Adhi Yoga

Adhi Yoga is one of the most important yogas in Vedic astrology, in fact, it is as important as Raja Yoga. 

Adhi yoga is formed when Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are in the sixth, seventh and eighth house from the moon.

There are three types of Adhi yoga:

  • Paap Adhi Yoga yoga – formed by malefic planets
  • Subha Adhi Yoga Yoga – formed by benefic planets
  • Mixed Adhi Yoga – yoga formed by both malefic and benefic planets


  • Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are the only planets necessary for it to arise.
  • If the native has all benefic planets at 6th, 7th or 8th position from the moon, the outcome of Adhi Yoga will be extremely good.
  • If there is one planet in full strength in any one of these signs, that person becomes a leader. If there are two, he will be a minister and if the three are present, then he will occupy an eminent position in life. 
  • If all the three benefics (devoid of strength) are in the three positions mentioned (6th, 7th or 8th houses), Adhi Yoga will be formed but it would only exert a feeble influence.


  • If there are malefic planets involved with benefic plants (like Jupiter and Venus) in this yoga, the native may enjoy good effects of this yoga, but it would be through unethical means.

Comments and other details

Adhi Yoga brings happiness and stability into your life. It also attracts joy, wealth, and promotion into the life of the native, as well as a better ability to inspire trust and respect in others. Adhi has the power to negate the malefic nature of the horoscope because of its immense strength.

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