Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Sagittarius woman and Pisces man have a non-concrete and ever-changing relationship.
  • Intimacy can be fulfilling if the Pisces man is more aggressive and the Sagittarius woman controls her critical nature.
  • Sagittarius woman can attract the Pisces man with her honesty and bluntness, but she should avoid being too harsh.
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Both the Sagittarius and Pisces are somewhat restless in love. As they develop the tendency to look beyond their relationship to fill up the holes in their relationship. Though they cannot fulfill each other’s every need, but at the same time, they appreciate what each one has to offer to the other.

Pisces man is basically a very impressive and up to mark individual with tender emotions and an intelligent mind. He has his own dreams and a dream world that he holds dearly. Though he is dreamy in nature but he never has his head in clouds and always looks out for the pros and cons of situations. A Pisces man is never judgmental in his attitude towards any dispute; rather he avoids getting involved in one. But any way, he is definitely everything one can want him to be. He is always very lenient and loving towards his lady love but he is never weak. He always binds his lady with his charm and delicate approach.

A Sagittarius woman is a very independent woman with a particular charm and an outspoken nature. She respects her individuality and hates to be dictated. There are also some Sagittarius women who are inquisitive in nature and go for something without judging the pros and cons. With all these, a Sagittarius female is wonderfully fun being with. She is quite the optimistic creature, looking toward the future with high hopes and not worrying about the negative outcomes. She always makes her man feel spirited and loved. Though her blunt comments may sometimes hurt him, but generally she is a fun to be with.

Pisces man and Sagittarius woman have a relationship that is not concrete or steadfast. She tries staying ahead of the game in trying to figure out her Pisces man and all the while, his silly antics and ever changing ways tries her patience like no other. At times she is so in love with his dreams and ability to just change things at the drop of a hat. Other times it is difficult to bite her tongue as these same Pisces man qualities try her nerves. She is normally very calm, cool and collected but crossing her can change her quite rapidly. Sagittarius woman is as friendly as she is honest and truthful. She may cut him down with her harsh words, but she is sincere in doing so. She doesn’t mean to be so blunt but she doesn’t know any better. If taken with patience these two can have a healthy relationship and ways to grow together.

Pisces man has a difficult time in making decisions in life. He is not too confident and needs reassurance constantly from his mate. Easily swayed by most, he learns to trust too quickly letting others decide for him. In such situations Sagittarius woman feels obliged on her part but she doesn’t like him trusting everyone around. He doesn’t judge anyone and this makes him a great companion for this woman as she adores his trust for her. He always looks for reasons in trying to understand rather than passing judgment on anyone. If there is enough love between them, they can learn to communicate and work out their differences not letting outside influences get in the way. If they can keep their love and troubles away from outside eyes, they just might be able to stay together but their idea of ‘together’ may be total involvement and in love one day, just friends the next day, separate ways down the road and back to serious dating after that.

Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred and same way the souls of Sagittarius woman and Pisces man are purified in the shower of true love. When these two signs absorb each other graciously, there is no love that is as fiery and sweet as that between a Sagittarius woman and Pisces man because this combination of fire and water lasts forever. Their unison becomes so strong that their emotions melt and become a running brook that sings its melody to the night. They wake up at dawn with winged hearts and give thanks for another day to love each other. The hours they spend with each other are looked upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. They make each other feel alive and give the reason to live life more beautifully.

In intimacy, Pisces man has to be more aggressive if he wants to have a satisfying relationship with Sagittarius woman. His submissive and relaxed behavior just won’t cut it with her. However, later she may ask for these very qualities in that it brings his tender and romantic side out. Sagittarius woman, on the other hand has to bite her tongue when feeling the need to be critical of him. Her sharp tongue and harsh words may cut her Pisces man to pieces if she is not careful. Yet again, later her same qualities may intensify his hunger for her and enrage his fire and passion. They have to work together on these on again, off again qualities they love/hate about each other in hopes that they shine when they need to shine and are hidden when they are no longer wanted or needed at that moment. The passion of Sagittarius woman can always help to increase the desires and the romantically knitted smooth ways of Pisces man gives a soothing experience to their love making. When beautifully intimate these two can have a very fulfilling sexual relationship with Pisces man on his higher side melting away the doubts of his fiery maiden and Sagittarius woman giving him the reassurance he needs with her intensity.

Possessiveness and jealousy are not issues between these two love birds, nor is the inability to give each other the independence they so desire. However, Sagittarius woman’s concepts towards being spiteful and too honest against her Pisces man’s concepts of self pity need to ease up considerably in order for this to work. If she truly loves him, she has to learn to soften her blows toward him. Sagittarius woman should know how fragile her man’s ego is and she should try her best to appease him better. Pisces man, on the other hand, needs to grow some thick skin and learn to let her remarks roll off to the side and not take them so easily to heart. Perhaps if communication is there and he explains just how hurtful her words are to him, it would help the situation and definitely make their relationship better in all aspects of life.

Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility Rating

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Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Thelonelybee January 20th, 2024

    Hello beautiful souls 🙂 I’m giving an update on the love between my Pisces man and I…and what a beautiful ride it has been and still is. He was born on February 27th and I was born on December 17th. I’m a year and two months older. At this time it’s 7am and he’s sleeping next to me in our bed. This month we celebrate 8 years of being together and I’m grateful<3 we’re still trying to decide on a wedding date but I’ve told him that I don’t want a big wedding. I think I’d rather just go to the courthouse:) Anywho, at this time I’d say our relationship is Zen, which we’ve had to fight really hard to accomplish. We started the relationship butting heads and arguing every other week. I think mainly due to immaturity and both of us have pretty strong personalities. One thing I think that keeps us going is just our love and respect for each other. I look at him and see the world, and so many dreamy possibilities. We recently went on a trip and it started off not so fun because we argued before getting on the plane and he wasn’t feeling well. I ended up not feeling well either which made me act a little “b*tchy.” Just giving you an example of how things aren’t always perfect, but I know it’s also because I can be in my head a lot and he can be STUBBORN. Whew, he can be totally stubborn to the point he won’t speak to you for days if you say something to upset him aka piss him off! And me…I’m an over thinker which helps me in many ways but sometimes sucks the fun out of things for me. I’m not always the most optimistic kind of Sagittarius but I have a zest for life that he says he loves. He always says he appreciates how fun I am but also how I’m the organized one. The trip ended on a great note and although he was under the weather, he pushed through and we had an adventure together. He can be more laid back than I am but he’s also very playful at times. He’s an excellent listener and is creative, loves music, and has a interesting sense of humor that keeps me laughing. He still wants to be a musician but has decided to join a program to become a networking engineer so that he can support our lifestyle. We are planning to have kids in the next couple of years so it’s really brave of him to put aside his dreams a bit for that. I push him all the time to keep creating and making music and to go for his dreams!!! I’m hoping one day his dreams will come true. We’re best friends…but also are very sexually attracted to one another which keeps things spicy and fun. We have different interests which also keeps things interesting. This is my 9th time expressing my love for my Pisces boo on this site and each year seems to be different and filled with new challenges but fun. We still have arguments and I still have days of insecurities but I’ve got his back and he has mine. We’re also growing spiritually together which has been an amazing experience! Thanks for reading <3 and remember to always go the extra mile for the one you love.

  2. ovo game May 13th, 2023

    Female Sagittarius and a Pisces Although there are some possible obstacles that men must face, they can form good matches.

  3. Rissa April 16th, 2023

    Hi I’m a 35 year old Saggy Female Nov 27 ..full blown Saggy glitz and glimmer.. My Pieces Bae is 43 March 10th .. and he is even more secure with himself than I am.. and honestly that is just one of his sexiest qualities aside being the sweetest.. but no dumby. Sometimes he gets me so upset but we are a work in progress. well lets just say we haven’t been together for but a couple months but i feel like we got to a place of trust and honesty through some seriously tough situations early . we have both lost ppl dear to us last year and it has really made us look at life differently. He has wasted no time and I have spoke with his mom over video chat and she is the most warm sincere women i have ever met. I wasn’t raised by my parents and he is also adopted we both come from 2 guardian house holds and value family he is honestly what I have prayed for but he lives in the USA and i in Canada .. I am really considering moving and blending our families I saggy female have a son who is 8 and he a dtr who is 9.. they are so adorable together.
    i usually am the person to take the opportunity and fly with it but i really want to plan for the sake of my son…. plus the EX HUSBAND is an issue with mobility and Court.. Controlling Capricorn although he is already remarried makes my life hell.

    • Mica February 19th, 2024

      Omg ur my bday twin and ur pieces is my pisces bday twin soooooo cool

  4. Thelonelybee March 30th, 2023

    From the moment my Pisces Beau came into my life it changed me forever. We’ve been together for 7 years and this is my eighth time writing on this site and I’m glad to say he and I finally got engaged June of 2022 and plan to get married very soon. He’s a Pisces of course born February 27th and I’m a Sagittarius born December 17th. Our journey hasn’t always been easy but we’ve grown a lot together over the years. I think the hardest thing for us was trying to understand each other’s point of views and learning how to communicate effectively with one another. Communication between us used to be so difficult but now it’s way easier.
    We experience a ton of synchronicity when we’re together. The one thing I will say that made me insecure after we got engaged is that he accidentally proposed to me on one of his Aunt’s birthday. Why this made me insecure is because this Aunt is known for going through an UGLY divorce which has affected her mental health. I saw it as a “sign” or an “omen” if you will so I expressed it to my fiancé and he assured me not to worry and that he realized it was her birthday but that it reminded him not to do me like her husband did her. He said he’s had dreams of us growing old together which led him to want to propose. One of my flaws is that I’m very spiritual and look into EVERYTHING but I’m trying to learn to just follow by spirit and not be so anxious about the unknown. He tends to reassure me when I have doubts. That’s my favorite thing about our relationship is that we’re very open and honest with each other even if it could cost us our relationship. We’ve both done things to each other that we’re not proud of but our honesty and love for each other keeps us strong. The entire natal chart is important and since we both have Gemini moons and he has an Aquarius mercury we have to be very careful not to talk each other’s heads off lol but it’s fun. I would describe our relationship and living together as having a sleepover every night with your best friend. Our lovemaking is outstanding and we joke and laugh together like maniacs. I’m not sure what the future holds but I hope he and I will go the distance and be successful in our dreams together. Best wishes to you!

  5. Thelonelybee March 8th, 2022

    Good evening beauties. Just giving another update on the relationship between me (dec 17) and my handsome, sexy pisces man (feb 27) . He’s on the couch in front of me as I type. We just made 6 years this year and this is my 7th time writing on this site to give an update. So.. where do I start? I’m not too sure where to start really but at this present moment we’re planning on getting married and I’m just awaiting for him to pop the question. He’s such a mystery when it comes to romantic gestures but he’s told me many times he would like to make the proposal special and do it his way. I’m so anxious, excited, curious! But there isn’t one nerve that tells me I don’t want to spend my life with him. We have built such a strong bond and lately he’s been assuring me everyday how much he loves me. He’s been so affectionate, playful, and helpful with anything I ask.. this is present day but I must tell you that we have come a long way to get to this point. Just last year I believe around July we went through a rough patch.. we were long distance (over 7,000 miles) and I was becoming lonely and emotional without his physical touch. He was working on his dreams (to be a musician) and I tried so hard to be supportive but I found myself becoming more unhappy with the distance and I was expressing it to him a lot. We had been long distance for about a year at that point and my dissatisfaction had grown to another level and it was causing him stress. Not to mention he was becoming somewhat selfish as far as contributing to us seeing each other. It got to a point where I felt he didn’t care.. eventually we ended things.. about three weeks of no talking and he said he realized he never wanted to go a day without me. He said his life became miserable and that he didn’t even want to follow his dreams of being a musician if I wasn’t a part of it. He booked a flight to move in to my apartment (now our apartment) about 5 days after confessing this and got a job about two weeks later making a good bit. He’s a college graduate in computer science so it wasn’t too hard for him to find a job and plus he has an adorable charm and people skills that he doesn’t even realize he has. It’s been 8 months and I showed him the rings I want and I’m just waiting on the day he proposes! A lot of people always tell me only the strongest couples make it through long distance and we’ve made it through long distance twice. Once when I graduted and moved for a job and the second time when he moved. Each time lasted about a year. We’ve lived together before for three years straight and things are always better when we’re together. We’ve decided to become closer to God and more spiritual together so this makes us even stronger. We pray together every night. I’m a very touchy person so we spend our nights cuddled watching movies, chatting for hours, reading, or creating art. We’ve learned to mesh really well and respect eachother’s space, insecurites, and personality types. I’m better about respecting his emotional boundaries and being supportive of his dreams and he’s better at being the manly support I need and he’s supportive of me as well. The advice I would give is to choose the person who will always choose you. I learned a long time ago to love God and myself above all (not in a selfish way) but in a respect way. You must respect yourself and love yourself before you can respect or love another. Do not try to control your partner but just accept the love they give and care for them tenderly. Always assume your partner is doing their best and lead by actions. If you’re affectionate, supportive, and understanding of your partner most times they’ll return that love. It’s a work and progress but if the person you choose and who chooses you is your best friend, you can make it through any storm. And yes there will be storms. But after the rain can be a calming sea of love that feels almost euphoric. I love you RDM. I hope the best for you and your loved one and keep me and my Pisces in your thoughts and best wishes. <3

    • Anna April 4th, 2022

      Thanks for sharing. Wish you all the happiness 🌟

  6. Mac May 13th, 2021

    🙂 inspiring.

