Devendra Yoga

Devendra yoga is a powerful yoga that is formed when Ascendant is a fixed sign, the lords of the Lagna and the eleventh interchange their houses, and the lords of the 2nd and 10th also exchange houses.

In Sanskrit, Devendra means “Indra”, he is the King among devas (celestials), and this Yoga produces handsome men of unquestionable character, romantic prowess, and power.
They will live like Kings and have a very long life.

Devendra Yoga is said to arise in a horoscope when the two below mentioned conditions are met:

  • Lagna must always be a fixed sign
  • Lagna lord should be in 11th,
  • The 11th lord should be in Lagna
  • The 2nd and 10th lords should exchange their houses.

Another way of saying it is;

  • 1st house should be in a fixed sign and in the 11th house, also, lord of 11th house should be in 1st house.
  • Lord of 2nd house should be in the 10th house and lord of 10th house shiuld be in the 2nd house.

In all, the lords must be powerful.


  • Devendra Yoga only happens in Taurus Ascendant and Scorpio Ascendant.
  • Devendra yoga cannot be formed in Leo Ascendant or Aquarius Ascendant because the lord of 11th house and 2nd house are Mercury or Jupiter respectively
  • Weak lord will not produce this yoga.

Comment and details

In Devendra yoga, two Parivarthana Yogas are implied; First between Lagna lord and 11th house lord, then second between 2nd house lord and 10th house lord.

One Parivartana Yoga in a person’s horoscope signifies that they did some amazing things in a past life and are worthy of success and happiness in the present one (As long as Parivartana yoga doesn’t involve lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses).

With two Parivartana Yogas, you become a king amongst men with minimum effort even if Devendra Yoga doesn’t form in your