Chandika Yoga

Chandika Yoga is another yoga with a complex set of rules guiding its formation. This yoga arises when the lord of the Navamsa is occupied by the lord of the 6th, and the lord of the Navamsa is occupied by the lord of the 9th, then combines with the Sun. And when the Lagna being a fixed sign is aspected by the lord of the 6th.

Natives of Chandika Yoga will be charitable, wealthy, famous, and long-lived, but unavoidably aggressive and have political power.

Chandika Yoga has rules that guide its formation, albeit complex, they are:

  • Ascendant (Lagna) should have a fixed sign (that is Taurus Sign, Leo Sign, Scorpio Sign, or Aquarius Sign)
  • Lord of Navamsa should be occupied by the lord of the 6th house, and be with Sun.
  • Lord of Navamsha occupied by the lord of 9th house should also be with Sun.
  • Finally, the lord of the 6th house should be aspecting ascendant (Lagna).


  • In this yoga, 6th house lords will be lords of ascendants as well, which makes it more like for only Taurus and Scorpio Ascendant to receive benefic results.
  • Leo and Aquarius the lords of the 6th house will be enemies which may cause malefic results of this yoga there.
  • Chandika yoga will not form in movable signs.

Comment and Details
This yoga is especially rare because it requires a fixed sign and the 6th house lord aspecting ascendant as a rule for formation.

Furthermore, “Chandi” is the angry form of Goddess Durga (the side associated with destruction and wars), as such she ‘blesses’ her children with a lot of aggression and anger.