Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo experience a lot of mental attraction in any relationship they share. They are always on the same chord at the intellectual level to appreciate and learn from each other. But Gemini needs freedom and crowd while Virgo is more an introvert person with limited people around.

Gemini people are wanderers and change of personality is just a part of their routine life. They are charmers with people around them, weaving their way in and out of things whether it is in their career, socially with friends or in romance. Gemini people are more comfortable in moving from one realm of life to another than to settle down with one specific thing. The child like antics of the Gemini are easily construed by the qualities they possess. Guilt and perfection are not traits they care about. Their personalities change like the day to day weather. Their insatiable curiosity keeps them moving from one idea to another at the drop of a hat.

Virgo are very stable, down-to-earth and realistic people with some values in life. Virgo know of the responsibilities of life and with a mature logic and reliability, they stick to these responsibilities. They can be very caring and devoted to their loved ones but at the same time they are highly critical and often painfully nagging too. Virgo are not the ones to be able to hide their feelings all too well. Whether it be happiness, worry, anger or even secrets they may possess. They are better off getting things out into the open and discussing the matters that bottle up inside them.

Although Gemini people like to play through their relationships, the union formed between them and Virgo is not to be found on playfulness and diversion. The connections that Gemini people and Virgo have do not necessarily need a full understanding of what the others intend to do but since there is a mutual understanding, a respect to be had and a seriousness between them, then they can have a warm and quite compatible relationship which ever it is. Due to the calm and subtle affection given by each, there is seldom any tension. They continue to grow their unity with peace and comfort, sharing in their curiosities, graceful manner and intelligence which add to their bliss. Gemini could show Virgo the art of social expression, jovial persuasiveness and brilliant conversations. Although Virgo are as intellectual as the wandering Gemini people, they are not as fickle. They like to follow the beaten path and normally don’t stray off their path.

There is an almost touching and attractive modesty that the Virgo have that allows them to accept Gemini people’s victory in winning the initial battle with their silver tongued manipulation of words. Virgo know, full well, that even if the success sounds as truthful as it should be, there is room for error and intimation. Gemini has a certain art of being able to use words to manipulate any situation in their favor. The practical and sensible mind of the Virgo weeds through it all and often comes up from behind, winning the war. Reality can not be twisted. It is a beaten path that is concrete and Virgo proves it to Gemini in the long run. Normally Gemini people like to win every battle, but there is something about the charming and polite Virgo that causes the Gemini to calm their nature and settle down. The need to win is not so important to the normally high strung Gemini.

Most relationships Gemini and Virgo share have a strong level of mental stimulation and common interests to share. Friends, siblings and colleagues have a lot to learn and teach to each other. They enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the qualities one possesses. Being relatives or neighbors gives them the opportunity to share their approach towards life and important aspects. Business can be a good idea for Gemini and Virgo, if Gemini puts in their intellect and Virgo puts in their determination and perfectionism. A love relation can have many shades of happiness and confusion as they are similar at mental level but their expression of love is quite different which needs some time. As parents both Virgo and Gemini prove to be good care takers with Gemini following a friendly path while Virgo are a bit strict.

Virgo are not one to conjure up an argument or even provoke one that is already started. When argument does arise between the two, there is a lot to be said about Virgo’s hesitancy. Their modest and humble nature allows a lot to pass over for a calmer situation to be had. Gemini people, however, jump at any misspoken word, slight clash, or even perhaps stir one up, all by themselves if they feel irritated or bounded. If an argument were to ensue, to Gemini people it would be more of an intellectual puzzle to conquer but it cuts on a much deeper level for Virgo. Gemini people help the introverted Virgo broaden their scope of thinking and Virgo show Gemini that it is not all about winning every argument that crosses their path. They have a calming and quite serene relationship that is compatible, compassionate with a mutual understanding and respect.

  1. Lee September 8th, 2018

    I’m a Virgo, he is a Gem. He is older than me but you’d swear that’s the opposite. I don’t wanna say he is childish because am more matured than him… actually I’ll say it, he is childish. He was my first boyfriend and we broke up because of his indecisive nature, I fell in love with somebody else, though I never fell out of love with my Gem. It’s 13 years later, we just got back together and his childishness still thrives – I love him so much and I know he feels the same, should we break up for the same or something worse (and I don’t wanna imagine that) I know he’ll get over it quicker than me cause heartbreaks are harder for me to heal from. Am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t wanna jump ship too soon avoiding history repeating itself and lose a second chance with the love of my life and I also don’t want to wait till the 11th hour and sink with the ship because I wished too hard. It is tough.

