriage.  im thinking this is all too much too soon for her  she def is stubborn and stuck in her ways but i dont think she could care at all about my stability or compassion for her.  its like im the woman and shes the guy….but ultimately she says she loves me she cares she thinks about me she wants the relationship to go far but if it dosent work then oh well she’ll find another.  also let me add she’s def not in my class bracket but still overall a good woman taking care if her own with a mediocer job and im not the typical thug streetboy she has been use to dating.  but im hanging in there but i think this is all backwards because i get NOTHING from her now its like she woke up one day and reralized ive gotten too close and she decided to back up a bit.  she admits its scaring her because she just isnt use to the whole relationship fiasco….im 33 shes 27 and she dosent even wanna get married until shes 30 so now i have to deal with this unstability for 3 more years…..but the sad part is i think im good for her and i know i love her and already cant see myself losing her but if i look at her actions and words NOW i dont mean shit to her like i did before we put a title on it…….im so confused taurus women help me out.

  34. prabh_kang@ymail.coM September 7th, 2012

    Hi. I am 19 years Taurus and I am in a relationship with Aquarius guy. I am really worried after reading all the qualities and characteristics b/w Tau and Aqu.
    We both are in relationship more than 1 year and just  going to marry within 2-3 months. Still we love each other alott and we can`t live without each other.
    when we started our relationship we fight alott but at the end of the day we compromise. He again send me the message” Baby!! I am sorry but i need you.” As he lives out of my country.
    But the best part is that however, being Tauran I am not stubborn. Means , I was, but now he learned me to be quiet nd compromise. I always stand with him even if he is wrong. I try to change myself for him and everything is going perfect…!! by the wishes of God!!
    I would just say that if you really loves your partner then you fight against your negatives characters and can prove to the best couples!!!
    ______ Prabh

  35. Dejavoo February 2nd, 2012

    I’m a taurus woman. I’ve dated on and off my Aqua man for many years, and after a bad break-up for many of the reasons I’ve listed below, took a 6 year hiatus, then he contacted me again, and started dating again. There are so many things I like about our friendship, and less I like about our romance.  As is typical, I’m the steady one, he’s got a new idea every day.  He is so unsettled with his job situation. He finally had some stability having his own busines for the last few years, but has had difficulty making it work…he is not very motivated.  He wants to make long-term plans, and knows he wants to end up together, but he’s all over the place with how to get there.  One day he wants ‘this career, in this area of town’, the next he wants another.  It’s getting tiring.  I just would like someone who is stable, driven (within reason), a real guy who is sure of what/who he wants.  As much fun as we have, I don’t think a real relationship will ever work, no matter how much I or he wish it could. 

  36. msjai January 10th, 2012

    Hi, I am a taurus woman 5/20 and I have just run back into an aquarius man 2/14 after 20 years. The description of an aquarius man was on the money, but now it seems that he has matured and he also acknowledged the things he should have done 20 years ago. He is giving me what I need and all of what I want. For a man to profess his 20 year old love for a woman, is very flattering. He’s was a fling, friend, and lover..now is is a friend, lover and maybe a soul mate. I feel that this is what God wanted, so I will allow things to continue at a slow process. Marriage is another subject. I am not pushing that envelope!! I will be patient. This time I allowed love to find me!!!!
    Peace Be Still!!!!

  37. Diamond24 December 5th, 2011

    Me April 24, him Jan 21.The love was like no other. Incredibly in love. To the point we couldn’t go more than 8 hrs without seeing eachother, touching eachother. It was maddening! But like many on here, we fought all the time. He was too jealous and possesive. He did left me at a restaurant once and I had to call my dad to come get me since I was living at home. All because he tought the waiter was flirting with me and I smiled at the waiter. He was super sweet when we weren’t fighting. Wrote me poems, bought flowers, opened every door, treated me like a lady and best of all he made me feel like a beautiful diamond, flawless and priceless! Until I said something to offend him or to attack him somehow. He was my best friend and I could tell him anything and I felt safe with him. It was a relationship with extreme love. Our intimacy was awesome after I showed him how to love me…ladies the A man likes to see you dance just for him….that did the trick and after that he was showing me new things. We were together for 3 yrs,he still loves me eventhough he’s now married. Our connection was too great, the breakup happened because his mom did not like me and she finally got him away from me. I’m still single and I can’t settle for less, I do have all the traits a guy would want in his wife but I just can’t settle. I just broke up with a Capricorn he was great but I would have settled if I had married him. Good luck!

