Libra Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

Both Libra and Capricorn place a high value on partnership, and are equally committed but in different ways! Capricorn is somewhat more reserved than Libra when it comes to open expression of love. Eloquence and romance are important to Libra, while practical expressions of love are important to Capricorn.

A Libra man is a good listener. He uses logic and intellect in reaching his decision and once this decision is reached anyone is hard fetched to change his mind. His smile has a splendid magic that can trap anyone at first glance and his aura is splendid and very pleasant. He is basically a sentimental, considerate and intelligent man with an answer to all the questions. He needs balance in every aspect of his life and is always fair with people around him. A Libra man in love is one of a kind romantic male with so much to express and usually avoids any kind of conflict with his lady.

A Capricorn woman is a true leader. She is a very decent and strong female. She is very formal and generally avoids sloppiness and improper behavior, especially in public. She likes people with ambitions and self-esteem and herself is also a deity of both the qualities. She enjoys climbing the social ladder which allows her to feel important. She is very much attached to her family and loved ones. She cares for them and protects them in all the possible ways. In a relationship, she is a very devoted partner and wants her man to be a good provider and stable person.

Eloquence and romance are important to Libra man, while practical expressions of love are important to Capricorn lady. She appreciates her man’s commitment to her, deriving a sense of security from it and he feels at ease with her. She exudes a charming air of competence, which is a definite turn-on for him. If she trusts her Libra man, he will be surprised at just how gentle and loving she can be. His willingness to adjust and adapt brings a definite strength to the relationship, and she appreciates and acknowledges that quality in him. He needs Capricorn woman’s dependability and support and not her confines or career minded ideals. If she presses him — his wounded ego may not heal quickly. If she is the one to get over first and turn back in his arms, she may have to use some gentle persuasion to do so.

A Libra man is most irresistibly charming gentleman of all the zodiac signs. He has an open mind when it comes to his career oriented Capricorn woman. A mature Capricorn makes for a good career woman with her earthly common sense, practicality and manners of a well to do woman. He supports her in every sense of the word as he soaks in her loyalty and devotion for him. The down side to this type of a relationship would be if she were to treat him as she treats her career. He wants his independence and cannot bear to be tied down or restricted. Libra man must learn to juggle this issue with finesse and delicacy, and try not to reject her too harshly. She’ll change and turn cold and bitter towards him and his mere charm and tenderness may not be enough to warm her back into his life.

Walking together on the life’s wary road, the Libra man and Capricorn woman find each other’s trust and discover love’s beauty eclipsing their entire world where their love comfortably takes solace in its tranquility. Each time they stare into each other’s eyes, their blood rushes fast through their veins and their heart skips a beat. They both love helping each other in all possible ways throughout their lives to bring out best of them. They are blessed with the gift of strong mutual respect and commitment which helps them to overcome all the difference and be grateful to the sky that keeps on showering them with purity of trust. They love the things they do together whether big or small. They admire the influence they have on each other which makes them a completely different person in their company. Their oneness create an angelic peace in their existence making them fall in love with each other more and more with each passing day.

The vague and subtle nature of the sexual relationship of Libra man and Capricorn woman is predominant but it is possible with some compromise on both sides. They both have to be able to recognize each others desires and give an effort to really try to close any gaps between them. Another must is the need to tone down each trait that offends the other. Intimidation can run rather high between Libra man and Capricorn woman and therefore must be subdued to make this work. Because she is much more passive and quiet in her sexual expression she looks for the deeper connection and the slow sensuality that grows to a heightened passion. He is not so deep and tends to appear somewhat detached from the whole experience. This leaves her empty and lonely, wondering if there is more out there to reach toward. If he can just learn to show his Capricorn woman how passionate he could be it becomes worth for both of them. She shows him the wonders of her affection and just how deep their desires can reach. He is able to learn from her, just how to reach his inner most passions and how to bring them to life. Similarly, she learns to be more outspoken and expressive.

The relationship between Libra man and Capricorn woman is not an easy one, but the good outweighs the bad. He is moody with erratic and multiple swings from day to day. He is happy go lucky one minute then turns around and show his anger. If she tries to push him into a restricted corner, she sees the angry, nervous and off the edge side of him as he turns and walks away. Her best bet is to leave him alone to let him regroup. She has her bouts of mood swings also, but they are not so plentiful, nor do they swing so wide from side to side. She needs her Libra male’s happiness and open minded nature to help her along. With some effort from each of them, this can work out to be a beautiful and deeply passionate love. It is definitely worth trying.