  7. Thelonelybee March 2nd, 2021

    Hi everyone<3
    I’m here to give an update on me (dec 17th) and my beautiful Pisces man (feb 27th). We just made 5 years and this is my sixth time writing on this beautiful site! Every year I just can’t believe how far he and I have come and that we’re more in love. We’ve been through so many obstacles together. Arguments, physical distance, mental illness, doubts.. among other things. But he’s still the one person I love more than anyone. He still has so many traits as a Pisces; tender, caring, sensitive, creative, dreamy, deep beautiful eyes, affectionate, wanting to learn how to be better for the ones he loves. He’s so supportive of me and his family, friends. Lately he’s really been working on being a better man (is what he says), it’s really cute to hear him say it but he says he wants to be the type of man who provides and leads (maybe it’s the Aquarius in his chart speaking because he has a lot lol) He helps me so much in whatever I need. Emotionally, mentally, and physically;) He’s still working on his music and working for his brother’s company. And I’m working on my career and goals too, so right now we’re still long distance but he’s visiting me now and I visit him several times throughout the year too. I’m still more of an emotional Sagittarius and can be introverted but I’ve learned to come out of my shell more and so has he. We’ve really meshed together and grown as a couple. It’s interesting because I always thought, in the beginning, that we were like fire and ice. Our communication has gotten so much better! We actually had pillow talk about this last night. I sometimes find myself staring at him and being so grateful and not wanting small moments to end. Sometimes we’ll be snuggled on the couch, eating ice cream, while watching a movie and I’ll feel so warm inside.. that I could almost cry. I’m very emotional and sappy this way. Or he’ll be talking for a long time about something that interests him and rather than get disinterested and zone out, I try to soak in every word..every moment. Long distance can do that to you, makes you appreciate every moment you have together and to not take anything for granted. In late November of last year we had a bad blow out that left us not speaking for weeks and neither of us could see past it. We didn’t know if we’d make it but we both admitted to our mistakes and expressed that we didn’t want to do life without each other and that we’re best friends. And we’ve developed a better understanding of each other. I’ve always chose to support him even when others doubted his abilities but he continues to prove people wrong.. and he’s been here for me emotionally and always gives support. Right now we’re in a state in our relationship where we laugh constantly and pick at each other. We’re always expressing ourselves to each other. Right now he’s also very affectionate, even if we’re apart. He’s very romantic. I’m learning in a relationship that there are highs and lows. I appreciate the lows just as much because they make you stronger but they don’t define you as a couple. We’ve said awful things to each other in the past (unforgivable) but we forgave, we’ve done things to each other that we laugh at now. My advice to Sagittarius women is that if you truly love your Pisces man to be open and honest but also learn to value his space when he needs it and give emotional affection when needed. Pisces can be shifty like the fish they are so we Sagittarius really have to tap into our intuition to shift with their mental and emotional states. It sounds like a lot of work but Sagittarius can be a lot to handle too, emotionally. Because we’re fire, we can get TOO hot (demanding, emotional, and temper.) I have a Venus in Scorpio so it can be difficult for me not to want to control love. Even though sagg is also mutable like Pisces he’s taught me that most things are easier when they just flow. Pisces need lots of emotional attention and support and I love to give it to him. My Pisces and I share a Gemini moon, so we both value mental space too, although we speak constantly. Support their dreams! They cling to anyone who genuinely supports their dreams. Advice to Pisces men.. be there for her. If you truly love her.. Sagittarius respect loyalty more than anything. We don’t like fake people and love to be praised lol I didn’t realize I loved to be praised until he started doing it and it feels so nice. I’m naturally a bit of a diva at times and he strokes it. His Venus is in Aries so he’s attracted to it. I believe in Pisces Sagittarius love. It can be deep with the right two people and unlike any other combination. It’s so so beautiful but much work!! I hope the best for you all. I hope we all can go the distance.

    • Trisha March 5th, 2021

      Hi, I’m dec 17 and my guy in 27 feb and it’s a coincidence that u share the same dates, it’s a relief to read ur observation about the compatibility of both but still have my own doubts as he tends to get aloof sometimes and then comes back as if nothing happened and this really scares me

      • Thelonelybee April 17th, 2021

        Hi Trisha, how long have you two been together? I know from experience when a guy goes aloof or starts to be cold it’s because they have other interests. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not into you, his mind may just be elsewhere. Maybe work or hobbies. Are you able to communicate your feelings to him? Is he committed to you or is he dating other women? Also do you know his full chart? His moon sign, Venus sign or rising sign? I’d be glad to chat. Take care of yourself Trisha <3

      • braille May 17th, 2021

        I feel like ther’s something strange about this date 17 dec and 27 feb

      • Benjamin January 27th, 2022

        I’m a Pisces male with a Sagittarius female. From me, gently ask him about it; prep him before hand by telling him you want to open up some communication between you and talk later in the day, if possible. Be open minded and let him talk about what goes on in his mind.

    • The lonely bee June 4th, 2021

      What is it that you find strange about those dates Braille?

  8. Cory February 16th, 2021

    I’ve known this sag girl for about 5 or 6 years now. She is extraordinarily beautiful. She’s hard to read but she is intensely private, very spiritual, and values her independence. I have no problems with any of that btw. Over the years we’ve talked about giving this a shot but there was always something in the way. She had someone else at the time or we lived too far away to make it work. Mutual attraction was always there though. A few months back we got into an awful blowout. She did not speak for a couple of weeks. Since then I’ve gotten mixed signals from her. Told me once that we are a good unattached couple, whatever the hell that means, but when I’d put my arms around her she would tell me I never get this close with anyone else except you. I know she’s been depressed here lately. She’s definitely been more distant, not just with me either I dont believe. I wish there was a way I could help her more. I think I’ve come to the realization that I am in love with her, but idk if nows the time for her with what she’s going thru and we still live too far apart to make a serious go of it. I do know this though, it would be a cosmic mistake if we didnt at least try. I actually have a good feeling about it and let’s face it us pisces aren’t exactly glass half full type of people. Im just stuck, there’s not much that I can do right now. I think it just helps to vent.

    • Thelonelybee January 20th, 2024

      Hey, Cory. How are you and her doing now? I would love an update:)

  9. xCaptMommy September 3rd, 2020

    I’m the Sagittarius, my husband is the Pisces. We’ve known each other for about 7 years now, and have been married for almost a year now. For the longest time, I would freak the fxck out on him almost every time we fought or argued. Not physically, but there were a few times where I punched the dash of his car. Anyway, when we met, we were both working for McDonald’s and he had just transferred to my store. A mutual acquaintance warned me that my husband was basically a liar and a womanizer — definitely not Sag material, right? So the first time my husband and I ever spoke to each other, he offered to give me rides to and from work (it was no secret that I walked), and I straight up told him I didn’t want him to know where I lived. I had an accident at work a few days later (started my period and had nothing with me to tend to it as periods are a rare thing for me, always have been), had to be driven home, and he just happened to be getting off at the same time. It wasn’t long before we were exclusively a couple after that, lol. Unfortunately, it really did not last long…we had more of a love/hate relationship. He cried and manipulated me all the time, i screamed all the time; it was toxic through and through. So we split up and were the best of friends for a really long time, I actually was in a 4-year relationship with someone else after that, had a kid, all that jazz. He also got engaged to someone else, joined the military, etc. After our serious relationships ended, I dated another guy for a really short time (like, 3 months), but things were super intense in a good way between this new guy and I, so I was feeling all high and mighty of course. My husband, who was only a friend at the time, sent me some dirty pics so I got mad at him for disrespecting my relationship and we stopped talking for almost 2 years. Of course, I thought about him often, but come on… I’m a Sag, full of stubbornness and Leos surely aren’t the only sign full of pride. Anyway, one day, i got curious enough to call him (had his phone number committed to memory the whole time, thank God he never got a new one because I sure did, several times, lol). He immediately flew me out to see him, proposed the night of my arrival, we had the most romantic week I’d ever experienced in my entire life. Now, we’re happily married, but still going to marriage counseling to work on our communication despite no real problems in our marriage. This really is an amazing bond and definitely worth the hurdles it took to get here.

  10. Heeraaa August 9th, 2020

    There’s a pieces man who have a crush on me for 2 years now. He’s an extrovert. I am an introverted sag. He never talked move though he’s very talkative to others and would rather just sit and stare and smile at me all the time, he talks about me to his friends, literally everyone knows he’s interested. Okay he’s super friendly and there’s another girl who he may be dating. But he just dont let me go I mean i ignore him as i feel irritated being stared and smiled at but he would just come in front of me all of sudden and wont touch me or talk to me, just smile, stare with those shining eyes and blush..what do he wants? I am an introvert and a bit shy thou my sagittarius self ask me to just shake him by the shoulder and ask what he wants and not to come in way again and again and waste my time but my introverted self masks it.

  11. Stephanie August 7th, 2020

    I’m currently trying to date a Pisces Man and it drives me crazy the way he can be so serious one day and then the next we’re just friends. I often find myself biting my tongue for him because I know that I am sometimes too blunt and critical. But when we are together just me and him the world just fades away and I’m my most happy when I’m with him. But what can I do for him to realize that me and him could actually work???

    • Patrick August 9th, 2020

      Just tell him you have feelings for him for us pisces we like to take it very slow and just be sure we are in the right boat before we sail off with you.

      Like i’m in love with a sagi woman but because i can’t read her i don’t know what to say she calls me and she wants my attention but the next she says she doesn’t want a relationship so i don’t know what to say

      Except I don’t want to be friends because this page taught me to be blunt and tell her i love her but or else i wouldn’t say shit and take my precious time also see how he acts against you. how long do you know eachother.

    • sharonlittlejohn03 August 11th, 2020

      Hi Stephanie Pisces live in a fantasy world and they like to take time to themselves to do that and they like to talk about Sex Religion and Politics so you have to be able to seduce them mentally and do not bite your tongue be direct and honest about your feelings and pay attention to them to they are very charming and flirtatious. They make Good providers and Lovers they are pleasers When they fall in love with you they are there for the long haul. I have been with my Pisces for almost 4 years but has not been easy at all. O they will avoid confrontation at all cost.

    • Tanya September 15th, 2020

      OHHHH my gosh, literally my boyfriend(Pisces) did the same thing to me! It was so freaking annoying.. I had so many talks to him about that… until he started noticing that I was losing interest and he starting showing more..

    • Marie October 11th, 2020

      Wow my exact situation or predicament smh

    • Nicole January 16th, 2021

      I wish I knew I have been in love with a Pisces man for 20 years. We are the best of friends, we have amazing sex, we’ve never actually dated. And gone long periods of time not talking living in different states. Here we are in the same place at the same time. We hang out all the time. Some days I think he wants more, other days it seems like he only wants to be friends. And I’m trying so hard to just be cool and see what happens. He doesn’t annoy me… he thinks he does… I love him just the way he is. I’ve never been happier or had as good of a time as I do when I am with him. I just wish he would see me as someone he wants to actually be in a relationship with.

      • Sharon Littlejohn January 17th, 2021

        Hello. as long as you allow that he will remain in that relationship just as it is. You have to be honest with him about your feelings he thinks you like it the way it is and he may be feeling the same but think you don’t 20 years WOW! have you been sexually involved that long?

  12. RJ February 23rd, 2020

    im a fish man and still not getting over with my ex Sagittarius ex, i had to admit that i am stil madly inlove with her dispite i already have a virgo girl on my side right now. i really don’t know what to do. i want her but i can’t hurt a girl that is all do is loving me. please advise 😫

    • sharonlittlejohn03 February 29th, 2020

      Hello RJ, If the woman you are with now is not the one you Love then you are during her an injustice and hurting her anyway and no matter what if you are not totally Happy then you will never make her feel totally Happy We all want to be with the one we Love…Good Luck

    • Mark May 21st, 2020

      So…what happened? I’m getting involved with a sag woman and it’s scaring me.

