D7 Saptamsa Divisional Chart

The D7 Saptamsa Chart is a divisional chart in Vedic Astrology that represents the planetary positions in a person’s life based on a division of the zodiac into seven equal parts. The d7 Saptamsa chart is a divisional chart that reveals the outcomes and impact of sexual relationships. In order to understand the results of such relationships, such as the well-being and prosperity of children and grandchildren, an analysis of the Saptamsa chart is conducted.

From the astrology classic book, Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, the D7 chart has been described in the Chapter 6, verses 10 -11.

सप्तांशपास्त्वोजगृहे गणनीया निजेशतः ।
युग्मराशौ तु विज्ञेयाः सप्तमर्क्षादिनायकात् ॥ १०॥

क्षारक्षीरौ च दध्याज्यौ तथेक्षुरससम्भवः ।
मध्यशुद्धजलावोजे समे शुद्धजलादिकाः ॥ ११॥
Translation: The Saptamsa is a one seventh of a zodiac sign and counting commences from the same sign in the case of an odd sign. It is from the seventh sign for an even sign. The names of the seven divisions in odd signs are: Alkali, Milk, Curd, Butter, Sugarcane Juice (Sugar syrup), Honey, and Pure Water. These designations are reversed for an even sign.

Unlike other divisional charts, the astrology community isn’t divided over the method of construction of a D7 Divisional Chart. Each zodiac sign is divided into 7 parts and assigned their attributes as per below table:

D1 Zodiac Sign \ D1 Degrees0° to 4° 17′4° 18’ to 8° 35′8° 36° to 12° 52′12° 53’ to 17° 10′17° 11’ to 21°27”21° 28’ to 25° 45’25° 46’ to 30°