Sagittarius 2024 Career and Money Horoscope

2024 – Work, Opportunities, and Finances

  • Financial Management: Focus on managing loans, raising funds, and dealing with inheritance or insurance matters.
  • Support from Father and Bosses: There will be gains through your father, bosses, or authority figures, though not without challenges.
  • Name and Fame: Expect a rise in your reputation and recognition in your professional field.
  • Social and Foreign Connections: Your social circle will undergo a transformation, bringing in new foreign connections and opportunities.
  • Balancing Finances: Despite increased expenses, your financial situation will be bolstered by unexpected gains, helping you maintain a balance.

First off, let’s talk about exploring new opportunities. This year is like a buffet of dreams and ambitions – so much to choose from! But remember, being sensible is key. Consult with a financial advisor or broker before diving into any big investments. It’s like they say, “Look before you leap, especially when it comes to your wallet.”

Workplace stress? Consider this year your personal stress-buster. Take a breather, keep an open mind, and navigate those thorny office politics with a smile. Remember, the change you’re seeking is just within reach, so trust your gut and keep your sense of humor handy. A calm mind is your best asset in seizing new opportunities.

Now, let’s talk money habits. It’s time to whip out that budget spreadsheet and start tracking those expenses. Financial success is all about habits – think of it like training for a marathon, but with your wallet. And for that career opportunity you’ve been dreaming about? Map it out, weigh the pros and cons, and avoid jumping into anything too risky. Long-term thinking is your ticket to success.

Routine is your friend this year. Stick to it to avoid any professional setbacks. Remember, the only competition that matters is the one with yourself. And hey, consider some extra training or courses to boost your skills – it’s like adding extra arrows to your quiver.

Feeling isolated? Reach out and connect. You’re more important to those around you than you might realize. And when it comes to past mistakes, face them head-on. Learn from them, then let them go. You’re not the same person you were yesterday, and that’s something to celebrate.

So, Sagittarius, gear up for a year where you’ll juggle finances like a pro, laugh in the face of stress, and maybe even add a new skill or two to your repertoire. Remember, as someone wise once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Here’s to creating a fabulous 2024!



Arpit Tambi

Owner and resident astrologer at Ask Oracle with 18 years of experience in Western (tropical) and Indian (sidereal) astrology. Based in Jaipur, he is an IIT Roorkee alumnus. His areas of expertise include love compatibility, marriage, and child predictions, as well as professional and wealth predictions.
  1. solomon October 20th, 2018

    I solomon 42 years old still I have not any things i have not mirege but i have work in parents factory and bussenes place i have achance but i have not any thing still i am work in parrmtes busenes for 20

  2. [email protected] July 9th, 2016

    This year i will be going abroad to work and fulfill all my dreams??

    • usman January 2nd, 2021

      same planing

  3. karthik venkatesh February 24th, 2011

    im working hard when will i get breakthrough, self recongnition and increase in salary

  4. Sami January 30th, 2011

    So funny. I am a scorpio male. My sagittarius wife has cheated on me at least 4 times. The last time I said I was divorcing her. Then she breaks out into tears and says she loves me and only wants to be with me. What the fuck????

    • coach grum December 6th, 2018

      She’s not the problem

  5. T January 18th, 2011

    I am a 29 y/o Libra dating a 39 y/o sagittarius. We love each other very much and everything written here is true. I still don’t know if he is ever going to settle down. He says he wants to, he has never been married nor had any kids. I have been married before for 3 years and met him just after i was divorced, so I’m not looking for marriage either. I think I am just indecisive and he just can’t be tied down!

    • usman January 2nd, 2021

      libra and sag dont ever think abt this personal exp

  6. mimi December 29th, 2010

    I am 27 yrs of age and my cap is 35 yrs.. I was with sagittarius , he cheated then i broke up with him three months ago… meanwhile my cap has been waiting patiently for me for almost a year i ve known him…i couldnt believe it and i just want us to keep the pot boiling without any beef…because we seem to be so perfect when we re together..he drives me to venus sexually, i couldnt ask for more and remains faithful to me.. But i fear he loves himself and his job more than me… while i place him first before myself..I really dont want to loose him as he is my happiness. whenever i think of him all i do is to smile all to myself.. One day i told him i never knew this is all i ve been missing all these while i ve been playing hard to get…Well, it wasnt my fault, i was in a rls with a sagitt… Thank God am with my cap now..the good side of him seems to becloud my sense of judgement on his bad sides.. I am just praying for the soul quality to give us more love and spirit of understanding to keep apace in our rls. I LOVE MY CAP…N I KNW HE LUVS ME TOO…