  13. Thelonelybee February 1st, 2020

    Time passes by so quickly. This will be my fifth time posting about the love that my Pisces man (Feb. 27th) and I (Dec. 17th) have now shared for four years. I love him so much although we are currently in a very interesting spot. He just graduated college this past December and he and I were on a great path. He had moved into my apartment (something I had been so excited about) and was working on finding a job. Things changed when we got into a pretty bad argument a couple of weeks ago that could have been completely avoided but my fiery personality finally got the best of me more than it ever has in our four years of loving one another. This happened a couple of weeks ago and it took a lot of apologizing on my part and understand on his part but we are finally back in a better place. He says I make him very happy but he is not living with me right now because of the argument. We are still very much in love and are back to speaking every day since the altercation but he wants to get his life together financially and mentally before we move back in together. Sometimes I’ve been feeling very insecure about our love.
    I’ve been asking several questions like: is there someone better for him than me? Are we meant to be? Can we stand the test of time? When it all boils down I just end up telling myself if I could I would be with this guy for the rest of my or his life. And that’s what I want, but it is very hard work! But that’s with any relationship.
    He is my best friend. There’s a connection that has grown between us that only we really understand and I adore it. We laugh together, flirt, make love, shower together all the time! I cook for him, he massages me, and runs errands. We travel together and we just experienced his first time on a plane together. We talk for hours or sit in silence. He’ll aggravate me and I’ll snap at him (which he finds cute.) He lifts me up when I am down and listens to me chat endlessly. I support him as much as possible and try to give him the admiration and affection that he loves. We still have a lot of personal growing to do, so that’s what we are doing right now.
    If I could give some love advice to you I will say, no matter how mad you get at your Pisces man or any person you love NEVER disrespect them. Be honest and caring ALWAYS no matter how hard it may seem in the heat of that moment. Just express yourself and if you feel things getting toxic just walk away until it cools down. Two weeks ago we both said a lot of mean things but I overreacted and he’s healing from this. I have to admit for once that I am wrong so that I can grow and so that it can ultimately help us grow as a unit. We’re working through it. I’m not sure what this year holds for us but I’m trying to stay optimistic.
    He’s still so caring and understanding, but he’s having a hard time finding himself right now after college so he is staying with family. He still loves creating music but right now this isn’t his main focus. This is all so new and interesting to me, our situation.
    I hope everything is going well between you and your loves. Best of wishes beauties ;*

  14. Hira February 1st, 2020

    There a pisces guy in my class,he told me he had a crush on me, me being an introverted sag looks like a shy timid girl…but as you can guess I’m not. But after he’s been chasing me for so long, I’ve developed feeling for him, he’s a popular guy of our school & stands out of the crowd that’s what sagies want in their partners. But again he’s insecure, I want to be independent. He wants my shy, introverted, innocent side, but I wanna be a confident and blunt huh sort of miley cyrus….I dont know what I’m really in .definitely not a relationship it’s a crush from both sides and may always be like this and it sucks.

  15. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Sagittarius are so beautiful and their hearts are wild!
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for Sagittarius:
    I hope it helps.

  16. Tabs A Life coach November 27th, 2019

    Im a sagittarius. Married to pisces 9 years. He is insecure. Needs lots of ego boost a d reassurance. Im very independent and find this suffocating. I don’t require him to fix my emotions, he believes his emotions are my responsibility. He often gets frustrated with my flightyness. I move quickly and plan seldom. That drives him crazy. He wants to talk talk talk lol we have had several more downs than ups unfortunately. More so related to his lack of emotional coping skills and overall lack of self awareness. He tends to place others in a roll of villain but unaware he does this by asking everyone else to help make a decision for him and when he’s unhappy with results its that person fault. Its sad to watch him give away his power. He does get offended and easily hurt by things I say. I almost never intend to be hurtful but it seems that his insecurities and need for ego require great effort on my part when communicating. I have found it to be exhausting. He even gets offended by things kids say. Which brings me to the hardest part for sagittarius…. pisces like to vent. Which sounds like complaining. But they just want to be heard. They want to feel like you connect with what they experience. This is hard because sagittarius are light. We don’t like things pulling us down. We also don’t want to be made to do or feel any thing because of someone else. We are independent. We often choose to encourage, cheer and aid others… but to a pisces this is insulting. You’ll need to do the most changing. Pisces like and need consistency. There emotions are deep, intense and constant helps them regulate. Sagittarius are not known for meeting emotional needs of pisces so he will need bed to learn healthy ways to meet his needs or their is a possibility for emotional affairs. sagittarius will need to avoid the flirting situation and light fun chat that is her comfort zone and a need if her pisces is jealous or she finds his deep weighted feelings are to much, could lead to problems. Best of luck to all. Be true to you.

  17. Kay June 1st, 2019

    I’m a sagittarius woman and I’ve been with my Pisces man for about 3 and a half years. Him and I have our ups and downs. As long as him and I are communicating with each other we can get through any situation. Him and I are in love with one another, we love spending time together. My Pisces man is a clown he can make me laugh every single day even on we low days.

  18. Anna May 15th, 2019

    I am a sagittarius. I have been with my pisces since September 29th, 2018. We have our ups and downs but it is now May 15th, 2019. We still love each other and have been trying for a little one… But so far no luck on it.

    • Sharon Littlejohn May 17th, 2019

      I Love my Pisces man but it’s been a lot of ups and downs and now complications as well, we have been with each other for a little over 2 years and he tells me he loves me and has no doubts about my feelings but he’s a complicated man and sometimes I wonder about his feelings for me. I hope he’s being honest about his feelings We do enjoy each other a lot when we are together. I hope your wants and dreams come true for both of you.

  19. FemaleCentaurus May 10th, 2019

    I am a Sagittarius female and I have been dating a pisces male for about 3 months now. So far we get along great, we laugh, have fun, go out, hang out, and we seem to have a lot in common. In the sex department we were having a few problems in the beginning, due to the pisces shyness. However, with a little Sagittarius wit I took care of our little bedroom problem. I truly hope that this relationship will continue for a very long time cause I love my pisces man very much. I also think that there is great potential for a Horse and Fish relationship. I give this compatibility 5 stars!

  20. Thelonelybee March 16th, 2019

    Hello beauties. So it’s been three years now since I first commented on the site about my Pisces man (Feb 27) and I (Dec 17) . Sometimes Love comes at the most unlikely times, when you least expect it and you find yourself so involved with this new person (for some a person whose always been around). It seems just like yesterday that I wrote the first comment about him, so to say three years has passed with him is strange but beautiful. He still has mostly all the characteristics of a pisces: dreamy, introverted, selfless, caring. He’s so good to me and supportive when I’m growing through something tough and I love him so much. We just recently got through a hurdle of constant bickering and annoyance and we both realized it was due to past things that we never really talked about. So we spent days talking about the unspoken, and we understand eachother a bit more now. No matter what sign you are, communication is a great thing. Depending on what signs you and your lover are will determine how smoothly communication goes. For him and I it’s not always the smoothest, but our love for eachother is what holds us, and the way we are comfortable and laugh all the time and want to see eachother. We’re always being silly and expressing ourselves. He reads a lot and likes to talk about the books to me and sometimes I’ll ask him to read them out loud to me while I shower, cook, or am just relaxing on the couch. He loves it and turns into a kid, he’ll read all night if I don’t say something. I’m not a typical sagittarius, I have a lot of everything else in my chart, especially water. So I can be very sensitive and clingy. I don’t party but I like to have fun and go on adventures. I love writing and talking about any and everything. Sometimes I’m overly talkative and bubbly, but he adjusts well. And then other times I’m a bit aggressive, snappy, and quiet. But I’m pretty consistent and usually talkative with him. I work a full time job and a part time and mostly love spending free time with my love. He has more air then anything, and he has a lot of Aquarius traits. Stubborn, prideful, humanitarian, manly, talkative. But mostly I see traits of my sweet pisces. He stares at me a lot, and doesn’t like choosing where we eat or go. Very go with the flow type of guy and has came up with a tactic when I ask him what to eat or where to go. He’ll say a random thing or place that I usually will say no to and then say “well you told me to pick and I did, so don’t ask again” lol We still live two hours away from eachother because I found a nice job seven months ago and he still attends college with a semester and a half left. I’m hoping once he graduates we’re still strong and he proposes. We both talk about marriage all the time, but sometimes he says he’d like to wait until he knows where he’s going to be in his career. Slow and steady he is. He still wants to be a musician, and is working on music to release right now. We both want to wait on kids until late 20s, early 30s but who knows. We want to travel is why and find ourselves completely and want to be completely selfless for our kids when they arrive. Our love making is so different each time, but we both completely turn eachother on. He likes to touch, and I like to cuddle. We both like kisses. He likes random ones, they make him smile. And he loves a lot of affection and reassurance. I love to give it so it’s great. I just hope we can always communicate and be honest. I hope you and your love is going well. Thank you for reading.

    • Danita March 31st, 2019

      Gosh ms lady we sound so much alike! Especially when you described yourself, You described me also!! 😊
      I Just recently reconnected with my Piece’s man, and i am loving every moment of it!!

      • Thelonelybee September 26th, 2019

        I hope all is well with you and your Pisces!

    • Tracy May 16th, 2019

      Im a Sagittarius woman (Dec 17) and my Pisces man (Mar 1) he is a very sweet caring and giving man we been together for 3 years in the beginning we bickered a lot but now we get along very well. I love that he understands my when i get veey blunt with some of the things i say .He does not judge me he has always been in my corner when im going through hard times and he us a very good lover . He also talks to me and not AT me he doesn’t try to control me he lets me be me and i love that

      • sharonlittlejohn03 May 17th, 2019

        You described my Pisces Lover but sometimes it drives me nuts that he is nonchalant and Kool I love his listening skills and the fact that he actually listens Oh Man that just makes me Love him even more and when he told me that he was in Love with me I almost fainted…LOL but he has some issues that he should improve on.

      • sharonlittlejohn03 May 17th, 2019

        Oh by the way I’m (Nov.25) and He is (Mar.8)

      • Thelonelybee November 26th, 2020

        How are you and your Pisces ?

    • Soah December 22nd, 2019

      This is interesting. I am a december 17 sag, and I am quite introverted and a bit emotional. I definitely have Sagittarius qualities, but I am not the part animal, completely detached type that everyone things Sags are. I am not in love with a pisces (or anyone for the matter), but I find myself very attracted towards piesces personalities in general. I have several pisces in my life, not in a romantic way though. I seem to get along best with them and Leos. There are occasional tensions and frictions. I am a bit blunt and irritable. Piesces can be slightly passive-aggressive or stubidly stubborn. But they are important to me so we try to understand each other and manage through it all.

      Good luck with your pisces man. This comment made me smile.

  21. Gina January 29th, 2019

    I don’t like his insults, which I find humiliating, but his appeal in tenderness is much longer lasting than I thought it would be. He’s clearly accustomed to having his way, and I don’t like spoiled, bratty, extroverted chauvinistic behavior, but when we have fun together, I honestly think there’s nothing better.

  22. David December 27th, 2018

    Im not sure about these guys yall are dating but that’s not a pisces your dating! Maybe something traumatic happened to them or they were born under another son or moon but Pisces love pleasing others, especially sexually. Most wear their heart on their sleeves. You definately will not need to ask or have a second thought if a pisces is in love with you or if you are in a relationship. The way he treats you will be unmatched compared to others. We are very sensitive and are always in tune with others feelings. If you meet or are dating an abusive pisces run, leave…that one is definitely broken!

    • Barrister January 4th, 2019

      The fool that wrote this has no idea of what a true pisces is. He has probably obvious been through rejection a few times. Do not take any notice of what it wrote as a real pisces would not say things like this. A pisces is intelligent and the troll that wrote this is bitter toward the sign.

    • LuckyL March 28th, 2019

      Oh yeah I definitely agree I was with an abusive Pisces that was broken from childhood events. All I got was blaming everyone for his mistakes and the victim play when all the while he was the perpetrator. He was a liar, cheater, manipulator, and insecure as hell. All of his relationships seemed to go the same way ours did. If he had a person that was naive and easily manipulated that would be a perfect match for him.

    • jazmyn June 19th, 2019

      I think you just describe my Pisces. I think he’s really broken. One minute he’s ok then next he’s real mean. He can be very sweet then the next he like to insult me. We can talk everyday on the phone for hours or text back and forth all day. Then we go a whole week without talking. He would ghost on me. Then he would call or text stating he misses me. I’m very confuse with him. We been dating for a year now. I’m falling for him and I know he had mention before he have a a lot of feeling for me. Knowing a Pisces he’s probably cuddle up with someone else right now 🙁

      • sharonlittlejohn03 June 19th, 2019

        Jazmyn, My Pisces is very mild-mannered and rarely gets angry but has very strong convictions and voice them strongly and it’s very hard for them to be faithful even when they are much older I have been through this with him especially for the first year then things got better for a while then here we go again because come to find out when we first met there was someone in his life that he was seeing but cheated on with me I was hurt because he lied when I asked him in the beginning if he had someone in his life. I fell in Love with this lying cheating man because he was Kind Gentle a Good listener a Good conversationalist charming. Hun keep your eyes on him because if he’s ghosting most likely he’s seeing someone else. The Best of Luck to you-you are going to need it.

