Indra Yoga

Indra yoga is a yoga that makes men kings among others. Indra is king among “devas” (Vedic Gods) So it follows that this yoga makes its natives kings among their peers. And for such a powerful yoga, it’s formation is so simple; Indra yoga arises when Lord of 5th house occupies 11th house, Lord of the 11th house occupies the 5th house, and the Moon is in the 5th house. More simply put, it arises when the lord of the 5th and 11th houses exchange their houses and the Moon should be in the 5th house as well.

Natives of this yoga enjoy the following benefits:

  • Like kings that they are, they are highly courageous,
  • Famous and command influence

However, they may not live very long.

Indra Yoga is a simple yoga. It is formed when

  • Lord of the 5th house occupies the 11th house.
  • Lord of 11th house occupies 5th house.
  • Moon is in 5th house.

When the 8th house is strong in a native’s yoga, then they can live longer than most natives of Indra yoga would, otherwise, they will live a short regal life.

Comment and details
Natives may not be kings, but there is no doubt that they are born leaders. Indra yoga is not rare, and although some natives fear the effect of early death, Indra yoga ensures that the great deeds that its natives worked during thier lifetime is remembered for ages to come. A common misconception that many make is associating everyone that dies early with Indra yoga, but if a person has done no great deed, then they did not have Indra yoga in their horoscope.