  38. Bahiabayer December 2nd, 2011

    I’m a Taurus (April 21) and I’ve honestly wasted my time in a 6 month relationship with my Aquarius (Feb 2) boyfriend. It had it’s good times where he made me feel absolutely beautiful and loved by him, we had great jokes and when we were together it just felt like i had a great friend. But after a while, he started to become really possessive and jealous of anyone who was around me and he tried to control me. Then he became super distant and then i found out he was seeing other girls behind my back and i broke up with him. Its been about 5 months and he’s trying to weasle his way back into my life and heart because he “loves me and misses me and screwed up the only real relationships he had.” Now he won’t leave me alone and obsesses over me. Honestly girls if you can make it work, ladies, by all means good luck. All of these things that happened are not worth it at all. Just stay friends or friends with benefits…even though friends with benefits is pretty tough for a Taurus

  39. fran22 November 5th, 2011

    Im a Taurus female and my bf of almost a year was an Aquarius male. When we were just friends we got on very well! He makes a very good best friend. Even when we were dating he was a good best friend. The thing was he made a good best friend but not a good boyfriend. the needs I had was not me by him, security and dependability. I was always more career orientated, hard working, determined and always thought of us long term. Where as he was aloof and just thinking about the present rather than the future. It’s true we were very different people . Family and backgrounds . He fought about everything and anything. His family were annoying, family was always first. then friends then me. Even though deep down i knew he wasn’t the one it was like some sort of natural attachment that kept keeping us together. On and off for almost a year. Maybe I was scared to move on, determined to make it work even though i knew I didn’t love him as a lover but rather I loved him as a friend. I couldn’t see a future with him. if i could turn back time I would have never dated him and that way we would be best of friends. My advice is if it doesn’t feel right now, it won’t feel right a few months later so don’t waste your time hoping for him to change so that your Taurian needs are met, because that will never happen.

  40. Elfchild9 October 20th, 2011

    What do you get when you match an extreme thinker and an extreme feeler? A lot of discontent. I am a Taurus and I was in a two year relationship before I realized I was so unhappy.
    He, the aquarius, thought so much that he could never decide anything which resulted in my hurting a lot. I’m the typical Taurus that gave 110%. I wish I could blame it on me being needy, but that is one Taurus trait I don’t have. I think he was fascinated by me, but I don’t honestly know if he is capable of love yet.
    When we first met we seemed ideal for each other. We shared the same esoteric interests, unique spiritual views and had the same hopes for the future. This seemed like some cruel tricked.
    Sexually, this was a weird match. I’m used to seducing and sexing a man into a stupor, but my Aquarius seemed immune to this. He
    perfected the art making intimate moments awkward. It felt like he was never comfortable with his sexual nature, but he was
    so handsome. I guess that is why my vain self kept trying.
    All in all, my Aquarius exhausted my emotionally. He was never satisfied with himself or the world around him. The perfect story to sum this relationship up was one of the first sexual experiences we had together. Things were getting rather intense when and I was working my magic. I whispered something incredibly hot in his ear, all breathy. Any man would’ve been even more turned on and eager, but he pauses and looks at me funny and says,”what did you say!”. I repeat myself only to hear, ” well, why is that?” hah Yeah I am still emotionally drained from that relationship and now I only look for casual things.

  41. ame87 May 18th, 2011

    Taurus woman here, born 22nd of April, have been going out with an Aquarius man born in 7th of feb for almost 9 months.

    Since the day we met, i have noticed he was just different from me . Not just the horoscope or personality trait, but also the child background, family and jobs. But i was already too far from what i should have done in this relationship.

    we have alot of misunderstandings and rocky time, but never went into serious arguements. When we are together there were silent treatments for each other, i must say either of us really opened to each other even until today.

    I always tried to run as far as i can from him and i think the same for him. i didnt mind he goes out and leave me alone, he did not mind me leaving either. We were fine when we were apart, cos we did our own thing all the time.

