Gola Yoga

Gola yoga which means “sphere” arises with the full moon – literally. It occurs only when the Full Moon (Punnami) is in the 9th house along with Jupiter and Venus, and Mercury occupies Navamsa Lagna.

Natives of this yoga enjoy the following benefits:

  • They are polite and well educated.
  • They are usually leaders heading a village, or Magistrates.
  • Natives also live a long life full of food adventures
  • because of the 9th house, they have wealth.

For this yoga to be full, the following rules must be satisfied:

  • The Moon must be full.
  • The full moon must be in conjunction with Jupiter and Venus and occupy the 9th house
  • Mercury must occupy Navamsa Lagna.

Comment and Details
For this yoga to even be considered, the moon must be full. Gola yoga is what you get when you combine Gajakesari Yoga and Adhikya yoga. It is also important to note that when Jupiter and the Moon are in conjunction, they would be supposed to be in a Kendra from each other.