  23. In love with Pisc. Man December 2nd, 2018

    I started dating a Pices two years ago I’m a Sag. Very true …they don’t like to get into their feelings which makes our relationship hard. We separated because even though our passion is great our communication sucks. I’m straight forward and he’s very sensitive. It was love at first sight and I miss him severely. Being independent and very strong minded I won’t reach out..he will reach out but won’t let me know how much he misses’s a constant roller coaster..if I could give any advice to Pices Man..get out your feelings and Go get your Woman. Sag Women love hard ..we’re adventurous..and we want you to experience Life with us outside the box

  24. Anonymous. November 17th, 2018

    I’m a Sag woman, been together with a Pisces man for 3 years. My man is terribly mean to me and just doesn’t fulfill the basic role of a boyfriend. He doesn’t even compliment me, he is always pointing out whatever he feels is wrong with me and compares me to other girls. He says the most heartbreaking things. Every time I try leaving him, that’s the only time he talks about his love for me. Barely shows any affection, doesn’t do anything nice for me. Whenever I try to make changes or ask him to do something nice for me he always feels like I’m complaining. I’m just hurting inside and I don’t ever think he’ll understand how much his carelessness towards me, mean remarks, showing zero appreciation makes me feel. Sex is always only ever about his pleasure. For 2 out of 3 years I’ve been suffering and at times gone into deep depression because of how he treats me. Please pray for me, I’ve been trying to leave this non-loving relationship.

    • Anonymous. November 17th, 2018

      Comment continued……..
      There was a time last year I even isolated myself from people close to me because all I wanted to do was cry my soul out. I would just attend lectures because I had to but always avoided bumping into people after classes because all I wanted to do was just go to my room and cry for hours everyday. I cried everyday for 5 months. My boyfriend was a monster. He’s a bit better now. But I’m still trying to leave. How he treated me and how he made me feel was and still is unforgivable. My only intention was to love him. Fuck that Pisces fish. His heart is very black.

      • Its Kay November 20th, 2018

        I went through the same thing, I married him and a day into our first honeymoon he was cruel. This lasted everyday for six months until recently. Ive learned he has a difficult time identifying his feelings and instead of holding himself responsible for his actions, he lashes out against me. Its something we are working on…. let me know how everything works out for you.

        Also, just something you might need to hear. No abuse, physical or even verbal is okay. NOTHING justifies abuse. Zodiac sign or not.

      • sharonlittlejohn03 February 3rd, 2019

        Thanks for all the replies we are drifting apart because he chose Riches of another woman over Love the Love he said he had for me I’m hurt and trying to get through it He has a lot of financial problems and lost a lot of his belongings including a house. I still Love and want him he was always nice and Loving to me and the Sex was out of this world.

    • Schuyler Skyi December 1st, 2018

      I don’t trust your comment here

    • Sharon Littlejohn December 22nd, 2018

      I feel you and my situation is somewhat the same and it’s going into 2 years and Yes Sex is of the utmost to them and they will get it from whoever is willing to give it to them and they always have more than one woman and always looking for another one. What keeps us tied to them is they are very Charismatic and Passionate and when they are with you they make you feel like you are the only one in their Life.

    • Alexis Royer December 26th, 2018

      Get away from him…. He’s not going and won’t change. If he truly loved you, you wouldn’t be feeling this. I’ve been there and you know my time is too precious to waste it on some asshole that doesn’t give a shit about me. You deserve a hell of a lot better then that and he does NOT deserve you! Dump his ass, move forward and don’t you dare look back!

    • David December 27th, 2018

      That’s not a pisces your dating! Pisces love pleasing others, especially sexually. Maybe something traumatic happened to that one.

      • Barrister January 4th, 2019

        This David kid is a total loser

      • sharonlittlejohn03 January 13th, 2019

        He’s very Pleasing sexually and spoils me but he has a lot of other things going that conflicts with our relationship and other women that he feels obligated to.

    • Anonymous February 19th, 2019

      Don’t date them, I’m a sagg and he never tells me how much he misses me until I separate away from him . We dated for 2 years and it’s been so terrible. They are very possessive and don’t want to even see you look at no one else. They’re hypocrites because they’ll do you the way they would dread being treated. We could never talk it’s always “We’ll talk about it later” then later never comes. Just saying LEAVE while you can that’s a very toxic relationship.

  25. Dingdong September 24th, 2018

    I just hate them, on my experience most pisces man are suck they act like they cool by flirt with many girl and break their heart, so better run away from this stupid annoying fish, and i prefer scorpio man, scorpio are better

  26. Thelonelybee March 16th, 2018

    Hi everyone. Hope all is well…Real love is beautiful, it’s pure and it’s bliss. It’s there for you even when life gets so hard and confusing and you no longer feel like yourself. True love reminds you who you are everyday and never stops reminding you that to them you are just this, true love. It’s almost been another year since I’ve updated you all on my pisces man (February 27th) and I (December 17th). I love him so much, for him I would go to war. But lately I’ve been so fearful of our future together because I may be moving a way for a job soon. We were both in college when we got together and he still has another year but I’ve graduated (May 2017). I’ve really been in my head a lot lately because I’m not sure what to do. Our relationship is great, but we both have our moments of selfishness. But we are best friends and always talk it out. He’s so good to me and treats me with so much care and kindness. He has a dominant personality, and has a way of making me feel so warm and safe. And our love making is so sensual and sexy. I can tell that he gets in his head a lot because he’s really been focused on reaching his goals of being a music engineer/producer. I believe in him so much. Our love has definitely grown since the first time I posted, and he is definitely a pisces. He surprised me with flowers and chocolates at my place of work this year and always caters to my needs. Right now I’m just learning how to control my temper and emotions. And learning to do things without him sometimes since for the past two years we’ve literally been inseparable. We laugh all the time and talk so much when we’re together. We play a lot, and every night with him is like a sleepover with my bf. I hope things work for my love and I, as well as all of you.

    • Tia November 20th, 2018

      That is awesome to hear! I just have just started talking to my Pisces man about 2 months ago and he came down from WI to TX for my birthday party and I had so much fun with him. We talk all the time and sometime for hours and I just enjoy the way he is with me. He is trying to get a transfer to TX and I really hope that happens. I think you and your Love will work it out and continue to be together. Sometime us Sagittarius people can over think things. He told me to stop that. Reading about your honey and the way he is with you is exactly how I was treated this weekend. Good Luck with your future.

      • Thelonelybee November 21st, 2018

        Hi Tia. I hope the best for you two. My pisces man and I are still so much in love. We have are problems but it has grown so much. You’re right about the over thinking, as I do this all the time, but I say be honest with him and let him know how you feel at all times. I hope you two go the distance <3

      • sharonlittlejohn03 December 22nd, 2018

        Thanks for your response me and my Pisces man in a few months it will be 2 years but let me tell you it has not been fun it’s been a rollercoaster with the down spiral Don’t get me wrong when we are together he’s very passionate a very good listener Attentive and Patient but a womanizer and I’m finding it very hard to believe him OH they are very smart in their moves and plan every step they make I’m in Love with him now and he just said those 3 words for the first time last week…I Love You but I’m caught now in the middle of should I stay or should I go.

      • Thelonelybee March 16th, 2019

        Hi Tia,

        I hope all things are well.

  27. Bridget Ferguson December 1st, 2017

    Im I’m a sag woman ive know my pieces for 3 yrs and we we started talking it was love at first sight at first my sis kept tryna come between and we fell off but he would ALWAYS make sure I was ok..ive always loved this man we he’s my knight and shinning armor..anyways something bad happened to me recently and he saved me as he ALWAYS does and we’re together I BE DAMNED IF HE SLIP THOUGH THE CRACKS THIS TIME LOL im in love and I haven’t been this happy n a yr oh and we’re expecting !!!

  28. Lisa November 25th, 2017

    I’m a sag female just started dating a pisces male our attraction wasn’t instant cause at first he had me lost cause all he would do is stare at me

    But once I started talking to him its like the fire started from there and every time we are together it grows stronger I’m trying not to get to attached to quick but so far so good

  29. Sharon Littlejohn September 18th, 2017

    I have been dating this Pisces man now for 6 mths it took 6 mths before we spent 2 nights together at my place. I falling for him we communicate and talk every day and our kisses and Lovemaking is out of this world now he’s older than me. How can I keep his attention?

  30. FruityCutie August 25th, 2017

    I like a Pisces guy and I’m a saggi but where only 14 but the way he be looking at me I don’t know how to feel Cause i kinda like him

  31. Cassidy June 6th, 2017

    I’m a pisces man. In love with a sag woman.

    I had a really hard time showing my affection to her. Like she wanted me to surprise (love letters.. take her out, and stuff like that) But im jobless, and atm im putting all my time into music. I know i messed up, because i was scared of getting hurt again and i have a… weird view on love (i dont care where we are or what we do, as long as it is with her. I dont need gifts and surprises i just want to know that i’m the only one she wants. Her devotion.. her time)

    But im a mess now.. i told her i wanted to marry her one day… she needed more, and is togheter with another guy know….

    There’s a lot more story. Like i trust her, but when we were togheter she went to dinner at her ex boyfriend and slept there… and that made me feel like, i wasn’t enough.. which i cleary wasnt atm.

    I want her back so bad. And i will make her my wife one day, when my… “plans/ambitions” have played out.

    • Dk August 6th, 2017

      hey forget her i m in marriage with a sag and couldn’t find peace at all in our marriage it’s better to forget her rather than crying everyday why did you chose her …coz for her material stuff matters most of the time.

  32. Thelonelybee May 22nd, 2017

    Hi, everyone. Just giving an update on my pisces man (feb. 27th) and I (dec. 17th.) It’s been over a year since I expressed to you all my love for my pisces man and now we’re more in love than we were then. We have dealt with a lot of bumps in the road since then, a lot of arguing and disagreements but we are learning more and more everyday how to be nicer to one another and to be patient. He has grown to be my best friend, and now we’re living together. He’s still so kind and patient and he is always helping me with things I need and helping me around the apartment. Whatever I ask of him, there is never a no. Unless he is incapable. I love him so much and I am very hopeful that we will go the distance.

  33. Alfredo 3848 January 15th, 2017

    Ok girls & boys, I think you are making this way too hard. I’m like the last fellow to post in this string, I’m a Pisces man who is not shy by choice. We all have our base “sign” strengths & weaknesses, however the greater part of who we are has been shaped by our experiences and so it is for your partner. Example; as a Pisces man, I continue to hold onto some vestige of that base shyness. While I have no problem in telling my partner I love her or showing her affection in public, I have no problem with the physical act of love making and am not shy in the least about it. That old vestige of shyness will return when it comes to verbalizing to my partner what I would like for her to do in the bedroom. It’s certainly not a problem as with a SAG , she is so natural and take charge anyway, it never comes into play. My Sag girl is so wonderful, we have been together for almost 4 years. When we are together, whether its for dinner, a walk in the park or making love, it seems that only an hour had passed but we look at our watch and are always surprised that 3-5 hours had passed. When its time to part, we don’t want to go. Yes, she is married and is raising 2 wonderful teenagers. As she was growing up she endured 4 divorces by her mom and swore she would never do that to her children. As most of us do, when we met , we never dreamed we would develop feelings for one another and certainly no fall in love. We both realize our time is running short with each other, I’m 65 and she just turned 41. I’ve never met a woman with a heart as pure as hers, as honest of a woman she is, very intelligent, independent, confident & as sure of herself as anyone I’ve ever met. There again, unlike most Pisces individuals , my life was spent having to make every decision in both my business and family life that was ever made. It has been so refreshing to find this wonderful woman who not only did not mind making all the decisions where she & I were concerned, but they would have been the same decisions I would have made. Her natural intelligence has been surpassed by no one I’ve ever met, male or female, again for me this has been a sheer delight.
    For this Pisces man and this Sagittarius woman, this has been a beautiful match.
    Just a warning for the typical Pisces man, you had better grow a thick skin, a Sag’s tongue can cut as sharp as a two edged sword and is done so swiftly, she usually never even knows she hurt your feelings, and don’t expect an apology as she thinks she has done nothing wrong. If you are thin skinned, you will never survive her pure honest opinions of you and what you either did or didn’t do. The best thing you can do is to let it roll over you like water off a duck’s back………….if you really want to gain her respect and admiration, within that same day using that same incident and in an honest and sincere way, allow your tongue to return the favor. A Sag is smart enough to know exactly what you just did & her admiration for you just moved up 3 or 4 notches!!
    Good luck to all you Pisces & Sagittarius guys and gals. If you are successful at making your relationship work, you will have one of the more rewarding loves on the planet & neither of you will ever be bored!!

