Dhurdhura Yoga

Dhurdhura Yoga is another moon yoga, It is formed When the moon is surrounded by good planets. More specifically, when planets other than Sun, Rahu, and Ketu are present in the 2nd and 12th to Moon, the Dhurdhura Yoga is formed. Two words form the basis for this yoga: Luxury and Wealth.


  • Benefic planets must be placed in the 2nd and 12th house from Moon.
  • Sun and the nodes cannot be included in the combination to form this yoga.


  • Although there are no clear exceptions to the rules that govern this yoga, it is clear that just like in other yogas, the interchanging of planets in particular houses changes the results for the natives of the Dhurdhura yoga.

Comment and other details

The Dhurdhura yoga is formed when the sun or the moon is the lord of the second house and the twelfth house. People born in this Yoga usually enjoy a life of luxury and wealth right from birth. They also usually have a charitable heart and a direct personality, this affects their speech, which is also influenced by their learning. Among the comforts that this yoga confers upon its natives, freedom from enemies is perhaps one of the most important ones. There are about 180 varieties of Dhudhura yoga.