Chapa Yoga

Chapa yoga arises when all planets are placed in 10th to 4th houses. The effects of this yoga in the life of the native will largely depend on how the planets are placed, and in which house they are placed. Although this yoga is largely associated with wealth, it is not so much about the wealth of the natives, but more about the natives controlling the wealth of others. So it can be found in the horoscopes of bank cashiers, financial secretaries, and exchequers.

The following are the conditions for Chapa yoga to be formed:

  1. All planets should be placed in the 10th to 4th houses.
  2. The fourth and tenth lords trade signs and the Lagna lord is exalted.

Effects of this yoga can easily become malefic or mixed based on the placement of the planets in houses.

Comments and other details
This is one of the most important Yogas of Vedic Astrology. Sometimes it is referred to as being as important as Raja Yoga. The effects of this yoga can be benefic, malefic, or mixed and this all depends on the placement of the planets in the houses as we have said earlier. If most of the planets are placed in their own houses or favorable/friendly houses, then the results will be good, whereas, if the planets are placed in houses they are not friendly with, then the results will be malefic. If the planets are spread across friendly and unfriendly houses then the native will have mixed results.

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