  34. LovetobeinLove58 August 3rd, 2016

    Hi, I was reading this and found it interesting.
    What these pisces men are saying is that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and therefore they do not like to say a few words like ‘I love you’ or ‘yes, we are in a relationship’.
    But isn’t taking the time to understand another person’s feelings and swallowing your pride and doing something you DON’T WANT TO DO, a selfless action, even if it just the act of speaking?
    If you are a Pisces man in a relationship with a sagittarius woman, and you understand she is the sort of person who values direct and open communication, is it a too big a pill to swallow to say ‘yes, we’re in a relationship’, especially if you know how much it means to her? Conceding that point, is that not also an action in itself? I mean all she wants is to hear a couple of words…
    okay so “I love you” is a bit too heavy for you… but at least a small acknowledgment of the relationship?
    I’m mainly saying this because, don’t you think you’re lucky to be in a relationship with a sagittarius? They’re vibrant, adventurous, loving, loyal, very romantic and great in bed (so I’ve heard). They can be your ultimate romantic fantasy…
    Some of the women of the other zodiac signs can be controlling, jealous, constrictive, want to ‘wear the pants’ etc. and after all you’re a gentle Pisces so it’s easy for them to have their way with you.
    But Sagittarius are chilled, they don’t try and control you or tell you you can’t meet your friends, etc. they have their down sides as well, but who doesn’t – and they’re a mutable sign so they do their best to adapt to you… you want to give that up because it’s too hard to to say a few words just to ease her worries? Really?

  35. Thelonelybee March 18th, 2016

    I am a sagittarius woman (December 17th) 21 years of age and I am currently dating a Pisces man (February 27th); he’s 20. In my eyes he is perfect in every way a human can be perfect. He is soft spoken, very laid back, very easy going and cool. He’s always up for anything that I randomly suggest and he’s quite unpredictable. We just recently began dating this year on February 14th, Valentines Day. This is when he confessed his feelings for me, by tricking me into coming to his place to “help him with something.” He surprised me by having a beautiful display of chocolates, a bear, and a card; the lights were also set low. When I asked him why he was doing all of this for me he just replied that I deserved great things. I was very confused and surprised being that prior to this day I had no idea about his feelings for me. We were just mutual friends who only hung out when our other two friends were present. Before Valentines day, we kidded with eachother a lot, and were kind of rude to eachother but in a joking way. Although one day he did kind of strike a serious nerve with me because of his “whatever” type of attitude towards things. That’s one trait about him that I like but it also can fustrate me at the same time, especially when I ask him a question and he doesn’t answer because he feels like I’ll just forget I asked. We worked out together a few times in the gym and that is when he kind of started showing some interest but I still didn’t take it too serious because I saw him as the player type since he is so sweet and attractive, he also gets a bit of attention from the ladies. So I just shook his flirtatious gestures off. Once I also kind of got an attitude with him, and I think he liked it and then the next day he invited me to the strip club lol. We had a blast, and then 4 days later it was Valentines and there he was, heart on his sleeve confessing his feelings for me. Every since then he’s been so sweet, paying for everything and always offering to do things for me like taking me to get food; he’s always asking if I am hungry. I enjoy his gentleman like sentiments very much but sometimes he is very hard to understand.  I have never dated a guy like him before, I often attract guys like him but then I end up going for the outspoken ones, who are more of the pretty boy type and keep up with their appearance. He is so manly to me and has a rough edge about him that attracts me towards him so much. He makes me feel so girly sometimes, especially when he kiddingly bosses me around. There can sometimes be some issues with understanding eachother. I even told him that sometimes I feel like we’re fire and ice because we don’t agree on much, I mean literally. If I say up.. he says down. I say left, he’s says right and it can get fustrating, but….. when I am with him I feel so balanced and I can honestly say I have never felt this way with a guy ever before and it makes me truly happy that I gave him a chance. Then again sometimes I get so inside my head that the thought of going the distance with him scares me so much mainly because how hurt I’ve been in the past. But he takes time to understand all of my hurts, and all of my feelings. He’s always asking me questions as if he wants to be inside of my head with me. Sometimes I feel like the Pisces when it comes to my emotions but that could be because I have a lot of water in my natal chart. Another thing is that I told him from the beginning that I was practicing abstinence and he did not care what so ever. He said he was just so happy that I saw him as more than a friend because he never thought I would. Although I know he’s being sweet about my practices now, I feel it could arouse a problem. But he’s always saying really sweet things to me and he actually opens up quite a bit concerning his emotions but he usually only does it when I get really quiet, and I get quiet a lot because I am always in my head. I am really curious as to where our love can go. I feel like he is such a wonderful person in and out, although he admitted that sometimes he can be cold (which I will keep in mind). I can be blunt but I am very good at holding it in, I am always on the go but I enjoy staying in cuddled up under him more than anything. Lately I have been randomly texting him saying ” I need a hug” and he’ll always reply “I’m capable of doing that” so I go and we literally stay up all night talking or watching movies, joking, or just saying nothing and simply enjoying eachothers prescence. I’m always observing him. We already told eachother we loved eachother, and as afraid as I am of being hurt or not being what he really needs, I am going to woman up and give him a shot because he is so wondeful despite our small differences and desrves the that is what I will try and give him. A little more about his personality though. When you first meet him he comes off very quiet and soft spoken, and he kind of has this serious edge about him that is very sexy, his eyes are also so dreamy, that is what first got me hooked and also him being so understanding. He is very nonverbal but speaks when he feels passionate about something, but he is more of a listener than a speaker when you first meet him. It’s like if you’re quiet he talks but if you’re speaking he’s all ears for as long as you feel like speaking. He’s not openly social but if you speak to him he can be quite friendly, he mostly just does his own thing though, not really into to “fitting in” or being around huge crowds. He’s an artist and loves music, and he is so sweet and poetic. He comes off as very misunderstood, and I love that the most about him because I feel that I am misunderstood all the time although I have never told him this. … I say that if you’re a sagittarius woman having trouble with a pisces man, just to always be your honest self around him because they’re so intuituve and observant that they can spot fake energy from a mile away. Be open with your emotions and try to be understanding toward him when he is not, always be patient with him and don’t try forcing anything. Pisces is a wonderful sign and I am hoping the best for me and him.

    • Sharon Littlejohn December 23rd, 2018

      Thank You! You spoke the word out of my mouth and it sounded like you were talking about my Pisces and everything you have experienced with your Pisces I have experienced. We have been seeing each other for almost 2 yrs and there have been times when I wanted to say Quit it’s been a rollercoaster ride with him but I melt when he comes around and I Love him so much but last week was the first time he said “I Love You” I’m like WOW! and has said it again like it’s easy for him now to say. He’s 75 and in excellent shape plays Basketball and softball and works PT he has so much stamina in the bedroom it’s Amazing. I hope we all stay in Love…I’ll be praying for us both and for me to common down some.

  36. Straightshooter February 7th, 2016

    I’ve been married to a Pisces man for 27 yrs and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs. All of it is true, the confusion, indecisiveness, sensitive nature of my fish. I cannot stand the indecisiveness and need to make a decision soon and move on to the next thing. It has been a challenge as we are complete opposites. I’m very vocal and like to tell it like it is and my arrows pierce the fishes heart wounding him to the point that he cannot speak to me for weeks.
    I never believed in horoscopes, but the more I’m reading on the sag woman- piscean man compatibility, all of it sounds so much like the two of us.

    • Thelonelybee November 24th, 2020

      Hi straight shooter, how are you and your Pisces doing? I always wonder what your birthdays are?

  37. Black_Ice44872 June 29th, 2015

    Hello, all! I am a 32 year-old, Pisces Man, dating a seductively-sweet, intelligent, and down-to-earth Sagittarius woman! I would like to take a few minutes of your time to voice My personal opinion… If I may…
    Me, being a Dominant Pisces (RARE as that seems to be, seeing as “by nature” MOST Pisces are considered submissive in personality…), I have no hesitations about making decisions, and am quite vocal, NOT shy… *Light Laughter* I’m a “Take Charge” kind of Guy… And, My Sag girl was initially attracted to Me, because I was straightforward with her. I told her after a week of talking on a daily-basis, that I was “Going to make her Mine…”. she was, at that time, a bit skeptical about that. But, I knew I wanted her! she played a little hard-to-get for another week or so… But, We continued to speak every day. I was devoted to showing her that she was MORE than deserving of a love that glows radiantly and warms her heart and soul. I love her with ALL that I am. she caters to My needs, on all planes, and vice-versa. she is Mine, as I am hers… I cherish her adventurous side and sparkling personality! she is an AMAZING woman, and I REFUSE to let a day go by without showing her how much she means to Me! *BIG Smile!* I believe, with good communication, sincere devotion, and trust… ANY relationship can work. But, nothing WORTH having… Is obtained EASILY or WITHOUT work. So… MAKE IT WORK! I have found no GREATER LOVE than the one I have seen within My spicy Sagittarius woman! Indeed! ?

  38. twintail March 31st, 2015

    Hey franky..thanks for ur response. Sorry u feel that way or that he gets along better with ur scorpio friend. Usually thats the case coz scorpio can give him the emotional security. Frankly I try to stay away from scorpios as I find them too controlling and saggys give me space when I need it. Unfortunately im already inlove with my saggy. I know no matter what happens we will always be friends which is also fine for me. I find it hard to talk about my feelings to him. Coz he turns most things into a joke. Though I really want to tell him how I feel. 🙂 hes my sunshine! right now im just keeping it light hearted and fun. Though he does try my patience most times. P.s dont fear the scorpio…he probably does like u most Pisces love sag. I have friends are pisces/sag who are married its tough but they are such cool laid back couples. Good luck. Follow ur heart!

  39. Fra-The-Archer March 29th, 2015

    Thanks so much for your insight. I have done a lot of thinking recently and I have decided that at the moment it may not be best for me to rock the boat as there is a lot at stake. As long as I can be his friend and be there for him like he is for me, then maybe that’s all I will ever have but its something. In all honesty I think he wouldn’t pick me if he was single as he seems to get on really really well with a scorpio friend of ours. He is very shy. In fact I think perhaps it would do him good to be single and work out what he wants, as he hasn’t been single for years on end. As long as he’s happy, that’s one of the main concerns for me. I don’t think he is now and I hope that he can find some happiness soon.
    Thanks again. I’m sorry your sagittarius male isn’t more committed right now but it does sound like he likes you an awful lot :). Take care of yourself and don’t let his firey ways mess you about. 

