Dehapushti Yoga

Dehapushti Yoga arises when the ascendant lord is in a movable sign that is aspected by a benefic, another way of putting it is that when Lagna lord is in movable sign and 4th and 6th houses are in a benefic condition, then this yoga is formed. This is a benefic yoga.

Natives of Dehapushti Yoga will enjoy the following benefits:
– Happiness in life
– Possession of a well-developed body
– Wealth

For Dehapushti Yoga to be formed, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • The ascendant lord must be in a movable sign
  • The movable sign that is aspected by a benefit
  • The 4th and 6th houses must be in a benefic condition

Comment and Details
As with other yogas, the planets and houses that are involved in its formation contribute to the effects of the yoga, for Dehapushti Yoga it is no different: The 4th house stands for mother, family joy, vehicles, and houses.
The 6th house represents health condition, rival.
When these two houses are in benefic condition, then they will bless the natives of Dehapushti Yoga with their good attributes.