2024 Predictions for People Born on April 9, 1985

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As a 38-year-old born on 9 April 1985, the year of 2024 will bring several changes for you. The sub-cycle of Moon, as well as its ruler of the 9th house, will highlight the domestic issues in your life such as the arrival of new people, comforts of home, change of office, and emotional nurturing. This year will also bring successes to your younger siblings and family celebrations. The sub-cycle of Mars, as well as its ruler of both the 6th and 1st houses, will signify the arrival of a lot of aggressive and confrontational energy. This could manifest in interactions with people in authority and more success in your efforts, as well as success and growth of your siblings. However, it could also manifest in bloodshed, wounds, and losses. The sub-cycle of Rahu, activating the 6th house and ruling the 6th and 1st house, means that there is a lot of smoke and shadow in the form of hidden agendas, addictions, and betrayals. This could turn out to be great for your personal growth, while you develop the ability to stay unflinchingly focused and grow from out-caste status. All in all, your life will bring a lot of changes and growth in multiple aspects. You may also find gains from your research or involvement with spirituality. As you continue to transform, focus on maintaining your mental strength and health. Be brave, remain positive and trust your intuition; it will guide you to the right path to bring desired results and success.

Methodology: Our yearly predictions are based on the Whole Sign System of Vedic astrology. Houses are determined with reference to your Natal Moon Sign. We utilize both transits and progressions to prepare your annual forecast.