  7. Johnny Dangerously December 27th, 2010

    I have just recently really gotten into the whole astrology/zodiac thing, but I can say that I am very very interested in this Sagittarius woman from work, I am a Libra man & I love how she’s so free spirited & always assumes the best, I like her a lot & I love being around her, but she is already in a relationship(a dysfunctional one with a very childish younger Libra),she’s 23 I’m 26 & I’ve told her how I really feel about her, but she doesn’t really seem to know how to express herself very well, but she’ll do certain things that let me know how she really feel’s for example, I got her something for her birthday & left it at her desk(since we weren’t going to be working on that same day)along with a note I left on her keyboard, the gift was something simple since we’ve only known each other for a few months, she didn’t seem too ‘enthralled’ about it initially, but then I came in the very next day & she had put the bow that was on the gift on the wall of her cube & the little note I left on her desk she stuck on her wall also, so I get a lot of mixed signals from her, its weird I think about her a lot even when she’s not around, which puzzles me since I know her, but I don’t really ‘know know’ her that well, something about her just clicks with me & I really wish that we could see where this could lead us, but I don’t really know how to ‘read’ her emotions, which is something I’ve read about her sign, that they can sometimes seem ‘unemotional’ & me being a Libra man ruled by the goddess of love tend to have a very wide range of emotions, I definitely feel like I love her, even if its not in a very deep way right now, I can at least say I love her as a friend, hopefully something will come to fruition, even if its further down the line!

  8. piscesheart December 19th, 2010

    I need help from a scorpio guy…MY guy and I have been broken up for over a year now…. but we can’t seem to stay away from each other. We have been together sexually every other month since we have been broken up….The bad thing is we both got involved with other persons…but we just can’t stay away…His girlfriend and I got into an argument because she disrespected me..I think it thrilled him the way I responded to her because he has never seen me so angry.. I feel we both got involved for the wrong reasons…Me to get over him and him to punish me..I must admit that I treated him badly when we broke up…He would call and come knocking on my window and I wouldn’t respond….She is a sagittarius and I don’t think they’re gonna work.. for one the way I spoke to her when we had the argument he would have never have allowed ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to speak to me like that…HE was very overprotective, possessive and controlling when were together..The possessiveness and controlling got to me after a while…I can’t stop loving him. When I’m with him I feel at peace and of lately his sarcasm doesn’t bother me anymore…..The thing is I am tired of this back and forth situation…I broke up with the guy I was seeing because I know I would never love him with my all.. plus I felt like he was still in love with his baby mother the same way I was in love with my ex….My scorpio is still with the girl but I don’t know whats going on because friends tell me that they see him out to parties by himself…When we were together that would never happen….I have tried to leave him alone not calling him at all but when i do….One month after he calls me and I lose all my strength I have even changed my number but he comes around my house or comes to places where he know I hang out and once I again Im weak…The other day we went walking..just walking and talking and I felt like it was the best day of my life…WHAT I WANNA KNOW IS SHOULD I MOVE ON OR GIVE HIM SOME TIME TO SORT OUT HIS FEELINGS…I don’t feel like I can wait forever…HELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP….SOMEBODY

  9. Sonnie J(In The A) December 18th, 2010

    I dunno, I’m all lost in the sauce…I cant even remember if I ever dated a Pisces, and after reading about how easy-going Pisces are, I can Kinda see why i’d forget..Or so I think! Love has been a bummer for me!
    My last serious relationship was with a Sagittarius & It was seriously the hardest relationship that Ive ever endured & I Love him, but it drives me insane to be with him, so I refuse, although he’s still hopelessly in love (after all of this time)Im eager to move on, while he’s holding onto something that’s not on the scene.
    I also Dated a Aries, it was good in the beginning,but I bore easily, so there went that!
    I loved his easy going personality, after dating the off the wall sagitarrius,it was so attarctive to have a chill dude.. but it didnt last for long!
    Then there was the Taurus~ A total waste of time!