    • Madine J Shortman March 27th, 2019

      I’m a Virgo and he’s a Gemini. We just broke up. I miss him. We were only together for 6 months and I think ♍’s are so patient. I agree with the immature or childish, however you want to say it, but he does not argue fair and he apologizes for his actions don’t follow his words of apology. Being patient and being able to withstand these disagreements (because you know it’s going to get better) is not going to be different. It’ll be this way for the rest of your lives. Does the good out weigh the bad?
      There’s so nice I wish I could talk to him about. So much I feel like he just doesn’t find important and it’s embarrassing for me. He needs more freedom and social and I’m fine alone.

    • lee_89 February 15th, 2021

      Oh my god I thought this was me. I have the same name as Lee and I’m also a Virgo dating a Gemini older than me.
      He wasn’t my first boyfriend but he is my current one and been praying to be my last (considering to even change my religion for the sake of not losing him). But his past is so complicated and even when I knew from the start when we still just friends, I shouldn’t have let myself fall in love with him when I knew an issue will always be present between us (he has a son with his ex which I thought was really his ex but I figured out they are still having the ldr and the girl doesn’t know about me).

      I have been sooooo down because of him. How could we continue to let someone so toxic be in our lives and just let them be. The gems are so flaky but then I don’t believe that they like to explore because as for my bf, he seems boring because he don’t want to do anything. He just wants to stay in the room and watch movies. Routines that are so boring and losing the sparks.

      I don’t know how I will cope up after thinking thoroughly that I need to break up with him.

    • triza June 29th, 2021

      what do you mean wait for 11 hrs?

  2. Memesmile July 6th, 2017

    Well this is some what true. I’m a Virgo and I have dated a Gemini we are so much alike in many ways I like my space and I don’t want to talk to anyone. This helps with both our mood swings however I do love a sense of order especially if it has to do with me while he is all over the place which can be very annoying as hell but at times I give him his way due to me trying to have patients as for sex life I’m more fun and like to do different and exciting things as for him he seems like he only likes the bedroom however it’s passionate very intimate and fun. I must admit that I have never liked someone as much as I like him and I’m not the one to like people easily however I have grown tiresome of his playfull not committing to anything way though we maybe great together if he wasn’t so indecisive I tend to get bored with people and easily turned of so I must this is my challenge he lies about things he doesn’t need to lie about which is a big turn of and make me the Virgo very defensive and uncaring

  3. SimplePleasures247 November 7th, 2016

    I am a May 24th Gemini and much older than my 32 year old Virgo female. She drives me crazy very much of the time but in a good way, she stays busy cleaning and organizing the house and cooking for me but before she came along I did everything myself she refuses to let me help her lol. She is a very sexual and passionate lover as well as I am so making love is awesome but she doesn’t cuddle much or kiss. I know she hates that I work overnights and that I stay busy also on my days off work hustling to make a living. She complains about it and I want to just lounge around the house but I feel like I’m in the way of her doing things. I know her heart is on her boyfriend who was just recently locked up and tells me all the time how she has caught him with other women but she loves him. In either case I guess I’m alright with that for now but who knows when I’ll completely have her for myself.

  4. Livelovelaugh October 20th, 2014

    Im a september 5 female virgo and im 16.Ive been seeing a male may gemini whos 18 for a few weeks now. Im not the type to have a ‘crush’ on anyone unless i truely like them, infact hes the only guy i have ever really liked. I love the way he makes me feel and just everything about him and he really likes me too just the only problem is when he says anything along the lines of being together it scares me that im not good enough so i avoid the topic. I love how he basically doesnt give too much of a shit about anything but has so much respect for the important things, hes not afraid to say what he thinks and he wears all his faults on his sleeve. i hope he likes me as much as i like him. also he is proper good looking and always makes me laugh whether its at him or with him … i guess ill see how it goes hehe 🙂

  5. The_7th_Fist August 2nd, 2013

    I am a Virgo and i have been in a rocky relationship with a Gemini . It was great at first then once the baby was was just constant arguing . We are complete oposites in every way most of the time. Im relaxed and understanding, she isnt. Im content hanging out at home , she isnt. I cook and clean, she doesnt. She worries about everything , i dont and that pisses her off.  Im highly sexual and she isnt. Needless to say we are not together right now. Had a 8 year relatonship and a son together. I found a instant connection with a Cancer and its ridiculous how much we have in common . Maybe im just different then the average Virgo …

