7 Ways to Strike a Balance between Emotionality and Practicality in a Relationship

Man is a complicated social being and relationships as an integral part of our social life can get even more complicated. In one of our last articles we discussed relationship pressures and dealing with them. Lets categorise, there are 2 kinds of people, those who are emotional and those who are practical. Now, if these 2 kinds of people get into a relationship, it can either be havoc or it could be one roller coaster ride depending on both the people. Leave it to your relationship expert to tell you, how to walk shoulder to shoulder with a partner who is practical to the core and vice-versa. For, after all, not everyone is exceedingly emotional nor is everyone extremely practical. If the two of you decide to understand each other’s perspectives and then strike a balance, you are going to have a great ride ahead. Here are tips for the partner who is emotional –

Don’t Judge

Sometimes, you might feel that your partner is an emotionally cold person when actually they are just looking at things with a completely different perspective. Practical people work with reason and logic and emotions don’t play a big role in their life. You can talk to them and listen to their reason and for all you know, the reason might suit you too. If not, try and explain to them your perspective to. Simply judging them to be emotionally cold and walking away from them may not be the best idea.

Accept Who You Are

A practical person will never really understand an emotional perspective. They don’t ever take their decisions based on emotions…it is always based on logic. Hence, you need to talk to them and let them know that emotions play an important role in your life. If you talk to them, they might understand your side of the story too. Yes, you need to explain emotions with the help of logic. You are dealing with a partner who is practical, remember?

It is alright to be an emotional person. Not everyone works with reason, logic and practicality. Hence, understand that your partner is different and doesn’t work practically like you. You have to give them their space and sometimes, try and understand their perspective as well. So, don’t push them for being emotional or don’t make fun of their perspective. Emotions have logic too but you need to try and understand their point of view.

Learn to Control

Angry mature man screaming at his young wife who plugs her ears ignoring him

No one likes an overly emotional relationship. It may look cute for a while but after that it starts to feel like a jiggering annoyance. Hence, while it is ok to be emotional, you definitely shouldn’t go overboard with it. It is necessary that you don’t have your partner laden with your emotional outbursts. Just like they need to understand that you are an overtly emotional person, you also need to understand that they are an extremely practical person and will not be able to come to terms with a relationship that is over laden with emotions.

One Step Back Two Step Forward

Often you might end up taking wrong decisions owing to being an extremely emotional person. Emotions are often misleading. The presence of a practical partner can make a considerable change to your life. They will analyse the situation using logic and reason and help you make better decisions. Thus, don’t look down upon the practical approach of your partner. Appreciate the presence of logic and reason in your life and let them know what difference they have made to your life. This will help in improving your relationship to quite an extent.

It is very hard to work against logic but sometimes, for the sake of your partner, do so. They have their own reasons and their own logic and while they might not match with yours, sometimes, do it for your partner. After all, you have known their emotional side ever since and you have knowingly decided to put up with it. So, now for the sake of your partner, give in. You can take respite in the happiness of your partner when you have given in to their emotions.

Discuss and Communicate

Married couple having an intimate discussion

You can talk things out with them and explain your perspective to them. Yes, it is difficult to talk to an emotional person but remember, you have reason and logic on your side and it is always going to win. Hence, explain whatever you have to with love and patience and they will surely try and understand your perspective. Just like you can give in sometimes, you can also expect them to give in sometimes. After all, a relationship works on balance and never otherwise. Hence, one of you can always give in at some point in time or the other.

Learn to Use Your Strengths

An emotional person will more often than not, do anything if blackmailed with emotions. However, try and keep this as the last resort because it may work against you rather than for you at times. Moreover, it isn’t a nice thing to make use of the emotions of your partner and hence, try and avoid that as far as possible. Use this method only and only if you have run out of options. At the end of it though, do let your partner know that you truly love and value them.

Relationships are a game of balance and you and your partner need to strike just the same. Hence, learn to create balance of emotionality and practicality in your relationship and you shall make the perfect couple. For, this is a rare and happy combination that very few couples have and if you have such unique relationship with your partner, then you are one of the few lucky people. However, how do you find a balance between emotional and practical? Here is how you go about it –

Give in

This may often sound discomforting for one of you but love is a strong emotion that brings down even the most practical person. Hence, give in for love. However, ensure that, it isn’t one person who has to give in all the time. Giving in ought to be a 2-sided game and both of you will have to do it as time goes by you will understand its benefits. Giving in requires immense emotional strength and it isn’t everyone’s forte. Thus, the practical person will have to ensure that he or she isn’t weighing heavy on their partner. Thus, a little compromise here and there will take the two of you a long way.

Often, the practical person will ignore the important people in their life in lieu of reason and logic and an emotional person will often miss out on his or her own life. However, the presence of the other perspective will correct these things and you will soon start to live a better life. It is necessary to let your partner know of these important changes in your life owing to their presence and appreciate them for the same. The relationship will definitely go a long way owing to these things.

Now, while these things are going to help a great way, these perspectives are also going to creep into your dates and your sex life. In fact, it may often lead to arguments and hence, the two of you will have to undergo a lot of adjustments. For instance, you may have heated arguments but after a while you need to kiss and make up. If one partner is emotional and the other practical, then clashes are bound to happen.

In fact, the meaning of sex for the emotional partner is completely different from the meaning of sex for the practical partner. It may be an important moment for the former and just an important need for the latter. When 2 such people try to make love, a lot is at stake. Both of you need to understand each other’s needs in bed and then make love accordingly. For, if you don’t, then the other partner may feel dissatisfied. Therefore, keep your partner’s needs in mind and then make love.

Lastly, remember that you knew what kind of a person your partner was before you got into a relationship with them. You had liked them in spite of their outlook towards life. now, it is entirely up to you to make it work.


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