    So after reading all of these wonderful comments I’m kind of eager to meet a Pisces, just to see if there is a connection..Finding a guy has always been the least of my worries,but connecting with him is a horse of a different color…
    At this point in life, I’m over striking out & I want something that will work…

  10. Kristi December 17th, 2010

    I am not surprised at anyone’s story so far. There is much to say about the Scorpio male. I met mine earlier this year but didn’t actually give in to go on the first date until recently. And I’m thinking, wow, what was I afraid of. You don’t plan to fall for someone and then you meet Mr. Scorpio and it’s all over. The guy is like no other sign. Rose said it best —> “I’ve never been loved so much by any other sign: Scorpios are very intense and make you feel like the only person in the world”
    He is so full of passion, and he is real, and mature and communicative. It throws you off guard. I am still getting used to the fact that he “wants” to “talk about things”. That’s something a girl doesn’t find in too many men. Him wanting to do that helps so much because as we all know.. Sagittarius girls don’t hold back and we can sometimes jump the gun on things. Lol… He and I have had about two or three tiny “spats” but it turned not to be like arguing. We actually “discusssed”, resolved and moved on.

  11. Sag tired of Libra crap December 16th, 2010

    OMG Everything I read here is 100% truth! And those Libra’s that say “I never cheat unless I am unhappy or I never cheated on a relationship” Well guess what morons, having your sugar candy and flirting and trying to get her while still dating your girlfriend is still cheating!
    I was with a Libra man for 14 months and just like more than 90% of the women who already commented here, it was amazing the first months until he started giving me his silent treatment. At first I didn’t mind it, I gave him his space and always allowed him to retreat into his shell, get some air, space and come back to me when he was ready. It always worked as he would disappear, not call me back but then when he eventually came back he was the sweetest man on earth. I didn’t have any problems with doing that almost every month at FIRST since as a Sagittarius I enjoy my me-time and my freedom.

    So our relationship continued just fine, we were both pretty much living in our fantasy world with each other, idealizing everything, never fighting until that bubble broke.
    I was sick of living in a fantasy world, with him always disappearing (either because he was smoking weed with his buds and he knew I hated it, because his “family” wanted him to be home more often, because he was “tired” from work) so I got sick of his butter, I wanted a man that will be there for me all the time when I needed it the most, not an immature kid who will “just be there” when HE needed it, not when I needed it. So I told him all my insecurities and what I really thought and he always kept saying “Things will change babe I promise, I know I am always screwing the relationship but I will change I promise” sounds beautiful in words no? well it WASNT, he never changed.

    Then one day his father’s girlfriend daughter who happened to be 15, decided to visit her mother at his home for 2 weeks.
    Then all of a sudden he pulled his disappearing shit again, not calling etcc and when he did answer he told me he was sleeping and stressed, and crap like that. He ignored me for 4 days straight until I decided that I wasn’t going to take his shit anymore and I confronted him and got him to confess that he had “fallen madly and deeply in love and that he had done things” with the 15 year old kid, and that he was so sorry (and he did this over a text msg).
    So after crying out of anger I pulled myself together, I called him and I yelled at him and told him the worst things someone can tell you about yourself over the phone, then I hung up and told him I never wanted to see him or hear from him ever again.

    So anyways after a couple of weeks he kept sending me stupid msgs (while he was still with his 15 year old gf) telling me that he missed me, that we should be friends and that he wanted to see me again. I never replied back to them, it wasn’t until he called me from his new work number (didn’t recognize the phone number that’s why I picked up) when he called me crying without knowing what to say and I hung up cause I was tired of his crap.

    Then he texted me 2 weeks later telling me that he desperately needed me and that he needed to talk to me, so as the Sagg I am I cannot be mad at someone forever or mean to someone in need, so I decided to reply back to him telling him how I didn’t want to know anything about him, how he betrayed my trust with what he did, how disgusted I was of him etc… So instead of telling me that I was a bitch and to fuck myself he replied back the sweetest message a woman would ever love to read.

    So once again, I fell in the Libra web, I started texting him again like before, we started talking, kept flirting over the phone and even planned to meet each other again. Things were going great, it was just like when we first met (except that all of this happened over a cellphone since I still didn’t feel I was ready to see him in person)

    So I got exited and thought “maybe he does regret what he did,he learned his lesson, maybe I was too harsh on him, he needs me, lalala and a lot of crap” so I started texting him and calling him like before and even idealized and planned on seeing him soon.