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minshook (@minshook) : February 22nd, 2014
Avatar Image

im a cap woman and im madly inlove with a libra man. most comments tore my heart apart but some inspired me that he’s worth it. i’m scared of what’ll happen in the near future because sooner or later our relationship will be long distance and im really worried “what ifs” are coming out of my mind trying to visualize. he kissed me last night and today he told me that he’s sorry of what he did, and he told me i deserve to be respected and not to be exposed to things like that, we’re both 16.
I want our relationship to last because i love him so much. i know we’re both young. i believe in astrology compatibility that capricorn women and men are not that compatible but everyday i always try remind him that i love him.
it hurts reading comments from other capricorn women based from their experience dating a libra man.

Alana (@Amcc) : March 12th, 2014
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I am a capricorn women with a libra man for 5 years.  Run as fast as you can from these men.  Libra’s are notiorious liars and cheaters.  They have a lot of female friends and they are cheating with every single one of them.  They also sweet talk you in the beginning but then after they have you, you will never hear a kind word from them.They never want to talk about an issuse and never discuss problems in a relationship.  Libra’s are selfish ,lying, cheating , but it may take you a while to figure it out because they are so good at lying.

Kid (@Kid101) : April 25th, 2014
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Hey I’m a libra male , I’ve recently became interested in a capricorn female .. I like her A lot .. I have no patients whatsoever when ito comes to sex I feel like it doesn’t matter when it happens b/c sex doesn’t determine how successful the relationship is , you can have sex with someone on the first day and be with them for 20 years or you can wait 6 months and get dumped the next day. But w/e with this cap she has all the patients in the world it’s been 4 months and all I ever get is a kiss n a hug-_- , i guess since being a libra i need reassurance that she likes me so I ignore her for a day or so and she notices immidietly and text me , she invited me over to meet her parents and eat dinner but I didn’t show up. She recently got out of a relationship and has told me she wants to start off slow and be friends but idk I DONT wana be this girls Friend I like her wayy too much , but I feel like she’s not that into me …if she doesnt like me I wish she would just like tell me so I can stop pursuing her.  I just want to know  what should I do leave stay , hang in there Idk I just don’t wana look like a sucker 

Trish (@treklaw) : June 17th, 2014
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Kid, as a Cap I can tell you we are VERY patient. If she’s talking to you and has invited you to meet her parents, she feels you and she wants to be with you. We feel it’s important for a man to wait for us because we know we’re worth it and if we give you our bodies you get everything so we need a full commitment. And you can always ask.
Hope this helps.

Tracy (@Tracy-V) : September 16th, 2014
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i mett a man twenty one years ago and we ended up together for four yearsn had aa beautiful baby boy together. there had always been something extremley special between us through the years even after we broke up after the four years. i always said he was the love of my life. something i could never explain and his feelings were the exact same. ppl would say they saw something in us they never saw in any relationship before. anway we both got married to someone else and neither marriage worked of course after his marriage being seven years long and mine being fourteen years.we just got back together may second of this year and our love is still out of this world unexplainable. we have always had to work hard at our relationship and everything involved in us. nothing has ever came easy to us for us but the love and passione are so strong we come out of each battle stronger and more understaning of each other. we are the love of our lives. and i have tried and tried to figure it all out cuz its such a crazy out of this world love and experience that me being me i have to understand everything that goes on and how and never believed in horoscopes ect ect was always told it was wicth craft ect ect but after reading this i am stinken blown away.this is him and i. to the t. im just amazed how one hundred percent this is on and thanks for helping me figure my crazy brain out on the how when and why. sincerley. tracy

Christina Butner (@ChristalBlue44) : September 23rd, 2014
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I just left a year and a half relationship with a Libra man. It started out wonderful.  He was so sweet, wanted to be with me every minute he had a chance, and made me smile and feel loved.  
But then I started catching him in lies.  Number one being that he had never been married, when he is currently seperated.  I found a letter he wrote to a woman who lived above us and he begged me not to leave that time as well, or say anything to her. He had a Facebook account, and for some reason decided to lie to me about that as well, like that even mattered.  Why lie???
Then his phone started ringing in the middle of the night. It was just lie upon lie upon lie, not keeping a job more than 3 months due to his temper, constantly overdrawing his bank account, one minute in a great mood and the next twisiting my words and throwing things all over the house and calling me terrible names and telling me to get out. Not taking care of his business, and blaming me for that.  It isn’t my fault he didn’t have a license and didn’t pay his fees or do what he needed to do to straighten out his business.  He also accused me of spying on him when I never did that.  That was a huge red flag right there. The next day was always “I am sorry, I want to work this out.”  
But the last time, almost 2 weeks ago, when the next day came, I had my stuff packed and his sorry didn’t matter anymore.  He was always sorry, and would me nice for about a week, and back to the same old jerk.  I, nor anyone else, deserve to be treated like crap.  I miss his humor, but other than that, I don’t miss anything about him and am glad I got out of that situation. I missed my smile way more than I miss his.  It may be a coincidence that he is a Libra, but the description fits perfectly. I just have to do better about reading red flags.

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