Gandharva Yoga

Gandharva yoga is a benefic yoga that arises when the 10th lord is in a Kama Thrikona, i.e in the 3rd or in 7th or in 11th house, the lord of Lagna and Jupiter are together, the Sun is strong and exalted, and the Moon is in the 9th house.

Natives of Gandharva yoga will enjoy the following results:

  • Exceptional fine art skills,
  • Fame and love for pleasure
  • Amazing dress sense
  • Long life and successful marriage
  • Sharp communication skills
  • An excellent relationship with both mother and father
  • Spiritual benefits

In order for Gandharva yoga to be formed, these conditions must be met:

  • The 10th house lord should be in the 3rd or in the 7th or in the 11th house.
  • Lagna lord and Jupiter should be associated or together
  • The sun should be exalted.
  • The moon should occupy the 9th house

Comment and details
As it is with other yogas, the planets, and houses that are involved in the formation of this yoga will determine the effects of the yoga in the lives of the natives. So it is important to know what each house or planet governs in the order that they are mentioned above.

  • 10th house controls professional duties.
  • 3rd house governs communication/ speech.
  • 7th house stands for spouse and marriage.
  • 11th house controls business and incoming wealth.
  • 1st house stands for self and outlook towards life.
  • Jupiter governs luck, spirituality.
  • The Sun rules physical energy, govt. jobs, father.
  • Moon signifies mother, mental condition.

Given an optimal condition of these houses and planets, natives will enjoy the full benefits, however, if all conditions are not met, then the natives may only enjoy some of the benefits.

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