Chatussagara yoga

Chatussagara yoga is formed when all planets occupy quadrants or Kendras (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house). Because of this quadrant chatussagara yoga is also known as the yoga with fourfold praise or fourfold protection.

The effects of this yoga largely depend on the placement of the planets in houses, and the strength of those planets. Natives of Chatussagara Yoga will enjoy good health, professional and marital bliss, wealth, fame, etc.


  • When benefic planets are placed together in a house and natural malefics are placed in other houses, then results are more likely to be benefic.
  • The mixture of natural benefic and malefic planets will give mixed results.
  • Only Kendra houses from ascendant will successfully form this Yoga.


  • Placements of planets in Kendra houses from the Moon may not form this yoga.
  • Having a strong planet in 10th makes this yoga stronger than having it in the 4th.

Comments and other details

The best combination for this yoga will produce a native who is lucky, professionally and maritally successful, optimistic, wealthy, and energetic.

The strength of this yoga is calculated through the placements of planets involved in its formation in various signs, nakshatras and navamshas; as well as through the overall theme of horoscope and running times (Mahadashas).

But above all else, the central benefit of this yoga is “Wealth.”

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