  6. cooperstanley187 April 13th, 2013

    im a vigro but something must be wrong haha im just laid back love to live free hate rules and liveing life oranized makes me board thou i feel safe and happy at home i couldent and wouldent want to stay inside for to long … i love to express myself as i am doing right now i do admite i am selfish and feel bad about it but love other people and understand them…. i hate feeling stuck right now im dateing a gemini she is woundefull dident take me to long to find that out…. but she sleeps alot haha for somone that is spouse to be active on the other hand when she is awake she likes to talk and move around ….she dosent mind traveling about nethier do i … i just hate when we arent togther cause i miss her

  7. F78 April 1st, 2012

        I was minding my own business, enjoying myself by discreetly stepping out of my shell one Birthday on a full-mooned Indian summer evening. I allowed myself one forbidden tequila (the stuff makes me ridiculously frisky) and got down to the business of enjoying myself…
          I am a Virgo with an Aries ascendant and SEVERAL other planets in Mars. Just like the combination of earth and fire yields volcanoes, so too can be my temper. But I am given to magnanomous behanvior, and from time to time, have even been considered beautiful.
          For just one night, I gave myself over to shedding my inhibitions and propriety and wantonly indulged myself by dancing with any man that asked me, and really actually having a good time. None of my trademark awkwardness and silence then; I stepped into a bit of the light for some late night enjoyment.
          Somewhere around midnight, a HandsomeStranger approached me, dancing with me as easily as if we’d known each other all our lives. What few inhibitions I had fell away as if they’d never been there at all. He was lithe on his feet. I was surprisingly liberal with my charms, being happily astonished that God would see fit to send me such a treasure on my birthday.
         When he saw me, he blanched a bit, like he’d seen a ghost, then stepped up to me and proceeded to set my mind ablaze with curiosity and attraction.
          I couldn’t believe his perfection and tenderness…I almost lost myself in his eyes, but couldn’t discover the answers to the sadness and hunger in his eyes. I held his gaze for what seemed like hours. We moved across the floor, giving and taking such spirituality from one another that it seemed almost magical. Even the DJ noticed…
         In a sudden rush of reality, I realized that there was no way that someone this perfect could be interested in my myriad imperfections…and, in that moment, I swear that he could FEEL my sadness at just such a thought. The air around us crackled with this new shared intensity, and again, a mercurial curiosity swept into both our minds.
         I am ashamed to say that my vulnerability at his touch terrified me. I threw up defense mechanisms, which confused and hurt him. But I couldn’t bear him knowing how hurt, wounded and alone I’d be once he saw my flaws.
      I didn’t give him my last name. Or my number. It seemed like too much vulnerability to yield in such a short time. I watched him literally move heaven and earth just to find me from a distance, discreetly doing my due diligence. When I finally contacted him, he was so upset with me that I just wilted away into the shadows, my shame and disappointment crippling and angering me. When he chastened me, I erupted in fury and bid him gone in a fit of pique.
       It was only later that I realized the error of my ways.
       But I never stopped coming to my party, seeking to stake a claim on at least a portion of my happiness. He has shown up off and on in subsequent months, never directly approaching me, his presence alternating between impatience and desire. From afar, I have found him to be a dynamic, surprisingly family oriented, lonely divorcee, a onetime libertine bachelor who is surprisingly interested in loving someone. Sadly, I found myself and him both wronged through a dangerous act of simple misjudgment and closed minded suspicion.
        I have never forgiven myself for not opening myself up to him, but haven’t been able to bring myself to smooth things over with him. With his mercurial nature, I am concerned that I might have missed my chance, or that he’ll find me too unsettled to be palatable. I know not what the future holds for either one of his, but I know this much is true.
        He made my soul dance…and dance and dance.

  8. Desiree July 18th, 2010

    i was with a gemini f0r years; &&& 0ver the years i realize were n0t meeant f0r each 0ther! even th0; i l0ved him, i knew he didnt l0ve me which really hurt s0 i had t0 let him g0! he will always have a specail place in my heart; i kn0w i did the right thing by letting him g0…

  9. khepera January 10th, 2010

    This is mostly this relationship there is allot of sacrifice but it is worth it.I’m a gemini and my virgo just slows me down and I can breathe just be slow and in time you’ll grow

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