D2 Hora Divisional Chart – Significance and Application

The D2 hora chart is a divisional chart used in Vedic astrology to study wealth and material possessions. The word “hora” means hour in Sanskrit and represents the 2 part division of each zodiac sign. The D2 hora chart provides detailed information about an individual’s financial and material assets, including their sources of income, expenses, and overall financial stability.

From the astrological masterpiece Brihat Parasara Hora Sastram on vedic astrology, the definition of D2 Divisional chart is given in Chapter 6, verse 5-6 as follows:

सूर्येन्द्वोर्विषमे राशौ समे तद्विपरीतकम् ॥ ५॥

पितरश्चन्द्रहोरेशा देवाः सूर्यस्य कीर्तिताः ।
राशेरर्द्धं भवेद्धोरा ताश्चतुर्विंशतिः स्मृता ।
मेषादि तासां होराणां परिवृत्तिद्वयं भवेत् ॥ ६॥

Translation: Sun and Moon are the lords of the hora of the odd signs and the order is reversed for even signs. The deities of Moon horas are ancestors (pitris) and the deities Sun horas are the gods. Each hora comes from equal half of a zodiac sign. There are 24 horas in total. There are two revolutions of the signs of the zodiac, beginning with Aries.

The above verse has been interpreted differently by various authorities and therefore different definitions of D2 divisional chart exists. There is an ancient method, a modern method, laabh mandooka method, uma shambhu hora method and may be 8 more. It is important to not mix rules of interpretation of one type of D2 hora chart with the other types. This will lead to confusion and wrong predictions. In this article we shall discuss only the ancient method and the modern method.

The ancient method is based on the popular D9 Navamsa chart where zodiac signs are written sequentially for each hora. The modern method is to just divide planets in two groups of Sun and Moon.

D1 SignD1 DegreesD2 Sign (Ancient Method)D2 Lord (Modern Method)Deity
Aries0° to 14°59”AriesSunGods
Aries15° to 29°59”TaurusMoonAncestor
Taurus0° to 14°59”GeminiMoonAncestor
Taurus15° to 29°59”CancerSunGods
Gemini0° to 14°59”LeoSunGods
Gemini15° to 29°59”VirgoMoonAncestor
Cancer0° to 14°59”LibraMoonAncestor
Cancer15° to 29°59”ScorpioSunGods
Leo0° to 14°59”SagittariusSunGods
Leo15° to 29°59”CapricornMoonAncestor
Virgo0° to 14°59”AquariusMoonAncestor
Virgo15° to 29°59”PiscesSunGods
Libra0° to 14°59”AriesSunGods
Libra15° to 29°59”TaurusMoonAncestor
Scorpio0° to 14°59”GeminiMoonAncestor
Scorpio15° to 29°59”CancerSunGods
Sagittarius0° to 14°59”LeoSunGods
Sagittarius15° to 29°59”VirgoMoonAncestor
Capricorn0° to 14°59”LibraMoonAncestor
Capricorn15° to 29°59”ScorpioSunGods
Aquarius0° to 14°59”SagittariusSunGods
Aquarius15° to 29°59”CapricornMoonAncestor
Pisces0° to 14°59”AquariusMoonAncestor
Pisces15° to 29°59”PiscesSunGods