  40. twintail March 27th, 2015

    Hi franky…im a pisces chic and in love with a sagittarius male. We are just friends coz it seems thats the way he wants it. We have slept together and theres always an undeniable attraction when we are together. He always bringsup asking me if I could see myself with him and I say yes. Though when I ask him he just says hes not ready for a relationship and loving himself right now. My advice to u is to sit him down and tell him exactly how u feel before he gets married. its sure  as hell worth the chance. With a pisces u have to make ur feelings known for him to open up about how he feels coz we are kinda shy lol. We tend to take calculated risks and dont like rejection. If u dont want to do that just ask him how he feels about u he will tell u. see u get options lol we tend to make a big fuss about our partners and when we do decide to commit its usually a big deal. Yet we will give u space and freedom coz we too need our freedom. Well sometimes we may come off as cold its coz we are afraid of being hurt. Thats all I have for now. Feel free to contact me 

  41. Fra-The-Archer March 20th, 2015

    It sounds like he’s interested Whitney. I would keep chatting and maybe even ask if he would like to meet for lunch or at the breaktime. In my experience Pisces men are sometimes unsure of themselves, but very lovely. I would persist gently. He may be feeling uncertain himself, but wants to continue getting to know you. Don’t be afraid to take risks in life and go for people who you like. Don’t fear rejection as we would never get anywhere if we did :). Forget the cancer friend incident.
    Hannah- its sounds like he’s in love with you and wants to keep that connection definitely. If you care about him don’t delete him, just unsubscribe from his posts.
    I have a Pisces male friend who I think I am in love with. He was quite awkward when I first knew him, but over 3 years we have really developed a lovely state of being. The trouble is he has a gf and I am dreading the day if he gets married. I will be heartbroken. The trouble is he never mentioned her and by the time I found out I had fallen hard. We have amazing chats. Because we both do rather challenging jobs in public sector we understand each other and I can discuss things with him that other people don’t want to talk about. I know we have a connection, but I also feel like he is a little in awe of me. He always compliments me, but yet seems afraid to say too much. That sounds so arrogant, but its true and he constantly says I’m too clever or too good for most men. I think its a compliment, but at the same time I hate it because I don’t want to be distanced from him or for him to think I’m too good for him. I genuinely don’t see myself that way. My fear is he gets on better with scorpios. I just worry I will loose him forever.
    He is extremely frustrating and disorganised, but I find myself feeling guilty when I get cross with his crazy last minute changes as he tries to juggle 200 things or jobs! We have so many shared values though I wish I could see what a relationship would be like with him. He shows so much sensitivity and kindness to others. He has an other-worldly quality to him, but what is so endearing is he can’t see how beautiful or talented he is and constantly puts himself down. I wish I could tell him how I really see him, but I have to do a poker face at the moment as I know its not the right time. He remembers everything I say. Its like he saves up loads of stuff to tell me and blurts it all out and keeps me chatting for ages. There is a mutual fascination and interest. Sometimes we look at each other and I have to really correct myself about what I’m doing. He is definitely a dreamer and says a lot rather than does, but I like listening to what he wants to do in life. Fire and water= steam.
    My mum is a Sagi and Dad is Pisces and they have a wonderful relationship (even though there are sometimes disagreements) so deep down I know it could work between our signs. Two of my best female friends and a cousin are also Pisces and although we are very different, we have a great support for each other and can talk for hours about anything and everything. Its a combination that shouldn’t work on paper, but it does. 
    Its hard. I don’t know if I can ever say anything. The trouble is I like to shoot those arrows out to the target and get it if I can, but in this situation I have to have restraint which is alien to me…

  42. Redheadwee88 February 19th, 2015

    Okay bear with me I am new at this, I need to vent and need some insight. I recently started working at a hospital in the Pharmacy department and its a small hospital. I was training for my job and kinda became friends with a RN on the Surgical floor. I mentioned to one of my co-workers that I thought he was cute and she mentioned he was single. And you guessed it, I figured out he was a Pisces and I am a Sagittarius. Oi vey was my first thought. 
        So the past six months we’ve made small talk here and there but we cant really talk too much, cause I feel like if we chatted too long one of us is bound to get into trouble with either of our bosses. He comes to the Pharmacy quite a bit and thats where we talk the most but its no longer than 10 min. And hes VERY shy, timid and softspoken. But also very considerate and nice. I feel like its kinda a curse cause both of us are very shy, I know which is shocking for a Sag, a Dragon Sag no less, but I can have my outbursts :D.    
    Anyways I guess the main thing is, is I dont know how I can show him that he can trust me. Like the other comments I’ve noticed that he holds back quite a bit and is very cordial at work. It seems when hes either alone with me or a co-worker that he kinda opens up and has an awesome sense of humor.
    Like as others have said about Pisces I want to know what he is thinking!!!! Its driven me to drink somedays cause I know when he comes in the Pharmacy I can feel him looking in my direction. Hes asked me a number of times how’s work coming along and he knows exactly where to find me. 
    Though on the other hand, I dont know if I am ready for another relationship. I’ve just come out of a controlling friendship with an old roomate and just before that I had admitted my feelings to one of my best friends (He was a Cancer) and he apologetically turned me down. I am so scared…so scared to do this all over again, to try to trust someone again. Ive been pondering these past aquaintences with this Pisces man and my gut is telling me to for now to keep being his friend. After talking with him each time I dont know if its my heart or my mind telling me its a good thing, that I dont have doubts or a bad feeling about him. Ugh I am just so scared. I like being independent, doing the things to keep me a float and focusing on work. Im trying really hard not to over-think this which I already am but if anyone could shine some light, it’d be greatly appriciated. 

    • Rissa April 16th, 2023

      Hi I’m a 35 year old Saggy Female Nov 27 ..full blown Saggy glitz and glimmer.. My Pieces Bae is 43 March 10 .. we have not been together long.. but one thing i can tell you is that they are loyal tender hearted individuals that will go after what they want… but humor me not they do not waste time so if he is showing interest take a leap of faith as my Pisces bae told me… I guarantee you .. he will be a partner for life.. but be gentle with him there delicate… Enjoy life its too short..xoxo

  43. marisol33 February 17th, 2015

    I’m a sag female now in a 7 month relationship with a Pisces man. We live together and are fully committed. So here’s my advice, I met him at a point where I just let go and left it to a greater power. The minute I stopped obsessing over love it appeared. Things to keep in mind, Pisces men are more daydreamers and adventurers where we sags are steadfast and detailed so there in lies room for struggle BUT the steadfastness and strength of a sag woman can be extremely alluring as long as you remember to embrace his lightheartedness. Don’t get frustrated when you don’t understand his actions, instead take charge and tell him the next time you will see each other. What works for us is that when something is bothering me, I simply tell him cut the crap and he does and on the flip side when I’m being too straight forward he reminds me that he’s on my side and not the enemy. Both sides are very different since one’s water and one fire, as such you need to have much in common. For example he’s a Spartan racer and I’m a half marathoner so we are trying both together. He’s embraced hot yoga with me and I’ve come to love rock climbing but that’s just what works for us, my point is take the common elements and build on them and those will feed the friendship. Don’t just let the bedroom dictate the relationship, trust me half the time I’m daydreaming about our passionate love making but I remind myself that he’s more than my lover, he’s my best friend. Our friendship overshadows the intimacy and when we are intimate it makes it that much greater. So moral is….find the common ground and build upon that, if you don’t have much in common it won’t work as both sign are opposite in many ways. Sag ladies, chill and curve your criticism and Pisces men take more charge and let her know you’re into her. Friendship first… me when I say that if the love is truly there the intimacy is insane. I love him for him and he accepts me for me but all because we built on a strong foundation. Good luck and much happiness to you all.

  44. Hannah1996 January 15th, 2015

    Hi,I’ve just recently met a guy,who I really like a lot,but I’m left quite confused and don’t know which way to turn,I know I’m only young…but I really do like him,I met him just before Christmas…we really hit it off,he stayed with me at my house over the last few weeks,we had great chemistry in bed…laughed with each other and became quite close…then all of a sudden he just kind of changed…like he wasn’t interested .but he would still txt me…ask me things like who is that perv who as put a smiley face on your profile pic…asked me if lads were inboxing me….when I went to Blackpool he wanted me home and didn’t want me too stay for 2 nights so I only stayed for 1,now he’s telling me it’s not going to work because of his job coz he works away and is only home at weekends,I don’t get it,coz he knew I accepted that and the that fact he has a daughter and sings as well,he invited me to his first gig,he only sings locally…he will txt me and ask if I’m still ok,and he txt me the other day and said are you still gonna talk to me…I deleted him off Facebook coz it hurt me too much seeing his status,then he sent me another friend request so I accepted,but now I av had to delete him coz I carnt bare seeing him,but he always likes wot my mum puts on Facebook,she just recently change her profile pic to me and her and he liked it straight away,I’m so confused,but at the same time don’t know what to do…I did actually fall in love with him…but I’m confused please help

  45. Josiediaz11 November 4th, 2014

    I want to thanks for this site’s…when I had read all your comments,no more doubts…
    I am a Sagittarius girl & having a pieces boyfriend…we meet online just 2 months…we feel in love each other in a short time ,he didn’t a lot of time for me cuz he is so bucy with his work as a doct.. most of time I was thinking if he love me real….he told me I need to be more patient with him…long distance relationship it’s not easy but we trying to understand each other,to be loyal& faithful…its a way to grow a good relationship…we planning to meet by january 2015, I love pieces man,they are real…honest for what they say…..for the Sagittarius girl if your boyfriend is pieces show more love,care,patient& support with him…

  46. kaykaymc September 7th, 2014

    Wow, this is kind of accurate, I suppose. I am a sagittarius and am in a relationship with a pisces as of 2 months ago. I have to say things went pretty fast and it got serious.  I was at a bus stop, wearing a pretty skirt and then this Black Audi pulls up next to my bus stop and stops right next to me. He steps out of his car and politely introduced himself and we chatted because I decided he wasn’t being a “creep” which I usually would consider people who stop their cars for girls.. Well, he did offer a ride but I declined due to my mistrust of strangers and their cars.. lol, and he went for a hug and there I was giving this guy a hug.. who I didn’t know.. but it was almost natural. He told me, even if you told me to go away and not speak to you, I had to stop to tell you how beautiful you are and I would feel good just to have let you know that. He called me that night and after talking for two hours he said straight forwardly, “Sunday or Monday, I am taking you out, you seem great what day works for you?”. I was confused by his assertive approach for a date but I was also intrigued and quite attracted to that. So I agreed!! I am glad I did because we went to the beach and out to eat and we had the most fun and he was so sweet and giving. We spent a lot of time together and I look forward to spending more time. He had to leave the state for work and business he had to take care of, he has been gone a while but I don’t feel any different and I can do long distance as long as he still reminds me I am on his mind. Plus all the build up is going to make our reunion so much greater. He has talked about settling down with me, and creating a future and I like the ideas we share. After I finish college and get my degree I am moving to wherever he is because it is becoming clear to me that the heart is my home. Ahhh the wonders of life and romance… So far so good.

  47. Rubengeorge August 28th, 2014

    I am a very typical Pisces man.. Those 
    .. When girls say “I love you” and expect to hear it back, I tend to see this as very superficial and immature. 
    It sounds funny, but the reason why I won’t say “I love you” is because I care about you too much. I’d like you to experience something a little deeper! Not saying “I love you” is my way of inviting you away from the shallow waters and into the depths where love is much more than words. 
    When I have the most INTENSE feeling of love for a woman, I feel my whole body glowing with pure loving vibrations. Like a spa bath in my soul. Internally bubbling. However, I realize now that from the outside, when that happens, it looks a bit like I am switched off, cold, distant, or stoned. In those moments, I am certainly not cold at all!! I am so warm and full of love that my body sinks into a kind of blissful stillness. (Imagine you were really enjoying a spa bath, and you decide to close your eyes and just smile) In that state, I don’t feel like saying anything because I am in such deep love, joy and peace, and any words would disrupt that and bring me back to the surface. 
    Mind you, it’s not always bubbly love. It can also be emotions of some kind.. But either way. I am much more interested in actually feeling whatever I am feeling at that moment than speaking some words about feelings. If you were in touch with your feelings, you would know that they can’t always be wrapped up in easily defineable packages. 
    I find that many people seem to be afraid of their own feelings. If you can’t handle it, then best to leave me alone with my feelings. Alternatively, you could try sitting with me and holding my hand, then close your eyes. Let’s feel together! Let me feel what you are feeling… Try to FEEL what I am feeling. Let’s not make any assumptions based on what we see or hear.
    “It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye”. ~ The Little Prince 
    In the same way, love is invisible to the eye and inaudible for the ear… True love is deeper than what you see or what you say. 

  48. PhillyBB4L August 25th, 2014

    I enjoyed reading all these comments and stories 😀 I think I will take a chance on this Sag women after all 😉

  49. FishNSadge August 6th, 2014

    Hi Natalie…Pisces men need some space at times. It’s not your fault it’s in your nature to be passionate especially in liking your Pisces guy. We get cranky and tired as sag women heat up the water 😉 You need to be equal to him as he is to you. We like balance or we just get tired out by swimming are asses off. Balancing of Water and Fire can be done but it takes two to tango! As in any relationship, yes I agree communication is key if you want it to work. Patience and compromise is a must for sag women! LOL I know I have been with many sag ladies. Thats the fun part….you joke about it and next thing you know it’s happening. I’m not picking on you or the other sag ladies. Do yourself a favor go easy on him, just warm him up to the idea of communicating when you two are not together…but don’t call him everyday…besides he will miss you more wondering why you were not calling 😉 Find that balance along with patience and compromise…maybe you two will reward from communication dilemma!

  50. nat06438 August 5th, 2014

    Im a sag woman & I really like this pisces guy..
    But our communication sucks when were not together, in person we get along great. Im starting to that im sabotaging something good. He gets moody & is rude & I get hurt by it. We just barely started talking, I dont think he’s feeling me the way I feel for him. Very unsure & im ready to throw in the towel & not speak to him.

