Gaja Yoga

Gaja Yoga is one of the wealth yogas, and Gaja in Sanskrit literally translates to “elephant”. Just as the elephant is large, in this yoga it serves as a metaphor for “plenty” and “abundance” which signifies the effects that this yoga gives to its natives. Gaja yoga arises when the lord of the ninth house is placed in the eleventh house along with Moon and is aspected by the lord of the eleventh house. Here is another way of putting it: The lord of the 9th from the 11th should occupy the 11th in conjunction with the Moon and aspected by the lord of the 11th.

Natives will be happy and rich throughout their lives.
They will be favoured in their dealings with others.

Only three conditions are necessary for this yoga to occur:

  • Lord of the seventh house should be in the eleventh house.
  • Moon should be in the eleventh house with the lord of the seventh house.
  • Lord of the eleventh house himself should aspect the eleventh house.

Comment and other details

There is a wide belief that Gaja Yoga operates between the ages of 20 and 29. While this belief does not corroborate the previously stated result that this yoga is said to give, there is another explanation. The native may be generally happy throughout life but the exact period during which the Yoga may hold sway would be in proportion to the strength of the various planets causing the Yoga and their Dasa and Bhukthi periods. The underlying idea seems to be that when Gaja Yoga is powerful, the native would always gain in his dealings with others.