    The problem caused when we were together and facing each other. We were so vulnerable infront of each other’s differences, cos those differences never pleased each other. We knew what each other want but we just ignore silently because non of us said ‘anything wrong’.

    i see this as no one’s fault. It is just the fact in our relationship right now. A dead sea with no fish.

    But the funny thing is, i could understand him alot of times in many levels. As an art student who usually spend time on my own everytime, i saw his need of time and space as basis of his creative process. We both put each other as 2nd or 3rd option behind family and friends, seeing the relationship as temporary scene.

    We used to talk about how we love with our heads not heart and we never actually fell in deeply in love with anyone before. We also talked about the hatred to someone change for us and just cannot imagine living with one person for 50yrs or more.

    However, we are both responsible about what we are on, and friendly people who does not want to hurt anyone. Although Non of us want to take control or fix this problem in the relationship, as long as there are no hatred or anger or jealousy we seem fine for now. We just want things to be where they are, do not want to be too much involved, no leaving no closures.

    i want to know him for rest of my life, and the relationship is just too selfish thing to me. i hate chasing or hold on someone tightly, and Just becos i am in the relationship, i do not think one can act selfishly and rule the other.

    If the man was fun, happy when he was with me, then he would be happy to be with me. however, this is not the case and i am glad he is not faking or being nice to impress me you know. i like watching him doing his own thing rather than be with me and get bored..

    i do not know where we’re going now. We are just too friendly people to be with. Friendly that we never can be true to each other. Wish he was friend not my boyfriend or wish we were friends before we go out. But god bless him, every his journey and every minute in his life 🙂

  42. NTG May 4th, 2011

    Im a Taurus girl born on 18 may and my lover aquarius guy born on 16 feb. we’ve been madly in love 4 more than 3 years now…in beginning he was very affectionate and passionate about our relationship. Now he’s more busy in his business and so i realised that he started to tlk less sometimes nd not passionate evryday…he always tells me its just that im busy but i always think about u. we r best frndz.AQU man gets engaged in different things v quickly.My advise for taurus women always show him that u luv him nd give him some space cuz soon he will realize how madly he misses u nd he will b the one to come nd ask babe hw u been?…But for aquarius males plz understand that u need to give ur Taurus woman som attention nd dnt ever FLIRT with any1 else or u will lose her.B fair nd always put her in equal level as u.SHE WONT B SELFISH unless if ur unfair nd treat her unequally.If she makes somthin nice 4 u remember tht she will expect the same frm u.Dont b LESS NICE!…thru my experience we r going GREAT so far and i really want it to last, ho ever says they cant stand eachother is RONG

  43. Confused April 11th, 2011

    Live my aquarius for 11 months, we did argue but mostly over an EX that would leave us alone. He would not address it and told me to ignore it. Sometimes I could and sometimes not. We finally has a really bad argument/struggle. In the midst of the struggle he got a scratch eye and me a little bruised, and his cell phone was lost. He had important numbers in this phone for work (that he could go back on his bill and retrieve). However, he became really angry about losing this phone and due to the fact that he saw my hands on it he blames me. I don’t know where the phone is or would have given it to him. He has since replaced the phone. He asked me to move out of the house, after telling me three weeks prior that he wanted to get married soon and calling my mother “mother in law”. I have spoken to him a few times since I moved out. Sometimes he is very nice wanting a hug and telling me to be good. Other times screaming about this phone saying if I don’t find it the relationship is over and if I do he will be nice and fix everything. I haven’t talk to him in about a week. What does this mean, does he have another woman or just needs time? Does this mean he doesn’t love me anymore? He is in his mid forties not like an immature kid. Please help!!

  44. Christy April 7th, 2011

    I am a Taurus born on May 19. My boyfriend is Aquarius born on Feb 1. We are 100% madly, truely in love and cannot wait to start a family! In the beginning it was amazing; then ALOT of rocky roads.. my stubborness and lack of of showing emotions made him feel unwanted, and his carefree but posessive ways made me feel like i couldnt continue this. Ive realized that he is my best friend and we love eachother very much. We had a very rough patch in which we were seperated for several months; upon his arrival back from the Army we have been perfect! I didnt realize what i had until it was gone, and he never expressed feelings so strong! We are an amazing, perfect couple.. who fight, but go to bed laughing.. anyone who tells you this combination wont work obviously has never truely been in love!

