D3 Drekkana Divisional Chart

A dekka (Greek) or a DreshKamsa (ancient sanskrit) or a dreshkana (drekkana – modern sanskrit) literally means seeing corners (or visualizing trines).

राशित्रिभागाद्रेष्काणास्ते च षट्त्रिंशदीरिताः ।
परिवृत्तित्रयं तेषां मेषादेः क्रमशो भवेत् ॥ ७॥

स्वपञ्चनवमानां च राशीनां क्रमशश्च ते ।
नारदाऽगस्तिदुर्वासा द्रेष्काणेशाश्चरादिषु ॥ ८॥
(Chapter 6, verses 7 and 8- Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra )

Translation: One third of a Zodiac Sign is called Drekkana. These are in total 36, counted from Aries (to Pisces), repeating thrice at the rate of 12 per round. The 1st, 5th, and the 9th signs from a zodiac sign are its three parts, and are respectively lorded by Narada, Agasthya, and Doorvasa (Sages in Vedic culture)

There are multiple interpretations and methods of construction of the D3 Drekkana Chart, including an ancient method similar to Navamsa D9, a modern (Elements) method, and variations in Western astrology (based on Ptolemy), Tajjika in the Middle East, the Chinese 36 decans, and the Japanese decans.

Each method corresponds to a unique analysis of the birth chart such as looking into life of co-borns or siblings, a person’s mental and emotional state, 3rd house significations and many more.

D1 SignD1 DegreesD3 Sign (Ancient Method)D3 Sign (Modern Method)Lord
Aries0° to 9°59”AriesAriesNarad
Aries10° to 19°59”TaurusLeoAgastya
Aries20° to 29°59”GeminiSagittariusDurvasa
Taurus0° to 9°59”CancerTaurusNarad
Taurus10° to 19°59”LeoVirgoAgastya
Taurus20° to 29°59”VirgoCapricornDurvasa
Gemini0° to 9°59”LibraGeminiNarad
Gemini10° to 19°59”ScorpioLibraAgastya
Gemini20° to 29°59”SagittariusAquariusDurvasa
Cancer0° to 9°59”CapricornCancerNarad
Cancer10° to 19°59”AquariusScorpioAgastya
Cancer20° to 29°59”PiscesPiscesDurvasa
Leo0° to 9°59”AriesAriesNarad
Leo10° to 19°59”TaurusLeoAgastya
Leo20° to 29°59”GeminiSagittariusDurvasa
Virgo0° to 9°59”CancerTaurusNarad
Virgo10° to 19°59”LeoVirgoAgastya
Virgo20° to 29°59”VirgoCapricornDurvasa
Libra0° to 9°59”LibraGeminiNarad
Libra10° to 19°59”ScorpioLibraAgastya
Libra20° to 29°59”SagittariusAquariusDurvasa
Scorpio0° to 9°59”CapricornCancerNarad
Scorpio10° to 19°59”AquariusScorpioAgastya
Scorpio20° to 29°59”PiscesPiscesDurvasa
Sagittarius0° to 9°59”AriesAriesNarad
Sagittarius10° to 19°59”TaurusLeoAgastya
Sagittarius20° to 29°59”GeminiSagittariusDurvasa
Capricorn0° to 9°59”CancerTaurusNarad
Capricorn10° to 19°59”LeoVirgoAgastya
Capricorn20° to 29°59”VirgoCapricornDurvasa
Aquarius0° to 9°59”LibraGeminiNarad
Aquarius10° to 19°59”ScorpioLibraAgastya
Aquarius20° to 29°59”SagittariusAquariusDurvasa
Pisces0° to 9°59”CapricornCancerNarad
Pisces10° to 19°59”AquariusScorpioAgastya
Pisces20° to 29°59”PiscesPiscesDurvasa