    However it didn’t last as I was getting “emotionally” attached again and I wanted to ask him to meet.
    Then, he disappeared and gave me his silent treatment AGAIN! So I asked him what was wrong, offered my help, he told me he thought he was depressed and bullshit, so I believed him and told him to talk to me back when he was feeling better or if he needed to talk to someone, that I was here for him etc..

    So he didn’t, every time I talked to him he would just ignore me or divert my calls and when I confront it him about it he just told me that he wasn’t feeling well and that he didn’t want to talk to anyone and not to take things personal. (However everytime he said that his voice and what he was doing while calling me NEVER sounded as something someone who is depressed or going through a hard time will say or be doing).
    Then he pretty much told me that he was talking to me only because HE needed it and he was going to contact me if HE needed me, meanwhile that he was very “busy”.

    Anyways days after, I got caught in a bad situation and I needed someone to talk to and I went to him and once again just like before, he ignored me and didn’t give a fuck about my feelings or what I was going through.

    So ever since I decided to cut ALL contact with him I told him that I was going through a hard time and that I will talk to him again when I was ready, meanwhile I asked him to leave me alone.,
    And ever since I have him texting me everyday wishing me a good day and asking me why don’t I talk to him anymore if he hasn’t done anything wrong, telling me how badly he wants to see me, it’s not his fault, and that HE needs to talk to me…

    Libra’s not everything is about YOU! and accept your FAULTS and your MISTAKES! if people get away from you is because of YOU and what YOU do and how inconsiderate of others and NARCISSISTIC you are.

    Women stay away from LIBRA MEN, specially Sagittarius, trust me the first day you meet will be like a day in paradise, no one will understand you better than they do, you will feel like you have found your soul mate BUT just give it 1 year of relationship and you will realize not everything is pink like they paint it for us, you will realize that idealizing and living their fantasy it’s NOT worth it.
    If you want that sort of emotional connection, try an Aqua they are as good and better listeners as Libra’s are supposed to be.

    At first when I started dating him I didn’t want to believe anything women post in here about libra men, it wasn’t until it happened to me that I knew that they were right. They are ALL the same.

  12. marie November 6th, 2010

    My aries boyfriend is bossy, controlling, jealous, irrational (sometimes), rude, can be inconsiderate, complains up thee ass, and can sometimes get on my last nerve. However, despite all that was said above, i am completely 100% head over heals in love with this man. i am a sagittarius and i think this the discpriction hits the nail on the head. when we are together, it is so perfect. i love his sense of humour. we laugh and make jokes constantly. our sex is amazing. when we fight, it can get pretty dramtic but it somehow stimulates us. the only thing that can eat at me is his jealousy, the fact that if i’m caught talking with another guy is absolutely “wrong” since i have a rep for cheating, but he really did change that about me. i love him. he loves me. i couldnt imagine myself with anyone else and quite frankly i could care less. i really hope the inner sag in me (unfaithfulness, promiscuity, flirtyyyyy) won’t mess this up.

  13. cancerlady72 October 17th, 2010

    I am a college girl who broke up with my boyfriend of three years, about 5 months ago (he was a Sagittarius, what the hell was I thinking with that one?). Well I met this intense, mysterious, and incredibly sexy Scorpio male while I was still in the relationship. My scorpio guy and I were instant friends and talked often (college setting) during my other relationship. He showed some interest sometime in last December or January and I didn’t really do anything with it because I was loyal to my Sag at the time. Fast forward to now-We don’t really have a choice but to see each other often due to a class together and this semester we really started connecting and talking a whole lot more. We began texting back and forth constantly and it seemed to me that he was showing interest again. The situation: I know that there was an instant intensity between us and I am incredibly attracted to him. I text him outside of class just to tell him hey or wish him well and for the longest time he was responding and even texting me first-definitely a lot of flirting. Well the problem: I know he has a very important test coming up that needs a lot of focus and dedication to complete successfully. I completely understand that and want him to do well so I don’t want to be in the way. He is very goal oriented and passionate about his future, I am too. But I feel like we were connecting and flirting and actually heading somewhere, when he just dropped off the face of the earth. He is rarely in class, and rarely speaks to me anymore. I am attempting to not take the distance personal but I’m a cancer and we all know how sensitive we can be lol. The question: should I quit wasting my time wondering about him and if we would end up together or should I attempt to wait patiently for him to get through this test to see if there was genuine interest on his part?
    He crosses my mind a lot but it really bugs me that there is a chance that I don’t ever cross his mind. What do you guys think? Is there something that I should do to catch his attention again?