  45. Michelle April 5th, 2011

    I am a Taurus Female who has been with and married to a Aquarius man for almost 10 years. We have had wonderful relationship. We never fight, and all the information about our signs are right about us but we just work. The main reason we both don’t fight is because we are best friends first and we want our relationship to work. Aquarius and Taurus are both stubborn and the problem is instead of fighting with each other you have to meet half way. Everything else in the relationship is prefect otherwise. But you will fight because both partners are being selfish, each person thinks they have to win or prove a point. Or maybe this sign stuff is full of crap, all I know is that my husband has been good for me and I have been the same for him. We don’t have jealousy with each other and he is equally possessive of me as I am of him. If anything we are so much alike its why disagreements can come up. The problem is us Taurus female can blow like atomic bombs, (thats my nickname my husband game me)but its also why he loves me. He says a Taurus women will walk through the fires of hell for the man they love. If both signs can get over themselves a relationship together will be great.

  46. So in love March 9th, 2011

    I’am a T.female i love my AQU. Boyfriend i been with him for 5 years i think we are great with eachother sometimes. But he makes me mad when he thinks iam cheating but we have learn to not let nothing break us up. So we thank GOD eveRY NIGHT THAT WE ARE SO IN LOVE.

  47. TaurusHopelessRomantic February 26th, 2011

    I like a guy who is an aquarius and I’m a taurus. Although he doesn’t seem to be interested in romance I can’t really think of him as distant as these descriptions make him out to be however most of these are right on the money. Especially about me. Its kind of scary actually. Well, let’s see how or if a relationship pans out

  48. Mercedes February 18th, 2011

    I am a taurus woman and i have been in love with the same aquarius man for 3 years, but. . . We are not a couple. Being that both signs are fixed we both display a certain amount of stubborness that can turn into insanity. Taurus women are not really that selfish or un caring as i have heard. We come off as such because we really dont like getting hurt. We are very caring people but if we dont feel as if we are getting the emotional stability we deserve we can turn into the raging bull that doesn’t sleep!! I love my aquarius friend but i know that we can never be together because of his distant nature. I think if the two can take the time to learn each other first and accept each other then it may work. There will be trying times but what couple doesn’t have those

  49. Getting Divorced January 23rd, 2011

    Hey guys,

    I have never been big into signs, and all that. In fact, I never thought twice when I married my wife. I am an Aquarius, and yes, you guessed it, she’s a Taurus. We have been married for a while, and recently, she decided to divorce me. She claims I am unstable, and she has no security in our marriage. According to everything I have read on the topic, it certainly appears that almost all our issues come down to our signs. She can be stubborn like hell, has a way of making me feel like **** and I have been helpful, loving, kind, compassionate, and overly complimentary. I can not understand this. Is it normal for Taurus woman to be so stubborn, such as to refuse any form of counseling, therapy, and the likes???

  50. david January 22nd, 2011

    I have been on and off with my Taurian girlfriend for over six years. We met at University when we were twenty-one and after dating for a couple of years decided to go our separate ways. However, such was the bond we never let each other go. Recently we have got back together and although things were great to begin with we now argue all the time and it seems to come out of nowhere. She is extremely selfish a lot of the time and gets fired up very easily which drives me crazy. I think of myself as fairly easy going and laid back person but she can really press my buttons and I snap back. I was thinking it was just her but having read some of your comments it does seem to be an astrological trait!

  51. Coco January 1st, 2011

    Hey you quys. I have a website I would like to share with you quys. : ) Its called : AstrologySolution.com If you scroll down on the site it will say : Relationship with another siqn. Click on your b-day & the other lovers birthday & read up on you quys compatibility. : ) Thanks for readinq & I hope I helped.

  52. Larry December 15th, 2010

    I have been with my Taurus woman almost a year now. We have fought about anything and everything. When she wants to be, she is loving and affectionate. Most of the time though she is very selfish and likes to talk down to me. We have even had issues with infidelity in our relationship. I try to keep my mouth shut and bite my tounge but eventually I get fed up and then all hell breaks loose because I can be a real A-Hole if I’m pushed to it. We have tried to go our seperate ways on many occasions but at the end of the day we end up right back together having great make up… well, you know the rest. I guess you can look at it this way, with all the arguing and lovemaking I don’t think my bull and I will ever get bored. LOL!

