Go Yoga

Go yoga is a periodic yoga that arises only once in 12 years when Jupiter occupies the constellation of Moola. It occurs when Jupiter is strong and stays in its moolatrikona i.e in Sagittarius with the lord of the 2nd house (Dhana sthana), and the lord of birth-Lagna (ascendant lord) must be in exaltation.

Natives of this yoga will enjoy the following benefits:

  • They will be born into Elite families.
  • Natives will live lifestyles that are equal to that of a king, with wealth and strength.


  • Jupiter must be strong
  • Jupiter and the lord of the 2nd house must occupy Sagittarius
  • The ascendant lord must be exalted.

Although this is not stated in the rules, the best form of this yoga will arise when the lord of the 2nd house is also exalted.

Comment and Details
Those born when Jupiter occupies its rare position will have the privilege of having this yoga in their horoscope and be blessed with the most pronounced gift that Jupiter has to offer – Wealth.

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