2024 Predictions for People Born on January 17, 1996

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By 2024, you will be entering a very interesting astrological cycle. Saturn, ruler of the fourth and third house, is placed in its own sign, granting you access to desirable resources to help you overcome blockages, and ensure success in your endeavours. You will be finding comfort in the traditional and familiar, old values and routines. You may also find yourself engaged in hard work and routines as you try to effect positive change in your life, though you should bear in mind that not all hard work always yields the desired outcome. This is compounded by Mercury, ruler of the third and eighth house, conjoined with Mars, creating a volatile situation. This will result in difficulties deriving from miscommunications, arguments, and conflicts that may arise from misalignment of expectations, leading to unpleasant fruits of your efforts. You need to take a step back and learn to practice discernment in your interpersonal relationships.

Fortunately, the positive astrological phenomena won't be difficult to find. Jupiter is transiting through the 6th house in 2024, granting you stability in personal relationships and career. You may also find yourself reaping the rewards from hard work, both in terms of income and contentment from pursuing a job that aligns with your core values. In terms of your relationships, you may find yourself forming meaningful connections which could even possibly turn romantic, harnessing the power of communication and shared interests. Primarily, in terms of your lifestyle, you can look forward to transformation, and the growth that comes with it, as well accepting the responsibility that comes with it.

The journey ahead won't be easy, but with the right attitude you can enjoy the ride. Be courageous and decisive in working towards your goals and dreams and be willing to learn and adapt on the way. Take care of your mental health and don't be too hard on yourself if things don't turn out the way you want them to. You have the power to turn the odds in your favor. As the saying goes, “Life's a journey, not a destination”. Embrace the unknowns and opportunities of the journey you could be on the edge of. Good luck, and may the stars be with you!

Methodology: Our yearly predictions are based on the Whole Sign System of Vedic astrology. Houses are determined with reference to your Natal Moon Sign. We utilize both transits and progressions to prepare your annual forecast.