Garuda Yoga

Garuda Yoga is a time-based benefic yoga. It arises when the lord of Navamsa house is occupied by the Moon, and exalted, also, the person must be born during the day when the Moon is waxing stronger. In this yoga, the importance of the moon cannot be overstated.

The natives of this yoga enjoy the following benefits:

  • Natives will be widely respected by pious and good people.
  • They are excellent orators
  • They are usually of noble behaviour.
  • Natives are usually feared by enemies because they are strong and courageous.

Furthermore, it is widely said that natives may face danger from poison in the 34th year although the reason is not clear, it may be associated with a malefic 8th house being in the horoscope.


  • The moon should occupy the lord of Navamsa
  • The lord of Navamsa occupied by the Moon should be exalted
  • The person should be born in the day (when the Moon is waxing).


  • The 8th house is the house of longevity and if it is strong in the native’s horoscope, the issue of danger from poison in his/her 34th year will be averted.

Comment and Details
As much as the moon is an important factor in this yoga, we cannot underestimate the importance of the time of birth. This yoga will not be formed in the lives of those who are born at night.