Anapha yoga

Anapha yoga is a foundation or lunar yoga that is formed when there is a planet(s) in the 12th bhava from the Moon. But similarly to the Dhurdhura yoga, this does not include the Sun, Rahu, and Ketu. Natives of this yoga will have wealth, fame, and a lot of material comforts, they enjoy the good karma from their past life. Below are the rules that govern this yoga:


  • It is formed when there is a planet or planets in the 12th bhava from the moon.
  • The particular planet in the 12th bhava determines the effect that is seen in the natives’ lives.
  • More than one planet in the 12th bhava from the moon will cause a combination of effects to be seen in the life of the native.


There are no exceptions to this yoga because of its nature, however, although early on in life the natives may have lots of wealth, later in life they may renounce the wealth, that is not the yoga being cancelled, but being fulfilled.

Comment and other details

As a foundation yoga, the Anapha yoga gives strength to the birth chart and gives power to all other yoga(s). There are also 31 varieties of Anapha yoga.