  53. Linda November 13th, 2010

    im abit negative ryt now afta reading the taurus and aquarius macth and it aint good, i just falled in love with a guy and he is a aquarius we fight about the smallest things and i just saw something about making love and him pulling away and alot of other things and it is as he is and now im thinking we are just noy meant to be i mean loving him hurts sometimes and alot of i have to begg him even if he is wrong he is always able to twist things around and make it all about him but the biggest problem is that even though he is the way he is, i love him so much, i love him with all of mu heart and i want us to work out and the other side of me is saying from the way things have happened maybe we are just not meant to be…..

  54. taurs girl November 9th, 2010

    best friends, impossible lovers.
    taurus’s jeaousy can’t be controlled enough with the aqua guy
    and there is nothing the taurus hates more than the aqua guys aloofness.
    with my ex, i seriously thought he was retarded sometimes, even though with politics he was a genius.
    If you can figure out these 2 things(jelousy and aloofness), then you guys can make it; i just don’t think it’s possible. we can pretend for a while, but the truth is, these things are very ingrained into out cores.
    my unproffesional advice would be for every taurus girl/aqua guy couple to break up……sooner rather than later.
    personaly, i don’t think this is a union that will be able to live happily ever after.

    • TAURUS October 18th, 2018

      100% right.

  55. dau August 22nd, 2010

    same here…im getting married with an acquarian…we share some things with same views but we argue in many many many things…at the end of the day though we talk about it and compromise or either has to give in to the other…im a taurean and i can be the most stubborn person on earth when i want to and i dont hesitate arguing. and my aquarian man is very intellectual and logical thinking that me being emotional over things loose in argumentation battles so i slam doors or dismiss him and shut him out.it has been a rough ride. we are in the relationship for five years and we are about to get married. wish me luck!!! but i know love and commitment will keep us going and ofcourse prayers:)

  56. Duvexy August 21st, 2010

    I am a Taurus female and I am stubborn and will not submit. You would think some Men would like Taurus Women as we are not prone to cheat on their best friends.

  57. manali August 10th, 2010

    My boyfrnd is born on 2nd feb & i have born on 12 may.
    So ,is their any chance to get married us??

  58. Ani August 6th, 2010

    I am a Taurus female and my husband is an Aquarius. It was a little hard at first but we have learned a lot from each other and have been able to accept our differences. I find adventure in him and he finds stability in me. We complete each other and are very happy.

  59. roc May 26th, 2010

    i am a taurus female n my ex is an aquarius, we loved each other like never before. we had lots of arguments because of my jealousy,but we were the best of friends other wise. they r very good people, but they are a little flighty. there is a deep attraction between aqu n tau!!! i’m dating another one n good luck 2 me.

    • Empress.Zan.Zoey July 16th, 2020

      The Aquarius men are worth dating, loving and marrying. Sometimes big fights, sometimes small fights. The fights draws them closer. They really do love each other. In fights, they at times say things they don’t mean and eventually make up. Learn to compromise, forgive, be honest, patient, communication is the key, try your best to not lie; that way your conscience can always be clear, be open to each other, trust.. I just love Aquarius men. They are worth loving.

  60. Abraham P April 14th, 2010

    @ Mandeep,
    hi im born on the same day as you and my wife on the 21st of April. make sure you guys are 200% compatible now. Taureans are very selfish people, not sure if you can deal with that. Also not very logical, but have excellent memories. For me its been a really really rough road. I wish you the best, bt if you having doubts mate, save yourself a lot of heartache and do what you need to do.


  61. Mandeep Kumar singh February 16th, 2010

    hi i am born on 2nd feb and my girl frind on 26 april want to know if our marrage will be successful..

  62. The Female Taurus September 24th, 2009

    Its hard being a woman let alone a taurus women which is kind of odd because generally we have all the qualities a real men would want but it seems to me theirs a drout on real men period i dont want to beleive ill spend the rest of my life single but if i have to i will because to settle for less for me is like a waist of all the things i have to offer even for a moment no women who are indipendent and beautiful inside and out should settle for less instead my heart has turned cold

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