Weekly Horoscope For Capricorn

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Arpit Tambi

Owner and resident astrologer at Ask Oracle with 18 years of experience in Western (tropical) and Indian (sidereal) astrology. Based in Jaipur, he is an IIT Roorkee alumnus. His areas of expertise include love compatibility, marriage, and child predictions, as well as professional and wealth predictions.
  1. J May 5th, 2020

    Could someone remove this already. It’s inappropriate and I don’t see why I should have to see this under every weekly horoscope.

  2. Coco June 3rd, 2019

    Wish you knew – I have the same problem with a guy who is a Cappy sun, Scorpio As. & Moon. He is an advocate ion Virginia. He is from another country though. He is 54. If this sounds like the same guy please let me know. He has many woman in his life. He likes to control! He has a lot of power and works for the USA Government.

  3. mary November 15th, 2017

    You’re telling the Capricorns to be tight lipped and not speak the truth. That’s why our country is divided and going down hill. People aren’t standing up for the truth. I guess you think all the women who have been sexually abused by men in power/Weinstein should be tight lipped and not speak what has hurt their lives and just sit back and be good little girls and remain a positive attitude. Oh please – now astrologers are being in denial and stupid. If someone’s hurt they should speak. This positive goo goo fantasy is bullshit and it’s keeping people and our country stupid. But then it’s easier to stay stupid because then they don’t have to grow or think.

    • Twist November 25th, 2021

      Or maybe, just that, somethings are best left unsaid. Simple as that.

  4. Pashmak September 3rd, 2017

    Dear astrologer money and power are important in life.when you donot have money even your close friends will forget you. And you have money and power every body will adore you. I had experience in both situation.I am agree with you

  5. kumar Abhishek June 4th, 2017

    my date of birth is 26th Dec 1988. Requesting you to tell me about my career growth.

  6. Kumar May 21st, 2017

    My DOB is January 4, 1944

    Would you kindly provide me with predictions for next week and next month ???

  7. jossybaby1 May 14th, 2012

    Dear Oracle,
    please tell me more about love and marriage side in my life i think i really need help. thanks alto

  8. yvzlgz March 25th, 2012

    Could you please tell about carriere and love, already single… (;

  9. zafri December 4th, 2011

    my girl friend date of birth is 14 January 1982, will we merry ………..???

  10. zafri December 4th, 2011

    my unfriendly date of birth is 14th January 1982 will we merry ??

  11. vj.rana25 July 9th, 2011

    Predictions for June 2011 were 100% accurate for me. Excellent work!!! I’m amazed.

  12. Sanjay April 3rd, 2011

    Team Ask-oracle is doing a good job. Your predictions are uncannily accurate. Please accept my compliments. Keep up the good job.

  13. Gari January 2nd, 2011

    I am waiting patiently for the time to be right in my life.The wait seems endless. Hope things will look up!

  14. Star O'Connor November 14th, 2010

    What it said about Capricorn for the period November 14, 2010 to November 20, 2010, is exactly what I am doing right now. Very good, indeed!

  15. enriketa August 26th, 2010

    i found everything exactly how it is now……so difficult time,ups and downs…could it be better?

  16. mary April 12th, 2010

    MY boyfriend, Dan for 15 yrs, we both have been married three times and failed so taking it slow and easy; I am os deeply in love with this man, I never want to loose him or not love him this deeply, we work hand and hand together, so it is a love match in heaven, I am a true Cancer girl, the cold, distant outer shell of the capies takes a while to work through, they profoundly have to be in control and always right; OK so I know keep my mouth shout, take issue or talk to others and we(Dan &I, found out he is very insecure in his life and trusting people) get along great; Cancers are very, feminine, soft and sexy, to a point, we never let anyone get close unless they are truly loyal and committed , which works for the Capie too three of my formers husbands,bF’s and partners have been Capricorn, also BGF; these guys are stern in what they believe , amazing an wonderful, the greatest lovers and bed partners there is, yes,yes

  17. susu April 12th, 2010

    most of the time I can’t get the points what are you talking about would please simplify your words in simple language thanks

  18. susu April 12th, 2010

    please tell me more about love and marriage side in my life
    thanks alto

  19. Star O'Connor January 3rd, 2010

    You have the character of the Capricorn figured out to a “T”

    You are, indeed, a very impressive website for horoscopes!

    Thank you

  20. sexygyrl October 4th, 2009

    Thought it was informative,some points were related to me at times.

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