Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

Two Taurus together, experience both pleasing and difficult times in their relationships. When these people involve in some serious relationships, they enjoy safety and comfort on both emotional and worldly levels. Though they have their clashes of stubbornness still the relief of similarities keeps them together and they enjoy strong and stable relationships.

Taurus people are the ones who know how to embody the role of the secure, caretaker by channeling their ability to persevere through difficult times. The majority of the time they are calm and composed individuals with a very stable and practical approach. Although the Taurus people place a lot of values on their material possessions and their financial security, they can also be extremely sentimental. Taurus people are hard working and quite modest. They are stubborn creatures who have their feet so well planted on the ground that they are almost always construed as pessimistic. Their stubbornness comes from the determination and confidence they have about their passions and convictions. They rarely change their minds nor do they ever seem fickle or flighty in their thoughts and endeavors. On a rare occasion, they are pushed over the edge and then one can witness the fires and crackers. Even though they are quite cool headed, they need a lot of loyalty and affection to feel loved and appreciated.

A relationship between two Taurus individuals is calm, serene and mutually comforting. It is a confidence built due to the stable nature and unquestionably loyalty. Their guards go up against quick reorganization or sudden changes in the norms. Their habits in life are constant and any interference with that creates an uneasy feeling. A new idea or a change in the norm leaves room for error and the chance for disaster. When, in fact, the Taurus does change their minds about something, it meets all necessary qualifications of sensible practicality they have grown to be accustomed to. It is said that with any relationship, don’t lose sight of the finer virtues of the other person involved in it. Their sweet and teddy bear like qualities are what is important here when things seem to have gone out of hands ans this is how they can always get back to each other.

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A double Taurus relationship has double the character traits. Together they are double the people who are dedicated, loyal and sincerely concerned with protecting their investments, their country, and family and loved ones from anyone willing to try to make waves. They are the unity that may be a touch on the obsessive side. On the down side of things, a double Taurus relationship that involves the reluctance of one when the other has offended in some way has a potentially damaging effect on such a unity. When the stubborn qualities are eased and the calming, desirable virtues of the partner can be easily turned around to be construed as stubborn and ill-headed, forgiveness is desired over insults and it is easier to strengthen the relationship what ever it is. Because both are so similar they work and play quite well together as long as everything remains docile and serene. Push one or the other too far and there the problems arise.

All the relations go wonderfully when two understanding and calm Taurus are involved in it. As friends, siblings, colleagues and relatives they make the sweetest of the bonds with lots of love, care and help at every step of life. They understand each other and without any feelings of competition love to help one reach the heights of success. A commercial bond is no less then a boon for two Taurus together as they are equally hard working and money minded. They are bound to be successful once they know their goal. Romantic relationship is both fragrant and sensual with maximum smiles and a few tears but mostly great if they leave their stubbornness or find a middle way out of any argument. Parenthood and childhood are both beautifully carried out and cherished by Taurus as they are family people and stick mostly to their near ones.

Though they are calm creatures but they are equally stubborn and blindly judgmental about things and people around them. There may be instances when two Taurus disagree on each other’s view and that is definitely a tough time for their relationship to handle. Also because Taurus need love and affection to feel needed and desired, the effects of showing this are greater than one would think. Instead of being so bull-headed, if they lay down their perseverance and show some love to each other, the results will be two fold and it will create a much happier unity between both of them irrespective of the relationship they share. When things get hard headed between the two, they can also find a funny streak in each other. When opened up, this causes a fresh feeling of rich humor between them that feels like a refreshing rain of happiness that is much needed to wash away the stubborn remnants of prior battles and mutually inflicted hurt.

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  2. QueenOfHis July 31st, 2012

    Im a Scorpio and im dating a taurus 🙂 they are sooo amazing this ones actually the first Taurus that i have ever dated that im aware of hes so sweet 🙂 i hate how he does everything for me but then i love it because of my lazy days lol Taurus is the sweetest sign out there 🙂 when they dont get cocky at least lol. I just love how we are magneticly  attracted to one another plus hes a ginger so im hoping this one will be my last one but the one that is my forever 🙂 

  3. ladytaurean July 18th, 2011

    i am currently dating a taurus man which surprises me because even as a taurus women taurus men annoy me but im hoping this works out he makes me feel so comfortable and we havent been together for long but i feel so close to him this gives me hope

  4. mayor892000 April 23rd, 2011

    thanks for all your comments on me

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