Amsavatara Yoga

Amsavatara Yoga is a rare yoga that blesses its natives with pure fame. It is also known as the yoga of fame and overall well-being. Amsavatara yoga arises when Venus and Jupiter are in Kendras, and the Lagna is in a movable sign, and Saturn is exalted in a Kendra.

In addition to the afrementioned results, natives are; versatile, sexually hyper, and highly philosophical in their thinking.

Amsavatara Yoga will form in a person’s horoscope when three conditions are met. Below are the conditions:

  • Venus and Jupiter must be in a movable sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) and be placed in a kendra.
  • Ascendant should be in a movable sign.
  • Saturn must be exalted in a kendra.

Comment and details
Amsavatara yoga is a very rare yoga because of the conditions that are required for its formation. Saturn is only exalted in Libra and it takes about thirty years for Saturn to re-enter Libra Sign. Also Jupiter or Venus need to be occupying a movable sign and ascendant should be in a movable sign as well. These conditions make this yoga one of the rarest yoga to have in a horoscope.