  51. FishNSadge August 2nd, 2014

    I’m a Pisces man and I will say for sure…when it comes to passion…especially in adventure, love and sex…hands down my choice would be with a Sagitarius woman only. Yup…it’s beyond this universe. My word of advice to my fellow Pisceans…just be open, honest and talk dirty from the heart. Also, Show Sagitarius how to understand and be patient. I don’t mean smile and give the silent treatment. Communication is key…both verbally and physically. Pisces-Sagitarius relationships are a complex match…but importantly understanding and supporting each other will go a long way…trust me I know. I’m the liberal Pisces LOL. Peace!
    Enjoy life and treat others the way you want to be treated 😀

  52. [email protected] July 8th, 2014

    Im a pisces man and im with a sagitarius women. Im gona tell you like this……us pisces know the importance of life.but when it comes the other ones turns they fail every time.we,us pisces are not just to much for people we are to much for this world….we are the truth and righteous people. And.since the world cant handle.the.truth………the truth Hurts…….but the truth will set u free…….

  53. SuziQSag July 3rd, 2014

    Thank you so much for this insight!! I have been trying for months to figure out if this Pisces guy is interested but he is so elusive i just cannot tell for sure. But after reading your post i am more confident now then ever. Thanks James :”)
    SuziQ (Sag w Pisces crush)

  54. James84 May 4th, 2014

    Hi, I’m a Pisces guy and it looks like most of the people commenting are Saggitarius women. I personally have never dated a Saggitarius woman, but I can offer some advice to everyone and please don’t crush me for speaking my mind:
    What I say may not apply to every men out there, but we aren’t actually ‘slow’ as most Saggitarius women are painting us to be.
    We are extremely observant and notice what is occuring around us- we just prefer to keep our thoughts to ourselves. However, it does not mean that we’re not responding; we simply aren’t as vocal. Everyone communicates through body language (did you know that we do most our communication through body language? 80%-93% of our thoughts and emotions are being told through body language), but Pisces use body language more than most people. That’s why we’re extremely intuitive and more emotional, so we need our partners to do the same thing- Please read our body language more often!
    Because we don’t say, “I love you” or show public affection doesn’t mean we don’t love you. I am not sure if every Pisces are elusive, but I know for a fact that I am extremely elusive and I don’t respond as frequantly as most people do. For my case, if I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t be around you in the least.
    I believe that derives from the fact that Pisces are more defensive in a romantic relatoinship. I unfortunately have a horrednous streak when it comes to relationships- the past relationships taught me to shield myself more often and not to invest too much emotions in a single person because well it hurts so much when they back-stab you. Nevertheless, we Pisces need to remind ourselves that to have someone so damn amazing and beautiful, we need to willing to face the risks just like everybody else. Some of us forget that reminder often and need to be reminded. I personally love it when I am reminded how much appreciated and loved I am because it keeps me feel secure. For Saggitarius women: if we don’t often tell you our feelings and thoughts, please remember all the sweet memories between you and your loved one. It’s in our nature to keep our thoughts to ourselves so please don’t force us to speak them aloud because that will undoubtedly freak a Pisces man out.
    Still, you do deserve our thoughts and feelings so if you need to hear it from us, simply approach us and tell us how you would appreciate it if we reminded you how we felt about you. They might not say them verbally, but he will definitely respond to your proposal beccause we are hopeless romantics and emotional. We are in the best mood when we make our loved ones happy and content. However, if the man does not respond in the least….well sink him like a Titanic because he’s not worth your time. Yeah, I can be ruthless sometimes.
    There’s so much I could say, but if you need further help or got questions or just want to chat…well I’ll try to respond best as possible 🙂

    • Sharon Littlejohn September 18th, 2017

      James84…Thank you for that insight I get so frustrated with my Piscean, we have been together this week on the 20th 6mths and last week was the first time we spent 2 consecutive nights together at my place it was Fantastic I Loved it now the thing is I’m 63 and he’s 74 but he is in good shape, he plays Softball and Basketball Tournaments also he was married for 41 yrs when his wife died and I think that hurt him so badly that he’s scared of feeling that pain and I don’t know what to do to make him comfortable I also know he was seeing someone else when we first met but he tells me that I’m the only women that have ever in a long time that satisfies his needs as far as conversation (We talk a lot) he says I’m the only one he talks to for hours and He’s not a talker and my appetite matches his in the bedroom and for his age he’s GREAT at times he’s not able to perform penetrations but the other is Wonderful he’s really makes up for not being able to at times but when he can it’s amazing. I Love Him so much but not sure of his feeling for me because I feel he puts a lot of things before me (Oh we met on a sex site and we both still have active pages) If he was in Love with me and wanted us to be exclusive I would shut that page down but I’m so unsure of his feelings.I’m planning something special for us on the 20th and that’s when I’m going to ask him about his plans for us and his answer will depend on whether I’ll stay or Go…Please Help me here I want him with me every day if he would.

  55. twintail December 4th, 2013

    Andrea im a pisces female I may be able to help out. Im kind of seeing a sag guy. I do prefer to do so in private though lol typical pisces

  56. lasag December 1st, 2013

    thank you for your comments, it explains so much. I met a Pisces man online, we were just friends/business. he expressed interest in me and I knew he was a good person so I accepted him. he unlike most of the men on these comments above was straight forward about what he wanted from me. I accepted his odd proposal, because well what sag doesn’t love adventure. unfortunately I fell for him, his passion in life and in the bedroom. His drive and positism. most of all was his ability to care and actually help me in my time of need. I told him I love him, but got not response. It’s like a taboo, we don’t talk about it. I feel he craves my company, and somehow pushes me away. as if there is a struggle within to just allow love to come in. but here I am, being patient, biting my tongue not to hurt his feelings and confused as to what the hell he is feeling!!!!!

  57. Lynmax August 2nd, 2013

    Ive been in a relationship with Pisces  man and I’m a sag female.i just couldn’t understand we’re on and off. It’s like every month he changes his mind and me as a Sag, I put efforts to win him back and then we went back again. After couple of weeks he decidedtot be fruends with me.. Then after he’s sweet to me again. It’s like a roller coaster.  I’m having emotional distress already. Been having depression as to why he’s so confusing. My emotichanging hurt because of his changing mood. But I can’t really deny the fact I love this man. I keep on coming back. At this time we broke up again..sigh 🙁 if only he makes up his mind.

  58. [email protected] July 1st, 2013

    I have been exclusivly dating a Pisces man for 8 months now. The above comments have been very helpful in allowing me to understand him better. I too have doubts and insecurities sometimes regarding our relationship,as he is an extremely shy man who does not have the gift of easy speech. But, like my own, I know of the failed relationships of his past, and allows me to see why he is moving forward with me at a snails pace! I tried a couple of months ago to tell him that I thought I was falling in love with him and he instantly went into deer in the headlights mode. I calmly asked him why that frightened him so,(One thing I am good at is calm,rational conversation)and he said it was because he thought his heart might be broken,and if it was’nt he was afraid of having it broken again. Then I told him what I was looking for. A committed relationship with a good,kind,gentle man. Not a perfect one. I told him I was’nt interested in anyone else,(Forgot to mention, we met on an on-line dating site) that I was far from perfect myself, but my intentions and desires were pure. As I got up to leave to go to work he half crawled onto my lap, buried his face in my neck, put his arms around me and held me as if he thought I was going to float away. NEVER SAID A WORD!!!! Held me for quite awhile. I think as women, not just Sag women, we need to understand that most men show their love and affection largely thru their actions,not words. Especially Pisces men,who have difficulty talking about their feelings period! After having told him what I was looking for, and getting no verbal response to it, we still see each other several times a week, spending the night every time. We laugh easier, converse like we’ve known each other our whole lives, watch tv holding hands, and our love making gets more passionate as the time goes by! I just needed to make myself slow down as far as pushing him with the,”Is this a relationship or what?” And he’s responded beautifully to it. I’m not patient by nature and he is now slowly fulfilling my needs. I am learning to SEE, not just HEAR, how much I mean to him. Oh, and on the night/days we’re not together, he calls me. We have contact every day. I’ve met his entire family,(My family are distant but they know of him), been introduced to his friends and have dinner at his Moms house at least once a week. All this from just taking a step back. A most wonderful man in my life, one day at a time. Let me just end with this. Communication is absolutely key in any relationship, not just between a Sag woman and a Pisces man,(Altho it helps tremendously)!!! We are still in the stage of our relationship where we are learning what makes each other tick. I have not mentioned the “L” word to him since. Not neccessary, as he already knows it now. He is slowly coming out of his shell, and we see each other more than we ever did. I am learning to be more patient and he is becoming more open. It’s an arduous journey, but I would’nt trade it for anything. And like he says to me all the time,”It’s ALL GOOD”!! To all of us, good luck and God Bless.  

  59. [email protected] July 1st, 2013

    Where is the comment I posted 2hrs ago?

  60. [email protected] June 17th, 2013

    i love the pisces man i have in my life he is very mysterious and i love a ”challanging mystery”. anyway i felt like at one point this guy liked me and then it didnt seem the same after a while but i still think sometimes it is so. he would never say so but his actions sometimes give him away but i do know everyday that i am with him i understand him more and more and it makes me love him more he knows how to make me laugh hes very smart there is more but i am drawn to him like a bug to a light its weird and sometimes i do get inpatient with him because i want him to love me. but i do always remember that he may grow on me and that the patint i am the quicker i may get the opportunity to be with him……
    who knows……

  61. [email protected] June 17th, 2013

    i am asking the same question.
    but it could be because he is not sure what he wants and saying i love you is a big ste for any man to take after getting together love means a stronger commitment maybe he is not ready to commit.

  62. [email protected] June 17th, 2013

    i do that for my friend but he seems he like he has no kind of intrest in the fact i am  uplifiting or positive he sometimes is very rude or he looks at me like im crazy but he has a huge since of humor i lpove that about him because we both can be goofy together…. i don’t understand him he can be very blunt with his feelings but i think what he really feels he dosn’t tell me to spare my feelings…..what do you think????

  63. Eulalahpink May 1st, 2013

    I was seeing a February 25 Pisces I’m not sure what his venus was in but I’m Nov. 24 Sag venus in Libra.   I was walking my dog around the pool in my apartment complex and this fish shot me a seductive look.  It was unforgettable!  I had already noticed him prior to this but never initiated any convo.  Well a few weeks pass and I’m getting more and more curious about this guy.  We began to speak casually as we walked our dogs, he had a son that I absolutely fell in love with and the little Leo fell for me too. (I don’t have children so I was deep in love) So from there on out we talked.  He was very shy which I liked and he didn’t say much or ask me a whole lot of questions which made me wonder if he was interested.  His energy was so attractive, so cool and laid back.  I asked him why he didn’t have a girlfriend and he explained that he was a paranoid schizophrenic eluding to the fact that that was alot to handle when in a relationship.  I wasn’t alarmed or turned off,  I guess I might be crazy too, but his energy was just so relaxing.  I have had experience with people who were supposed to be normal and were really nuts before so I wasn’t scared.  Even with that being said I wondered why he seemed done with relationships?  From the convo’s we had he sounded as if he had no intentions of ever being in a relationship again. That’s when he told me he had AIDS.  Wow, what a blow!  I still liked him and didn’t want to run off, how rude would that be?  His energy was so soothing, especially compared to what I’m accustomed to (Aries energy) I was still willing to see where things would go.  Some may think it was desperation, but it wasn’t, we just clicked.  Btw he had been married to a Nov. 23rd Sag.  Time pressed on and come to find out he was in a long term gay relationship, they weren’t having sex but the other guy was taking care of him financially and supportive like a wife would be to a sick husband.  He did seem to be easily influenced by others and place blame on others though.  I suspected something early on, but his life story explained most of his current situation.  The other guy who was a Scorpio did not have AIDS though.  The Pisces made it seem like he was only in the relationship because he didn’t think a woman would want him or know how to handle him. The Pisces was sweet a little thrown but sweet I wish his life could have been different.  *Shrugs* 

  64. sugarplum25 March 4th, 2013

    @Firefly94 You were right when you said that I should not go around hating all Saggitarius men, which wasn’t my intention at all but it came across that way and for that I apologise! I was going through a really rough time at that point with my daughter’s father but I am now happy to say that 10 months later I have finally found true happiness in the man of my dreams…He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my daughter, because she loves him just as much as I do! He and I went to High School together but never connected until now, and it couldn’t be a better time for us to connect because he is way more mature than how I saw him at school lol even though we didn’t know each other personally.
    We are planning our life together and working on building a stable relationship and it is going great!  After all he is a Scorpio and everything said about this sign is true, well except for the jealousy part, he is far fromt that…He’s not jealous at all but he is the sweetest, most gentle, considerate and understanding human being I have ever met.  Sometimes I ask myself where has he been all my life, then I realised I have been looking in all the wrong places when he has been right there all along, but I just had to make a few wrong turns before I finally made the right one, because I know how to appreciate what having a good man in my life feels like now and I wouldn’t change a thing about it! 
    @Firefly94 thank you so much for your prayers because God has truly answered them and blessed me with an amazing man to spend the rest of my waking moments with!  I have found my happy place and I won’t leave…ever! 🙂

  65. ahihahoj November 15th, 2012

    @jojo I so know what you mean. I so did want him to want me and couldn’t handle the whole we’re good as mates. 2 years ago we were in talking for a few months and nothing turned out. Now he changed a lot but sill has the same qualities and wants to take his time. I just feel like if this time will never come. So I ended up offending him as we didn’t understand each other and I was very impatient. For now I think it’s better. I can’t wait my whole life long for a man to make a move!!!

