Bheri Yoga

Bheri Yoga is also a wealth yoga, its effects on the natives are centered on health, wealth, and prosperity which make for a happy and comfortable life. Bheri yoga arises when Jupiter, Venus, and Lord of ascendants all occupy the quadrants and if the lord of the 9th house is strong in the horoscope of a person. and Bheri Yoga is caused.

Natives of Bheri yoga receive the following results in their life:

  • Long life
  • Marital Bliss
  • Generosity and religious inclination

All these are in addition to the basic result of wealth and good health.

Venus, lord of Lagna, and Jupiter should be in mutual Kendras.
The lord of the 9th must be powerfully disposed.

Comment and other details
Both planets involved in the formation of this yoga (Jupiter and Venus) are natural benefic planets. The fact that they also involve the Quadrants makes for assured stability of the life of natives at each stage of growing up since the quadrants rule over the phases of one’s life:

1st house – childhood
2nd house – youth
7th house – middle age
4th house – old age

9th House which is also involved in the formation of this yoga rules over fortune. If the lord of 9th house is strong then natives have a strong chance of a happy and successful life.

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