    @still waters run deep: Very clever username!

  14. Daniel October 9th, 2010

    I feel like I’ve lost my other half. I am a cancer male that was in a relationship with a sagittarius female. We were together for almost six year. High school sweet hearts and much more. She asked me to move in with her, and I did. Because It looked great, our relationship. Then she flipped out on me, I lost my job. and was stuck in a “rutt”. I guess I had it coming??? Is that reason enough to ask me to move out and dump me? well maybe for a mean self absorbed person. I still have feelings for her. For what I thought we meant for each other. I feel like I’ve been stripped of my other half and am forced to find myself. I don’t know. I’m trying the best I can. I always was. And I’d never say you weren’t. Unless you break my heart.

  15. intenselypassionate September 7th, 2010

    Hi everyone! A Sag male here. I have a question for the Libra Ladies. I am simply curious. Which ones are better lovers? Scorpio Men or Sagittarius Men? You can base your answers on physical love, spiritual love, or both. Thanks for your answers.

  16. Stephanie August 23rd, 2010

    Hey (:
    i’m a Sagittarius! December 4th!!!
    i am completely identicle to my sign, and i have every trait and every detail as my sign says in me haha!!
    hmmmm my first boyfriend was a pisces…never again.. i didnt know wether i was comin or goin :/ what he was thinking or how he felt. He was annoying too and we just didnt get on…definatley a sign that i would just be mates with as there is only so much fun i can have with a piscean.
    Gemini’s are fun, but i’d never trust one.
    Taurus are lovely people, and annoyingly stubborn, i kind of played it wrong with a taurean so i lost my chanes urgggh. but oh well, learnt my lesson 🙂
    i’ve dated a libra…i can say libra male was one of my best!

    I’m now currently with an Aries and i can say he is the best thing thats ever happend to me so far!, Hes gorgeous, manly, understanding, fun, quirky, spontaneous, considerate, loving, has a great sexual appetite, protective, slightly over protectivve and gets jealous but in a good way which makes me feel wanted. We never get bored, and we have good debates and we keep eachother on our toes, also we have the right temprament, its great i couldnt ask for anyone else better! he gives me my freedom and makes me happy, what more could i want. Hes also my best friend. <3
    ask me anything…..

  17. Airell August 17th, 2010

    I’m an Aries woman, I am in love with a Sagittarius man, we have been together for 4 years now, Soon after he proposed to me. He stopped communicating, I haven’t heard from him in almost 3 weeks now, I’ve called left messages, and I get nothing in return. I’m so pissed off I don’t know what to do. All I know is this compatibility shit is accurate, and I’m about to let his ass go!

  18. Marica August 10th, 2010

    I’m an aries, I loved a sagittarius man, we started as friends and we were great friends. Then we became lovers and we were great lovers and friends. Then we became a couple and it fell apart. I found texts to other girls in his phone. We broke up but remained friends (after the smoke cleared) and decided to just be friends w/ benefits for a while and now we don’t talk. I think its because we love eachother but know a relationship won’t work. He is very jealous/protective and I am a model/recording artist, he couldn’t handle that and insists that there’s no way I could possibly live the lifestyle and be faithful.

  19. SagittariusQueen August 4th, 2010

    Im a sagittarius and soo proud of it!! I love my sign<3 I seem to always be with a TAURUS But ALL my Best Friends are LEOs and ARIES are soooo much fun!! SCORPRIOS are soo Cool also(mainly the guys) But I really want tono whats it like to be with an AQUARIUS, One of my really close guy friends is an AQUARIUS and we have such a great connection and not going to lie we have a strong sexual connection too but he has a girlfriend which sucks But I just want that Fire in my life with an AQUARIUS or LIBRA

  20. KAUSIK BHOWMICK June 2nd, 2010


  21. rashmita January 27th, 2009

    when i will get a good and stable job.

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