Chandra Mangala Yoga

Chandra Mangala Yoga is an auspicious yoga which is also known as the Shashi Mangal yoga. And it has the power to bring you much success and prosperity, skilled achievement, prestige, distinction, matrimonial happiness, etc.


This yoga arises when the Moon and Mars are in conjunction with one another, or when they are in the similar bhava of a kundali.

Randomly, every twelfth person has Chandra Mangal Yoga in his horoscope.

For Chandra Mangal Yoga to be formed in a horoscope, both Mars and Moon should be benefic in that horoscope.


  • The combination of benefic Moon with malefic Mars will form malefic yoga
  • Malefic Moon with benefic Mars will also form a malefic yoga.
  • As well as malefic Moon with malefic Mars.
  • If Moon represents the ninth house in a person’s horoscope and the person tries this yoga, Pitra Dosh may be formed in the horoscope and cause problems.
  • If a combination of malefic debilitated Moon and benefic Mars is placed in Scorpio, it may not cause serious problems. Mars may be able to manage the negative energy of the Moon without much difficulty.

Comments and other details

Like other yogas, when attempting the Chandra Mangal Yoga, you need to take several factors into account before you are certain of the results. For instance, you need to consider the entire horoscope of the individual involved, also the planetary period and the house placements. These are important because there are billions of combinations of horoscopes and each one will give a different result.

People with this yoga usually have emotional trouble especially when they do not get what they want in life, and their relationships with relatives and spouses are often strained (Peculiar to those in 7th house).