  66. fisi November 7th, 2012

    Piscean men are emotional wrecks, date two and it bored me to deal, will never do it again.

  67. Firefly94 May 6th, 2012

    @sugarplum25 I’m sorry for ur situation I realli am. But u can’t realli blame the whole entire zodiac sign for what a retarded man has done if you want a change you hav to demand it until you are assertive you will get no where with a sagittarius male Imean assertive not controlling cause you will get no where demanding men learn betterfrom seeing that you won’t tolerate it period if you leave that shows him he can’t keep doing childish things like that But if he doesn’t learn let him go because he’s not worth it and while you obviously love your daughter and that man your happiness is also a factor your daughter would rather see you happy then end up bitter but I do hope all of it works out I’m praying for you =)

  68. sugarplum25 January 26th, 2012

    Sagittarius men are NOT good commiters and love to flirt in your face, even if you’re in a relationship with one, and if you tell him about flirting he will believe that he’s doing nothing wrong.  If his gf is going through something, he tries to make his situation seem worst than hers in order to make himself look like the victim, in other words to get all the attention. He loves being the center of attention too much, which puts a huge strain on the relationship because Pisces are more reserved and private and it’s there that the conflict arises causing the Pisces to get aggravated and swim away. 
    I have been with my Saggitarius bf for five years and it’s like I cannot leave him, no matter how bad he treats me. I have made several failed attempts to leave him before and it just isn’t working and I don’t know what else to do.  I feel so lost. I think the thing that makes it even worse is the fact that we have a child together and I think about her everytime I try to leave him and that is probably what’s keeping me back, but I cannot keep going on like this.  There is no benefit for me in this relationship because even when I ask him if him and I are a couple, he never has an answer or always ignores me or just brushes it off.  It’s like he is unsure of what he wants or has.  We have known each other for five years, have a beautiful baby girl together and he still doesn’t know what he has? He’s crazy! I always try to see the good in him but it’s getting harder everyday especially since he’s cheated on me before…I can never trust him again the way I used to. Everything he does annoys me. The way he treats with me is so stupid to me and it’s like he’s trying to make everyone in the world believe that he’s single, even me. BUT HE’S NOT!!! He either needs to come to terms with that or get some kind of counselling because if at this stage he still doesn’t know what he wants then I am convinced that there is something truly wrong with him.  I think Saggitarius people need a serious reality check. That’s no joke. They think the world evolves around them and it doesn’t. They love to make themselves feel important all the time. I am not going to lie, in the beginning, the relationship is truly wonderful and you both are madly in love but as the weeks,  months, and years go by you see exactly what a spiteful, manipulative, and stubborn person a Saggitarius man really is.P.S. A little advice to all my Piscean ladies out there…NEVER DATE A SAGGITARIUS MAN!!!…It will be the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life…Pisces and Saggitarius relationships are a BAD combination because they don’t last and if they do, there will be constant struggles to keep it working, and trust me a relationship is not worth losing your sanity over.

  69. Nena81 December 8th, 2011

    I’ve recently just ended a 2yr relationship with a Piscesman,we both agreed we would be friends,we still talk every other day ,maybe it was the long-distance,I’m so hurt ,I cry everynite yall how do I gain the strength not to communicate with he was such a good man!!

  70. aymylol November 25th, 2011

    @femme fatale- be patient with him; be loving to him. be understanding. You’ll go far with those tips. Pisces men need to feel accepted and loved and understood.

    The love of my life is a pisces man and Im a sag. I’ve been in love with him since high school. it took me a lot of patience to get him and it took us two breakups and 2 years apart, to realise that we belong together. Hes mostly afraid that he wont be the person that I need him to be for me and hes afraid of letting me down but he has so much heart and so much passion and somuch love for me that there is no way that I can lose my patience with him; he makes me calm down and really weigh my words and really appreciate how thoughtful and wonderful he really is. Im lucky to have him

  71. femefatale November 8th, 2011

    I’m confused because everyone always says that you’ll know when a ppisces man is in love with you because they fall hard, but I honestly can’t tell. I feel so safe, comfortable, and romantic when with him just by looking into his sweet and dreamy eyes and smile but why hasn’t he said he’s in love with me?

  72. femefatale November 8th, 2011

    PLEASE HELP ME! I’m a sag woman dating a pisces man, we’ve been together for about 11 months. This sounds a lot like us, I have to watch how blunt and aggressive I can be because then he’s hurt for like a few days(everytime) and needs his space. He definitely bottles his feelings up and doesn’t share with me. We have a great time together all the time. We’ve been monogomous from the very beginning and he sometimes get’s a tad tempermental and posessive if I’m out and we haven’t seen each other in over a week. However I’m a bit confused because I’m in love with him and told him but he hasn’t told me he’s in love with me yet. But when we’re intimate he’s so passionate and affectionate and loves to hold me and for me to hold him back a lot. Do you guys think he’ll love me and I should be patient ( by the way I’ve never questioned him about never having said it), or am I wasting my time and emotions? Thanks

  73. Lupita March 3rd, 2011

    Hi everyone,am new to this.. All i can say is that i fall in love with a pisces not too long ago.. We were doing great from the beging but all a sudden i made a huge mistake that he end up breaking up with me.. we were dating for almost 4 months and well i ain’t going to lie but i keep trying to get back with him because i honestly love him to death.. i was beging for about a month and than my friends told me to move on and so i listen to their advice so its been like a month me and him didnt talk or even seen eacother.. Well after i stop all the beging part i actually moved on and from no where he txt me saying he need to talk to me in person. He actually explain to me how much he misses me and how he really wants something serious. Am really happy to know that he really loves me and whats to be with me.. i got back with him because he never didnt anything bad to hurt me an anyway. I honestly believe that me and him well last because i actually learn my bad mistakes i did in the past. People make mistakes and they deserve to have a second chance..
    i love Gejazi <3

  74. Lam Van Hai February 11th, 2011

    Find a girl

  75. jessica February 9th, 2011

    i love pisci mans

  76. kekestars January 20th, 2011

    Sag girl seriously crushing on a pisces. He’s a tattoo artist and plays base in a band. I met him because he did a couple of my tattoos. He started texting me randomly being very flirty and cute. He had me interested pretty quick. I picked him up from the bar one night and we hooked up. After that he still texted a few cute things but then faded away slowly.. Which is where I’m at now. I can’t tell if he’s still interested or not. he’s cute as hell though. I’m a sucker for a sweet talker. what can I say.

  77. jojo January 14th, 2011

    i am a sag girl to the upmost! im learning to truly embrace all of my own nature as such. i love being a fire sign and all of my pros and cons. i am a hunter with a loving centaur. and i know i can get anything i want just as i manifest it so. i am hunting down a pisces man who im crushing on so bad right now. he’s so talented and sexy and i WANT him and i want him to WANT me and will emmit this energy until it is SO! yes. i like this pisces guy as i keep attracting them. i almost married one. then got involved with one who doesn’t feel that he’s ready for anything serious right now, then just met another one who i believe is freshly single. i have become a bit if a stalker because this guy is a mystery to me somehow and i wanna find out what he’s ALL about! they say sag and pisces relationship doesn’t last. but i am crushing on this guy so hard. sigh… any advice???

  78. Jordon January 13th, 2011

    I am developing a friendship with a Sagittarius,not for romance but the treasure of friendship. I was uplifted, sparked and kept positive. Being a Pisces with my traits, and looking to get above dark trends, I know that depends on me, but bright friends are helpful. It looks very enriching, good and fun.

  79. Kandace December 31st, 2010

    My bf is like that. Ive been with him for almost a year and I love him but its hard to figure him out. After reading this I understand him alot better. A few days ago we got in a big fight because he was ignoring me. He avoided me for a week for no reason at all. When i finally got a hold of him he told me he didnt even know why he did it. He doesnt like talking about his feelings but I know he has alot to talk about whether he knows it or not. Im always patient with him because he wavers alot. I love how unpredictable he is but at the same time it drives me insane. But its also a key in what keeps me interested. He doesnt go into detail about how much he does love me often, but every blue moon when he does….Jeeze (:

  80. chevy November 8th, 2010

    I agree with the other comments.
    I recently reunited with a childhood boyfriend who loved me sooo much but I was very impatient. Its been 10yrs and nothing has changed. He has a softer touch and voice than I do and never wants to hurt anyones feelings. Dreams are frequent for both of us but his came true. He always TAKES TIME to make sure its right and I just want things done. But we love the time alone we allow eachother to have. We are in love and happy about learning new things every day

  81. Vicky October 10th, 2010

    Kalene you are awesome women, you doing great job

  82. sarah March 25th, 2010

    I would have to agree with most of the comments on here.. i’m currently dating a pisces guy and our physical connection is **AMAZING*** Sometimes i feel that its the only time that both of us can let go and really express our feelings with him being a pisces who doesnt like to talk about his feelings and me being a sagdge who is sometimes affraid to even deal w/ the tough questions… (trying to keep it light..)Its only been a few months and i think we both have barriers around where we’re scared to get too close or too serious, and although i can express how i feel very easily i choose not to because he has a hard time expressing his feelings. Somedays we’re so hot and then its almost like he retreats to his shell and wants his space! And i thought i was independent lol My independence is where i want to be alone and work on things that i have to get done, and his “alone time” is literally when he wants to be alone and doesnt really like to be bothered…jeeesh! I know he cares about me because of his tenderness towards me and the moments when he tells me how much i mean to him… we definetly have a different approach to love, but i think we are both intriqued by each others different natures and keep coming back lol I think that pisces and sagittarius can have a very deep commitment, as long as we saggies have the patience for the slow moving pisces 🙂

  83. Olivia Janine March 22nd, 2010

    Well, somethings happened over the weekend and it wasn’t something that I was expecting. I came across this when I was completely feeling bad about what I had just done to a Pisces man. Here it goes, well I have had a Pisces guy-friend and he came back from Phoenix to visit me and my sister but we weren’t there. So he comes by the next day and we take off to pull out three half pints of Hot Damn 1oo proof and we were laughing away, having a good time and suddenly he started to kiss and I actually kissed him back, when he has a chick and four kids, and the kids haven’t even passed age ten. I felt so bad because I wass in a realtionship at the time too. Which I thought was so wrong to do to my boyfriend, who is actually a Pisces guy too. Is this supposed to be happening or what, aren’t Pisces and Sagittarius supposed to be forbidden love? I knew he had a family but he tells me that he had feelings and dreams about me and somehow his fantasies about me has come true for him, but I’m only seventeen and he’s like a good-looking guy around his thirties. I just don’t see why we were somewhat attracted to each other that way. but I stopped the heat because I knew what we did was off the charts wrong, and absolutey straight up wrong. I was already buzzed and he wasn’t that much, so what? Did he take advantage knowing I was more buzz than him? I don’t know but I’m so confused on what to tell him and how to tell him to leave me alone and just be friends. I thought we sagittarians were supposed to be compatible with other zodiac signs than the Pisces sign. Wierd.

  84. kalene December 6th, 2009

    My boyfriend is a pisces and i am a sag girl and its been six years just a fews days ago. our relationship is perfect. i am a straight forward person, ill tell him it as it is, he will get offended, i will always apologises. i have learnt how to deal with his feelings but i will always explain to him how i feel and tell him i will be honest so when i am he shouldn’t get offended. i love him and he tells me constantly he loves me. I txt him randumly just to let him know i love him, he likes this. sound a bit too much for a tipical sag girl but i will do whatever to keep him because good men are hard to find.
    And all he needs is attention!! ill give it!!

  85. Rose December 2nd, 2009

    Vanessa you say so right…one of my ex boy friend was just the same always kept things to himself never shared his feelings. I always thought he was not interested in me. When i broke up with him later on he told me how much he loved me…. WEll its too late….

  86. Vanessa September 22nd, 2009

    My boyfriend is very discreet about his feelings and does not open up often at all and it does drive my patience wild, but at the same time, I am an impatient person for the most part and I do need to learn to be more tactful and easier on him, rather than being so blunt. I do have a big heart, but I can also have a hard shell, you just have to break the shell first, in most instances. We have had a few problems because I feel he has things to hide, when really it’s that he doesn’t like to show his feeilngs. I then begin to think things like “is he still interested?”, etc. Little do I realize that half of the time it’s just because of his personality and the way he deals with things, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me any less.

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