Bhadra Yoga

Bhadra yoga forms when Mercury is strong in a Kendra which should be identical with its own or exaltation sign. Usually either Gemini or Virgo as its own sign or exaltation signs. Mercury symbolizes high intellectual power and is the host planet for such activities, hence, natives will exhibit excellent communication skills, with a penchant for analytics and educational excellence. They will also be natural helpers, with a long a filled life.


  • Mercury must be in a Kendra that is identical to its own sign.
  • Mercury must be strong and full of vitality


  • If Mercury becomes Papi (Lord of a malefic house or kendradipathi dosha) & is aspected by 6th, an 8th, or 12th lord then it is canceled
  • Mercury should not be afflicted by any other planet. This can come from being aspected by another planet with a negative effect, or being in Rahu/Ketu axis.
  • If the Mercury is in a house, where it loses directional strength, then this can lessen the effects of this yoga.

Comments and other details
Like other yogas, your past life can affect your enjoying this yoga. For instance, If in your past life you taught your disciples what you learned, then in this life you will enjoy the benefits of Bhadra Yoga. If you died without teaching, then you will not have its benefits.